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3 1833 01755 8393 











Containing the Names of the Merchants, Manufacturers, Professional Men. and Select 

List of Farmers of the State; also a List of the Post-Offices, Express and 

Telegraph Offices, Map, and much other valuable information 



Member Association American Directory Publishers 

PRICE $10.00 

Copyright, 1016 

... BICHMQXl^ YA... ., 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 

IieFranklinPress Co. '""StSSF 



122-130 W.Tabb St. PET1 RSBURG, VA. 

Sve Ad. opposite General Jndcx, page 7. 




Sidenberg Hyman, 1806 E Main 
Sorg W A & Co, 324 E Broad 
Specialty Shoe Store Inc, 219 E Broad 
Stein Albert, 4 2 S E Broad 
Steiner S & Bro, 12 E Broad 
Sycle Seymour, 11 W Broad 
Yonng-Geiger Co, 52 8 E Broad 

Shoe Dealers — Wholesale 

Fleishman, Morris & Co Inc, 1209 E Main 
Hamilton Feild Shoe Co Inc, 1333 E Frank- 
Miles W H Shoe Co Inc, 1414 E Franklin 
Putney Stephen Shoe Co, W Broad bet Allison 

and Addison 
Roberts Sc Hoge Shoe Co Inc, 9 S 14th 
Stern & Co Inc., 140 Virginia av 

Shoe Manufacturers 

Putney Stephen Shoe Co Inc, W Broad bet 

Allison and Addison 
Thacher & Co, 119 N 20th 
Wingo, Ellett & Crump Shoe Co, 2d nr Hull 

Shoemakers and Repairers 

American Electric Shoe Repairing Co, 32 3 
Brook av 

* Anthony James. 15 S 12th 

* Archibald James M, 511 N 27 th 
-Ball J no, 331 Petersburg tpk 
♦Banks Benj J, 2 205 Burton 

* Banks James G, Oak Pk 
*Bates Reuben T. 218 W Cary 
Beazley Thos C, 4 S 2d 

Bew <£: Co, 3S18 Williamsburg av 
Blankenship Chastine T, 201 Byrd 
Bloom Isaac, 204 N 4th 
*Bowe Win T. 25% W 7th 
♦Bradley Jno, 208% N 17th 

* Braxton Wm, 540 Brook av 

Broadway Electric Shoe Repairing Shop, 906 
W Broad 

* Brown Albert W, 312 Graham 

* Brown Marshall.. 1722 Winder 
Brown Moses H, 125 N 17th 
Bush Zera A, 1714 % E Main 

Capitol Electric Shoe Repairing Co, 214 W 

♦Carter Lemuel J, 702 N 29th 
♦Cauthorn Wm, 509 Monroe 
Cesil Joseph V, 12 01 W Main 

* Claiborne Jacob S Rev, 11 Petersburg tpk 
*Cobb Harry A, 605 %E Clay 

♦Coots Alfred, 423 U Market sq 

Crawford James F, 2010 Eittlepage 

Dallessondro David. 1401 E Main 

Davis Philip, 1717 E Grace 

Drew W E & Co. 716 E Main 

Duke Arthur S, 1207 W Broad 

Duke Cleveland B, 1607 W Main 

Duke Jno II, 2710 E Main 

Economy Electric Shoe Repairing Co, 1400% 

W Broad 
♦Eggleston Phi miner, 7 01 W Leigh 
Elfmon Louis, 522 Brook av 

♦Perrell Jno R, 19 E Canal 
Finkofsky Reuben, 416 W Broad 
Francis Emanuel, 607 N 4th 
Fratkin Louis, 32 W Broad 
Gallagher Hugh P, 2 S Sycamore 
*Garis Herbert, 13 Petersburg tpk 
♦Gilpin Alfred S, 625 N 3d 
Glazebrook Reuben, 1115 Taylor 
Goldbach Louis, 931 W Broad 
*Goodman James T, 9 E Duval 
Goshen Morris, 104 E Broad 
♦Green Luther A, 2 7 Midlothian tpk 
Gruschinsky Israel, 129 N 17th 
♦Harris Geo E, 2 Hermitage rd 
Harris Joseph S, 803 N 30th 
♦Harrison Ernest, 16 09 Brown 
Hartz Thos G, 215 S Lombardy 
♦Hcnderson Jno B, 22 5 S Harrison 
*Holmes Puffin L, 615 Louisiana 
* Hopkins Jno B, 172 2 Ashland 
*Hunt James, 1910 William 
Hurwitz Max, 226 W Broad 
Hyman Ady, 310 E Broad 
*Ivey Vernal, 1217 W Leigh 
♦James Alex V. C10 N 2d 

* James Cornelius L, 1808 W Broad 
Joffrey Jacob, 803 Hull 

* Johnson Richd, 91.9 N 1st 
Johnson Wm J, 6 N 18th 
♦Jones Seppie, 4 S 1st 
Katz Jacob, 2508 E Broad 
Katz Saml, 504 V 2 N 2d 
Kersey Jno T, 1318 X 21st 
♦King Alex, 2 721 P 

♦King Taylor, 72 5 Brook av 

Landram Lewis W, 306 E Main 

Layman T Chas, 124 2 Ashland 

Leland Jno G, 321 N 5th 

♦Logan James, 214 W Duval 

♦Mann Joseph T, 12 33 X 17th 

♦Mason 6c Myers, 22 N 15th 

Miller W H & Co, 5 02 Louisiana 

*Mitchell Allie, 2S16-A P 

Modern Method Shoe Repairing Co, 240S Jef- 
ferson av 

♦Morgan Andrew J, 425 Brook av 

*Moseley Theo C, 820 X 3d 

New York Shoe Repair Shop, 1S02 E Broad 

Newman Jacob, 2910 Q 

♦Xorman Chas F, 19 06 Short O 

♦Xorman Thos P. 410 X 2 6th 

Placeman Joseph II, Dinneen cor Leigh 

Plisco Berman, 307% and 31 S Brook av 

* Ramsey Andrew. 700 Konney 

Richmond Electric Shoe Repair Co. 1719 K 

Riddell Leslie G, 132 3 W Main 

Ricnzo Alphonso, 3 201 E Marshall 

Rightsell Michael A, 1300 Hull 

Roberts T R c<: Co Inc. HI 7 E Broad 

liohn Harry. 210 E Broad 

^Robinson Cornelius J, 521 W Duval 

Rosenthal Max, 312 Brook av 

Rowsey James If, 3211 Westnampton av 

Royal shoe Repairing Co. 302 \* 6th 


Your most progressive mei*~ 
cltanls. II it pays them it wilj 
pay you. Consult us. 


■ .a Jk 

m U s 

vr ' ir 

"fXS! ^> 

< .1 \ "X 


Lis <r ; .;^ 

sntl Copyrights secured. Patent 


Trade-Marks a secured. Patent 

rrade-Mark matters arc properly prosecuted to insure 

fullest possible protection, and fee.; are reasonable. 

Correspondence solicited. 


Washington Loan and Trust Bldg., Washington D C 


Rush Loftus E, 2419 Hull 
Russell Geo J, 2 42 3 E Main 
*Ryland Richd E, SOI N 2d 
* Savage & Field, 521 W Leigh 
*Scott Thornton R, 412 N 3d 

* Seaborn Humphrey, 6 38 N 6 th 
Serarad Florian V, 42 2 S Pine 

* Smith Chas. 30 5 N Laurel 

* Smith Wm H, 42 4% N 6th 
Stein Albert, 4 24 E Broad 

* Stokes Thos J, 190 3 W Cary 
Stursa Joseph, 2412 E Broad 

Talbotts Electric Shoe Factory, 1212 Hull 
♦Taylor Clement. 16 E Federal 
♦Taylor Frank, 509% N Adams 
♦Thompson Richd, 208 S 2d 
Tiruillo Guilo, 1212% W Cary 
Tobia From me, S23 W Cary 

* Trent Alex, 917 N 1st 

Fnited Shoe Repairing- Co, 32 3 X 5th 

*Vassar & Savage, 1417 Hull 

Walker Jno F, 3832 Williamsburg av 

Waller Thos J, 217 Henry 

West End Electric Shoe Repairing Shop, 800 

W Broad 
White Oak Shoe Repairing Co, 213 N 5th 
Williams Joseph, 414 N 5th 
Williamson Jno W, 1424 N 20th 
♦Willis Geo. 16 S Madison 
♦Woodson Solomon E, rear 9 05 E Clay 
♦Woolridge Cornelius, 915 Center 
Zaslavsky Morris, 124 E Broad 
Zelasky Heinman, 133 N 17th 


Alleghany Box Co The, 601 Byrd 

Shooting Gallery 

Wall Lorenzo D, 1808 E Main 

Show Cases 

Dean C P Corp (mfrs), 10 Governor 
Southern Bargain House, 14 01 E Franklin 

Show Wall Cases 

Christo Mfg Co, 124 Virginia 

Sign Painters 

Burton System Inc The, 16 S 7th 

Skirt Manufacturers 

Baltimore Skirt Mfg Co, 419 W Marshall 

Slate Roofing 

Richmond Slate Co Inc, 90 9 E Main, Rill 3 
Williams Slate Roofing Co, 909 E Main, R1232 

Soap Manufacturers 

Richmond Refining Co, 113 N 17th 

Soda Fountain Supplies 

Christian Bros Co Inc, Broad cor Meadow 
Christo Mfg Co Inc, 124 Virginia 
Hatch C B & Co, 414% E Marshall 
, Kobertson-Parker Co, 1427 E Main 

Soda Fountains 

Christo Mfg Co Inc, 124 Virginia 
Colonial Soda Fountain, 716 E Broad 

Sporting Goods 

Elba Hdwe Co Inc, 42 2 W Broad 
Evans Hdwe Co Inc The, 7 00 W Broad 
Harris, Flippen & Co, 1007 E Main 
Ideal Fishing Float Co Ine, 8 Governor 
Tignor's T W Son, 1549 E Main 

Stained Glass Manufacturers 

Bunce Art Glass Co The, 515 E Main 

Stair Builders 

Deane Ashby & Co, rear 406 N Addison 
Montgomery C Wilbur, 170 8 W Cary 

Stair Material 

Sitterding-Carneal-Davis Co, 1500 Moore 


Abbott J T & Son, 1115 Hull 

Baughman Stationery Co The, 132 4 W Broad 
j Bell Book & Stationery Co Inc The, 914 E 
Consolidated Paper & Box Mfg Co Inc, 407 E 

Reinach & Schwartz Inc, 1311 E Main 
Southern Stamp & Stationery Co, 1206 E Main 
Virginia Stationery Co Inc, 913 E Main 
Waddey Everett Company, 1105 E Main 

Steam Fitters Supplies 

McGraw-Yarbrough Co Inc, 12 2 S 8th 

Steam and Hot Water Heating 
right bottom lines and p 37) 

Carle-Boehling Co Inc. 1641 W Broad 
Long-worth W P & Co, 9 N 7th 
McNickle & McMahon, 13% X 11th 

Steamship Agents 
BOWMAN SAMUEL H. 618 E Main (see left 
bottom lines, p fit; and adv at Tourist 

Steamship and Steamboat Companies 

Allan Line, 618 E Main 

American Line, 618 E Main 

Anchor Line, 61S E Main 

Atlantic Transport Line, 618 E Main 

Austro- American Line, 618 E Main 

Booth Steamship Co Ltd, 618 E Main 

Canadian Northern .Steamship Co. 618 E Main 

Canadian Pacific Railway Co'a Royal Mail 

Steamship Line, 618 E Main 
China Mail Steamship Co, 618 V. Main 
Clyde Line, 618 E Main 
Compagnie Generate Trans-Atlantique, French 

Line, 618 E Main 
Cunard Steamship Co Ltd. 618 E Main 
Dominion-Atlantic Railway &• Steamship Co, 

61 s e Main 

Mailing and Addressing 

I tftitul | UU. circulars a Specialty. 

Mutual ESwilsSinng. 

EH«»>*e**e>*»ci, Virginia 

American Bank andTmsi Co. 

CAPITAL, $200,000.00. 


The Rural Route Makes You Our Neigh- 
bor. Bank With Us by Mail. 

Your Account Shall Have Individual 



Donaldson Line, 618 E Main 
Fabre Line.. 618 E Main 
French Line, 618 E Main 

Furmans Line Steamship Co, 17th cor Dock 
Great Northern Steamship Co, 618 E Main 
Hamburg- American Line, 618 E Main 
Holland- American Line, 618 E Main 
International Mercantile Marine Co, 618 E 

Italian Royal Mail Steamship Co, 618 E Main 
Lamport & Holt Line. 618 E Main 
'Leyland Line, 618 E Main 
Lloyd Italian Line, 618 E Main 
Lloyd Sabaudo Line, 618 E Main 
Mallory Steamship Co, 61S E Main 
Matson Navigation Co. 618 E Main 
Merchants <fc Miners Transportation Co. 618 E 

Messageries Maritimes Line, 618 E Main 
Morgan Line, 618 E Main 
Mimson Steamship Co, 618 E Main 
Navigazione Generale Italiana Co, 618 E Main 
New York 6c Cuba Mail Steamship Co, 1001 

E Main, R7 21 
New York & Porto Rico Steamship Co. 618 E 

New York & South American Line, 618 E 

Nippon Yusen Kaish Steamship Co, 618 E 

North German Lloyd Steamship Co, 618 E 

Norwegian- American Line, 618 E Main 
Occidental & Oriental Steamship Co, CIS E 

Old Dominion Steamship Co, 807 E Main 
Pacific Mail Steamship Co, 618 E Main 
Panama-Pacific Line, 618 E Main 
Panama Railroad & Steamship Line, 618 E 

Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co, 

618 E Main 
Plant Line, 618 E Main 
Quebec Steamship Co Ltd, 618 E Main 
Red Cross Line, 618 E Main 
Red D Line, 61 S E Main 
Red Star Line. 618 E Main 
Royal Dutch West India Mail Steamship Co, 

618 E Main 
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co, 618 E Main 
Russia-American Line, 61 S E Main 
Scandinavian-American Line, 618 E Main 
Swedish American Line, 618 E Main 
Toyo Risen Kaisha, Oriental Steamship Co, 

€18 E Main 
Trans-Atlantic Tta liana Socicta di Navigazione 

Line, 61 8 E Main 
Trinidad Line, 618 E Main 
Union Steamship Co of New Zealand Lad, 618 

" E Main 
United Fruit Co's Steamship Lines, 618 E 

Virginia Navigation Co, 8 07 E Main 
Ward Line, 618 E Main 

White Star Dominion Line, 618 E Main 
White Star Line, 618 E Main 

Steel Car Manufacturers 

Ralston Steel Car Co The, «j09 E Main, R1133 

Steel Ceilings 

Manson-Suter Co, 1001 E Main, R209 

Steel Manufacturers — Structural and Orna- 

Berger Specialty Mfg Co Inc. 16 N 20th 
Carnegie Steel Co, 700 E Franklin, Rill 2 
Illinois Steel Co, 700 E Franklin, Rill 2 
Richmond Structural Steel Co Inc, ISth cm- 
Ross Structural Iron Works, 815 Moore 
Tennessee Coal, Iron & R R Co, TOO E Frank- 
lin R1112 

Steel Windows 

Detroit Steel Products Co, 909 E Main, RS09 

Steel and Jron 

Morris Iron and Steel Co, 909 E Main, R809 

Stencil Cutters 

National Seal Works, 8 N 12th 

Southern Stamp & Stationery Co, 120 6 E Main 

Stenographers — Public 

Barlow M Kate Miss, 9 09 E Main, RSI 9 
Cooke Salita C Miss. 909 E Main, R420 
Donahoe Mary C V Miss, Hotel Ruger 
Dotson Francis Mrs, 909 E Main, R1105 
Hampton Belle Miss, Hotel Richmond 
Heberle Carrie C Miss, 909 E Main. R701 
Lambert Sarah R Miss, 909 E Main, Rllll 
McRae Julia Miss, Jefferson Hotel 
Smith A Jean Miss, 1001 E Main, R619 

Stenographic Reports 

Brown O Raymond, 700 E Franklin. R100C 

Stock Certificates 

National Seal Works, 8 N 12th 

Southern Stamp & Stationery Co, 12 06 E Main 

Stock Yards 

Richmond Union Stock Yards Co, Hermitage 

rd nr W end Leigh 
Southern Stock Yards Corp The. W Broad 

bet Mulberry and Boulevard 

Stone Contractors 
Bozzelli A & Helfert. Hermitage rd and Mar- 

Storage Warehouses 

Bowman Transfer & Storage Warehouse Co, 

1015-1021 E Canal, office 3 shockoe Slip 
Richardson W Fred inc. 601-603 W Main 

Sewell's Storage and Garagfc, 6 Cedar Tree 
Smith & Hicks. 1:126 F Main 

HILL DIRECTORY CO. ^S^ B » sicess lisi 

Try Them 

riutual. Building, 

Richmond, Virginia 



Lue insurance lompanv et V irginia ° L D E s T largest strongest 






Tompkins G Harry, 4 08 W Broad 

Virginia Bonded Warehouse Corp, 1707-17Q9 

E Cary 
Virginia-Carolina Storage Corp, 11 S 12th 
Wyatt Clarence, 3 Shockoe Slip 

Store Fixtures 

Christo Mfg Co Inc, 124-13 2 Virginia 
Fletcher Fixture Co, 404 E Canal 

Manu f actu rers 

Cameron Stove Co Inc. Decatur cor 21st 
Continental Stove Co Inc. W Leigh cor Her- 
mitage rd 
Richmond Stove Co, 2 506 E Main 
Southern Stove Works, W Leigh cor Hermitage 

Stoves and Tinware 
Banes William FI Inc. 1:305 W Leigh 
Elba Hardware Co Inc. 422 W Broad 
Grimmell C Fred. 212 W Broad 
Grimmell's H Sons, 304 E Broad 
Jones Bros & Co Inc, 142 E Main 
Mahoney Walter F, 52 3 E Main 
May Alexander H, 219 E Main 
Pettit & Co, 1 E Broad 
Hose John 1! & Co, 6 Governor 
Rosenbloom M & Son, 14 30 E Main 
Ryan, Smith & Co Inc, 12 3 W Broad 
Sydnor & Hundley Inc, Grace oor 7th 

Street and Electric Railways 

Richmond & Chesapeake Bay Ry Co, 700 E 
Franklin, R407 

Richmond & Rappahannock River Ry P cor 

Virginia Railway & Power Co, 700 E Frank- 

Structural and Ornamental Iron 

Chesapeake Iron Works, 909 E Main, R809 


Corley Studio (musical), 206 E Grace 

Surgical Inst rumcnts 

Bolton, Clarke & Pratt Inc, 7 37 E Main 
RE0D T CRAWFORD & I'.RO, 700 E Frank- 
lin, RG09 (see adv at Engineers — Civil) 

Syrup Manufacturers 

Atlas Specialty Co Inc, 2d cor Decatur 
Christo Mfg Co Inc, 12 4 Virginia 
Bowler Jno E, 1201 E Gary 

Tags— Meta Hie 

Metallic Tag Co, 1821 W Grace 

Andreaeos Peter C, 1707 E Main 

Anten Israel, 1900 E Main 
Arenstein Benj, 709 E Main 
Baer Tailoring Co The, 802 E Main 
Becker August, 537 Hanes av 
Blersh Otto, 1 N Morris 
Bolton Lafayette, 119 S Belvidere 
Brantz August, 2 S 7th 
Bratman Morris, 322 Brook av 
Breitstein Chas, 903 E Broad 
Brooks Tailoring Co, 528% E Broad 
Brown Joseph, 100 N 20th 
Burch BrOs, 519 E Main 
Callahan Lawrence J, 615-A E Main 
Ciucci Clements P, 913 E Broad 
Cola vita P <fc Son, 2 08 N Sth 
Cooper Ellis, 304 W Broad 
*Craddock Melvin, 115 E Canal 
Davids Louis, 2015 E Main 
Dembrow Louis. 12% N 18th 
Derderain Manuel, 4 OS X 1st 
De Russee Frank, 422 W Main 
Doherty Jno E, 200% E Main 
Dono Giovanni. 1214 E Marshall 
Duski Lawrence. 10 E Main 
Enders & Son. 7 06 E Main 
* Eureka Tailors, 5 37 W Broad 
Ewig Jno F, 918 E Main 
Fisher Morris. 210 X 7th 
Gandel Xathan, 3 20 Brook av 
Gandel Simon, 518 Monroe : 
Green Wm A, 52 7 E -Main 
Harris Henry, 513 E Main 
Hauft Jacob M, 9 09 E Broad 
Heyraanson Herman, 100 W Marshall! 
Heyman Henry, 100 X Sth 
Jacobs Mamie Mrs, 312 X Sth 
Jacobson & Son, 202 4 E Main 
John Wm, 812 China 
Klein Israel, 110-A X Jefferson 
Kocen David, 3909 Williamsburg av 
Kudlak Joseph, 2306 E Leigh 
La Touche Jno, 7 S 2d 
Levin Esther M Mrs, 417 X 7th 
Liberty Tailors, 412 E Broad 
Liebermann Michael, 1902 E Main 
Lipscombe James C, 604 E Main 
Lutto Abraham, 1803 E Main 
*Mann Richd H. 319 X Adams 
Mareck & Ciccoli, 18 X 7th 
*Mundin Herbert C, 517% X 2d 
Myers Barney E, 601 E Main 
Panossian Martin. 308 X 1st 
People's Tailoring Co Inc, 2 W Broad 
Polito A S Tailoring Co. 125 X Sth 
Prager Sami. 906% W Broad 
Radman Saml, 2009 E Broad 
Ravdin Danl, 216 W Broad 
Rosenburg Moritz, 5 X 7th 
Rubin Manuel, 311% N Sd 
Ruth Louis, 703 E Main 
Salomonsky Maurice, 713 E Main 
Saracino Frank, 1205 W Main « 
Schatz Xathan, 1729 W Main 
Sche^r J A- IV 301 R Broad 


"Satisfy Your Customer" JSTSirS 

RECTORY CO., Inc., in all their Multigraph and" Addressing \\ ork. 1 ry us. 


Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist 

, a. ROBI , 

214 BOLLINGBRQQK. Phone; Offices 319; Residence, 3404 I Treat the VaiJOUS Diseases of All Dumb Animals 



Schneider Saml, 321 Brook av 
Sheer Nathan. 11 2- A X 19th 
Slievick Abraham.. 21-1 N 17th 
Shochet Saml, 123 E Main 
Silverman Benj E, 2 06 X 17th 
Simon A & Son, 71S E Main 
Sonnenberg Louis, 4 02 E Marshall 
Specter Morris, 212 X lath 
Sporn Bros, 1814 E Main 
Stiess Frank J, 2217 E Main 
Stubs Wm A, 32 X 7th 
Sturhari Isadore L. 50 7 E Mam 
Tatarsky Joseph, 24 X 7th 
* Taylor Joseph L, 42 3 Brook av 
U S Woolen Mills Co, 62 7 E Broad 
Virginia The, 315 X 17th 
Vitsky Barney, 222 X 17th 
Want Abraham, ISO 5 E Main 
*Wheaton Carey, 604 St James 
Wolf Louis, 17 00 E Broad 


Richmond Engineering- Co, 12 S 8th 
Sydnor Tump & Well Co Inc. 1310 E Main 
Virginia Machinery & Well Co Inc, 1319 E 

Tanks and Stacks 

Capital City Iron Works, 5 X 2 3d 

Tax Titles 

Tax Title Co of Richmond The, 2 2 X 9th, R10 

Taxi Cabs 

Richmond Transfer Co, SOU E Main 
Virginia Taxi Service Co, 210 X Sth 

Tea and Coffee Stores 

Grand Union Tea Co, 3 W Broad 

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co, 302 X 2 5th, 
42S X 6th, 200 and 1723 E Main, 1301 
W Main, and 1221 Hull 

Heroy R R Co, 30S-310 X 6th 

Jewel Tea Co, 111 X 3d 

Kenny C D Co, 606 E Broad and 1701 E Main 

Teamsters and Expressmen 

Bates Luther W, 3201 W Clay 

Blaylock Richd T, 22 06 Carrington 

♦Bridgeforth Louis E, 19 2 3 Beverly 

Brooks Claude M : 29 01 Park av 

Brown Obediah J, 2 07 X 

Burridge Wm G, 1010 Hull 

•Chalmers Fitzhugh L, 1016 X 5th 

Childress Robt F, 829 X 2 7th 

•Christian Robt J. 1020 X 5th 

Cousins Henry C, 142 1 Ashland and 1525 Bev- 

•Cunningham Claiborne E, 412 W Baker 

•Davis Jefferson, 1433 Jacquelin 

Davis Nicholas M, S00 S Meadow 

Doran Jno H, 129 W Canal 

Evans Archie A, 506 X 2 4th 

Fines I Frank. 1716 Winder 


•Foreman Wm, 502 W Baker 
Garthright Martha E .Mrs, 5% Shockoe Slip 
Gentry Lewis C, 1316 Mosby 
Gordon Geo R, 15 2 6 Stewart 
Gordon James E A, 17 32 X 20th 
Jackson Wm A, 1200 X 20th 

* James Morgan., nos X 1st 

* Jones Alex, 611 S Cherry 
Jordan Robt, 500 X 31st 

Kelly Wm H, Boulevard nr Hermitage rd 

Leber Chas W, 1106 X 24th 

Lee thos, 2 001 Walker 

Lowry Walter H, 123 6 Ashland 

McDonough Rodger, 1910 Fairfield 

Miller Wm T, 2 8 26 Xine Mile rd 

•Mosby Harrison, 712 W Leigh 

•Murray Chas B. 3006 }£ P 

Overby Wm G, 1513 Mechariiesville tpk 

Paul Edward J, 1601 X 2 3d 

•Payne Chas W, 1102 X ?lst 

Phaup Joseph C, 5 Shockoe Slip 

Pippin Wm G, 82 6 S Meadow 

•Pride James H, 1611 Blair 

* Randall Jesse, 7 36 X 3d 
*Sheiton Park, 1109 Chaffin 
Sims Jno. 517 Mosby 
•Singleton Wm G Jr, 3 2 IS X 2 5th 
Timberlake Thos VY. 1715 Beverly 
Tyler's Transfer, 6 Shockoe Slip 
•Winston Silas, 1012 X 5th 
Worsham David A, 1111 X 21st 
Wright Howard H, 510 X 3 2d 

Teleg L'uph C< nnpanies 

American District Telegraph Co. lies e Alain 
Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, 1216 E Main 
Western Union Telegraph Co, 1108 E Main 

Telephone Companies 
American Telephone & Telegraph Co. 1002 


CO OF VA THE. 709-711 E (.race 

Terra Cotla Pipes 

Baldwin &: Brown Inc. 1557 E Alain 
Sitterding-Carneal-Pavis Co, 1500 Moore 

Theatres and Plates of Amusements 

Academy of Music, 105 N Sth 

Albion Theatre (moving picture), 211 X 3d 

Bijou Theatre, 810-S14 F Broad 

Broad Street Park. Broad cor Addison 

City Auditorium, W Cary eor Linden 

Colonial Theatre (moving pictures), 71 B E 

•Dixie (moving pictures), 1 8 W Broad 
Forest Hill Park, Forest Hill 
•Hippodrome The (moving pictures), 530 X 2d 
Idlewood Park. Beverly cor Elm 
Tsis Theatre, 808 E Broad 
Jefferson Auditorium, 104 A" Mam 
Utile Theatre (moving pictures), 116 W Broad 
Lyric Theatre, 901 E Broad 
New Theatre (moving pictures), 206 E Broad 




Charlott esviile 9 Va, 

Boom on Now, 

^Most progressive town of size 
"^in South. Great Building 
Come on quick---big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Oden The (moving pictures), 211 N 6th 
Pastime Theatre (moving pictures), 211 N 6th 
Rex The (moving- pictures), 700 E Broad 
Star Theatre (moving pictures), 512% Louisi- 
*Star Theatre, 1019 Hull 
Strand The, 118 W Broad 

Theato The, (moving pictures), 500 E Broad 
Victor Theatre, 800 E Broad 
Victoria Theatre (moving pictures), 1316 Hull 

Tile — Floor and Wall 
Richmond Tile <sL- Mosaic Co, 404 N Lombardy 

Tile Roofing 
Williams Siate Roofing Co, Mutual Bldg. 909 E 
Main, R1232 

Tile Work 

Stockton (see p 3) 

CO IXC, 021 

Time Recording Registers 

International Time Recording Co, 6 05 E Main 

Tin Foils 

Xeal & Binford, 716 E Cary 


Capitol Plumbing Co, 301 Graham 
Carle-Boehiing Co Tnc, 1641 W Broad 
Chalkley Wm T, 1207 X 28th 
Davis Arleigh 1., 3811 Sth, Fulton 
Day J Rudolph,, 511 X 2 3d 
Eancs William H Inc, 130 5 W Main 
Fenson Wm R, 9 02 Cumberland 
Grimmell C Fredk. 212 E Broad 
Hall Frank A, 2306 Fairmrunt av 
Harris Frank H. 7 S lSth 
*Hilton Sidney H, 113 W Duval 
ITogan Luke H, 12 28 Hull 
Lucas Andrew J, 2 2 07 E Main 
Mahoney Walter F, 523 E Main 
Manning C Plumbing Co Inc, 144 3 E Main 
May Alexander H, 219 E Main 

Tire and Tire Repairing: 

Banner Bros Co, 100 X 7th 

Title Examiners 

Guy & Lea, Travelers Bldg, 1108 E Main, R 

Richmond Title & Abstract Co, 1108 E Main, 


Tobacco Dealers and Brokers 

Borchers L & Co, 2 X 12th 
Doyd James X & Co Tnc, 9 09 E Main, R719 
Boykin Hamilton G, 121 Shockoe Slip 
'"ameron-Xeal Tobacco Co Inc, 9th nr Semmes 
''ampbell H & Co, 1900 E Franklin 
Imperial Tobacco Co The (of Great Britian and 
> Ireland Ltd), IIS S 6th 
•Johnson Thos B, 3 3 -l> Shockoe Slip 

Lightfoot J B & Co, 10 1 Shockoe Slip 
Lorillard P & Co, Richmond Leaf Dept, E 

Gary cor 2 4th 
Mathews W S & Sons, 320 S 10th 
Morton R C & Co, 4 Shockoe Slip 
Rose S R & Co, 3% Shockoe Slip Leon L, 3 V-> Shockoe Slip 
Taylor J P & Co Inc. 803^ E Main, R37 
Taylor Jno M, Shockoe Slip 
Tobacco Rehandhng Co Ltd The, 320 S 10th 
Vaughan I N & Co, 3 30 S 10th 
Victor E K & Co, 2 2 00 Semmes av 
Williams F D & Co, 101 Shockoe Slip 
Wingo Jno L & Co, 101 Shockoe Slip 

Tobacco Manufacturers 

Amei ican Tobacco Co, Richmond Leaf Dept, 

2 4 00 E Cary 
Dart Tobacco Co, 2617 E Main 
Dill J G Inc, 202 E Franklin 
Falk Tobacco Co, 16 X r 2 2d 
Gallaher Ltd. 2 3 N 2 2d 
Kentucky Tobacco Product Co Inc, C & O Ry 

nr 2d, Fulton 
Larus & Bro Co Inc, 2101 E Main 
Lightfoot Jno B & Co, 2 600 E Main 
Lorillard P Co (Whitlock Branch), 2 3d cor 

Mayo P H & Bro, 2 500-25 20 E Cary 
Patterson Bros Tobacco Co Inc, 2 50S E Main 
Standard Tobacco Co Inc, 9 N 22d 
Fnited States Tobacco Co The, 19th cor Cary 

Tobacco Stemmers and Repriscrs 

Export Leaf Tobacco Co, 9 00 X" Lombardy 
Reynolds R J Tobacco Co, 300 S 12th 

Tobacco Warehouses 

Alleghany Warehouse Co, W 7th cor Porter 
American Tobacco Co, 2 000 E Cary 
Boyd James N & Co Inc, 511 Brook av 
Butlers' Warehouse, 1201 E Canal 
Carrington & Co, Bainbridge nr 14th 
Export Leaf Tobacco Co. Hermitage rd nr S 

A L R R 
Hutcheson's Leaf Tobacco Warehouse, 10 S 

Old Dominion Tobacco Warehouse, 1023 Byrd 
Powhatan Warehouse, 108 S 7th 
Reynolds R J & Co, 911 Byrd 
Shockoe Tobacco Warehouse, 5 Shockoe Slip 
Star Warehouse. 2200 Semmes av 
Stonewall Warehouse. E Canal cor 13th 
Vaughan I X" & Co. 917 Byrd 

Tobacconists' Supplies 
Neal & Bin ford. 716 E Cary 

Toilet Preparations: 

Cythera Toilet Co, 30 2 X" 7th 
Commonwealth Extract Co. 801 Lamb av 
♦Diamond Specialty Co. 2S1S P 
Gates Mercantile Co Inc The, 60P % E Broad 
*Great Economy Mfg Co, 72 1 X" 2d 
Nelson Mfg Co Tnc. 204 N 14th 
Pro-Phv-Tol Products Co, 17 S 7th 


9No tJz:^: veu plumbing 




Come to Petersburg 




S Henry, 700 E Franklh 


Tourist Agents 

Bartlett Select Tours, 618 E Main 

BOWMAN SAMUEL H, 018 E Main (see left j 

hottom lines, page GO and adv below) 
Bureau of University Travel, 618 E Main 
Clark Frank C. 618 E Main 
Cook Thos & Son.. 618 E Main 
Frank Tourist Co, 618 E Main 
McCann's Tours. 618 E Main 
McGraw's Catholic Tours, 618 E Main 
Marsters G E. 618 E Main 
Raymond & Whitcomb, 61S E Main 
Richmond Transfer Co The, 809 E Main 
San Francisco Exposition Tour Co, 618 E Main I 

Towel Supplies 

Model Laundry Towel Supply Co, 309 N 25th \ 
Virginia Towel Supply Co, 821 W Cary 

Towing j 

Southern Transportation Co, 1001 , E Main, j 


Richmond Toy Co Inc. 105 E Broad 

Transfer Companies 

* Bowles & Jones.. 10S E Jackson 

Bowman Transfer & Storage Warehouse Co. 3 

Shockoe Slip 
Clarke Lawrence C* 1207 W Cary 
Cosby's W G Transfer, 306 N 9th 
Independent Transfer Co, 3 Shockoe Slip 
♦Johnson's Transfer, 9 34 W Broad 
Madison Transfer Co, 8 S Madison 
Millner's C C Transfer, 302 N 9th 
Pioneer Transfer Co. 3 Shockoe Slip 
Powers' Transfer, 304 N 9th 
Rapid Transfer, 16% N 9th 
Richardson W Fred Inc, 601 Main 
Richmond Transfer Co. 809 E Main 
Smith & Hicks, Richmond Hotel and 132 6 E 

"Watskey Isaac, 219 N 18th 
Wyatt Clarence, 3 Shockoe Slip 

Transmission Machinery 

Smith-Courtney Co, 82 7 E Cary 

Trunk Manufacturers 

Richmond Trunk Mfg Co, 2006 E Franklin 


"Ask Mr. Bowman" 




Lon£ Distance Phono Randolph 4587 

Rountree H W &' Bro Trunk & Bag Co. 1401- 

1407 E Broad 
Union Trunk & Bag Co, 100 W 7th cor Bain- 


Trust Companies 
Bank of Commerce & Trusts, 901-903 E Main 
Old Dominion Trust Co, 9 09 E Main 
Richmond Trust & Savings Co Inc, 6 30 E Main 
Virginia Trust Co, 1106 E Main Travelers 


Turkish Baths 
Jefferson Turkish Baths, Jefferson Hotel 

Turnpike Companies 

Richmond-Washington Highway Corp, 700 R 
Franklin, R1003 

Twenty-Five Cent Stores 

Kresge S S Co. 426 E Broad 

Typewriters and Supplies 

American Typewriter Exchange The, 60 5 E 

Kee Lox Mfg Co, 700 E Franklin, R605 
Monarch Typewriter Co, 610 E Main 
Remington Typewriter Co, 610 E Main 
Royal Typewriter Co, 16 X 8th 

E Main 
Smith Premier Typewriter Co, 610 E Main 
Underwood Typewriter Co, 5 30 E Main 
Virginia Ribbon & Carbon Co, 11 IS E Cary 

Umbrella Manufacturers 
Newman David, 310% E Broad 

United States Commissioners 

Flegenheimer Melvin, 1001 E Main. R21S 


*Brown Robt D, 115 S 2d 

*Cephas Leonard D, 9 02 N 1st 

*Deane Bros, 311 Monroe 

Gratznowsky Wm, 103 Virginia av, H Pk 

* Jones Edward L, 710 N 2d <• 

Levy Chas C, 42 5 W Broad 

Noble Leslie H, 2413 Jefferson av 

•Richardson Saml S. 728 N 5th 

Sydnor & Hundley Inc. 7 00 E Grace 

Umlauf Jacob, 1326 VV Broad 

Volkmann Adolph, 4 06 Brook av 

Wilkinson Morgan W, 116 E Main 

Vacuum Cleaners 
Moseley W W & Co Inc, 217 N 1st 

Varnish Manufacturers 

Atlantic Varnish Works Inc. 2829 Lester 

VaSCS — Iron 
Carr James \V. 9 N 25th 

Vaults and Vault Fronts 
Barnes Safe & Vault Co, 12 N 12th 

Call on SYDM0R PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 


See Our Adv. in Buyers Guide 


Phone 320 

J V 


;..;.-.' -..v^; 




Veneer Manufacturers 

Wilts Veneer Co. Orleans cor 2d 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Chesterman R "Lynn, 6 06 E Clay 

Epps Chas H, 316 Henry 

Eraser's Veterinary Hospital, 316 Henry 

Galloway James Mel, 316 Henry 

Galloway Peter F, 316 Henry 

Lloyd W Vaughan, 52 X 9th 

McPonough's James P Veterinary Hospital, 

310 Graham 
Smith Eraser A, 21 N 19th 


Viaduct Companies 

Northside Viaduct Co, 7 00 E Franklin, 

Vinegar Companies 

Gregory D J Vinegar Co, 606 N 17th 
Richmond Vinegar Co, 1210% E Cary 
Shelby E S Vinegar Co, 1017 E Cary 
United Vinegar Co Inc, 1015 E Canal 

Wall Paper Dealers 
Brauer Richard B. 108 N 8th 
Chasen & Caplon, 1809 E Broad 
Church Hill Wall Paper Co, 292 5 E Marshall 
Ganzert Geo E & Co. 7 S 6th 
Gardner Russell E, 435 W Main 
Hargrove Arthur W, 40 8 E Main 
Hetzer A & Sons, 705 W Main 
Hill James T, 509 E Main 
Jennings D Leslie. 11 X 2d 
Nash Powhatan, 302 E Main 
Smith ers J W Ac Co. 221 E Main 
Southern Wall Paper Co, 112 X 7th 
Warinner & Frayser. 204 X 5th 
Whelton Jno, 515 W Broad 


American Terminal Warehouse Corp, 20 N 9th 
Bowman Transfer & Storage Warehouse Co, 

3 Shockoe Slip 
Richardson W Fred Inc, 601 W Main 
Richmond Terminal Warehouse Inc, 32 7 

Virginia Waste Co, 700 E Franklin, R701 



Washing Machines — Manufacturers 

McCreary-Semmes Mfg Co, 712 W Broad 

Waste Material 

Nott Frank H. 9 00 Brook av 

Virginia Waste Co, ,00 E Franklin, R701 

AVatchmakers and Jewelers 

A.ltman Solomon, 90S W Broad 
Cocke & Co, 5 33 W Broad 
Cohen Henry, 707 E Main 
Craze James W, 13 00 Hull 
Du Val Sidney S, 1916 E Main 
Guarantee Watch Co, 310% W Broad 
Jahnke Bros, 912 E Main 
King Wm T. 1516 W Cary 
Kohler J F & Sons Inc. 2 09 E Broad 
Lumsden.C & Son Inc. 731 E Main 
Xowlan Company The, 921 E Main 
Pollock Henry H, 1010 Hull 

Shaffer Theo, 1602 Hull 
Smith &• Williams Inc. 60S E Main 
Spott W A & Son, 508 E Main 
Terrell Wm F, 218 W Broad 
♦Walter Marcellus C, 534 Hancock 

Water Companies 

Ginter Park Water Works, Westwood av nr 

Xoble av 
Southside Water & Sewerage Corp, 6 S 10th 

Westhampton Sewer & Water Corp, 12 X 8th 

Wax Engravers 

Richmond Type & Electrotype Foundry, 17 X 

Weather Strips 

Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip Co, Travel- 
ers Bldg, 1108 E Main, R214 

Richmond Metal Weather Strip Co, 922 E 

Weighing Bureaus 

Southern Weighing & Inspection Bureau, 909 
E Main, R1024 

Welding and Cutting — Oxyaectgline 

Schulter Auto Repair Co Inc, 9 2 0-922 W Broad 

Well Drillers 
(sec left hottorn lines and p 47) 

Wheel Material Manufacturers 

Virginia & Xorth Carolina Wheel Co, Osbourn 
tpk and C & O Ry 

Whip Manufacturers 

Holland Henry & Co, 2229 Bainbridge 
* Winston Patk, 14 00 St James 

White Lead Manufacturers 

Lewis Jno F & Bros Co, 14 44 E Main, R105 

Wind Mills 


3Iain (see left bottom lines and p 47) 

Virginia Machinery & Well Co Inc, 1319 E 

Windo\v Cleaners 

*Johnson Wm M, 1109 X 1st 

Xational Window Cleaning Co Inc. 22 X 8th 

Richmond Window Cleaning Co, 102 X 8th 

Window Shades and Hangers 

Mitchell J Edgar, 1007 AV Broad 

Wire Goods 
Earnest Bros, 700 E Franklin, R503 
Yurachek Joseph. 42 1 W Broad 
Yuraehek Paul. 15 E Main 

Wooden Ware — Manufacturers 

Gulf Red Cedar ('o, Orleans cor 2d 
Richmond Cedar Wks, Orleans cor 2d 

Wood Working Machinery 

Smith-Courtney Co, 82 7 E Cary 

Early's Yeast Cake Mfg Co, ♦ 120b W Cary 
Fleischman Co The. 223 E Main 
Pulton Yeast <'o, ;: n Nicholson 

~<p^^^4^ ! ^ € ^ 




Virginia Fire & 

GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,728.19. 






Henry County 

Value of real estate: 1916, White, $2,144,- 
787; colored, $106,111. Total, $2,310,989. 

Value of personal property: White, ?1,- ! 
131,107; colored, §62,861. Total, $1,193,968. 

Income. $26,048. 

Population, 1916, 18,459. 

Number voters — White 2.319; colored, 1,105. | 

Area — Acres. 236,116; square miles, 369. 

County Seat — Martinsville. 

Henry was formed in 1777 from Pittsyl- 
vania and named in honor of Patrick Henry. 
It is almost perfect square, and borders on 
the State of North Carolina., with Franklin 
county on the north, Pittsylvania on the east 
and Patrick on the west. Smith and Mayo 
rivers and their branches water the county 
in all its parts. Danville & Western division 
of the Southern Railway traverses the county 
from east to west and the Norfolk & Western 
Railway from north to south, furnishing" amply 
facilities for transportation. Tobacco, corn 
and hay are the principle productions. Good 
crops of oats, rye and wheat are also pro- 
duced. The dairy, orchard and garden yield 
is varied and valuable. Horses, cattle and 
sheep of fine breeds and in large numbers 
are raised. 

The minerals are iron, coal, mica, kaolin 
and soapstone. The timbers are oak, hickory ' 
and pine. Woodworking factories of various j 
kinds are in operation over the county, the 
largest furniture factory in the South is lo- 
cated at Martinsville, also large cotton at 
Martinsville. Mica mines are being run at full 
force and are numerous. Kaolin of good | 
quality in abundance. Many improved roads j 
being built. We have streams with valuable | 
undeveloped water power. 


The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
the first Monday in January, April, June and 

Judge — E J Harvey, Chatham. Va 
Clerk — T C Mathews, Martinsville 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — J R Smith, Mar- 

Sheriff — H L Turner. Martinsville 
Treasurer — D S Davis, Martinsville 
Surveyor — F S Moon, Martinsville 
Coroner — J W Simmons, Martinsville 
Superintendent of Poor — Price Stultz, Bas 

Superintendent of Schools — W B Gates, Mar 

Commissioners of Revenue — H P Byrd, Mar 
tinsville; J H Tyrcc, Martinsville 

W B F- 


chairman). Axton 

TT Hair 

ston, Axton; G L Overton, Sandy River; J H 
Stanley, Fdgewood; .] T Pratt, Spencer; W G 
Burgess, Ridgeway 


Jno Meador, Boxwood; T H Fanes, Leather- 
wood; D P Land, Ridgeway; H B Nelson, 

Agricultural Implements 

Barker J M, Axton 
Bassett Mercantile Co, Bassotts 
Craig E P & Pro, Passetts 
Jones Geo O & Son, Ridgeway 
Jones R W, Lone Oak R F D 
Meadors J M, Lone Oak R F D 

Attorneys at Law 

Bryant C B, Martinsville 
Carter & Ford, Martinsville 
Clingenpeel & Davis. Martinsville 
Drewry P D, Martinsville 
Gravely & Gravely, Martinsville 
Marshall Geo H, Martinsville 
Matthews T C, .Martinsville 
Peyton Wm M, Martinsville 
Smith J R, Martinsville 
Taylor Joseph R, Martinsville 
Thomas L Starling. Martinsville 
Whittle & Whittle, Martinsville 

Automobile Repairers 

Clift & McDaniel, Martinsville 

Acme Garage Inc, Martinsville 
FORD O D MOTOR CO (O D Ford). Martins- 

Southern Motor Co, Ridgeway 


Martinsville Bakery, Martinsville 


First National Bank The. Martinsville 
cashr, Martinsville 


*Hairston W T. Martinsville 
*Hairston & Wood, Martinsville 
Hill R L Martinsville 
McMillon O T, Boxwood 
Shropshire Joseph, Ridgeway 
Whitman E A, Martinsville 

Bicycle Dealers and Repairers 
Martinsville Auto Repair Co. Martinsville 
Minter J L, Martinsville 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Ajaron J D. Martinsville 

"ASS MR. BOWMAN," 618 East Main Street 

Phone Randolph 458"; 


Representing all Atlantic, l rans-Ailanti 

and P.icific Steamship Lines 





Aaron Jacob & Bro, Martinsville 
*l>iliard James, Fontaine 
Hill & Jones, Lone Oak R F D 
Hopkins J J, Sanville 
Lawrence G T, Martinsville 
Minter L T. Martinsville 
Mitchell L T, Martinsville 
Odell Jesse, Ridgeway 
Poindexter A B, Ridgeway 
Richardson L C, Leatherwood 
Turner S H Jr, Sanville 
♦Turner Henry, Bassetts 
Winn J G 4 Axton 

Boarding Houses 

Dal ton S C Mrs, Axton 
Grig-g-s Hotel, Ridgeway 
Lawrence M E, Leatherwood 
Ramsey J Waller, Bassetts 
Stultz House, Ridgeway 

Books and Stationery , 
Kearfott C P & Son, Martinsville 


Peerless Shoe Shine Parlor, Martinsville 


Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co, Martinsville 

Brick Manufacturers 

Williamson & Hedgecock Inc. Fontaine 

Builders' Supplies 

Gregory O R, Martinsville 

Butchers and Meat Markets 
Prillman Roy, Martinsville 
Richardson J L, Martinsville 
Star Market, Martinsville 


Dunlop D F. Axton 
Grassy Creek Canning Co, Sanville 
Perry M F, Ridgeway 
Richardson W D. Leatherwood 


Baptist, Axton 

Primitive Baptist. Bassetts 

Baptist, Bassetts 

Baptist, Boxwood 

Baptist, Fontaine 

Baptist, Ridgeway 

Baptist, Sanville 

Christian, Leatherwood 

Christian, Preston 

Dunkard, Sanville 

Methodist, Axton 

Methodist, Bassetts 

Methodist, Lone Oak R F T> 

Methodist, Preston 

Methodist, Ridgeway 

1 nion. Lone Oak R F P 

Cleaners and Pressers 

City Pressing Club The, Martinsville 
*Dillard Hughes, Martinsville 
^Martinsville Pressing Club, Martinsville 


Berlin Max, Martinsville 
Brown & Co, Martinsville 
Globman A, Martinsville 
Marks M & Co, Martinsville 

Coal Dealers 

i Dudley A M & Co, Martinsville 
Garrett W A, Ridgeway 

Lester Live Stock and Grain Co, Martinsville 
Williamson E L g Martinsville 

Allie C, Martinsville 
Brown J M, Martinsville 
Dudley H H, Martinsville 
Stephens P J, Martinsville 

Contractors and Builders 

Cliff George, Martinsville 
| Coleman T C, Ridgeway 
| Davis A D, Martinsville 

Davis E T. Martinsville 

Gaitwood J L. Martinsville 

McCabe T W, Martinsville 

Napier J G Martinsville 

Puckett Win, Martinsville 

Ramsey A W, Bassetts 

Roach T J, Axton 

Warren J H. Martinsville 

Wells Jno, Martinsville 


Gravely G C. Axton 
Perry M F, Ridgeway 

Delicatessen Stores 

Childress Bros, Martinsville 


Price H V. Martinsville 
Robertson J W, Axton 
Smith J P, Martinsville 
Turner F P, Ridgeway 
Womack C T, Martinsville 


Central Drug Co. Martinsville 
Griffin R X S, Martinsville 
Kearfott C P & Son. Martinsville 
Ross C H Dr, Bassetts 

Dry Goods 
Berlin Max, Martinsville 
Brown & Co, Martinsville 
Clayb rook- Pen n Co, Martinsville 
GIiORMAX A, Martinsville 
Heiner S, Martinsville 
Leadermnn J, Martinsville 
Morris & Co, Martinsville 

The Second National Bank 


capital $50,000.00 

Surplus and Profits $25,000,00 

4 % -Savings Department-4 

Kellam Hospital, Inc. 




The Kellam Hospital Is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we want 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-riv, 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundreds 
of sufferers treated during the past 18 years. 



Ear, Eye and Nose Specialists 

Amiss E P, Martinsville 


Maury H E. Martinsville 

Electric Insulator Manufacturers 
Gravely B F & R P. Martinsville 

Fertilizer Dealers 

English S D & Co, Martinsville 
Garrett W A, Ridgeway 

Hairston & Townes, Martinsville 

Five and Tent Cent Stores 

Townes Five and Ten Cent Store, Martinsville 

Founders and Machinists 

Cheshire J W & Son, Martinsville 

Furniture Dealers 

American Furniture Co, Martinsville 

Barker J M, Axton 

Bassett Furniture Co, Bassetts 

Bassett Mercantile Co, Bassetts 

Henry County Furniture Co, Martinsville 

Jones Geo O & Son, Ridgeway 

Martinsville Furniture Co, Martinsville 

Martinsville Mercantile Co, Martinsville 

Yaughan Bros, Bassetts 


Acme Garage Inc. Martinsville 
Hairston & Towns Automobile Co, Martins- 
Ridgeway Motor Co, Ridgeway 

General Stores 

Akers M A & Co, Philpott 
*Anglin P, Martinsville 
BARKER C G, Axton 
Barker J M, Axton 
Barker O J. Lone Oak 
Bassett Mercantile Co, Bassetts 
Bondurant M S & Co, Figsboro 
Booker J W & Co, Martinsville 
Bryant J C. Leatherwood 
Carpenter W M, Ridgeway 
Carter T W, Martinsville 
Cheshire James ct Son, Martinsville 
-Craig E P & Bro, Bassetts 
Dalton S C, Axton 
Doyle F P. Martinsville 
Eanes H C. Leatherwood 
Eggleston E Y, Ridgeway 
Farmers Union Store, Preston 
Garrett J P, Ridgeway 
Hairston Henry M, Martinsville 
Henry County Supply Co, Martinsville 
HTLL S R, Preston 
Hobson J F, Martinsville 
Hodnett P T, Martinsville 
IIOLCOMB J F, Ed<4ewr>od 
HOLLAND D J «fc CO. Boxwood 

.JAMERSON P M & CO, Figsboro 

Jones A T & Co. Martinsville 
Jones Geo O & Son. Ridgeway 
JONES K W, Bone Oak R F D 

Joyce J L, Ridgeway 

King J H. Ridgeway 

Knight E B, Ridgeway 

Knight & Knight, Ridgeway 

Koger R H & Bro, Sanville 

Lamkin E H Miss, Lone Oak R F D 

Lavinder J P, Martinsville 

Laurence M p:, Leatherwood 

McGhee & Son, Sanville 

MAXMXG W B, Leatherwood 

Martin M E. Axton 

Martinsville Mercantile Co, Martinsville 

Meadors J M, Lone Oak R F D 

Meadows J L Boxwood 

M inter C L Mrs, Leatherwood 

Moore D E & Sons.. Spencer 

Motley A A & Co, Boxwood 

Motley H N <fc Co. Boxwood 

Nelson W E & Co. Martinsville 

Payne F M. Lone Oak 

POWELL H B. Fontaine 

Pratt G C. Preston 

Price J S, Lone Oak 

Prillman P A & Son, Martinsville 

Ramsey Z C, Preston 

Rangeley W H. Preston 

Redd James <£ Sons, Spencer 

Richardson A L ; Leatherwood 

Richardson L P, Martinsville 

Ross A M, Philpott 

Salmon Bros.. Martinsville 

Slaydon H S, Stockton 

Smith Bros. Spencer 

Smith \V W, Preston 

Spencer Mercantile Co. Spencer 

*Spencer Richd, Martinsville 

Turner J B, Sanville 

Vaughan Bros, Bassetts 

Webb & Yaughan, Bassetts 

Williams H T & Co, Philpott 

Wilson W M & Son, Boxwood 

Winn H D, Martinsville 

WRIGHT P G, Sanville 


Anglin P, Martinsville 

Beck Grocery Co, Martinsville 

Burge N F & Sons. Martinsville 

Carpenter W M, Ridgeway 

Cheshire James & Son. Martinsville 

Childress Bros, Martinsville 

*Henry County Supply ('o. Martinsville 

Hodnett P I. Martinsville 

Jones R. Lone Oak R F D 

Nelson w E. Martinsville 

Prunty Martha Mrs, Martinsville 

Seay Toney. Martinsville 

Shumate Geo H, Bassetts 

Shumate W c. Martinsville 

Walton W T, Martinsville * 

Wingrfield G \V, Martinsville 

Can handle all your MULTIGRAPH 

HILL iJIK£iLiyKi XlL, IOC. WORK and deliver i : promptly. 
Write us. *>23 Mutual Building, Richmond, Ya 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia <& 

KKTXi\in"s^pTi<riM^Y\>A)iA'ri:i J \ upon leceipt of fcattV 

ctoty Proofs of Death. Total Payments to Policyholders 
.nee organization OVER $17,000,000.00. Js paylnfc its 
inxfp nrnrp OR( - ANIZED 18 '* **c™r> „. Policyholders OVER $1,250,000.00 annually. 



Wing-field J L Co. Martinsville 
VVingfield & Hurd, Martinsville 

Grocers — Wholesale 

Martinsville Grocrey Co, Martinsville 

Hardware Dealers 
Barbour T N, Martinsville 
Barker J M, Axton 
Gravely T E & Co.. Martinsville 
Hundley H B, Martinsville 
Jones Geo O & Son, Ridgeway 

Harness and Saddlery 

Hankins Alec. Axton 

Hay, Grain and Flour 

Barker J M. Axton 

Bassett Mercantile Co, Bassetts 

Coleman T C, Ridgeway 

Craig E P & Bro, Bassetts 

Jones G O & Son, Ridgeway 

Knight E L, Ridgeway 

Lester Live Stock & Grain Co, Martinsville 


Richardson G W A, Leatherwood 
Turner F L, Axton 

Livery Stables 

Childress Bros, Martinsville 
Childress V W & Son, Martinsville 
Hill H M, Bassetts 
Jones Geo O, Ridgeway 
Winn J A, Axton 

Locust Pin Manufacturers 

Gravely B F & R p. Martinsville 

Lumber Dealers 

Bassett C C, Bassetts 

Coleman T C & Bro, Ridgeway 

Fretwell J W, Sanville 

Gregory O R, Martinsville 

Hill & Jones, Lone Oak 

Joyce R H, Sanville 

Lester Lumber Co. Martinsville R F D 

Morris W C & Sons, Preston 

Prillaman L P, Martinsville 

Ridgeway Lumber Co, Ridgeway 

Hides and Furs 

Lester Live Stock and Grain Co, Martinsville 


Broad Street Hotel, Martinsville 
Central Hotel, Martinsville 
Griggs Geo T. Ridgeway 
Hamilton Jno W, Martinsville 
Hotel Bassett, Bassetts 
Hotel Hamilton, Martinsville 
Mitchell W D, Ridgeway 
Mountain View Hotel, Martinsville 
Stephen Hotel. Martinsville 
Stultz Alice Miss. Ridgeway 

Ice Manufacturers 
Dudley A M & Co, Martinsville 

Insurance Agents 

Barker C G. Axton 

Burch T G Corporation. Martinsville 

Coleman & Oakley, Ridgeway 

Dillon & Vaughan, Bassetts 

English J L & Co. Martinsville 

* Flood L F, Martir-wille 

Ford H A & Co, Martinsville 

Richardson J (\ Leatherwood 

Tuggie R E, Martinsville 

Winn G T, Axton 

Ladies' Ready to Wear 

Olaybrook-Penn Co, Martinsville 


Martinsville Steam Laundry, Martinsville 

Live Stock 
Finley G M. Martinsville 
Joyce W S, Sanville 

S Brown ni«r), Martinsville 


Brown Sz Co, Martinsville 
Claybrook-Penn Co, Martinsville 

< Mills — Corn and Flour 

Aaron Bros, Martinsville 
Axton Milling Co, AxLon 
Bondurant & Co, Leatherwood 
Griggs P F, Preston 
Grogan L S & R W, Preston 
Hill & Jones, Boxwood 
Kendall T L, Leatherwood 
Sours C D, Leatherwood 

Mills — Cotton 

Martinsville Cotton Mill Co, Martinsville 

Mills — Saw 

Grogan L S & R W, Preston 

Hill & Jones, Boxwood 

Horse Shoe Stock Farm, Martinsville 

Knight E L, Ridgeway 

Lester Lumber Co, Martinsville R F D 

Morris & Son, Preston 

Morris W C & Son. Spencer 

Patrick Henry Milling Co. Bassetts 

Philpott A B & Sons, Philpott 

Stanley C F, Martinsville 

Mineral Waters 

Mitchell W I), Ridgeway 


Ridgeway Mica Co, Ridgeway 
State Line Mida Co, Ridgeway 

Mhror Manufacturers 
Virginia Mirror Co, Martinsville 

Newspapers and Editors 
Henry Bulletin. Martinsville, Bulletin Ptg & 
Pub Co publishers 

Offers HOME SITES as well as MANU- 


Charlottesville^ Va m -^S^srSlS%£Si 

Boom on Now. Come on quick— big money here for you. Population, 13,797 




Bray J W, Martinsville 
Clarke Jno, Axton 
Minter J O, Leatherwood 
Ramsey A W, Bassetts 
Roach R R, Axton 

Pa perh angers 
Bray J W, Martinsville 


Martinsville Mercantile Co (Edison), Martins- 

Photogra pliers 
Gravely B F, Axton 
Maury Charles S, Martinsville 


Anderson John R, Martinsville 
* Baldwin D O, Martinsville 
DeShazo James B, Ridgeway 
Dudley W B, Spencer 
Fag-g- R P, Axton 
Fuller Louis E, Axton 
Haley L C, Leatherwood 
Hundley M E, Martinsville 
Lee Roht R, Martinsville 
Mason Drewry H, Ridgeway 
Morris W W, Preston 
Richardson J E, Leatherwood R F D 
Ross Chas H, Bassetts 
Shackelford Jesse M. Martinsville 
Simmons John W, Martinsville 
Smith J M, Martinsville 


Stultz Bros Co, Martinsville 

Bulletin Printing 


& Publishing Co The, Mar- 

Real Estate Dealers 

Burch T G Corporation, Martinsville 
Ford H A & Co, Martinsville 

Referees in Bankruptcy 

Thomas L Starling, Martinsville 


*Hairston Eugene, Martinsville 
*Thomas J S, Martinsville 

Spoke Manufacturers 

Va Spoke & Bending Co, Martinsville 

Stave Manufacturers 

Stevens B F Stave Co, Martinsville 


Fusfield Samuel, Martinsville 
Kester & Kester, Martinsville 

Telephone Companies 

Henry County Telephone Co, Leatherwood 
Mutual Telephone Co, Figsboro 
South Eastern Telephone Co, Spencer 


Globe The (motion picture), Martinsville 
Hamilton The (motion picture), Martinsville 


Stultz Bros Co.. Martinsville 
W^ingfield J M, Martinsville 

Toba ceo Deale rs — L ea f 

Henry County Tobacco Co, Martinsville 
Jones Geo O & Sons, Ridgeway 
Semple R B, Martinsville 
Spencer J H, Martinsville 
Sparrow J B, Martinsville 

Tobacco Manufacturers 
Brown W A Tobacco Co, Martinsville 
Cheshire J W & Sons, Martinsville 
De Shazo Bros, Spencer 
De Shazo H A & Co, Ridgeway 
Sparrow & Gravely Tobacco Co, Martinsville 

Tobacco Stemmeiies 

Reynolds R J Tobacco Co, Martinsville 

Tobacco Warehouses 

Banner Warehouse, Martinsville 
Brown's Warehouse. Martinsville 
Davis E J, Martinsville 


Barker J M, Axton 

Stultz & Shumate, Martinsville 

*Watkins Undertaking Co, Martinsville 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Turner Cabel, Axton 

Sewing Machines 

Singer Sewing Machine Co, Martinsville 

Shoe Dealers 

Budwitz A, Martinsville 
Claybrook-Penn Co, Martinsville 
Giobeman A, Martinsville 
Minter J L, Martinsville 


Martinsville Auto Repair Co. Martinsville 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 
Beckner A D & Co, Martinsville 
Ross Bros. Martinsville 
Thomas W M. Axton 


Electric Shoe and Bicycle Shop, Martinsville 
Stultz T J, Martinsville 

Axton — Population 50; on 1> & W R R: 1 
miles from C H; banking town. Martinsville— 

johm r. 



PHONE 801 
Office Over farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, \a. 

'arms, Orchards, Timber \nA Coal Land; 

Mill Work, Lumber, Roofing, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Shingles and Laths.' Building Outfitters 
Phone No. 1864 Office and Mill N. South St., PETERSBURG, VA. 



C G Barker, P H Barker, J P Davis, G W 
Gravely, P T Gravely, D g Holland, J H Hol- 
land, J O Martin, W P Millner, O C Minter, 
J T Roach, C S Turner 

Bassetts — Population 31; on N <SL- W R R; 
miles from C H; a banking- town — C C 
Bassett, M W Beale, W J Clark, J E Philpott, 
C H Ross, G H Shumate, Hardin Shumate, 
Bruce Stoltz, Bee Stone, R L Well 

Basset ts R F T> — J H Davis 

G C Philpott, J W Ramsey 

P W Hairston, 

! Leatheiwood 11 F D — A F 

J Gilbert, G W Hatcher, D W 
i Wyatt 

Barrow, J H 
Minter, R H 

Lone Oak — Population 50; on D & W R R; 

j 15 miles from C H; banking- town, Martins- 

! ville — J A Brim, B B Cabiness, L A Starling", 
; Anderson Starling 

Lone Oak R F T> — T N Dandridge, G W 
| Hill, R W Jones, D T Meadors, J L Meadors, 
' Geo Mitchell, James Norman, Geo Shackle- 
! ford, Ernest Turner, X P Turner 

Boxwood — Population 30; on D & W R R; 

10 miles from C H; banking town, Martins- 
ville — D L Barker. Tom Dandridge, G W Hill, 
R W Jones, M B Martin. G L Mitchell, J R 
Nance, G T Richardson. J W Russell, G W 
Shackelford, J O Stone, C S Turner, G E Tur- 
ner, M P Turner, W M Wilson 

Edgewood— J Q Byrd, J W Byrd, S M Byrd, 
T D Byrd, P W Hairston, J M Lacy 

Edgewood R F D — D J Bowles, I S Bowles. 
G W Davis Jr. P W Horseley. R J Miles, 
F M Ramsey, E J Seay, J M Seay, R B Seay, 
J T Shumate. W P Woody 

Martinsville (C H) — Population 3,368; on N 
& W and D & W R R's; a banking town — 
G C Adkins.. J F Adkins, J R Armstrong, J 
R Bondurant, Z T CahilL D R Campbell, G W 
Chappell, W S Clark, Thos E Cobb, M L Comp- 
ton. B P Davis, P D Drewery, Peyton Gravely. 
W F Gravely, W H Gravely, J P Gregory, 
W H Hairston, W S Holt, G W Horsley, 
T C Horseley, M G Hundley. P B Hurd, M J 
Lester, D E Marshall, S J Minter. N Morris, 
T A Ranson, S J Richardson. T W Richard- 
son, Geo W Salmon, T C Stultz, W C Stultz, 
W C Thomasson, E P Turner, R H Turner. 
C C Vernon, J T Warren, Geo Wells, Geo R 
Wells, Jno F Wells, P C Wray, P R Wray 

Fig^boro — Population 25; 7 miles from R , Martinsville R F D No 1 — IT C Baker, W 

R and C H; banking town, Martinsville — I A Dove, M E Draper, J K Hodnett, T O Les- 

J A Burgess, Jno K Burtre^s. W P Bursress. { ter, D T Minter, M E Minter. W H Minter. 

M W Cooper, C B Hundley, R B Hundley, M , W S Minter, J H Shorter, B F Stultz. J W 

J Lester, W J Lester. J W Patterson, B F | Stultz Jr, J H Turner, W B Wade, T R Winn, 


Figsboro 1? F D Xo 1 — J J Adams, B B 
Adams. C I Barbour. S W Belcher, Wm Bel- 
cher, G T Bondurant, James Bousman, C C 
Brodie. G W Brodie, W F Brodie. G B Cooper, 
E E Craig, J S Craig, H D DeWitt. J H De- 
witt, C E Draper. C C Eggleston. W J Haynes. 
Mrs Sarah F Hundley, W P Jamison, G H 
Lawrence, W D Bow, E E Martin, W B Mitch- 
ell, R W Pedigo, B W Pinkard, Mrs Rebecca 
Prunty, Mrs M E Stockton. Mrs Lucy Wing- 
field, T T Wingfield 

Fontaine — Population 100; on N & W R R; 
4 miles from C H; banking town, Martins- 
ville — R S Deane. C D Lawrence, H B Pow- 
ell, H T Powell, S J Richardson, A A Tibbs, 
J T Watkins 

Leatherwood — Population 12 5; 10 miles 
from R R; 15 miles from C H; banking: town, 
Martinsville — B F Barrow, G E Bondurant, 
J S Bondurant, W W Carter, LI 13 Eanes, J 
M Eanes. J N Eanes, S M Eanes, T H Banes. 
J O Gouldin, Samuel Gauldin. S H 
Gilbert, J C Grant, B T Gravely. J E 
Gravely, J B Gravely. W E Gravely, J H 
Hatcher. G H Johnston, Jno W Johnston. J 
C Manning, J H Minter, J M Minter, J O 
Minter, E I, Motlev. \V L Rar.iscy, J T Riddle, 

W H Wyatt 

Martinsville R F D Xo 2— J D Toleman. W 

I R Draper, W H Gravely, B Hundley, H C 

Hurd, P L Hurd, F M Prill man. F B Stone. 

J T Stone, W T Thomasson, R H Turner, C 

B Warren, G W Weaver 

Martinsville R F D Xo 3— H G Atkins. 

*Pleas Belcher, T B Bocock. H C Brandt. 

Chas K Cabler, * James Cahill. *Geo W Clark, 

*Carter Dandridge. *Kate Dillard. * James 

! Dodson, *Alice Draper, *Andrew Flood. *M 

! Kenerly. B F King. *\Vm Lampkin, J P Lav- 

| inder, *Frank McGhee, *Jno Marshall. *Wm 

I Mitchell, *D W Morris, *Jaek Morris. *M C 

1 Pace, *S A Penn, * Frances Philpott, F B 

', Powell. * Patrick Preston. T A Ranson, *.T 

i H Redd, *Lula Sheffield, *Geo Spencer, C M 

! Stone. J W Tyree, G X Walker. • Susan YVil- 

' lianas 

Philpott — Population 25; on X & W R IB 
: 12 miles from C H; banking town. Martins- 
! vine— Geo Helms, Dan Shelton, J W Sigrmon 

Preston — Population 15: on D & w R R; 
10 miles from C IB banking town, Martins 

, vi i] c ___\v .] Bassett, \V VV Bassett, Thos M 
Bocock. .' B Bousman, C TI Bradshaw, J V 

Cufpeper National Bank R -^ ° fl 7 




15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 

PHONE 176 






Clayton, F P Doyle, W H Davis, J W Frye, j 
J T Gilley, J W T Hancock, Mrs M C Hill, ' 
W A Hodges, W W Kellogg, M B Hoger, W A 
Matthews, W H Rangeley, J W B Taylor, J 
T Thomasson, N M White, G W Willis 

Preston R F D No 1 — J W Fry, S W Mar- 
shall, J O Stone 

Ridgeway — Population 39 3; on N & W R 
R; 10 miles from C H; a banking town— M j 
W Atkins, A J Boaz, A S Boaz, J H Burgess, j 
AY G Burgess. Geo W Deshazo. J B Deshazo, j 
W T Deshazo P D Draper, W A Garrett, J W ! 
Griggs, J H Hall, J B Harris, R L Harris, J j 
T Holland, B S James, Geo O Jones, Jno C i 
Jones, N D Jones. J G MeCray, S J Miles, W r I 
D Mitchell. W J Mitchell, J T Odell. G B | 
Pace, J T Pace, T P Patterson, M T Perry, ' 
M V Perry. A B Poindexter, T W Pulliam, I 
W S Redd, J W Sheffield. S O Stone, S L 
Stone, J M Thacker, J R Thomason, J H j 

Trent, J A Wade 


Ridge way R F D — J B Boaz, Harden Bur- j 
gess. Geo W Cox, J C Cox, Wm Cox, J M I 
Doyle, Jno G Eggleton, R W Fischer, A F | 
Flanagan, W P Flanagan, D F Hazolip, J a 
Hazolip, L J Hooper, Cole Lawrence, J W 
Lovelace, W H Nunn, Charlie Price, H B 
Sleek, J B Thacker. A A Tibbs, G W Trent, ; 
R D Trent, R R Trent. Devi Valley j 

Saiiville — 7 .miles .from .R .R; .13 miles \ 
from C H; banking town, Martinsville. — ] 
J Q Adams, J V Anthony, J A Craig, G W 
Franklin, D M Frey, G W Garst, G T Helms, 
Wm Hopkins, J L Joyce, R H Joyce, T B 
Joyce, T L Roger, W S Roger, Z R Koger, G 
T McGhee, T J Martin, W G Mitchell, W K 
Purdy, S H Turner 

Spencer — Population 25; on D & W R R; 
12 miles from C H; banking town, Martins- 
ville — P D Agee, T T Angell, H W Anthony, 
J W Baker, E C Blackard. J C Blackard, A 
F Coleman, T D Deshazo, L Deshazo, C W 
Fair, J W Fair, J H Frey, E C Hayens, E D 
Hensley, W T Henxley. S W Joyce, T W 
Joyce, Edd Marshall. J E Marshall, J B 
Merriman, J P Merriman, J H Mills, W C 
Morris, E R Nelson, D M Patterson. J R 
Patterson, C W Philpott, J T Pratt, W r A 
Pratt, T P Read, \V A Robertson, B H Seay, 
M L Shelton, Thos H Shelton, D W Smith, 
W E Smith, D Vi Spencer, T J Taylor, J T 
Thomasson, J W Tretwell, W J Wingfield 

Spencer R F D — G C Brim, W A Brim, H 
C Clanton, W C Clanton, W B Clark, Benj 
Corbin, Jobe Deshazo, J M Doyle, J S Doyle, 
Geo W Frazier, Saml Fulcher. J A Grogan, 
J H Grogan, H J Hundly, H L Hylton, Jobe ] 
> Kindrick. J C King, T J King. P H Morris, i 

J A Pratt, G W Rea, G W Kea Jr, J D Shel- 
ton, J M Smith, C Stanley, S C Taylor 

Spencer R F I) No 2 — H W Anthony, Wm 
Baker, W H Bouldwin, J H Campbell, J H 
Edwards, D M Fry, B D Grogan, H Hairston, 
*J F Hodges, *J R Holt, J L Hundley, T C 
Jarrett, J W Joyce, *Thos Martin, Saml 
Mathews, W Morris, R E Nelson, T P Read, 
* James Redd, *I)avid Reynolds. * Julia Tur- 
ner, *Jacob Watkins 

Spencer R F D No 

Joyce, J M Smith 

A M Joyce, Alex 




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Highland County 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $2,599,- 
600; colored, $8,072. Total, $2,60-7,672 

Value of personal porperty — White. $797,- 
687; colored, $3,771. Total, $801,458. 

Population, 1916 — 5,317. 

Number voters — White, 1,117; colored. 40. 

Area— Acres, 29 2,459; square miles, 43S. 

County Seat — Monterey. 

Highland county was formed from Bath and 
Pendleton counties in 1S47, and is situated 
on the western border of the State with Bath 
on the south and Augusta on the east the 
West Virginia line forming its northern and 
western boundaries. The county is but sparse- 
ly settled, as it is very mountainous: but 
there are fertile valleys between the moun- 
tains which produce sufliceint quantity of 
the staple products for home consumption, 
with some for market. Most of the fruit 
crops that can be grown in this latitude may 
be profitably cultivated by proper attention. 
The grazing quality of the land can hardly 
be surpassed by any county in the State while 
the mountains furnish ample range for young 
stock during the summer seasons. Iron, coal 
and marble are the principal minerals. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the fourth Tuesday in April, second Tuesday 
in July and second Tuesday in October 
Judge— Henry W Holt, Staunton 
Clerk — W H Matheny, Monterey 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — E B Jones, 

Sheriff— D C Graham, Monterey 
Treasurer — Willis Gibson, Vanderpool 
Surveyor — I B Beverage, Monterey 
Superintendent of Poor— -Walter Mullinax, 
Crab Bottom 

Superintendent of Schools — B R Richard- 
son, Hot Springs 

Commissioner of Revenue — J H Pruitt. Mon- 


J W Hevener, Hightown; A J Terry. Trim- 
ble; J H Armstrong, McDowell 


David Samples, Monterey; J F Colaw, Crab 
Bottom; J W Simmons, Headwaters 


Geo D Dudley, Hightown, Tra D Gutshall, 
Pinckney; S C Eagle, Doe Hill; G A Propst, 
McDowell; Bee Siple, McDowell; B Bird. 
Valley Centre; E D Swecker, Crabbottom; J H 
Samples, Monterey 

Board of Health 

J W Hevener (chairman) Hightown; Dr C P 
Rexrode, Crabbottom; Dr Chas B Kox, Monte- 
rey; Dr H H Jones, Doe Plill 

Attorneys at Law 

Colaw J M, Monterey 
Jones Andrew L, Monterey 
Jones Edwin B, Monterey 
Stephenson Boyd, Monterey 


Citizens Bank of Highland, Monterey 
Crabbottom Valley Bank Inc. Crabbottom 

JJiggs Chas, Monterey 
Wooddell A I, Doe Hill 
* Wright Silas, Flood 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

A rye W D, Hightown 
'Brown Paul, Monterey 
Hamilton T A, McDowell 
Hines Earl, Mill Gap 
.Hoover C W, Doe Hill 
Marshall Joseph, Crabbottom 
Moats A W, Flood 
■Reynolds S J, Headwaters 
Samples E K, Monterey 
Wimer James B, Monterey R F D 

Boarding Houses 

Armstrong Alfred Mrs, Doe Hill 
Bradshaw J B, McDowell 
Gums A F Mrs, Hightown 
McCray G G, Headwaters 
Pope L M, Doe Hill 
.Reynolds B S, Headwaters 
Simmon M K, Crabbottom 


Crummett R H, Monterey R F D 


Methodist, Doe Hill 
Methodist. Flood 
Methodist, Mill Gap 
Methodist, Monterey 
Methodist, McDowell 
JHinkard. Headwaters 
Presbyterian, Flood 
Presbyterian. Headwaters 
Presbyterian. Hip ht own 
Presbyterian, McDowell 
Presbyetrian, Monterey 
Presbyetrian, Monterey R F D 
Union, Hightown 

Contractors ami Builders 

Carwell Edgar. .McDowell % 
Gum W E & Co. Monterey 
Fevener John II. Hightown 

Southern Building Material Company 

Pressed Brick (All Colors), Common Brick, Ornamental Terra Cotta, Metal Windows and Poors, Ste.-l Lath, 

Corner Bead, Ornamental Plastering, Hollow The, Structural SteeJ, Iron, Blaster, Lime, Cement, Stom- .&c. 
Offices: 245-237 ARCADE BUILDING B1IONL 4M* 



FRIEND & CO., Inc. 




Nicholas H B, Crabbottom 
,Simmons M L, Headwaters 
Woods J K, Vanderpool 


Campbell O J, Monterey 

Trimble K H, Monterey 

JKyle Garage Co, Monterey 

•Monterey Garage Co, Monterey 

General Stores 

Armstrong J Morgan, Pinckney 

■Beverage Hoover Ac Co, Doe Hill 

Bishop V B, Monterey 

Chew John W, Crabbottom 

COIiAW H E, Crabbottom 

Corbett C A, Pinckney 

Crabbottom Mercantile Co, Crabbottom 

Harper O H, Monterey 

Hick 1 in Clarence S, Ciovercreek 

Highland Mercantile Co. Monterey 

Hightown Mercantile Store, Hightown 

Hull W G, Hightown 

HCPUAX P V, Headwaters 

Jones & Jones, Doe Hill 

KISER J W & BRO, Monterey R F D 

I.ockridge F C & Bro, McDowell 

Bunsford J & Sons, Monterey 

McDowell Supply Co, McDowell 

MrNlLTY BROS, McDowell 

MOATS A W, Flood 

Nicholas Ira W, Crabbottom 

Propst J W, Paloalto 

SWADLEY G D, Vanderpool 

Terry A J, Trimble 

Trimble ('has W, Monterey 

Trimble R M, Monterey 

WADE E A & CO, Mill Gap 

Whitelaw J A, Mill Gap 

Wilmer F C & Bro, Crabbottom 

Calhoun J W A, Monterey R F D 
Wade E A & Co, Mill Gap 
Whitelaw J A, Mill Gap 


Riser J W & Bro, Monterey R F D 

Harness and Saddlery 

Evick A K, Monterey R F D 
Evich Dice, McDowell 
Wilfong Geo A, McDowell 


JBradshaw J B, McDowell 
Hotel Monterey, Monterey 
Mansion House, McDowell 
Patterson H P, Monterey 
<% Simmon M K, Crabbottom 

Insurance Agents 

Matheny & Gum, Monterey 
McNulty J F, Monterey 

Live Stock Dealers 

Armstrong J O, Doe Hill 
| Bradshaw J B, McDowell 
1 Dudley G D, Hightown 
| Gunn R Lee, Vanderpool 
' Jones Alfred H, McDowell 
I Jviser & Joseph, Monterey R F D 
! McNulty Wm M, McDowell 

Peterson Stuart, McDowell 

Rexrode Ambrose, Doe Hill 

Varner C B, Headwaters 

Lumber Dealers 
: Gutshuli W P, Vanderpool 
Simmons O D, Headwaters 
Whitelaw E B. Monterey 

3Iiils — Corn and Flour 

Armstrong Morgan J. Headwaters 
Hevener J W, Hightown 
McClung Louis E, Ciovercreek 
McDowell Milling Co, McDowell 
Monterey Milling Co, Monterey 
Rexrode Robt & Bro, Monterey R F D 
Rexrode Wm C, Monterey R F D 
Siron Joseph M, McDowell 

Mills— Saw 

Corbett W B. Pinckney 

Newspapers and Editors 

Highland Recorder, Monterey, H B Wood ed- 


Fox Chas B, Monterey 

Jones H H. Doe Hill 

Rexrode C P, Crabbottom 

Siron W R, McDowell 

Stover J F. Monterey R F D No 1 

Trimble K JI, Monterey 

Varden A S, Monterey 


Highland Recorder, Monterey 
Wood Henry B, Monterey 

Schools — Private 

Hevener William, Monterey R F D 
Oke Grove, Vanderpool 

Wooddell A I, Doe Hill 

Gillespie J R. Monterey 
Probst Pearl M, Crabbottom 
Ralston & Waybright, Crabbottom 

Pitsenbarger Chapman. Doe Hill 

Directory Advertising RE EN < 

Consult HILL DIRECTORY CO- Publishers 

CREATES— A New Busing 

VES— A Dull Busineetr 
ENLARGES— An Old r.u«in»»t 


'\IK fri&W >Oif^al Hll 


f^ ^| Descriptive Catalogue Free 

JS!! J^^Rife Ham and Pump Works 

Page 39 A a .---, ,y*^} Waynesboro, Augusta County - * - . Virginia 



Simmons M K, CrabV)ottom 
Slaven H F & Son, Monterey 

Veterinary Surgeons 
Miller A W, Monterey 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 
Slaven H M, Monterey 

Wimer A Lee, Crabbottom 


Clovercreek — Population 15; 18 miles from 
R E; 7 miles from C H; banking- town, Mon- 
terey — H T Bradshaw. W E Flesher, Chas Gra- 
ham, Bud Hamilton, Jerry Helms, C S Hick- 
lin, G W Hicklin, J S Hicklin, Ed Kimball. 
B S Reach. R M McClung, L H Shumate. 
Henry Williams, Jefferson Wiseman 

Crabbottom — Population 50; 2 7 miles from 
R R; 10 miles from C H; banking- town, Mon- 
terey— F C Colaw, H E Colaw, M A Colaw, 
M J Colaw. W I) Colaw, Chas F Flesher. 
Chas Fox, Curtis Fox. Amby Harper, Howard 
Harper, Washington Harper, Jas Hidy, Nowal 
High, C G Hildebrand, Joe .Marshall, W W 
Marshall, Marion Movers, S N Mullinox, Al- 
bert Nelson, S H Ralston, Dr C P Rexrode, 
M K Simmonds. Albert Simmons, Dr J Frank 
Stoves, Adam Waybright, R L Waybrig-ht, 
S Waybright, A Fee Wimer, A V Wimer, C 
Wimer, C T Wimer, K X Wimer, Jacob 
Wimer, Jerry Wimer, W D Wimer 

Doe Hill — Population 100; 2 5 miles from 
R R; 10 miles from C H; banking- town, Mon- 
terey — A D Armstrong - , A H Armstrong-, Jarid 
Armstrong-, J H Armstrong*, James O Arm- 
strong-, Josiah Armstrong-, G L Batkins, Lee 
Batkins, R T Batkins, E J Beveridg-e, Ezra 
Beveridge, F C Beveridge, Frank Beveridge, 
Hoozer Beveridge & Co, A J Blagg. Jno H 
Blag-g-, S C Eagle, J A Hiner, Dan Hiner, W 
E Hiner, D R Hines, J A Hines, C W Hoover, 
Wm Hull, A S Jones, Dr H PI Jones. J M Jones, 
Jones & Jones, Wm A Jones, C N Kinacofe, 
C Pitsenbarg-er, L M Pope, Ambrose Price, 
Justice Price, G R Simmon, John Synder, A 
I Wooddell & Co 

Flood — Population 50; banking- town, Mon- 
terey — Frank Bradshaw, H T Bradshaw, S B 
Bradshaw, W F Flesher, Andrew Gillett, C 
M Lockridg-e, Geo Lockridge, J J Lockridge, 
H Graham, W T Hamilton, G W Hicklin, F 
S Lash, A Lee Lockridge, A R Lockridge, G 
Jno Lockridge, Reese Lockridg-e, W P B Lock- 
ridg-e, L M McCluny, W A Moats. J P Olivers, 
J P Oliver, G J Revercomb, G Thos Rever- 
comb, Jno Rodgers, *Jno C Wilson, *L A 

Headwaters — Population 5G; 15 miles from 
R R; 12 miles from C H; banking town, Mon- 

terey- -Jno A Armstrong, A J Batkin, O E 
Burns, Chas T Campbell, A B Devericks, 
James Ervine, Chas Gwin, Martin Hodge, J 
W Johns, David Riser, James Leach, John 
Leach, G G McCrey, Gilbert Mitchell, J W 
Phillips, B S Reynolds, J W Simmons, John 
Simmons, Jomes Splann, V B Stuart, Wm 
Stuart, C B Varner, G W Wilson 

Hightown — Population 20; 18 miles from R 
R; 6 miles from C H; banking town, Mon- 
terey—Geo H Brock. Geo Dudley, T W Dud- 
ley, A F Gum, O H Gum, Oliver Gum, G 
W Hevener, Jonas F Hevener, J AY Hevener, 
W Hevener, Saml Hice, A P Hull, Cyrus S 
Hull, E P Hull, Joseph Hull, W F Jones, Wm 
Jones, D L Mauzy, Wm E Snyder, B Var- 
ner, Jno Wilfong, Newton Woods 

McDowell — Population ISO; 3G miles from 
R R; 10 miles from C H; banking town, Mon- 
terey— N T Alexander, Geo W Botkin, James 
E Botkin, J B Bradshaw.. W H Darby, Geo 
O Flesher, Oliver Flesher. T A Hamilton. 
Joseph Hiner, Alfred H Jones, D E Lockridge, 
F C Lockridge & Bro, E A McXulty, E J 
Malory, James Michael, C S Peterson. Stuart 
Peterson, Gilbert Siple, Gilbert Siron, How- 
ard Siron, Wm H Vance, W H Williams, S W 

Meadowdale — Population 10; 2 5 miles from 
R R; 6 miles from C FT; banking town, Mon- 
terey — J A Fleisher A D Gum, Peter Gum. 
W W Gum, H H Shaven, O A Stephenson 

Mill Gap — Population 8; 25 miles from R R; 
11 miles from C H; banking town, Monterey 
— A W Bird, F M Bird, W A Briscoe, W P 
Campbell, J A Chestnut, X J Chestnut. Pf M 
Clendum, Julia Dever, S G Devier, S A Gil- 
mer, S M Gilmore, H F^ Herold, E A Pullin. 
W A Sheets, T K Terry, Chas Wade, E A 
Wade, H A Wade, J C Wade, X 1) Wade, 
Robt H Wade, R F Williams 

Monterey — Population 2 40; 22 miles from 
R R; a banking town — Jno R Beverage, Wm 
A Beverage, W W Botkins. Robt Campbell. 
J M Colaw, W A Cunningham, Jos Gibson, 
Willis Gibson, Early Gum, R Lee Gum, Edwin 
Hevener, Joseph A Hiner, G J Hiner. J Lee 
Hiner, Dick Jones, .Allen C Judy, Joseph C 
Rexrode, Wm P Rexrode. W W Samples. PI H 
Seybert, Thos J Sipe, H Stephenson, Homer 
Stephenson, L Sullenberger, C W Trimble. J 
Trimble. James Trimble, Jno Trimble, W L 
Trimble, Wm M Trimble, J K Varner, J A 
Waggoner, T S Waggoner, A J White, W E 
White, Isaac White, Jno A Whitelaw. Josiah 
Wilson, O Wilson 

Monterey K F 1) Abe ArbogaBt, A P .Arbo- 
gast, A P Beverage, Boyd •Beverage, Lee 
Chew, Letcher Chew, <> 1' Chew, Clarence 

•■-■V.-r ; ; 




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an account at 

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lJHLb V1RG1MA NATIONAL BANK, of Petersburg, Va. 



Colaw, John Crew, R H Crummett, Jas Eagle^ 
Orion Fleisher, K D Folks, Frank Hevener, 
William Hevener, John Jack, Joseph & Kiser, 
Frank McNulty, J H Palmer, Markwood 
Propst, A Puihnberger, E K Rexrode, Mar- 
shall Rexrode, Russell Rexrode, T J Rex- 
rode, Addison Simmons, Billy Simmons, H 
L, Simmons, John D Simmons, Chas Slavin, 
W E Snyder, Willmot Strathy, E D Sweek- 
er, Geo E Swecker, John C Swecker, Boyd 
Wagner, Walter Wagner, Tom Wagner, Ed 
Waggoner, Geo Waybright, Bee J Wimer 

terey— Pinekney Eckard. J S Gibson, Willie 
Gibson, R Bee Gunn, J H Mackey, Harvey 
Ryder, G D Swadley, Geo Swadley, L 1> 

Swadley, VV M Trimble, J R Woods, Robt 

Vilna — Population 15; 16 miles from R R; 
9 miles from C H; banking town, Monterev 
— M V Botkin, G VV Hook, Benj Hoover, G T 
Hoover, W H Hoover, S A Jones, C S Beach, 
J W Beach, S H Price, J G Siple, G Bee 

Monterey U F 1> Xo 1 — Reuben D Folks, 
Mrs E Hevener, VV VV Hevener, Martin M 
Jack, James McNulty, Chas K Mauzy, S New- 
man, J H Parmer, E K Rexrode. Marshall 
Rexrode, S W Rexrode, Addison Simmons, H 
L Simmons, Jno Simmons, Wm Swecker, E C 

Paloalto — Population 22; 21 miles from R 
R; 15 miles from C H; banking town, Mon- 
terey—Harvey Botkin. Jno A Botkin, Geo S 
Crummett, J W Propst, Martin Rexrode, Oli- 
ver Rexrode, J H Simmons, Jasper Simmons, 
Levi Simmons Jr, Wm Yarner 

Pinekney — Population 2<>; 2 5 miles from R 
R; 8 miles from C H; banking town, Mon- 
terey — C R Carpenter, C A Corbett. J M Cor- 
bett, M H Corbett, X B Corbett, H S Crowley, 
E M Dever, S G Dever, C B Doyle, C C Doyle, 
C H Doyle, I E Doyle, Jno R Doyle, B S 
Doyle, G O Folks, T M Folks, A B Gardner, 
F B Gardner, H B Gardner, J N Gardner, 
Will Ginger, R H Griffin. Berlin Gutshall, 
Dave Gutshall, Geo G Gutshall, Hollie Gut- 
shall, J B Gutshall, J W Gutshall. W J Gut- 
shall. W T Gutshall, Orvie Gutshall, Dr Jno 
Hamilton, Benj Hiner, W C Hiner, S B Hitt, W 
P Hitt, G W Lamb, Boyd McBaugblin, W O 
McBaughlin, W H Mundy, B W Piercy, J C 
Pruitt, John Radcliff, E A Simmons, J B Sim- 
mons, J P Simmons, N P Simmons, II H 
Terry, W W Terry, Harvey Waggil, M F 

Trimble — Population 10; 2 2 miles from R 
R; 8 miles from C H; banking town, Monte- 
rey— Collingwood Dixon, A J Terry 

Valley Center — Population 25; 16 miles from 
R R; 14 miles from C H; banking town, Mon- 
terey — C T Bird, Cecil Bird. Clarence Bird, 
D O Bird, Boyd Campbell, Emery J Crum- 
mett, Geo F Crummett, Pane Crummett, W A 
Crummett, F A Doyle, X J Doyle, Spurgeon 
Doyle, R W Bightner, A Ruffenberger. Geo B 
Rexrode, S B Rexrode Jr, Joseph Smith, M O 
Smith, Howard Townsend, Sidney Wade, Jno 
S Wallace, S E Williams 


Directory and Almanac Publishers 


8S3 Mutual Building, RICHMOND. VA. 

Long- Distance Phon', 3375 

( j 


Statements that are not Questioned. 

The City Directory is the most effective 
and most economical method of reaching 
all the people all the time. Those who 
buy without looking at the list of those who 
sell do themselves gre^t injustice. The 
classified lists in the Business Directory 
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vou want. Polk. 

Vanderpool — Population 24; 23 miles from 
R R; 4 mile*) from C H; banking town, Mon- 

Can handle all your advertising 
matter and save you money. 

Mutudl Buiirfir«K, RK£MJ*«OP><L>. VJRC1JJNLA.. 


Life Insurance Company of Virginia 

Has won the hearty approval and active support of the 
people by its promptness and fair dealing during the 
7IVE YEARS of its operation. 

ORGANIZED 1871 FORTY-****, x e,a*«s oi us opera 




Isle of Wight County 

Value, of real estate, 1916 — White, $2,831,- 
547; colored, $299,855. Total, $3,131,402. 

Value of personal property — White, $1,346,- 
478; colored, $109,990. Total, $1,456,468. 

Income — $44,4 61. 

Population, 1916 — 14,929. 

Number of voters — White, 1,814; colored, 

Area — Acres, 19,658; square miles, 341. 

County Seat — Isle of Wight. 

Isle of Wight is an original shire, estab- 
lished in 16 34, and extends from the James 
river, its northern boundary, to within eight 
miles of the North Carolina line. The Black- 
water river skirts its entire western border, 
separating- _ it from Southampton county. Sur- 
ry county is on the north and Nansemond on 
the cast. The Seaboard Air Line, the South- 
ern and the Virginian railroads traverse the 
southern and the Norfolk and Western its 
central part from east to west. The soil is 
generally sandy and thin. Corn, oats, pea- 
nuts and cotton are the chief products. The 
fisheries 'give employment to a small portion 
of the population. 

Courts * 

The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the first Monday in February, April. June, 
October and December. 

Judge — B D White, Norfolk 
Clerk — A S Johnson, Isle of Wight 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — Geo F Whitley, 


Sheriff — R A Edwards, Smithfield 
Treasurer — W E Laine, Windsor 
Surveyor — N Y Bopkin, Smithfield 
Coroner — S O Riddick, Smithfield 
Supt of Poor — Wrii M Stephenson, Isle of 


Supt of Schools — Gavin Rawles, Carrsville 
Comrs of Revenue — C E Davis, Benns 


A B Stott, Windsor; A O Channel, Carroll- 
ton; Lorenzo Bailey, Windsor 


W J Bradshaw, Windsor 


J A Johnson, Carrsville; A Lee Saunders, 
Windsor; Jno F Deek, Carrsville; Clarence 
Edwards, Isle of Wight; Clarence Turner, 
Smithfield; R D Crocker, Paris; M F Jordan, 
Smithfield; J S Davis, Carrollton 

Board of Health 

•> A B Stott (chairman). Windsor; Dr R Lee 



Seward, Isle of Wight; Dr Franklin 
Windsor; Dr Ray Parker, Smithfield 

Agricultural Implements 
HART X L, Benns Church 

William Pegram Wilson & Company, 

Attorneys at Law 

Deans Parke P, Windsor 
Folk W L, Smithfield 
Johnson A S.. Isle of Wight 
Thomas J W 4 Smithfield 
Thomas R S, Smithfield 
Whitley Geo F, Smithfield 
Williams E H, Smithfield 


Bank of Smithfield, Smithfield 
Bank of Windsor Inc, Windsor 
Merchants & Farmers Bank, Smithfield 

BLOXOM M T, Battery Park 

Duck Elisha.. Windsor R F D 
Home B G„ Zuni 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Carroll Lee, Windsor R F D 
Hundley J, Battery Park 
Joyner C M, Zuni 
Livesay A L, Smithfield 
Pool M B, Rushmere 


Clark Roland H Co, Battery Park 

Carriage and Wagon Makers and Dealers 

Bailey C W & Sons, Windsor 


Baptist, Battery Park 
Baptist, Pons 
Baptist, Windsor R F D 
Baptist, Zuni 
Methodist, Rushmere 


Chapman J M, Smithfield 

Contractors and Builders 

Cofer & Hearne, Smithfield 
Holloran C H, Pons 

Cotton Gins 

Darden Hardy, Windsor R F D 


Parrish & Simpson, Smithfield 
Riddick S A. Smithfield 

Fertilizer Dealers 

Home & Snipes, Zuni % 

Saunders S T & Co.. Carrsville 
Warren J E, Smithfield 

is the Shoe Manufacturing City of the 
State. Good Homes. 


Virginia Printing & Manufacturing Co.. Inc 

printers; binders, blank book makers 

Ask Us for Prices Before Placing Your Order. Cor. Bank & Market Sts. PETERSBURG VA. 



Hearn J 

Furniture Dealers 

T. Smithfield 


Chapman T W, Smithfield 
Gay B P, Smithfield 

General Stores 

Bell Mercantile Co, Zuni 

Belts C S & Co, Smithfield 

Bryant \V L, Carrsville 

Carle V B, Battery Park 

Carr J W, Walters 

Carr W W, Walters 

Carter M S, Rescue 

Carter V B Mrs, Battery Park 

Chapman B P & Son, Smithfield 

Cofer C J, Rushmere 

Cox W R, Magnet 

Crumpler R L, Zuni 

Parden Hardy, Windsor R F D 

Pelk G W, Smithfield 

Duck J G, Walters 

Edwards G L. Smithfield 

Edwards J H. Smithfield R F D 

English W E & Co, Isle of Wight 

Epps & Johnson, Smithfield 

Griffin R J, Smithfield 
Guy G X, Smithfield 

Gwaitney J H, Windsor 
Gwaitney P D Jr & Co, Smithfield 
Gwaitney W D. Pons 
HALL W T. Zuni 
Hart E W, Windsor 
Hayes H T, Smithfield 
Holloway J W & Co, Smithfield 
Hollo way R E. Smithfield 
Hunnicutt J W, Rural Retreat 
Johnson X H. Windsor R F D 
Johnston A M & Co, Zuni 
Jones J B, Battery Park 
Jones W H, Carrsville 
Jordan W F Mrs, Rescue 
Joyner C F, Windsor 
Joyner S E, Walters 
Joyner V W, Smithfield 
McGl REMAN J L, Comet 
Millby Geo W, Rescue 
Mingo H P. Rescue 
Ramsey J A, McClelland 
Redd J H. Windsor R F D 
Rhodes R A, Windsor 
Rife W F, Rushmere 
Saunders S T, Carrsville 
Scott Jno F, Smithfield 
Shivers W F, Smithfield 
Stallings & Turner, Smithfield R F D 
Staunton Junius, .Zuni 
Turner R J. Zuni 
Vellines L L. Zuni R F D 
Watson & Grinds, Smithfield 
White R B & Co, Carrsville 
Whitley J F, Tsle of Witrht 

roe re 


Adams L C Mrs, Smithfield 
Boone J w, Carrsville 

Griffin C L. Windsor 
Hayes E J Mrs, Carrol lton 
Holland <<: Matthews, Smithfield 
Jones T W, Smithfield 
Owens James, Carroll ton 
Smithfield Grocery Co, Smithfield 
Sykes Grocery Co, Smithfield 
Warner J E Co, Smithfield 

Grocers — Wholesale 

Cofer C W, Smithfield 


Chapman B P, Smithfield 
Sprattley T T Co, Smithfield 

Hardware Dealers 

Chapman D W & Co, Smithfield 
Cofer Brit ton Hardware Co, Smithfield 
Gwaitney W D, Pons 
! Smithfield Jiardware Co, Smithfield 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Baab S E, Boaz 
Cox T J & Son ; Smithfield 
Home & Sniper, Zuni 
Jordan M F, Smithfield 


Hall W T, Zuni 
Hotel Jamestown, Smithfield 
Jordan Annie G Miss. Smithfield 
Morgart J A, Smithfield 

Light and Power Companies 

Smithfield Eight & Power Co, Smithfield 

Livery Stables 

Clark C J. Smithfield 
Holt J W, Smithfield 
Spivey J E. Zuni 

Lumber Dealers 

Craddock Lumber Co, Windsor 
Gatling S T, Battery Park 

Moat Markets 

Gwaitney P D Jr, Smithfield 

Meat Packers 
Stott J W, Smithfield 
Todd E M Co, Smithfield 


Atkins Sallie E Mrs. Windsor 
Cowling Jno L Mrs. Smithfield 
Edwards. W Joseph. Smithfield 
Thomas Josie Mrs, Smithfield 

Mills — Corn and* Flour 
Carroll Pee, Windsor R V D 

LOOSE LEAF -...J'.... 

i:wegpry,inc.«08-8,r5 mid 

Telephone Norfolk 

narfottesvilie, Va^-^LSST^rSuMlS 

Boom on Now. Come on quick— -bi^ money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Mills — Saw 
Bradshaw C J. Carrsville 

Bradshaw J T, Carrsville 

Cox R J. Carrsville 

])arden Hardy, Windsor R F 

Gay S T, Smithfield 

Svkes W H, Smithfield 


Oyster Shippers and Dealers 

Battery Park Fish & Oyster Co, Battery Park 

Baldwin C A, Rush mere 
Sadler H G, Battery Park 

Peanut Shippers 
Gwaltney-Bunkley Peanut Co, Smithfield 


Bradshaw T G, Walters 
Brock L C. Smithfield 
Cornwefl H G, Smithfield 
Barker Re a, Smithfield 
Parrish Jno, Smithfield 
i ' i e re e F r a n k 1 i n , Windsor 
| Baby J M, Windsor 

Rawrs Gavin, Carrsville 
Richardson W B, Zuni 
Riddick Samuel A, Smithfield 
Seward Robert L, Isle of Wight 
Ward Win L. Rushmere 
Word W E, Pons 

Bailey, J E Bassett, J H Bassett, V A Bas- 
sett, W E Battin, E B Bloxoni, M T Bloxom, 
O A Bloxom, J W Brock, &i S Carter, *John 
Chappell, J H Clark, G W Q<bx, *R H Denson, 
* James Biggs, W E Fulgham. B B Eraser. 
John Gamer, B T Gatling, J H Hall, 
*W B Herring, j E Hogge, *E H Hollo- 
way, *B S Holloway, * Wesley Hudgins, J 
Hundley, *Bud Jenson, J B Jordan, W T 
Jordan, *Wm Jordan, J B Jones, E B Knew- 
etep, *M Lawrence, David Bo we. C G McCoy, 
C B McCoy, J E McCoy, *D Masenburg, A A 
Moore, D J Murphy, A C Norsworthy, J R 
Pearce, J V Pierce, T A Pierce, R M Sadler. 
W H Savage, J W Scott, Walter Scott, J E 
Shackelford, M A Turner, D M Weston *Em- 
mett Whitley, T A Winder. J T Wyatt. J W 
Wyatt, W W Wyatt, Washington Wyatt, T A 

Bonus Church — Population 15; 10 miles 
from B R; 6 miles from C H; banking town. 
Smithfield— D P Butler, E E Holloway, E S 
Jordan, T Burey, Ben Powell, Frank Powell, 
T K Purdie 

Carrollten — Population 17; 15 miles from R 
R; 12 miles from C H; banking town. Smith- 
field — J A Ashby, Otis Channel], A S Cutchln. 
J no Davis, W I Hodsden, C D Holladay, R E 
Holladay, Walter Holladay. B Norsworthy, C 
F Purdie 


Randolph F W, Smithfield 

Siller R W, Smithfield 

Smithfield Plumbing & Heating Co, Smithfield 


Mood D J. Smithfield 

Railway Supplies 

Bloxom Bros, Battery Park 
Hundley Isiah. Battery Park 
Lowe David H. Battery Park 

Telephone Companies 

Home Telephone Co, Smithfield 


«'rawley J E, Smithfield 

Poole M B. Rushmere 

>Vward W T & Son, Smithfield 

Water Companies 

Smithfield Water Co, Smithfield 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Adelstein E, Smithfield 


Battery Park — Population 15; on James 
River; 12 miles from C H; banking town, 
■^uiThficld— O A Allen. K Atkinson, *W H 

Carrsville-— Population 7 3; on S A L By: 20 
miles from C H; banking town. Frank [In — - 
R B Ballard, A R Butler, Jasper Daughtrey. 
J L Freeman, J E Holland, Thos J Jenkins, 
J F Johnson, J G Johnson. Joseph I Johnson, 
Jno M Saunders 

Carrsville R F D— Jno M Ballard, J E Bar- 
rett, Dr C J Bradshaw, J T Bradshaw. W I. 
Bryant, A R Butler, R H Butler. T J Carr, W 
H Carson, J E Councill, Jasper Daughtry. 
J P Duke, H E Edwards. E W Eley, 
J W P]ley, Mills Eley, R E Eley, W II Eley. 
S C Ferguson, J J Fowler, C H Holland. E \V 
Holland, J Johnson, J I Johnson. J F Johnson. 
JET Joyner. S H Pruden, Br G Bawls. Jno 
F Rawls, J E Bose. S T Saunders. G W Scott. 
J U Scott, R B White, W W Wimbone 

Comet — Population 11; 8 miles from B B; 
5 miles from C II; banking town, Suffolk — 
Richd Adams, Geo W Almond, M B Allmond, 
A J Atkins, E A Atkins, Jno Barlow, .J B 
Edwards, W T English, A B Gwaltney, X <> 
Gwathney, B A Gray, Jas Hall. Walter Hall. 
J D Nurney, Kra Sam, Thos Vellines, Peter 

Isle of Wight — Population 10; 8 miles from 
R R; banking town. Smithneld—V J Atkins. 
G G Bryant, ' E Bradshaw, G P Chapman. 
Clarence Edwards, W l! Eley, W B English. 





Engineers and Contractors 
9 N. Seventh St. Richmond, Va. 



PHONE 176 



Come to Petersburg 



R L Hall, Morris Hatchell, A S Johnson, W | 
N Pierce, W F Porter, Dr R L Seward, R P j 
Whitley, C P Whitly, F L Wilson, J B Wilson, 
Jennie Wilson 

Magnet — Population 10; 15 miles from R j 
R; 7 miles from C H; banking- town, Smith- ! 
field — A W Atkins, *L.A Bailey, *G R Banks, | 
*L D Banks, T C Chapman, T J Chapman, 
B L Cox, T J Cox, W R Cox, * Peter Crocker, j 
B K Edwards, P B Edward?, Webster Ellis, j 
*James Goodrich, *Jeff Green, *D W Hollo- | 
way, *Q W Holloway, * James T Holloway, ; 
*Jno W Holloway, * James Key, *Merritt Par- 
ker, *L D Spratley, *J H Taliaferro, *Chas j 

Warren — 


Pons — Population 16 banking town, Smith- j 
field— Ceo W Barlow, J .1 Barlow, B G Car- 
roll; R D Crocker, W M Delk, S L Gwaltney, 
T J Gwaltney, O J Little, R J Little. J N | 

burn, L M Babb, Mrs L C Beall, J W Dar- 
den, Thos M Darden, M W Darden, W L 
Harden, J J Eley, Wm H Eley, Jesse H Gwalt- 
ney G T Harrison, D B Holland, J T Holland 
Jason Holland, Irwin Jenkins, James Johnson' 
R L Johnson, W E Outland, J P Rhode? R 
Rhodes, J a Roberts, Will Simons 

Windsor It F D— C H Atkins, J C Atkins 
J E Avis, J M Ballard, J E Carr, C H Chap- 
man, B v\ Cofield, John Cog-gin. Hardy Dar- 
den, M W Darden, G W Gardner, John Giles 
Albert Green, H W Griffin, J C Johnson, J.' D 
Joyner, Josiah Norrell, Mrs M L Parkerson 
J L Pierce, H W Pope, B F Resson, Emmett * 
Rhodes, C C Robertson. A C Scott, R L Scott, 
A B Stall, John Stanley, J O Stephenson, Joe 
Stroul, J E Turner, J E White, Jesse Whitley, 
B H Wilkerson 

Windsor R F D No 2— H W Griffin, E W 
Lane, W E Lane 

Raynor — Population 15; 7 miles from R R: | 
6 miles from C H; banking town. Sniithneld 
— N O Gwaltney, L L Vellines 

Ruslimere — Population -10; banking town, 
Smithfield — J J Barlow. James A Baker, C 
J Cofer, Capt Thos H Curtis, J W Dashiell, | 
R R Delk, S B Delk, Mrs T J Edwards, B I 
T Epps, ::: Bob Harris.. B C Hunnicutt, Jno W \ 
Hunnicutt, J J Jones Mrs E T Remick, R W | 
Renick, W F Rife, Geo H Warren, *Geo W | 

Smithfield — Population 1,287; 16 miles from ; 
R R; 8 miles from C H; a banking town — 
Geo E Andrews, James P Andrews, Gurly \ 
Barlow, E K Batten, J M Branch. J Walter j 
Chapman, Whit Crocker, S L Edwards. T L j 
Dashiell, O G Delk Jr, W B Gale, Clarence j 
Garner, B P Gay, J D Gray, Jno B Grimes, j 
P D Gwaltney, W W Gwaltney, IT Haverty, 
Sam Hearn, Wm Hearn, Jerry Johnson, Arthur 
Jones, Percy Jones, T N Jones, Watson Jones, 
B F Lattimer, J W Luter, Eddie Morrison. 
W T Seward C S Snyder, J Walter Stott, J O 
Thomas, George Whitley, T B Wright 

Smithfield R F D No 1— Geo Bell, A W 
Brock, C C Brock, J W Chapman, G M I 
Crumpler, A Godwin, H Hall, Mrs M Hodgs- ; 
den, E E Holloway, G E Pitts, T H Pitt, J H I 
Pleasants, Wm Presson, J T Stal lings, C A j 
Turner, W J Vellines, Jno Whitehead G G 
Whitley, S J Whitley, W A Wills, H Yoeman 

Smithfield R F D No 2 — E M Baker, R C j 
Barlow, T A Batten, M A Delk, M H Delk, 
T H Delk, J E Millington, T Mitchell, J \V | 
Ward, J Mc Yureman 

Windsor— Population 22S; on N & W Ry; S 
miles from C H; a banking town — J A Ash- 

Zuiii — Population 50; on N & W R ft; <. 

miles from C H; banking town. Ivor W P 

Andrews, Archer Atkins, Joseph Atkins. J M 
Bailey, M J Berry, A S Birdsong. R E Briti. 
J X Bryant, Id H Carr, M W Carr. S W Carr! 
Essie Crocker, J S Crocker, L B Crocker. J E 
L Gwaltney, A B Harrison, Mrs I C Herrin, 
J G Herrin, J R Home, Z R Plorne, A M 
Johnson & Co, J T Joyner, R H Jovner, Frank 
O'Berry. G F O'Berry, J H O'Berry, Dr W R 
Richardson, R L Sadler 

Zuni R F I) No 2— C Beale, E W Beale, 
James Beale, James E Beale, Robt Beale. L 
S Bowden, R m Bowden, J R Bradshaw, Lee 
Bradshaw, Fenton Branch. J C Bristow, J T 
Britt, J D Camp, Bunyan Carr, G R Carr. 
A A Clayton, Richd Cross, J S Drewry, R K 
Drewry. J A Edwards, J G Herrin. J L Hol- 
land, Mrs W H Jenkins, E L Munford, M L 
Raiford, C T Stephenson, M E Stephenson, 
Moss Turner 




' j j ; 


Call on S7DN0R PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va, 


See Our Adv. In Buyers Guide 

:.,-...- > 

HP d$fep Send sketches for free search. List of Inventions 

V* ; %k needed sent free. Established in 1SH9. Indorsed by 
-.". '■ 4 Pi J'"* -J both Virginia Senators. Easy payments. 



I l 





James City County 

Agr icul t u ra I 1 m plcments 

| Bozarth w A, Williamsburg 


colored. 46' 
miles, 148. 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $976, S00; 
colored, $65,901. Total, $1,042,701. 

Value of personal property. White— $37 4,- 
729; colored, $28,960. Total, 

Income — $1,563. 

Population, 1916 — 3,624. 

Number voters — White, 386; 

Area— Acres, 12 2,110; square 

County Seat — Williamsburg-. 

James City county is located between the 
York and James rivers, and was one of the 
original shires. New Kent is on the north, 
Surry on the south. York and Warwick on 
the east, and Charles City on the west. It 
was the first county settled (at Jamestown. 
1607) by the English in this State, and was 
formerly possessed of great wealth. The 
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway passes through 
its centre from east to west, bringing - it into 
convenient and quick communication with oth- 
er sections. The products of the county are 
corn, oats, fruit and vegetables The oyster, 
crab, shad, herring and sturgeon fisheries give 
employment to a number of men and are im- 
portant articles of food. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the second Monday in February, April, June. 
August, October and December 

Judge — D Gardiner Tyler, Sturgeon Point 
Clerk — T H Geddy, Williamsburg 

Attorneys at Law 

i Armist.ead Frank, Williamsburg 

j Geddy T H, Williamsburg 

j Henley, Anderson & Hall, Williamsburg and 

j Peachy B D, Williamsburg 
i Phillips Fouis C, Norge 


Spencer R F, Williamsburg 

Automobile Repairing 

Fanford J F, Williamsburg 
Person C J, Williamsburg 


Douglas W T, Williamsburg 

Bank of W i 1 1 ia m s b a r g, Williams b u r g 
PENINSULA BANK, Williamsburg and Toano 


Ellis W E, Williamsburg 
Proctor E H, Williamsburg 
Williams G W, Williamsburg 

Barrel Manufacturers 

Toano Truck Package Co, Toano 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — Frank Armisted, 

Sheriff — I, P Trice, Diascond 
Treasurer — R L Spencer, Williamsburg 
Supt of Poor — J M Jennings Toano 
Supt of Schools — A C Cooper, Toano 
Comr of Revenue — C C Cowles, Toano 


Arthur Johnson, Norge; Jno A 
Diascond; W J Varden, Williamsburg 



C W Whitaker, Toano; A AY Jennings 
Toano; M G Davis. Toano; C F Ayres, Wil- 
liamsburg; Van Fosson. Willaimsburg 

Board of Health 

J King, Williamsburg 

Dr D 

Hankins, Williamsburg 

Dr Geo A 

Dr II F Stephenson, 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

} Bygar W A, Norge 

| Graham S G, Williamsburg 

Hicks J E, Williamsburg 
#* Jones Geo, Toano 

Oliver I N« Toano 

Boarding Houses 

Jennings J M Mrs, Toano 
•Rustard F A, Norge 

Building Material 

Bozarth Harry D, Williamsburg 

Baptist, Williamsburg 

Episcopal, Toano 
Episcopal, Williamsburg 
Lutheran, Norge 
Methodist, Toano 
Methodist, Williamsburg 
Presbyterian, Williamsburg 

Coal and Wood 

Bozarth Bros. Williamsburg 
Timberlake J S, Williamsburg: 4 

-^yeeks j s, Williamsburg 

Is the Largest Trunk Manufacturing 
City in the South. 


Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. Co. 

GROSS ASSETS, ?1, 852,728.19. 




Colleges and Schools 
liamsburg, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, M A, LL 
D, pies (see p -1) 

Contractors and Builders 

*Johnson & Braxton. Williamsburg " 
Meanley W S, Toano 

Peninsular Building- Contracting Co, Williams- 
burg . 
Bustard L A & Son, Norge 
Sweeney G I', Toano 
Sweeney Willie, Williamsburg •' 
Taylor R K, Toano 


Williamsburg- Co-Operative Creamery Inc, Wil- 


Branch C C. Toano 


Do vis C H, Williamsburg 


Stone Drag Co, Williamsburg 
Williamsburg Drug Co. Williamsburg 

Dry Goods 
Casey R T & Sons, Williamsburg 
Mullen Geneva Miss, Williamsburg 
Slater J L, Williamsburg 

Marston D Warren, Toano 

Martin W C & Co, Toano 

Moore E B & Son, Lightfoot 

Moore Elias, Toano 

Old Dominion Dept Store, Williamsburg 

Peninsula Co-Operative Assn, Williamsburg 

Pettitt E K, Lightfoot 

Pettitt E R, Lightfoot 

Richardson E D, Bacon 

Slater C 1L Toano 

Slater W A, Diaseond 

Spencer R L, Williamsburg 

Timberlake R V, Diaseond 

Van Smyth J T, Williamsburg 

White Washington, Diaseond 

Wilkinson R T, Lightfoot 

Wilkinson & Geddy, Toano 


* Anderson J C, Williamsburg 

*Armistead Jno, Williamsburg 

Braxton R E, Williamsburg 

Corner Grocery, Toano 

Cowles W H, Toano 

Hitchins A W, Williamsburg 

Pure Food Grocery Co, Williamsburg 

Hardware Dealers 

Branch Mfg Co,- Toano 

Harness and Saddlery 

Larson B, Williamsburg 


Five and Ten Cent Stores 

Williamsburg Five and Ten Cent Store, Wil- 

Furniture Dealers 

York Furniture Co, Williamsburg 


Lanford's Garage, Williamsburg 
Person C J. Williamsburg 

General Stores 

Adams H R, Toano 
BAXKS J E, Toano 

Braithwa.ite Brokers Supply Co. Williamsburg 

Braithwaite W H Mrs, Williamsburg 

Casey R T & Sons. Williamsburg 

Charles J FT, Williamsburg 

Charles W J, Williamsburg 

Diekerson G M, Williamsburg 

Garrett B F Jr, Xorge 

Goldin W G Mrs.. Lightfoot 

Hankins L T. Lightfoot 

Henry C A. Lightfoot 

Hicks G W, Toano 

Hicks J E, Williamsburg 

Jensen Mary Mrs, Williamsburg 

KI.VDi: J H & CO, Xorgo 

Lane & Christian, Williamsburg 

Mahone R W & Co, Williamsburg- 

Marsh. .Tec. Diaseond 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Banks J E, Toano 

Bozarth Bros, Williamsburg 


Eastern State Hospital, Williamsburg 


Banks J A, Williamsburg 
Carlton J G, Toano 
Colonial Inn, Williamsburg 
Felix, Toano 

Hotel Gloucester, Williamsburg 
McGinnis Hotel. Williamsburg 
Raleigh Hotel, Willaimsburg 
Spencer J B, Williamsburg 
Wayside Inn, Toano 

Ice Manufacturers 

Vaiden Galba.. Williamsburg 

Insurance Agents 
Brooks A, Williamsburg 

Marston D Warren, Toano 
Old Dominion Ins Co, Williamsburg 
Savage and Mahone, Williamsburg 
Van Fossen J I\ Williamsburg 

i Lawson .1 o. 

,ivc Stock 


No city in the South has shown a more steady 
IC.IE& and substantial growth. 







Livery Stables 

Anderson H H, Norge 
Hicks G W, Toano 
Timberlake J S, Williamsburg 

Lumber Dealers 

Bozarth Bros, Williamsburg- 
Fleming' Bros Lumber & Mfg Co, Williamsburg 
Hunt W L, Norge 
Nightingale C E, Williamsburg 
Savage W F, Lightfoot 
Toano Lumber Co, Toano 

Men's Furnishings 

Garner J W, Williamsburg 


Mullen Geneva Miss, Williamsburg 
Feachey B B Mrs, Williamsburg 
Slater J L Mrs, Williamsburg 
Williamsburg Millinery Co, Williamsburg 

Mills — Com and Flour 

Graham & Binns, Williamsburg 

Mills — Knitting 

Williamsburg Knitting Mills, Williamsburg 

Mills — Saw and Planing 

Banks J E, Toano 
Bozarth Bros, Williamsburg 
Farinhoit R N, Toano 
Flatten O P. Norge 
Hollowell It D g Lightfoot 
Hunt W L, Norge 
Larry S P. Norge 
Nightingale J K. Williamsburg 
Nightingale R C, Williamsburg 
Waltrip T D, Williamsburg 

Music Teachers 

Ayers Floyd Mrs, Williamsburg 
Hitchins Virginia Miss, Williamsburg 
Person Florence Miss, Williamsburg 
Spencer H G Mrs, Williamsburg 

Musical Instruments 

Person C J, Williamsburg 

News Dealers 

Cole Dennis, Williamsburg 

Newspapers and Editors 

Flat Hat (weekly). Williamsburg 

Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg, W C Johnson 

William & Mary College Monthly, Williams- 
William <sL- Mary College Quarterly, Williams- 
Hicks .7 E, Williamsburg 


Van Smyth J T. Williamsburg 


Brown A M, Norge 
Griffin Bros, Williamsburg 
Lotman A, Toano 
Slater Jas L, Williamsburg 


Brown G W, Eastern State Hospital 
Cutler J C, Norge 
Hankins Geo A, Williamsburg 
Henderson Jno M, Williamsburg 
King David J, Williamsburg 
Sneed A M. Toano 
Strykes R P, Williamsburg 
Torregrosa M F, Williamsburg 


Holmes R W, Williamsburg 


Johnson W C, Williamsburg 
Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg 

Anderson H 
Ball F H & 
Charles J S, 
Cooley H A, 
Dana H W, 
Gover A M, 

Real Estate 

H, Norge 

Co, Williamsburg 

Hillpaul Realty Co, Williamsburg 
Jones W L, Williamsburg 
Moore C Ft, Williamsburg 
Powell Trust Co, Williamsburg 
Ramsey & Hogan, Williamsburg 
Thalhimer M G, Williamsburg 
Timberlake J S, Williamsburg 
Ware W W, Williamsburg 
Wolfe B F, Williamsburg 


Brenner Reuben, Williamsburg 
*Crump Harriet, Williamsburg 
Jones Norman. Williamsburg 
Joseph Theodore & Co. Williamsburg 
Teacup Tun, Williamsburg 
Williamsburg Cafe, Williamsburg 

Schools and Colleges 

liamsburg (sec p 1). Lyon Gardiner Ty- 
ler. M A, LL f>. President 

John Lesslie Hall, Ph D. Dean of the Faculty 

Lyon Gardiner Tyler, M A. LI. J), Professor 
of Politics and Economics 

John Lesslie Hall, Ph l> Professor of the 
English Language and Literature 

E J Oglesby Professor of Mai hematics 

Van Franklin Garrett, A M. M D, Professor 
of Chemistry 
! John Woodside Ritchie, A B, Professor of 
Biology • 

Richd McLeod Crawford, A M, Professor of 
Drawing and .Manual Arts 

Has Good Schools for Boys and Girls. 
Moderate tax rate. 


Kellam Hospital, Inc. 




The Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we want 

e\i.'ty man and woman in t!.e United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundreds 
of sufferers treated during the past 18 years. 



Henry Eastman Bennett, A B, Professor of 
Education and Associate Professor of 
Philosophy and Supervisor of the Ob- 
servation and Training School 

Wm Houston Keeble, B S, Professor of Phy- 

James Southall Wilson, M A, Ph D, Professor 
of History and Associate Professor of the 
English Language and Literature 

Jno Caldwell Calhoun, M A, D Lit, LB D, Pro- 
fessor of Modern Languages 

Geo Oscar Ferguson Jr, M A, Professor of 
Philosophy and Psychology and Associate 
Professor of Education 

Wesley Plummer Clark, M A, Professor of 
Latin and Greek 

Dexter Wright Draper, XI D, Director of 
Athletics and College Physician 

Stoves and Tinware 

Beale Geo E, Williamsburg 

. Telephone Companies 
Bruton Telephone Co, Williamsburg 
Jamestown Telephone Co, Williamsburg 


Wolfe B F, Williamsburg 


Braithwait R M B, Williamsburg 
Bucktrout If M, Williamsburg 

Watchmakers and .Jewelers 
Person C J, Williamsburg 

Women's ami .Men's Furnishings 

Old Dominion Variety Store, Williamsburg 

Wood and Railroad Ties 

Warburton E W, Williamsburg 

Diascond — Population 22; on C & O Ry; 17 
miles from C H; banking town, Williamsburg. 
— J A Barnes.. E F Burnett. J H Burnett. M L 
Cottrell, C C Cowles, P T Cowles, G A Goddin, 
J V Hazlewood, R A Hazlewood, J C Hicks, 
Jno W Hicks, L R Hicks. W H Hicks. G T 
Hockaday, J H Manning, W R Manning, C B 
Slater, G J Slater, J A Slater. W A Slater. 
J W Stewart. L C Stewart, R V Timberlake, 
G Wyryree, J W Woodward, M C Woodward, 
R A Woodward 

JJghtfoot — Population 30; on C & O Ry: 
6 miles from C H; banking town, Williams- 
burg. — B Brinson, Jno W Minor 

Ughlfoot 11 F I>. — C Baird, C Blankenship, 
Roy Clark, C Gray, W S McGill, J S Bemeroy, 
Benj S Scott, Bill Stellings, G Tonnersen 

Norge — Banking 
H Anderson, W 

town, Williamsbure; H 
A Bangs, .7 C Cutler. 

O P Flatten, A J Hall, Julius Heier, 
J H Hughes, W L Hunt, J O Larson, S 1* Larg, 
E S Meanley, J B Nunn, Louis C Phillips' 
J Pitts 

Sorgo R F I). — O Broughton, A C Richard - 

son, C A Rowland, M Tossen 

Toano — Population 60; on C & O It R; 12 

miles from C H; a banking town. — C C Branch, 

L A Clay, Carter Combs, H B Cowles, 

R B Geddy, L J Haley, R L Hazlewood! 

, A W Jennings, Jno M Jennings, Barney 

| Jones .C P Marston, D W Marston, G A Mars- 

i ton, G C Marston. H B Marston, Branch Mar 

j tin, C B Martin, E T Martin, L C Martin. 

L L Martin, E S Meanley, W H Porter. Light- 

; foot Richardson, R G Simmons, S B Sweeney, 

W W Ware, M S Warren, D M Wilkinson, 

{ Hunter Wynn 

Williamsburg — Population 2.714; on C & O 
j Ry; a banking town. — J W Austin, W F 
\ Austin.. C F Ayers. A J Barnes. C I. Branch, 
! H X Bucktrout, J D Bull. G L Burleson. W 
B Burns, Jno W Casey, H D Cole, H A Cooler, 
W T Cowles, Chas Duer, W S Ewan, V F Gar- 
rett, E Gilley, Peyton Jones, L W Lane. T B 
Mahone, E T Martin, E S Meanley. E E Night- 
ingale, X X Opheim, Lincoln Orange, B S 
Scott, E M Slowson. H M Sweeney. T L 
Thomas, J L Trasig, It L Waltrip, E W War- 
burton, W A Wilson, B F Wolfe 

Williamsburg K F 1). — O J A as, W P Crist. 

| T R Daley, Wm Heffner, J J Hovey, H E 

I Jones. E W Maynard, H Mouquin, I) R Xor- 

ment, C G Post, C H Post. Edward Saxby. W L 

Scbenek, E E Sharo, F L Thomas, Irvin 


Williamsburg R F D No 1. — F C Ayers, Han- 
son Babcock, W K Bullifant, M Burleson, 
Theodore Clement, Ed Gillcy. Joseph Graves, 
Gus Gulden. Riohd Hoge, James Jester. G J 
Jones, J S Xew, James It Nightingale, Geo 
Richardson. C W Smith, C F Thompson, J B 
Vaden, G E Waltrip, It L Waltrip 

Williamsburg R F D No 3. — O J Criss. II 
James, M Opheim, G E Schenck, W L Schenck, 
B O Scrove, T L Thomas 

Copyright Law, Bearing on Directories 

Sec. 28. --That any person who wilfully aud for pro- 
fit shall infringe any copyright secured by this act, or 
shall knowingly and wilfully ;iid or abet such infriuCe- 
ment, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and 
upon comiction thereof shall be punished by imprison- 
ment for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not les-s 
than one hundred dollars, nor mort than one thousand 
dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court. 

rvM****!* t°'%$^%*fif is the art of P rochlcin & typewritten 
iUIClgr CUpii Wylll letters inlarge quantities at a reason- 
able price, Write Hill Directory Co., Inc., 823* Mutual Bldg., Richmond, Va. 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia 


Issues the Most Approved Forma of I ife Insurance Con- 
tracts from $1,000.00 to 850,000.00, with Premiums Payable 
Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually. 




King George County 

Value of real estate, 1916, White, $922,287; 
colored, $119,218. Total, $1,041,505. 

Value of personal property, White, $369,121: 
colored, $42,072. Total, $411,193. 

Population. 1916 — 6,378. 

Number voters — White, 80 5; colored, 460. j 

Area — Acres, 111,4 35; square miles, 191. 

County Seat — King- George. 

King- George was formed in 172 from Rich- j 
mond, and lies between the Potomac, which ! 
divides it from the State of Maryland on : 
the northeast, and the Rappahannock river, | 
which forms the boundary between it and i 
Caroline county on the south; Westmoreland i 
county is on the east and Stafford on the ' 
west. The lands are generally good, especially j 
those on the rivers, and corn, oats, tobacco j 
and wheat are raised in considerable quan- ! 
tities. The dairy, orchard and garden pro- I 
ducts yield and pay well. The Potomac and : 
Rappahannock rivers run on the northern 
and southern borders. These rivers, on which ! 
there are regular lines of steamers and many 
sailing- vessels, and their several navigable 
creeks, afford ready and economical means j 
of access to the markets of Fredericksburg j 
via the Rappahannock and Alexandria, Wash- 1 
ington, Baltimore and the North via the Poto- \ 
mac river. A telephone line is in operation, j 
running from Fredericksburg throu%h the 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse | 
the first Monday in January, March, May, 
July, September and November. 

Judge — R H L Chichester. Fredericksburg I 
Clerk — F C S Hunter. King George 

County Officers 


Danl McDaniel, King George; Horace A 
Jones, Scribner; Wm J Rogers, Osso; J no N 
Peed, Owens; Garrison Beckwith, Passa- 
patanzy; Harlan Page, Edgehill; O M Hayes, 
Shiloh; Geo W Price, Alden, J C Grigsby 


Agricultural Implements 

King George Implement Co, King George 
Redding C C Jr. Tetotum 

Attorneys at Law 
Billingsley J A, King George 
Hunter F C, King George 
Hunter Thos L. Prim 
Hunter & Tayloe, King George 
Rose W A, King George 


Jones F F, Shiloh 

Rollins H P, Nindes Store 

Rollins Herbert, Prim 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Burgess B B.. Mathias Point 

Clare Logan R, Osso 

Fitzhugh Frank S, Nindes Store 

Hales G W. Nindes Store 

Hales Geo.. Tetotum 

Inscore G Wellford, Shiloh 

Miller L P, Gera 

Miller Luther, Weedonville 

Oliver Geo E, Prim 

Page R A, Edgehill 

Page W W. Fdgehill 

Price C R, Hampstead 

Price Clinton, Weedonville 

Price Frank, Weedonville 

Boarding Houses 

Owens J L, Prim 

Owens James D, Shiloh 

Parker P, Index 

White T L, Nindes Store and Prim 

Commonwealth's Attorney— Joseph A Bil- 
lingsley, King George 

Sheriff — C W Purks, Goby 
Treasurer — J T Minor, Comorn 
Superintendent of Poor — E P Owens. Igo 
Superintendent of Schools — B F Coakley, 

Commissioner of Revenue — L A Ashton, 


Jesse Newton, King George; J F Jones, 
Berthaville; Dr V O Caruthers, Ferrell 

F D Davies, Edgehill; C J Allen, Passa- 
n?it:iP7v: 3 M Parker. Index 


Billingsley & Benson, Tetotum 
Williams H W B, Prim 

Carriage and Wagon Makers and Bealcrs 

Olive Geo E, Index 


*Baptist, Bucat 

* Baptist, Mathias Point 

Baptist, Osso 

Baptist, Passapatanzy 

Baptist, Prim 

Baptist, Rollins Fork 

Baptist, Shiloh 

♦Baptist, Tetotum 

Baptist, Welcome * 

Ba mist. Weedonville 

The Magic City is growing and pros- 



Boom on Now 



I A Vfll M « Most progressive town of size 

9iri!8^ wm a in South- Great Building 

Come on quick—big money here for you. Population, 13,797 

Episcopal, Hampstead 
Methodist, Ambar 
Methodist, Passapatanzy 
Methodist, Weedonville 
Methodist, Rollins Fork 
Methodist, Shiloh 

Contractors and Builders 

Arnold Clarence, Nocam 
Barker R C, Mathias Point 
Berry T F, Nindes Store 
McClanahan C S, Tetotum 
Clark Wm, Osso 
Clopton James, Nocam 
Connor C C, Hampstead 
Ferrell J H, Prim 
Greer R R, Weedonville 
Inscoe Edward, Shiloh 
Jenkins J H, Prim 
Jones A J, Nocam 
King J W, Rollins Fork 

Fitziht F C, Mathias Point 
Gamett W B, Tetotum 
Grigsby W M, Nocam 
Hunter Thos L Mrs, Ducat 
Hudson Jno S, Passapatanzy 
Lee J H, Nocam 
Pratt Julian, - Passapatanzy 
Strother Geo E. Nocam 


Ladson C J, Shiloh 


Grigsby H E & Bro, Nocam 


Barnes F S, Mathias Point 
Barnes G W, Mathias Point 
Barnes J A. Mathias Point 
Barnes J F, Mathias Point 
Barnes J W, Mathias Point 
Barnes T H, Mathias Point 
Green E E, Mathias Point 
Green Harry, Mathias Point 
Green J B, Mathias Point 
Green Wm, Mathias Point 
Green W B, Mathias Point 
*Jackson & Bro, Mathias Point 
Mason Roy, Mathias Point 
Pemberton A M, Mathias Point 
*Pryor Wm, Mathias Point 
Suttle T T, Mathias Point 
Owens C T, Mathias Point 
Owens J PI, Mathias Point 
Owens M L, Mathias Point 

Furniture Dealers 

Bee L L, Ambar 


King George "Motor Co, Kincr George 

V, Nindes Store 

General Stores 

Allen W T, King George 

ALLE.VSWOHTH J F , Rollins Fork 

Bahn J B, Weedonville 

Baker J Robt, Edgehill 

Bedding C C, Prim 

Berry C A, Rokeby 


Clare R L, Osso 

CLIFT M M, Ambar 



Cox Lucy A Miss, Passapatanzv 

Crismond Geo W, Hampstead 

Fines & De Shazo, Sealston 

Grigsby E P, Edgehill 


Grigsby Jno J, Edgehill 

*Grymes G M, Mathias Point 

Grymes Geo M, Ho<res 

Harris James W, Dogue 

Harris T B, Comorn 

Henderson Amos, Passapatanzy 

Henderson Horace, Passapatanzy 

Henderson J M, Osso 


Hudson F B, Passapatanzy 

Jenkins E A Mrs, Gulvy 

Johnson Chas F, Rokeby 

King J A Mrs, Welcome 

Lee L L, Ambar 

Leoffier G T, Weedonville 

Leoffier S M Mrs, Ducat 

McCarty P. Comorn 

McDaniel Howard, Gera 

McDaniel T T & Bro, Gera 

Marders E L Miss. Rollins Fork 

MINOR J T, Comorn 

MULLEN C E, Fen-ell 

Mullen J B. Gobv 

Owens W D. Nindes Store 


Parker Peyton, Index 

Pemberton P H & Co Mrs, Mathias Point 

Peyton C H, Owens 



Rawling M A, King George 

REDDING C C JK, Tetotum 

Redman J N & J H, Alden 

Suttles W H, Hooes 

Taylor B T, Scribner 

WEERON J B. Weedonville 

Welch & Sheirburn, .Mathias Point 


Williams Alex, Passapatanzy 

Chinn B H & Bro, Sealston 
Clift J E, Passapatanzy 

Groves Robt B, Passapatanzy 
Rose Sal lie Mrs, Gulvy 

Hardware % 
Eclipse Hdwe Co, Gera 

Rose Thos ]\ Weedonville 



IStfDERE^ Everything in REAL ESTATE 

; « - ■"■ ' •**- Virginia Farms and Orchards 

1'HONK 891 
Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 




Ideal Print Shop 

"Our Aim is to Please You" 


Special Attention Given Out-of-Town Orders Phone U61-W 
2/9 N. Sycamore St., Mcllwalne iildft., 




Dunlop Danl, Arabar 
Owen & Owen, Weedonville 
Grigsby J J, Weedonville 

Insurance Agents 

Baker "W E, Dogue 
Cookley D F, Fcrrell 
Farmer C N, J go 
Gould man H T, Xocam 
Grigsby J M, Rollins Fork 

Dive Stock Dealers 

Grigsby H K, Nocam 
Jones J F. Hempstead 
Redding M, Tetotum 
Strother G E, Nocam 

Dumber Dealers 

Coats E S, Prim 
Ferrell J A, Ferrell 
Ferrell & Pott, Weedonville 
Jenkins S D, Prim 
Mothershead R IP "Weedonville 
Payne F W, Weedonville 
Payne F W Jr. Shiloh 
Redman S E, Xindes Store 
Redding M, Xindes Store 
* Robinson Geo S, Shiloh 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Ferrell J A. Ferrell 
Garnett Mill, Prim 
Kings Mill, Prim 
Minor J T. Comorn 
Smith W W, Weedonville 
Tricker D C, Nindes Store 

Mills — Saw and Planing 

Edwards G A, Index 
Mothershead R H, Edgehill 
Reed Willie, Mathias Point 


Clift Tom, Comorn 
Fenwick W H. Tetotum 


Cobbs Thos. Tetotum 


Caruthers V O, Ferrell 

Carutbers V O Jr, Ferrell 

Pee L F, Passapatanzy 
Minor M.. Prim 
Minor M W, Comorn 

R F D No 1 

Schools — Private 

Atwill M R Mrs, Shiloh 
Bevan C T. Weedonville 

Tobacco Dealers 
Coakley P W, Osso 
Grissby H p. & Bro. \ocam 


Clare R R, Osso 
Clark Oscar, Weedonville 
Fitzhugh Frank S, Nindes Store 
Walker Jno YV\ Comorn 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Dunn R H, Prim 
Redding M, Tetotum 

Wagon Manufacturers 

Olive Geo E, Index 

Amhar — Population 10; 2 3 miles from R R; 
6 miles from C H; banking town. Fredericks- 
burg.— F A Berry, T M Berry, A H Grvmes. 
C I Grymes, G C Gryrnes, R M Grvmes, Rame 
& Earn. T H Tolson 

Comorn— Population 20; 2% miles from 
river; 3 miles from C H; banking town, Fred- 
ericksburg. — Jno Curtis, Henry Endsor. Car- 
ter Grymes, T J Hargest. P B Lewis. H A 
Mason, E Welford Mason, J T Minor. M W 
Minor, B T Tayloe, Frank Taylor, W B Tay- 

Dogue — Population 10; 1 mile from R R; 
4% miles from C H; banking town, Colonial 
Beach. — W E Baker, J X Brown. W W Clarke. 
F L C Coblentz, J S Dickenson. C II Harris, 
E B Harris, J R Harris, C E McGinniss. Geo 
F McGinniss, A Moore, J G Pollock, L B 
Rollins, H Rose, W T Shunnette, Allen Smith. 
W T Smith, A M Sumner 

Edgehill — Population 25; 7 miles from 
river; 2V> miles from C H; banking town, 
Colonial Beach. — Geo Dodd, C L Rowland. H 
G Howland Rufus Howland, C H Thayer 

Fcrrell — Population 50; 8 miles to R R; 5 
miles toCH; banking town. Colonial Beach. — 
J Austin Ferrell. F M Brown, F X Brown. E 
W Clarke.. W A Clarke, D F Coakley, P J Ooak- 
ley, X" F Jett, S B Welch 

Gera — Population 10; 10 miles from river: 
4 miles from C H; banking town. Colonial 
Beach. — J G Davis, Ernest Poster. .1 T Hol- 
bert, C W In.sooe, Putman Jenkins, Hanson 
Lee. Thos Marshall 

Goby — Population 10; 2 miles from river; 
9 miles from C H; banking town. Fredericks- 
burg.- — J M Branagan, *Giles Bunbrey, Clar- 
ence Benchue, J H Carpenter, C E ('lift, Jno 
Coakley, F r <'ook, A A Douglas, .i R Douglas. 
G M Jeter. H T I'cregoy. C W Pourks, .1 E 
Saracool, C A Saracool, J D Shead. Geo W 

Gri.sby — Population 40; 8 miles from river; 
fi nnli s from C H; banking town. Colonial 

Newport news 5cs£r.5s,iS2: 





15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 


PHONE 176 






Beach.— H A Jones, 
duke, W L Welch 

J D Kenney, C Manna 

Gulvy — Population 30; G miles from river; 
8 miles from C H; banking- town, Alexan 
dria.— Chas Cook, L H Cook, J W Dillard, 
J B Green, Danl Jenkins, Frank Jenkins, 
Howard Jenkins, Jno F Miller, M F Parker, 
E L Payne, H H Scott, Chas H Taylor, N V 
Welch, Fred Weed on 

Hampstead — Population SO; 4 miles from 
river; 7 miles from C H; banking- town, Alex 
andria— F A Berry, Andrew McDaniel, J A 
McDaniel, J C Nickelson, *Harrison Orrid, Jno 
W Pool, B F Price, R H Stuart 

Hoocs — Population 10; 3 miles from river; 
12 miles from C H; banking town, Fredericks 
burg.— J A Arnold, D L Ashton, Lewis Ash- 
ton, G W Barnes. J A Barnes, J W Barnes, 
*Bassett Bumbry Sr, * James P Bumbry, 
^Howard Dunlop. *Thos Dunlop, Chas E Grif- 
fin, E F Green, J B Green, W B Green. *Els- 
woi'tb Grymes. *Geo M Grymes, *Geo T 
Grymes, *Xason Grymes, *Oscar Howell, R A 
Hooe, C H Huffman. J PI Huffman, *Benj I 
Johnson, * Peter Johnson, *Theophilus John- 
son, * Andrew Jordan. * Fielding Key, T R 
Payne, R A Peed, Lewis Pitts 

Igo — Population 10; 4 miles from R R; 6 
miles from C H; banking town. Fredericks- 
burg.- -J C Ballard, E R Purks, C T Purks Jr. 
Flovd Walker 

Index — Population 15; 3 miles from Rap 
pahannock river; 9 miles from C H; banking 
town, Colonial Beach. 

King: George (C It). — Population 30; 2 3 I 

miles from R R; banking town. Fredericks- i 

burg. — Pr T T Arnold. A P Eillingsley, J A | 

Billingsley; L J Billingsley, T W Boggs, J C j 

Gutridge, H H Hunter, Danl McDaniel, Horace j 
Muse, W A Rose 

Mathias Point — Population 14; on Potomac 

river; 15 miles from C H; banking town, j 

Colonial Beach. — J A Arnold, D L Ashton, T A j 

Ashton, R C Backer, Alfred Barnes, Frank j 

Barnes, G W Barnes, J W Barnes, Joseph i 

Barnes, *L Beviley. *Arthur Bland, B B ! 

Burgess, *Bassett Burnley, *B H Burnley, | 
*Ja| P Burnley, *Jno Burnley, *Pewis Burn- 

ley, Julius Ducking, *B Dunlop, * Joseph Dun- j 

lop, C E Griffin, Chas Griffin. James K Griffin, | 

B C Grymes, E Grymes, *Geo M Grymes. W | 

D Grymes, *Y M Grymes, C E Gum, J B ' 

Gum, W B Gum, *Geo Hodge, A B Hool. C H | 

Huffman. J H Huffman. * Albert Jackson, *W | 

H Jackson, Hfm Miles, C L Owens, James i 

H Owens, W C Owens, A M Pemberton, F E j 

Peebles, Wm Poale. Bruce Pounds, Raymond I 

Pounds. F E Publes, A B Roso, *Chas Rttbb, ! 

*Jno Rubb, W H Suttle. G W Tennent, J M 
Welch, *SyJvester Williams 

Nincles Store — Population 20; 3 miles from 
river; 8 miles from C H; banking town, Co 
lonial Beach. — Henry Ashton, Leonard Berry, 
Wm V Caruthers, J S Dishman, J W Dishman, 
F S Fitzhugh, H T Garnett, Jno Garnett ,T S 
Garnett, W B Garnett, J E Kendall, W E Mc- 
Clanahan, W L Montague, J T Olive, W D 
Owens, T H Powell, M Redding, S E Red- 
man, C H Rollins, A Spilman, Edwin Suttle, 
J E Suttle, J B White. T F White 

.N'ocani — Population 15; 3 miles from river 
and C H; banking town. Colonial Beach. — 
C B Arnold, E P Arnold, James Bass, Geo E 
Clopton, Earnest Foster, R J Foster. A B 
Gouldman, H T Gouldman, Jeter Gray, H E 
Grigsby H T Gouldman W F Grigsby, A J 
Jones, C E Jones, J H Fee, S P Marshall, 
Rufus Morgan. N N Olive. R E Owens, W W 
Pomeroy, Geo E Strother 

Ossa — Population 30; 16 miles from R R; 
G mile? from C H; banking town, Fredericks 
burg.— Giles Bumbrey, Mathew Bumbrey. An- 
drew Burchell, Wm Burchell. O W Clare. Denl 
K Coakley, Frank R Henderson. *Arehie 
Henry, E C Powell, Nimrod Trammed. *\Ves- 
ley Scranage. *Saml Washington 

Owens — Population 10; 3 miles from Po- 
tomac river; 15 miles from C H; banking 
town, Colonial Beach.— R W Coakley, F C 
Fitzhugh, J B Fitzhugh, J N Peed, R A Peed, 
Jno P Washington 

Passapatanzy — Population 10: <? miles from 
R R; banking town. Fredericksburg. — J S 
Allen, W S Allen. E R Bowie. E T Bowie. Silas 
Brown, Robt Butler, J E Catlett, Harry 
Clarke, Thos Gayle. Gordon Henderson. J B 
Henderson, R F.Henderson, Wallace Hender- 
son. F B Hudson. Robt Jennings, Gordon 
Jones, Guin Lee, J PI Pratt. R A Pratt. Richd 
Pratt. E T Rollins, W M Rollins. Wm H 
Rollins, Gordon Sbelton. J S Shclton, R T 
Shelton, Alfred Williams 

Port Conway — Population 20: 6 miles from 
C H; banking town, Frederieksbursr.-^-A P 
Billingsby, C K Hearn, J F Jack, D Lewis, 
H B Lewis, J A Lewis; A C Redwood, R V 
Turner. Allen Smith. Wm T Smith. S C 

Prjn3 — Population 10! banking town. Co- 
lonial Beach.— J Bailey, J H Berry. T F Berry, 
R A Carpenter. James H Ellis, J H Ferrell. 
J C Frank, H Minter, F E Omohundro, M F 
Parker. E L Payne. .1 F Tinner. \V A Weeden, 
A P Wilkerson, J R Wilkins % 

Rollins Fork -Population 15; 2 miles from 

y % 



is on the Grandest Harbor of the Atlantic, 
it grow. 



napp Foundry & Machine Shop 


North Market St., Winchester, Va. 


GEO. R. THEIS, M£r. 



Rappahannock river; 12 miles from C H: 
banking town, Colonial Beach. — C Allensworth, 
J C Allensworth, G W Grigsby, Geo Grigsby, 
Geo Grig&by Jr, J M Grigsby, J W Grigsby, 
T J Grigsby, H Pee, W J Lee, E Menzer. C W 
Norris, V.' A Spilman, C B Trigger, T Wing- 
field, T B Worrell 

Seaiston — Population 21; 10 miles from R R; 
12 miles from C H; banking town, Fredericks- 
burg — G Beck with, C Butzner, M H Chinn, 
J F Curtis, *J K Gomer, W R Greenlaw, Jno 
MeWhirt, J B Xewton, Frank Taylor 

Sliiloli — Population 30; S m-iles from R R; 
6 miles from C H; banking town. Colonial 
Beach. — W B Edwards, Ed Inscoe, Julian 
Jenkins, I F Lee, R V Owens, F W Payne, Jr, 
T C Payne, A B Rollins 

Tetotum — Population 30; 9 miles from C H; 
32 miles from R R; banking' town. Fredericks- 
burg. — PI B Ashton.. Frank Berry. T E Coakley. 
Tom Cobbs, J A Fenwick, J W Fenwick, H T 
Garnett, T S Garnett, W B Garnett, C S Mc- 
Clanahan, Phil Lucas R W Olive, M Beddings 

Welcome — Population 20; 3 miles from Po- 
tomac river; S miles from C TT; banking town, 
Fredericksburg.— A J Jones. J II Law.. Jno 
Pomeroy, W A Rollins, L Thompson, T H 

Weedoiwilie — Population 10; 3 miles from 
C H; banking town. Fredericksburg. — James 
Arnold, L W Ashton, F A Berry. H E Berry, 
H I Berry, H T Berry, Thos Berry, C S Bevan, 
C T Bevan, L J Billingsby, Ossie Ferrell, A H 
Grymes, J F Jones, H A Minor, H A Minor, 
Jesse Newton, W H Pemberton, J G Pollock, 
Jno G Pollock, Allen Smith, W A Smoot, R H 

ffi S>L>fNTf!ISB00K^lS 










iGHD0f(5D-lt[CT0RY ? 



King and Queen County 

Value of real estate. 1916, white, $1 .01 7.292 ; 
colored. §256,034, Total, $1,273,326. 

Value of person property, white, $480,997; 
colored, $95,620. Total, S576.C17. 

Income, $9 08. 

1 'ovulation, 191 6 — 9,57 6. 

Number voters— White, 1,042; colored 1,064, 

Area— Acres, 194,9 00; square miles. 1,0 7 3. 

County Seat — King- and Queen C. H. 

King- and Queen was formed in 1691 from 
Xew Kent, during the reign of William and 
Mary, from which fact ix takes its names. The 
county is divided from King William by the 
Mattaponi river, which skirts its entire south- 
western border. The Piankitank on the east 
separates it from Middlesex, Essex county is on 
the north and Carolina on the northwest. There 
are no railroads in the county, but a steamer 
plying three times a week between Walkerton 
and West Point, at the head of York river, 
which has railroad connection with Richmond 
and daily connection by steamers with Bal- 
timore, affords convenient facilities of travel 
and transportation. The soil is very good and 
extensive marl beds found in various sections 
furnish ready means of improvement. The 
adaptability of the soil and the convenience 
of transportation by water is rapidly develop- 
ing the raising of fruits and trucks for market 
There are a number of canneries along the 
Mattaponi river, packing fruits and vegetables, 
affording a market for these products. Sheep 
husbandry is profitable. Corn, wheat, oats, rye 
and hay are successfully raised. Along the 
banks of the Mattaponi are the ruins of many 
private residences of persons distinguished in 
colonial days. 

There is abundance of timber of pine, oak. 
hickory, walnut, beech and ash variety. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the second Tuesday in February, April, June. 
August, October and December 

Judge — Claggett B Jones. Bruington 

Clerk — Wm F Bagby, King and Queen C H 

County Officers 
Commonwealth's Attorney — J W Fleet, Bis- 


Sheriff — S S Schools, Newton 
Treasurer — Jno R F Vaughon. Cologne 
Superintendent of Poor — Robt L Coleman, 


Superintendent of Schools— \Y G Rennolds. 

Center Cross 

Commissioner of Revenue — W S Courtney, 

Little Plymouth 


B T Taylor, King and Queen: L TT Phinpin*. 
Oxventon; R Poster Bland. Shanghai 


Published by 



Directory and Almanac Pubhsheis 

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TheFraakliiiPress Co. ""SMSSE"* 


122-130 W.Tabb St. r PETERSBURG, VA. 

bee Ad. opposite General index, page 7. 



H P Vaugkan, 



W H Richardson, Iron; A C Walker, Walker- 
ton; L A Drake, Shackelfords; C T Bland^ 
Shanghai; H W Bland, Elsom; E S Wilson, 
Edna; John S Eee, King- and Queen C PI 

Board of Health 

Manly Broaddus (chairman), Newtown; Dr 
C Fauntieroy, Dragonviile; Dr R D Bates, 
Xewtown ; Dr W W Bennett, Cologne 

Agricultu ral Implements 

Gresham A G, Bruington 

Minor G R, Owenton 

Phippins L H & Co, Owenton 

Taylor B T, King and Queen 

Watkins L C & Bro, St Stephens Church 

Attorneys at Law 

Bagby Wm F, King and Queen C H 

Tole O L. West Point 

Fleet J W, King and Queen C H and Biscoe 

Jones C B, King and Queen 

Mitchell J Douglas, King and Queen C H 

Pollard R X, King and Queen C H 

Smith F W, King and Queen C H 


South Side Bank Ine, Walkerton 


Brooke Andrew, Contra 
Byrd Andrew, Contra 
Hall Levy, Clancie 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Anderson J C, Powcan 
Baughan Jno, Contra 
Brizendine J A, Contra 
Gibson R S, Cold Water 
Greenwood E, Owenton 
Harper C , Biscoe 
Powers W G, Powcan 
Revere A, Dragonviile 
* Roane Arthur, Cologne 
Simpkins J W, Biscoe 
Spencer E G, Little. Plymouth 

Boarding Houses 

Marston H T. Shacklefords 
Watkpis B F, St Stephens Church 


Mantapike Canning Co, King and Queen 
Stansbury Canning Co, Walkerton 

Carriage and Wagon Makers 

Carlton J W & Son, Shanghai 
Simpkins J W, St Stephens Church 

Baptist, Contra 
Baptist, Dragonsville 
Baptist, Ino 
Baptist, Owenton 
Baptist. Plainview 
Baptist, St Stephens Church 
Christian, Powcan 
Methodist, Biscoe 
Methodist, Plain View 
Methodist, Powcan 


Parker w F, 



Baptist, Biscoe 

j Contractors and Builders 

I Crouch W T, Powcan 

Ellis M J & Son, Contra 
j Gault N J. Cold Water 

Milly H N, Clancie 
[ Owens J A, Biscoe 
! Pemberton J S, Powcan 
; Powers J C, Powcan 
I Revere M F, Cologne 

Watkins L C, St Stephens Church 

Watkins W W, Biscoe 


; Guthrie Jno T, Clancie 


I Grubbs J A, Shacklefords 

General Stores 
Bew Eugene, Little Plymouth 
Bird & Allen, King and Queen 
Bland Chas T. Shanghai 
BLAND D H. Plain View 
BLAXD H S, Cologne 
Brizendine L L. Contra 
Brizendine R N, Contra 
BROACH W H, Biscoe 
Broach & Minor. Owenton 
Broaddus R F, Newtown 
Brown W A, Stcvensville 
Burch W R Jr, Mascot 
BURCH & DI'W, Dragonviile 
BURTON J Y & BBO. Elsom 
Corr Thos, Ltitle Plymouth 
(THLBOIRX J Tf. Cold Water 
CROWE G F, Powcan 
Derieux W J & Bro. Stevensville 
Derieux <Sr Co, Cumnor 
Deshazo J C, Daisy 
Diilard P P, Walkerton 
ELLIS M J, Contra 
Farinholt B D, Shacklefords 
Gatewood Bros, Walkerton 
Gayle H B, Gressitt 
Greenwood E L, Edna 
Greenwood Saml, Bruington 
Gressitt .1 P. Gressitt 
Hall & Gibson, Stevensville 

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chants. Hit pays them it wiU 
sil iiiu LiliLUtOill i pay you. Consult us. 


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fwfe P°ssible protection, and ices are reasonable. 
Correspondence solicited. 
tt , . . . EDWARD R. WITMAN 

Washington Loan and Trust Bldg., Washington, I>. C. 



Harrower A G, Walkerton 

Hutchinson E L, Indian Neck 


Jones C P, Powcan 

Little page Win D, Truhart 

Marston A E, Shacklefords 

Marstoh H T, Clancie 

MILBY H X, Shacklefords 

Milby R T, Shacklefords 

MINOR GEO R, Owenton 

iinor & Jeter, Biscoe 

Mitehie Callie, Daisy 

Moore C E, Dragonville 

Moore W R & H C, Cologne 

Motley R S, Newtown 

Norman & Drudge, Little Plymouth 

Owens G B. Biscoe 

Phippins L H & Co, Owenton 

Powell & Turner, Stevensville 

Powers Josiah P. Powcan 

Prince Lucy E Mrs, St Stephens Church 

Reed G B.. Bruington 

Simpkins J VV, St Stephens 

Siseo A L 6c Co, Edna 

Smith Bros, Ino 

Southard A W Mrs, Indian Neck 

Taylor P V, Indian Neck 

Turpin J R, Newtown 

Vaughan C C & Sons, Cumnor 

Walker Bros, Walkerton 

Walton Emmett P, Dragonville 

Walton T S, Stevensville 

WATKINS L C & BltO, St Stephens Church 

Williams J R, Crouch 

Wyatt J A, Walkerton 

Crouch W P, Walkerton 

Hogg W M, Mascot 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Burch & Dunn, Dragonville 


Fleet R Garnett. King and Queen 
Watkins B F, St Stephens Church 

Iron Founders and Machinists 

Watkins L C. St Stephens Church 

Live Stock Dealers 

Bourne Richd R, Dragonville 
Burch cc Dunn.. Dragonville 
Norman C B, St Stephens Church 

Ellis M J. Contra 

Jackson R C, Velma 

Longest W B, St Stephens Church 

Owens R V, Biscoe 

Perry-Bradley Lumber Co, Cumnor 

Phippins L H & Co, Owenton 

Sutton R B, Plain View 

Watkins L C, St Stephens Church 

Wright Thos Rev, Ino 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Anderson J C„ Powcan 

Coleman Jno R, Stevensville 

Eckles W O, Elsom 

Eubank Wm. Contra 

Gibson A B, Cold Water 

Mitchell A, Walkerton 

Owens Edgar, Biscoe 

Prince T J, St Stephens Church 

Walkerton Milling Co, Walkerton 

Mills — Saw and Planing 

Beane W G Jr, King and Queen 
Bland J J & Son, Cologne 
Brooks Geo F, Biscoe 
Caldwell C C, Walkerton 
Cluverius W B, Little Plymouth 
Cooke Geo W, King and Queen 
Greenwood W M, Bruington 
Hutchinson J D, Indian Neck 
Jones J L V, Bruington 
Lynch C W, Ino 
Milby Jno H & Co, Shacklefords 
Morris Wm, Cumnor 
Phippins L H & Co, Owenton 
Vaughan C C, Cumnor 
W r atkins L C, St Stephens Church 
Wilson T B, Walkerton 


Watkins L C, St Stephens Church 

Oyster Dealers 

Tucker J C, Gressitt 


King & Queen Packing Co. King and Queen 


Littlepage E J, Velma 
Littlepage J E, Cold Water 
Moore Saml, St Stephens Church 
Wilson E G, St Stephens Church 

Livery Stables 

Bourne Richd R, Dragonville 
Burch & Dunn, Dragonville 

Lumber Dealers 
Allen W I, King and Queen 
Anderson J C, Powcan 
Broach W H, Biscoe 
Brooks Geo F, Biscoe 
Coulbourn J H, Dragonville 

§ *# *# & iJ I J 

Mutual raiiitclSrc&« 


Bates Ii D, Newtown 
Bennett William W, Cologne 
Cox W S, Little Plymouth 
Fauntleroy Claybrook^ Dragonville 
Latane Thomas B, Stevensville 
Lewis A W, Bruington 

Pickle Manufacturers 

Mattaponi Picklinq Co, Walkerton 

bailing and Addressing 
Circulars a Specialty. 

teiorw*o«ci. Vir^in'm. 

CAPITAL, $200,000.00. 



The Rural Route Makes You Our Neigh- 
bor. Bank With Us by Mail. 

Your Account Shall Have Individual 



Ileal Estate Dealers 

Colbourn J H, Dragonsville 


T ark Ivan, Walkerton 
IT; per C B, Biscoe 


Biscoe — Population 12 banking- town Walk- j 
c-ion — A M Broach, G F Brooks, J W Fleet, 
J T Howell, J T Jeffries, Alex Jeter, F B 
Longest, H L Longest, Mrs Kittie Longest, R 
G Longest, W B Longest, S C Norman, G B 
Owens, J A Owens, R S Skelton, A B Smith, T 
WW Smith, D M Stevens, S H Stevens, Benton 
Trice, C L Trice. J R Watkins, T H Wilson 

Coldwator— 1 2 miles from R R; 10 miles 
from C H; banking town Walkerton — Isaac 
Coulbourn, J H Coulbourn, R M Eubank, R P 
Eubank, P E Garrett, R G Gibson, Willard 
Revere, J M Smither 

Cologne — Population 35; 7 miles from R R; 
18 miles from C H; banking town Walkerton — 
H S Bland, J J Bland. W R Bland, W I Brad- 
ley. :vi W Corr, W A Did lake. M F Rieve R L 
Roane Geo F Trovilian, 11 P Vaughan. J R F 
Vaughan, J W Vaughan 

Contra — Population 27; 13 miles from R R; 
6 miles from C IT: banking town Walkerton — 
General Banks, Elijah Baughan, R H Baughan, 
C D Courtney, I V Courtney, J R Courtney, M 
J Ellis, Thos Ellis, Warner Hall, Natl Harper. 
II G Todd 

Cumnor — Population 20; 2\'- z miles from 
river; 5 miles from C H; banking town Walk- 
erton — S T Armstrong. T B Armstrong, *Fred 
Bagby, Wm H Bagby, H C Ball, William Be\v, 
Erastus Brooks, J R Brooks, Junius Brooks, R 
H Brooks, R L Derieux, Geo Gibson, Saml Gib- 
son, Floyd Griggs, Mrs J W Hart, E N Helsa- 
beck, P YV Kemp, Perrin Kemp, R. C Kemp, 
Thos B Latane, A H Lipscomb, Wm Morris. 
R X Pollard. Joe Ry'and, Robt Shackelford, 
A M Yaughan, C C Yaughan, E L Yaughan, 
Clarence Walton, Richad II Walton, J W Wat- 
kins.. II C Weaver 

Edna — Population 20; 7 miles from river 17 
miles from C II; banking town West Point- 
Ryland Baughan. Gardner Broach Geo X W 
Broach, L H Carlton, J o Cook, W G 
Cook, Arthur Griggs, Vincent Harper, R- p 
Longest, Moses Robertson, M S Wilson ' 

Elsom — Population 14; 2 miles from river; 
12 miles from C H; banking town Walker- 
ton — James R Burton, Jno R Burton, P H 
Burton, T M Burton, Edco Carlton, Milton 
Corr, H J Dudley, * Thornton Garnett, J R 
Hurt, J J Norman, J B Seward. J R Walton, 
L R Walton, J M Yarrington 

Favor — Population 10; 3 miles from river; 
8 miles from C H ; banking town Walkerton— 
W T Barefoot, O W Brains, J J Griggs J T 

Indian Neck — Population 50; 12 miles from 
river; 2 5 miles from C H; banking town Walk- 
erton — W H Carneale, J M Garnett, P T Gate- 
wood, J D Hutchinson, J S Longest, W H 

Ino— Population 10; 6 miles from river; 10 
miles from C H; banking town Walkerton— 
B S Courtney, W W Farinholt, R H .Must-. W 
T Newhill, (./has Oliver, VV H Richardson, R 
K Walden, Rev Thos Wright 

King- and Queen (C H) — Population 25; 2 
miles from R R; banking town Richmond — R 
D Allen, W I Allen, W G Beane Jr. S Bird Jr. 
R A Carlton, R G Fleet, J F Gresham. Warner 
Holmes, Geo W Kerr, Jno L Oliver, .1 T Sickel, 
Beverly T Taylor 

Little Plymouth — Population 75; 2 miles 
from river; 7 miles from C H; banking town 
West Point — Eugene Bew, Thos Carr, G Jeff- 
eries, G F Knapp, L Otto, H Smith. E G Spen- 

Qwenton — Population 20; IS mile^ from R 
R; 22 miles from C H; banking town Walker- 
ton — W C Bagby, M F Chenault, C E Edwards, 
Deleware Fogg. W B Fogg, .i W Garnett. T L 
Jones, C H Martin, C W Martin, B (> Minor. 
Chas M Schools 

Daisy — Population 12; 5 miles from river; 8 
miies from C H; banking- town Walkerton — L 
R Bagby, Joseph A Brooks. Robt L Coleman, 
W J Crouch, J C De Shazo, W P De Shazo, R J 

Dragoirville — Population 15; 14 miles from 
R R; 9 miles from C H ; banking town Walker- 
ton — J W Boughton, Richd R Bourne, W W 
Bourne, J R Carlton. James Cauthorn, I S 
Dunn, Dr C Fauntleroy, Lewis Johnson, C W 
Lumpkins, Geo T Moore, A Revere. P W 
Revere, W <> Walden. E P Walton 

Plain View — Population 35; 10 miles from 
R R; 10 miles from (MI; banking town Walk- 
erton — J H Barnes, B O Bland, R F Bland, B < ' 
Burton, J C Burton, M W Corr, Andrew Milby. 
G F Post, F M Roane, R A Sutton, R B Sutton. 
W B Sutton, G E Trevi liana, J R F Vaughan, 

Powcan — Population 150; IS miles from R 
R; 12 miles from C 11; banking town Walker- 
ton — H M Anderson A B Coleman, II S Crouch. 
W T Crouch. Robt ("row.'. Thqf i* Crowe, R L 
Harper, .1 O Johnson. Bin Wool Johnson, Geo 
F Tones, J G Nnnn. J A Phillips. J C Powers, 

Can Furnish You 


Hutual Building, Richmond, Virginia 

any kind ot 

Business List 

Try Them 

Life insurance Company of Virginia OLOE ; s ' 







J C Price, E M Prow, S G Sutton, G M Tuck, 
C H Williams, Eugene Williams, R A Williams, 

Saint Stephens Church — Population 50; 3 miles 
from river; 18 miles from C H; banking- town 
Walkerton — A J Atkins, T N Atkins, *J Banks, 
*T P Banks, R E Baskette, J C Burk, A S 
Cooke Arehey Cooke, T H Cooke, H L Fauntle- 
roy, R B Fauntleroy, S S Hodges, H L Eong- 
est, W B Bongest, J D Mitchell, S C Norman, 
G B Owens, R V Owens, B D Simpkins, Griffin 
Tae, Henricks Tate, B. F. Watkins, Edwin 
Watkins Henry Watkins, P T Watkins, W W 
Watkins E G Wilson, James W Wilson 

Salvia — 18 miles from R R; 3 5 miles from 
C H; banking town Walkerton — Saml Ball. C 
H Bates.. A J Chenault, \V W .Johnson, F B 
Boving, J E Roving. Maxie Roving, Owen Lov- 
ing", B C Mondie, All Owens, A J Pitts, J H 
Pitts, R R Pullar, W W Southard 

Shaokelfords — Population 160; 3 miles from 
R R; 2 5 miles from C H; banking town Walk- 
erton — Jno T Bew, Geo C Bland. H W Bland, 
B T Bowden, M E Didlake, B D Farinholt, 
Mrs A C Grubbs, Jno A Grubbs, R M Hart, 
Jno W Marston, W C Marston, Frank Milby, 
Phil Williams, Melvin Wilson 

Steven**ville^ — Population 75; 8% miles fr*>ra 
river; 7 % miles from C H; banking town 
Walkerton — L R Bagby, W F Bagby, W A 
Brown, J R Coleman. Benj A Fleet, Win Me- 
P'arland, A F Smith, A B Smith, D C Sutton, 
S C Taughan, W B Walker 

Truhai't — 7 miles from R R; 3 miles from C 
H, banking town Walkertor — D Bew, E Davis, 
Frank Knapp, W D Bittlepage, R South, B 
Spencer, A Turner 

Velma — Banking town Walkerton— P E 
Garrett, Ryland Garrett, Wise Smith 

Walkerton — Population 70; 15 miles from 
R R; 12 miles from C H; a banking town — 
Wesley Adams, Peter Atkins. Geo Banks John 
Banks, Robt Baskett, C C Caldwell, Robt i 
Caldwell. Edward Coleman, J Croxton, Mrs I 
M B Dew, Davis Drain, Milton Drain, Olie I 
Drain, R G Drew, Joe Egan, Alfred Gwath- j 
mey.» Joseph P Henley, W T Henley, Alex Hill, 
W S Hill, T W McGeorge, Christopher Minter, 
Stuart Minter, Alfred Mitchell, J D Mitchell, 
R A Nunn, Jno Parker, Jno Parlow. Mike 
Peashack, Geo Pitts, J N Ryland, J N Ryland 
Jr, C W^ Samuel, Jona Smith, Buther South- 
ard, Henry Taylor, H E Trice, J T Trice, John 
Turner, Henry R Yarn. A C Walker, B H 
Walker Jr, W E Walker, W H Walker, Andy 
Wargo, Jack Wargo, William Weeden, Pope 
Wright, Ward Wvatt 

King William County 

Value of real estate, 1916, White $1,183,928- 
colored 1171,924; Total $1,255,852 

Value of personal property, White $968,747- 
colored $95,893; Total $1,064,640 
Income — $17,688 
Population, 1916 — 8.54 7 

Number of voters — White, 9 29;colored, 1045 
Area— Acres, 170,889; square miles, 261 
County Seat— King William. 
This county was formed in 1701 from King 
and Queen. It lies between the Pamunkey and 
Mattaponi rivers, which unite at the southeast 
angle of the county and from the York river, 
i The Court-house is twenty-seven miles north- 
j east from Richmond and two miles from the 
! Mattaponi river. 

The principal town, West Point, is located at 

| the head of the York river and at the termin- 

| ation of the York River division of Southern 

I Railway. There are several lines of steamers 

| from this point to New York, Boston, Balti- 

I more, and weekly line to the head of the 

j Mattaponi river. The water at the wharves 

of sufficient depth to admit the large class 

vessels. The lands in this county are generally 

good, a-nd those on and near the rivers very 



The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
th© first Tuesday in February, April, June, 
August, October and December 

Judge — Claggett B Jones, Bruington 
Clerk — B C Garrett, King William 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — H I Bewis, West 


Sheriff — W B Neale, Bester Manor 
Treasurer — R T Palmer, West Point 
Superintendent of Schools — H R Eubank, 

Etna Mills 

Surveyor — B D Robinson. Skyron 
Commissioner of Revenue — H W Neale 

Sweet Hall 


S S Robinson, Palls; C B Y'ancey, Bester 
Manor; T B Whitt, Beulahville 


J C Alexander, Venter; J T Mitchell, Mango- 


A J Blake, Etna Mills, M Campbell, Mango- 
hick; J H Gary. West Point. W B Martin. 
Sweet Hall; Roger Edwards, Rum ford; H D 

Thomas, Venter; J C Cooke, King William 

Board of Health 
T>r IT Campbell, Rnfield; l'r J 
Avlett; Pr W E Croxton, Skyron, 

B Moon, 


n & 


Satisfy four &;iEstomer" 2? ** 2£T °m- 

RECTORY CO., Inc., in all their Multigraph and Addressing Work. Try us. 


Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist 

214 BOLLiNGBRooK. pfa 00g: office, 3i9 ; Res id ence, 3404 I Treat the Various Diseases of All Dumb Animals 



Agricultural Implements 

Cocke T F Jr, Enfield 
Crow J G, Aylett 
FOX J C, Aylett 

Gresham J L & Co, King- William 
McLacy Jh'o P, King- William 
Morgan J F, Beulahville 

Attorneys at Law 

Bagby A. Julian, West Point 
Cole Oswald L, West Point 
Gwathmey O D, Aylett 
Hutchinson J O, Etna Mills 
Lewis H I, West Point 
Mookiar W T, Mangohick 
Snead Thos B, King William 
Willeroy W A, West Point 
Woodward H M, West Point 

Preissner F, West Point 


Citizens Exchange Bank lnc, West Point, H E 

Topping cashier 
State Bank of West Point Inc. West Point 

Bradley Chas L, Lester Manor 
Green J B, Lester Manor 
Stansbury j B, Aylett 

Carriage and Wagon M Irs 

Fells Emanuel, Aylett 
Kice C R, Beulahville 


Baptist, Beulahville 
Baptist, Enfield 
Baptist, Mangohick 
Baptist, Palls 
Christian, Enfield 
Christian, Etna Mills 
Christian, Lanesville 
Christian, Mangohick 
Chrisiadelphian, Lanesville 
Christadelphian, Lester Manor 
Episcopal, King William 
Methodist, Enfield 
Methodist, Mangohick 
Methodist, Palls 

Civil Engineers 

Bolton, Clarke & Pratt lnc, West Point 


Clarke Chas, Lester Manor 
Fells Harry, Aylett 
Green G W, West Point 
Lornax Arch, King- "William 
McGeorge E R, Beulahville 
Moore Kobt, Mangohick 
Pointer Geo, Aylett 

Bi Hards and Pool 

Lippold R O, West Point 
Moore J J, West Point 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Alexander O P, Aylett 
Bell Brooks, Globe 
Brooks Robt L, Lanesville 
Cardwell T H, Mangohick 
Clements E J West Point 
Eacho A L, Enfield 
Fells Emanuel, Aylett 
Gravatt J B, Etna Mills 
*Harvey Perry, King William 
Hochstep J B, Polls 
Howell F J, Beulahville 
Waring Willie, Lester Manor 
♦Waring Willie G, Lanesville 
White Bridie, King William 

Boarding Houses 

Alexander O P Mrs, Aylett 
Frayer M C, Beulahville 
Pilcher M Jr, Lester Manor 

Building Material 
Veazey & Bullock, West Point 


Brad lev C S, Lester Manor 


Hess Nathan & Co, West Point 
Laden & Kovitz, West Point 


Ateyeh A M & Pro. West Point 

Contractors and Builders 

Blake H C, Etna Mills 
Blake Henry, Mangohick 
Campbell Wm, Lanesville 
Cardwell S A, .Mangohick 
Davis W C, West Point 
Downer W W, Enfield 
Littlepage E H, King William 
Madison R W, King William 
Madison & Houston, Cohoke 
Nunn J S, Aylett 
Paul J L, King William 
Paul Willie, Skyron 
Robins A <.v Bro, Lester Manor 
White E G, King William 
Whitt T B, Beulahville 


Dillard Walter E, Lanesville 


Redd S R. Etna Mills 
Reid J W, Beulahville 
Towns-end J T. Enfield 

Folkes L S, W 


«3t Point 

Kelley Joseph E, West Point 


Department Stores 

M.-rvit/ -V- Cahe, Wes1 Point 





Charlottesville, Vi 

aaffl Most progressive town of size 
in South. Great Building, 
Boom on Now. Come on quick— big money here fo r you. Population, 13,797 




Hargrave A F & Son, West Point 
Steere Fred E, West Point 

Dry Goods 

Hess Nathan & Co, West Point 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 

Bray W R, West Point 

Furniture Dealers 

Gresham J D & Co, King William 
Hess Nathan & Co, West Point 
McGEORGE R L, Beulahville 


McGeorge V P, Beulahville 

General Stores 
Ateyeh Bros, West Point 
Atkins J W & Co, Globe 
Blake G C, Etna Mills 
Bland R & J L & Bell, West Point 
Bland Sam. West Point 
Bowles S T Jr, Fpworth 
Bray W P & Son, Wakema 
Carlton R L, Beulahville 
Carter E S, Manquin 
Cary Burwell, West Point 
Chandler & Nance, West Point 
COCKE T F Jr, Enfield 
Crow J G, Aylett 
Custalow George F, Wakema 
Dillard Walter E, Lanesville 
Edmonds D C & Co, King William 
Edwards J T & Son, Cohoke 
Farinholt G L. West Point 
Fox V W, Manquin 
Fox W E, Luther 
FREEMAN J W, Luther 
Gravatt G A, Enfield 
Green R C, Cohoke 
Green Theo, Sweet Hall 
Gregory Roger Jr, Fester Manor 
GRESHAM J D & CO. King William 
Hess Nathan & Co, West Point 
Hicks L R, West Point 
Houston, Scott fc Henley, Manquin 
Johnson J T, Rose Garden 
Jones Percy C, King William 
Lacy Jno McP, King William 
Lipscomb L A, Palls 
LiDscomb W T, Palls 
McGeorge E P, Beulahville 
McGeorge R L, Beulahville and Globe 
McGeorge V P, Mangohick 
McLacy Jno P, King William 
Major W L, King William 
Martin P H, Sweet Hall 
Mitchell O O, Globe 
Moren J E, Duane 
Mores J F, Beulahville 
Morvitz & Cabe, West Point 
Neale Wm T & Son, Lanesville 
Newman W D. Venter 

! Newman W V & Bro, Venter 
j Poliard H B, Cohoke 
i Paul W A, King William 

POWELL J D, Mangohick 
; Reed J T, Palls 
\ Reed W C, Aylett 
! Richardson R E & Co, West Point 
j Robinson L D Jr & Bro, Skyron 
j ROBINSON S S, Palls 
: Seal W B, Beulahville 

Smith E W, Rumford 
; Stone McKinney, Sweet Hall 

Sweet. J C, Etna Mills 

SWEET R II & BRO, Etna Mills 

Terry Bros, Rumford 

THOMPSON BROS, Lester Manor 

Timberlake R L, Globe 


Trice H F Mrs. Venter 
\ Trimmer E T Mrs, Palls 
; Trimmer M E, Palls 

Trimmer Shirley V, Manquin 
I Upshaw J R, Palls \ 

Verlander J R, Palls 

Walls Nat'l, Lester Manor 
j Waring Bros, Palls 
• Woodward F W, West Point 


; Armistead Oliver. West Point 

| Broaddus Scott, West Point 

j Chandler & Nance, West Point 

: Fogg J U, West Point 

j Lacy Squire, West Point 

i *Reed Win, West Point 

j Reid J H, West Point 

I Robinson C N, West Point 

, Shelton P B, & Co, West Point 

| Simrns J A, West Point 

Grocers — Wholesale 

| Bland Sam. West Point 

! West Point Grocery Co, West Point 

Hardware Dealers 

| Davis W C, West Point 

j Treat Hardware Co, West Point 

Harness and Saddlery 

Fogg J W, West Point 


Beach Park Hotel. West Point 
England M, West Point 
Hill A B Mrs, King William 
Hotel Royal. West Point 
O'Connor Hotel. West Point 
Pilcher M. Lester Manor 
Pumphrey Agnes Mrs, West Point 

Ice Manufacturers 

Citizens Ice & Coal Co, West Point 


Insurance Agents 

Bostic P R, West Point 

JLj*i kkiiA A 

9 »Z£Z££-' PLUMBING 

IJ&L&l&A \f\J 

PHONE 176 





Bland R & J L & Bell, West Point 
Gravatt P O, Enfield 
Moran J T, Mangohick 
Tredway H S, West Point 

Sam Sing, West Point 


Light and Power Companies 

Peoples Light Heat & Power Corp, West Point 

Live Stock Dealers 
Pilcher M. Lester Manor- 
Li very Stables 

Cox S G, Man qui in 
Curie J V, West Point 
Pilcher M Jr, Lester Manor 
Stone & McKinney, Sweet Hall 
Trice R M, Lester Manor 

Lumber Dealers 
Dansey J T, Lester Mano? 
Dillard W E, Lester Manor 
Floyd H C & Bro, Enfield 
Gault S H, West Point 
Gregory Roger Jr, Lester Manor 
Newman A D, Lester Manor 
Palmer X H, Sweet Hall 
Parker L A, Beulahville 
Parr J H, Mtingohick 
Peatross W M, Mangohick 
Robinson S S, Palls 
Timberlake W S, Sweet Hail 

Meat Markets 
Pilcher R, West Point 


Trice M G Miss, West Point 

Mills Corn and Flour 

Carter L S, Palls 

Eubahks J N, Enfield 
Gravatt J B, Mangohick 
Mitchell O O, Mangohick 
Robinson S S, Palls 
Slater B C Enfield 

Mills Saw and Planing 

Billups C R, Venter 

Bowden R T, West Point 

Denmead C H & Son, West Point 

Floyd R T, Manquin 

Gray L T. Lanesville 

Hogan C B. Palls 

Neale C T, Lester Manor 

Parker L A, Beulahville ' 

Rosson Seth, King William 

Rouzie W D, Venter 

Truitt G W, West Point 

Newspapers and Editors 

News, "West Point; West Point Pub Corp pub- 

Sun, West Point, Edwards Ptg Co. publisher 

Oyster Dealers 

Marshall J W, West Point 

Oyster Packers and Shippers 

Richardson Geo W, West Point 

Smither A F, West Point 

West Point Oyster Co, West Point 


Kirby W L, West Point 
Wade J L, Lester Manor 
Ware J L, King William 
Ware Jno, Skyron 

Paper Manufacturers 

Chesapeake Pulp & Paper Co, West Point 


Bagby B B, West Point 
Bennett W W, West Point 
Campbell Hawes, Enfield 
Croxton William E, Skyron 
Gravatt A B, Luther 
Gregory D, King William 
Gwathmey Wm, Beulahville 
Hudson A S, West Point 
Meredith Fleming, Lester Manor 
Meredith Geo E, Lanesville t 
Monroe Dr. Mangohick 
Moore Joseph B, Aylett 
Nunn W C, West Point 
Steere Fred E, West Point 
Wright Dr, Mangohick 

Pickle Manufacturers 

Dixie Pickling Co, Lester Manor and Wakema 


Robins A & Bro, Lester Manor 


Edwards Printing Co. West Point 

West Point Publishing Corp, West Point 


West Point Publishing Corp. West Point 

Real Estate Dealers 

Old Dominion Industrial Corp, West Point 

Schools — Private 

* Holmes S B, King William 


Cobb Jno, Skyron 

Robinson J A & Co. West Point 


Wonderland Stars The (motion pictures), Wesl 


Clayton J M, West Point 


Adams C R, Venter 

Cardwell & Moran. MangohJck 

Chalkley If L. West Feint 

iDNOR PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 


Call on SI 1 

See Our Adv. in Buyers Guide 

G. R. RAGAN, Architect 


Phone 320 



0/ / 

Cocke & Gravatt, Enfield 
Gravatt J B, Etna .Mills 
White E G, King William 

Bray W R 

Variety Store 

West Point 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Croxton Wm, King- William 
Moore J B Dr, Aylett 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Amos E C, West Point 
Lowry James L Co, West Point 

Aylett — Population 150; on So R R; ] 
miles from C H; banking town West Point — 
O P Alexander, *James Banks, Frank Bas- 
kette, \V C Brizendine. J W Cridlin, J G Crow, 
*Emmanuel Fells, * Moses Fells, * Patrick 
Fells, J C Fox, James O Fox.. Jno Graves. 
*E D Gra\ es, *John Green, Jno Grim, .1 
Gwathmey, O O Gwathmey, J H Howell, J M 
McKenzie, J G Moncuro. T D Moncure, *Isaiah 
Moore, J B Moore. Las Moore, . *Lazarus 
Moore, Wm Moore, *Henry Morris, *\Vm 
Morris, *W V Newman, J S Xunn, R Pol- 
lard, W P Pollard, W G Pollard, C R Reed- 
W D Rouzie, G W Saunders, G W Taylor, Roy 

Beulahville — Population 20; 7 miles from 
river; 17 miles from C FT; banking town. West 
Point — Augustine Atkms, Geo Atkins, Lu- 
cian Atkins, Thus Atkins, R C Carlton, J E 
Caser. Jno Eubank, Bennie Fox, G W Gar- 
nett. Geo X Garnett, Joe Gouldman. *Wm 
Gray, *Constant Green, *Moses Green, *E 
Greenstreet, J PI Gwathmey, Dr Wm Gwath- 
mey. *Geo Harris, * Nelson Holmes, *Frank 
Howell, * Frank James, Moffitt Long, Ellett 
McGeorge, W S Martin, J Moran, Henry Mo- 
ran, Lee Parker, J W Reed, C R Rice. *Jeff' 
Robinson, *R S Ryland, Willie Sizer, Jno A 
Tarrant, Milton Thomas. Harry Whitt, L D 

Cohoke — Popnlation, 15; on So R R; 10 
miles from C H; banking town, West Point — 
W Davis, E C Edwards, Dr J T Edwards, J T 
Ellett, R M Ellett, W D Gageratt/J G Hand. 
L Houston, A Jefferson, Chas Jefferson. J W 
Johnson, James H Johnson, W P Johnson. 
Rtfbt New, Ellis Norman. H B Pollard, Robt 
C Pollard, W G Pollard, Thos Smith, Fred 
Thompson, E M Wyble 

Dunne — Population 50; 12 miles from R R; 
22 miles from C H; banking town, West 
Point — A L Adams, W W Adams, * Luther 
Braxton, Elijah Cecil, *Jeff Comidy, ♦Field- 
ing Day, Wm Dillard, Frank Dyson, W J Dy- 
son, W J Fox, Melvin Gray, Saml Gray, E 
Greenstreet, *Edward Ham, *Jno Ham, f Wm 
Ham, Jno Harper, *Bob Johnson, *Xed 
Jones, L B Latano, E T McTyree, J E Moren, 
B P Xoland, H J. Pitts. *J Robinson, 'Wm 

Roane, Willie Samuel, James Tarrant, Mno 
Taylor, *Zaok Taylor, Milton Thomas, W O 
Thomas, E Trice I E Trice, H White 

Eiifield — Population 70; 7 miles from R R; 
17 miles from C H; banking town. West Point 
—J M Abrams, W T Abrams, Curtis Adams. 
W T Adams, J D Atkinson, * Peachy Banks. 
C C Beadles, Coly Beadles, Robt Beadles, 
*Edna Binns, *Torn Braxton, *Wm Brown. 
W D Burch, Dr H Campbell, T C Campbell. 
T F Cocke, W T Chenault, *Bosey' Chick, B 
Chinault, Rev J J Clarke; -Eddie Coldm'an,- 
E Davenport, W T Downes. A Earho, J X 
Eubank, E P Floyd, Geo A Gravatt, C M 
Green, *H Hill, *Frank Howard, *Daniel 
Jackson, *E J Jackson, * Eddie Jackson, *J LI 
Jackson, *T A Jackson, *T D Jackson, * Char- 
ley King, *John King, W E Lipscomb, ^Wil- 
lis McFerson, *Willis McFerson Jr. *C Moore. 
*D D Moore, P H Morrison. T L D Munrei. 
*M J Norman, *Wm Otley, *Stanley Owens. 
*Lews Page, R M Parker. E S Pollard, *H 
Redd, B F Rice, J A Rice. *A Rone, * Jonas 
Rone, *Jonus Rone Jr, G W Saunders, J W 
Scott, R B Skelton, *S Sims, B C Slater, 
*Sarah Smith, J E Sullivan, J L Sullivan, R 
D Steven, *R Taylor, Mames Temple. H <> 
Thomas *Charles Thornton, M L Timberlake. 
R E Tompkins, Wm Tremor, J T Tucker, *W 
Tucker. Andrew White. *James Wilkinson. *.T 
E Wingate. *Joe Wins'nn. W B Wormley 

Eimorth— -Population 15; S miles from R R; 
12 miles from C H; banking town, West 
Point — E T Atkins. T L Atkins, S T Bowles. 
Eugene Jacobs. J A Marshall, W N Mitchell. 
W G Mitchell, J A Moran. M L Morrison, J R 
Munday, C B Pickles 

Etna Mills — Population 5 1; 7 miles from R 
R; 15 miles from C H; banking town, West 
Point— B O Atkinson, G S Atkinson. I L At- 
kinson. A J Blake, P H Eubank. J B Gravatt. 
J O Hutchinson, R S McKenzie. L N Mitchell. 
C L Poats, J R Redd, S R Redd, B F Rice. 
F C Snead, R T Stevens, J C Sweet, W D 

Glob* 1 — Population 12; 10 miles from R R; 
12 miles from C H; banking town. W<\ct Point 
— J B Anderson, J W Atkins, C G Beadles, J 
X Beasley, M T Bowles, *J E Braxton, *Leo 
Bunkly, J W Campbell. V R Campbell, •Benj 
Carly, *T Carly, M F Fleet, 11 C Floyd & Pro. 
B H Frier. G rover Green, *J A Hill, T Jack- 
son, Jennie Kelley. P L McGeorge, R J Mc- 
George, R M George. R T McGeorge. 
John A Marshall, R L Mitchell, M 
L Moran. *Josh Pollard, Lewis Pollard, 
('has Powell, L E Reed. George Rone. A 
L Southworth, C B Southard, B H Tate, 
* Buck Taylor, R L Timberlake, C Woody, 
: Silas Wyatt , 

King William (C If) — Population 45; 9 miles 
from R K: banking town, West Point — G C 




Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. Co. 

GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,728.19. 





Bland, Alex Campbell, Beale Clarke, J C 
Cook, A M Dunston, James P Edmonds, 
* Moore Edwards, B C Garrett, Natl Garrett, 
D Gregory Jr, Saml Gatewood, R C Hill, *A1- 
bert Johnson. Geo H Johnson, E H Little- 
page, Edward Liltlepage, H C Littlepage, Roy 
Madison, *L R Morris, *tR T Morris, J B M j 
Puller, K T Richards, E G White 

Lanesville — Population 2 0; 3 miles from R | 
R; 7 miles from C H; banking town, West 
Point— *Bill Braxton, *A Brooks, R L Brookes, 
♦Claude Brown. *Will Brown, Walter Camp- 
bell, William Campbell, Vivon Clawson, W L 
Clawson, Smith Davis, Walter E Dillard, 
Chas L Edwards, Mrs E C Edwards, ♦Geo Ed- 
wards, Joe Engellerger, *Jno Edwards, L C 
Edwards, Roy Edwards. *Geo Garlick, *Abram 
Green, Joe Harbrick, Nicholas Harworth, 
-James T Henry, ♦Mrs Malvina Henry, *T B 
Henry, Joseph Hiebiek, "Ben Holmes, * Joshua 
Holmes, Steve Hubick, ,J Bern Johnson, J T 
Johnson, * Moses Johnson, Wilster John- 
son, * George Lipscomb.. Roger Madison, 
*.T Montague, *Nclson Montague, Dr Geo E 
Meredith, Carroll T Neale, Jno C Neale, Marl; 
Neale, W L Neale, W T Neale, ♦Ward New- 
bill, Mrs Maggie Renney, Newton Powell, 
Steve Prebis, ♦Boney Quarles, * Riley Quarles, 
Fred Rheinhart. Theo Rheinhart, Harry Rob- 
ins, Jno T Robins, ♦ Willie Robinson, ♦Mrs 
Lucy Roy, * Grant Taylor. -Joe Taylor, * An- 
thony Walker, *W L Waring', *Kaynor Wynn 

Lester Manor — Population 40; on So R R; 

10 miles from C H; banking town, West Point 
— C S Bradley, J E Bradley, ♦Geo Booker, Wm 
Brown, Jno T Collins, S Collins, W A Collins, 
G M Cook, Geo Cook, J T Dansey, Jno E 
Dennis, Jno B Green, Roger Gregory, Roger 
Gregory Jr, T P Jackson, * Nelson Montague, 
A S Neale, A J Page. M Pilcher, J A Rice, 
J A Robins, J T Robins, S Robins, W W 
Rountree, *James William, C L Yancey 

Lutlier — Population 8; 4 miles from R R; 
18 miles from C H; banking town, Rich- 
mond — W J Alvis, Tom Anderson, A J Ben- 
nett, G W Collins, R E Collins, J Dabney, J 
W Freeman, Dr A B Gravatt. Mrs Mollie 
Jackson, C T Jeter. *Wm Johnson, *Wm Jones, 
J E Marshall, T W Moren. K Peatross, Joe 
Souihworth, Robt Winston, H M Young 

^ ilangoliiefc — Population 50; 10 miles from 
R R; 20 miies from C H; banking town. West 
Point — J W Atkinson, G Cardwell, Robert 
Hill, J E Marshall, W A Mitchell, Lewis W 
Moran. R A Moran, Robert W Moran. H L 
Pitt, A B Powell, J 1) Powell, J H Powell, E 
K Terry, E W Terry, Milton Tuck 

Maiiqiiin — Population 27; 12 miles from R 
R; 8 miles from C H; banking town. West 
Point- --II W Bonner, A B Blake, *J'ohn Brooks, 
E S Carter, Joe Carter. E V Clements, S G 
Cox. S L Cox, Carry Pawnor, G O Pawner, 
A A Jackson. C R Kelley, Clifton Kelley, 

J B Kelley, L J Kelley, T T Kelley, Willie 
Kelley, N A Lipscomb, W T Mooklar, W J 
Morrison, Don Pearson, Dr O G Pearson, 
♦John Smith, *Page Smith. W R Spencer, 
♦Chas Thomas, J L Townsend, T L Waring, 
W E Waymack, A I) Willis, C C Wooddv, 
D S Wooddy 

Palls — Population 25; 7 miles from R R; 
4 miles from C H; banking town, West Point 
— -W H Hill, J B Huckslip. B T Lipscomb, R 
B Littlepage, J W Montague, N H Montague. 
G E Reed. J T Reed, R P Waring 

Palls R F D — G H Burke, L C Burke, II T 
Commins. Wm Edwards, B F Garber, Geo W 
Hancock, Jno H Haw, ('has Kelley. Lewis Kel- 
ley. F M King, Julian Lipscomb, Nelson 
Lipscomb. J P Walker 

Rum ford — Population 10; 12 miles from R 
R: 4 miles from C H; banking town, West 
Point- — K R Commins, T C Commins, Roger 
Edwards, G G Farmer, P S Farmer, J K 
Roane. E W Smith. O S Terry 

Sweet Hall — Population 25; on So Ry; 11 
miles from C II; banking town, West Point — 
Chas Brown, M S Buck, Robbie Dunn. Thos 
D Dunn, C A Galpin, R A Lipscomb, W I. 
Lipscomb, Frank Martin, H W Neale, N B 
Palmer, R W Pilcher. R T Puller. S D Pilcher. 
J H Richards, Thos Squires, I S Swingle. W 
S Timberlake, B Turner, * Robert Walker. 
James Wootten, ♦Thos Wright, Harry Zahn 

Skyron — Population 24: 7 miles from R R; 
2 miles from C H; banking town, West Point 
— Dick Adams, W G Adams, R E Billups, Dr 
W E Croxton, T II Dunn, Dr A Edwards. L B 
Edwards, *H Gains, J Harper, J B Hill, J H 
Hill. R O Hill Corbin Holmes. *A John- 
son, *Mary Johnson, Oscar Johnson, *Tom 
Johnson, Wm Johnson, Wm Lukhard. Willis 
Lukhard, Andrew Moore, *Lucy Moore. Sol- 
omon Neale, Westley Noel, Lighter Powell. N 
J Powell, W Powell. L D Robinson Jr. Mrs L 
D Robinson, Joe Smith, Virgie Spurlock, Glen 

Venter — Population 30; 13 miles from R R; 
10 miles from C H; banking town. West 
Point — J M Abrahams, C R Adams. G A 
Alexander, U S Garnetr, Thos Hill. J V New- 
man, J e' Rains. T A Rouse, Wm Rouzie, H 
O Thomas, F B Trice, Anderson Tucker. Jno 
Tucker, M White 

West Point — Population 1.397; on So Ry: 
20 miles from C H; a hanking town — Geo 
\llen, James Banks, H W Bland, 
Brooks. Albert Brown, M S Busch, Archie 
Cheatham, Harry Coles, Geo Cooke, D E De 
Farges, J S Do Farges, Chas H Denmead, Jas 
H Denmead. J L Garrett, W B Gouldman. 
*Moses Hale, *R B Hah. R M Hart, H I Lew- 
F E Martin. Mike! Patrick, R J Palmer. 


Jaek Taylor, 

G Ware. W 

W H 

L Wh 


Robt Turner, A 

"ASK IE. BOWMAN/' 618 East Main Street 

Phone Randolph 4587 






Lancaster County 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, 1,108,- 
0S9; colored, 256.043. Total, 1,364.132. 

Value of personal property — White. $719, 
595; colored, $103,227. Total, $822,822. 

Income — $5,160. 

Population, 1916—9,752. 

Number voters — White, 1,356; colored, 

Area — Acres, 82,84 8; square miles, 124. 

County Scat — Lancaster. 

Lancaster county was lirst mentioned in the 
Acts of Assembly with Gloucester and Surry 
in 16 52, and must have been formed in that 
year from Northumberland county. It lies on 
the' north side of the Rappahannock, which 
separates it from Middlesex county on the* 
south; a portion of the eastern part of the 
county is bounded by the Chesapeake Bay. 
with Northumberland and Richmond connties 
on the north. The courthouse is situated in 
the northern part of the county and about 
eighty-three miles jiortheast of Richmond^ 

The land produce fair average "crops of corn. 
oats and wheat. The is rolling - and 
well watered. Its continguity to navigable 
waters renders transportation chea.p. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the third Monday in January. March, May, 
July, September and November 

Judge — Jos W Chinn, Warsaw 

Clerk — Wm Chilton. Lancaster 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — F G Newbill. 


Sheriff — John A McIOnney, White Stone 
Treasurer — R R Dunaway, White Stone 
Surveyor — H P Hall, Pinckardsville 
Superintendent of Poor — Cookman L Degges. 


Superintendent of Schools— F W Lewis 

Commissioner of Revenue — E P Williams 

White Stone 


J Wm Chewning. chairman. Millenbeck; Wm 
N Cundiff, White Stone; L O Towle.-. Merry 


X B Treakle, Kilmarnock; R W Doggett. 
Millenbeck; W M Pinckard, Lancaster 


P Eilskov, Weems; J A' Cundiff. White S'one. 
J C r>egges, Lancaster; J C McIOnm-v- Brook 
Vale; E M Chase, Kilmarnock; L R Firming, 
Molusk: C E Thomas, Merry Point 


Board of Health 

J William Chewning (chairman), Bertrand- 
| Dr F W Lewis, Whealton; Dr H J Edmonds. 
| Kilmarnock; Dr M C Oldham. Lancaster 

Agricultural Implements 

Attorneys at Law 

! Ball W, Monaskon 

, Dorsey W B, Kilmarnock 

J Downing T J, Lancaster 

Gresham & Gresham, Lancaster 
| Hathaway W E, Kilmarnock 

Newbill Frank G, Irvington 
; Norris R O Jr, Lancaster and Lively 

Robinson B H, Lancaster 

Saunders W B, White Stoue 


| Winer M H, Irvington 



! Bonnaville W A, Prvington 
Dohrman H C Kilmarnock 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Baker E H, Ottoman 
Boswell James, Brookvale 
Boswell Robt W, Kilmarnock 
Demby W B, Kilmarnock 
Dyke JI J, Irvington 
Haynie J M, Alfonso 
Kirkham G O, Molusk 
Lewis T T, Lively 
Miller T F Jr, Litwalton 
Norris J S, Weems 
Rilee Bros, Irvington 
Rilee L IT. White Stone 
Shingars CA, Kilmarnock 
Talley J F, Brookvale 
Tapscott J H, Kilmarnock 
Thomas J N. Ottoman 

Boarding Houses 

Cottingham Geo Mrs. Ottoman 

Pinkard W M, Lancaster 

Tapscott Margaret Miss. Kilmarnock 

BHck Manufacturers 

Buck Levin T & Co, Weems . 


Bass Smith Co The. Litwalton 
Blakemore J E, Senora 
Davenport J FI. Lancaster 
George J R & Bro, Irvington 
Gunby F A & Son, Irvington 
Hubbard .Tones Co. Ottoman 
Irvington Paokiner Co. Irvington 

he Second 'National Bank 


fc&pital $50,000.00 

Surplus and Profits $25,000,00 

4% -Savings Departments °fc 

Kellam Hospital, Inc. 




The Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we \*a n t 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife. X-ray, 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundred* 
of sufferers treated during the past 18 years. 

5 80 


Kilmarnock Canning- Co, Kilmarnock 
Little Bay Packing Co, Palmer 
Ratcliffe T L Bert rand 

CI lurches 

Adventist, Kilmarnock 
Baptist, Fisherman 
Baptist, Irvington 
*Baptist, Kilmarnock 
Baptist, Kilmarnock 
Baptist, Ottoman 
Baptist, Senora 
Catholic, Kilmarnock 
Episcopal, Bertrand 
Episcopal, Kilmarnock 
Episcopal, Lancaster 
Methodist. Brookvale 
Methodist, Fisherman 
Methodist, Irvington 
Methodist, Kilmarnock 
Methodist, Palmer 


Storm H E. Monaskon 
Willing Bernard, Irvington 

Contractors and Builders 
Carney James I, Iberis , 

Carter L T, Bertrand 
Cutler G W Jr, Kilmarnock 
Elmore A C, Kilmarnock 
Hazzard J E, Bertrand 
Walker F W, Bertrand 
Webb E J. Kilmarnock 

Brent J M, 




Edmonds B B, Kilmarnock 
Wayman J T, Kilmarnock 


Richardson Ellis C, Kilmarnock 

Fertilizer Manufacturers and Dealers 

Eubank-Tankard Co, Kilmarnock 
Irvington Fish ec Guano Co, Irvington 


Simmons S P, Irvington 

Fish Packers 

rfubbard-James Co. Ottoman 
Taft Fish Co, Taft 
Severn C J. White Stone 

Fish Oil Manufacturers 

Wharton Fisheries Co, White Stone 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 
Bonner Bros, Kilmarnock 


Chilton R H & Co, Kilmarnock 
Palmer &r Moore Co Inc, Irvington 

General Stores 

| Adams J M, White Stone 

j .Allen R L, Kilmarnock 
Ashburn J C, Weems 
Barrick Clarence E, Alfonso 
Bass R E, Litwalton 
Beane C W, Nuttsville 
Beane Frank B, Molusk 
Bellows & Squires Co, Ocran 

| BLAKEMORE G S, Senora 
Braxton N, Millenbeck 
Brent & Squires, Kilmarnock 
Bruce & Sanders, White Stone 
Chiltom & Derrickson, Merry Point 
Clark Eppa B & Son, Lively 
Coates aL- haws, Merry Point 
COCREELL ,T B, Brookvale 
Collins George A, Westland 
Cottingham L B, Ottoman 
Curlett John, Mattico 
Dameron W A & Bro, Weems 
Davis J H, Molusk 
I>avis R M, Weems R F P 
1) a v i s it B r o , O c r a n 
Dobson R L, Millenbeck 
Doggett W A, Weems 
Downs J K, Fisherman 
DPXAWAY H E, Ottoman 
Dunaway Robt R, White Stone 
Dunton A W„ White Stone 
Dunton G IL V\"hit.p Stone 
Eubank & I>ro, Kilmarnock 
EWELL & CO, Bertrand 
' Farley J H. Merry Point 
Ficklin Richard Floyd, Millenbeck 
Ford Lynn II, Irvington 
FOX WELL WM G, Fisherman 
Glenn H C, Morattico 
Gunby F A & Son, Irvington 
Harding J Carroll, Irvington 
Hathaway L O. Taft 
Hayden T J & Son, Irvington 
Hunken J A. Irwin 
James Orris, Irvington 
Jenkins S J Mrs, Nuttsville 
Kelly & Co, Ottoman 
Kirson S & Co, Kilmarnock 
Little Boy Packing Co. Palmer 
McKenney Bros. Lancaster 
Meekins G W ; Fisherman 
Mitchell A S, Boer- 
Potter A E & Co, Morattico 
Rce & Revere, Lively 
RICHARDSON \Y T, Nuttsville 
Bobbins J C. Palmer 
Rock L Taylor, Litwalton 
Sadler F C. Nuttsville 
Sanders Geo W & Son, White Stone 
Sanders J F, Irvington 
Sanders Romulus M, White £tcne 
Sanford H B, White Stone 
Schools & Lewis, Millenbeck 
Slater A B Mrs, Merry Point 


Write us. 

Can handle all your MULTIGRAPH 
>\'ORK and deliver it promptly. 

823 Mutual lUiilding, Richmond, Va. 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia 



pTrnTni vuil)l,vi"EEV upon receipt of" 
factory Proofs of Death. Tola! Payments to Policyholder' 
since organization OVER $17,000,000.00. Is imvine it* 
Policyholders OVER $1,250,000.00 annually. 



Smith J W, Kilmarnock 
Smither T O, Kilmarnock 
Stokes James B, Kilmarnock 

Sullivan J R Weems 
Thomas Samuel C, Weems 
Thompson C F, Irvington 
Towles L O, Merry Point 
Walker \V H & Bro. Millenbeck 
Wheeler K J, Kilmarnock 
Williams A & Co. Lancaster 
Williams J A, White Stone 
Willing Bernard, Irvington 
Wingate & Turner. Molusk 
Yerby L L <£ Son, Kilmarnock 

Kellum R M. Weems 
Moran M L Mrs, Weems 
Sanders Geo W, Irvington 
Saunders J C, Millenbeck 
Thomas J W. Ottoman 
Urkums P J, Xuttsville 
Waddy W F. Merry Point 
West Isaac, White Stone 

Hardware Dealers 

Palmer & Moore Co Inc. Irvington 

Harness and Saddlery 

McXamara H D, White Stone 

Hay, Grain and Feed 
Dunaway H E, Ottoman 
Eubank & Bro, Kilmarnock 

Cox W E Mrs. Kilmarnock 
Hotel Eubank, Kilmarnock 
Hotel Lancaster, Lancaster 
Irvington Beach Hotel.. Irvington 
Mitchell R S, Irvington 

Insurance Agents 

Beane A R, Lancaster 
Blakemore J PL Senora 
Hazzard X C, Iberis 
James W I, Kilmarnock 
Leland L, Irvington 
Turner G B, Kilmarnock 

, Livery Stables 

Eubank &- Bro, Kilmarnock 
Mitchell R S, Irvington 
Pinckard Wilber M, Lancaster 

Lumber Dealers 

Beane W G, Lancaster 
Davenport J G, Lancaster 
Davis W F & Sons, Kilmarnock 
Eubank Hackney Co, Kilmarnock 
George F A & Co, Bertrand 
Jesse T P. Xuttsville 

Lancaster Lumber & Building Co, Ocran 
Lank ford Lumber Co. Brookvale 

Robinson B H, Lancaster 
Sullivan R W. Xuttsville 


Willing J Homer, Irvington 

Marine Railways 

Carters Creek Railroad Co, Irvington 
Palmer-Moore Co. Irvington 
Winegar John J. Ocran 

Meat Markets 

Holbrook Geo, Kilmarnock 

Men's Furnishings 

Irvington Haberdashery Co, Irvington 


Rilee Mabel Miss, Irvington 
Williams Z M Miss, White Stone 

Mills — Com and Flour 
Baker E H. Ottoman 
Lancaster Roller Mills, Kilmarnock 

Mills — Saw and Planing 

Beane W G, Lancaster 

Beane W G Jr. Lancaster 

Blakemore J E. Senora 

Cornwell C G. Lancaster 

George F A & Co, Bertrand 

Gill W T. Lancaster 

Humphreys H R. Weems 

Hutchinson Arthur. Lancaster 

Jesse J D, X'uttsville 

Lankford Lumber Co, Brookvale • 

Lynch C W Jr. Lancaster 

Newspapers and Editors 

Virginia Citizens, Irvington, W McDonald Lee 


Oyster Dealers 

Blakemore J E Jr. Senora 
Coulbourn Bros Oyster Co, Morattico 
George J R & Bro, Irvington 
Hopkins Bros, Irvington 
Treakle T A, Palmer 

Oyster Packers and Shippers 

Farley Bros, Merry Point 
Irving Oyster Co, Irvington 
Irvington Packing Co ? Irvington 
Long E W & Co, Irvington 
Thomas B W. Morattico 
Willing Bros, Irvington 

Hammond B S, Irvington 
Jett J J, Irvington 
Shade J W. Kilmarnock 

Edmonds Henry J. Kilmarnock 
Hawkins F! Taylor, Trvin;:ton 

m i 

H Offers HOME SITES as well as MANU- 


Boom on Now. 


^Most progressive town of size 
" in vSouth. Great Building 
Gome on quick— big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Hubbard B H B, White Stone 
Kirk Win M, White Stone 
Lewis F W, Morattico 
Xewbill W J, Irving'ton 
Oldham M C, Lancaster 
Peirce C T, Litwalton 
Stewart Geo H, Ottoman 

Printing Offices 

Virginia Citizen Publishing- Co, Irvington 

Railway Companies 
Machine Shop & Railway Co, Irving'ton 

Heal Estate Agents 

Chase H B, Kilmarnock 
Robinson B Hah Lancaster 


Baylor R L, Weems 


Raines C S, Irving-ton 


Ingram Jno R, White Stone 
Kelly J A, Ottoman 
Tapscott J H, Kilmarnock 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 
McCralin J W. Kilmarnock 


Bortrand — Population 20; 1 mile from river; 
12 miles from C H; banking town, Irvngton — 
J W Chewning, Judge Jno C Ewell, L B Fos- 
ter, Jno Hazzard, Charles Pritchett, T I Rat- 
cliffe, Robt Reynolds, Wm Reynolds, J C 
Towles, Edgar Walker 

Brookvale — Population 20; 2% miles from 
C H; banking town, Irvington — E B Dou- 
glass, H B Lankford, J C McKenney, N F 
Sloan, James P Talley, Wm L Talley 

Fisherman — 2 miles from Chesapeake Bay; 
18 miles from C H; banking town, Kilmar- 
nock — B A Crosdale, T M Fitchett, Wm G 
Foxwell, H W James 

Iberis — Population 10; 5 miles from river; 
5 miles from C H; bankng town, Irvington 
—James T Carney, F R Thition. G W Haz- 

ard, *R W Jones, \V R Kennedy, R R Mc- 
Kenney, Jos Xickens, *N H Prim, T P Towles 

Irvington — Population 150; 12 miles from 
C H; a banking town — W T Broaddus, T B 

Croxton, L Leland, R S Mitchell, W C 


Kilmarnock — Population 2 50; 2 miles from 
Chesapeake Bay; 7 miles from C H; a bank- 
ing town— J M Brent, C P Carter, Geo W 
Carter, Harry Carter. John J Carter, R D 
Carter, F S Chase, W E Curreli. W B Dor- 
sey, L M Flippo, W H George, Wm Hender- 
son Jr, Sydnor Henderson, Wm Henderson. 
Wm Henderson Jr, T B Hurst, AXoblett. R 
M Parks, R M Porter, J R Webb, E P Williams 

Lancaster (C H) — Population 40; 5 miles 
from Rappahannock river; bankng town, Ir- 
vington — H E Beane, W G Beane, T D Brown, 
R E Covington, T J Downing, W L Gill, C M 
Gresham, H S Gresham, W T Gill, M B Lewis, 
E W Webb 

Litwalton — Population 40; 4 miles from C 
H; 4 miles from steamboat landing; bank- 
ing town, Irvington — 3 J Barton. R L Bass, 
James Christopher, T S Timlin. S W Dawson. 
Jno East, James Forrester, B R Johnson, C 
T Peirce, Joseph Peirce, H H Weaver 

Merry Point — Population 15; a steamboat 
landing; banking town, Kilmarnock — C L 
Brown, A R Chilton, J S Chowning. L Currie. 
J R Davis, C N Didlake, Wm Dunaway, F P 
McGinnis, W S Slater, C E Thomas, L O 
Towles, T P Towles, H II Dodson, R \V Dog- 
gett, R Floyd Ficklin, Geo E Lewis, D A 
Saunders, Scott & Oliver 

Molusk — Population 25; 11 miles from C 
H; banking town, Kilmarnock — B C Brent. 
Ernest Brent, Lewis Cox, E S Dobytas, B F 

Monaskon — Population 15; on Rappahan- 
nock river; 10 miles from C H; banking town. 
Irvington — F D Barrick, R C Bryan, E J 
Conrad, Geo Dawson, E R Digues. CD Dillon, 
D E Doggett, J J Doggct t, E J Douglas. J F 
Garrett, F B George, G 1 : Hazzard, Jno Haz- 
zard, () At Hazzard, S Jenkins, I") Korbrach, 
J B Lee, W R Lee. A Leland, Leland & 
Stonehouse. C C NTunley, J B Ransom, How- 
ard Snead, J N Snead, H f Stonehouse. Da- 
vid Strong, Tom Stroughn, R \Y Sullivan, C 
J Tinslev. *W A Weaver 


Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Ya. 

Farms. Orchards, Tlmbei and Coal Lands, 
CITY ruoi'i IKI\ 

«3l S W ■ R"« 

, , ? 


/ r *% 

Mill Work, Lumber, Roofing, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Shtnftles and Lath;-. Buildln<i Outfitttrs 
Phone No. 1864 Office and Mill N. South St., PETERSBURG, VA. 




Xuttsville — Population 10; 5 miles from R 
R; 8 miles from C H; banking- town, Kilmar- 
nock— G B Clarice, Stepto Dawson, C H Dog- 
get t, David Doggett. James Forrester, Clay- 
brooke Jessee, R C Jesse, Barton Mitchell. 
Joseph Perce, J no Tal'f 

Derail- — Population 10; 12 miles from C H; 
banking town, Irvington — J F Bellows, Wil- 
son Bush, Wm Chase, Eddie Efford, R L 
"Long-worth, J W Shackleford, E B Squires, 
Geo L Squires, Milton Tadlock, Jno Toleman 
H W Treakle 

Ottoman — Population 25; 1 mile from river; 
7 miles from C H; banking town, Kilmar- 
nock — Jno Betfield, Joseph Belneld, B C 
Brent, W E Brent, J F Harper, J H Harper, 
W H Haynie, Geo E Lewis, B F McCarty, F P 
McGinns. C L Shackleford, L L Shackelford 

Palmer — Population 10; on Rappahannock 
river; 15 miles from C H; banking town. Ir- 
vington — J S Buchon, W W Buchon, B F Chil- 
ton, B T Chilton, W C Chilton. T S Croasdale, 
Mrs Annie Evans, C G Harper, G W Harper, 
L L Harper. E L Henderson, Mrs P Hender- 
son, F II Holmes, H W James. J L James. 
T G Julian, C L Lawsoii, Mrs A J Powell. 
H E Robertson, Mrs L A Robertson, G L Rob - 
bins, J C Robbins, Earnest Ross, James Ross, 
A L Treakle. T A Treakle 

Scnora — G S Blakemore, J E Blakemore, 
W F Blakemore, J E Connellee. W H Walker, 

Veems — Population 100; on Rappahannock 
river; 14 miles from C H; banking town, Ir- 
vington— G *L Ball. W A Ball, W A Damer- 
on <£ Bro, M Dodson, Ben Doggett, P Eilskoo. 
Geo Lawson, G R Packett, S C Thomas, C B 

Weems K F T) — * Proctor Ball, Henry Ben- 
son. *Geo Chewning, *Thos Chewning. C I 
Corklin, *E Gaskins, W F Grogg, E Harcum, 
T J Meredith, * Jesse Parks 

Whitestoiic — Population 2 00; on Rappahan- 
nock river; 14 miles from C H; banking town. 
Kilmarnock— M W Bruce, W E Hathaway, E 
E Lawson. G W Mercer, R M Sanders. G W 





Lee County 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $_.- 
554,197; Colored, $7,720 — Total, $2,561,917. 

Value of personal property — White. $1,452,- 
143; Colored, $4,085 — Total, SI, 458,228. 
Income-— $10,907. 
Population 1916 — 23,840. 
Number votes — White, 4,377; colored, 9 4. 
Area — Acres, 229,281; square miles, 441. 
County Seat — Jonesville. 

Lee was formed 1792 from Russell, and 
j named in honor of Henry Lee, then Gov- 
' ernor. It lies on the eastern slope of the 
\ Cumberland mountains at the extreme south- 
western angle of the State. The States of 
Kentucky and Tennessee bound it on the north 
■ and south and Scott and Wise counties on the 
east. The western part is very mountainous 
and the land unimproved, but the eastern and 
! valley portions are quite fertile and produce 
good and abundant crop? Of corn, oats, rye 
and wheat and the grasses. Some tobacco 
of fine grade is also raised. The orchard and 
I dairy yield handsome revenue. The county is 
well watered by the headwaters of Powells 
river, which also furnish a means for the trans- 
j portation of grain and the forest product to 
I market. The minerals found in this county 
; are , iron (red and brown hematite) coal 
barytes and salt. The timbers are white oak 
much being the natural growth, and every 
' variety of wood to be found in any other coun- 
| ty in the State. 


The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
i the second Monday of February, and the first 
j Monday in May, September and December of 
j each year 

Judge— H A W Skeen, Big Stone Gap 

Clerk— J D Edds. Jonesville 

Deputy Clerk — L T Hyatt, Jonesville 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — _ E Skaggs, 
1 Jonesville 
j Sheriff — A D Robbing. Jonesville 

Deputy Sheriffs — C E Garrett, Rose Hill. H 
! W L Yeary, Jonesville R F D; I G Weston 
Jonesville R F D; E C Courtney. Jonesville, 
! j R Willis, Blackwater; A P Skidmore, Dot 
R F D; A J Stacy, St Charles. C F Shuler. 
Keokee; I X Kelly. Olinger R F D 
Treasurer — M O Combs, Jonesville 
Surveyor — L M Parsons. Jonesville 
Superintendent of Poor — S A Lockhart, 

Superintendent of Shcools-%-J C Boatright, 

Commissioners of the Revenue C H John- 

per National Bank R 


esources Over 



15 \V. TabbSt., Petersburg, Va. 



PHONE 176 






son, Rose Hill; J T Chance, Jonesville; R F 
D; Floyd Robinson, Dona; J Marion Smith, 
Pennington Gap; B I Stewart, Keokee 


J M Wheeler, Ewing; D C McClure, Jones- 
ville R F D; D C Sewell, Jonesville; J F 
Flanary, Dot; E M Cooper, Keokee 


J C Rowland, Ewing; S M Hoskins, Rose 
Hill; C C Phipps, Hagan; W A Woodward, 
Jonesville; C D Wilder, Jonesville R F D: A 
J Lawson, Blackwater; A V Kirk, St Charles; 
J T Hughes, Pennington Gap; J C Mullins, FJig 
Stone Gap R F D 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Anderson D X, Hagan 
Bledsoe I W, Blackwater 
Bonham Bros, Jonesville 
Cridlin J X, Jonesville 
Harber John, Boons Path 
Osborn W Z, Blackwater 
Russell A L, Jonesville 

Boarding Houses 

Bowling Janett Mrs. Jonesville 
Crouse Jacob, Hagan 
Stickley F R, Hagan 
Thompson M H, Boons Path 
Williams A N, Jonesville 

Brick Manufacturers 

Kincaird Brick Co, Boons Path 

Justices of the Peace 
Wm. Littrell, Ewing W M Sloan, Rose Hill; 
A D Ayes, Gibson Station; James M Shaekle- 
ford, , Rose Hill; C B Woodward, Jonesville 
R F D; J G Burgan. Jonesville R F D; A J 
Myers Hagan; O M Yeary Hagan; J A G Hy- 
att, Jonesville; J H Sadler, Jonesville R F D; 
E A Robinette, Blackwater; Hiram Jones, 
Oconita; G S Stapleton, St Charles; U G Tins- 
ley, St Charles; J H Graham, Dot 

Agricultural Implements 
Bealy Bros, Boons Path 
Boatright & Orr, Pennington Gap 
Hickham W M & Son, Blackwater 
Neal J W, Jonesville 
Robinette C J & Co, Blackwater 

Attorneys at Law 
Carter E M, Dryden 
Chumbley R E L, Pennington Gap 
Cridlin &. Pennington, Jonesville 
Davidson & Robinette, Jonesville 
Duncan C T, Jonesville 
Edds J D, Jonesville 
Ely M G, Jonesville 
Noel J C, Pennington Gap 
Orr J W, Jonesville 
Pennington Bros. Pennington Gap 
Pennington & Cridlin. Jonesville 
Robinette L M, Blackwater 
Robinette & Davidson, Jonesville 
Sewell B H, Jonesville 
Skaggs E -E, Jonesville 
Skeen H A W, Jonesville 


Pennington Gap Bank, Pennington Gap 


Flanary Zack, Dryden 
Hines Rando, Jonesville 
Ma.han D H, Blackwater 


Glass W J, Blackwater 

Tritt D C, Pennington Gap R F D No 2 

Carriage and Wagon .Manufacturers 

Burk T J, Pennington Gap 
Cridlin J N, Jonesville 
Roberts J W Sr, Blackwater 


Baptist, Blackwater 

Baptist, Dryden 

Baptist, Jonesville 

Christian, Hagan 

Christian, Pennington Gap R F D No 2 

Methodist, Blackwater 

Methodist, Boons Path 

Methodist, Dryden 

Methodist, Hagan 

Methodist, Jonesville 

Presbyterian, Jonesville 

Coal and Coke Dealers 

Stonega Coke & Coal Co, Keokee 

Contractors and Builders 

Carter C F, Blackwater 
Marc urn W L, Boons Path 
Wolfe M C, Hagan 


Nicoll Henry, Pennington Gap 
Osborn J N, Blackwater 


Harris Chas O, Jonesville 
Hickam W M & Son, Blackwater 
Powell Valley Drug Co, Pennington Gap 
Witt J F, Pennington Gap R F D No 2 

Witt D H, Pennington Gap R P I> No 2 


Conk A J, Jonesville 

Pennington Motor Car Co, Pennington (i:ip 


< No city in the State can offer better 

fejfc* '- ^ Homes and Schools. 


!/• L* Ko 

C L. Robinson, Pres 

inson Ice and Cold Storage Corporation 

- 85 Tons y^^^^^^o^'^S^!;:^^^^:. *• *• »*«-. Sec. 



General Stores 

Albert J F & Son, Jonesville 
Allen W P, Gibson's Station 
Anderson J W, Penriington Gap 
Baker C J & Co, Blackwater 
Bales Leonard, Boons Path 
Bales & Hagner, Ewing 
Banner V S &. Son, Dot 
Barker G W, St Charles 
Barker & McConnell, Keokee 
Basnick, Glass & Hickam, Dot 
Bayless H A, Boons Path 
Beaty W J, Rosehill 
Brooks R E, Pennington Gap 
Burgan J U, Hubbard Springs 
Burke S T, Hagan 
Byington D B, Jonesville 
Carter A T, Blackwater 
Caywoocl J C, Hagan R F D 
Chance D P, Rosehill 
Chance G W, Hagan 
Chance T W, Hagan 
Clarkston Bros, dinger 
Clarkston J J, Keokee 
Cobb W T, Benhur 
Combs & McNeil, Rosehill 
Cooper E M & Son, Keokee 
Couk A W, Jonesville 
Couk Bros, Jonesville 
COX BROS, Dryden 
Dalton G W, Gibson's Station 
Darnell R H, Keokee 
Davis C C, Hagan R F D 
Dean Mrs M E & Son. Ewing R F D 
Dean R L & Co, Ewing 
Ely D D, Hagan 

Ewing C L Mrs, Pennington Gap 
Fee & Gregory, Hagan 
Flanary J M & W B, Dot R F D 
Fugate & Moore, Dot 
Garrett G W, Rosehill f 

Gates J J & Son, Keokee 
Gibson J O, Pennington Gap 
Gibson J R & Sons, Pennington Gap and Jones- 
Gilliam E B Mrs, Blackwater 
Glass Bros, Blackwater 
Graybeal M D L, Ewing 
Gregory & Fee, Hagan 
Grubb H L, Hubbard Springs 
Hamilton T H. Rosehill 
Hammond J P, Gibson's Station 
Herndon C B & Co, Dryden 
Hickam J R, Blackwater 
'Hickman W M & Son, Blackwater 
Hill J B, Gibson's Station 
Hobbs D E, Dryden 
Hobbs J H, Hagan 
Humphrey's J H, Gibson's Station 
Jones J F, Ocoonita 
Johnson L B & Sons, Blackwater 
Johnson M E, Gibson's Station 
Jones B D & Co, Blackwater 
Jones J F, Ocoonita 

Jones S P & Co, Blackwater 

Joyner H & Co, Blackwater 

Kaufman r, St Charles 

Kelly Marion D, St Charles 

Kesterson C R & Co, Ewing 

Kincaid & Snavely, Ewing 

Kincaid & Rowlett, Rosehill 

King E R Co, Pennington Gap 

King & Russell, Hagan RED 

Kinser W F, Hagan 

Kirk Bros, St Charles- 
Kirk M R, Pennington Gap R E D 

Eadd B E Mrs, Duffield R F D 

Laningham J P, Benhur 

Legg J R & Son Inc. Pennington Gap 

Livesay W H & Co, Jonesville 

Livingston & Osborne, Dot 

McClure D C, Jonesville 

McLin Mary E, Rose Hill 

McNeil Bros, Jonesville 

Maness H A L, St Charles 

Middleton W M, Hagan 

Miller M D, Dona 

Moore J C & Co, Ewing 

Moore & Edds, Rose Hill 

Morgan C X, Ewing R E D 

Mullins W H, Benhur 

Munsey G E, Blackwater 

Myers J P. Hagan 

Nash W P, Gibson's Station 

Xoe Bros, Jonesville 

Noe C A, Hubbard Springs 

Noe D F & Son. Jonesville 

Noe J P, Jonesville 

Noe W M & Son, Hubbard Springs 

Old Virginia Coal Co, Leona Mines 

Orr M S, Dryden 

Orr W E, Jonesville 

Overton A E & Co, Ewing 

Overton 1 M, Ewing 

Owens Wm A. Blackwater 

Parsons A J, Keokee 

Parsons E E, Keokee 

Parsons G Z, St Charles 

Pennington Geo L, Pennington Gap R F D 

Pennington M J, Pennington Gap 

Phillion & Sutton, Ewing 

Price S F, Jonesville 

Redwine J R, St Charles 

Reed B H, Jasper 

Richmond J E. Jonesville 

Richmond J S B, Ewing 

Riley Bros, Ocoonita 

Roberts J W & Sons, Blackwater 

Robinett J M & Sons, Dot 

Robinett J R, Blackwater 

Robinett M E, Blackwater 

ROBINETTE C J «v CO, Blackwater 

Robinette J B & A E, Blackwater 

Robinson Emmett, Jonesville 

Rogers C P. Blackwater 

Rowlett M. N, Boons Path 
i Russell & King. Hagan 
| Shackleford W S, Rose Hilt 

Southern Building Material Company 

Pressed Brick (All Colors), Common jirick. Ornamental Terra Cotta, Metal Windows and Doors, Steel I Rth, 
Corner Bead, Ornumentnl Plastering Hollow Tile, Structural Steel, Iron, Plaster, Lime, Cement, Stone 

Offices: 235- .237 ARCADE JJL'ILDING 

HONL 411* 



FRIEND & CO., Inc. 




Skeen Baxter, Benhur 

Slemp Suml C, dinger 

Smith Granville & Son, Hagan 

Sprinkle B B, Benhur 

Sprinkle E D, Benhur 

Spurrier W M, Jonesville 

Statzer W F, Pennington Gap 


Stidham C B & Son, Blackwater 

Stout E W, Duffield R F D 

Sufridge J S, Gibson's Station 

Surgener S C Co, Blackwater 

Sutton & Martin, Ewing 

Thomas & Smith, Keokee 

Tomlinson J R, St Charles 

Turner W M, St Charles 


Watson & Parkey, Jonesville 

Wax E S, St Charles 

Weston J M, Hubbard Springs 

Wheeler J M, Ewing R F D 

Wilder W R, Jonesville R'F D 

Willis J S, Ewing R F D 

Willis L L, Jonesville 

WITT J F &- CO, Pennington Gap R F D Xo 2 

Wolfenbarger J C, Hagan 

Wood R J & Sons, Pennington Gap and Jones- 
ville R F D 

Woodward G W, Pennington Gap 

Wynn J C. Jonesville 

Wynn R L, Pennington Gap 

Yeary H J Hagan 

. & Livesay, Pennington Gap 

Zion Robt L & Co, Dry den 

Zion dc Lucas, Dryden 


Bailey Q L, Benhur 

Courtney Emmett, Ocoonita 

Gajlor J S, St Charles 

Gil ley W W, St Charles 

Gilliam J M, St Charles 

Head rick W Z ; Pennington Gap 

Kirk M R, St Charles 

Lee O C, Jonesville 

Mozrier Jno, Keokee 

Xoe I> F & Son, Jonesville 

dinger C F, dinger 

Oiinger M L. Pennington Gap 

Payne J H, Koekee 

Pennington & Zion, Pennington Gap 

Richmond M D, Jonesville 

Snapp W C, St Charles 

^Williams A Nj Jonesville 

Hardware Dealers 

Beatty Bros, Rose Hill 
Laningham J E, Pennington Gap 
Xeal J W, Jonesville 

Harness and Saddlery 

Henderson S A, Jonesville 


Brown's Hotel, Jonesville 
McDowell Hotel, Jonesville 
Neil Agnes Mrs, Pennington Gap 
Skidmore I J, Jonesville 
Thompson M H, Boons Path 

Insurance Agents 

Hyatt F K, Jonesville 
Munsey J F, Hagan 
Smith Henry, Boons Path 
Wynn A C, Jonesville 

Light Companies 

Pennington Gap Acteyline Light Co, Penning- 
ton Gap 

Live Stock Dealers 
Minor J W, Blackwater 
Stickley Ross, Hagan 

Livery Stables 

Barlow T C, Pennington Gap 

Lumber Dealers 

Bledsoe J W & W E, Blackwater 

Blue Hound Knob-Lumber Co, Blackwater 

Combs Lumber Co, Pennington Gap 

Combs & Wilson, Dot 

Lovelady Lumber Co, Jasper 

Merriman W B, Jonesville 

Phipps & Fee, Hagan 

Watts J, Pennington Gap 

Wyman H P Lumber Co, Keokee 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Giles R F, Boons Path 

Herndon & Yandeventer, Dryer 

Lamb & Nida, Hagan 

Litton A Frank Milling Co, Pennington Gap 

McPherson Evans Co, Blackwater 

Orr J U & W E, Jonesville 

Orr M S, Dryden 

Pennington Milling Co. Pennington Gap 

Powell Valley Milling Co. Gibson's Station 

Simpson Thos E, Jonesville R F D 

Witt J F, Pennington Gap R F D Xo 2 

Wolfe & Wygal, Dryden 

Yeary H M, Hagan 

Mills— Saw 

Hines J W» Jonesville 
Jessee W M, Dryden 
Keys J F, Hagan 
Rhea J L, Pennington Gap 


Anderson D X, Hagan 

Mi lies? — Coal and Iron 
Black Mountain Mining Co, Pennington Gap 
Boons Path Iron Co, Boons % Path 
Old Virginia Coal Co, l.<onn .Mines 

Directory Advertising 

Consult HILL DIRECTORY CO^ Publishers 

CREATES— A New Business 
REVIVES— A Dull Busine«»r 


1 9 1 5 New Model Hyd. Rain f 

Descriptive Catalogue Froo 

._ Rife Ram and Pump Works 

BROOK OR FLOWING WELLS.g (Sec Page .9.) *o^ -^ WaynesWo, Augusta County . ^ . Virginia 



Virginia Iron Coal & Coke Co, Leona Mines | Tinners 

Virginia Co, St Charles ! Lee O C, Jonesville 

Newspapers and Editors 

Jonesville Star, Jonesville, C J Boatright edi- 

Lee County Sun, Pennington Gap, L B How- 
ard editor 


Shupe J S, Hagan 
Talley C W, Jonesville 
Wolfe M C, Hagan 


Chapman Thos E, Jasper 
Dulaney Win A, St Charles 
Ely H G, Dryden 
Ely T B, Jonesville 
Ewing James S, Jonesville 
Givens R T, St Charles 
Hurst James A, Pennington Gap 
Jaynes James-, Blackwater 
McNeal C E, Pennington Gap 
Morgan John D, Rose Hill 
Morgan John H. Pennington Gap 
Morris, F Keokee 
Osborne A J, Blackwater 
Pearce, G C, Pennington Gap 
Peirce David E, Boons Path 
Pence Philip D, Darybville 
Pritchard J M, Olinger 
Redwine S L, Ewing 
Rose E E, Rose Hill 
Sherburne Silas E, Dot 
Spencer William L, Jonesville 
Swan M O, Hagan R F D No 2 
Tuder Thus J, Keokee 
Young Geo, Pennington Gap 


Osborn J S, Blackwater 
Winkle Saml, Hagan 


Cridlin W J, Jonesville 

Duff Sam H, Pennington Gap 

Fitts A J, Jonesville 


Boatright Printing Co, Jonesville 


v Sun Publishing Co, Pennington Gap 


Callison-Price Stone Lime Co, Gibson's Station 

Real Estate Agents 
Munsey J F, Hagan 


Whitaker E H, Pennington Gap 
Williams A N, Jonesville 

Tobacco Dealers 

I Kinser W F, Hagan 

Russell & King, Hagan 
! Stickley F R, Hagan 



! Lee O C, Jonesville 

! Osborn J M, Blackwater 

j Parsons & Cox, Dryden 

j Witt J F & Co, Pennington Gap R F.D No 2 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Burruss U M, Hagan 
j Cox Bob, Dryden 
: Nida Wm, Hagan 
\ Roop J B, Jonesville 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

I Cox F T, Dryden 
j Mattock J S, Hagan 
! Parsons H T, Dryden 

Blackwater — Population 25 0: 15 miles from 
| R R; 7 miles from C H; banking town, Jones- 
| ville — F C Anderson, A F McPherson, A W 
j McPherson, D C Newberry, J K Osborne. C 
J Robinette, L E Robinette, S R Robinett. 
; C F Walton 

Blackwater R F D — J Burchett, J F 1 
; chett, Jonas Burchett, T J Burchett, Geo 
, Eastridge, E B Gilliam, Jno Legg, C F Mc- 
, Pherson, L R Osborne, Elias Payne, F T 
Robinette, Isaac W Robinette, J J Robinette, 
j J P Robinette, P C Robinette, C F Steele, J B 
j Steele, W T Steele 


| Boons Path — Population 200; on L & N rt 
! R; 17 miles from C H; a banking town — J P 
I Kincaid, J D Morgan, C F Smith 

Darbyyille — Population 50; 2 miles from R 
j R; 13 miles from C H; banking town Penning- 
: ton Gap — David Blevins, Win Turner 

j Dot R I 1 1) — Patton Elkins, C F Fannon, 

, L D Fannon, T J Fannon, W 1" Fletcher, 

; L G Glass. E D Hall, M B Hall. W S Hickman, 

: B F Lambert, Jno W Lambert, Taylor Lambert, 

I B D Miles, C P Rasnie, S I-: Rasnic 

Dryden — Population 115 on T. & X R R; 12 

: miles from C H; banking town Pennimrton 

1 Gap — C W Allen, E M Carter, Z M Cecil, A .1 

Cox, F C Crabtree, X P Ely, E s Flanary J J 

C Flanary. E Rl Gilbert, Q R Gilley, D E Hobbs. 

: J E Hobbs, H L Jessee, <; C Jessee W W 

! Jesse, D L Jessie, James Johnson, ''II Lucas. 

John Lucas, R E Lytton, John H Moreneld, 

Oddie Olinger Robt Orr, E P. Parsons, H J 

j Parsons, R E Shufflebarger, J B Wolfe. Johii 

B Wygol 

*??\ !?■ ' " ; ^~ 9 V i 0^ F**\ * 


,:..,..:.: i. --—■■.. PUBLISHERS. 


Account. $1.00 op 
an account at 

R t : m» ^RMMBk* WGJSei **&. KA **. m m j&> „ »viii«iin w » srn:m your ln- 

IWillBiPV ^ come may be->ou can l.,y money 

•m ».-.u-« v.- i ■ ■ ■ fe ,* ,.. ; ;•■ ,.,.? , ; .« it isn .. the size of your Income that 

,n>>n(i 't<i ri"< f rrn s-<\ -r-*. tv & %.'▼ • i ■«-< •»- ^ -. - counts — it's the Hire of voiir S-ivl-> „ 

T n : Illh VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK, of Petersburg Va. 



Ewing — Population 150; on L <fc N R R; 
2 miles from C H; banking- town Jonesville — 
A Ely, George Gipson, George Marphin, S IJ 
Redwine. J B Yeary 

Ewing R F I> — M L Grabeal, Tom Jenkins, 
B Jones, H H Mink, J M V r heeler, J S Willis, 
M Yeary 

Gibson Station — Population 35; on L & N 
R R; 30 miles from C H; banking town 
Cumberland Gap, Tenn — W P Allen, J S Ar- 
nold, L. C Brooks, W G Colson, G W Dalton, 
C D Fugate, J J Gibson, J N Gibson, T S Gib- 
son, Z S Gibson, J B Hill, Wm Hoskins, J H 
Humphreys. B L Johnson, W P Nash, W H 
Pridemore, A E Robertson 

Uagan — Population 100; on L & N R R; 
13 miles from C H; banking town Pennington 
Gap — B W Carter, Jacob Crouse, B C Gra- 
beal, T B Grabeal, Geo V Graham, W W Greg- 
ory, J W Mamblin, G W McClure, Isaae Napier, 
C C Rtwssell, F R Stickler, Ross Stickley, S II 

I£agan R F D — 1> L Bacon, Sam Burk, G A 
Carter, Wm Carwood, H E Edds, A R Fletcher, 
Curry Grabeal, G D Gregory, Jno Grubb, J N 
Hamblin, II I Howard, Alex Ingle, W R Lath- 
ine, Wm A Pee, J F Muncey, Wm S Shackel- 
ford, C F Smith, F R Stickley, J M Surgener, 
O M Yeary 

Jonesville — Population 383; 5 miles from R 
R; a banking town — J F Albert, J P Albert, C 
S Cox, C E Flanary, C B Gibson, C M Graham, 
D C McClure, W S Martin, W J Minton, H H 
Pridemore, C T Roop, G W Russell, D C Seweil, 
E N Woodward, J O Woodward, W E Wynn 

Keokoe — Population 300; banking town 
Jonesville — Elbert Barker, Emmett Barker, 
Timothy Boggs, J J Gates, Daniel Heron, T M 
Holmes, W S Legg, Jno S Marcum, A E 
Morris, Louis Mullens, Monroe Mullens, W S 
Palmer, Solomon Payne, Z R Pennington, T C 
Riddle. J R Rives, John Shepherd, Cameron 
Shuler, E E Witt 

Keokee It F D Xo 1 — E L Bailey, M D Col- 
lier, Joe Parsons, J L Pennington W W Pen- 
nington, J A Robbins, J M Robbins, E Smith, 
F R Stewart, S T Stewart, Jno Thomas 

t J1 w^, F ° linser > Grpe » Reason, James Skeen, 
J W Slemn 

Pennington G; 

ap — Population 729 on L & 
N R R; 8 miles from C H; a hanking town- 
J W Cecil, John Z Ely, E P Garrison, M B 
Gilly, M K Graham, Geo Horton, A G Hyatt 
Geo W King, G H Myers, L W Myers W T 
Orr, J S Parsons, M L, Slemp, J M Smith Wm 
Snarely, W P Stewart, D Turner, W P Wood 

Pennington Gap R F I)— :S S Branso, J P 
Carter, A J Deen, J C Doss, E S Evans, J }; 
Evans, R E Evans, Lloyd Garrett, B F Kirk, J 
B Kirk, M B Kirk, W T Kirk, G L Penning- 
ton, Sam Tritt, H C Wade, J F Witt G W 

Pennington Gap R F D No 1 — E L Hughes 

Rose Hill — Population 100; on E & X R R; 
15 miles form C H; banking town Jonesville — 
A F Bales, C A Bales, L S Bales, Arthur Ball. 
Jno Bartley, Chas Garrett, C H Johnson, Jno 
A Eoving, J H Marson, Henry Rosenbalm, 
Levy Shackelford, E P Shipley, Creed Smith, 
j Chas Wolfe, Mike Wolfe 

Saint Charles — Population 175 on L & N R 
R; 12 miles from C H; banking town Jonesville 
— C C Douglas, Michael Mead. Jno Je?.--!ae. 
Jesse Johnson, W S Johnson. W T John- 
son, J C Johnston. H F Kilbourn, Chas 
Marness, HAL Marness, James A New- 
man, H Z Parsons, G R Tritt, Wm Turner, E S 
Wax, W H Wax. A J Witt 

dinger — Population 9S; on L £; N R R; j 
20 miles from C H; banking town Pennington j 
Gap — C D Bailey, J M Bailey, James A dinger, 

^AO+ftPU P<f? Can handle all your advertising 
j By lUl J uU. matter and save you money. 

Mutual Building, RiCHJWOIMD.VIR01.>.lA. 

f iffi InSliranC^ CoUIOSflV Of ViFWlia Ha f W w n , the heart y approval and active support of the 

LtUC IlldUiCUSbU VtUfcllgjailJ VI 1 UZima people by its promptness and fair deulinft durlnft the 

ORGANIZED 1871 FORTY-FIVE YEARS of its operation. 




Loudoun County 


Value of real estate, 1916, "White, ! 
736; colored, $214,651; Total §8,854,387 

Value of personal property White, $6,582, 
348; colored $77,861; Total, $6,660,209 

Income — $79,002 

Population,1916 — 21,167 

Number of voters — White, 3,9 S7; colored, 

Area — Acres, 322,62 5; square miles, 503 

County Seat — Leesburg. 

Loudoun was founded in 17 5 7 from Fairfax, 
It lies on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge 
Mountains, which divide it from Clarke county, 
Va., and Jefferson county, West Va, Its other 
border counties are Fauquier and Prince Wil- 
liam on the south, and and its mother county 
on the east. The Potomac river waters and 
skirt its entire northern border, and the Wash- 
ington and Bhiemont division, Southern Rail- 
way traverses its central portion from east 
to west, bringing it into easy communication 
with other sections and furnished means of 
transportation for the very great quality of 
grain and the large number of number of ;ine 
raised in it. The lands are immensely 
rich and productive. Loudoun takes first 
rank in the production of Indian corn, averag- 
ing one and a quarter million bushels annually. 
She also stands first hi the butter made, wool 
clipped and number of milch eows. which ex- 
ceeds 7.000 of the finest breeds. In the amount 
of what grown she is third with a half million 
bushels annually to her credit. In the num- 
ber of horses and grass raised she is also third, 
and in the value of her orchard product, 


The Circuit Court meets at the court house 
the second Monday in October and December, 
February, April, June 

Judge — E S Turner, Warrenton 
Cierk — W D Hempstone, Leesburg 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — Cecil Connor, 

Sheriff — T W Edwards, Leesburg 

Treasurer — Jno L Gill, Leesburg 

Surveyor — H H Trundell, Leesburg 

Coroner — Dr W C Orr, Leesburg 

Superintendent of Poor — Harrison Monroe, 
Round Hill 

Superintendent of Schools — W G Edmund- 
^on, Leesburg 

Commissioners of Revenue — Joseph E 
Wright, Leesburg; A P Megeath, Aldie; J T 
Marshall, Hillsboro; W C Benton, Middleburg; 
C H Virts, Lovettsville 


M H Whitmore. chairman, Leesburg; P J 
Sowers, Sterling; George Frazier, Upperville; 

Wm H Frazier, Lovettsville, W D Thompson 


J W Furr, Bloomfield; W E Tyler, Aldie- 
Jno H Smith, Middleburg; Macon Throek 
morton, Bluemont; Geo W Blocker, Harper's 
Ferry, W Va; R G Johnson, Lovettsville; J A 
Otley, Philomont 

Board of Health 

M H Whitmore, chairman, Leesburg; Dr I 
H Thomas, Aldie; Dr Henry G Plaster, Blue- 
mont; Dr John Gibson, Leesburg 

Agricultural Implements 

Chick C E, Sterling 

Clendening J E, Round Hill 
| Eamich Geo F & Co, Lovettsville 
! Faulkner W R, Philomont 
| Hutchinson Bros & Co.. Ashburn 
i Mills W G & Co, Herndon R F D Xo 2 
i Mitel) ell J W, Middleburg 
| Norman & Harding, Ashburn and Leesburg 
' Ross F T, Bluemont R F D No 1 
\ Saffer C C & Bro, Leesburg 
| Shroff & Co, Leesburg 

Attorneys at Law 

I Alexander Harry, Leesburg 

i Conner Cecil, Leesburg 

j Crounce Amos, Herndon R F D No 2 

\ Fling R H. Clarkes Gap 

j Garrett Edwin E, Leesburg 

j Gregg J W, Leesburg 

i Hall Wilbur C, Leesburg 

Hanes H E. Herndon R F D No 2 
j Harrison Chas F, Leesburg 

Janney Chas P, Leesburg 

Martin W H, Leesburg 

Metzger W A, Leesburg 
| Nichols Edward, Leesburg 
| Nichols N C, Leesburg 
j Tebbs R IL Leesburg 

Automobile Supplies 

Carter J H, Leesburg 


Jackson Fred R. Leesburg 
Ransbottom R L, Purcellville 


Farmers & Merchants Natl Bank, Hamilton 

Loudoun Xatl Bank, Leesburg 
j Peoples Natl Bank, Leesburg 
| Purcellville Natl Bank, Purcellville 


i Fletcher J E. The Plains R F D 

1 *Jackson Webb, Philomont 

; Lay C E, Lovettsville RED No 3 

{ Taylor M H, Middleburg 

; Tolbert Joseph, Unison * 

j Wheeler J V. Herndon K F D.No 2 

i :: Willis C H. The Plains R F L> 

\^ ff' 



is the Shoe Manufacturing City of the 
State. Good Homes. 


Virginia Printing & iianufaeiurins Co.. !nc 


Ask Us for Prices Before Placing Your Order. Cor. Bank & Market Sts. PETERSBURG, VA. 



Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Ashley Clarence, Bluemont 

Bailey J t\ Leesburg II F D No 4 

Baker T F, Lovettsvile R F I> No 3 

Bell C F, Bluemont 

Bodner J W, Aldie 

Breckenridge Sanil T. Lincoln 

Butts C A & Co, Lovettsville 

Butts & Wlard, Lovettsville 

Castle Walter E, Leesburg 

Cockcrille & Robinson, Herndon R F D No 

Corbin J M, Hamilton 

Crim Jno E. Round Hill 

Crim Joseph A, Purcellville R F D 
Cullen Geo F, Paeonian Springs 

Downs E H, Oatlands 

Downs E M, Middleburg 

Downs & Lunceford, Middleburg 

Ferguson D A, Middleburg 

Fouche C IT, Ryan 

Fry Herbert J, Leesburg 

Fry L T, Leesburg 
Goode E B, Aldie 

Green C P. Ashburn 

Grimes R B, Bluemont 11 F D No 1 

Hiber J A, Ashburn 

Horsman. .Tame.-, Ryan 

Kiflwell C S, 1'hilomont 

Miller W E, Lovettsville 

MofTett Joseph, Herndon R F D No 2 

Myers Jno T, Waterford 

Parker Harvey, Waterford 

Robey J W. Taylorstown 

Sands Danl C Jr. Unison 
Steele W S, Purcellville 

Boarding Houses 

Breachy Annie Mrs, Herndon R F D No 2 

Brown E L Mrs.. Middleburg 

Derflinger T M Mrs, Bluemont R F D No 1 

Downs C M Mrs, Middleburg 

Herndon Douse, Herndon R F D No 2 

Hough Phoebe E Miss, Paeonian Springs 

Hyatt C Mrs, Herndon R F D No 2 
James Lizzie Mrs, Waterford 

Lake L C Mrs, Philomont 

Luck S P Mrs, Middleburg 

Myers E F, Clarkes Gap 

Nichols Elizabeth Mrs, Lincoln 
Saunders Misses, Paeonian Springs 

Shu-gars J B, Clarkes Gap 
Skinner Misses, Middleburg 

Smallwood T J Mrs, Lovettsville 

Taylor Maggie Mrs, Lincoln 
,Sv"addelI A N Mrs, Middleburg 

Young Fen ton, North Fork 

Booksellers and Stationers 

Jackson & Pleasants, Leesburg 

Broom Manufacturers 

Shaffer & James, Hamilton 

Carriage and Wagon Makers 

Devino J T, Waterford 

Ferguson I) A & Son, Middleburg 
Kidwell C S. Philomont 

Cement Block Manufacturers 

I Polen & Hunt, Purcellville 

Loudoun Ch 


emical Co, North Fork 


Baptist.. Ashburn 
Baptist, Bluemont 
Baptist. Bluemont R F D No 1 
Baptist, Herndon R F D No 2 
•Baptist, Lincoln 

* Baptist. Middleburg 
Baptist, Middleburg 
Baptist. North Fork- 
Baptist. Waterford 
Baptist. Waxpool 

Congregational, Herndon R F D No 2 

Episcopal, Herndon R F D No 2 

Episcopal, Middleburg 

Lutheran, Lovettsville 

Methodist, Bluemont 

Methodist, Herndon R F D No 2 

* Methodist, Lincoln 
Methodist, Lovettsville 
Methodist, Middleburg 

• * Methodist, Middleburg 
Methodist, Philomont 
Methodist, Ryan 
Methodist. Taylorstown 
Methodist, Waterford 
•Methodist, Waterford 
Orthodox Friends, Lincoln 
Presbyterian, Ashburn 
Presbyterian, Waterford 
Quaker, Waterford 
Reformed, Lovettsville 
Union, Clarkes Gap 

Paeonian Springs, Chapel (Union) Paeon:. 

Cigars and Tobacco 
Silcott W H, Middleburg 


Adams E T, Leesburg 
Hourihane Jno T, Leesburg 
Loudoun Clothing Co. Leesburg 
Pollock Louis, Purcellville 
Wiley Edgar T, Hamilton 


Beuchler H D, Leesburg 
Muse Bradley, Leesburg 
Poole Bros, Ashburn 

Contractors .and Builders 

Anderson H G. 1'hilomont 
Bach P C, Bluemont 
Baker \V G, Lovettsville « 
Ball Frank. The Plains R F D 
Breckenridge ("lias. Lincoln 

SlLss Burke & Gregsryjnc. 

Telephone Norfolk 

S0S-S10 Bermuda 

Charlott esviile? Va 

a Most progressive town of size 
in South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. Come on quick— -big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Brown C W & Son, Philomont 

I lawson J H, Leesburg 

Dawson J T & Son, Philomont 

|>emory Bros, Lovettsville 

pemory W W Taylorstown 

[)ivine J E, Waterford 

Purr Jno A, Bluemont R F D Xo 1 

Gillett S E & Son, Hemdon R F D No 2 

Holmes A E, Purcellville 

Maffett Tyler F, Leesburg 

Monroe James & Son, Bluemont R F D No 1 

Powell Bros, Round Hill 

Heed Chas, Herndon R F D No 2 

Sileott Wm, Lincoln 

Spinks Jno I), Paeonian. Springs 

Tavenncr Bros, Philomont 

Thompson F A, Paeonian Springs 

Tyler Wm E, Aldie 

Wyatt W W, Hemdon R F D No 2 


Adams A G, Bluemont R F D 
Bishop & Wiley, Bluemont R F D 1 
Brown Walter C, Lincoln 
Chamberlin Leroy, Paeonian Springs 
Fling B F, Ashburn 
Horseman G H, Waxpool 
Hutchinson C A, Waxpool 
Kirkpatrick Ed, Ashburn 
Kirkpatrick W T eb, Ashburn 
Lancoast H T, Philomont 
i'resgraves Walter, North Fork 
Sands D C -li\ Unison 
Scoville & Lee. Paeonian Springs 
Soaton J D, Philomont 
Smith Wm T, Lincoln 
Thomas J B, Unison 
Wiley H W, Bluemont R F D No 1 


Brown C E, Bluemont R F D No 1 
Delwiler B B, Hemdon R F D No 1 
Nixon W G, Lovettsville 
Wise W H Middlesburg 


Ed wards $ Son, Leesburg 
Kerr Floyd N, Hamitlon 
kittlejohn H C, Leesburg 
Miller N G Purcellville 
-''atterson J S, Round Hill 
Lurcellville Pharmacy, Purcellville 
Lobey E L. Herndon R F D No 2 
Thomas I H, Aldie 

Dry Goods 
Beans Flavius J, Waterford 
''liarnborlin W W, Leesburg 
'•arm Celia Mrs, Leesburg 
B'gin T Lamar, Leesburg 
t'olsky Benj, Leesburg 

Electric Companies 
Leesburg Electric Light Co, Leesburg 


avis F B, Lincoln 

Swopc H T, Lovettsville 

Virginia Nursery Co, Purcellville 


Purcellville Implement Co, Purcellville 


Crippen H A & Son, Henderson 
Davis S B, Round Hill 
Doyle & Roche, Middleburg 
Goodheart E S W, Lovettsville 
Llammerly C D, Leesburg 


Baker G E, Lovettsville 

Carruthers N B, North Fork 

Chancellor S Ashby, Leesburg 

Delwiler Garage, Herndon R F D No 2 

Downs & Downs, Middleburg 

Doyle & Roche, Middleburg 

General Garage. Leesburg 

Herndon Garage, Herndon R F D No 2 

Myers E F, Clarkes Gap 

Purcellville Carriage & Auto Wks. Purcellville 

Thomas S J, Lovettsville 

General Stores • ■» 

Arnold C W, Lovettsville R F D 
BAILEY E M, Leesburg R F D Xo 4 
Beales J Paul, Lovettsville 
Beans F J, Waterford 
Brooks Wm PI, Sterling R F D 
Bodmer R C, Aldie 
Bodner T E, Ashburn 
Caviness & Whitmore, Leesburg 
Carroll J E, Bluemont 
Carter I C, Aldie 
Chamblin J W, Hamilton 
Chinn E V & Co, Lovettsville 
COCHRAN J WALTER & CO. Middleburg 
Daniel Alonzo, Leesburg K F D 
Daniel J O, Leesburg R F D 
DERFLINGER T M, Bluemont R F D No 1 
Donaldson C G, Paeonian Springs R P D 
Dove G Thos, Lucketts 
EARNICH GEO F & CO, Lovettsville 
Elgin Chas W, Leesburg 
FLAHERTY J E, Ashburn 
Fling R H <Sc Co, Clarkes Gap 
Ford Chas J, Round Hill 
Fry & Carter, Lucketts 
Hamilton Mercantile Co, Hamilton 
Hatcher Irvin J, Middleburg 
Hauling Eugene, Bluemont 
Hensley J W, Oat lands 
Hersperger S A, Round Bill 
HICKMAN AL slater. Taylorstown 
HORN & SMITH. Herndon K F I) \o 2 
HOI SE & CO. Lovettsville R F 1) No :i 
Hurst C W, Ryan 
Kemp Lawrence & Co. Bluemont 
Lake Edward E, Bluemont 
Lawson A B, Paeonian Springs 
Lay C A, Hillsboro 
Lav C E, Lovettesville R F l> Xo " 



Engineers and Contractors j| IjUifJOJll I \J 

No. 9 N. Seventh St. 

Richmond, Ya. 









Lloyd J VV, Bluemont 
Luckett Roger W, Lucketts 
Lyons J T, Ashburn 

Maftkin & Wlialey, Areola 
McC Untie W C & Co, Sterling 
MeGavack H M, Purcellville RFD 
McNealley J T, Lovettsville 
Mercer J F. Bluemont 
^HTCHELL J W, Leesburg K F D No 1 

Moore & Ish, Aldie 

MCNDAY S E, Waxpool 

Myers W F, Lincoln 

Nichols John B, Purcellville 

NICHOLS W E, Lincoln 

Osbourn Wm F, Round Hill 

Polend J B. Sterling- 


Reid & Lee, Bluemont 

Rinker & Co, Lovettsville R F D 

ROSS FENTON T, Bluemont II F D Xo 1 

Rowland C T & Son, Bluemont 

Russell Edward O, Leesburg R F D 

Saffel H W <<: Son, Unison 

Schofer Jacob, Paeonian Springs 

Skillman C R, Conklin 

Smallwood T J & Co, Lovettsville 

SMITH L P, Watcrford 

Spink s John 1), Paeonian Springs 

Spring Sz Carnes, Taylorstown 

Sterling Mercantile Co Inc.. Sterling 

Swindells Win B. Purcellville 

TAVENXEii CHAS 11, Paeonian Springs 

Thompson H C, Round Hill 

Tinsman Clinton, Philomont 

Tomblin S F, Bluemont 

Umbaugh C L, Lucketts 

Umbaugh Harry, Lucketts 


Walker A T Herndon R F D No 2 

Welsh W W & Co, Middleburg 

White D T, Leesburg 

Wiley R G, Bluemont 

Wilkins M T, Herndon R F D No 2 

* WILLIS C H & CO, The Plains RFD 

Grain Elevators 

Loudoun Valley Milling Co (branch) Paeonian 


Atwell Bros, Ashburn 
Ballinger H W, Leesburg 
Bolen W T E, Mountville 
^Bradfield G B, Leesburg- 
Corapher Luckett, Hillsboro 
Cloud J W, Leesburg 
Corbin J T, Paeonian Springs 
Cornwell J T & Son. Purcellville 
Duffy E R. Middleburg 
Elgin A T, Leesburg 
Forsythe B P, Leesburg 
Gartree Bros. Middleburg 
Gaver Theo F, Hillsboro 
Grubb H C. Purcellville 

Hess Jno R, Leesburg 

Laycock Frank, Hamilton 
| Levenberry C F, Hamilton 
\ McFarland W A, lb. mil ton 
; McGuire B F, Herndon R F D Xo 2 
! Perry M B, Leesburg 
I Perry P p, Leesburg 
: Potterfield R L & E L. Lovettsville 
I Sampsell J N, Leesburg 
I Simpson Arch I), Round Hill 
| Wine J D, Lovettsville 

Handle Manufacturers 

! Blue Ridge Handle Co, Round Hill 


i Hardware 

| Beall M H, Purcellville 

j Bendum J E, Purcellville 

Corbin J T, Waterford 

Goode B B, Aldie 
1 Mitchell J W, Middleburg 

Nicholas & Warner, Purcellville 

Saunders R L, Hamilton 
' Schnider Robt. Plerndon R F D No 2 
| Schooley Geo T, Hamilton 
; Titus Walter W, Leesburg 

Harness and Saddlery 

: Rreckenridge S K. Leesburg 

! Druin Delaney, Aldie 

I Lynch Wm M, Round Hill 

• Oliver Jno, Herndon R F D No 2 

Reidel Otto, Unison 
I Rollins L C, Leesburg 
( Tribby E V, Hamilton 
| Wallace & Hardy, Leesburg; 
! Wire Lamar, Lovettsville 

Hay Grain and Feed 

| Carruthers & Welsh, Purcellville 

| Hamilton Milling Co, Hamilton 

i Harding Ernest T, Sterling 

i Herndon Milling Co, Herndon 

I Jenkins W S Grain Co The, Leesburg 

i Mills W G & Co, Herndon R F D No 2 


I Chapin Jno C, Bluemont 

Herndon House, Herndon R F D No 2 

Latta H J, Leesburg 

Leesburg Inn, Leesburg 

Mitchell J W, Leesburg R F D No 1 

Ice Manufacturers 

Hartley G I, Middleburg 
Leesburg Ice Co, Leesburg 
Maffett T F Ice Co, Leesburg 
Wallace Geo, Leesburg 

Insulator Pins 

Moatz D L. Round Hill 

Insurance Agents 

Baiiey G T, Leesburg RFD No 4 
Barton B F. Bluemont R P D No 1 
Carter T W. North Fork 

Call m SYDNOR PUMP AND WELL CO, Inc., Richmond, V; 


See Our Adv. In Buyers Guide 

£ - 


r .,.. 

u™; ) 


Send sketches for free search. Mat of In vent Ions 
needed sent free. Established la lSh«;. Indorsed by 
both Virginia Senators. Easy payments. 





Mitchell H B, Herndon R P D No 2 
Robey E T, Herndon R F D No 2 
Shumaker C F, Lovettsville 


"Loudoun Steam Laundry, Purcellville 

Light & Power Companies 

Loudoun Right & Power Co, Purcellville 

Lime Manufacturers 

Goose Creek Lime Works, Middleburg 
Leesburg Lime Co, Leesburg 

Live Stock Dealers 
Benton Win C, Unison 

Chamblin H R. Bluemont R F D Xo 1 
Crippen R S, Herndon R F D No 2 
Ish Jno', Lincoln 
James E L, Waterford 
James W C, Waterford 
McKinney J W, Waterford 
Orrison & Potterfield, Lovettsville 
Potterfield R L & Bro, Lovettsville 
Reeves T E, Herndon R F D No 2 
Vansickler Philip, North Fork 
Wrenn J H, Waxpool 

Livery Stables 

Ballinger Isaac, Hamilton 
Beans E H. Waterford 
Chapin J Lincoln, Bluemont 
Cummings B F & Sons, Purcellville 
Fadeley Henry J, Leesburg 
Gregg D J, Purcellville 
Hammerly B H, Hillsboro 
Hammerly L O, Round Hill 
Harrison W I, Herndon R F D No 2 
Lambert Raymond. Leesburg 
Lynch J A, Round Hill 
Martin Joseph M, Middleburg 
Paxson A K, Waterford 
Throckmorton J B Jr, Bluemont 
Wyatt W W, Herndon R F D No 2 

Lumber Dealers 

Chamblin Bros, Herndon R F D No 2 
Emerich & Holmes, Purcellville 
Hirst E H, Purcellville 
Osburn C H, Bluemont 

Ma rbl e Workers 

Gaver C S & Co, Lovettsville 
Poulson & Everhart, Round Hill 
Winter T B & Son, Middleburg 

* Meat Markets 

Grimes & Co, Leesburg 

Medical Supplies 

Physicians Specialty Co, Leesburg 


Brown Lillian Mrs, Waterford 
Dewey N O, Purcellville 

Hauling E Mrs, Bluemont 
Hutchinson Fannie Miss, Lenah 
Wolfe H V Mrs, Leesburg 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Bluemont Milling Co, Bluemont 

Douglas J E & Son, Aldie 

Herndon Mill. Herndon R F D No 2 

•fanney M F. Purcellville R F D 

Loudoun Valley Milling Co, Paeonian Springs 

and Purcellville 
Mays W E, Middleburg 
Mays W Irma, Hillsboro 
Neville Harry R ; Middleburg 
Palmer W H, Bluemont R F D No 1 
Powell G O, Ryan 
Round Hill Milling Co, Round Hill 
Taylor Bailey M, Purcellville 
Walker Chas J, Waterford 

Mills — Saw 

Brown A D. Purcellville 
Brown L T, Mountville 
Dillon J T Philomont 
Norris Bros, Leesburg 
Poland J C, Sterling 
Tavenner J T, Philomont 
Weadon T M, Philomont 


Mays W E, Bluemont R F D No 1 

Newspapers and Editors 

Blue Ridge News, Purcellville, W R Heaton 

Enterprise Hamilton, G E Leith editor 
Herndon Observer, Herndon R F D No 2, C 

M Pippey 
Loudoun Mirror, Leesburg', J C Harris editor 


Beck J R. Lovettsville 

Breckenridge C C, Lincoln 

Carter T W, North Fork 

Fletcher A T, Bluemont R F D 

Fry L W. Lovettsville 

* Jackson Webb, Philomont 

Martin W F, Middleburg 

Moffett J I, Ryan 

Poston R F, Round Hill 

Ryan Carl, Herndon R F D No 2 

Ryan Jno, Herndon R F D No 2 

Schooley Victor O, Paeonian Springs 

Shry Jesse J, Taylorstown 

Taylor L H, Lincoln 

Werking R O, Lovettsville 

White Bros, Leesburg 

Baldwin Adrian. North Pork / 

Claggett Jos E, Hamilton 
Copeland Edward V, Round Hill 
Copeland J E, Round Tlill 
Foley C E, Lovettsville 
Gibson H P. T.eesbursr and Lueketts 


"' ■■'■"■"' \ '- ■ ' .'1 ■ • '■'••? 


<>, : "tea 


Is the Largest Trunk Manufacturing 
City in the South. 


Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. C 

GROSS ASSETS, $ 1,852,728.19. 



Gibson John A, Leesburg 

Goetling Chas A, Middleburg 

Hackley James B, Purcellville 

Heaton Eppa H, Waterford 

Hoge G D, Unison 

Hutchinson Claudius P, Areola 

Hutchinson Frederick and Lenah 

Janney W H, Leesburg 

Jones James P, Ashburn 

Marshall J B, Ashburn 

Nichols, P M, Purcellville 

Noland B F, Leesburg 

Noland G A, Ashburn 

Orr Win C, Feesburg 

Plaster Henry G, Bluemont 

Robey W I, Herndon R F D No 2 

Trusmiselle A W <fc F T, Waterford 

Simpson G F, Purcellville 

Solliday S, Hillsboro 

Spitler H A, Middleburg 

Sydnor W D, Hamilton 

Thomas Ira H, Aldie 

Thompson H P P. Fucketts 

Anderson H G. Philomont 

Myers R F, Paeonian Springs 

Myers Willard, Waterford 

Orrison Joseph, Herndon K F D No 2 

Poston E L, Round Hill 

Poulson Faury, Round Hill 

Poulson M Luther, Round Hill 

Titus Walter W, Leesburg 

Tyler Stanley K ; Purcellville 

Whitmore Wm C, Leesburg 

Poultry Dealers 

Myers Shirley, Clarkes Gap 
Norman Fulu Miss, Clarkes Gap 

Printing Offices 
Herndon Observer, Herndon R F D No 2 

Produce Shippers 

Purcellville Produce Co, Purcellville 


Harris Joel Chandler, Feesburg 
Feslie J H, Feesburg 
Purcellville Pub. Co, Purcellville 


Tribby & Thompson, Hamilton 

Real Estate Dealers 

Buell A H, Herndon R F D No 2 

Gray R H, North Fork 

Miller W E, Herndon R F D No 2 


Brown E L, Middleburg 
Pearre J G Mrs. Bluemont 

Schools — Private 

Fox Craft, College for Young Women, Unison 

Shirt Manufacturers 

Dana Mfg Co. Leesburg 

Wine B 

F, Purcellville 

Stoves and Tinware 

Benedum Wm A, Hamilton 
Hoskinson Wm D, Middleburg 
Kidwell James I, Bluemont 
Myers E B, Waterford 
Myers Nathan, Hamilton 


Kline Edward M, Middleburg 
McPherson & Russell, Feesburg 

Telephone Companies 

Feesburg Telephone Co, Feesburg 
Snickersville Telephone Co, Bluemont 

Tobacco Dealers 
Ross F T, Bluemont R F D No 1 


Doyle & Roche, Middleburg 

Goodheart E S W, Fovettsville 

Hough Arthur S, Hamilton 

Hutchison M. Lenah 

Reed T E & Son. Herndon R F D No 2 

Sager H A, Herndon R F D No 2 

Slack Floyd, Leesburg 

Smith L P, Waterford 

Tavener Bros, Philomont 

Virtis M M. Hillsboro 

Casilear W 

Veterinary Surgeons 
, Leesburg P F D No 4 

i Crump A G Dr, Lovettsville 
| Jacobs L T, Waterford 

Piggott Wm, Lincoln 

Poole B L Dr, Herndon R F D No 2 

White E T, Waterford 

Watchmaker and Jewelers 

Burke W H, Leesburg 
Cornwell A L, Purcellville 
Duffey E S, Middleburg 
French C F, Hamilton 
Furr Jno A, Bluemont R F D No 1 
Milhollen E B, Philomont 
Taylor W W, Plerndon P F D No 2 
Thompson C E, Feesburg 

Well Drillers 

Cullen Geo F, Paeonian Springs 


Aldie — Population 150; 12 miles from R fl 
and C H; banking town Feesburg — R L Adam 
D, Brun, Henry Fairfax, J W Ferguson. Pau 
W Ferguson, Walter R Ferguson. J F Ghlli< 
W N Hixon, N P House, Ed Ish, F A Ish 
J w Lanham, J B Lee, i: F Leith, C I Leitli 
J M Leith. F T Lowe, A P Megeath, C C S 
L A Turner, W P Wilson 

Areola — Population 29: S miles from R Rl 
12 miks from CHj banking town, Leesburg.- 
C H Allison, R Ambler, \2 W Barton, B C 
Byrm\ .I M Byrne, VV Byrne, L H Freeman, 
M a Hutehison, A R Mankin, Brook Middl- - 

No city in the South has shown a more steady 
and substantial growth. 






ton. J W Pierson, E L. Poland, J F Ryan, 
A F Smith, H A Thompson, J W Whaiey 

Ashburn — Population 150; on So R R; 6 
miles from C H; banking- town, Leesburg. — 
R E Adren. D W Brenneman, TI Bodine. Jno 
T Bodine, T B Burch. D C Bryant, T H Elliott, 
B F Fling, Milton Fling-, J A Francis, Stan- 
ley Green, Mrs Elizabeth Hay, Mrs Geo Hay, 
\V Kirkpatriek, Geo Lp Fevre, J R Le Fevre, 
S C Be Fevre, J E Pool, P C Smith, Arthur 

Swartz, C T WOrtmart, L W Wortman, W L 


Asliburn K F I>. — Allen* Dames, Fred Dove, 
Julian Dove, C P Green, Hutchinson Bros, S 
L Jenkins 

Bluemont — Population 20U; at terminus of 
So R R; 17 miles from C H; banKing town, 
Leesburg. — -1. M Ainsworth, A II Aiicler. Jno 
W Ashby, James A Bell, J D Butler, YVm TV 
Carroll, H P Chamblin. Jno Chamblin, S A 
Chamblin. Joseph H Elsea, T A Elsea. Henry 
Frasier, J W Furr, Mason Hammer. J R Hum- 
phrey, W L Humphrey.. II L Keen, Geo W Kel- 
ly, W IT Kelly, J P Lacy. Flavius H Lodge, 
A L Longerbeam, Jno R Marshall, Isaac B 
Miller, James B Moore. Ambrose Mooreland, 
Volney Osburn, C B Pearson. Geo E Plaster, 
Geo E Plaster Jr, Dr Henrv G Plaster. T P 
Simpson* Edward Smallwood, M B Starkey, 
Albin Stickel. J B Tapscott, Cornelius Thomp- 
son. J B Throckmorton, Mason Throckmorton. 
Wm II Tinsman. S F Tomblin. Wiii H Trus- 
sell, J Harrison Tyler, D W Wiley, Thos W 
Wiley, S T Wynkoop 

Bluemont B F I). — J H Adler. W B Beav- 
ers, J R Chamblin, W L Humpnrey, W R 
Xewlon, VV G Waltman 

Bluemont B F D Xo 1. — J K Carbaugn, H 

R Chamblin. W P Ferguson, Henry Frasier, 
Jno Frasier, Littleton Frasier, D I Humphrey, 
T C Iden, H L Keen, A J Kelley, H H Ottley, 
Mrs* R M Peach, M G Richardson, Edgar 
Robey, T J Ross, Dr H W Wiley E N Wil- 

< Clarkes Gap — Populataion 20; on So R R; 
Similes 'from C H; banking town. Lees- 
burg. — M A^irgil Bushong, Jno W Carr, I, M 
Carr. Ashby Fling. Mrs Mary L Fling, E F 
Myers, Andrew Xorman. James Redmond. 
Danl Shafer, Heaton Wynkoop 

ilton — Population 315; on So R R; 8 
miles from C H; banking town. Leesburg. — W 
S Francis. Edgar Gregg, W H Grubb, Joshua 
Hatcher, T A Hatcher, H J Hodge. H B 
Holmes, A C James, G W James. B F Lowe, 
F M Love. J E Muck, Nathan Myers. C B 
Peugh, C I Warner, Chase Weed on 

Hillsboro — Population 13$; 5 miles from R 
R; 12 mites from C H; banking town. Lees- 

I Tamil 

liles fr< 

burg.—P c Copeland, W O Cummins, Joseph 
EI Jenkins, Oscar T Jenkins, James Kemper, 
R A Marshall, W T Presgrave. W C Ritchie, 
J H Thompson, W P Thompson, J W A Virts 
J R White 

Leesburg- (C H) — Population 1,597; on So 

j So R R; a banking town. — Geo W Atwell, 

j Mildred Atwell, R D Bridge, J M Cole, H H 

j Edmondson, C A Ellmore. II J Fadeley, 

j Arthur Fulton, Wallace George. Jno K Hall, 

j W A Harper. S A Laycock, W S Miskell, 

i Henry Mitchell, Joseph F Paxson, James Plas- 

; ter, C L Poland, j R Rhodes, w I, Rober- 

j son, Fred E Saunders, C A Shryock. R F 

| Shryock, S E Shryock. J H Shumate, Jeoer- 

j son Smith, J G Thomas. J W Thomas, W P 

| Thomas, A D Vandeventer, E B White 

Leesburg B F D — Jno Bell, Wm Casilear. 
E C Compher, Z O Daniel, Jno Dodd. Robt 
Dodd, James F Dunlap, Geo Dulin, J S Fer- 
j guson, Isaac Fletcher, W C Galleher, R II 
j Gray. Chas Hoge, James M Hoge. Miss Mary 
j E Hughes, Herbert Jenkins, S B Jenkins, 
j Clay Key, J Howard Keys, James Laycock, 
I Wm Laycock, Frank Leith, C M McDonald. 
| A P Megeath, J V Mitchell. Mrs T Moffett. 
1 W G Moffett, R M Morris, J T Moss, R B 
| Paulton, E V Riticor, Frank Riticor, J T Riti- 
j cor, Louis Shumate. G P Slack, W R Taven- 
j ner, C W Thomas, W P Thomas. Jno Thomp- 
; son, Geo Warren, M Watson, M T Wynkoop 

Leesburg B F B Xo 1 — D H C Eaton. J H 

Heavener, E P Howell, J Howard Koy<. Lou- 
i doun Orchard Co Inc. J M Thompson, L A 
I Tiffany 

Lenah — Population 26; 10 miles from R R; 

12 miles from C II; banking town. Leesburg. — 
I M C Clyburn, W T Costello. J W Ferguson, 
! R L Guloek, Donnan Hutchison, D B James. 
j J O Smith, J W Stewart, J M Swart 

Lincoln — Population 150; 2 miles from R 

R; S miles from C H; banking town. Lees- 

| burg. — T Janney Brown, Wm T Brown, Geo 

I Hoge, Howard M Hoge, T E Little, Henry B 


I Lovettsville — Population 192: 2% miles from 
| R R; 12 miles from C II: banking town. Lees- 
! burg. — Jason Arnold. Chas E Conrad. C L 
i Everheart, II E Everheart. W H Frazier. 
V L Fry, Henry George, R L George. Roy D 
i George, S P George, B H Glasscock. H O 
Graham, Chas R Hammond, D B Hickman, 
L W Hickman. H C Hough, W W James. 
J 1 Kail, Perry Meutzer, R M Miller. H M 
\ Xisewaner I R Reed, W O Rickard. 
T L Ridgeway, H W Ritchie. H L Rodeffer, 
M M Rodeffer, J W B Shumaker, Geo W 
, Smith, Thos Smith, C E Spring, H D Siller. 
D E Virts, Geo Washington, J E Washing- 
ton. H H VVeimer, A A Wenner 

1 Lovettsville II F I) — Ell Axine, Jno W 
Axine, J W Compher, M C* Evernart. A C 
Qporge, i! I- George, S W George, w s George, 

Has Good Schools for Boys and Girls. 
Moderate tax rate. 


Kellam Hospital, Inc. 





The Kellam Hospital Is without parallel in the cm, 
Of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and w ( - v. ., , 
every man and woman in the United States to kn.,-, 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-i iv 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundredi 
of sufferers treated during the past 18 vears. 


W W George, L H Hickman, R G Johnson, 
Jno I Kalb, Dr W H Lindsey, R T Marshall, 
H M Nisewaner, J H Peacock, S G Ritchie, 
G A Ropp, J C Rust, Chas M Souder, Geo W 
Virts, W B Washington, Geo F Wenner. J W 
Wenner, Robt Wenner 

IjovcUsville R F D No 3 — E C, Jno 
W Grim. A C George, J E Nixon, James II 
Peacock, W N Peacock, G F Wenner 

Middlebnrg — Population 26:};. 8 miles from 
R R: 17 miles from C II; banking- town. Fees- 
burg. — H E Adams, W C Benton, E L Brown. 
F R Garter. J Walter Cochran, Geo W Craig, 
Aldrich Dudley, T N Dudley, H J Duffey, A 
E Fletcher, F L Fred, S R Fred. J F Gray, 
W G Hatcher, B W Haxall, J W Hoffman, 
Joseph B Hoffman, W C Jester, W B Ker- 
rick. S P Fuck, Jno Nichols, L T Nichols, 
Mrs C P Noland, J E Norman, L B Norman, 
A L O'Bannon, S H Pearson, J W Perkins, 
W C Rawlings. E L Redman, Willard Red- 
man, 1") C Sands, P T Seaton, James H Skin- 
ner, R E Skinner, D K Smith, E E Smith, 
James M Smith. Jno H Smith. W A Swart. 
J M Tabb, Joseph B Thomas, Isaac Waddell, 
W M Waddell, F S Warren. J S Welsh, A C 

Middlelmr- R F D — W C Benton, Thos 
Crouch, Otto Furr. Wm Grimes, E J Hall, 
J L Leith, Joseph Leith, W G Leith, Walter 
Feith, Norman Bros. J T Pearson, Walter Per- 
kins, J T Potts. W G Rawlings, W A Rucker. 
Johnson Russell. D C Sands Jr, Seaton Bros, 
E E Smith, J M Smith, Clarence Thomas, 
H S Tiffany 

Mountville — Population 27; 9 miles from R 
R; 14 miles from C H; banking town, Lees- 
burg. — F M Carter, W H Carter, W S Crouch, 
T Walter Crouch, Walter Downs, J S Fer- 
guson, E W Fletcher. T E Francis, B Goch- 
nauer. J W Hall. Ernest Haws, Thos Haws. 
A F Leith, S Lillard. D F Neill, W C Neill, 
Saml C Presgraves, Walter N Presgraves, Por- 
ter Sutphen, R H Underwood 

North Fork — 6 miles from R R; 10 miles 
from C H; banking town. Leesburg. — 
J. A. Cockrill, J E Carruthers, T Carter, 
W S Jackson, R S Lake, S R Lake. Walter 
Presgraves, II B Simpson. Philip Vansickler, 
W S Tiffany, C W Young. J N Young 

Oatlands — Population 20; 7 miles from R R 
and C II; banking town, Leesburg. — Robt Con- 
nor, Wm C Eustis, T W Gaines, Jno Gillespie, 
Wm Hogan, Eugene Howell, C F Riticor, 
J L Riticor, Sandy Smith, D B Tennant 

Paconkm Springs — Population 26; on W & 
O D Ry; 4 miles from C IT; banking town, 
Leesburg. — R W Braden, B F Brown. E H 
Leadman, L H Leadman, Edgar McCray, Robt 
SCcCray, J Roger McSherry, Edgar Peacock, 
O J Pierpoint. A W Saunders. Jno W Saun- 
ders, Soovillo & Lee, Dr Joseph Vandevanter, 

Berkley Ward, C Warner, I Clifton Warner 
I Clifton Warner Jr, Harrison Williams 

Philomont— Population 70; 6 miles from R 
R; 12 miles from C II; banking town, Lees- 
burg.—H G Anderson, H M Cockerill, [> j 
Cockrille, J A Cummings. J T Dillon. T T Dil- 
lon, B F Fenton, C W Hall, Jno K Hall E J 
Raskins, E A Haws. W A Haws, Wade H 
Plaws, T B Hector, J x Hottel, J R Kinea 
S R Lake, Thos W Leake, J A Lvnn, Albert 
Milhollen, E B Milhollen, A M Rust J F 
Simpson. C A Tavenner, J B Tavenner! W J 
Thompson. H W Vausiokler, J B Vansickler 
T W Weadon 

Purcclhille — Population 38 8; on So Ry; a 

banking town. — Richard Adams, Geo Ankers. 

R L Ashby, N Ball, Aaron Beans, W T Brown. 

Horace M Cockerille, W F Gornwell, J F 
| Craig, J A Cummings. L J Dillon. Frank Ever- 

hart, \V H Fletcher, J E Graham, J S Gray. 

W F Gray. J F Hampton, N R Ileaton, Saml 

Hough. PC James. J L Lodge, I A Lvnn, 
j H T McDaniel, J W McDaniel, W W Marshall. 
, C E Normati, Chas Nichols. Fayette Osburn 

Luther E Otley, W W Otley. H T Pancoasc, 
j Joseph H Pancoast, H H Piggott. Isaac Piggou! 
| vV B Piggott, Frank G Poland, R T Poland, 
| E H Purcell, E W Purcell, Lewis Reed, Thos 
| W Reed, Geo Shoemaker, C C Silcott, Taylor 

Bros, W L Thompson. C M Warner, F W 
j Warner. E Warner, F G Welsh. W H \Vil- 
j son, Oden Wynkoop 

Ptirecllvillc R F D — Joseph Beamer, C L 

j Carpenter, James VY Crim, Johnny Crim, T 

C McArlor, Frank Mock. J E Nixon, W T 
Nixon, W M Parker, N A Peacock, H P Pears. 

Howard Thompson, Chas Weadon Jr, C C 

Wenner, Geo Wenner, H A Wenner, L R 

Round Hill — Population 379; on So R F; 
12 miles from C H; a banking town. — J H 
Adams. M Ainsworth, T W Ballenger, C C 
Barton, T D Bell. T W Best, J H Boley. R C 
Chamblin, R W Chamb'lin, J R Cochran. 
Luther Copeland, James H Cross. O A Eubank. 
James Fields. Edw Finnell, J F Fleming, A F 
Gray, Geo E Gray. W T Hall, F H James. 
F H James Jr, S R James, Wm M James, J B 
Lacey. C E Lickey, Fred Lickey, James II 
Lickey, W F Lickey. T J Longerbeam, W B 
Longerbeam. Wm Marcus. J B M;irtz. Harri- 
son M (>n roe, W M Monroe. W H Morris. 
T W Nichols, Eppa Norman. M Osbourn, C M 
Parks. F Humphrey Potts., h c Potts, V V 
Purcell, Jim N Schooley, CliftOn L Silcott, 
J M Silcott, R VV Slicott, .1 F Thomas, 1 
Thomas. J P Thompson, O L Williams. Wm 
Willingham, F F Works, James M Wynkoop. 
J T Wynkoop 

Round Hill R F I) — Isaac Anderson, T C 
Ballenger, C H Beavers, Joseph B Leaver. 
G C Gray, J W Hummer, .r % \i Kilgour, C H 
Payne, Greer Pierce, C H F.uts, E c Potts. 

W f. Potts 

r|^ is the art of producing typewritten 
k* letters in large quantities at a reason- 
able price, Write Hill Directory Co., Inc., 823* Mutual Bldg., Richmond, Va. 

Life Insaranee Company of Virginia Ji 


ues the Most Approved Forms of J. if*- Insurance Con- 
s from $1,000.00 to $50,000.00, with Premiums Payable 
Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually. 





Ryan — Population 64; 2 miles from R R; 
7 miles from C H; banking- town. Leesburg. — 
G VY Bradshaw, J I Breneman, P D Brene- 
man, W M Crosen, J M Dame, G T Ellmore, 
Grover C Ellmore, Marvin Ellmore, J H Gor- 
don, J D Lambert, Lefevre Bros, M B Mc- 
Neally, E E Mann, R C Mann, P H Minor, 
J R Morgan, C W Myers, P: F Myers, R F 
Myers, W W Myers, H G Smoot 

Louisa County 

Sterling — Population 150; on So Ry; 11 
miles from C H; a banking town. — E S Andrea, 
A E Ankers, D W Beard, E G Beard, J W 
Beaver, J no T Blincoe, W F Bliss, Geo W 
Biundell, F C Bridges, J F Brown, C E Chick, 
Frank Cockrel, P J Coleman, J W Crouch, 
J H Crosen, S E Edwards, H S Ellmore. W L 
Ferguson, G E Gheen, Geo H Gheen, E T 
Harden,, J H Havenner, S J Holsinger, Arby 
L Hummer, G W Hummer, M A Hummer, 
R W Hummer, W V Hummer. C L Hutchison, 
R P Hutchison. E E Jenkins. Arthur J Eynn, 
Lucien Lynn, W H Martin, A F Mathers, A W 
Middleton, H Middleton, C L Moran, S M New- 
man. J B Orrison. J W Orrison. L H Orrison, 
R L Orrison. J B Poland. W R Presgraves, 
Dr Albert Shaw. B A Shreve, W O Skinner, 
R E L Skinner, T A Smith, T W Snider, M 
M Solomon. P D Sowers, R J Sowers, Geo H 
Taylor, R M Tavenner, James E Thompson, 
H W Trussel, Thos Underwood, J E Whaley, 
Geo P Woods 

Sterling R P 1) — J E Poland. Walter Pres- 
grcaves. C W Rice 

Taylorstown — Population I"; ;j miles from 
R R; 12 miles from C H; banking town, Lees- 
burg. — J W Arnold, C L Compiler, Jno H 
Fawley, S L Fawley, C E Higdon, Geo B 
Russell, Robrt J Wenner, J W Yakey 

Unison — Population 100; 6 miles from R 
R; 16 miles from C H; banking town, Lees- 
burg. — E H Carter, Mrs M T Dishman, W A 
Dishman, James Hirst, Joseph Leith, Thos 
Nichols. W C Rawlings, D C Sands Jr, J B 

Water-ford — Population 331; 3 miles from 
R R; 7 miles from C II; banking town, Lees- 
burg. — Jno Compher's Sons. Jno H Compher, 
G F Everhart, W M Everhart. Geo L Hailman, 
N B Hawthorn. Geo W Hough, W C James, 
J T McGavock. J Roger McSherry, Frank 
Munday. Chas Mock, W E Paxson, Ed Pea- 
cock, A W Phillips, W O Russell, A L Shoe- 
maker, J P Spratt, Howard Thompson, Jno W 
Virts, R R Walker, B Ward, Robt Wright 

Waxpool — Population 2G; 4 miles from R 
R;' 9 miles from C H; banking town, Lees- 
burg. — R W Alexander, J W Ankers. Mrs 
Mollie Bitzer, J A Franklin. C W Gardner, J 
M Gardner, C J Gheen, W F Gheen. Hors- 
man Bros, G H Horseman, J B Hurst, W A 
Johnson, Le Fevre Bros, Bernard Minor, E L 
Munday, R T Munday, S E Munday. S E Mun- 
day Jr. G W Popkin, C E Shryock, J R Tillett, 
H R Wortman, J H Wtenn 

Value of real estate, 1916, white, $2,249,- 
280; colored, $412,322. Total, $2,661,602. 

Value of personal property, white, $1,073,- 
271; colored, $139,028 Total, $1,212,299. 

Income, $9,142. 

Population, 1916, 16,578. 

Number voters, white, 2,161; colored, 1,5 28. 

Area — Acres, 319,741; square miles, 483. 

County seat — Louisa. 

Louisa was formed in 1742 from Hanover, 
and is situated in a rapidly improving and 
fertile section of the State. The counties of 
Orange and Spotsylvania are on the north, 
Fluvanna and Goochland on the south, Albe- 
marle on the west and Hanover on the east. 
The North Anna river is on the north and 
the South Anna river Hows through the south- 
ern part of the county. The Chesapeake and 
Ohio railway traverses the middle part from 
east to west, bringing into convenient com- 
munication with Richmond city, its principal 
market, and connecting- at Gordonsville in 
Orange county, on the edge of this county, with 
all rail to the north and west. The lands in 

this county are well adapted to the raising 
of wheat, especially that part in the northeast 
known as the "Green Spring" section, which 
is thought to have no superior in the State. 
Corn in paying quantity and some oats are 
raised. Considerable attention is paid to the 

cultivation of tobacco, of which two million 
pounds annually are raised. The minerals 
found arc gold, silver, iron, copper, lead, sul- 
phur, mica and sandstone. The sulphur and 
copper mines are being worked with profit. 
The timbers grown are pine, oak, walnut, ma- 
ple and ash. 

The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
the second Monday in January, March, May. 
July, September and November 

Judge — John Rutherfoord, Travelers Bldg. 
Richmond, Va. 
Clerk — P B Porter, Louisa 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — W C Bibb, 

Sheriff — A M Wash. Apple Grove 

Treasurer — .1 Reid Wills. Louisa 

Surveyor — Jno W Xunn, Louisa 

Superintendent of Poor— li E Poore. Louisa 

Superintendent of Schools— P T West, Tre- 

Commissioners of Revenue — J K Deane, 
Louisa district, Nol; John A Puke. Bumpass, 
R F D No 2; R B Winston, Louisa R F P 


W T "Meade, chairman, Louisa: Lee Rosson, 
Trevilians; Henry .1 Harris, Anple Grove; E P 
Anderson. Willowbrook; H H Walton. Pendle- 

H%^ia hkm w w 

The Magic City is growing and pius- 


Boom on Now. 



Come on quick---big m oney here for you 

9 w«i Most P ro £ ressiv e town of size 
W Oi in south. Great Building 

Population, 13,707 

W J Page, Bells Cross Roads; F M Tyler, 
Mineral; I P Chick, Bumpass 


B D Eubank, Gordonsville; W F Coleman, 
Trevilians; C D M Hunter. Louisa; N F Smith, 
Louisa; C T Jackson, Apple Grove; C R Bagrby, 
Bumpass; W J Roberts, Louisa; J R Buck, 
Bells Cross Roads; J C Arnett, Mineral; J F 
Tribble, Mineral; E D Smith, Mineral; J B 
Xoel, Hopeful- 
Boa itl of Health 
Captain W T Meade, (chairman), Louisa: Dr 
H W Porter, Louisa; Dr E A Terrell, Fredericks 
Hall; Dr P P May, Trevilians 

Agricultural Implements 
Payne W M, Zion 

Attorneys at Law 
BIBB * RHODES. Louisa 

Crank. W E. Louisa 
Duvall F Y, Louisa 
Gordon & Gordon. Louisa 
May J G, Louisa 
Pendelton L S, Louisa 
Porter P B. Louisa 
Sims F W. Louisa 
Smith W W, Louisa 
Smith \Y W Jr. Louisa 

Automobile Repairers 

Stone E B, Mineral 


Kidd T L, Louisa 


Bank of Louisa, Louisa, and Sulphur Mines 
branch Mineral 

Kent J C, Bells Crossroads 
*Kenney J Q, Cuckoo 
Lacy G F, Orchid 
Phillips M D, Areola 
Robey J W, Taylorstown 
Smith Saml H, Gum Spring 
Stone E B, Mineral 
Trainum G W, Meltons 

Boarding Houses 

Hope C T G Mrs. Locust Creek 
Jennie Kate Mrs. Bells Crossroads 
Massie W O Mrs. Louisa 
Mills I I, Apple Grove 
Pendleton E B Mrs. Cuckoo 
Pendleton W B Mrs, Cuckoo 
Perkins Richard, Louisa 
Pleasant View. Bumpass 
Safely Geo E, Mineral 
Woolfolk A L Mrs, Cuckoo 
Woodward A B Mrs, Louisa 

Butchers and Meat Markets 

Cash Meat House, Louisa 
I) u trow C H, Louisa 
Flannagan A W, Louisa 
Fleshman W D, Louisa 
Louisa Meat House, Louisa 
Luck G R & Co. Mineral 
Mansfield R F, Louisa 

Candy Manufacturers 

Cuckoo Candy T\itchen, Cuckoo 


Bumpass L L, Bumpass 
Crank E M. Louisa 

Green Spring's Canning Co, Trevilians 
Seig- G T), Cuckoo 
Wooldrtdge J R, Poindexter 
Woolfolk J E, Cuckoo 

Farmers &■ Merchants Bank, Louisa and Min- 

Adams Thos, Mineral 
Baugh J R. Cuckoo 
Johnson M W, Zion 
Morris Wm. Mineral 
Winston Elmore, Willowbrook 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

*Anderson D C. Buckner 
Boxley L C, Bumpass 
Byrne W M. Areola 
i*Garrett Emmett, Louisa 
Gillespie J D. Zion 
Gillespie W D, Zion 
Gillespie "Walter. Thelma 
Hamby Robt. Pendletons 
Harris C E, Louisa 
* Harrison Easton, Poindexter 
Hill Ceo \y. Trevilians 
Hooker W C. Willowbrook 
Johnson J A & Son. Louisa 
♦Johnson R S, Buckner 

Carriage and Wauon Manufacturers 
Tjouisa Carriage Works, Loidsa 

Chicken Coop Manufacturers 

Boxley D W, Bum pass 
Bumpass Coop Co, Bumpass 

i Churches 

j * Baptist, Buckner 

* Baptist, Bumpass 

Baptist, Jackson 
: Baptist. Locust Creek 
< Baptist, Louisa 
; * Baptist, Louisa 
i Baptist. Meltons 

♦Baptist, Meltons 

Baptist. Mineral 

Baptist, Poindexter 

Brethren, Trevilians 

Catholic. Buckner 

Christian, Bumpass 

Christian, Cuckoo 4 

Christian, Inei 

Christian. Jackson 

P ■ ■ 

re Everything in REAL ESTATE 

PHONE 8vi 
Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 

Virginia Farms and Orchards 



Ideal Print Shop 

"Our Aim Is to Please You"' 


Special AttPntJon Given Out-of-Town Orders Phone 13ol-\Y 
229 N. Sycamore St., Mcllwuinc Bldg., 



Christian, Locust Creek 

Christian, Louisa 

Christian, YVillowbrook 

Episcopal. Louisa 

Episcopal. Mineral 

Methodist, Applegrove 

Methodist, Bells Crossroads- 
Methodist. Gum Spring 

Methodit, Louisa 

Methodist, Meltons 
Methodist, Mineral 
Methodist, Trevilians 
Methodist, Zion 
Presbyterian, Gum Spring 
Presbyterian, Louisa 
Union, Orchid 
Union, Thelma 

Contractor and Builders 

Barnard W A, Thelma 
Boxley B V, Louisa 
Childress A W, Thelma 
Duggins Lee J, Locust Creek 
Duggins S W, Locust Creek 
Hall G W; Mineral 
Harlow J S, Mineral 
Leake C H, Thelma 
Leigh Robert, Louisa 
Meredith Isaac, Bumpass 
Morris Chas W, Zion 
Richardson J A, Bells Crossroads 
Robert Leigh & Co, Louisa 
Silcott W H, Lincoln 
Sprousc C T, Cuckoo 
Trainum & Sherwood, Meltons 
Wright W R & Bro, Louisa 
Wyatt Woodson, Willowbrook 


Smith A T, Buckner 


Braxton James, Thelma 
Flannagan J W, Trevilians 
Hanger J N, Trevilians 
Moore & Barton, Meltons 
Rudlebach Chas, Buckner 

Hart Stephen, Mineral 
Smith W O, Louisa 


Bickers M B Mrs, Mineral 


Brooke G J, Orchid 
Carter Geo B, Mineral 
Kent Drug Store, Louisa 
Louisa Drug Co, Louisa 
Mineral Drug Co, Mineral 
Payne W M. Zion 
Turner V W, Mineral 


Gitchell Chas A, Louisa 

Harlow N W, Trevilians 
Roberts C E, Trevilians 

Furniture Dealers 

Coleman Chapin & Burch Inc. Mineral 
Flannagan & Flannagan, Louisa 
Mineral Furniture Co, Mineral 
Thomson T Q, Louisa 


| Louisa Hotel Garage, Louisa 
! Terrell Bros, Buckner 

General Stores 
! Bag-by C H, Willowbrook 
! Bagby W C, YVillowbrook 
| BARRETT P A & CO. Cuckoo 
j Beale F M, Louisa 

•Bellamy J H, Fredericks Hall R F D 
■ibb H Q & E H, Louisa 

Bickley A L, Louisa 
i BOWLES W A. Thelma 
I Boyd & Shelton, Louisa 
1 BROOK C II, Shelf a r 
j BROOKE G J, Orchid 
i Brooking C C <fe Co, Dabneys 
| Brockman Edward K. Trevilians 
j Brockman J W «fc Bro, Trevilians 
! Brookins Frank, Inez 
j Brooks Frank, Inez 
! Brooks G J, Orchid 

Buck B M. Bells Crossroads 
i Bumpass I") E, Mineral 
j Bumpass W L, Bumpass 
I Burruss L C, Bumpass 
j Butler Ashton J, Louisa 
j Campbell M J, Louisa 
j Campbell & Bro, Louisa 
! Carnohan & Carr, Fredericks Hall 
I Christmas D E, Bumpass 
i Christian Emery, Jackson 

j Crawford W A, Thelma 

Dabney W T & Son, Dabneys 

Davis W T & Son, Dabneys 
! Dickinson B L, Louisa 
i Dickenson W A, Mineral 
i Diggs W B, Trice 
I Dillard, Maddox & Co. Trevilians 
! Dugrgins S W, Bumpass 
| Bunkum Bros, Green Springs Depot 

Dunkum W H. Green Spring Depot 
! Dunn F L, Trevilians 
| Everhart G W, Tayiorstown 
i Foster M L, Louisa 
I Gardner J \\ Fredericks Hall 
J Gates Supply Co. Louisa 

GENTRY r M. Jackson 
j Gibson J D, Gays 
j Goodwin \v S, Pendleton 
; Green John L, Fredericks <Hafl 
i Harris J W, Mineral 
I Harris M O, Zion 


- > ^j«?r» -f'^HJfJ Mas one of the largest shipyards 

Li I^Ki WW w on the Atlantic and Good Business 





15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 


PHONE 176 






Hartfield P R, Mineral 

Hasher N A, Trevilians 

Hoagland John, Fredericks Hall 

Hollins F N, Fredericks Hall 

Jennings R T, Buckner 

Johnson Robt, Jackson 

Johnson R S & Co, Buckner 

Jones L Z, Louisa 

Jordan R E, Poindexter R F D 

Lacy J S, Vigor 

Lanford Bros, Poindexter 

LAXPORD O E, Apple Grove 

Leake W S & Son. Trice 

Levy & Harris, Bumpass 

Lloyd J T, Hopeful 

LLOYD M H, Inez 

Lloyd T J, Willowbrook 

LOYALL L L, Willowbrook 

Luck J H, Meltons 

McGhee E T, Louisa 

McGhee J W, Louisa R F D 

Martin B E, Waldrop 

Martin Eva M Miss, Vigor 

Melton's Cash Store, Meltons 

Meredith E Q, Gays 

Meredith L E, Gays 

Morris J D, Zion 

MOSS A R. Bells Cross Roads 

Moss C B, Fredericks Hall 

Myers W F, Lincoln 

Nicholas R E, Hopeful 

Noel C P & Bro, Louisa and Mineral 

Parrish C M, Vigor 

Payne R W, Zion 

Payne W M, Zion 

Perkin L G & Bro, Mineral 

Perkins TV M, Louisa 

>-kins W S, Apple Grove 
Pironti J D, Meltons 
Pleasants A J, Fredericks Hall 
Poindexter E H, Fredericks Hall 
Poindexter G R, Fredericks Hall 
Pryor M J Mrs, Vigor 
Putty G B, Mineral 
Roberts H C, Louisa 
Roberts L Miss, Trevilians 
Robertson W J, Trevilians 
Rossen Lee, Trevilians 
SAUNDERS BROS. Poindexter 
Sheldon C B, Trevilians 
Shelton L B, Buckner 
Shepherd H C, Thaxton 
Smith S H, Gum Springs 
Smith S P & Co.. Bells Cross Roads 
Smith & Longan, Vigor 
Snyder C Li Trevilians 
SpicervBros & Co, Fredericks Hail 
Spicer W E & Co. Fredericks Hall 
Spring & Carnes, Tayiorstown 
Swift W PT, Gays 
'^aHey F M, Orchid 
" ERRELL H R, Buckner 
TRACKER E N, Locust Creek 
Towesey H A, Mineral 
Turner C C. Fredericks Hall 

Turner V W, Mineral 
Turner W M, Louisa 
Walker j X, Mineral R F D 
WALTON H R, Pcndletons 

Whitlock J C. Mineral R F D No 1 

Williams R L, Thelma 

Williams W G, Thelma 

Wood A O & Co, Poindexter 

W'oodson S C, Vigor 

Woolfolk A L, Cuckoo 

Voolfolk T H, Louisa R F D 


Arnett J C, Mineral 
Chenoweth & Co, Louisa 
Flannagan A W & Co, Louisa 
Goodwin W S, Louisa 
Hester C E, Louisa 
Hester C N (Estate), Louisa 
Morris Jno D, Zion 
PAYNE W M, Zion 
Perkins A F Mrs, Louisa 
Perkins F G, Louisa 
Sheldon C B, Trevilians 
*Shelton & Boyd, Louisa 
Smith S H, Gum Spring 


Harris C E, Louisa 

Louisa Hardware Co, Louisa 

Mineral Hardware Co Jnc. Mineral 

! Thompson T Q : Louisa 

i Woodward A B, Louisa 

H^rnes* and Sa«Vllery 

I Thompson T Q, Louisa 

Ray, Grain and Feed 

; Bumpass P M, Louisa 
j Hanson F S, Louisa 
j Louisa Milling Co, Louisa 

Virginia Feed & Seed Co, Louisa 

; Williams W G. Thelma 


[ Coleman W J. Mineral 
j LOT7TSA HOTEL, Louisa, S S Griffith propr 

i Mineral Hotel, Mineral 
I Palmore J D Mrs, Mineral 

lee Manufacturers 

' Crank E M, Louisa 

Insurance Agents 

j Cameron G V, Louisa 

I Carr J O, Mineral 

■ Hunter PI B & Co. Louisa 

! Jennings D Q, Mineral 

! Kimbrough C Y. Mineral 

\ Louisa Fire Tns Co, Louisa 

: Ware A L, Orchid 

! Woodward A B, Louisa 

Land Agents « 
' Bumpass D E, Mineral 
i Carr & Bailey, Mineral 

is on the Grandest Harbor of the Atlantic, 
it grow. 




C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 

Always Ready and ^[m^rtV^o Yo^r^k-Give us a Call A ' "' JACKS ^. "*• 



lave Stock Dealers 
Loyall %i L, Willowbrook 
Martin R T, Gum Spring: 
Perkins M B, Thelma 

la very Stables 
Bailey C B, Mineral 
Bailey M Y Mrs, Mineral 
Coleman & Butler, Mineral 
Dickinson H Q, Louisa 
*Ford J W, Bumpass 
Hatch H T, Louisa 

Lumber D€*alers 

Bag-by W C, Willowbrook 
Bumpass Coop Co, Bumpass 
Crank E M, Louisa 
Crank W J, Louisa 
Duggins S TV, Locust Creek 
Elam Cecil, Trevilians 
Gibson C S, Mineral 
Harlow J S, Mineral 
Harris V E, Thelma 
Jones B G, Buckner 
Jones D C, Bumpass 
Knight Geo W Jr, Poinclexter 
Parrish R T, Bumpass 
Perkinis M X, Cuckoo 
Pleansants A G, Bumpass 
Purcell J S, Louisa 
Spencer Henry, Zion 
Trainum G YV, Trevilians 
AValton H PI, Pendletons 

Mills — -Corn and Flour 
Boxley D W, Bumpass 
Knighton E T, Locust Creek 
Lloyd T J, Willowbrook 
Louisa Milling Co, Louisa 
Mineral Milling Co, Mineral 
Morris Jacob, Zion 
Payner Mills, Orchid 
Saunders Bros, Poindexter 
Shelton Emma L Mrs, Inez 
Smith J E, Louisa 
Smith J O, Bumpass 
Smith S P, Gum Spring 
Swift W Z, Buckner 
Williams L B, Louisa 
Woodson W B, Bumpass 

I Mills — Saw and Planing 

Bagby V C, Bumpass 
Bryne J F, Areola 
Cocke Erma Mrs, Locust Creek 
Crank E M, Louisa 
Diggs E M & Bro, Bumpass 
Duggins E J, Locust Creek 
Duggins S W, Bumpass 
Gates Lumber Co, Louisa 
Hall C L, Fredericks Hall 
Harlow J S, Mineral 
Jones B G, Buckner 
Knight Geo W & Son, Poindexter 
Lacy W F, Fredericks Hall 
Loyall L L, Willowbrook 

Meredith C Q <fc Son, Gavs 
Nuckolls W J, Vigor 
Purcell J S, Bells Cross Roads 
Snelson W M, Pendletons 
Spicer P B, Fredericks Hall 
Taylor P D & Son, Louisa 
Trainum G W, Meltons 
Walton H H, Pendletons 
Wolfrey C, Green Spring Depot 
Woolfolk J H Jr, Louisa 

Mills— Stave 

Knight Geo Jr, Poindexter 


Duggins L J, Locust Creek 
Gillespie Jno D, Zion 
Gillespie W G. Zion 

Mines — Pyrites 

Arminius Chemical Co, Mineral 
Boyd Smith Mines Inc, Mineral 
Sulphur Mining Co, Mineral 

Newspapers and Editors 

Central Virginian, Louisa. Central Virginian 
Inc, publishers 


Carr J O, Mineral 


Barnard W A, Thelma 
| Hicks Leyton, Mineral 
j Holland T S, Zion 
j Kent W L, Louisa 
| Michie Fred, Thelma 
| Solmon C C, Trevilians 
j Stokes Alex, Meltons 
j Stricklin G G, Cuckoo 

*Waddey Jno, Louisa 
{ Whitlock Jno, Mineral 
i Wilson C Q, Mineral 


Coleman W J, Mineral 
<^ottrell S M, Louisa 
Dew, T W, Bumpass R F D 
Dillard F M, Mineral 
Goodman Robert S, Zion 
Goodwin B C, Buckner 
Judd H W, Mineral 
Kellam F J, Mineral 
McCoy W K, Gum Spring 
May P P, Trevilians 
Pendleton Eugene, Cuckoo 
Pendleton E B, Cuckoo 
Porter Harry W, Louisa 
Taylor T M, Louisa 
Terrill E A, Frederick Hall 


Roberts W J, Louisa 
Smith C J, Louisa 

Pri nters 
Central Virginian Inc, Louisa 


OUTHEliN ALMANAC «- «ssss, «**-> 

. Directory and Almanax Pubhiheis 

Mutual Building, - - - RICHMOND. VIRGINIA. 

The Franklin Press Co. 







See Ad. %*** Gm^3£*2»* **• 

Gwathmey J H, Louisa 
Jacob W A, Louisa 
hippie Howard, Louisa 

Real Estate 

Bibb, Rhoads & Bickers, Louisa 
Bickers & Duvall, Louisa 
Boxley R C, Bumpass 
Bumpass D E, Mineral 
Carr & Bailey, Mineral 
1 'cbong F W, Louisa 
Gates C H & Son, Louisa 
Kimbrough C Y, Mineral 
Perkins M R, Thelma 
Piedmont Realty Co, Louisa 
Polick M, Gum Spring- 
♦Garrett Clemmie, Louisa 
Luck G R, Mineral 
♦Mills Jane, Louisa 


Sacra J L, Mineral 

Spoke Manufacturers 

Virginia Spoke Co, Dabneys 

Riddell R J, Trevilians R F D 


Arnett Maggie Miss, Mineral 
Kennedy Fannie Miss. Mineral 

'ennedy Lucy Miss, Mineral 
Wilkinson Myrtle Miss, Mineral 

Telephone Companies 

Citizens Mutual Telephone Co, Bumpass 
Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co of 
Va, Mineral 


Foy J W, Bumpass 

Gillespie Jno D, Zion 

Lacy G F, Orchid 

Morris J O, Bells Crossroads 

Safley F J, Mineral 

*Waddy Jno, Louisa 

Woodward A B, Louisa 

Veterinary Surgeons 
Hatch H T, Louisa 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Cunningham W E, Louisa 
Cunningham W E Jr, Louisa 
Michie" J C, Thelma 
Schlachter J H, Mineral 


Apple Grove — Population 75; S miles from | 
R R; 13 miles from C H; banking town Louisa j 

Wm A Campbell, F F Foster, Geo I Gard- ! 
ner, E-A Goodwin Jr, T E Grant, H F Harris, j 

H J Harris, C W r n Vn « t r ^ ., 

°* W H Parrish * " UlU *' ° Y Nuck " 

kins, R e P( 

E VV Perkins, M X Per- 

F r w,n A H ' bank mg town, Louisa— 

low, j w Harris, P L Hash or v t r T i • 

1 ardson W v^ ^^ D Perkins « J E R ^h- 

aicison W V; Richardson, C F Roberts V c 

R^Vi;^ 1 ' Vw W^ UrSt ° n ' T0 ° ey ^W 
.u vines, j w Waddev, B L Watkin* n ^ 

Watkins, D E Watkins, j >' T Watkhi C B Wat 

Wh"; ^t'^*^ MrS K]le11 White He 
White, J H White, Stanley White W w 

? frV- ? WO °^ E B Wri ^t, F C Wright 
J F Wright, L W Wright 

Buekner—Population 17; on C & O R R- 
16 miles from C H; banking town. Louisa- 
E I Anderson, F V Chisholm, L T Cocke, Dr 

Fa rar°c v r° * C °° ke ' ^™ Duke ' * W 
iarrar C N Gammon, S W Gooch. W L Jen- 
nings. B G Jones, G W Haynes, A G Mil, T A 
Hughes, c W Tsbell, E sv Lohman. Victor 

ReTe^ct* ? Per . kinS ' J F Q ui — ^erry, Chas 
R^elback, Joseph Reidelback, L B Shelton, 

u T\ ■ M Z Swift ' W Z Swift - rr - H R Ter- 
rell, R A Trice, *J H Waller, W R Wood 

j Bumpass— Population 40; on C & O P R- 
| 20 miles from C H; banking town Louisa— 
; \\ r Anthony, V C Bagrby, B T Baker H C 
Baker, A P Baugh. L C Boxley B O Bum- 
pass, H C Bumpass, J T Bumpass Jr r T 
Bumpass, Frank Caffrey, T F Fo C k 'c R 
Cosby, J A Durvin, J P Fastham. A S* Foster' 
R W Grubbs, C W Hall, J T Hall, G P Ham- 
bletom J P Hambleton, F J Harper, !> W Har- 
ris, G H Haynes, B L Hill. .7 S Fill Geo T 
Howard, W L Luck, O W Perkins. Alvin G 
Pleasants, Lee A Pleasants, .] F Ronquist 1> 
M Ronquist, J G Sharpe, C A Sims, C T Sims 
J O Smith, T P Southall, G H Strang \ E 
Swift, David Swift, J S Swift, J T Ward' 

Bumpass R F I)-— J F McLeod. J R Thur- 

Bumpass R F R No 1 — A O Burruss, E A 
Burruss, G A Burruss, W B Duerson, G W 
Haynes, A H Pleasants, J A Swift. F A Bowles. 
Frank Caffrey, CJeon chick. J p Chick .1 V 
Chick, L W Chick, I) F Christmas T F 
Cocke, G F Diggs, J A Duke, Lewis Duke B 
L Harris, J F Harris, B 1 Hill. E S Hill' R 
D Hill, G T Howard, A F Kersey, J o Ker- 
sey, j h Knighton, A L Lassiter* L a Luck T 
S Luck. W B Luck. W L LUCK, A (J feasants. 


Your most profjressivc mer 
chants. It ii pays tliem if will 
pay you. Consult us. 


V- ; f% 

ffade-Marka and Copyrights secured. Patent and 

fX r" U ■ V il " l ' rs are P'oP«*y Prosecuted to L .re 
fullct possible protection, and fees are reasonable. 
Correspondence solicited. »wwnawc. 

„, . . r EDWARD R. WIT.VfAN 

^Washington Loan and Trust Bldft., Washington, D. C. 



J G Sharp, D G Sims, L M Sims, P E Smith, 
J F Stanley, S T Stanley, J A Swift, J S Swift, 
W T Swift, C B Tate, G J Tate, W J Tate 

Cuckoo — Population 15; 3 miles from R R; 
8 miles from C H; banking- town Louisa, — 
James P Barrett, W H Barrett, j R Baugh- 
Zack Baugh, J A Brice, E A Christian, John 
Collison, M L Compton, A Goodwin, T J 
Ham, L Hubbard, James McNamara, Bar- 
ret Pendleton, E B Pendleton, Dr Eugene 
Pendleton, W B Pendleton, G D Seig, M L 
Smith, G S Sprouse, J C Thacker, A L Wool- 
folk, Chas R Woolfolk, J E Woolfolk 

Dabney — Population 20; banking town 
Louisa— V K Bowles, J H Brooking, W M 
Foster, J S Guild, R B Henley, W D Jones, 
J F Lloyd, Joe Nicholas. J A Nichols, J S 
Wade, R L Wade. J W Willis, R F Willis, J G 

Dongola — Population 15; <s miles from R R; 
25 miles from C H; banking town, Louisa — ■ 
* An drew Adams, Jno W At kiss on. Miss 
A N Duke, F O Harris, W J Harris, Chas M 
Moss, Geo S Moss, J P Moss, James W Moss, 
*Henry Robertson, Parker Saunders, H A 
Wiltshire, R M Wiltshire, A S Woolridge 

Fredericks Hall— Population 50; on C & 
O R R; 12 miles from C H; banking town 
Louisa— F M Adams, R R Adams. T M Adams. 
T N Anthony, J H Crank, J T Cosby. W B 
Duerson, J F Duke, T C Garritt, L R Gibson, 
L L Hall, O D Hall, H H Hardenburg, W J 
Hart, A J Harris, W S Harris, J H Raskins. 
G E Herring. E C Hillyer, F N Hollins, F 
Hood, E W Knight, H McC Kuper, M L Ku- 
per, L S Pendleton, J T Perkins, W A C Pet- 
tit, A J Pleasants. E H Poindexter, G R Poin- 
dexter. C C Promt, J H Quiesenberry, A J 
Richardson, C B Sims, E H Spicer, G F Spicer, 
P B Spicer, N H Strong. T N Strong, E S Tal- 
ley._J F Talley, L J Talley, R M Talley, W J 

Fredericks Hall R F I> 1— L R Armstrong-, 

E F Baugh, R O Ciough, Clias Hollins, Taylor 
Parsons. Turner Parsons, G M Russell, A F 
Sharp, E L Sharp, F H Sharp, W N Sharp, G 
H Turner 

Fredericks Hall R F D No 2 — E F Boxley, 
Julian Carneal. W C Carpenter, W A Dickin- 
son, C B Gibson, Semple Goodwin, J H Hart, 
R*N Harris, C Y Johnson, J C Johnson, J H 
Mills, P C Newman, W M Reynolds, H M 
Smith, A G Trice 

Gays — Population 25; 12 miles from R R; 
IS miles from C H; banking town Louisa — 
J A Meredith, J W Meredith, L E Meredith, 
L E Meredith Jr; G W Mullin, Joe Scott, F A 

i Shelton, Wm Smith. W H Swift, W C B Win- 
| ston 

Green Spring Depot— Population 75; on C & 

! O R R; 7 miles from C H; banking town 

Louisa— King A Bibb, W R Dunkum, Thos 

Gibson, M G Gibson, N W Hall, G E Harris, 

G M Kennon, Oscar Mahanes, J W Melton, 

i W F Poindexter, W J Robertson, A C Sher- 

: wood, A w Sprouse, C'B Vest, C W Walfrey 

; Gum Spring — Population 18; 7 miles from 
| R R; 25 miles from C H; banking town Louisa 

—Julian J Alvin J Wesley Childress, Win 
j H Crowder. *T C Jackson. *W M Jackson, 

Chas R Harris, Wilmer Hedges, A C Martin. 
> R T Martin, Russell Martin. *B W Meallv, 

j Henry Rigsby, Paul Sims 

Hopeful — Population 50; 14 miles from R R; 
20 miles from C H; banking town Louisa — 
F H Anderson, F P Anderson, N M Ander- 
son, T W Cocke, J D Hargrove, \V A Hicks, 
J R Hollins, W B Hollins, N C Isbell, *J C 
Jackson. Walter Luck, R B Nicholas, R E 
Nicholas. R F Nicholas, J R Noel, W R Noel. 
W M Proffit, I M Williams 

Inez — Population 10; 12 miles from R R; 
2 3 miles from C H; banking town Louisa — 
B F Adams, Frank Brooks, G R Brooks, L 
L Brooks. H T Davis, J F Foster, E D Gammon. 
J A Gammon, M L Gammon, R W Gammon. 
J H Jackson, J A Lloyd, R W Lloyd. T J Lloyd, 
W M Lloyd, Wm Lloyd, S L Nicholas, M E 
! Stewart 

Jackson — Population IS; 9 miles from R 
R; 14 miles from C H: banking town, 
Louisa — A S Anthony, E P Armstrong, 
R J Armstrong, W J Armstrong. B P 
Bourne, \V J Childress. Jno O Cosby, 
E J Foster, L M Foster; Geo Gooch, E 
M Hall, Saml Hall, G P Hamilton, P J Ham- 
ilton, Q P Hamil f on, J F Henshaw, P J Hen- 
shaw, Gooch Hilton, F M Hollins, J V Mc- 
Clure, F B Mitchell, G W Perry, R L Terry. 
B F Richards, J A Sharp. T P Sharp. W G 
Sharp, L M Siddons. J T Swift, W H Swift, 
J H Walton, Jno Wright 

Locust Creek — 9 miles from R R; 17 miles 
from C H; bankirg town, Louisa — \Y J 
Bowles. W W Buttler, L T Cocke. Jno Duke, 
Joseph Drymaeek, G M Grant, L B Harris. 
Jno Hollins, G H Tate, B F Thacker, E X 
Thacker, Henry Thacker. R A Thacker 

Louisa C If — Population 31 S; on C X- O R 
R; a banking town— C D Barrett, F M Beale. 
j F Bickers, A L Bickley, F, V Boxley, c H 
Butler, f. S Butler, Geo V Ca^neron, E C Camp- 
bell, H H Chandler, M J Clapp, S M Cottrell, 
v; i: Cunningnam, J D M Daniel, 11 S Daniel, 

II Directory Co 

;Vi*jrt«j«l FiuUcSinir. 


bailing and Addressing 
Circuiars a Specialty. 


American Bank and Trust Co. T R,s; "' R= "''"• • ^ ? " N " 

capital. S2oo.onn.on. M ™„eo,™_ ^ our Account Shall Have Individual 

CAPITAL, $200,000.00. 





G P Daniel, P E Daniel, T A Daniel, B L 
Dickinson, J* F Dickinson, C W Donnelly, M 
L Foster, J R Francisco, A P Gates, C H Gates, 
W F Gates, C A Gitchell. Frank Goodwin, W 
D Goodwin J G Gunter, Walter Hawley, H G 
Hiter, Geo H Johnson, J L Johnson, J A 
Keuh, Leon Levy, E L Mills, P B Miller, W 
A Mills J O Morris, Taylor Morris, J W Xunn, 
M W Payne, Geo T Perkins, R E Perkins, V 
L Perkins, W M Perkins, W O Petty, H J 
Poindexter, R E Poore, H W Porter, J S Pur- 
cell, Rev J Q Rhodes, J A Richard, H C Rob- 
erts, E R Ruffner, James R Saunders, R D 
Saunders, J J Shipp, F \Y Sims, R M Smith, 
S W Smith, TV O Smith, W W Spicer. T M 
Taylor, H P Terrell, J M Thomas, T Q Thom- 
son, C Thompson. E X Timberlake Jr. W H 
Vaden, S E M Whitlock, S G Whitlock, W J 
P Whitlock, J R Wills, J M Winston. X W 
Winston Sr, A B Woodward. H W Wright, J 
H Wright, O L Wright 

Louisa R F D Xo 1 — E E Arey, A M Baker, 
James M Baker, Dr J W Baker. R L Baker, 
W H Baker, P E Battle, E H Bibb, H Q Bibb, 
L W Bibb, E S Boyd, J L Boyd. A J Butler. 
H S Daniel, P E Daniel, P M Daniel, W J 
Daniel, B L Dickinson, \Y H Dunnaway. P 
T Gunter, J H Hiter, Malcolm Hiter. P M Hi- 
ter, R L Hopkins, J B Hughson, F T Johnson, 
C E McGehee, G A McGhee, Hubbard Mc- 
Gehee. T E Martin. D G Ma^sey, G W Mas- 
sie. W C Massie, W J Xuckolls, R H Powell, j 
Forest Rosson, W L Sims, H A Smith. J E 
Smith, X F Smith, G W Timberlake, Hubbard 
Timberlake, W B Timberlake, J C Trice, M 
Tucker. Watkins Turner i 

Louisa R F D Xo 2 — J R Amick, Xelson P 
Anderson, O B Burton, T E Butler, J D Cave, 
L W Cave, Floyd Chaney, F E Dunaway, W 
H Dunaway, X T Garth, T Q Garth, J H Hiter, 
Walter Humphrey, F A Kean. J P Massey, J 
W Nunn, Frank Poindexter, Wirt Riddell, R 
J Riddell, J H Seay, B H Sims, W W Spicer, , 
W S/Synon, C L Talley, F C Terrell, R E Trice, j 
J A 'Walton, J S Wood, J H Woolfolk Jr, T L 
Woolfolk, J H Wright, O L Wright 

Parrish T J Po0 re, Al Rosson, R E Shipp 

C ) iRva^V vr mith ; ' E SmUh ' P P Smi ^ 
R P Wm^t w^"' E C Wash > D S Winston 

K 1» Winston, W J Wright 

^ T t! nSi \, Jl F D Xo 5 - E r Bickley, E W 

Bmkley W M Bickley, w R Bickley, A J But! 

Carter T To' ? V^' L B C *^ " 
carter, 1 J Cosby, j no Denton, E A Estes 

I J F Fleshman, T J Fleshman, W r> Flesh' 

j man, M L Foster, E F Gunter, A R Harlow; 

! T W £ r T' F ; T M H °P kin ^ W S McDonald. 
i J \\ McGehee, H E Morris, M W Pavne. Tho« 

! i7 n % J r?l SnideV ' C S Sprouse > C Q Timber! 

! lake, T G Tisdale, B H Waldrop, F P White 
; J W White, S G Whitlock • 

Meltons — Population 12; on C £- o R p- 
10 miles from C H; banking town, Louisa— 
j Dixie Bowman, Sam'l J Bowman, *Frank 
j Cnisolm, S H Dalton, Jno E Dodd. .Tame, 
; Given, Mrs Rosa B Hartsook, Freeman Hood 
; *J E Jackson, C F Melton, Moore & Borton' 
Lemuel Morris, J Wesley Morris. J J (W* 
Wesley Payne, S T Richardson, Archie a Ri- 
ner, D S Riner, Jno D Riner, *Henrv Scott 
*Jno Scott, Mrs Louise Shellhorn. *Wm Smith 
D Stanley, Theo Stecher. J W Stilzer *J 
Thompson, *Wm Thompson. Geo W Trainum 
L F Vipperman, Charles Walton. *Oscar Wall, 
*Charles Winston, W C Woody 

Mineral — Population 260: on C & O R R; 
i miles from C H; a banking town — A. D Ar- 
nett, J C Arnett, Harry Baker, W S Butler. 
W J Clements, T S Cobbs, W J Coleman, X E 
Durrett. A F Estes, G E Fisher. Thas Grim. 
Albert Gromm. G F Harper, J C Harper. L 
T Harper, W C Harper, Herbert Hester. Jack 
Hicks, H Kennedy, Jno H Kennedy. Wash Mos- 
by, A M Quisenberry, H W Payne. Geo E 
Safely, H L Sharp, Eugene Talley. S C Taller. 
C J Terrell, R T Towsey, W L Towsey, J J 
Trice, Jesse Whitlock 

Mineral R F D— H C Holladav, C W Mc- 
Gehee, L C McGehee 

Louisa R F D Xo 3 — T S Cobbs, R A Craw- 
ford, C P Gammon, T L Gammon, C H Good- 
win, W S Goodwin, R L Hawley. S B Hub- 
bard, C A Hunt, W T Johnson, R M Smith, 
F B Trice, X W Winston, X W Winston Jr 

Louisa R F D Xo 4 — E L Barnes. J R Bar- 
rett, Lee Barrett, J W Bullock, G E Cosby, 
J S Denton, J W Denton, F L Dillard, Ber- 
nard"T)uke, J G Duke, Geo Fordsee. H W Fox, 
Meredith Fox, Calhoun Francisco, P J Giles, 
J F Glass, F B Grubbs, L F Grubbs, J E 
Gwinn, I C Hester, H C Hughson, C T John- 
son, J L Johnson, J P E Johnson, W T John- 
son, J B Jones, J L Jones, A L Landers, C A 
Longan, E T McGhee. J B McGhee, W T 
Meade, C M Mills, E T Mills. W A Mills. W C 

Mineral R F T> Xo 1— A M Allhizer. Wesley 
Andrews, G E Brown, J T Brown Sr, C M Dick- 
inson, N E Dickinson. W F Gibson. Chris 
Grimm, J G Gunter, Geo L Hiillman, 11 J 
Johnson, L J Johnson. D P Xickson. M B Quis- 
enberry, J S Roberts, C D Seay. C K Shealor. 
H F Sims, E D Smith, G C Smith. H S Smith. 
L H Smith, M B Smith, T J Talley. W H Tal- 
ley. H P Towsey, Harry Towsey. W C Towsey. 
J F Tribble, W F Tribble, J W Tulloh, J X 
Walker, Fountain Waller, .1 A Whitlock 

Orchid — Population 8: 10 miles from R R; 
2 miles from C H; banking town, Louisa — 
R M Armstrong. W B Brooks. *C M Kersey. 
John A Lacy, C R Floyd, C L Xuckols. H B 
Walker. T J Wnlton, A L Ware 


riutuai Building, 

Can Furnish You 

Business List 

• any kind of . ~ Jry Them 

Richmond, Virginia 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia 




O L 1) E S T L A R < ; E S T S T R ONG Z S T 





Pendleton — Population 20; on C & O R R; 
7 miles from C H; banking town, Louisa — W 
F Pro.'Ht, W H Shackelford ; B F Sharp, J C 

Poindexter — Population 28; 6 miles from R 

R; 11 miles from C H; banking town, Louisa — 
J F T Anderson, Berkeley Baughan, J C 
Baughan. M F Bradley, R G B Broome, W R 
Cameron, M T S Evans, B A Henson. J W 
Henson, S B Henson, B V Hughson. C A Hugh- 
soil, Wm Overton, Jno A Saunders, John Wil- 
liams, J R Woolridge 

Shelfor — Population S; 6 miles from R R: 
21 miles from C H; banking town, Louisa — 
H W Hoi man, Benj Hollins, J L Hollins, A 
N Perkins. J B Shelton, J W Shelton, A L 
"Ware, R A Ware 

Thclma — Population 20;on Va R R; 15 miles 
from C H: banking town. Louisa — James 
Broxtrout. Ira Crawford, W H Crawford, J C 
Harris, O M Harris, V E Harris. A G Hull, 
C H Leake. L R Lyle, H I Randolph, R E 
Scruggs, E S Scruggs, C R Thomas, Chas Wag- 

Trevilians — Population 50; on C & O R R; 

I *A. miles from C H; banking town.. Louisa — 
C Panne. A A Garber. J X Harger, P B Mills. 
Lloyd Nichols. R H Ogg, W S Ogg, S D Per- 
kins, W S Poindexter, R C Shoron.. C L Shu- 
make. E W Williams.. J R Williams, F P Wills 

Trevttians R F D — W S Buchanan. T C 
Dickinson Jr. James Easton, V C Johnson, 
W B Latham. L C Lewis, J A Locker. F C 
Morris, O E Nickelson. J H Smith. Everett 
Thomas, Y T West 

Trevilians R F I) No 1 — C S Collins. E C 

Collins, C C Cooper, T C Dickinson Jr. F L 
Dunn. S M Ellis, J W Flanagan. J R Gans, 
Willie Graves. Silas Jones, O C Kean, Play- 
bon Larker. F J Nunn, W D Ogg. C E Poin- 
dexter, F W Poindexter, W D Roberts. Lee 
Rosson, E H Tywon. A V Talley, Lester Tal- 
ley, N! M Talley, R C Talley, H C Thomas, 
W H Vawter 

Trevilians R F D Xo 2 — C H Buchanan, 
A C Chewning, H G Chewning, J W Dabney, 
A E Dickinson, J X Hanger, Saml X Melton, 
C H Xolting. W S Ogg. S D Perkins, X F 
Peers, W J Robertson.. C B Sheldon. C L Shu- 
rnake, J E Turner, J R Williams, F O Wills, 
Robert Young 

Vigor — Population 12; 7 miles from R R and 
J~t H; banking town, Louisa — Thos Padgett, T 
D Compton, Harrison Davis, J D Davis, Robt 
Davis. F Dillard, L Pillard, J F Glass. 
A A flam, W W Jennings, R F Jones, 
L M Jordan, M A Kean, J TT Lea, C A Lon- 
gan, David McClanahan, C R-McGehee, C Tl 
Mallory, J H Mallory, J P Martin, J W Mar- 
tin. M D Martin, W H Parrish, T J Poore. C 
C Randolph, A H Ryals, J E Smith. Geo Webb. 

Vigor R F I)— R R Dickinson, W J Nuck- 
olls, Julian Payne, J L Proffitt, J E Quinn. 

J C Randolph, W J Walton, W T Wash 

Willowbrook — Population 26; 11 miles from 
R R; IS miles from C H; banking town. 
Louisa — Earle Anderson, W C Bagby. J J 
Brooks, C M Gammon, A G Hill, 1, L Loyall, 
T J Lloyd, C B Meredith, William Nelson 

7iiox\ — Population 50: on Va R R; 10 miles 
from C H; banking town, Louisa — W E 
Bourne, Geo H Bourne. W R Cnmeron, O L 
Dabney, R B Dabney, !•: R Gillespie, O M Har- 
ris, R L Holloway, J W Johnson, James John- 
son, M W Johnson, J P Jones, W S .Jones. 
W R Lanford, J P Millwav, Thos J Morris. 
W A Morris. W X Morris, W J Page, W E 
Payne, R W Promt, P P Smith. Henry Spen- 
cer, Jno L Spicer, L M Walker, Jim Williams 


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RECTORY CO., Inc., in ail their Multigraph and Addressing Work, fry i 

79 That is the motto 


E. A. R ■ I, D. V. 1. JLtainry Surgeon and Dcnfet 

214 BOLLINGBROOK. Phone: Office, 319; Residence, 3404 I Itttf the VariOliS DlSeaSCS of All Dumb Animals 



Lunenburg County 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $1,905,- 
3S8; colored, $268,008. Total, $2,173,394. 

Value of personal property— White, §988,- 
344; colored, $129,662. Total, $1,118,006. 

Income — $8,523. 

Population, 1916—12,780. 

Number voters — White, 1,911; colored, 1,- 

Area — Acres, 271,453; square miles, 418. 

County Seat — Lunenburg-. 

This county was formed in 17 4 6 from 
Brunswick, and has for its boundaries; on 
the north Prince Edward and Nottoway, south 
Mecklenburg, east Brunswick, and west Char- 
lotte. The Nottoway river skirts that part of 
its northern border bounded by Nottoway 
county, while the Meherrin shapes its south- 
ern border. The main line of the Southern 
Railway touches its northwestern corner 
while the Mecklenburg branch of the same 
road extends along its western border, and 
the Virginian Railway passes from east to 
west through the county. The crops are corn, 
wheat and taobacco, of which latter two mil- 
lion pounds of good grades are raised annu- 
ally. No minerals have been reported, but the 
county is very thickly wooded, the principal 
varieties being pine, oak of any kinds, maple, 
chestnut, walnut and elm. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the second Monday in April and October and 
third Monday in January and fourth Monday 
in June. 

Judge— Wm R Barksdale, Houston 

Clerk — Jno L Yates. Lunenburg 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — N S Turnbull Jr. 


Sheriff— -A B Shackelton, Lunenburg 
Treasurer — C C Hatchett, Rehoboth 
Surveyor — F A Stillman, Kenbridge 
Superintendent of Poor— L P Winn, Vic- i 


Superintendent of Schools — I T Wilkinson. ! 


Commissioners of Revenue — R E Gee. Loch- j 

leven; H C Love Keysviile 

Su]>er visors 

W C Winn (chairman), Keysviile R F D j 

2; D R Love. Reedy; W C Neblett, Kinder- | 

wood; W T Robertson, Ontario; J A Moore. | 

Ksfibridge; H T Hardy. Wattwboro; James T | 
Waddill. Victoria 

B L Winn.. Keysviile; W E Bell, Wilburn; 

R T Hazelwood, Whittles Mill; C C St John, j 
Traffic; S A Wallace, Kenbridge; Saml Chum- 
ney. Victoria; J R Edmunds, Kenbridge: S W 
Bayne. Fort Mitchell 

W A Cox, Victoria,; J D Ware, Ontario; 

M B Edwards, Keysviile, R ]•' O 2; J T Tis- 
dale, Kenbridge; R L liite, Hollydale; W C 
Tisdale, Lunenburg; M E Gee, Meherrin; J c 
Love, Keysviile R F 1) 2; J I Banks. Vic- 
toria; J G Blaekwcll, Kenbridge: W F Bacon 
Hollydale; R L Bagley, Gary; J H Crenshaw 
Rehoboth; W G Fore, Fort Mitchell; R L Si 
John, Traffic; O E Dunnavant, Green Bay: 
1) N Matthews, Victoria; W H Overby, Bag- 
leys Mills; I W Bell, Wilburn; T F Bayne. 
Kenbridge; T L Hite, Nebletts 

Board of Health 
W C Winn (chairman). Keysviile; Dr W S 
Snead, Meherrin; Dr W D Kendig, Kenbridge: 
1 >r E L Kendig, Victoria 

Agricultural Implements 

Dickerson E W, Meherrin 

Hailey Mercantile Co, Ontario R F D No 1 

Kenbridge Hdwe Co, Kenbridge 

South Hill Hdwe Co. Kenbridge 

Victoria Hdwe A; Furniture Co, Victoria 

Victoria Hardware & Furniture Co, Victoria 

Wall H W, Meherrin 

Attorneys at Law 

Allen C T. Kenbridge 

Allen Geo E.. Victoria 

Bell 1 B, Wilburn 

Fowler Walter E, Victoria 

ill PC.INS & OZLIN (i: W Hudgins, Chase 
City; T W Ozlin, Kenbridge (see adv below 
and attorneys in Mecklenburg ) 

Osling W L, Kenbridge 

Nelson W E, Lunenburg 

Turnbull N S Jr. Victoria 

Lunenburg Auto Co.. Kenbridge 
VICTORIA GARAGE (R T Chittenden), Vic- 
toria * 

Automobile Repairers 

Kenbridsre Garage & Repair Shop, Kenbridge 


Beard C W, Victoria 
Lange Oscar, Victoria 
Sass Jno. Victoria 


Chase City. V 


Richmnnd. V 



mfxklknblrg lunenburg,*and chariot it 
counties, va. 



regory, Ina 


808 - 810 im;rmuda 


CharioftesvELlb, Va. in South . Great BuiIding 

Booth on Now. Come on quick— big money here for you. Population, 13,797 

^^Most progressive town oi' size 
■ in South. 




Bank of Lunenburg, Kenbridge 

BANK OF VUCSCOfgAi R W Manson pres, W P 
Ueed eashr, Victoria (see p 30) 

TY BANK, Meherrin 

State Bank of Kenbridge, Kenbridge 

Kirkuian pres, \V E Dupriest eashr, Vic- 
toria (see adv below) 


-Brown Saml, Whittles Alills 
Daniel P E, Dundas 
Gray H F, Victoria 
Jacobs L P, Victoria 
* Jones Fredk, Kenbridge 
*Jones 3b Turner, Kenbridge 
I'ond P J. Kenbridge 
*Wade Jno, Kenbridge 
Wheatley W F, Victoria 
Wrenn Geo, Traffic 

Billiard and Pool 
.Jacobs L P. Victoria 

Smith W P. Victoria 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwright 

Barker S H. Kenbridge 

Booth Bros, Victoria 

Burnett J E, Woodend 

Drisgall Willie, Ontario R F D No I 

FerreU E D, Rehoboth 

Gary Egbert, Reedy 

Gary W H, Gary 

Hankins W H, Kenbridge 

Laffron C J. Hollydale 

Nolly N W, Gig 

Pickers C C, Kenbridge 

Spurlock Chapman, Meherrin 

Watkins James S, Traffic 

Willis W R. Fort Mitchell 

Boarding Houses 

Clark Fredk, Kenbridge 
Uinton S W. Kenbridge 
Kennedy W F, Kenbridge . 
Manson W S, Woodend 
Organ Theo, Kenbridge 
Pritchett Hunter, Kenbridge 
Robertson J H, Kenbridge 

Butchers and Meat Markets 

Bodlowitch Saml, Meherrin 
Crafton & Inge, Kenbridge 
Mays C R, Victoria 
Stables & Vaughan, Victoria 


Daniel A P, Dundas 

Simplicity Canning Co, Keysville 

Trinidad Truck Farm, Kenbridge 

R F D 

Carpenters and P>uilders 
ABBITT BROS (J H and C J Abbitt), Vic- 
toria (see p 33) 


Baptist, Fort Mitchell 

* Baptist, Hollydale 

Baptist, Kenbridge 

Baptist, Meherrin 

Baptist, Meherrin R F D 

Christian, Dundas 

Christian, Fort Mitchell 

Christian, Kenbridge 

Christian, Ontario R F D No 1 

Christian, Traffic 

Christian, Wilburn *i 

Episcopal, Kenbridge 

Eutheran, Meherrin " ~ ' ' 

Methodist, Hollydale 









Ontario R F D No 1 


Whittles Mills 

Presbyterian, Kenbridge 
Presbyterian, Meherrin 
Presbytei^ian, Woodend 


Graham Clothing & Furniture Co, Kenbridg( 
Jones H E. Victoria 
Manson Bros, Kenbridge 

Coal Dealers 

Banks J T, Victoria 

Contractors and Builders 
ABBITT BROS (.1 H and C J Abbitt), 
toria (see p 33) 


Bowling Alleys 

Smith W E, Victoria 

Virginian Bank of Commerce 


4% Paid on Time Deposits 


Pre?. W. H. DtTpRIEST, Ca>hi< 


♦Austin D M, Kenbridge 
Bacon <fc Burnett, Kenbridge 
Bo ha n on S, Meherrin 
Cabbiness J E, Chaptico 
Castle Sam! J. Kenbridge 
Downs D E, Kenbridge 
Keely W Tk Keysville R F D 
Moore G l\ Ontario R B D No 1 
Skillman E A, Victoria 

Coo]X'rs % 

10 p pes W T. Kenbridge 

Watkins *<- Bridgeforth, Kenbridge 

9 No Z^:S\T et * PLUMBING 


PHONE 176 




Come to Petersburg 


Ewing W IT, Meherrin 
Herzig Fredk, Meherrin 
Walters H, Mcherrm 


Blackwell Robt, Victoria 
Everett J B> Victoria 
•Gee H M, Kenbridge R P D 
Walker L G. Kenbridge 


Capps C I'. Meherrin 
Kenbridge Drug Co, Kenbridge 
Smith Geo E, Victoria 
Snead W S, Meherrin 
Victoria Drug Co. Victoria 
Virginian Pharmacy, Victoria 

Dry Goods | 

*Crawley Bros, Kenbridge 
t'rowder Bros, Victoria 
Ferguson & Allen, Kenbridge 
Manson Bros, Kenbridge 
Nelson C P, Victoria 

El ectri c ( 'oiu pa nies 

Victoria Ice. Bight <fc Power Plant, Victoria 

Electrical Supplies 
Victoria Electric Co, Victoria 

Fertilizer ' 

Farmers Guano Co, Kenbridge 

/ i, 

Furniture Dealers 
Dickerson E W, Meherrin 
Edmund J R, Dundas 

Farmers Co-operative Guano Co. Kenbridge 
Gee M E, Meherrin 

Graham Clothing & Furniture Co, Kenbridge 
Lunenburg Furniture Co, Kenbridge 
Victoria Hdwe & Furniture Co. Victoria 


Kenbridge Garage and Repair Shop, Kenbridge 
Victoria Garage (R T Chittenden?, Victoria 

General Stores 

American Mercantile Co, Victoria 
Arvin S M & Bro, Meherrin 
Ashworth \V J, Ontario R F D No 1 
Bacon J R, Bask ins 
Bagley R A. Gary 
Barnes O O, Rehoboth 
BELL, T W, Wilburn 
BRUCE A 31, Meherrin R F D 
Cralle Bros. Kenbridge 
Clark M E & Son, Victoria 
Crowder Bros, Victoria 
Crymes C B. Meherrin R F D 
Davis C F, Kenbridge 
Davis W R, Fort Mitchell 
Dickerson E W. Meherrin 
Dickerson .1 T. TOr-bridge 

*I>oswell J A. Meherrin 
Edwards C O. Kenbridge 

CO IXC, Dundas 

Plippen R M, Bagleys Mills 

FORI: H G, Fort Mitchell 

Gary E W, Victoria 

GARY 1£ H, Gary 

Gary J C. Bunenburg 
! Gee B L & Co, Kenbridge 
: Gee M E, Meherrin 

Gee T E & Bro, Kenbridge 

Goetz Bros, Meherrin 

HARDY H T, Wattsboro 
! Hardy T R. Reedy 

Harris C M, Kenbridge 

Raskins T C, Meherrin \ 


Hazlewood J H, Bagleys Mills 

Holt Bros, Meherrin 

Holt W A, Meherrin 

Inge G C. Kenbridge 

Irby, Bridie & Co, Kenbridge R F D 

Jeter L Edward, Traffic 

Kennedy. Pritchett & Co. Kenbridge 

Kunath Henry, Ontario R F D No 1 

Range Oscar, Victoria 

Rash Julius, Meherrin 

Love D R & Son. Reedy 

Rove J M, Kenbridge 

Malone G A. Dundas 

Mann J E, Meherrin 

MANSON AY S, Woodcnd 

Mercantile Co-operative Stock Co, Kenbrid^« 

Moore C G. Dundas 

Moore E M, Gig 

Moore F I\ Gary 

Moore G AY & Bro, Kenbridge 

Morgan J R, Victoria 

Morgan & Dupriest, Victoria 

Moses B L. Victoria 

Nunnally E R. Meherrin 

Powell R M, Dundas 

POWERS H S & BRO. Kindcrwood 

Pulliam R P & Son, Victoria 

Robertson H J. Victoria 

Robertson R W, Meherrin 


Rudd w E. Gary 

Saunders J S. Chaptieo 

* Scott Tyree, Meherrin 

SKINNER .1 R, Kenbridge R F D 

Slaughter P W. Dundas 

Spencer W H, Port Mitchell 

Thomas & Matthews, Whittles Mills 

Thompson M 1. Mrs. Meherrin 

Thompson M S Mrs, Meherrin 

Todd Bros & Co, Kenbridge R F D 

Townsond J II, Ontario R F D No 1 

Wall H W, Meherrin 

Wallace W P, Wattsborfl 

Wat kins & Co. Traffic 

Watson A C, Ontario R F D No 1 

Webh Clothinsr a- Purniture Co. Kenbr 

No 1 

Call on SYDH01 PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 


Adv. in Buyers Guide 

& HI Uiki 

xi ES 

-,;.';■,./ •.-., 

SO1-704 OLONIAL BANK BLI>G. Phone 320 




WHITE T C, Traffic 
WIDKIXNOX K D, Hollydale 

Williams & Co, Victoria 
Winn W C f Keysville 11 F D 
Woosley J I, Jorgensen 


Adams <£ Harris, Kenbridge 
Crafton & Son, Kenbridge 
Poswell J A, Meherrin 
Edmonds Grocery Co, Kenbridge 
Powell II M, Dundas 
Kenbridge Cash Store, Kenbridge 
Kenbridge Grocery Co, Kenbridge 
Powell & McFarland, Victoria 
S;>encer W H. Fort Mitchell 
Sydnor P W & Co, Kenbridge 
Tucker Maggie Mrs, Victoria 
Wilson J L. Victoria 

Grocers — Wholesale 

Adams, Harris & Co Inc, Kenbridge 
Blackwell & Hatchett, Kenbridge 

Handle and Spoke Manufacturers 
Kenbridge Rdwe <SL- Spoke Co, Kenbridge 

Hardware Dealers 

C'-e M K, Meherrin 

Jones A C Co Inc, Victoria 

Kenbridge Hdwe Co. Kenbridge 

South Hill Hdwe Co, Kenbridge 

Victoria Hdwe & Furniture Co, Victoria 

Hay, Grain and Flour 

Blackwell & Hatchett. Kenbridge 
Hailey C M, Ontario R F D No 1 
Industrial Feed Co, Victoria 
Victoria Feed Co, Victoria 


Gee M E Mrs, Meherrin 
Hardy W D. Kenbridge 
Hawthorne J R, Victoria 
Hinton Hotel, Kenbridge 
Uolloway II B, Meherrin 
Hotel Hinton, Kenbridge 
Hotel Orgain, Kenbridge 
Hotel Victoria, Victoria 
Kenbridge Hotel, Kenbridge 
'amenburg The, Victoria 
Victoria, Victoria 

Ice Manufacturers 

Green J Parker, Victoria 

Victoria Ice, Light & Power Plant, Victoria 

Insurance Agent.' 
Banks J F. Victoria 

CMborne R L. Victoria 

Gallion G J,. Victoria 
Kenbridge Insurance Co, Kenbridge 
Manson Wm P, Kenbridge 
Turnbull & Stokes, Victoria 

Ijand Agents 

Victoria Land & Timber Co, Victoria 

lave Stock Healers 

Hailey & Bro, Ontario R F D No 1 

Livery Stables 

Bagley H K, Kenbridge 
Duke S H, Victoria 
Gee M E, Meherrin 
Roby & Booker, Kenbridge 
Walker C W, Victoria 

Dumber Dealers 

Bridge forth T, N, Ken bridge 
Edmund J B, Dundas 
Hailey C M. Ontario R F D No 1 
Hawthorn G S. Hollydale 
Hitchens Lumber Co, Gig 
Kenbridge Mfg Co, Kenbridge 
Ragsdale J I, Whittles Mills 
Vann J A. Hollydale 
Watkins S B, Kenbridge 
Winston H J, Meherrin 
Wood W H, Victoria 

Lumber Dealers — Wholesale , 

Kline Lumber Co, Victoria 


Booth Bros, Victoria, 

Men's Furnishings 

Ferguson & Allen, Kenbridge 
Jones H E, Victoria 


Brown & Schwalbe, Victoria 
Crowder Bros, Victoria 
Kenbridge Millinery Co, Kenbridge 
Manson Bros, Kenbridge 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

| Bishop J A, Nogo 
Bradshaw J T, Victoria 
End alley & Lewis, Ontario R F D 

i Kenbridge Roller <<- Grist. Mil], Kenbridge 
Love W H, Reedy 

| Neblett J T, Woodend 

| Wingold J C, Kenbridge 

Mills Saw and Planing 

i Anderson B R, Meherrin 

! Banks J A, Victoria 

| Bayne S W, Fort Mitchell 

! Cooper I S, Fort Mitchell 

j Dundas Planing Mill Co Inc. Dundas 

; Fore IT G, Fort Mitchell 

! Gee M I,. Kenbridge 





Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. Co. 

GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,728.19. 





Hailey & Ward, Meherrin 
Hall J X, Meherrin 
Hardy J no F, Kenbridge 
Hostrander J) E & Son, Victoria 
Hunt W L, No go 

Meherrin leaning- Mill Co, Meherrin 
Meyer P B, Kenbridge 
Parrish & Fdmonds, DuikUls 
Perkins T K, Dundas 
/ Ragsdale J I. Non Intervention 
Vaughan G T, Dundas 
Victoria Novelty Co, Victoria 
Waitman E E, Victoria 
Weaver R S. Victoria 
Wilkinson B L, Olo 
Williams T W .lr, Meherrin 
Winston II J, Meherrin 

Music Teachers 

Curtis S B Mrs, Victoria 
Kaylor A D Mrs, Victoria 
Whitehead J P, Mrs, Victoria 
Williams Walter Mrs, Victoria 

Newspapers and Editors 

Free State News, Kenbridge, Thos W Ozlin & 

Isham T Wilkinson editor 
Lunenburg Call, Victoria., R S Flvnn editor 


Free State News, Kenbridge 
Victoria Printing Co, Victoria 

Real Estate 

Banks .1 I, Victoria 
Crafton Sill, Kenbridge 
Fore J P & X P. Fort Mitchell 
Virginian Realty Inc. Kenbridge 
Ripberger Carl. Kenbridge 

Abbilt Bros agts, Victoria (see p 33) 


* Dance Dosa, Meherrin 
*Harding Ann, Meherrin 
Virginia Cafe, Victoria 
*Wade H T, Kenbridge 
*Wade Jno, Kenbridge 

Shoe Dealers 

Crowder Bros, Victoria 
Crowder W S, Victoria 
Jones H F, Victoria 
Nelson C P.. Victoria 
Smith J Y\\ Victoria 

Victoria Electric Shoe Shop, Victori 

, Opticians 

Gross Jewelry and Optical Co, Victoria 

Schnurman David, Victoria 


Crafton H C, Kenbridge 

Gregory Douglas. Chase City R F D Xo 

McFall W K, Victoria 

Rudd B W, Kinderwood 

Rugg Henry, Meherrin R F D No 2 

Seay E W & Co, Kenbridge 

Setzer H O, Victoria 

Skeeter W, Kenbridge 


League J A, Victoria 

Tobacco Dealers — Leai 

American Tobacco Co, Ken bridge 
Gwathmey W C, Kenbridge 

Hatchett J F, Kenbridge 
Hobgood A D, Kenbridge 
Imperial Tobacco Co. Kenbridge 
Love B A, Kenbridge 


Bailey J B, Ontario R F D Xo I 
Capps C P, Meherrin 
Couch John, Lunenburg 
♦Dean R A Victoria 
Harris L C, Kenbridge 
Harris T O, Kenbridge 
Hoeve H J, Meherrin 
Hoeve Pearl E3 F, Meherrin 
Kendig Edwin L. Victoria 
Kendig W D Kenbridge 
Mann E M, Kenbridge R F D Xo 1 
^Marable W H. Ontario K F D Xo 1 
Moomaw W C, Victoria 
Ozlin R L, Dundas 
Ozlin R S, Hollydale 
Ozlin Robt Woodend 
Snead W S, Meherrin 


Paulette J l >. Kenbridge 

Tobacco Flue Manufacturers 
Love V C, Kenbridge 

Tobacco Reprisers 
Gwathmey W C, Kenbridge 
Hatchett J F. Kenbridge 
Hobgood A I), Kenbridge 

Tobacco Warehouses 
Farmers' Warehouse. Kenbridge 
Leader Warehouse, Kenbridge 
Love V C & B A. Kenbridse 
O K Warehouse, Kenbridge 

Davis W U. Fort Mitchell 
Dickerson E W. Meherrin, 
Hailey Mercantile Co. Ontario K F D Xo l 
Nunn.-illy !•: i.. Meherrin 
Seav R VV & Co, fTenbridge 

"ASK MS. BOWMAN," 618 East Main Street 

'hone Randolph 4587 


Ri-prcsenrimi ;»II Atlantic. 1 Atl.m* ir and P.icific Steamship Lin 

P A ki^yp T CO 197 SHARP ST. 




Watchmakers and Jewelers 
Derlinger P A, M-eherrih 
Goldstein A, Kenbridge 
Gross Jewelry and Optical <'o, Victoria 

Women's Furnishings 
Manson Bros, Kenbridge 

Wood Work Dealers 

Victoria Novelty Works, Victoria 


Bag-leys Mills — 8 miles from R R; 12 miles 
from C H; banking town Victoria — R W 
Doyle, .1 C FMppen, R M Plippen, Dr S J 
Qruelieh, J W Hammock, V\" A Hawthorne. 

W H Hawthorne, C B Jones, F A Piercy, M H 
Piercy, W A Piercy, B W Rudd, R A Tucker 

Chaptieo — 6 miles from R R;13 miles from 
G H; banking- town Kenbridge— J A Butts, 
Victor 6 Epes, E M Pearson, J E Reed, Ashby 
Saunders. 3 S Saunders, P Y Saunders, N H 

Dundas — Banking- town Kenbridge — B J 
Bailey, J W Bailey, J W Bailey Jr, P E Bar- 
row. A P Daniel, P A Daniel, Mansey Daniel, 
R Daniel, Shad Daniel, J B Edmund, H P 
Gunn, A P Hawthorn, C W Plawthorn W B 
Hawthorn, R A Johnson, Geo E Jones., A W 
Bafoon, Meade Paffoon. C A. Moore. Sidney 
Nebletts, A J Parrish, B F Parrish, S P Par- 
rish. T D Parrish, T P Parrish, W E Parrish, 
G W Perkins, .1 D Perkins, T E Perkins J C 

Fort Mitchell — Population 10; on So R R; 
16 miles from C H; banking- town Kenbridg-e — ■ 
W H Culley, W R Davis. H G Fore. J P Lips- 
comb, W H Marable, J S Palmer. J P Parrish, 
P M Parrish, McD Parrish, E T Spencer, W H 
Spencer. D J Thompson. G E Thompson 

Gary — Population 20: 10 miles from R R; 
9 miles from C H; banking- town Kenbridge — 
E M Bagley, R P Bag-Icy, Robt Bagley, PT H 
Gary, W T Hamilton, James Hancock, W H 
Hawthorne, \Y W Hazlewood, Sidney Rudd, 
W E Rudd 

Haskins — ."> miles from R R; 18 miles from 
€ H, banking- town Kenbridge — J R Bacon, J 
J Callis J H Featherstun. R S Featherstun, W 
M Featherstun, T A Hite. W W Thompson, N 
A^Turner, W B Turner. W W Turner 

Hollydale — Population 10; 8 miles from R 
R; IS miles from C H; banking" town Ken- 
bridge — R E Plaekwell, G S Hawthorne, E M 
Hines, B H Hite, Eppa Pfite, W H Hite, W W 
Hite, F F Johnson, J S Parham, J S Shaffoon, 
W \V Stone, S O Thompson, R D Wilkinson 

The hmi Nafioea 


'Kenbridge — Population 196; on Virginian P 
' R; 8 miles from C H; a banking town — C M 

Allen, H M Allen, Horace Allen. P E Allen, 
i W M Allen, J j Almond, E G Bagley, H K 
! Bagley, R E Bagley, C H Barnes, E W Bell, 
1 W L Bragg-, 1) B Bridgeforth, P W Bridge- 

forth, Geo T Bridgeforth, L W Bridgeforth J 
I T Burnett, T P Burton, T W Barton, s' J 
I Castle, W C Cox, W B Crafton, Geo W Cralle. 
| Jno A Cralle, H A Crowder, A K Dowryk C X 
, Dupriest, J A Elder, Mrs J O Pppers<j»i J P 
i Ferguson, B P Gee, D B Gee, J P. Gee, Leon 
I E Gee, M I. Gee. P A Hardy, W D Hardy. C 
, M Harris F J Harris, Dr T C Harris. W H 

Plarris, J S Hatchett, *Chas Hinton, S W 
i Hinton, P E Plitchcock, Willie Hudson. T E 
| Hurt, J T Inge, W S Irby, J G Jackson, E 

C Johnson, D T Kennedy, W F Kennedy. 

Pomp Laffoon, B A Pove, C M Pove, J H 
| Love, P L Pove, V C Love, M E Maddox. 

F S Manson, J E B Manson, T R Manson. 

J L Marshall, C D Matthews, D X Matthews. 
; .1 A Moore, Theo Orgain. E M Overby, W H 

Overby, Thos W Ozlin, W P, Parrish. J D 
I Paulett, W R Paulett, H W Pritchett, J W 

Pritchett, G C Robertson.. E W Seay, p M 
; Snead. W S Sprouell, E G Stokes. II B Stokes. 

H A Taylor, Dr L G Walker. Geo W Walthall. 
: J A Webb. R G Webb, T W Webb 

Kenbridge R F D — II M Allen, R F Allen. 

; C S Bagley, J G Bailey. C P Barnes. J G Black- 
well. W E Blanche. J T Pohannon. J T Brad- 
shaw, W E Copley, J E Crafton. Albert Foust, 

j PI E Gills, Mrs C Hatchett, R C Hawthorne. 

j Hans Jansen, Otto C Jansen, E P Pove, P O 
Love, S H Love. G W Moore. J A Moore. P .1 
Petgold, C C Pickers, R B Seay, J R Skinner. E 
T Slaughter, D W Snowden 

Kenbridge R F 1> No t— F E Brown. G D 
Crafton, E N Gills, G C Inge. J S Inge. M II 
Inge, M E Lambert 

Lunenburg (C HI — Population 95; 3 miles 
from R R; banking town Kenbridge — Geo T 
Allen, .1 T Bradberry, E C Burnette, G A Pox. 
J R Crouch. S C Douglas, J C Gary. P A Gee. 
W P Jeter. Jno T Overton, P P Owen, S P 
Royall. W T Royall, W C Tisdale, B H Walke-. 
T G White. E K Williams. H P Yates, Jno 

Meherrhi — Population 25; on So R p; 12 

miles from C If; a hanking- town- Ilcrriman 
Adel, J E Apperson. A P Arvin, M Arvin, M P 
Arvin, S M Arvin, T .1 Arvin. T .1 Arvin 3v. 
P 1, Barksdale, K P Betts, A M Bruce. E L 
Bruce, W <> Bruce, C P Capps. W E Chap pell, 
E W Clark, .! M Crymes, S F Fiance, W S 
Dance. Jno P Davis, W S Donee. E VV Dickin- 
son, W H Ewing, J P I'igg. Jno Powlkes. T P 
Frost. M E Gee. D J Hatley * David Eiailey, T 
J Hailey, Ales Harding, C P Harding, E w 
Hardin;:. .1 <' Hart, T C Haskins, Prcd Herssig. 

Irapitnl.'. . ... .7. ."..'. ..... . . . 5^50,000.00 

Surplus and Profits $25,000,00 

4 °/o -Savings Bepartmen[--4 c /l 








The KeJlam is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we want 
every nun and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids over *>0 per cent, of the many hundreds. 
of sufferers treated during the paj-t 18 years. 



Saml Hiley, J J Holt, F L Hood, Pitzhugh 
Hood, *SiIas Hurt, J L Jeter, Ferdinand Jor- 
dan, Julius Lash, J A Love, M \V McCraw, J 
E Mann. *Tom Martin. J no El Morton, R F 
Neweomb, Geo M Owen, R R Perkinson, C R 
Pettus, Sam Pollard, F Primly, P M Redd, 
J F Redd, J W Redd, Andrew Sehultz, Daniel 
Schutlz, N W Scott, J S Shackelton. Otto 
Shackelton, Louis Siegel, E A Staples, N W 
Wall. T J Wallace. W L Wallace. Heinrich 
Walter.. W H Walter, J H Ward, A D Williams. 
F C Wilson 

Meherrin R J? 1) — M L Arvin, X J Arvin, T J 
Arvin. Walter Arvin, E L Bruce, W O Bruce, 
Oscar Bruce. James Bruce, H H Clark. L A 
Flowers, J Y Glidewell. Jno Harlander. J J 
Holt. J A Love, J C Moore. Jno R Morton, G 
W Redd, F G Redmond, Nathan Scott. Bonis 
Siogel, *J H Smith. E A Staples, W I, Wallace, 
Willie Walters 

Meherrin R F I> No 2 — J T Barksdale Jacob 
Barksdale, S H Barksdale, Walter Barksdale, 
Wm Cam {.hell.. W E ChappeTi, Zeb Clark. *Jno 
Kggleston, John F'owlkes, J Gernion. Wm Hen- 
derson, S Hinez, *John Holmes. *Tho3 Martin, 
Jno R Morton. Wm Morton, Sam Pollard, 
Waverly Pollard, A B Priddy, * Archer Rand- 
all, G W Redd, G W Redd Jr; J F Redd, 
Werner Redd, H Reg?;. X W Scott. Thos Strb- 
lett. -Edward Terry. R B Watts 

Xetoletts — 10 miles from R R: 2a miles from 
C H; banking town Kenbridge — *Douglas 
Black well. *Ephraim Hill. A T Hill lard. R L 
HITi:. David Overby, P T Slaughter, * Parker 

Smith, H H Turner. J T Turner 

Xogo — 6 miles from R R; 14 miles from C H. 
banking town Kenbridge — C H Barnes. W E 
Blanche, W E Copley, R C Hawthorne; M E 

Maddox, A R Marshall. W G Marshall. E R 
Stokes. Peter Stokes Jr 

Non Intervention — fi miles from R R; 8 
miles from C H; banking- town Kenbridge — J 
G Bagley, J A Bishop, J E Burnett. C T Davis. 
Eddie Gee. Henry Governor, W W Hazel wood. 
Henry Jones, B I Jones, L M Jones, C F Moore. 
W L Moore, W C Nash, I T Ragsdale, T W 
Ragsdale, D W Rudd, T T Terrell 

Kelioboth — Population 1.4; 10 miles from R 
R; 7 miles from C H; banking'- town Victoria — 
R H Ashworth, O O Barnes, O F Clark, Geo E 
Crenshaw, J H Crenshaw, Oscar Crenshaw, S 
W Jlaiiey. Virginia Hamlin, C C Hatcbett, *R 
J Hatchett, *Booker McCormiek, W T Rober- 
son, C C St John. W H Skelton 

Traffic — 12 miles from It R; 10 miles from 
C H; banking town Blaekstone — R M Arring- 
ton, R H Ashworth, C E Ed'gerton, W A Inge, 
A Jeter. Edward Jeter, .1 H Jeter, J T Jeter. 

R A Jeter, B E Jeter, S D Procise, C C St John, 

R L St John, R St John, g K Shelton, W R 
Shelton. R H Thompson, R \V Thompson T C 

Victoria — Population 6.82; on Virginian R>; 
&& miles from C M; a banking town- .1 T 
Bradshaw, T D Bragg, W J Bragg, E C Bur- 
nett, W T Estes, J W Foster, R W Glasgow, 
W E Jlatchall, E W Marshall, F Q Marshall, 
J D Marshall, L R Martin, .7 R Mason, Xat 
Matthews, Thos Nelson. B R Parrish. Chris- 
tian Rickers, Englishman Smith, Geo Smith, 
*Wm Street, W T Tomlinson J II Vaughan, 
James T Waddill, W T White, S B Wilkes, 
*Booker Winn, C W Winn, B P Winn 

Victoria It F D No 1 — J G Grepn, Rockliffe 
Stables, J H Vaughan 

Watfsboro — 11 miles from P. R; S miles 
from C H; banking town Meherrin- — A H Elder, 
H A Elder, J A Elder, T R Elder, Geo Ger, 
man, H T Hardy, A Jansch Edward Kaiser, 
Theo Kaiser, Paul Schauble, A R Tisdale, W 
P Wallace 

Whittles Mills — Population 5, 8 miles from R 
R; 18 miles from C H; banking town, Kenb- 
ridge— J H Piailey, W H Bailey, E E Crafton, 
L E Crafton, S B Crafton, -Joe Epes, P E Fer- 
guson, J G Harris, C W Hawthorn, C R Hazel- 
wood, G E Hazelwood. J A Hnzelwood. R R 
Hazelwood, *Len Morgan. *Jno Rudd, Herbert 
Smith. Mrs Ida Smith.. J E bmith, Irby Stokes, 
R B Thomas, E E Tucker, R L Tuck< r, J G 
Bagley, J Vi Lofis, H S Powers, J H Bowers, 
W A Powers, D W Rudd, T T Terrell, P D 

Wilburn — 12 miles from R R; 12 .Miles from 
C H; banking town Meherrin — H 11 Bell, I B 
Bell, I W Bell., J T Bell, W E Bell, W W Bell. 
*Jeff Boswell, *Bill Crowder, *Wiillis Crowder, 
A H Elder, II T Hardy, T B Hardy, I T & C M 
Hazlewood, J R Hazlewood. A R Tisdale 

Woodciul — 7% miles from R R; 20 miles 

from C H; banking town South Hill —J E 
Burnett, Watt Burnett, J E Callahan. Clem 
Dowdy, Thos Edmunds, V G Eppes, Henry 
Jones" W S Manson, Norman L Morgan, J T 
Xeblett. W C Neblett, W B Ross. Andrew Wal- 
lace. Templeton Wallace, \V T Wallace, Hex 
Williams. .1 T Williams 


m Progress^ M^ 


/ft Ring UP 

\Bl Advertisers 


mn RfDIW-TADV AO' f^ Can handle all your MULTIGRAPH 
illLL Vli&UOiU tU., fflC. WORK and deliver it promptly. 

Write us. 

823 Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. 

lie i 

nsoraoce Company of Virginia ^ 



Ui Claims paid \.%IaI£i>U rfci! 

ry Proofs of Death. Total P 
organization OYFK S17.000.00 


upon receipt of Satis - 
nenta to Policyholder! 

Polic^ofderaOVER$1.25M00/0Aanntmllv " P * yin6 i,s 



Madison County 

Value of real estate, 1916, White, $1,774,143; 
colored $152,652; Total $1,926,795 

Value of fiersonal property, White, $912,871; 
colored, $46,888; Total $959,759 

Income— $7,8 8 

Population, 1916 — 10,055 

Number voters — White. 1,6-03; colored, 724 

Area — Acres, 220,02 5; square miles, 349 

County Seat — Madison. 

Madison was formed from Culpeper in 1792. 
Tlie Blue Ridge mountains form its western 
boundary dividing- it from Page. The Rapidan 
river is on the southeast, seperating it from 
Orange, while the counties of Rappahannock 
and Culpeper are on the east and Greene on 
the west. The Rapidan, Kobison and Con- 
way rivers and their branches water the coun- 
ty. The lands, especially those on the rivers, 
are very productive, and yield good crops of 
corn, oats, wheat, rye and the grasses. The 
fruits, garden vegetables, and the dairy yield 
well, and are important sources of revenue. 
The Southern Railway, which approaches with- 
in one nii'e of the southeastern corner of the 
county, is (except county roads, which are 
kept in excellent condition), the only means 
by which the products of the county can be 
conveyed to market. The minerals are cop- 
per, lead and soapstone. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Court House 
the second Monday in January, March, May, 
July, Septemebr and November 

Judge — Jno M White, Charlottesville 

Clerk — G II Taylor, Madison 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — N G Payne, 


Sheriff — T J Twyman. Roeust Dale 
Treasurer — D J Crigler, Madison 
Surveyor — T A Chapman, Criglersville 
Supt of Schools — J N Miller, Haywood 
Supt of Poor — C B Walker, Criglersville 
Conns of Revenue — Q J Collins, Graves Mill 

A W Berry, Criglersville 


R A Graves, Syria; C D Twyman, Twymans 
Mill; T S Hoffman, Wolfetown 


L W Graves, Wolfton. E P Bohr; Pratts; J 
A ^Vetherall, Criglersville 


W M Pattie, Madison; Geo E Lewis, Madi- 
son; J B Bolen, Seville; J L Tanner, Bright- 
wood; Yv T A Hawkins, Rochelle; J T Brown, 
Peola Mills; J L Allen. Criglersville; D T Tins- 
ley. Radiant 

Board of Health 

C 1) Twyman, chairman Twymans Mill; Dr J 
N (Tore, Madison; In W L Early, Wolftown; 
Br E W Twyman, Twy man's Mills 

Attorneys at Law 

Peola Mills 
A. Madison 

Brown L T, 

Carpenter E 

Cook Wm A 

Hay James, 

Rewis G R, Madison 

Payne N G, Madison 

Thrift R J, Madison 


State Bank of Madison Inc, Madison 

Batten Thos, Novum 
*Carpenter Haywood, Criglersville 
•Clay Thos, Peola Mills 
Cosh K E, Twymans Mill 
Southard C G, Syria 
*Terrell Braxton, Rochelle 

Barrell Stave Manufacturers 

Syria Mfg Co, Syria 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

♦Anderson Robt, Rochelle 
*Arrington Saml, Duet 
Ay lor J A, Ay lor 
Bowler H L, Criglersville 
Brown J D, Etlan 
Carpenter F W. T no 
Clove W R. Zeus 
Dodson Jessie, Syria 
Estes Asa N, Graves Mill 
Hitt W E, Novum 
Jennings John, 'Madison 
Racy E S, Oakpark 
Racy J B, Pratts 
Layton H, Radiant 
Mitchell T T, Madison 
Pery Joe, Locust Dale 
Rosser W E, Duet 
Rosson Jno H, Brightwood 
Smith Geo E. Madison 
*Smith Peyton. Haywood 
Thompson Roy, Twymans Mill 
Twyman H C, Criglersville 

Boarding Houses 
Bowman A E Mrs, Rochelle 
Graves A F, Graves Mill 
Graves R A, Syria 
MeAlister E M, Criglersville 

Broom Manufacturers 
Smith A P, tlno 

Cabinet makers* 
Ayler Albert, Haywood 

^ : ^ «—■ ! IC 

* \ \ l-i ^&& &€B B m V*- 

Offers HOME SITES as well as MANU- 




Boom on Now. 

Most progressive town of size 
«?9Ylllt»y Warn in South# Great Building 

Come on quick— -big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Woolfolk K i\r 



Madison Drug- Co, Madison 
Marquis & Bates, Rochelle 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers 

Bowler H L, Crigiersville 
Durham M L, Rochelle 


Dulaney H L & Bro, Peola Mills 
Durham M B, Rochelle 

Chair Manufacturers 

Aylor Albert, Huywood 
Brightwood Chair Co, Brightwood 
Clore James C, Madison 
Clore & Hawkins, Brightwood 
Hawkins Bros, Zeus 


Graves Mill 
Be on 

Locust Dale 
Baptist, Oakpark 
Baptist, Radiant 
Christian, Hood 







Twymans Mill 






Contractors and Builders 

Aylor Geo E, Aylor 
Aylor J T, Novum 
Bushong C L, Leon 

Clove J H, Crigiersville 
Johnson J B, Twymans Mill 
Rossen J T, Novum 
Reddish W S, Twymans Mill 
Spinkee J J, Rochelle 
Twyman R D, Syria 
Twyman W A, Syria 
Yowell A E, Novum 


Broyles F M, Aylor 
Carpenter Wm J, Brightwood 
Kite B P, Syria 
Skinner J L, Rochelle 
Weaver & Johnson, Brightwoou 

General Stores 
AYLOR J N, Banco 

Aylor J W, Novum 
I Banks & Co, Madison 

BROWN B A, Novum 
i Bruce S M, Leon 
I Crigler Jason Jr, Brightwood 

EARLY J R, Crigiersville 
j FINKS P M SONS. Peola Mills 
; Gibbs G L, Shelby 

GIBBS W R, Pi a Us 
j Gillum Thadeus O, Madison Mills 
I Gordon F C, Madison 

HALL B J, Haywood 

; Hddson F & Co. Nethers 

Krider E T & Co, Madison 

LACY E W. Oakpark 
j Leathers C A, Crigiersville 

LOHR C T. Radiant 

McAllister f l, Etian 

1 McConchie R O, XJno 
MARQUIS & BATES. Rochelle 

| Rawles Lucian & C A, Leon 

Revereomb W H i<L- Co, Peola Mills 

Richards .1 W, Syria 

ROSE W R, Twymans Mill 

| Sprinkel J AY, Brightwood 

TANNER W H & Co. Ruth 
! Taylor G F & Co, Elly 
; Thomas & Co Ltd, Brightwood 

UTZ B S, Syria 

VTZ W L & CO. Graves Mill 
j Walker Frank S, Woodberry Forest 

I Weaver J 1 L Crigiersville 
j Whitiock J L, Wolftown 

WILLIS & SON, Locust Dale 
| Yager Bros, Rochelle 

Yowell & Rosser. Oakpark 


Smith A P, Uno 

Weaver C L & tiro, Pratts 

Weaver Orelia Miss, Radiant 


Hale W H, Pratts 
Kipps Henry, Pratts 


Early J B, Hood 

Harness and Saddlery 
Batman J no W, Duet 

Crigiersville Harness & Saddlery Co, Crigiers- 
Wetherall J L, Crigiersville 
Wetherall J W, & Son, Crigiersville 


Early .1 R, Crigiersville 

Hall .John T. Madison 

; ..../; M. U , ' . :ree real estate 

Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 

Farms, Orchards, Timber and Coal I. am 

West End I food Working Co., !nc. 

Phone K^iIm™*' LUmbet ' ROOfing> **»* Cement ' P^« e r Shingles and LathiT Building Outfitters 
rnom ^J^ Qfdce unci Mill N. South St., PETERSBURG 




Insurance Agents 

Bates W H, Rochelle 
Darnell E E, Hood 
Lillard B W. Graves Mil] 

Live Stock Dealers 

Blankenbaker \V S, Haywood 
Graves R A, Syria 
Hill L W, Locust Dale 
Lillard J Robt, Duet 

Lumbti' Dealers 
Aylor J M «fc Sons, Brightwood 
Clark J L, Locust Dale 
Huckster- W J, Rochelle 
Lacy J B, Pratts 
Lillard J Robt, Duet 
Lohr D W, Radiant » 

Tv.Tinun R D, Syria 
Utz B S. Syria 

Mills — Com and Flour 

Crigler Wm O, Brightwood 

Crigler & Price, Wolftown 

Gillum Thaddeus O, Madison Mills 

Hawkins J J, Zeus 

Hoffman G R, Rochelle 

Kite B P, Syria 

Lohr D W, Radiant 


McAIister E M, Criglersville 

Peyton M F, Leon 

Weakley, E H Xethers 

Towel! G A, Ruth 

Mills Saw and Planing 

Cole W J & Sons, Hood 
Gibson W B, Pratts 
Lacy J B, Pratts 

Mills — Woolen 

Berry & Farrar, Port 

Lacy J B, Pratts 

Madison Woolen Mills, Port 


Hawkins C W, Zeus 

Newspapers and Editors 

Exponent, Madison, Madison Pub Co Inc pub- 

Clore Jesse X, Madison 
Clove J R. Criglersville 
Early William E, Wolftown 
Hill Hugh H. Locust Dale 
Ross C F. Criglersville 
Ross C F, Syria 
Smith E B, Criglersville 
Smith Wm A, Haywood 
Taliaferro R L Dr, Madison Mills 
Twyman E W, Twymans Mill 
Williams R F. Wood berry Forest 


' Cave Alex li, Madison 
- Hill J A, Locust Dale 

Publishers and Printers 

j Madison 1'ublisliing Co, Madison 

Heal Estate Agents 

i Brigg\s W W, Locust Dale 

Schools — Private 

I Bruce S M, Leon 
: Tanner W H, Ruth 


! Wetherall J W, Criglersville 


Teasley Geo. R, Madison 


Ayior Albert, Haywood 
Bowler Hubert L, Criglersville 
Clove J C, Zeus 
Dawson C W, Wolftown 
Lacy J B. Pratts 
Sprinkel G A, Wolftown 
Wool folk J G & Co, Uno 

Veterinary Surgeons 
Henshaw S J, Novum 
| Hicks J W, Radiant 
j Yager Henry, Uno 

Achsah — E H Benton, W R Benton .1 W 
Fry, James K Hill, S H Jenkins, Edward 
I Johnson, S P Loyd, J M Turner, Jacob Turner. 
: R R Tinner, Thos Turner 

Aylor — 20 miles from R R; 6 miles from 
| C H; banking town, Madison — E E Aylor, F 
I H Aylor, Geo E Aylor, H D Aylor, J A Aylor. 
i J D Aylor, J F Aylor, X D Aylor. W S Aylor. 
I Wilmer Aylor. R \Y Clove, B S (Hbbs. X W 
I Gibbs. Edgar Marshall, W K Reynolds. H F 
Rider, J H Utz 

Banco — Population 50; 1 :» miles from R R: 
• 5 miles from C H; banking town, Madison — 

A W Aylor, J X Aylor. L F Blankenbaker, 1. F 
| Blankenbaker. E A Roosser, C L Strickler. J 

H Utz> Casper Yowell. M A Yowell 

Criglersville — Population 0(»: 20 miles from 
R R; (> miles. from C II: banking town, Madi- 
son — T J Aylor. A W Berry, Chas T Berry, D 
S Berry, H L Berry, T X Berry. \V E Bohan- 
non, C A Chapman. E E Chapman, J H Clove. 
J J Clove, J R Clove, R W Clove, T B Clove. 
1 M F Finks, H C Kite, J F Kite, T W Lauck, 
' R O Norman, G W Reynolds, W A Re: i 

H L Rosser, R M Rosser, F*M Utz, \Y M Utz. 
I C B Walker. .1 A Wetherell, J E Wetherell, 
.1 YY Wetherell 

Culpeper National Bank R ^„ r « s ° v ' r 





15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 



•HONE 17(, 





Duet — Population 100; 18 miles from H K; 
8 miles from C 11; banking town, Culpeper — 
J W Coats, F A Dulaney. Win K Leathers, C 
L AVeaver, Wm H Weaver, Casper Yowell, 
Edwin \V Yowell, Wade L Yowell 

Klly — Population 5; 9 miles from R R; 5 
miles from C 11; banking town Madison — - 
C C Aleshire, B T Anderson, A J Carpenter, 
J W Davis, A X l>acy, Willie Lohr„ A T Sparks, 
J P Tucker, W R Tucker 

Ktland — Population 30;©; 2 miles from R R; 
12 miles from C R; banking; town, Madison — 
J W Berry, T W Brown. C B Call, Mrs James 
O Coates, Mercer Coats, W W Coppage, Rich- 
ard Dodson, G E Dulaney, H S Rider, J W 
Rider,. F L Mc A lister, W L McAlister, Mrs 
Chas O Simms. J F Simms, F P Smith Jr. 
J R Tanner, J H Utz Guy Yowell 

Thomas. VY II Thomason, H F Twyman, E M 
Twyman, T J Twyman, Earkin Willis 

Madison Mills — Population 22; 3 miles from 
R R; 10 miles from C II; banking town. 
Orange — Geo Amos, R E Aylor, J J Bishop. 
J M Cromer, W W Field, o B Flaherty, Al- 
bert Fullerton, H II Gilliam, T O Gilliam, T 
R Gilliam, G M Gooding, 11 a McDaniel, Fritz 
Taliaferro, Eee Taliaferro, C W Thompson. 
R T Walker, J H Walter, Mrs A J Walter 
C E White 

Xethers — Population 14; 12 miles from R 
R; 16 miles from C H; banking town .Madi- 
son— Warren Corbin, R J Dodson, W R Dod- 
son, H L Fincham, J M Fincham. Ernest Hud- 
son, H P Jenkins, J N Jer.kins, J W Jenkins. 
Seth Jenkins, J H Lillard, W Xethers, J E 
Smith. J R ThornhilL E H Weaklev 

G raves Mill — Population25; 20 milts from 
R R; i:; miles from C H; banking town, Mad- 
ison — G T Berry, D L Breeden, Q J Collins, 
S B Dale, AY E Daniel, P R Davis. S B Deale, 
Emmet Dronnell, A X Estes, E p Estes, J W 
Estes, B F Goodall, C C Goodall, A F Graves. 
B L Graves, R E Graves. S D Graves. J A 
Hawkins, R A Hawkins. J L Jenkins, J T Jen- 
kins, T A Jarrell, C E Kite, R B Kite, Rus- 
sell Kirtley, B W Eellard. T H Lellard, W E j 
McDaniel. F W Mauck, G G Xieol, W T Shif- 
fletet, J W Slaughter, R E Uttz, C A Utz. W E 

Hayivood — Population 50; IS miles from R 
R; 6 miles from C H: banking town, Madison — 
Albert Aylor, E F Blankenbaker, J W Blank- 
enbaker, W S Blankenbaker. J X Carpenter, 
R E Early Jr, AY A Early. Eclmond Henshaw, j 
G W Leathers, AY H Leathers, J X Miller, 
Wharton Miller, W A Smith, D M Tanner, 
C M Twyman 

Hood — Population 28; 16 miles from R R; 
9 miles from C H; banking town, Madison — 
A AY Buckner, Mrs L C Clarke, AY J Cole, AYm 
M Early, J M Estes, W E Gallihugh, J F < 
Groom. DrjT Harrison. W A Flood, D A Jen- 
kins. R B Kite, L B Long, W J Long, T A j 
May, AY S Simpson, A T Southard, Geo B 
Walker, I T Walker, E M AYallace, R H 

Weaver ! 


Ijcsou — S miles from R R: 10 miles fom C j 

H; banking town, Madison— T D Bickers, J ; 

T Blankenbaker, J K Botts. S M .Bruce, W H , 
Matthews. J R Murray, R O Taylor 

Ixxwist Dale — Population 50; 4 miles from 
R R; 10 miles from C H; banking town, Mad- 
ison — C D A darns. G A Amos, J R Amos, A X* j 
Blankenbaker, AY AY Briggs.. B IT Fry. S II j 
Garnett. G I Hill, R F Hill, Willis Jackson, 
E H Lovell, G AY Meed, A AY Sims, C M 





11 miles from P. 

R: 9 miles from C H: banking town, Madi- 
son. — R A Brawn, Frank Carpenter. S H Car- 
penter. J S Henshaw. S J Henshaw. J AY 
Kill. Bennett Millar, Alex Thomas, H S Utz. 
A E Yowell 

Oak Park — Population 100; 8 miles from 
C H; banking town! Madison. — F Bazzle, J R 
Beahm. S J H Beam, W R Beam. J H Bickers. 
J AY Bickers, C C Brown. I^e Busby, R R Fry. 
B F Gooding. S H Jenkins. W B Lacy. J II 
Lillard, E S Long/ AY B Long, W II Morris, 
C L Sparks, T M Sparks. C AI Thomas, H W 
Thomas, J M Turner, J S AYeaver, Geo AY 
A'owell, L R Yowell, AA" X A'owell 

Peola Mills — Populataion 60: IS miles from 
R R; 15 miles from C IT; banking town. Madi- 
son — J T Brown, R Lee Brown. Robt Carter. 
Miss Ella Coates, Richd Dodson, Guy Dulaney. 
J H Duleaney, Mrs TJzzie Dulaney, Andrew 
Finks, D H Finks, C R Hite, *Geo Jenkins. 
J X Aliller. AYm Mitchell. Grover Revercomb. 
Herbert Revercomb, J L Revercomb, AYm 
J Smith. Joe A'owell, Mrs AI F A'owell, Wade 
H A'oweil 

Port — Population 12; 12 miles from R R: 
5 miles from C H; banking town. Madison. — 
J E Beaham, E IT Berry, il T Perry, II B 
Carpenter, Yaney Clore, AY B Jacobs, Frank 
Sampson, C L Sparks. Latin Shepherd. R 
L Shepherd. W II Shepherd, P X Utz, G O 
Utz, 11 B Utz, L T Utz, A J A'ernon 

l»nHts — Population 12; 3 miles from B P: 

10 miles from C II; banking town. Madison. — 

11 E Berry, AI S Bowman, Otis Bowman. 
O H Carpenter, H L Colvin, H X Colvin. J C 
Estes, J H Estes, J X Estes. AYm Fields, 
AA" H Goodall, B W Gooding. M L Gooding. 
AY B Gooding. J AI Kale, Jno S Hale. T B 
Hale, AY II Hale, U S Hensb v 4 Henry Kipps, 
Luther Kipps, P L Kipps, J B Lacy, E P Lohr. 

CI 1 il •tb 

km lesYi 

No city in the State can offer better 
Homes and Schools. 


Snapp Foundry & Machine Shop 

*"• T DflDTVCAM T»_-v, »t .. ., . •■ 

C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 

North Market St., Winchester, Va 


GEO. R. THEIS, Mgr. 


J A Lohr, T E Marshall, R L A Reitl M II 
Tibbs, W R Tibbs, J W White, Culton Yager, 
L W Kipps, D 1j Lowry 

Radiant — Population 35; 8 units from R 
R; 9 miles from C H; banking town, Orange. — 
K M Berry. \V A Bozzle, A P Hicks Jr, N A 
Jenkins. W T Jenkins, Henry Lohr, J D 
Leal, J K Lohr, J H Lohr. J W Lohr. R L 
Lohr, Dudley .Morris. D \V Reddick. D T 
Tinsley. J H Tucker. C E Tussings, K E Tus- 
sings. T .7 Weaver, \V C Yowell 

Iloclicllo — Population 35; 7 miles from R 
R; 6 miles from C H: banking town. Madi- 
son. — B J Amos, M G P.lankenbekvr, Otis 
Bowman, C C Eheart, P E Estes, J X Estes, 
.J W Estes, F M Graves. J B Hale. J Y Hern- 
ilu. G R Hoffman, .1 C Jackson, Helium Miller, 
J T Shifflett. J L Tussing, M G Tussing. R 
L Tussing, Louis Waton, G W Wa viand, 
M F Weaver. .1 B Yowell 

Uutb — Ponulation 8; 17 miles from R R: 
banking town, Madison.- — Willie Aylor. Albert 
Barber, Dewit Berry. L A Berry, Thos Berry, 
Hot Blakey, B Blankenbeker, B R Blanken- 
heker. E F Blankenbeker, R Blankenbeker, 
.1 .) Carpenter. Richd Cheek. Aylor Clatter- 
buck, S E Davis. S F G Deal, Aylett Fincham, 
Aea Gaar, Bennie Gaar, Jackson Gaar, How- 
ard Garth, S K Gibbs, L F Hill, Wm Hill, 
R 1, Marks. Aylett Marshall. Robt Marshall, 
Walter May. B D Tanner, E H Tanner, Eppa 
Tanner. .7 X Tanner, .3 W Tanner, O J Tan- 
ner, W H Tanner. F X Utz, H C Walker, G A 
Yowell, Geo Yowell 

Seville — Population 24; 12 miles from R R; 
S miles from C H; banking town, Madison. — 
.lesse Beasley, Alice Bright. Bob Bullox, J G 
Coates, Geo Collins, Frank Gibbs. Wm Good- 
all. W r C Graves, *Bob Herndon, Oscar Homes. 
D Kirtley, Frank Kirtley. T S Kirtley, L M 
Marshall, Z Marshall. Robt Scott, Bettie 

Syria — Population 15; 2 3 miles from R R; 
miles from C H; banking town. Madison. — 
Mrs Sarah Aylor, M L Bates, S P Bates, 
7-: H Chapman. G P Dillard, M E Dodson. 
L S Goodail. .1 T Graves 1. E Graves R A 
Graves, B P Kite, C F Leathers. E K Leathers. 
J S Murray, A L Murry, H M Shotwell, T N 
Sbotwell. Wesley Smith R F Southard. Davis 
Twyman, R D Twyman. S D Twyman. R S 
Y\7., .7 H Utz, Danl Weakley, H W Weakley 

Twymans Mill — Population 40; 8 miles from 
R R; H miles from <" 1 H; banking town. 
Orange — A E Gooch, Eugene Gooch, P <" 
■Hume, H W Mabanes, Lewis Mahanes, W G 
Maha.nes, Lewis Mahone, C M Morris. R E 
Reddish, Sid Reddish, W R Rose. G YV Tatum. 
r l> T--\ man F W fvymatj 

I'no — Population 10; \ miles from R R; 
9 miles from C H; banking town, Madison.- - 
.1 T Bond, E B Dovele, W P Duff, C .1 Eddins, 
V. T Eddins, Y A Garnett, VY H Harrison, R L 
Lindsey, E 1- Lohr, J B Lohr, J V, Lohr. 
.1 XI Lohr. W M Lnhr. W X Powell, C S Tappy. 
\\ H Tilliugkast. V p Turner. E L Watson. 
{-(wis SVatason, R M Woolfolk, J Garter 
W alker. .1 G Walker 

Zou> — Population 15; 12 miles from R R; 
2V 2 miles from C H; banking town, Cul- 
peper. — Hamp Banks, W J Carpenter, Culton 
Clore, G X Clore. .1 A Clore, .1 C Clore, C W 

Hawkins, J .J Hawkins. T L Hawkins. S L 


Directory and Almanac Publishers 


8*3 Mutual Building, RICHMOND. VA. 

Long Distance Phon' 3375 


««.'»*. h~0-~r*.- 

Statements that are not Questioned. 

The City Directory is the most effective 
and most economical method of reaching 
all the people all the time. Those who 
buy without looking at the list of those who 
sell do themselves gre^t i:\iustice. The 
classified lists in the Business Directory 
form the Buyers Guide on earth. A 
modern up to date methg i of getting what 
vou want. Polk- 

uiSdins Material Company 

Southern &«&i.iiu- a -«, 

Pressed Brkic (Ml Colors), Common Brick, Terra Cotta, Metal Window* i 
cS£ B«d": Ornamental Mastering, Hollow Tile, Structural Steel, Iron, Plaster, Lime 
Offices: 2*3-^7 ARCADE BUILDING 

and Doors, 

, Cement, Stone, 




FRIEND & CO., Inc. 




Mathews Coimtv 

Value of real estate, 1916, white, $965,596; 
colored, $80,235, Total, .$1,045,831 

Value, of personal property, white, §570,774; 
colored, $31,450. Total, $602,224. 

Income, $4,924. 

Population, 1916, 8.922. 

Number voters, white, 1.746; colored, 530. 

Area — Acres, 200,873; square miles, 81. 

County Seat — Mathews. 

This county was formed in 1790 from Glou- 
cester. It is a peninsular lying- between the 
Chesapeake bay on the east and Mobjack bay 
and North river on the west. The Piankatank 
river is on the northern boundary, thus almost 
completely surrounding- it by water. The East 
river, which runs through the county about its 
central part, divides it into two nearly equal 
parts, called East and West Mathews. Glou- 
cester county is on the west, and Middlesex, i 
the only other county adjoining, lies on the ! 
north across the Piankatank river. 

A fair crop of corn is grown, and some 
oats, wheat and rye, but not enough to sup- 
ply home use. The soil is sandy loam, is very j 
easily cultivated, and responds readily to fer- j 
tilizers. It is particularly adapted to the rais- ; 
ing of truck and garden vegetables. The 
county is renowned for the superior excellence 
and quantity of fish of all varieties caught 
in its estuaries, river and creeks, and in the 
two broad bays that flow on three sides of it. : 
A vast quantity of fish are used for fertilizer. | 
They are either ground up and sown broad- \ 
cast or are put on the land whole and j 
ploughed under. Next to Northampton its i 
fisheries yield larger product and have greater j 
value than any other county in Virginia, and i 
the average value is greater than Northamp- 

The land lying immediately on the water 
courses is very valuable., selling at from S50 
to $200 per acre, if it has an oyster shore 
attached to it. 


The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
the third Monday in January, March, May, 
July, September and November 

Judge— Claggett B Jones. Bruington 

Clerk — W B Smith, Mathews 

County Officers 
Common wealth's Attorney — J Boyd Sears, 


Sheriff — A E Thurston, Retz 
Treasurer — G E T Lane, Port Haywood 
Surveyor — S J Foster, Susan 
Coroner — Dr C M Raines, Bohannon 
Superintendent of Poor — Robt. F Hudgins, 

Fitch etts 

Superintendent of Schools — E C Percifull, 


Commissioner of Revenue — Gilbert L DiggS, 


Constable — M L Lewis. Mobjack 


T D Hudgins, Port Haywood; (4 S Marchant, 
Mathews; F R ilaynes, Cobbs Creek 

W F Jarvis, Xew Point; S P James, 
Mathews; W P Jones, North; Earl D Rawlings, 
Grimstead; A J Miller; Mathews; \V H Miller'. 
Matthews; S W Ingram, Fosters 

Board of Health 

■ Thos D Hudgins, chairman. Port Haywood; 
Dr C M Rains, Bohannon; Dr C C White, 

Agricultural Implements 

Brown C A, North 
Brooks J G, Blakes 
Edwards C W, Blakes 

Attorneys at Law 

Cready R L, Mathews 
Diggs Gilbert L, Peary 
McCready R S, Sarah 
Sears J B, Mathews 
Smith S, Mathews 

Bank of Ma the w 




Acey Archie, Blakes 
Hudgins Randolph, Sarah 
Ripley Raymond. Susan 
Roland W II, Mathews 

Barrel Manufacturers 

Dennis J H, North 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Pent on Martin L, Hudgins 

Bohannan Jno A, Moon 

Curfman J C, Foster 

Davis Meredith, Blakes 

Diggs Cornelius & Son, Port Haywood 

Diggs Gaines, Laban 

Diggs Guess, Laban 

Foter H S, Blakes 

Foster H F, Blakes 

Gray James A, Soles 

Hudgins Lloyd It. Port Haywood 

Hunley J W, Mathews 

Miller Clarence E, North 

Minter R C, Hudgins 

Board ins Houses 
Blake Melvin. Mathews 
Hudgin House. Hudgins 
White J D Mrs, Bohannon 

Boat Builders 

Hopkins Joseph W, Mobjack 

Crickett Hill, Hudgins « 

Davis W F & Son. Bohannon 
Soles C C. Soles 

Directory Advertising 

Consult HILL DIRECTORY CO- Publishers 

CREATES— A New Busine»» 
ENLARGES— An Old Bu»m«« 

Mathews county 


Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers 

Forest Robt, Foster 
Forrest R H, North 
Foster H F, B lakes 
Richardson J no, Mathews 


* Baptist, Hudgins 
Baptist, Hudgins 

* Baptist, Auburn Wharf 
Baptist, Blakes 
*Baptist, North 

* Baptist, Soles 
Baptist. Susan 
])isciples, North 
Episcopal, Williams Wharf 
Friends, Susan 
Methodist, Auburn Wharf 
Methodist, Blakes 
Methodist, Bohannon 
Methodist, Hudgins 
Methodist, Mathews 
Methodist, Mobjack 
Methodist, Peary 
Methodist, Port Haywood 
Methodist, Sarah 
Methodist, Soles 
Methodist, Susan 

Stakes Shields, 



Contractors and Builders 

Anderton H E, Bohannon 

Callis W Eddie, Williams Wharf 

Diggs C E, Susan 

Diggs C Rosser, Port Hayw T ood 

Forrest G W, Hudgins 

Hobday & Lewis* Mobjack 

Hudgins Geo, Fa ban 

Hudgins Jeremiah, Laban 

Hudgins Grin, Laban 

Lewis C L, Hudgins 

Mason J G, North 

Soles Geo H, Soles 

Stuart Oscar, Laban 


Wilson L W, Sarah 


Hollerith Herman, Port Haywood 


Brown D F, Hudgins 
Foster M S. Mathews 
Marchant A M, Mathews 

I department Stores 

Marehant Griffith S, Mathews 


Baker E <fc Co, Mathews 

Dry Goods 
Jarvis & Push, Mathews 

WoltTe Wvatt. Mathews 




ki* ; & « is. *>J? \: 

Pish and Oysters 
Billups Henry K, Motorun 
Burroughs M C, Motorun 
Butler St Clair A, Williams W'hi 
Gale. Joseph, Williams Wharf 
Gwynn Island Fish & Oyster Co, 
Hudgins G T, Williams AVharf' 
Hurst T C & Son, Sarah 

Furniture Dealers 

Brown C A, North 

Ives Francis L, Mathews 

Mathews Furniture Co, Mathews 


Dillehay N G, Hudgins 
Nelson J M. Auburn Wharf 
Nelson J W, North 

General Stores 

Adams J F, Gwynn 
Atherton G N, Blakes 
Atherton Mary L Mrs, Foster 
Armistead & Hudgins. Peary 
Armistead & Owens, Susan 
Blake J Boardman, Retz 
Brooks E L, Hallieford 
Brooks James K, Laban 
Brooks James T, Blakes 
Brooks R C, Laban 
Brooks T R, Susan 
BROWN C A. North 
Callis J R Warehouse. Mathews 
Callis M S Mrs. Moon 
Callis R L, Grimstead 
Callis Robt H, Hudgins 
Davis J T, Motorun 
Davis R H, Hallieford 
Diggs Geo J, Port Haywood 
Diggs & Morgan, Diggs 
Dillebay Musa Mrs, Hudgins 
Dillehay N G. Hudgins 
DIXON JXO W JR. Hudgins 
Dutton J M, Hallieford 
Edwards C W, Blakes 
Fines <fc Johnson, Susan 
Forrest J M & Son, Tabernacle 
Foster Alex, Warehouse 
Foster E A, Hudgins 
Foster James M. Blakes 
Grimstead & Adams. Gwynn 
Grinnell M L, New Point 
Hammond Dola L Mrs. Mathews 
Hearn Jno V, Cardinal 
Hudgins Boyd M, Sarah 
HUDGINS C H, Port Haywood 
Hudgins Chas I>. Laban 
Hudgins G M & Bro. Laban 
Hudgins Granville & Bro. Laban 
Hudgins J B. Diggs 
Hudgins L M. Trad* rs 
Hudgins Mitch en & Co, Gwynn 
Hudgins O A & Son, Laban 
Hudgins N A .v Co. 1 Makes * 
Hudgins R M. Susan 



I ■ 


MutUau Buildhmg. Richmond, Virginia 

Do Y- 

u Earn 

an accou 

If you do — no matter how small youi i ., 
come may be— you can l-.xy aside mom- « 

It isn't Che size of your income 
counts — it's the size of your Ss 


ji .oo opens THE VIRG INIA NATIONAL BANK, of Petersburg,' V a , 


Hudgins Thos 1 >. Port Haywood 

Hudgins W O & Co. New Point 

Hudgins & Armistead, Peary 

Hudgins & Gri instead, Grimstead 

Hudgins & Hudgins, Tabernacle 

Hutson & Hudgins. New Point 

* Johnson & Fines, Susan 

Jones C A, Auburn Wharf 

Jones R C. Auburn Wharf 

Jones R S, North 

Knight Frank, Moon 

Lilly Rob H. Hudgins 

Lilly W G, Hudgins 

Marchant & Kemp, Hudgins 

Mathews Marine Ry, Williams Wharf 

Matthews Emmett W, Cobbs Creek 

Matthews H L Jr, Cobbs Creek 

Miles Thos E, Hicks Wharf 


Murray Wm H. Williams Wharf 

Owens Albert, Gwynn 

Owens I X, Diggs 

Owens & Armistead, Susan 

Parks & Hudgins, New Point 

Powell O L, Susan 

Ranier N R, Blakes 

trespass Edward. Hallieford 

Rheo O O. Mobjack 

Ripley Sherman, Motorun 

Ruff Thos B, Ruff 

Sadler Geo L, Diggs 

Sadler Judson C, Hallieford 

Shield W L, Mathews 

Sibley Pros, Mathews 

Soles & Williams. Cobbs Creek 

Somers Walter, Dixie 

Spencer C S. North 

Sutphin O D Mrs. Merrimac Mines 

Thomas Chas C. Susan 

Walker W C & Co. Blakes 

Walker O M, Mobjack 

Ward I K, Williams Wharf 

White J H & Son. Motorun 

White Leonard S, Mobjack 

WHITE O A. Boliamion 

WILLIAMS B & CO, Williams Wharf 

Williams J R, Hudgins 



Wise R W, Hudgins 

Wormley J C. Cardinal 


New Point Grocery Co. Motorun 
Sadler C F, Hallieford 
Callis L S. Mathews 
Calls Leonard M. Mathews 
Diggs Marion L Mrs. Mathews 
Hud sins C O & Son. Ruff 
Jones C A. North 
Miles Lee S, Mathews 
Spencer Chas S, North 
Troy & James, Fitchetts 

Harness and Saddlery 
Marchant G F. Mathews 

Sibley Bros, Mathews 

Hay. Grain and Feed 

: Gayle R O & Co, Traders 


: Hotel Mathews. Sarah 

Insurance Agents 

| James S P, Mathews 
| Stoakes Walter R. Moon 
j Thomas .J E, North 
i Winn A C, Moon 

lave Stock Dealers 
Hudgins J F, Lahan 
i Hudgins L W, Peary 
Jones M C, Auburn Wharf 

Livery Stables 

Blake Melvin, Mathews 
Davis Vernon E, Mathews 

I Lumber Dealers 

Bassett J W, Hudgins 
! Bennett J B. Hudgins 

Dennis J H, North 
i Haynes J R, Blakes 
i Hicks Percival, North 
> Hughes C. North 
' Hunt G E, Port Haywood 
j Jarvis Ernest, Tabernacle 
j Mathews Barrel Stave & Lumber Co, Mat hew 

Richardson Claudie R, Soles 
i Thrift E K, North 

Marino Railways 

Forrest Wm T. Grimstead 


! Enos Nora Mrs, Traders 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Hunt G E, Port Haywood 

Mills — Saw and Planing: 

; Bassett J W, Blakes 

' Bennett James B, .Mathews 

I Diggs & Jarvis, Tabernacle 

| Down J W. North 

. Haynes J R. Blakes 

Haynes Jno, Auburn Wharf 

Hunt Geo E, Sarah 
; Hunt & Jarvis. Port Haywood 

Jarvis Ernest, Sarah 

Somers & Callis, Dixie 
| Thift E K. Auburn Wharf 

Newspapers and Editors 

Journal. Mathews. W M Winter editor 

Callis W Euj 

Oil Dealers 

no, Grinistead 


New Point Parkin?? Co, Motorun 


Nelson J W. North 

rectory Co 

Csn handle all your advertising 
matter and save you money 

Alutuixil rJuiUiifTU, 


Lifo Insurance Coninanv of V r?i m «. h \ s , m - the hearty a ™*° v *\ anj »***« support of the 

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Sadler Edward, Laban 
Sadler Joseph, Laban 
Thomas J B, Susan 
Wilson J M. Auburn Wharf 


Miller Theodore, Mathews 


Brown D F, Hud gins 
Haynes J W D, Cobbs Creek 
Hoskins Robt R, Mathews 
Rains Chas M, Bohannon 
Tomkins J E, Fitchetts 
Vaden Arthur G. Mathews 
White C C, Mathews 


Diggs Geo, Moon 

Williams B & Co, Williams Wharf 

Printing Offices 

Minter Marvin, Mathews 
Journal Printing Office, Sarah 

Real Estate Agents 
Edwards W C, Hudgins 
Maxwell E M, Cardinal 

agt, Blakcs 


Sadler Clinton. Blakes 

Borum Ellen Miss. Port Haywood 
Callis Josephine Miss, Soles 
Cobb Creek High School, Blakes 
Diggs Estelle Miss, Laban 
Diggs Ruth Miss, Port Haywood 
Leffler Porta Ada, William Wharf 

Soft Drink Manufacturers 

Moore Merritt Jr, Hudgins 


Foster R W, Mathews 
White R H, Mathews 


Diggs C & Son, Port Haywood 
Forrest R H & Son, Foster 
Richardson Jno R & Son, Mathews 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Hicks Percival, Auburn Wharf 
Taylor Geo, Blakes 
Thompson B F, Blakes 

Blakcs — Population 20: 6 miles from the 
C H; banking town, Mathews. — Geo N Ather- 
ton,.J W Bassett, Chas C Edwards, A L For- 
rest, C E Foster, Emmet Foster, G L Foster, 
W y L Foster, W H Garrett, T R Haynes, J R 
Haynes, H C Hudgins, W II Y Hudgins, B W 
Sutton, Bennie Thompson 

Bohannon- — Population 20; 5 miles from C H: 
banking town, Mathews. — C L Crockett. W F 

Davis & Son, Walter Gayle, R L Mickelbor- 
1 ough, j w Minter, Dr Chas M Rains, T J 
J Sibley, Mrs J B White, Joseph Williams 

I Cardinal— Population 10; 5 miles from C 
j H; banking town, Mathews. — B Diggs, Mac- 
I Kenney Machani 

Cobbs Creek— -Population 55; 2 miles from 

river; 9 miles from C H; banking town, 

I Mathews.— W Chesley, Leon Fitchett, Chas 

j Hatch. E D Hatch. F It Haynes, P Hodges, 

C H Lewis, J W Lewis, W E Payne, Thos H 

Richardson, V y Shipley, c C Simons, Bug 

I Thompson 

I Cricket. Hill — Population 20; on Chesapeake 

! bay: 5 miles from C H; banking town, 

j Mathews,— I H Brooks, W T Brooks, James 

; Gwynn, Jno Hodges. W M Marchant, R F 

j Powell, T M J Powell, V E Powell, Wavlon 

1 Powell, E B Winder, Otis Winder 

I lMggs — 3 y 2 miles from C H; banking town, 

i Mathews. — j D Brooks. A W Callis, C W Diq-gs. 

I T A Diggs. W L Diggs, E T Forrest, J J 

j Forrest, J C Hudgins, W C Presson 

Fitchetts — Population 20; near Chesapeake 

j bay; 3 miles from C H; banking town. 

1 Mathews.— F. P. Callis, H Callis. A P Curry, 

j L H Fleet, R W Fleet. Danl Fox. H L Ham- 

1 mond, M Plodges, Chas Hopkins, B W Hud- 

| gins, H W Hudgins. R F Hudgins, D Hunley, 

I R D Hunley. D James. T James, R H Lan- 

don, R L Matthews, A H Merrick, \\ r R Stokes, 

Dr J E Tomkins, B F Wilkerson, J R Winder, 

A C Winn, R T Wise 

Foster — Population 30; S miles from bay; 

oV> miles from C H; banking town. Mathews. 

, — J W Ashbury, G G Bassett, R II Callis, R W 

I Everage, N T Ewell, R D Respass, J S Shack- 

l elford 

Hicks "Wharf — Population 75; a steamboat 
landing 3 miles from C H; banking town. 
Mathews. — G W Brownley, J G Davis, W A 
Davis, J F Foster, Nat'l Foster. R D Foster. 
W J Green, David Grifhn, P W Hicks, J W 
Howell, Joe Jackson, F S Machens, T E Miles, 
Martin Patterson, James Pratt, J H Spriggs. 
J C Thomas, Frank AVhite 

Hudgins — Population 20: 3 V. miles from 
C H: banking town. Mathews. — Moses Ather- 
ton, J B Bennett. M L Burton, W E Davis. 
W M Dixon. R C Foster, Dwight Godfrey, R 
Haddon. L D Marchant, N E Miller, 
C F Sadler, L Smither, Thos Stone. F H 
Storrmer, Geo A Taylor, Capt L M Thomas, 
W X Trader. C S Williams, .1 G Williams 

Laban — Population 20; banking town. 
Mathews.— "Herbert Brooks, X r.rooks. R C 
Brooks. Jno B Diggs, Chas F ^ludgins. Jno F 
Huduin, Ned I fudgins 

- ?■-:. ■■■■■:i 

is the Shoe Manufacturing City of the 
State. Good Monies. 



Virginia Printi . inufacturing Co.. Ircc 


Ask Us for Prices Before Plac ing Your Order. Cor. Bank & Market Sis. PETERSBURG, VA. 


Mathews (C H) — Population 150; 2 miles j 

from river landing; a banking- town. — Geo i 

Blassingham, J T Christian, F V E Davis, j 

Pierce Fleet, Walter Fleet, Geo Griner, C V | 

D Hudgins, Alex James, A J Miller, S G ! 

Miller, Julius Pugh, J R Richardson, J P i 

Thurston i 

Mobjack — Population -10 
12 rail os from C IT: hnn.1 
C W Campbell.. AY 

on Mobjack bay; 

njving town, Mathews* — 

F Davis, Walter Gayle, 

C T White, PL A White, W M White 

Moon — -Population 14; 2"> 2 miles from CH; 
banking town, Mathews. — R II Callis, W J 
Callis, I T Hudgins, W R Stoakes, H T Wise 

Xertii — Population 10 ; 




miles rfom C H; 
-B Adams, B K 

Adams, A J Billups, C A Brown, PI T Burton, 
J W Down. J W Dunn. P B Ewell, R H Golds- 
borough, Robt Heitermyer, Percival Hicks. 
M P Jones, W G Jones, Geo W Mason, C E 
Miller, G F Miller. T B Miller, T P Nelson 

Port Haywood — Population 50; 4 miles from 
C H; banking town, Mathews. — Coley Borum, i 
A Sinclair Butler, Joseph Diggs, Willie For- j 
rest. H Hollworth, C H Hudgins, T D Hudg- j 
ins, Geo B Bane, A B Weston 

Soles — Population IS; 1 mile from river; S ! 
miles from C H; banking town, Mathews. — \ 
W J Grimstead. W L Hamilton, J H Hewlett, j 
M B Beigh, X B Leigh, C H Lewis, Wm F j 
Lewis, C R Richardson, C C Soles. H F Soles, j 
Jno Soles. H G Thompson 

Susan — Population 20; 1 mile from river; 5 i 
miles from C H; banking town, Mathews; — J 
A L Armstead. H C Armstead, Jno L Brown- J 
ley, W A Gayle, W H Gayle, A L Hudgins, I 
Chas W Hudgins, Frank Miller, Jno W Miller, j 
W S Ransone, W O Ripley, W T Ripley, Frank j 
Singleton, Geo F Smith, Jno W Smith, Luther | 


Warehouse — Population 10; on Piankatank ; 
river; t) miles from. C H; banking town, | 
Mathews. — Allie Armstead, G W Callis, J R i 
Callis, L G Carmine, .7 T Christian. J C Ed- 
wards, J W Edwards. A Foster, F R Haynes, I 
J A Landon. J R Landon, M B Matthews, I 
Joseph Ward. Will -White. Rob Word 

Williams Whan* — Population 30; on East j 
river; 3 miles from C H; banking town, 
Mathews. — Wm Bagby, A St Clair Butler. A 
V Diggs, Henry H Foster, Joseph Gale, M B j 
Garnett, J Wesley Gayle, C E Greene, E B j f 
Hudgins, G T Hudgins, Geo Y Hunley. Capt 
WmKirwan, Danl S Leffler, A J Miller, G C 
Miller. P H Muir. Benj Murray, Mrs Essie 
Murray, Milton Murray, W H C Murray, A 
L Small, A L Weston. J A SYeston, T R Wes- 
ton. C Williams, Capt C Williams:, Mrs Eu- 
genia Williams. Miss J Williams. .losiah Wil- 
liams, Miss Marv Williams 

Mecklenburg County 

Value of real estate, 1910— White $3,377,- 
370j colored, $478,880. Total, $3,856,250. 

Value of personal property, white, $2,321,- 
536; colored, $290,032. Total. $2,611,568. 

Income, $41,933. 

Population, 1916, 28,956. 

Number voters, white, 3,245; colored, 3,241. 

Area — Acres, 417,58:); square miles, 6S2. 

County seat — Boydton. 

Mecklenburg was formed from Lunenburg 
in 1764 and the county organized on March 11, 
1765. it borders on Warren. Vance and Gran- 
ville counties in North Carolina, and Halifax. 
Charlotte, Lunenburg and Brunswick counties 
in Virginia. The Meherrin river skirts its 
northern border, whilst the Dan and Staunton 
unite in its limits at Clarksville and form 
the Roanoke, which runs through its south- 
ern limits. Many fine creeks — branches of 
these rivers — stretch across the county north 
and south. These streams abound with fish. 
The "red horse" and Jack, being only found 
in tributaries of the Albemarle sounds, are 
pronounced as the finest fresh-water fish for 
the cable, and furnish the finest of sport to 
anglers. It is rare that either of these spe- 
cies are found to weigh more than ten pounds. 

A great variety of game are numerous. Here 
perhaps the wild turkey, partridge and deer 
are as plentiful as anywhere in tin- South; 
while the hare, squirrel, opossum, coon, fo: 
otter, beaver and groundhog fun ish food 
sport for the hunter and furs for the trapper. 
The wild goose and duck are still found here 
during the fall and winter. 

In many localities of the county mineral 
waters have been found, and some of great 
value. The very earth seems pregnant with 
flowing undercurrents of health-giving waters, 
which burst forth from their hidden so, 
to gratify the thirst and give relief and 
brighten the life of afflicted humanity. 
Amongst the most noted of these are the cele- 
brated Buffalo Lithia Springs, whose waters 
are sold and shipped all over tins county and 
to Europe and used for their potential health- 
producing and medicinal properties, and the 
Mecklenburg Mineral Springs, noted for their 
lithia and Chloride Calcium waters, adapted 
to a wide range of diseases. 

The county being equidistant from the At- 
lantic coast and the Blue Ridge mountains. 
escapes the cold winds of the one and the 
miasmatic influence of the other. The alti- 
tude above sea level will average about 500 

t. The atmosphere is salubrious, seas 
uniform. The summers are not oppressively 
warm, nor no long duration <>f excessive cold 
weather during the winters. Tornadoes and 
cyclones are unknown her.'. 

The soil is varied, !>» Lng red, gray and sandy, 
and when worn out by injudicious cultivation 
are easily restored, as it is highly susceptibh 
of improvement. The finest bright tob 


! V H 17 





Telephone Norfolk 

SOS-810 Hcrmuda 


ni i to .. . ; . 

*:•■ # 

mm ^ ost Progressive town of size 
in South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. Come on quick—big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



is raised here, also cotton and peanuts, for 
money crops, and all grains, clovers and 

Boydton, Clarksville, Chase City, South Hill 
and Lacrosse are in the county and are all fine 
towns, with populations ranging rom 400 to 
2,000. The Norfolk division of the Southern 
Railway traverses the county a distance of 
forty-six miles from east to west. The 
Richmond and Mecklenburg and Clarks- 
ville and Durham branches of the South- 
ern Railway runs through the western 
section of the county and the Seaboard Air 
Line through the eastern section. The popu- 
lation of the county has increased more rap- 
idly during the past fifteen years than at any 
time during its history. 


The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
on third Mondays in February, April. June, 
August, October and December 

Judge — Win R Bark sd ale, Houston 
Clerk — Herbert F Hutcheson, Boydton 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — C T Baskervill, 

Sheriff — W R Beales, Boydton 

Treasurer — H N Beales, Boydton 

Surveyor — S T Moore, Radcliffe 

Superintendent of Poor — B A Puryear, 

Superintendent of Schools — F C Bedinger, 

Commissioners of Revenue — H E Coleman, 
Boydton; J S Montgomery, Lacrosse. 

L J Peoples, Townesville, R F D No 1; R 
T Gordon, Clarksville; R J, Thornasson, Skip- 
with; Lucius Gregory, Chase City; St John C 
Goode, Boydton; C R Dunn, Baskerville; C P 
Smith. South Hill; A O Bracey, Bracey 


W H Hayes, Goodes Ferry; T C Tally, 
Clarksville; J T Morriss, Skip with; C P Brame, 
Chase City; C H Gill. Union Level; J H 
Thomas, South Hill; J B Wright, Lacrosse 

Justices of the Peace 

W A Newell, Goodes Ferry; X A Coleman, 
Smilax; J >V Rhodes. Clarksville: T B Nelson, 
Nelson; R TI Gregory, Jeffress: R H Moody, 
Jeffreys; J W Roberts, Chase City; J J Smith- 
son, Chase City; J \V Dagger and D H Jones, 
Boydton; H W Nash, Wightman; C M Gor- 
dan, Baskerville; Ralph Jessup, Union Level; 
C D Warren, South Hill; W T Prummond, 
South Hill; A W Bracey. Lacrosse; S J Mos- 

lev. Lacrosse: IT V Taylor, Blackridge 
" / 

Board of Health 

L J Peoples, chairman, Townesville, R F 
D No 1; Dr G II Cartel. Boydton; Dr T B 
Smith. Shaws Store; Dr H L Burwell, Chase 

Agricultuial Implements 

Davis Saml, Clarksville 

Jackson R A, Gold Leaf 

Lacrosse Hardware Co Inc.. Lacrosse 

Moore T D, Clarksville 


South Hill Hardware Co, South Hill 

Watkins E B, Gold Leaf 

Watman Son & Co, South Hill 

Willis P D, Skipwith 

Bugg H P, South Hill 

Attorneys at Law 

Baskervill C T, Boydton 

Coleman N A, Gold Leaf 

Faulkner & Faulkner, Chase City and Boyd- 

Goode & Goode, Boydton 

Homes Peter P, Boydton 

HTTDGIXS & OZLIX (E W Hud-ins. Cliase 
City; T W Ozllu. Kenbridge) (see attys in 
Lunenburg county) 

Raney L M, Lacrosse 

Reekes & Bedinger, Boydton 

Turnbull Irby, Boydton 

Turn bull Robt & Son, Boydton 

Wall Hiram P, South Hill 

Williams Thos X w Clarksville 

Wood Henry, Clarksville 


Jeffreys Hester & Co, Chase City 
Rawlings A M, South Hill 

Chase City Bakery, Chase City 
Hamilton E D, Clarksville 
Wolf C C, South Hill 



Bank of South Hill. South Hill • 

Bank of Union Level, Union Level . 

Citizens Bank, South Hill 

Robertson cashier 

son pres (active), Ralph Jessup v-pres, 
W A Brooeks v-pres. TV Broocks cashier 
(see adv below) 

PLANTERS BANK THE, Clarksville. L B 
Blanks Jr cashier 

WILLIAMS & GOODE (Thomas. F Goode). 




K. D. PATTERSON, President 

T. A. BROOCKS, Cashier RALPH JESSUP, Vioe-PrcB. 

W. A. BROOCKS, Vice-President 

f|H f- HPf! 



Engineers and Contractors , _. . . _. ■ , ^ 

No. 9 N. Seventh St. 

Richmond, Va. 

PHONE 17b 






Come to Petersburg 



*Bass C B, Setith Hill 

Bohiinger A, Chase City 

Bowers L A, Gold Leaf 

Cox J D, Clarksville 

Davis Julius. Buffalo Junction 

Fields Wint, Chase City 

Harris F 1) Jr. Gold Leaf 

* Hayes James, Chase City 
Hightower J D, Boydton 
Johnson W R, Chase City- 
Norwood H T, Gold Leaf 
Owens Henry, Gold Leaf 
Truitt's Barber Shop, South Hill 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 
Aeree T A, Forksville 

* Alexander C, Goodes Ferry 
Buchanan R E, Clarksville 
•Carrington James, Buffalo Junction 
*Coleman Wm. Clarksville 
*Eyaos Willie, Lacrosse 
Humphreys Benj R, Clarksville 
Garner B A & Bro, Chase City 
Humphreys B R, Clarksville 
Jeffress Percy, Boydton 
Kilder M M, Chase City 

* lag-on Thos J, Jeffress R F D No 1 
Macklin J N, South Hill 

Pardue J G. Chase City 
Phillips W J, Chase City 
Puryear R C, Chase City 
Roberson Bros, Gold Leaf 
Rooker Henry, Goodes Ferry 
Seat A J, Lacrosse 
Talley R L, Buffalo Lithia Springs 
Taylor Douglas, South Hill 
Kibler M M, Chase City 
Williams Joshua, South Hill 
Williams L J, South Hill 
Williamson C T, Clarksville 
Willis J B & Son, Chase City 
Willis P D, Skipwith 
Willis Bros. Chase City 
Willis W L. Chase City 

Boarding Houses 

Bigger House The, Chase City 

Briggs G F, Boydton 

Chandler O P Mrs, Buffalo Junction 

Edwards J C Mrs. Warehouse 

Elam Misses, Chase City 

Foster Alex Mrs, Warehouse 

Hud gins May A Mrs, Cricket Hill 

Johnson M E Mrs, Wightman 

Landon J R, Warehouse 

Ligon J A Mrs, Clarksville 

Nelson A H Mrs, Lacrosse 

Nelson T Mrs, Nelson 

Nicholson O W, Forksville 

Pittard A T, Buffalo Junction 

Read II P. Palmer Springs 

Ricks S L Mrs, Gold Leaf 

Roberts J W Mrs. Chase City 

Sizemore J E, Buffalo Lithia Springs 

Thomasson R L, Skipwith 

Tisdall R T, Chase City 

Tucker W J, Gold Leaf 
Winston J W Mrs, Lacrosse 


Pepsi-Cola Bottling Works, South Hill 

Box Manufacturers 

Jeffreys-Spaulding Mfg Co, Chase City 

Box Shook Manufacturers 

South Mfg Co Inc. South Hill 

Builders' Material 

Roberts Hardware Co, Chase City 

Butchers and Meat Markets 

Bevill C J, Boydton 
Butler W A, Chase City 
Dortch J S & Co, South Hill 


Mores L V, Gold Leaf 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers 

Chase City Mfg Co, Chase City 
Russell C H & Son. Clarksville 


Baptist, Boydton 
Baptist, Buffalo Junction 
Baptist, Buffalo Lithia Springs 
Baptist, Chase City- 
baptist, Chase City 
Baptist. Clarksville 
Baptist, Cricket Hall 
Baptist, Forksville 
Baptist. Gold Leaf 
Baptist, Goodes Ferry 
Baptist, Nelson 
Baptist, Novello 
Baptist, Opie 
* Baptist, Red Lawn 
Baptist. Peekes 
Baptist, Skipwith 
Baptist, Stonycross 
Baptist. Wishtman 
*Baptist, Wightman 
Christian, Gold Leaf 
Christian, Goodes Ferry 
Episcopal. Boydton . 
Episcopal, Chase City 
Episeopal. Gold Leaf 
Episcopal. Goodes Ferry 
Methodist, Boydton 
Methodist, Chase City 
Methodist. Clarksville 
Methodist, Forksville 
Methodist, Gold Leaf 
Methodist. Goodes Ferry 
Methodist, Jeffress R F D No 1 
Methodist. Lacrosse 
Methodist, Norvello 
Methodist, Opie 
Methodist. Skipwith 
Methodist, Stonycross * 

Methodist, Warehouse 
Methodist. Wightman 

Call on SYDNOR PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 



Sec Our Adi 

in Buyers Guide 




Send sketches for free search. Eist of Invention* 
needed sent free. Established in 1SS9. Indorsed by 
both Virginia Senators. Easy payments. 





Presbyterian, Boydton 
Presbyterian, Chase City 
Presbyterian, Clarksville 
Union, Norvello 

Cigars and Tobacco 

Taylor M E, South Hill 

Cleaners and Pressors 

Bohlinger H A, Chase City 
City Pressing Club, Clarksville 
Truitt J T, South Hill 


Fine A, Boydton 

Robertson & Norvell, South Hill 


Mecklenburg- Country Club. Cbase City 

Coal Dealers 

Geoghegan C E, Chase City 


Finch A T Dr, Chase City 
.Martin & Williams, Chase City 
Oppel J P, Forksville 
Rockwell J B, Chase City 
Watkins J H Mrs. Gold Leaf 


Davis J N, South Hill 

Docld R A, Chase City 

Finch G A. Boydton 

Fitzgerald M M, Clarksville 

St em bridge H D & M C, Chase Citv 

Taylor T T, Gold Leaf 

Department Stores 

Yancey Robt E, South Hill 


Jeter Kate Mrs, Chase City 
Moore L M Mrs, Chase City 
Wootten Lena Mrs, Chase City 

Commissioners in Chancery 

Reekes Chas T, Boydton 

=■ Bailey C H, Chase City 
Gregory W J Mrs, Chase City 

Contractors — Brick 
Reynolds J S & T J, Ghase City 

Contraetors and Builders 
*Ashe Pink, Wightman 

Chavis Jake & John, Goodes Ferry 
Cliborne H B, Skipwith 
Edmonson J W, Stonycross 
Bubbard J F, South Hill 
Ligon J J, Clarksville 
Mead Aaron, Chase City 
Moore B W, Chase City 
Mullins Arthur, Skipwith 
*Overby Tom, Buffalo Junction 
Reynolds J S & T J, Chase City 
Slaughter J J, Nelson 
Watkins E A & Son, Gold Leaf 
Watkins T J, Gold Leaf 
Whittemore R L, Skipwith 
Williams Edward, Chase City 
Williamson J W, Clarksville 
* Wilson E B, Jeffress R F D No 1 


Hester R M, Chase City 
Wood Chas, Clarksville 

Cotton Gins 

Montgomery & Morris, Lacrosse 
Moseley S J, Lacrosse 
Palmer T R, Gold Leaf 
Simmon T G, Cbase City 
Southside Supply Co, Chase City 
Webb L P, Boydton 


Buffalo Lithia Springs Water Co. Buffalo Li- 
thia Springs 

I Druggists 

Baskerville Drug Co, Baskervilie 

I Bowie A H, Chase City 

: Chase City Drug Co, Chase City 

! Drake J A, Clarksville 

| Jones C P, South Hill 
Maddux P H, Chase City 

j Maddux T H.. Chase City 

i Mecklenburg Drug Co, Chase City 

! Neweomb's Drug Store, Clarksville 
Saunders A A Mrs, Chase City 
Snead H M Drug Co, South Hill 
Snellings A T, Boydton 
Walker Drug Co, Gold Leaf 
Wilkinson W W & Co, Lacrosse 

Dry Goods 

Broocks W A <fc Son, Chase City 

Bugg H P, South Hill 

Chase City Department Store, Chase City 

Crowder Bros, Clarksville 

Crowder W H, South Hill 

Fine Abraham, Boydton 

Norvell-Roberts Supply Co, Chase City 

Rennie Co The, Clarksville 

Wall & Carver, South Eli 11 

Willis F T, Clarksville 

Farm Wagon Manufacturers 

Chase City Manufacturing Co, Chase City 

Fertilizer Dealers 

Allen & Thomasson, Skipwith 

Cook Bros, Lacrosse 

Farmers Union Fertilizer Co, South Hill 

Holmes & Yancey, South Hill 

Watson & Scoggins, South Hill 

Wells L A, South Hill 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 
Stembridge M W Mis. Chase City 


Coleman N A Mrs. Gold Leaf 


^fsHfcS* m 

W*M f : * 


Is the Largest Trunk Manufacturing 
City in the South. 


Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. C 






Furniture Dealers 

Dortch J S & Co. South Hill 

131am T D Furniture Co, South Hill 

Hicks J, Chase City 

Homes C F, Boydton 

Jackson R A, Gold Deaf 

Moore & Rockwell, Chase City 

Rennie Co, Clarksville 

Reynolds Bros, Chase City 

Sams K W, Clarksville 

South Hill Furniture Co The, South Hill 

Furniture Manufacturers 

Nicholson K Furniture Co, Chase City 

G a rages 

Crouch J S, Boydton and Chase City 

Davis Saml, Clarksville 

Lacrosse Garage, Lacrosse 

Long P C, Gold Leaf 

Rawlings A M, South Hill 

Saunders Garage. Chase City 

General Stores 

Allen T \\\ South Hill 

Allgood L M, Boydton 

Atkins W I & Co, Clarksville 

Baltimore Bargain House. Chase City 

Barnes O O, Finney wood 

Harnett S O, Boydton 


Bell D B & Soil South Hill 

Bentley O D, Chase City 

Bigger & Co, Chase City 

Bland W E. Marengo 

Brj eey & Co. Bracey 

BRADY A D, Joyceville 

Brooks VV A & Son, Chase City 

Brummel J A, Soudan 

BUGG H P & CO, Xorvello 

Bugg S F & Co. Ogburn 

Callahan J E & Co, Nelson 

Callis J R, Warehouse 

Chase City Dept Store. Chase City 

* Clark Buck, Cold Leaf 

Clark W F & Co.. Chase City 

Cliborne P G, Wightman 

Cole R R. Boydton 

Coleman H F <£ Bro, Boydton 

Connell T J, Lacrosse 

CROWD FR A B, Jeffress R F D Xo 1 

Grow.der Bros, Clarksville 

Crowder W H, South Hill 

Davis J L, Chase City 

-Davis W E. Chase City 

Davis W J, Union Level 

Dodson T R, Chase City 

Doggett C L, Clarksville 

Dortch J S & Co. South Hill 

Edmonson J W, Stonycross 

Edrnondson & Hutchinson. Baskerville 

Eubank W F. Chase City 

Eva ns T E, Baskerville 

Fields O E. Chase City 

Fine A, Boydton 

First Cash Store The.. South Hill 

Fostor Alex. Warehouse 

Garner F A, Chase City 

Gayle & Winkler, Baskerville 

Gee A H, South Hill 

Gee J M, South Hill 

Goode-Roberts Supply Co Inc. Chase City 

*Goode S & Co, Boydton 

Greer T W, Chase City 

Gregory Ida L Mrs, Finneywood 

Hagood & Hagood, Lacrosse 

Hardy G W & Son, Jeffress 

Hard:,' & Co, Chase City 

Harper W T & Son.. Bracey 

Harris H M, Clarksville 

Hayes W H, Goodes Ferry 

Hayes R Mrs, Jeffress 

Hendricks J W, Jumbo 

Hester & Co. Chase City 

Hilderbrand G N. Finneywood 

Homes C F. Boydton 

Howerton C N, Skipwith 

Hun J C. Soudan 

Hutchesdn & Pruden, Chase City 

JACKSON R A, Goodes Ferry 

Jeffress J H & Co. Skipwith 

JOliXSOX R IT & M E, Wightman 

Johnson S B, North View 

Jones F V & Bro, Blackridge 

Jones J T. Skipwith 

KXBLER J A. Chase City 

Lacrosse Mercantile Co. Lacrosse 

Mallette J R, Chase City 

MARCHANT & WINDER.. Cricket Hill 

Mathews & Nash. Lacrosse 

Matthews J W. Lacrosse 

Matthews. Winn & Co. South Hill 

Moore A J & Co. Chase City 

Moore E R, Jeffress R F D 

Moore. J H. Jeffress 

Moore T W, South Hill 

Moore & Failines, Jeffress 

Morgan & Co, Chase City 

Moseley H B, Chase City 

Nash & Matthews, Lacrosse 

Nelson & Nelson, Nelson 

Newell C S. Jumbo 

Newell W A, Goodes Ferry 

Newton & Thomas, South Hill 

Northington D L, Lacrosse 

OGBVRX A L, Northview 

Ogburn, Lambert & Co. South Hill 

Orgain Thos A, Jeffress 

Overby S M, Keats 

Paynrer C O, Gold Loaf 

Perkinson & Sneely, Lacrosse 

Pettus & Co. Finneywood 

Piercy H N, Lacrosse 

PIITARD A l A; C<). Buffalo Junction 

Pleasants w G a- Co. Boydton 

Pruden & Hutcheson, Chase City 

Puryear B H Nelson 

Rainey M E, Buffalo Lithia Springs 

Redd W S, Jeffr ss 

Read LB. Goodes Ferry 

r clicks c l. Reekes * 

Rennie Co. Clarksville 

ntrinul i i'. » '.'.-i ■ !V 


No city in the South has shown a more steady 
and substantial growth. 


TUT A ffiy^ T r>r% 1 °? SHARP ST. 




ROBERTSON G W, Otter Mills 

Royster J E, Soudan 

Royster E S, Clarksville 

Russell H B, Jeffress 

Kyland \V H. South Hill 

Ryland & Creedle, Finehley 

Ryland ^ Drummond, South Hill R F D 

Saunders G A & Co, Forksville 

Saunders J S, South Hill 

Shaw H E, Bracey 

Shelton H W, Buffalo Lithia Springs 

Simmons J -Walter, Uniorilevel 

Simmons S W Jr, Boydton 

Simmons W H & Son, Unionleyel 

SIZEMORE J E, Buffalo Lithia Springs 


Smeliey & Perkinson, Lacrosse 

Smith J \V, Bracey 

Smith W S. South Hill 

Smithson Walker Co, Chase City 

Speed L S & Co, Averett 

Street Edmond, Jeffress 

*Tarry Chavers, Gold Leaf 

Taylor II V, Blackridge 

Thames J R, Nelson 

Thompson Bros, Fnionlevel 

Tisdale B H, Chase City 

Toone & Co, Unionlevel 

Tucker W J, Gold Leaf 

Tunstall J M, Baskerville 

Union Mercantile Co Ltd, Wightman 

Wall & Caver, South Hill 

Waller M A. Boydton 

Waller Ora T Mrs (administratrix), Boydton 

Watkins E B Co, Chase City 

Watkins W M, Buffalo Junction 

Watson F G, Buffalo Junction 

Williamson C R, Clarksville 

Willis F T, Clarksville 

Wimbish J A Jr. Soudan 

Winckler J D <*c Co. Lacrosse 

"Wood C H & Co, Shipwith 

Woodyard J L, Chase City 

Allgood Wright, Antlers 
Andrews T L, Boydton 
Andrews? W E, South Hill 
Atkins W J, Clarksville 
Bland J T, Marengo 
Brittle & Elam, South Hill 
Burton Bros, Clarksville 
Butler W A & Son, Chase City 
Callis J C, Chase City 

Cash Grocery Co, Chase City and Clarksville 
Chase City Grocery Co, Chase City 
Cheatham E F, Chase City 
Clarksville Grocery Co, Clarksville 
Cole R R, Boydton 
Coleman R M & Co, Chase City 
Col lis J C, Chase City 
*D&vis W E, Chase City 
Diekerson Edmund, Chase City 
'Dickcrson Morris, Chase City 
T^ck^rsorj & Co. Chase Citv 

Dortch J S & Co. South Hill 

Elam & Brittle, Chase City 

Eubank W H, Chase City 

Gafford O M & Co, Chase City 

Garland It M, Chase City 

Geoghegan C E & Bro, Chase City 

Geoghegan P L ; Chase City 

Good E S & Co, Boydton 

Greer T W, Chase City 

Howerton Bros, Clarksville 

Hudson J B.. South Hill 

Lett J H, Boydton 

Mack Jno H, Chase City 

Matthews & Wynne, South Hill 

Maxey Geo C, Clarksville 

* Morgan & Co, Chase City 

Moseley Grocery Co, Boydton 

Newell C S, Goodes Ferry 

Puryear A & Co, Clarksville 

Rash R A. South Hill 

Read H P. Goodes Ferry 

Reid Grocery Co, Chase City 

Roberts, Goode Supply Co, Chase City 

Simmons J H & Co.. South Hill 

Solomon S M, Chase City 

Vaughan R C, Clarksville 

Watkins E B, Goodes Ferry 

Williams C R, Clarksville 

Wolf G C. South Hill 

Williamson C R, Clarksville 

Grocers — Wholesale 
Easley R H, Clarksville 

Hardware Dealers 

Baskerville Hardware <Sc Supply Co, Basker- 
Daniel Hardware Co, South Hill 
Davis Samuel, Clarksville 
Lacrosse Hardware Co, Lacrosse 
Lipscomb Hardware Co, Chase City 
Mecklenburg Hardware Co, Chase City 
Moore T D. Clarksville 
Roberts B A Sons & Co, Chase City 
South Hill Hardware Co, South Hill 
Wartman Hardware Co, South Hill 

Harness and Saddlery 

Williams M J. Gold Leaf 

Hay, Grain and Feed 
Baskerville W R. Red Lawn 
Dortch J S & Co. South Hill 
Lipscomb Grain Co, Chase City 
Moore S J. Red T awn 
Moseley C P. Boydton 
Ralls Hay & Grain Co, Chase City 

Horses and Mu'*s 
Keeton & Roberts, ("has.- City 
Wnrrpri y- V n (rows f^outh Hill 

Has Good Schools for Boys and Girls. 
Moderate tiix rate* 


Kellam Hospital 



The Kellam Hosplral is without parallel in th< eur< 
ol Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we v.. .in 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the manv hundreds 
or sufferers treated during; the past 18 years. 



Buffalo Lithia Springs Hotel, Buffalo JLithia 

Dodson W T, Clarksville 
Epes V W Mrs. South Hill 
Exchange Hotel, Boydton 
Grace Hotel, Clarksville 
Gregory Hotel The, Chase City- 
Hotel Gilliland, Clarksville 
Hotel Grace, Clarksville 

HOTEL NORDAN (J Wallace Killian), South 
Hill (see page 38) 


(see adv below) 
Ogburn R H .Mrs, Lacrosse 
Smith Hotel, Clarksville 
Southern Hotel, Boydton 

Ice Manufacturers 

Holden Ice Co , South Hill 
South Side Supply Co, Chase City 

ln sural ice Agents 

Blanks \V i >, Clarksville 

Easley R H, Clarksville 

Faulkner C J, Boydton 

Fields T A, Chase City 

Geoghegan C E, Chase City 

Hardy M E & Co, Chase City 

Jeffreys-Hester & Co. Chase City 

Pritchett Mack, South Hill 

Raney !. W, Lacrosse 

Robertson & Williams, Chase City 

Taylor J P. Clarksville 

Tucker Arthur. Gold Leaf 

Wall J W, Boydton 

Williams & Robinson, Chase City 

Iron Dealers 
South Hill Flue & Iron Co, South Hill 

Iron Founders 

Brattain J X, Chase City- 
Davis Saml, Clarksville I 

Land Agents 

Jeffreys-Hester eir Co Inc, (.'base City 

Lithia Water Companies 

Buffalo Lithia Spring Water Co, Buffalo Lithia 

Live Stock Dealers 
Callahann W J, Nelson 
Howerton Bros, Clarksville 
Keeton & Roberts. Chase City 
Moore S J, Red Lawn 
Moss P B R & Son, Chase Citv 
Pittarcl W J, Buffalo Junction 
Skelton H M & Co, Lacrosse 
Warren Andrews & Co, South Hill 
Williams, Owen & Jeffreys, Chase City 
Zirkle S C, Red Lawn 

Livery Stables 
Baptist J W, Buffalo Lithia Spring 
Beville Alex, Boynton 
("lark G W, Clarksville 
Magness W E, Chase City 
-Montgomery R P, Lacrosse 
Smith L F. South Hill 
Smith T E, South Hill 
Webb C L, Boydton 
Williams J C. Chase City 
Wilson L W, Boydton 

Lumber Dealers and Manufacturers 

Bernhardt Lumber Co, Boydton 
Blanks W D & Co, Clarksville 
Boswell & Bosweil, Chase City • 
Callahann W J, Nelson 
Crowd er F J. Opic 
'• 'rowder O J, ( )pie 
Crute M E, Chase City 
Clinkhorne P G, Wightman 
Edmonson J W, Stonycross 
Emporia Mfg Co, South Hill 
Hamilton J A, Jeffress R F U No 1 
Hervey R L, Chase City 
Ligon J F. Clarksville 
Lorene Mill Co, South Hill 
McCall R S, Chase City 
McElrath H M, Chase City 
Moseley S J, Lacrosse 
Roberts R H, Wightman 
Robertson G W, Otter Mills 
Saunders G A. Forksville 


New Mecklenburg Hotel 


Some With Private Bath 

The Famous Mecklenburg Mineral and 
Mecklenburg Chloride Calcium 

Mineral Waters Served Free to diesis 



J? B. ■ 

'^v^'V is (he art of producing typewritten 
%Mm " letters in large quantities at a reason- 
able price, Write Hill Directory Co., Inc., 823 Mutual Bldg., Richmond, Va. 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia .r^^j^'^/rf; 


«*d Forms of Life Insurance Cnn- 
$50,000.00, with J'remiums Payable 
quarterly, Semi-Annually :md Annually. 




South Hill Mfg Co Inc. South Hill 
Southern Pine Lumber Co. Chase City 
Taylor Marion, Soudan 
Williamson J \V, Clarksville 
Winckier J D & Son. Lacrosse 
Southern Pine Lumber Co, Chase City 

Men's Fnmisliings 

Allen T \V. South Hill 
Schussler H. Chase City 
Wall & Carver. South Hill 
Yancey Robert E, South Hill 


Broocks W A & Son. Chase City 
Rennie Co The, Clarksville 
Roberts J L Mrs, Chase City 
Schussler H, Chase City 
Wall & Carver. South Hill 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Bowers W G, Baskerville 
Boyd W H, Bracey 
Cannon Robt A, Gold Leaf 
Clarksville Milling Co. Clarksville 
Cooper J R. Baskerville 
Davis Mills, Goodes Ferry 
Kirbey Bros, Clarksville 
Jones W A, Norvello 
Reed H P. Goodes Ferry 
Reekes James P, Reekes 
Southside Roller Mills, Chase City 
Williams Thos X, Clarksville 

Mills- — Saw and Planing 

Blue J R. Chase City 

Boswell & Boswell, Chase City R F D No 4 

Crowder J F. Opie 

Dunn C B, Baskerville 

Emory W B. Chase City 

Hervey R L. Chase City 

Hei-vey & Purcell, Finneywood 

Hunsucker Jonas, Chase City 

Jeffreys R M & S B, Chase City 

McCall R S. Chase City 

Pekins & Berry, Chase City 

Perkins G S, Soudan 

Perkinson W A, South Hill R F D 

Petty J L. Unionlevel 

Reece W M, Boydton 

Roberts R H, North View 

Robertson G W, Chase City R F D No 3 

Rudd E H, Norvello 

Simmons & Taylor, South Hill 

Steele J D, Boydton 

Temple J L. Portia 

Throckmorton J J, South Hill 

Tucker L L, Chase City 

Turpin & Williams, Boydton 

W ATKINS E A, Gold Leaf 

Webb Chas L, Boydton 

Webb L P. Boydton 

Winckier J D & Son. Lacrosse 

Winn E A. Clarksville 

Mineral Waters 

CORP, Chase City 
Mecklenburg Mineral Springs Co, Chase City- 
Music Teachers 
Bowling- Y A Mrs, Boydton 
Faulkner Alice Miss, Boydton 
Faulkner C J Mrs, Boydton 
Hester Gladys Miss, Chase City 
McCabe Mattie Mrs, South Hill 
Roberts Elizabeth Miss, Chase City 

Newspapers and Editors 

Enterprise, South Hill, w A Tillingnam editor 
Mecklenburg Times Star, Clarksville, J S 

Johnson editor 
Progress, Chase City, George B Carven editor 
South Hill Enterprise, South Hill 

Oil Dealers 

Standard Oil Co. Chase City 



Jewelry Co, South Hill 


Bouldin Saml, Clarksville 
Elliott H J. Nelson 
Gallion R C, Chase City 
Gallyon H A & Bio, Chase City 
Harris Pressley, Gooues Ferry 
Harville W C, Clarksville 
* Phillips John, Opie 
Spain Willie, Gold Leaf 
Watkins C J, Goodes Ferry 

Photogra pliers 

Watterson Studio, Chase City 


Barrow Geo B. Clarksville 
Burwell Henry L, Chase City 
Carter Garland H, Boydton 
Finch A T, Chase City 
♦Funches F C, Chase City 
*Funchess P F, Chase City 
Hamilton E T, Boydton 
Harman W C, Palmers Springs 
Hart A T, Opie 
Holt T J, Gold Leaf 
Johnson J W. Wightman 
Johnson James, Northview 
Laird E C, Boydton 
Marable W H, Finneywood 
Marrow D H, Unionlevel 
Montgomery B J, Baskerville 
Montgomery Clarence Y, South Hill 
Northington Samuel S. South Hill 
Sanders F B. Clarksville 
Saunders Clarence H, Chase City 
Smith T B, Brary 
Snead H M. South Hill » 

Vest Wm W. Clarksville 
Wilkinson William W. Lacrosse 

The Magic City is growing and pros- 



■<■< '\ *■'•■; ?'■! 

Boom on Now. 

Most progressive town of size 
in South. Great Building 
Come on quick— big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Wimbish Wm T, Ciarksville 
Winn W.M, Ship with 
Wood G V Jr, Boydton 

Pianos and Organs 
Bohanan Nathaniel, Chase City 


Hershman J, Chase City 
MeKnight Samuel, Chase City 


Chase City Progress Co, Chase City 

Johnson J S, Ciarksville 

South Hill Enterprise, South Hill 


Progress Co, Chase City 

South Hill Publishing Co, South Hill 

Real Estate 

Blanks W D, Ciarksville 
Hester Jeffreys cc Co, Chase City 
Hughes W T, Chase City 
Jeffreys-Hester cc Co, Chase City 
Mecklenburg Realty Co, Boydton 
Moseley S J, Lacrosse 
Fritchett Mack, South Hill 
Tucker Arthur, Gold Leaf 
Wood Henry, Ciarksville 
Yancey L H, Ciarksville 

Referee in Bankruptcy 

Homes Peter P, Boydton 


Bullock O R. Chase City 
*Purcell Wm, South Hill 
Shell & Mitchell, South Hill 
Solomon S M, Chase City 
Williamson C R, Ciarksville 

Schools and Colleges 

Opie Graded School, Opie 
*Tyne Institute, Chase City 

Sewing Machines 

Bohanan Nathaniel, Chase City 

Shoe Dealers 

Crowder Bros, Ciarksville 
Rennie Co, Ciarksville 
Wall & Carver, South Hill 


Crowd S W, Chase City 
*Davis C W, Chase City 

Soft Drink Manufacturers 

Chase. City Medicinal Water Co, Chase City 

Stave Manufacturers 

Borden B F & Co. Ltd, Chase City 


Brame R L fy Co, Chase City 
High & Geoghegan, Chase City 
*Ideal Tailoring Co, Chase City 

Tclephone Companies 

Aarons Creek Telephone Co, Nelson 
Farmers & Merchants Telephone Co, Lacrosse 

Home Telephone & Telegraph Co, Boydton 

Chase City and Ciarksville 
South Hill Telephone Co, South Hill 


Opera House (motion picture), Boydton 

Tobacco Dealers — Leaf 

American Tobacco Co, South Hill 

Boyd J E, South Hill 

Export Leaf Tobacco Co, South Hill 

Liggett <fc Meyers, South Hill 

Matthews & Crafton, South Hill 

Roberts T E Tobacco Co The, Chase City and 

South Hill 
Stone Tisdale Maxy, Ciarksville 
Taylor J P & Co, Ciarksville 
Winn & Wells, Ciarksville 

Tobacco Warehouses 

Farmers Warehouse, South Hill 
Jeffreys & Hester, Chase City 
Planters Warehouse, South Hill 
Union Warehouse, Chase City 
Virginia Union Warehouse, South Hill 


Cole R R, Boydton 

* Davis W E, Chase City 

Dortch J S & Co, South Hill 

Elam T D Furniture Co, South Hill 

Johnson M E, Wightman 

Paschal! .7 R Co The, Gold Leaf 

Pruden & Hutcheson, Chase City 

Reynolds Bros. Chase City 

Sams K W, Ciarksville 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Baptist J W, Buffalo Lithia Springs 

Wall Paper 

Gallion R C, Chase City 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Bohanan Nathaniel, Chase City 
Humphreys R B, Ciarksville 
Simmons W E, South Hill 
Tisdale Bros, Ciarksville 
Turner Jewelry Co, South Hill 
Wood G V, Chase City 

Antlers — Population 10; on So Ry: 1 miles 
from C H; banking town. Boydton — W E 
Crute. C T Mason, Henn Mason, C L Rudd, 
J W Young, Kobt Young 

Baskerville — Population 25; on So Ry; 
banking town, Boydton — B C Alhjood, .1 E 
Allg-ood, C A Bishop. L N Buchanan, H T 
Callahan, A H Carter, C D Carter. R W bar- 
ter, G D Cleaton, J R Cooper, W IT Crutch- 
field, Herbert Dunn, A C Elam. W H Elam 
Jr, E P Farrar. J W Farrar, J H Gafford, 
C R Gayle. .J S Gordon, A A H end rick, J H 
Hightower, S N Hutcheson, R E Johnson, S 
W Land, J J Morgan, B F Moseley, S A Mose- 
ley. L N Newman, G l i Phillips, .1 M Reece, 
I! T Phnmons, 7 .1 Stone, H Thompson, J M 

Urn %*r m \l iss& msa y V^ ! &■ iisw 

Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 

Everything in REAL ESTATE 

Virginia Farms and Orchards 



Ideal Print Shop 

"Our Aim is to Please You" 


Special Attention Given Out-of -Town Orders Phone 13G1-W 

2*> N. Sycamore St., Mcllwalne Bldg., 



Tunstall, J S Vaughan, L Watson, A G Wells, 
B E Wells, 1) F Winkler 

Blaekridue — Population 10; 3 miles from R 
R; 2 miles from C H; banking town, La 
Crosse — C L Burton, H H Cleaton, W D Clea- 
ton, O B Cook, L A Evans, Lee Jackson, B J 
Jones, Chas E Jones.. R L Jones, Alansfield 
Machine, H F Mise, H C Taylor, H V Taylor, 
W A Taylor 

Boydton (C H) — Population 421; on So R R; 
a banking town — J R Alexander, A L Algood, 
E L Baptist, C T Baskervllre, W R Beales, 
f-I Briggs, G H Carter, W E Carter, AY X Car- 
ter, R E Cogbill, R R Cole, C W Coleman, H 
E Coleman, W H Crate, W W Crute, J W Dug- 
gar, VV E Dunn.. C J Faulkner, G H Finch, A 
Fine, E C Goode, J C Goode. Thos F Goode, 
C R Hightower, J A Hightower, Frank Homes, 
W E Homes, A T Horner. J J Humrickhouse, 
11 F Hutcheson, P C Jeffriss, Sydney Johnson, 
T A Jones, .7 E Lett, Taylor Mallett, F G X/ew- 
comb, J T Owen, C B Peck, C M Phillips. W 
G Pleasants.. C T Reekes, J B Rolfe, J AY 
Rolfe. A T Snellings, W K Spraggins, J H Tar- 
ry, E L To one., E F Townes, H L Turpin, J 
W Wall, H N Weatherford, C L Webb, T J 
Williams. Phil Wilson 

Boydton R F D Xo t — E E Burnett H W 

Burnett, S D Coleman. T D Coleman. T A 
Eppes Jno Evans J W Goode, Jno Jackson. 
Jno Peck, M O Phillips. Paul Sydney. H F 
TV out ton 

Boydton K F 1) Xo 2 — *Robt Camillus, J J 
Martin, J L Miokle, R C Rogers 

Bracey — Population 40; on S A L Ry; 25 
miles from C H — James Acree, J B Allen, W 
H Boyd. A H Bracey. A O Bracey. W T Bracey. 
*J W Carroll, James C Crowder, R W Dunn, 
M B Garland. W T Harper, *A Harris A P 
Jackson, W H Jones. W D Martin, Albert Pear- 
son, W T Person. C G Ridout, D K Ridout. 
J H Ridout, J H Russelh H E Shaw. J D 
Shaw, J II Shaw, W H Shaw, J C Sims, J W 
Smith. T B Smith, S A Tudor. W II Walker, 
S A Warren 

Buffalo Junction — on So Ry; IS miles from 
C H; banking town, Clarksville — S G Chan- 
dler, J E Clark. Geo W Daniel, L B Daniel, G 
W Gordon. Roy Hobgood. W A Jameson, J E 
Owen, W T Owen, A T Pittard, C E Pittard, 
L A Pittard. W G Pittard. AY J Pittard, W 
D Wat kins, D AY Yancey 

Buffalo liithia Spring — Population 25: 2 
miles from River: 15 miles from C H: bank- 
in- town, Clarksville — J W Baptist, R G 
Blanks, R P Coleman, J J Costello, B D Davis. 
E L Davis, E E Elliott, E E Ellison. J M Glas- 
cow. J B Gold, J AY Gold. R H Griffin, S B 
Hitc. Stephen Hite, J AY l.igon, AY II Ligon. 
W fi Puryear. J O Rainey. C 1 Shelton. I E 
Sizemore, X AT Talley, R L Talley. A J Vaugh- 
an, *? r* Y*cV 

I Chase City — Population 1,002; on So By 

! 13 miles from C II; a banking town — (J..,, W 
! Atkins, R P Barnes, O G Baughan, T F Bell 
AY B Bevell, W E Bevell, J B Bigger, 1. W 
Bitting, J R Blue, X Bohannon, Allen Bos- 
well, Leon T Boswell, Sterling W Bowers J 
E Brame, C W Brewer, W A Brooks, TW 
Browder, R E Buchanan, J 11 Bugs, H L Bur- 
well, AY A Butler W IT Carroll, L M Carter 
C E Cash, J T Cash, j w Cash, AY T Chandler! 
E B Coleman, J P Coley, W E Crute, R L 
Cutts, J B Davis, R S Deadman, Paul Pk-ker- 
son, E G Dodson, Haney L Dodson, J A Dob- 
son, L B Dobson, J T Downey, C A Dunklev. 
S M Edwards, L M Elliott, E S Emory, 1) A 
Faucette. T A Fields, A F Finch, R P Fitz. 
S T Frazier, R M Garland, F A Garner. C E 
Geoghegan, p L Gillispie, Thad Gillespie, J 
Watkins Goode, J AY Garver, S P Garver. T 
AY Greer, E AY Gregory, II O Gwathmey, S P 
Gwathmey, * Henry Hardy, James Hardy *Robt 
Harris, R L Harvey, Cabell Hatcher, *ack 
Hayes, Saml Hepburn. C W Hester. R 
M Hestei^, E P Hightower, B S How- 
ell. R B Hutcheson, R L Jeffress. R 
T Johnson J S Keeton, Geo R Land, 
C H La von, A Leach, Lew C Lea oh. C AY 
Lemon, T AY T MeKcnnon. Saml McKnight. 
T S Alaekesey. P II Maddux, .1 Y Mason. A' A 
Meade, E Y Newman. A C Middleton, A C 
Atiddleton. AY H Middleton, L AI Moore, J R 
Alorris, A II AIoss, L H Moss, R T Newman. 
J E Newton, W P Norvelle, R AY Patillo, L 
R Perkinson, B I' P Pool. Derrick Potts. ! R 
Pruden. W T Pulley, H L Puryear, B TT 
Puryear, F B Ramey, J A Riddick. A W Rid- 
dle. Bernard F Roberts, R S Roberts. C B 
Robertson J A Robertson, W W Robinson, J 
E Ryland. C H Saunders. C D Sayles, H V 
Shugart. F C Smith. J J Smithson. S E Spauld- 
ing. AY W Spencpr, Cha^ E Stewart, J W Swift. 
I J Tackett, T J J Taylor, Geo M Tisdale. L 
J Tisdale, L L Tucker, *Lewis Tucker, R R 
Tucker. \Y L Tucker, C G Wagstaff, C F 
Walker. *Xed Walker, AY W Wallace, *Pate 
Watkins, J J Weaver J A" Wilkerson, W R 
Wilkinson. J Y AVilliams, X H Williams, L 
Everett Williamson. Chas L Wilson, C AYood. 
R E Wood. *AYm Wood, J D AVoodson. J L 
Woodyard, R H Yancey, J Henry Bos- 
well. L T Boswell. M C B"sv.t11, W L Bos- 
well. T AV Browder. .1 L Chandler, J R Cren- 
shaw. X W Crenshaw, W a Estor, Jno Kib- 
ler, M M Kihler, 1. IT Moss X 1> r<>tis Geo 
Revis. A D White. W R Wilson X C Wood, 
W C AYood 

Chase City R F i>— Wm A Anderson.. T 

AA' Browder, L .M Carter, A W Garner. E TT 
Ramsey, J. G Turner, B L Walker, J .1 Wearer 

Chase City It F I) Xo 1 — .1 A Dodson. IT 
O Gwathmey, George Little, ^Nerl Merrlman, 
A IT Mess R R Moss. R H Ryland, C I> Sayles, 

;; ;. : J Has one of the largest shipyards 
I^Mni if ^^ on the Atlantic and Good Business 




15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 


PHONE 176 






Clarksville — Population 794; on So Ry; 14 
miles from C H; a banking town — L B Blanks 
Jr, It II Bugg, G A Burton, R E Chandler, 

5 G Chandler, !) A Claiborne, Barley Clarke, 
P A Cooper, .1 R Crowder, J II Daniel, J R 
M Daniel, Saml Davis, J A Drake, R H Eas- 
ley, L B Gilliland Jr, H M Harris, M T Hayes, 
\V H Hester, R B Humphreys, Saml E Jones, 
A J Leneare, Jno T Lewis, R B Lewis, J no 
W Maxey, H H Moore, E L Morton, W S 
Mosleley, D D Murphy, J L Xewton, Geo W 

Noblin, T H Owen, W M Reams, J W Rhodes, 

6 L Russell, W H Russell, E B Stone, J P 
Taylor, T M Tisdale, R S Vaughan, A P Wilk- j 
inson, R E Williamson, H T Wills, J A Wim- j 
bust, W M Winn, C S Wood, Haney P Woo- \ 
ten, W W Wootton, B F Yancey, L H Yan- | 
cey, W A Yancey 

Clarksville R F I) Xo 1 — Armistead Ar- ; 
rington, C W Bowling, Armistead Burrell, B 
P Knott, W H Ligon, T R McFarland, J E j 
Moody, I E Owen, W A Owen, W M Ramsey, 
W S Richardson, C H Tarry, Geo Tarry, O j 
B Whitt 

Clarksville R F 1) Xo 2 — E A Allgood, F T 

Burton, L M Burton. Henry Carter. A J Chan- j 

dler, M Y Gregory. G W Hite, C S Kutcheson. | 

Rich'd C Jeffress, V L Jeffress, W J Jeffress. j 

J T Xewton, J R Rogers, T J Rogers, G R j 

Wells, B F Wilkerson, E A Winn, X J Woot- ! 
ton, U M Y'anct-y 

Clarksville R F 1) Xo 3 — Alonzo Garnett, 

A F Xewton, J W Xewton, Sam'l Xewton, 
W H Xewton, James B Xorwood. C L Phil- 
lips, J F Powell J W Powell, B J Williamson, 
B T Williamson, J L Williamson, E W Yan- 

Pincliley — Population 25; on So R R; 7 ; 
miles from C H; banking town, Chase City — 
F T Burton, Giles A Burton. A Chandler, E 
E Dunn, A L Drumright, J J Ferrell, G X 
Frear, P~H Hays, R C Jeffress, R R Jeffress, 
H C Moore. R L Riggin, E A Winn, W M 
Wootten ; 

Finney wood — Poulation 39; on So R R; 17 , 
miles from C H; banking town, Chase City — 
D T Bigger, J B Davis, Geo E Ellis, W W H ! 
Marable, L M Pettus. W R Rutledge 

Forksville — on S A L Ry; 28 miles from C * 

H; banking town. South Hill — C F Batte, G j 

W Burton, B J Davis, P H Hubbard. Chas \ 

Lambert, O W Xicholson, J P Oppel, G B ; 
Parrish, Gilbert Saunders, M A Walker 

Gold Leaf — 7 miles from R R; 11 miles from 
C H; banking town, Chase City — J A Al- 
ford, W H Bobbitt, X A Coleman. E W Hayes.. 
J G Hayes, J G Hoar, Moss Bros, Robt O 
Mocs, H T Xorwood, J H Satterwhite, C B 
Scoggins, W W Spain, W J Tucker, E A Wat- 
kins, J .1 Watkins, B T Wilson, Richard Wil- 
son, Wm Richard Wilson 

Goode's Ferry — Population 35; 6 miles from 
R R; 2 miles from C II; banking town Boyd- 
ton — Caesar Alebander, E F Bobitt, W C 
Curtis, W C Davis, E \Y Hayes, G T Hayes, 
J R Hendrick, R a .Jackson, J H Jeffress! 
VV A Newell, A I' Read, C F Read, L II Read. 
S P Read, S P Read Jr, Wm II Read, C B 
Scoggins, W W Spain, Reuben Wright Talley, 
W O Tanner, James Wright, McKinsey Wright 

Jeffress — Population 20; on So Ry; 10 miles 
from C H; banking town, Clarksville — S G 
Boyd, J B Brown. Joe Chewning, Rosser Cli- 
borne, S W Coleman. J X Crowder, B Cru- 
dup, A D Doggett, J A Dunn, M F Flynn, R 
II Gregory, D Guffin, Harry Guy, G W Hardy, 
J P Jones, C Loftis, Tom Luck, Bailey Mat- 
thews, Ham Matthews, R E Matthews, Jim 
Mills, A H Moore, Daniel Moore, E R Moore, 
H H Moore, W D Moore, W S Moseley, T A 
Orgain, J C Rice, C L Russell, A A Seamans, 
Joe Seamans, Willie Seamans, A J Shelton 

Jeffress R I- 1 1) Xo 1— W B Clarke. A B Crow- 
der, X H Crowder, R H Goode, II D Guy, D 
V Hall, J W Hamilton, J P Hicks, W H Mc- 
Lean, J P Mullins, C O Pool, C L Russell. 
J A Shelton, J M Talbott, Wm Tuck 

Joyceville — Population 5; 7 miles from R R; 
25 miles from C H; banking town. La Crosse — 
G C Binford. O A Bracey, X M Harris, J J 
Harrison, J F Jones, V." B King. T B Malone, 
H H Rose. Allen T Tanner 

Keats — Population 10; 9 miles from R R; 
11 miles from C H; banking town, Boydton — 
T J Haskins, B P Lambert, J D Moss. J W 
Moss, Mrs T R Moss, W H Moss, C T Park. 
E X T Park, T A Park, L J Peoples, J H Tan- 
ner, James J Watkins, L W Wilson, R T Wil- 
son, Richard Wilson, Robert M Wilson, W 
H Wilson 

LaCrosse — Population 281; on S A L R R: 
20 miles from C H; a banking town — J W 
Beard, Mrs A G Bracey, A H Bracey, T A 
Cleaton, J J S Cook, O B Cook. Henry Copley. 
W S Crutchfield, J P Grant, J W Hagood, E 
J Hall, W L Harper. J W Kinker, J E Ma- 
thews, W E Mason, Wm Miller, J S Montgom- 
ery, T W Morris, S J Moseley, R E Nash, P 
L Northington, Jesse R Perkinson, J X 
Ranes, T E Reekes, D K Ridout. Geo W Rid- 
out, H H Rose, J H Russell, J IT Shaw, T T 
Shell, H M Skelton, T II Smelly, W X Smelly. 
B B Smith, M W Tanner, E E Taylor. W E 
Taylor, M C Thomason, C R Thompson, James 
W Thompson, B J Walker, T L Walker. Dr 
W W Wilkinson, J D Winkler, G T Wright 

Marengo — Population 25; On S A L Ry: 20 
miles from C H — A W Bennett. Tabb Ben- 
nett, W L Cleaton. Jno King, W TI A Mayo. 
R W Vr»m>v j L Piercv. T M Rose, G B 

fi ri is on the Grandest Harbor of the Atlantic. Watch 

C it^row. 

C. L. Robinson ice and Cold Storage Corporation 


85 Tons of Re a Da}-. 175,000 Barrels Cold Storage Capacity 

C. L. Robinson, Pres. 


W. K. Hillyard, S«-c. 


Sammons, Jno C Sims, Billy Tanner, J L Webb, 
T J Webb 

Xelson — Population 100; 10 miles from 
River; banking- town, Bodyton — C C Blanks, J 
H Buchanan, W L Callahan, C S Chandler, D 
S Chandler, J B Chandler, W L Chandler, J 
M Clark, L B Daniel, W J T Daniel, C B El- 
liott, G T Elliott, Henry Elliott, James B El- 
liott, Thos Elliott, W Elliott Jr, A E 
Garner, A H Garner. J L Garner, J P 
Garrett, C W Ilite, A II Nelson, J H Newton, 
T B Nelson, John W Newton Jr, \V J Newton, 
Horace Parrott, O G Puryear. W L Puryear, 
A B Seat, J J Slaughter, H T Thomas, J W 
Thomas, A J Vaughan, J H Vaughan, James 
A Vaughan, G K Wilkerson. P J Wilkins. W 
K Wilson, D T Winston, A C Yancey 

Nelson R F 1) — II T Arrington. Louis Bond- 
ing, Geo L Daniel, J Griffin, Geo Hayes, J 
J Ilite, W D Eockett, V N Mitchell," T C 
Moon, Charles Phillips, Aaron Pittard, Rev 
J ere Reeves, .7 L Rice, Caesar Short, W H 
Turk. W S Tuck. C B Wilkinson, Daniel Wil- 
liams, J \V Winston, J L Yancey 

Xorthviow — Population 30; 5 V>> miles from 
R R; 14 miles from C H: banking town. Boyd- 
ton — J E Andrews, W P Andrews, B J W Cook. 
B F Crowder, Samuel G Crowder. W Herbert 
Crowder. C H Gill, E A Gill, W F Gill. W S 
Gill. W J Gitrnan, A L Holmes. C G Johnson. 
S B Johnson, A L Ogburn. C B Ogburn. R E 
Ogburn, H E Petty, A B Roberts, J A Roberts, 
R H Roberts, W E Roberts, W H Russell, 
C P Smelly, J W Simmons, W T Thompson, 
T R Toone, E R Wells, S M Wells. W A Wells. 
*Cephas Whittle, *H L Whittle, *Samuel Whit- 

Xorvello — Population 17; 3% miles from 
R R; 6 miles from C H; banking town, Chase 
City — *Joe Alexander, *Phil Alexander. Wil- 
liam Coles, E B Crews. E H Davis, A C Man- 
ning 1 , J A Manning, J G Parrish, S J Parrish, 
J E Wetherspoon 

Opie — Population 17; 4 miles from R R; 
15 miles from C H; banking town, South Hill — 
Mrs Eva Crowder, G E CRYMES, J M Crymes. 
II A Gayle. A W Holmes. J P Holmes. W M 
Simmons. S M Warren, M W Warren 

Otter Mills— 18 miles from R R; IS miles 
from C H; banking town, Boydton— C B Rob- 
ertson, G W Robertson, W W Wallace, J Y 

Phillis — Population 17; 5 miles from R R 
and C H; banking town, Boydton — P W Brame. 
C O Bugg, W G Snead. J E Winwler Jr 

Portia — Population 60; 4 miles from R R; 
18 miles from C H; banking town. Chnse City — 
Q D Baker. Jno S Cleaton, C E Cook. O P> 

Cook, C E Jones, Etta Malone, J E Matthews. 
B S Thomas, W G Thomas, J Vaughan, M J 
Vaughan, L Winn, W H Winn 

Radcliife — Population 8; 2 miles from R R; 

14 miles from C H; J W Davies. R T Estes, 
A J Jnekson, Charles Jones, S T Moore 

Ited Lawn — 6 miles from R R; 12 miles 
froin C H; banking town, Chase City — M A 
Baskerville, W R Baskerville, L M Crews, Dr 
E Meddin, O E Medding, S J Moore, Samuel 
Moore, C G Neblett Clara Neblett, Clem Neb- 
lett. Sterling Neblett, Eddie Starr, Lucy Starr. 
W P Starr, J W Whitlow, Edward Winn, J 
E Winn, S C Zirkle 

Rcekcs — Population S; 3 miles from R R; 

15 miles from C H; bankting town Boydton — 
R R M Coleman, H L Colley, H G Cosby. C 
H Cox.. K P Crow, Hugh Cox, J T Crenshaw. 
E C Davis. T J Hightown, E I Hines, R H 
Johnson, Wilson Johnson, W H Jones, J P 

Skip with — Population 30: on So R R; 7 

miles from C H; banking town.. Clarksville — 
T Y Allen. W E Allgood, R A Bass. R H Bass. 
Norman Bowers, Sandy W Bowers, Vernon C 
Brame. W L E Bullock. Wm Bullock, II B 
Claiborne, J W Dedmond, W J Dodson. J B 
Doggett. H A Garrett, W A Gordon, A I. 
Gregory. D C Gregory, Peter Gregory. W C 
Gregory, Frank Hayes. J H Jeffress, Wm Je- 
ter, A F Keeton, J T Morris, Herbert Moss. 
J E Norwood. M H Park, E G Pleasant. G E 
Reese, M E Reese. W T Stembridire, M s 
Thomas. J H Thomason, R L Thompson, II R 
Wagestaff, R E Walker. T R Walker. E T 
Ward, R L Whitemore.. R P, Wilkinson. E F 
Willis, W M Winn. J H Wood, C J Wooten. 
H W Yancey 

Skipwith R F 1) — John T Bevell. R E Cutts. 
W S Gillispie, Elijah Gregory, Ludwell E Greg- 
ory, E B Jeffress, D H Eawson, T H McCargo. 
J Jordan Mason. Durrell Reamy, J A Reamy. 
W W Reamy, A M Richards, W I Sisemore, 
W J Smith 

SinJlax — 7 miles from R R: 12 miles from 
C IT; banking town. Boydton-— T J Allen. W H 
Babbitt. N A Coleman. D W Dunstan, R Dun- 
stan. A Eppes, James Jones, Robert Jones. J 
H Satterwhite, J H Tanner. Robert Tanner, 
W O Tanner. W M Tanner 

Soudan — Population 25; on So R R; 16 miles 
from C II; banking town, Clarksville— J A 

Marrow. Thos Wilson. J A Wimbish 

South Hill — Population 73 2; on So Ry; 12 
miles from C H; a banking town — T V An- 
drews. W E Andrews, I) B B/dl, J T Brooks. 
O T Brooks, o P Brown, Thos A Bryson, N 
r Bugg, J E Rutterworth, W 11 Butterworth. 

SA 11 XI! i BTI &f PI ^ 1 R 1 5 t\ f% Published by 


Directory and Almanac Pubhshejs 

Mutual Ruildi 



ress to 






122-130 W.Tabb St. PETERSBURG, VA. 

oee Ad. opposite Gen eral Index, page 7. 


A J Callis, R H Clayton, James A Copley, Wm 
H Crowd er, B F Currin, R E Daniel] T D 
Elam, J J Ellis, Herbert Gee, J M Gee, W F 
Gee, Alex Griffith, C R Hamlet Jr, II C Ham- 
let, H 1 Harris, R E Hawthorne, J H High- 
tower, A J Hite, J A Holmes, J F Hubbard, T 
J Jackson, W A Jones, E D Lambert, W G 
Lambert, S E Leet, W McAden, Branch Ma- 
thews, J H Maynard, 13 H Xorthington, Otto 
Paetz, W T Pennington, Mack Pritchett, B E 
Pulley, T A Pulley, T E Rainey, Sterling 
Reekes, W T Ridout, J J Ryland, L O Ey- 
land, W A Sculthrop, J H Simmons. J G Smith, 
Leon Smith, J E Thompson, S S Thompson, W 
W Thompson, I M Vaughn, J M Walker, J H 
Wall, J J Warren, B T Wortman, J B Wat- 
son, R M Wright, R E Yancey 

South Hill It F 1) — M A Copley, G C Creedle, 
J G Elam, R A Elam, J R Garland, J W Har- 
ris, C D Hudson, J R Kiuton. J T Martin, E H 
Mitchell, W A Perkinson, R Priest, J O Ry- 
land, L O Ryland. W H Ryland, H B Smith, 
W J D Walker 

Stony Cross— Population 5: 2V 2 miles from 
R R; 6 miles from C H; banking town, Boyd- 
ton — H S Edmondson, J W Edmonson, J W 
Edmondson Jr, L F Gwathney, S S Purryor, 

Union Level — Population 30; on So R R; 
10 miles from C H; a banking town — Isaac 
W Cleaton, L J Crow, W J Davis, W R Doetch, 
W L Eubank T H Evan?, W .J Evans, A H 
Ferguson. Jr, T A Gayle, S P Gwathrney, T R 
Gwathney, W O Gwathney, L H Hayes, Geo 
C Herndon, B O Johnson, C P Jones, Hunter 
Marrow, C H Pattillo, E L Petty, J J Ryland, 
W H Simmons, H T .Thompson, J P Thomp- 
son, R F Trimma, S L Tucker, C L Wells, Jno 
W Wells, Madison R Wells, R C Wells 

Union Level R F D — W H Creedle, A H Fer- | 
guson, J H Gwathney, W J Xewman, A D 
Piercy, P F Smith, G B Wells, Jack Wells, 
Z T Wells 

Wightman — Population 10; 7y 2 miles from 
R R; 12 miles from C H; banking town, Boyd- 
ton — C E Blanch. J O Bowers, W S Brown, 
P C Claiborne, P G Claiborne, H L Colley, A 
B Cox, C H Cox, H W Cox, J R Crenshaw. A 
D Crow, C L Crow, J W Crow, G W Crowder, 
I II Crowder, R M Crowder, A F Prumwright, ' 
F L Drumwright, H Drumwright, S T Erazier, ; 
Thos Gregory, J Harrell, W H Harrell, C II ■ 
Hayes. George Hayes, T J Hightower. Ned i 
Hutcherson, Benjamin Johnson, C J Johnson, ; 
M E Johnson. W H Jones. R M Moore, H W j 
Nash, I) A Piercy, J E Powell, J E Powell Jr. 
H G Puryear, J A Puryear, W X Puryear, J D 
Ramsay, T II Ramsay, R H Roberts, T F Rob- | 
ertson, C M Rolfe, S Salley, A S Srnith^on, G 
B Smithson, G Taylor, It S Taylor, .» R Tar- 
her, J R WALKER, E C Wells, J T Wells, A 
J Wilmouth, J .1 Wilmouth, J J Yancey 

lesex County 

White, $1,010,- 
-White, $424,- 

colored. 1 .1 
miles, 13G. 

Value of real estate, 1 916— 
76S; colored, $280,121. Total 

Value of personal property 
515; colored, $105,381. Total, 

Income — $100. 

Population, 1916 — S.852. 

Number voters — White, 1,13s: 

Area — Acres 81,115; square 

County Seat — Saluda. 

Middlesex, in tidewater Virginia was formed 
from Lancaster in 1672. it lies between the 
Rappahannock and Piankataaic river.-;, with 
the Chesapeake bay on the east, and is 35 
miles long, with an average width of 6 miles. 
The lands arc very fertile and are 
rapidly improved. Crops of corn, wheat, oats 
and hay are raised in many parts of the 
county in great Quantity, some farms produc- 
ing as much clover hay per acre as any in the 
State. Oysters and fish abound, the trade in 
them being very large. Ther- is daily com- 
munication by steamers with Ealtimore, Fr< d- 
ericsburg and Norfolk, and d.Yiy mails to ev- 
ery portion of the county. Telephone lines 
connect with West Point. In the lower part 
of the county the trucking business is large 
and profitable. A large percentage of the 
roads have been improved under the direc- 
tion of the State Highway Commissioner and 
this county has some of the best sand-clay 
roads in the State. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
Tuesday after fourth Monday in January, 
March, May, July, September and November 

Judge — Claggett B Jones. Bruington 
Clerk — C W Eastman. Saluda 

Comity Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — W D Evans, Sa- 

Sheriff — R B Segar, Saluda 
Treasurer — W W Pitt, Locust Hill 
Surveyor — R L Blake. Harmony Village 
Superintendent of Poor — J II Bray, Warner 
Superintendent of Schools — E C Percifull. 

Commissioners of Revenue — J W Stiff, 

W B Covington, Streets; A.L Jones, Urban - 
na: M P Grinels, Wake 

Talmage Graham, Am burg 

E C Percifull, Nesting 1 ; J 11 Harwood, Sa- 
luda; S E Richardson, Urbaiyia; .1 H Didlake, 
Locust Hill; F W Scott, Deltaville: A W Stiff. 
Wake; J w Bennett, Harmony Village 



Your most progressive mer- 
chants. Hit pays them it will 
pay you. Consult us. 


a y L^ati'-J 

Trade-Marks and Copyrights secured. Patent and 
Trade-Mark matters are properly prosecuted to insure 

rwfcJ™? Pr .? t ff t i Ml « 3nd ' eM are reasonable. 

Correspondence solicited. 


Washington Loan and Trust Bldfi., Washington D C 



Board of Health 
Dr A B Ewums, Qhurch View; Dr W R 
Gwathmey, Ruark; H F Hoskins, Saluda 

Agricultural Implements 

Bristow M A, Locust Hill 

Clements C L, Saluda 

Marchant C D Dr, Harmony Village 

Mercer C W, Syringa 

Steward J D, Warner 

Watkins S H, Nesting 

Attorneys at Law 

Evans W D, Saluda 
Ryland W H a Urbana 
Saunders Jno R, Saluda 



♦Banks Robt, Saluda 
Boyd 'Moses, Healys 
Burrell Jno H« Lot 
Calendar It, Nesting 
Collier James H, Lot 
* Fields Henry, Samos 
Healy J E, Church View 
Johnson T J, Syringa 
Miller W J, Nohead 
*Wormley Richd, Samos 
*Wyatt. C C, Wake 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Archibald J H & Son, Saluda 
Chapman Thos J, Wake 
Clements R H. Saluda 
Edwards Chas F, Saluda 
Fells Percy W, Topping 
Figgs J T. Church View 
Garland R E, Topping 
Garrett L S, Church View 
Haynes Crawley, Warner 
Lambert J L, Samos 
Mercer Clarence W, Springs 
Rilee S R, Urbanna 

Boarding; Houses 

Baker Richd Mrs, Locklies 
Lawson F, Butylo 
Wilson J C, Topping 


Rappahannock Bottling Works, Lot 

Bridge Builders 

Wagenen L B, Urbanna 


Daniel J W. Amburg 
Daniel Packing Co, Amburg 
Grinds M P, Wake 
Hart & Fleet. Bushy 
Bart & French, Lot 
Hurley J Walter. Urbanna 
Lawson & S^gar, Locklies 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers 

Gar Ian d R E, Topping 


Baptist, Butylo 
Baptist, Church View 
Baptist, Harmony Village 
^Baptist, Locust Hill 
Baptist, Saluda 
Baptist, Samos 
Baptist, Wake 
Episcopal, Lot 
Methodist, Lot 
Methodist, Saluda 
Methodist, Warner 

Coal and Wood 

Smith Bros, Urbanna 


Bonner T M, Urbanna 

Contractors and Builders 

Blake G H, Lot 

Blake It Y, Locust Hill 

Butler G J, Wake 

Hanson A N, Lot 

Hart W H, Lot 

Lawson C M, Locklies 

Parks W H, Lot 

Payne J A, Wilton 

Revere M W. Wake 

Schools R S, Saluda 

Thrift P E & Bros, Samos 


Hart B F Jr, Lot 
Marchant H L. Healys 
Moody A L, Church View 
Walton A It, Nohead 


Hundley Peyton, Saluda 


Deale & Smither, Saluda 
Richardson S E. Urbanna 

Dry Goods 

Tignor L L. Urbanna 


Erdman C W F, Wake 


Fells P W, Harmony Village 
Jones T A, Saluda 

General Stores 

Adams B C, Bushy 

Ailswortn Robt W, Warner 
Bayton R if, Amburg 
Bcazley Walter (I, Saluda 
Bland T It, Jamaica * 

Bristow R S, Urbanna 

Mutual RLHrdinsc. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mailing and Addressing 
Circulars a Specialty. 


CAPITAL, $200,000.00. 

rfi 1 LIOULKU, V A. 

The Rural Route Makes You Our Neigh- 
bor. Rank With Us by Mail. 

Your Account Shall Have Individual 



Bristow % C, Church View 

Brown J H, Renilik 

JilHCII K A & SON, Samos 

Callis T C, Deitaville 

Carneal A It, Urbanna 

CHOWMXG \V B, Wilton 

CLARK Y D, Syringa 

CLARICE J C & SOX, Regent 

COLLIE J Q, Xohead 

Daniel G W, Am burg 

Daniel J H. Bay Port 

1) AM EL J WILLIAM, Topping 

Deale & Smither, Saluda 

Dunn R L, Samos 

Eastman Geo W, Stormont 

Evans & Evans. Water View 

Fears J C, Cooper 

Ferguson J H. Water View 


Gemmill Thos H, Amburg- 

Graham J W. Deitaville 

Gikiels James G, Grinels 

Grinels M P, Bushy 


Harper L F vSL- Co. L'rbanna 

Harrow Geo XV, Deitaville 

Harrow Jerry, Deitaville 

HART E W, Wake 

HART J N, Lot 

Hibble E C & Pro, Syringa 

HUGHES J F, Streets 

Hundley C E Mrs, Amburg 

Jackson M A, Deitaville 

Jarvis K F & Son, Locust Hill 

Jones Mattie E Airs, Saluda 

Jordan J H, Saluda 

Keiningham E L, Bushy 

Kerr H W, Stormont 

LAWSOX F & CO, Bntylo 

LAWSOX THOMAS Y, Harmony Village 

LeCompt W N & Co, Stampers 

JMarston J T, Urbanna 

Moore Saml J, Deitaville 

Xeale & Smither, Saluda 

Xorris Squire R, Locust Hill 

Parker G M & Pro, Water View 

RICHARDSON J S, Church View 

Richwine J E, Urbanna 

KEG AR A E & CO. Locklies 


Spencer H R, Water View 

Spencer J & Co. Saluda 

Stiff H S & Bro, Lot 

Taylor C p] &- Co, Urbanna 

Torvill Richard M, Amburg 

Townsend C C, Urbanna 

Wake B B, Wake 

Walden H *M- Pro, Jamaica 

Walter M It, Locust Hill 

Williams J H. Dot 

Yarrington T E, Warner 

Yates Jno C, Deitaville 



Dunn A J. Warner 

■ Koegel George P, Jamaica 
! Taylor Gordon F, Prbanna 
Yarrington L p Mrs, Streets 

Harness and Saddlery 

I Ashberry Jesse, Saluda 
! Clements C L, Saluda 


| Fitzhugh William C, Urbanna 
j March ant A B t Saluda 
' Nelson D M, Remlik 

Webb J H, Urbanna 


Ice Manufacturers 

| Middlesex Mfg & Mercantile Corp, Urbanm 

Insurance Agents 
i Collie J Q, Nohead 
Folliard F P. Samos 
, Haywood L E, Nesting 
: Saunders Jno A, Saluda 
; Segar A E, Locklies 
: Smith E J, Saluda 

Live Stock Dealers 

! Blake J D Dr, Wilton 
! Bristow M A, Locust Hill 
! Gardner James, Nesting 
I Marchant H L, Healys 

Northam G R, Church View 


Lumber Dealers 

Blake R E, Syringa 
i Bland R H, Nesting 
I Bristow M A, Locust Hill 
j Burch E A & Son, Samos 
j Davis R A, Urbanna 

Jones T A, Saluda 

Lamberth M B & Pro. Church View 

Lee J W, Church View 

Marchant A P, Saluda 

Marchant <SL- Apsley, Harmony Vilage 
I Moody W W, Healys 

Northam G It. Church View 

Pitts J H, Saluda 

Sadler J E, Butylo 

Stubbs B H, Saluda 

W r ood P L, Lot 

Marine Railways 

Southside Marine Railway <^- Supply Co, l'r- 

Boyd Mary S Mrs. Water View 
Walden S E Mrs, Warner 

Mill> — Corn and Flour 
Blake J D Dr. Wilton 
Card well J L. Samos 
Clark J. Syringa 
Mealy W L. Healys 
Milliard F L, Church View* 
Milliard H \\ Streets 



flutual Building, 

Can Furnish You^ ^[^^ \ fef 
Try Them 

• anv kind of 

Richmond, Virginia 


Life Insurance Company of Virginia OIDF | 






Lawson J T, Locust Hill 
Taylor Geo, Jamaica 

Mills — Saw 

Powden T B, Saluda 

Bristows B T, Warner 

Burch E A, Samos 

Cardwell T L, Samos 

Grimmell J W. Wilton 

Jones T A, Saluda 

Marohant <Sc Apsley, Harmony Village 

Northern G R, Church View 

Pitts J H, Saluda 

Stubbs R H, Warner 


Chapman T J, Wake 

Newspapers and Editors 

Southside Sentinel, Urbanna, Walter 
land editor 

Overall Manufacturers 

Standard Overall Co, Brbanna 


Ailsworth J E, Warner 
Ashberry Jesse, Saluda 
Miller J C, Xohead 
Montague T C. Samos 


Carleton B E, Butylo 

Christian Charles C, Urbanna 

Button Benj B, Bot 

Evans A Brown, Church View 

Gwathmey Win B. Ruark 

Hoskins Horace, Saluda 

Jones William P, Urbanna 

Marchant Charles D, Harmony Village 

Palmer A C, Urbanna 


Archibald J H & Son, Saluda 
Ball Granville H. Saluda 
Ball J H. Saluda 
Byland Walter H. Urbanna 

H By- 


Sleif A W. Wake 

Real Estate Agents 
Baniel J W. Nohead 


Clements C B. Saluda 
Mercer C W. Syringa 
Shackelford W Y, Saluda 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Ward Hurvey, Saluda 


Amburg — Population 25; 2 miles from 
Chesapeake Bay; IS miles from C H; banking- 
town, Saluda — C B Ailsworth. J W Barrack. 
J H Bayton, R H Bayton. J Blake. P W 
Blake, Thos Burrell, J H Campbell. A Con- 
diff. A Creighton, J P Crittenden, J T Crit- 
tenden, A Cundiff, E B Gemmill. J W Gem- 
mill. T H Gemmill. B M Clem. E B GrimmeJ 

Chas Grinds, J Grinds, G B Hardy, .] Hardy, 
S R Jackson. J Johnson, B .Morris, J A 
Payne, L T Purcell, C B Selby, F P Selby, 
Chas Thurston, F B Topping Jr, R M Tow- 
ell. W H Wake, C H Walker Jr 

Bushy — Population 25; on Ra ppahannoek 
river; 16 miles from C H; banking town, Ur- 
banna — B D Chowning. P u Chowning. J W 
Chowning, C W F Brdmon. II A French. G 
F Garland, H R Garland. R C Garland' P 
K Garnett, F H Hitchcock, R T Hurley] B 
B Kinningham, T J Lewis, J C Mercer Jr. B 
R Parks, R C Parker. A B Stiff, J C Stiff, M 
W Tinsley 

Butylo — Population 10; 1% miles from riv- 
er; 4 miles from C H; banking town. Urban- 
na — John Byrd, W F Daniel, R L Bidlake. 
A R Evans, McT) Evans, M B Evans, M D 
Evans, \V L Evans, Eddie Hundley, H A John- 
son, \Y W Jordon, F Lawson, Eddie ByelJ. 
John R Lyell. W B By ell, J H Marshall, C A 
Moody, Eddie New. D M Newbill, O A Saun- 
ders, P D Taylor 

Chcaden — Population 10; 2 miles from riv- 
er; 7 miles from C H; banking town. Urban- 
na — B F Ashburn, A S Bristow, W L Healy. 
Chas B Blewellen, W W Moody, O E Smith, 
C R Taylor 

Church View — Population 40; 7% miles 
from R R; 8 miles from C H; banking town. 
Urbanna — W C Billip, Z C Bristow. F M Car- 
ter, M T Dunn, Wesley Ennis, Dr A B Evans. 
W G Hart, J O Heaiey, J VV Lee. C D Milby, 
A B Moody, J R Moore, M A Moore, G R 
Northam, B S Richardson, J S Richardson, P 
B Richardson. C W Smither. Joe Smither, T 
S Smither?. J D Stewart, R E Thrift 

Cooper — Population 10; on Rappahannock 
river; 6 miles from C H; banking town. Ur- 
banna — E C Cross, P A Didlake, J C Fears, 
Jos Fears, R F Jarvis, A B Jones, C E Tay- 

Delta vi lie — Population 75; on Chesapeake 
Bay; 20 miles from C H; banking town, Ur- 
banna — D B Ailsworth, M R Ailsworth, A H 
Bratton, E W Bristow, A W Carter, J H 
Christopher, Z Clayville, B J Cornelius, J B 
Cornelius, S W Daniel, E W Beagle. R C 
Denmead. J A Douglass, W R Evans, R B 
Fox, J H Graham. A W Harrow, G W Har- 
row, J B Harrow, R C Harrow, W W Har- 
row, J T Bart, R If Hart. J <' Thud, W B 
Hurley, J A Jackson, J P Jackson, J R Jack- 
son, T T Jackson, W B Jackson. E A .lames. G 
D Kellum, B D Kelly, J R Lumpkin. E J 
Moflitt. E D Moore, W B Moon-. F II Norris. 
J VV Norris, Janies Norris, J H Norton. W -H 
Norton. J D Pannell, L M Riley. T A Saun- 
ders, F W Scott, G II Sh reaves, D A Taylor, 
E A Taylor, I H Thomas, T T Trcssler, W B 
Vaughan, P B White N G Wilson, G L Wrierht. 
Jno Wright, Thos Wright, C W Veates, K C 


V? That is the motto 

satisfy Yoiir Customer' 

RECTORY CO., Inc., in all their Multigraph and Addressing Work. 

Try us. 

L A. ROBINSON, D. V. M. Uai ™y s »^°" «■< *** 

214 BOLLINGBROOK. Phone; Office, 319; Residence, 3404 I freai ti)Q VaiiOHS DiseaSCS of AH DlMlb Animals 



Harmony Village — Population 20; 2 x /> miles 
from rivet- 7 H miles from C H; banking- town, 
Urbanna — L C Apsley, R B Harris, R T Hum- 
phries, C S Ison, T G Lawson, J C Major, C 
1) Marcbant, E B Revere, J T Robinson, A W 
Slaughter, J P Slaug-hter, O E Smith, R W 
Sutherlin, F Walker 

Healys — Population 40; 2 x /-> miles from riv- I 
er; 8 miles from C H; banking- town, Saluda j 
— W L Healy, H L Marchant, *J I) Reed, Wm ; 
Segar, *R W Sutherlin, C E Taylor — Population 10; 2 miles from riv- \ 
er; 3 miles from C H; banking town, Urban- j 
na — B C Adams, J F Daniel.. W M Dunlevy, J 
R Ferneyhough, C M Lawson, W H Lawson, j 
E T Mason, J W Mason, W J Mason. H Mer- 
eei, J R Mercer, J R Parks, E H Prince, A E \ 
Segar, J Segar, J R Segar, G C Stiff, J W i 
Stiff, T B Stiff, T J Stiff 

Ijoctist Hill — Population 10; 3 miles from 1 
river; 5 miles from C H; banking town, Ur- j 
banna — 3 H Blake, R Y Blake, Floyd Bris- j 
tow, M A Bristow, J H Didlake, Ed Eyre, j 
J C Fears, M Graves, P B Hall, R F Jarris, 
Jim Lawson, W T Littlepage, E S- Maury, R 
M Montague, ' S R Norris, W W Pitt. R S 
Robinson, G H Robinson, Holland Sibley, M 
B Sibley, R F Sibley, C R Trevilian 

Lot — Population 40; 2 miles from river; 11 
miles from C H; banking- town, Urbanna— 
W B Ames, James Dillon, Dr B B Button, E T 
French. W B French. Addison Hall. B F Hart 

Jr, L S M MeXamar, C 
L Wood 

H Palmer, Bernard 

Nesting — Population 10; 2 miles from river; 
12 miles from C H; banking town, Urbanna 
— R H Bland, James Gardner, C H Haywood, 
Jno Hines, J B Lamax, Chas Morris, Geo 
Morris, G A Newbill, E C Perciful, D Somers, 
J G Tuck 

Regent — Population 10; on Rappahannock 
river; 12 miles from C H; banking town. 
Urbanna — D H Baker, W E Baker, J C Clarke, 
J W Davis, W J French, H W Garland, A W 
Miller, B W Miller, G T B Miller, L F Parker, 
Jno T Wood 

Saluda (C H) — Population 150; 5 miles 
from river; banking- town, Urbanna- — C H An- 
derton, Geo Beazley, J E Blakey, J E Blakey Jr 
R T Brooks, E E Punaway. W W Evans. J H I 
George, A C Groom, C G Gray, J C Gray, J j 
W Harwood, W J Harwood, W L Haydon, M L I 
Hewitt, J II Pitts, J R Saunders, W Y Shack- i 
leford, J M Street. Mrs R H Woodward 

C H; banking town, Urbanna -Willie Mon- 
tague, Willie Segar 

Streets — Population 10; 2 miles from rivei ; 
6 miles from C H; banking town, Urbanna 
—J E Bray, M M Bray, A VV Buroh, Atwell 
Burch, J R Burch, R W Burch, J Holt Car- 
ter, R B Covington, W B Covington, James 
Davis, J H Ferguson, Geo P Fitchett, T P 
Groome, J R Hazlewood, Jno Hazlewood, \ 
W Plughes, J F Hughes, YV P Muire, Win 
Muire, C T Nelson, Fred Thrift, A C Trice, 
L B Y/arrington, R T Yarrington 

Syringa — Population 25; 5 miles from riv- 
er; 10 miles from C H; banking town, Fr- 
banna— T D Blake, J F Daniel, W J French. 
H W Garland, G H Hall, J W Mears, C 
W Mercer, W D Sibley, G H Walker, Geo F 
Walker, James A Wood 

Topping — Population 25; on Rappahannock. 
river; d miles from C H; banking town, Ur- 
banna — P W Fells, Harry Jackson, R H Mc- 
Gee, J C Robinson. A R Williams 

Urbanna — Population 4 75; on Rappahan- 
nock river; 4 miles from C H; a banking 
town- Jno D Barrick, M Brown, R PI Bur- 
ton, C C Caton, W C Fitzhugh, R W Frank- 
lin, X W French, Ashby Gale, L H Grindrum. 
M P Grinds, B Hall. M Hart, R T Hurley, 
A L Jones, I C Mercer. Willie Montague. Geo 
W Revere, J W Revere, M W Revere, W H 
Revere. J A Sadler, W B Sadler, Willie S - 
R G Smith, Jno M Snead, A W Stiff, C A 
ior, M W Tinsley, % T Townsend, G W Walker 

Wake — Population 25; 14 miles east of C 
H; banking town, Urbanna — T J Butler, W H 
Butler, F L Fleet, X W French, T R French. 
M P Grinds. R L Towne 

Warner — Population 1 8 ; t> miles from river; 
314 miles from C H; banking town. Urbanna 
— G W Ailsworth, R W Ailsworth. R II Arm- 
strong, R P Armstrong. H T Armstrong M H 
Belknap, J H Bray, R m Bray, T E Bray. R 
T Bristow, R H Haley. W H Haley. J W John- 
son, W C Johnston, L O Major, W T Rob- 
ins, J D Steward, T C Stewart, W H Stew- 
ard, S E Walden, J O Yarrington 

Water View — Population 10; 1 mile from 
Rappahannock river; 9 miles from C 11: 
banking town, Urbanna— -J W Brock. G W 
Crockett, W II Bewick, T B Evans, J W Fox- 
well, C R Parker, B C Percival, A C Powell. 
A L Powell 

T ' , ,. >>r ..,.,, ., , - Wilton — Population 20; 1-1 miles from C H; 

Samos-Population 20; 2 V 2 miles from riv- 1 banfc Frbanna-Pr J D Blake, J P 

er; 8 miles from C H; banking town rban- , I;]ake ^^ chiseley. W B Chownin*, C 

l^n \ < -n f, t r" n re v ' Payne ' C W Payne ' Cleveland Payne. J A 

II Colly JrGC Davis 1 L Dunn, G C Me- | R R pr H R R 

Kann, R H McKann, T L Marshall ; Chag Selbyj , ( , t . Wak( , Ty ^ r Wake w T 

Stormont — Population 10; 2 miles east of Wake. J D White, .1 B Wolfe, F Wood 



:_ /, 1 


808- 810 BERMUDA 

y. .- 


Boom on Now. Gome on quick- 

%/fll ®« MoSt P ro £ ressiv e iown of size 
f W Pb i n South. Great Buikimo 
-big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Montgomery County 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $2,616,- 
482; colored, $88,173. Total, £2,704,655 

Value of personal property— White, $1,773,- 
)79; colored, $27,171. Total, $1,800,250. 

Income — $58,982.00. 

Population, 1916 — 17,268. 

Number voters — White, 4,617; colored, 415. 

Area — Acres, 209,26 9; square miles, 389. 

County Seat — Christiansburg. 

Montgomery was formed m 17 76. Craig 
county bounds it on the north, Floyd on the 
south, Roanoke on the east, and Giles and 
Pulaski on the west. Much of the county is 
nountainous. but that portion susceptible of 
:ultivation is very rich and productive and 
-ields fine crops of corn, oats, wheat, the veg- 
•tables, and the dairy and orchard products. 

The county is watered by the Xew river and 
:he headwaters of the Roanoke and traversed 
ay the Norfolk and Western and Virginian 
ail roads, which furnish transportation to the 
narkets of the world. 

Blackburg, a prosperous and healthy town, 
3 the seat of the Virginia Polytechnic Insti- 
ue, which has been endowed by the General 
Jovernment by liberal donations of public 
ands, and is the recipient annually of a muni- 
icent appropriation by the government of the 
fate. Radford, on the Norfolk & Western 
ailroad, is a thriving town and it contains sev- 
ral large manufacturing establishments. The 
machine shops of the Norfolk and Western 
ailroad are situated there. The minerals 
ound in the county are iron ore (brown 
ematite), copper pyrites, gold in gravel, lead 
re, coal and millstone. There are several 
lineral springs in the county, the principle of 
'hich are the Montgomery White, the Yellow 
ulphur, and the Alleghany Springs. 


The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
ebruary 5th, and 1st day of May, July, Octo- 
er and December. 

Judge W W Moffett, Salem 

Clerk — Geo W Wilson, Christiansburg 

County <>fncei*s 

Commonwealth's Attorney — R I Roop, Chris- 

Sheriff — W I) Martin. Elliston 

Treasurer — Charles W Surface, Christians- 

Surveyor — W F Wall, Blacksburg 

Coi-oner — W W Rangeley. Christiansburg 

Superintendent of Poor — S M Scaggs, Cam- 

ia R F I) No 2 

Superintendent of Schools— Jno H Stephens, 

Commissioners of Revenue- — F M Weddle, 
nnbria R F D Xo 2: Jas C Brown, Cambria: 

D K Lucas (chairman). Fast Radford; C S 
Pnce, Blacksburg; Wm E Oliver, Elliston 
and H C Gray, Pilot 


W S Spangler, Christiansburg; R n Gra- 
ham, Alleghany Springs, and H W H Akers 


Wm. C Flagg, Christiansburg; H Harman, 
dickers Switch: D M Altizer, Cambria; T H 
Smith, Snowville; N Gibson, Riner; C W 
Scaggs, Riner; S E Bowers, Barham; SN Gar- 
nand, Rogers; Joseph Smith, Christiansburg 
R F D No 2; F J Kirkwood, Elliston; J G 
Atkinson, Alleghany Springs; G C Otey 
Blacksburg R F D No 2; W R Cary. Blacks- 
burg; W R Stanyer. Blacksburg, and W E 
Smith, Blacksburg R F D No 2 

Board of Health 

D Iv Lucas (chairman), Radford R F D; Dr 
W H Edmondson, Christiansburg; Dr P B 
Elliott, Blacksburg; Dr W W Rangeley, Chris- 

Agricultural Implements 

Central Hardware Co, East Radford 
KIPPS & CHARLTON. Christiansburg 

Lester, Henderson & Black Inc, Blacksburg 
Milling & Supply Co, PJlaoksbur- 
Williamson Produce Co, Cambria 

Attorneys at Law 

Calaway & Dunlap, Blacksburg 
Cassell Geo E, East Radford 
Crush Chas W, Christiansburg 
Ellett Guy F, Christnansburg 

EUett Guy F, Christiansburg 
Gardner R L, Radford 
Harless & Calhoun, Christiansburg 
Jordan R L, East Radford 
Jordan & Roop, Christiansburg 
Langley & Jordan, Radford 
Phlegar H G, Christiansburg 
Pierce Walter M. Cbristiansburg 
Tompkins M H, Christiansburg 
Tyler H C, East Radford 
Wilson G W, Christiansburg 
Wysor & Gardner, Radford 
Wysor & Wysor. Radford 


Martin-Roberts Auto Co, East Radford 

Auto Supplies. 

Automobile Supply Co, Blacksburg 

Bakers « 

Mitchell Dan, Christiansburg 
Radford Bakery Co, Fast Radford 



E if 

IGC0.,Inc. HEATING and 

9 North Seventh Street, 
Richmond, Va. 

C* F 



PHONE 176 







ham; of 




Farmers <£ 
First National Bank, 
feast Radford 

Radford State Bank In 

BBACliSBURG, Blacksburg 

RIMOB INC', Riner 
S I ! A \VS VI I J jE, Shawsville 
BANK, Cambria 

Merchants Bank, East Radford 



c, Radford 


Bricker W E, East Radford 

City Barber Shop, Christiansburg 

Cupp R L, Blacksburg 

Duncon Verlie, Layman 

Flynn C F, East Radford 

Martin V W, Rogers 

♦Pate Thos W, Christiansburg 

Rohr Geo J, Christ iansbug 

Rohr W A, Cambria 

♦Warren Jno, Blacksburg 

Whitlock Roy, Riner 

Billiard and Pool Parlors 
Johnson W & Co, Radford 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Booth J H, Cambria 

Feathers J F, Riner 

Jones Thus C, Rogers 

Lucas S J, Christiansburg 

Mabry I F, East Radford 

Mayberry C C, Christiansburg 

Mitchell & Lucas, Cambria 

Myers W R, Christiansburg 

O' Bryan Geo W, Cambria 

Popovitch Louis, East Radford 

Price C L, Blacksburg 

Price H L, Blacksburg R F D 

Price & Vaught, Blacksburg 

Reed J A, Shawsville 

Smith Edna, Layman 

Snider & Clemens, Blacksburg R F D 

Boarding: Houses 

Anderson H P Mrs., East Radford 
Barnett S C, Shawsville 
Caroll S J Mrs, Rogers 
Earles Henry Mrs. Christiansburg 
Fisher William. Layman 
Gibson W P Mrs, East Radford 
Kabrich M M, Blacksburg 
Lester J P Mrs, Cambria 
Montgomery Hall, Christiansburg 
Showalter James A, Shawsville 
Smith John M, Layman 
Wilson Lou Mrs, Cambria 

Booksellers and Stationers 

College Book Store, Blacksburg 


Christiansburg Bottling Works, Christians- 

Brokers — Merchandise 

Bird James D, East Radford 

Building Materials 

Luster, Henderson & Black, Blacksburg 

Butchers and Meat Markets 

Hawley D B, Christiansburg 


Bolton F D, Christiansburg 
Floyd Packing Co.. Christiansburg 
Foutz A P & G W, Ironto 
Gearhart & Winfrey. Rogers 
Keister A T, Blacksburg 
Palmer F A, Rogers 
Thomas Bros, Lafayette 
Thomas F B. Elliston 


Baptist, Blacksburg 
Baptist, Cambria 
Baptist, Christiansburg 
Baptist, East Radford 
Baptist, Elliston 
Baptist, Harless 
Baptist, McCoy 
Baptist, Riner 
Baptist, Riner 
Christian, Layman 
Christian. McCoy 
Episcopal, Blacksburg 
Episcopal. Christiansburg 
Episcopal, East Radford 
Lutheran. Blacksburg 
Methodist, Blacksburg 
Methodist, Cambria 
Mehodist, Childress 
Methodist, Christiansburg 
Methodist, East Radford 
Methodist, Elliston 
Methodist, Pilot 
Methodist, Riner 
Methodist. Shawsville 
Presbyterian, Blacksburg 
Presbyterian. Christiansburg 
Presbyterian, East Radford 
Presbyterian. Shawsville 
Union. Bogers 

Cigars and Tobacco 
Rohr G J. Christiansburg 

Wade N J, Radford 

Copenhaver L M. East Radford 
Lane A M, East Radford 
Radford Clothing Co, Radford 
Wool wine J H. Blacksburg 

Coal and Wood 
Christiansburg Fuel Co, Christiansburg 

Call as SY I F* AMD WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 


See Our Adv. in Buyers Guide 

is y mi§ 



Phono 320 




Standard Supply Co, Cambria 

Virginia Iron, Coal & Coke Co, Radford 


COLLEGE, Blaeksburg (see p 6a) 

WOMEN, J P McCoimell pres, East Rad- 

Contractors and Builders 

Central Lumber Co, East Radford — 
Goodwin E E, Lafayette 
Gray W W, Blaeksburg 
Ingles & Shelborne, Radford 
Lawrence L L, Riner 
Lorton W D, East Radford - 
Martin R E, Riner 
Miller Morris C, Christiansburg 
Moore T G, Cambria 
Stump J T, East Radford >. 
Vaughan Construction Co of West Virginia. 

Vaugban J L & Co, Shawsville 
Wright Sk Nye Bros, Radford - 


Rroomfield Henry, Cambria 

Eafcin Jno L, Blaeksburg 

.Tone? J W, Cambria 
Lester (xordon, Cambria 
Nolley J L. Riner 
Thompson Amos. Riner 
Williams H S, Cambria 


Barnitz D G, Christiansburg 
Crew J C. East Radford 
Crozier T W, Christiansburg 
Eheart F W, Blaeksburg 
Gardner J I, Shawsville 
Lester J B.. Christiansburg 
McElrath W W, East Radford 
Nye W P, Radford 


Cambria Drug Co, Cambria 
Carson R S, East Radford 
Earles Bros, Christiansburg 
Ellett W C Drug Co. Blaeksburg 
Johnson's Pharmacy. East Radford 
Kenley & Co. Pilot 
Lyle G W, Radford 

Radford Mercantile & Drug Co Inc. P:ast Rad- 
Thompson & Hagan Drug Co, Christiansburg 

Dry Goods and Notions 

Johnson Bros, Radford 

Mosby & Johnston Co, Christiansburg 

Rupe E M, Radford 

Khelton & Walters, Christiansburg 

Zirkle M W, Christian sbursr 

Electric Companies 
| Thompson-Luwton Electric Co, East Radford 

Electric Supplies 
Wright O B & Co, Christiansburg 


| Evans, Flanagan & Co, Christiansburg 
I Spindle & Surface, Christiansburg 

Furniture Dealers 

! Central Hardware, Radford 
! Einstein I L, East Radford 

Flanagan Furniture Co, Christiansburg 
I Gardner H E & Co, Shawsville 

Lawrence Furniture Co, Christiansburg 

Fnrniture Manufacturers 

Phoenix Furniture Corporation, Cambria 


Brown E M, Cambria 
; Cambria Garage, Cambria 

Dunlap Auto Co, Christiansburg 

Lawrence J L, Riner 
; Luster, Henderson & Black Inc, Blaeksburg 

Mooman O N, Elliston 
i Martin Roberts Auto Co.. East Radford 
| Sublett E D, Radford » 

General Stores 

; Akers Bros, Riner 

Albert E H & Co, Whitethorne 
I Altizer J M ; Griff 
j Altizer R E, Cambria 
| Anders John W & Co, McCoy 
! ATKINSON G E, Harless 
1 Atkinson Walter, Lavender 
| Baker K W, Cambria 
, Bandy J W, Christiansburg 
j Bargain Store, Blaeksburg 

Barringer W J H, Blaeksburg 

Barton W M, Radford 

Black A Co Inc, Blaeksburg 

Blaeksburg Mercantile Co, Blaeksburg 

Brown Bros. Blaeksburg 

Brown L T. Lafayette 

Butt J B, Lafayette 

Cambria Mercantile Co.. Cambria 

Central Mercantile Co, Kast Radford 

Childress & Ellis, Christiansburg 

Clower & Keister, Cambria 

Crawford R B, Vicar Switch R F D 

Creasy L B, Blaeksburg 

Creasy R H, East Radford 

Cupp A, Cambria 

Dickerson G W, Christiansburg R P D 

Dillon W A, Blaeksburg 

Doyle C T, Christiansburg R F D 

Driscoll W C, Cambria 
Dudley J L & Bros. Christiansburg R F D 

Elliott Fannie L Miss. Blaeksburg R P D 

Epperly J H & Co, Fast Rad(prd 

Galliam F E, Cambria 

Gallion S L. Cambria 




Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. Co. 

GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,728.19. 





GARDNER & DOOSJXG, Shawsville 

Garrett H ■ F, Elliston 
Gearhart H W, Iroiito 
Giles J R Mrs, Cambria 
Gross Oscar D ; Elliston 
Haley C F & Co, Christiansburg 
Hall & Co, Blacksburg 
Hawley F B, Radford 
Hawley J A.. Vicar Switch R F D 
IIETjVY J WADE, Blacksburg R F D 
Henderson H G & Bro, Blacksburg 1 
HEXSOX II B, Elliston 
Heslep A W, Elliston 
Hickok Robt E. Christiansburg 
Hill & McCraw. Radford 
Hoback N W, Allegha»y Springs 
HOI&AX1D Willi R, Cambria 
Iddings T T. Otey 
Jennings E l-\ Ho u chins 
Jewell O E, Otey 
Johnston H M ; Blacksburg 
Jones C E, Whitehorne 
Jones Mercantile Co, East Radford 
Keadie L D & CO, East Radford 
Keister Y B, Blacksburg 
KKXLTY & CO, Pilot 
Kissinger S E Mrs. Vicar Switch 
Lane J C. Christiansburg 
I- a v.- re nee C & Son. Riner 
Lawson J S. Radford 
Limeston Products Corp, Cambria 
Linkous Alex. Cambria 
Linkous F C & H M, Cambria 
Long Bros. Iron to 
Lybrook W M Co, Blacksburg 
Lynch & Jones, Cambria 
Lyon W B, Radford 

McCoy A J & Son, Blacksburg R F D 
McCOY J G & Co. McCoy 
McCoy R K, Blacksburg 
Martin J R. East Radford 
Martin Taylor Jr. East Radford 
Mercantile Exchange, Radford 
Miller Bros, Christiansburg 
Minnick C W, Shawsville 
Moore J E & Co. Christiansburg 
Moore T G, Cambria 
Mosby, Johnston Co, Christiansburg 
Moses A W, Cambria 
Moses J W & Co. Cambria 
Musselman G M, Shawsville 
Musser T T, East Radford 
Myers E A. Cambria 
Korthcross J H. Elliston 
Owens & Keister, Cambria 
Palmer H G. Rogers 
PALMER R A. Childress 
Pannell R M. Christiansburg 
Parrish J S. Shawsville 
* Pettis R M, Radford R F D 
Pettus B S, Harless 
Porterfield G A & Son. Vicar Switch 
Price G H, Cambria 
Price Mary T Mrs, Christiansburg 
Price R S, Whitehorne 

! Price S F Mrs, Christiansburg 

Price S W, Blacksburg 

Price W B, Blacksburg R F D 

Radford Cash Store, East Radford 
. Radford Mercantile & Drug Co, East Radford 

Reed Geo W, Radford 

Reed M W, Riner 
; Roberts W R & Co, East Radford 
; Rupe E M, Radford 

Shelton & Walters, Christiansburg 
j Sink C H, Alleghany Spring 
| Sisson G W, Otey, 

Sison J A, Shawsville 
j Smith & Sowder, Alleghany Spring 
; Spindle & Surface, Christiansburg 
;■ Stone W F, Cambria 

Surface G D, Riner 

Surface-Graham Grocery Co, Christianeburft 

Taylor J T, Shawsville 
. Thompson R K, Christiansburg 

Tinsley J W, East Radford 

Thompson R K. Christiansburg 

Thompson & Graham, Riner 

Vawter F E, Blacksburg RED 

Wainwright J E & Son. Christiansburg 

Walters Bros, Christiansburg 

WALTERS R C & SOX, Rogers 

Ward E \Y. East Radford 

Webb N H, Radford 

Wells A L, Lafayette 

West End Mercantile Corp, Radford 
, West End Co-Operative Store. East Radford 
j Willis W E, Christiansburg 
I Wilson A B, Cambria R F I) 

Wilson Elec, Cambria 


Altizer R E, Cambria 

Atkinson & Jewell, Alleghany Spring 

Baker K W, Cambria 

Bannister Geo A, Blacksburg 

Beard Rush, Layman * 

Beckleheimer M L, Pilot 

Bellers Geo W, East Radford 

*Bentley W T, Christiansburg 

Bibb E L, East Radford 

Cambria Mercantile Co, Cambria 

Cash Grocery & Produce Co, Christiansburg 

Cayton A R & Sons, East Radford 
j Clark J B, Christiansburg 

*Clark R L, East Radford 
I Davis C E Mrs, Pilot 
j *Dill Shipp, Cambria 
j Driscoe W C, Cambria 

Dudley Jacob W, East Radford 

East Cambria Grocery Co, Cambria 

Easter C M Mrs, Blacksburg 

Epperley R W, Radford 

Feathers J F, Riner 

Flagg W C & Co, Christiansburg 

Gardner W W, Lafayette 

Haley C F, Christiansburg 

Hall T W, Christiansburg * 

Harris W II. East Radford 

Henry W G, Radford 



BOWMAN." 618 East Main Street 

Phone Randolph 4587 


Representing all Atlantic, Trans-Atlantic and 

1 ; 
' "J 

rtJF" A !rL < iy§ T C*f% J 07 SHARP ST 





Hickok R E, Christiansburg 
Hill S, Radford 
Hite & McGhee, East Radford 
Houchins Virginia, Houchins 
Howard R L, Riner 
JENNINGS E F, Houchins 
Keadle L D & Co, East Radford 
Keister Y B, Blacksburg 
Lawson J S. Radford 
Linkous A P, Christianburg 
McCoy Bros, Blacksburg: 
McGhee D R, East Radford 
Martin J R, East Radford 
Mi n nick C W, Shawsville 
Mitchell Daniel, Christiansburg 
Moore I G, Cambria 
Morgan Ella Mrs, Radford 
Moses J & Co, Cambria 
Xoell T J Co, East Radford 
Nortbcross J H, Elliston 
Nunley I J, Christiansburg 
Rage & Son. Christiansburg 
Powers T B, Cambria 
Robinson & Kelly, East Radford 
ROwlett J S. East Radford 
Sisson J A, Shawsville 
Smith A J. East Radford 
Spindle & Surface. Christiansburg 
Stewart D- C & R L. East Radford 
Stuart S C H, Christiansburg 
Variety Store, East Radford 
Trade N J ; East Radford 
"Walters Bros. Christinnsburs' 
Williamson G S. East Radford 
"Williamson W TL East Radford 
Vorley J W Mrs, Radford ' 

G roccrs — Wl 10I esale 

Radford Grocery Co. East Radford 
Surface-Graham. Christiansburg 

Hardware Dealers 
Anderson & Borden. Blacksburg 
Banks N O, East Radford 
Cambria Hardware Co. Cambria 
Christiansburg Hardware Co, Christiansburg; 
Evans. Flanagan & Co, Christiansburg 
Fisher S J, East Radford 
Buster. Henderson & Black, Blacksburg 
Radford Hardware & Supply Co Inc, East 


! Cambria Hotel, Cambria 

; Central. Blacksburg 

! Christiansburg Hotel. Christiansburg 

! Crockett Springs Corporation, Crockett 

j Cummings F P, Christiansburg 

Banner F S, Elliston 
| East End Hotel, East Radford 
I East Radford Inn, East Radford 
! Hazelwood W E, Cambria R F D 
I Homestead, Blacksburg 
| Hotel Shere, Radford 
I Hotel Tutwiler, Blacksburg 
■ Hotel Virginia, Emporia 
| Bewellyn S J, Cambria 
; Mechan Robt, Elliston 
; Tutwiler Hotel, Blacksburg 
j Tutwiler J B, Blacksburg 
| Vest End Hotel, Radford 
, Winter P W, Blacksburg 

Ice Manufacturers 

I Blacksburg Milling & Supply Co, Blacksburg 
i Radford Ice Mfg Co, East Radford 
| Rigby Crystal Tee Plant, Cambria 

Insurance Agents 

; Christiansburg Ins Agency, Christiansburg 
j Eakin Jno L, Blacksburg 
\ Ellett Guy F, Christiansburg 

Fagg, Hard wick & Campbell. Blacksburg 
, Greear I J, Riner 
' Kearsley L P & Co, East Radford 

Ken de dine 'Warner, East Radford 
| Miller A W, Blacksburg 
; Mitchell G W, Christiansburg 
; Mitchell & Miller, Cambria 
: Olinger R L, Blacksburg R F D 

Pierce W L, Christiansburg 
j Shawsville Ins Co, Shawsville 
i Surface G T. Riner 
j Walters & Colhoun, Christiansbiu'g 
; Walters Geo M, Rogers 


Iron Founders 
j Lynchburg Foundry Co. Radford 
Virginia Iron, Coal & Coke Co, Radford 


j Spradlin Jno, Rogers 
V P I Steam Laundry, Blacksburg 

Harness and Saddlery 

Depp Thomas. Christiansburg 
Phlegar J P, Christiansburg 

Hay, Gin In and Feed 

Grayson E C, East Radford 
Rigby James & Son, Cambria. 
Rondabush & Thompson, Cambria 
Shelburne J W, Christiansburg 
Sprindlc & Surface, Christiansburg 


Alleghany Springs Hotel Co 

Lime Manufacturers 

Eureka "Lime Co, Vicar Switch 
Limestone Products Corp, Cambria R P D 

Lire Stock Dealers 

: Atkins C E, Blacksburg 

1 Atkinson G E, Harless 

! Childress .1 S. Christiansburg 

Childress V W & Son. Riner 
, Creasy, David, Laymen 
: Flanagan J W. Bast Radford ^ 

Flanagan W F, Christiansburg 

Richardson .1 W. Riner 



Surplus and Profits. 


(:ll!»eper„ v.v. 

4% -Savings DepartmenM^ 

ECellam Hospital, Inc. 





The Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and v*e want 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids over VO per cent, of the many hundreds 
of sufferers treated during the past IS yean. 



Ryan N W, Shawsville 
Shelburne J \Y, Christiansburg 
Surface C W, Christiansburg 
Taylor J B, Cambria 
Thompson Amos, Hiner 
Trolinger .1 J, Childress 
Vaughan .1 L, Shawsville 

Tiivery Stables 

Argabrite Bros, Biacksburg 
Ballinger O G, Christiansburg 
Bowles & Houston, Biacksburg 
Bowles & Co, Biacksburg 
Brown C C, East Radford 
Brown & Co, East Radford 
Bullard & Bullard, Radford 
Childress James S, Christiansburg 
Childress V W & Son, Riner 
Gardner & Doosing, Shawsville 
Hylton H W, Cambria 

Jjumber Dealers 

Central Lumber Co, East Radford 
Colhoun Tallant & Co, Christiansburg 
PEEP E A, Layman 

Floyd Lumber Co. Christiansburg 

Graham Morris. Houchins 

Harrison H L Tie & Lumber Co, East Rad 

Houchins Virginia, Houchins 
Luster, Henderson ^ Black Inc.- Biacksburg. 
Mountain Cove Lumber Co. Shawsville 
Rusk Creole Lumber Co. Cambria 
Shelton Sidney, Christiansburg 
Smith John, Layman 
Steele F E, Layman 
Turner D S, Cambria 
Waiters A N, Rogers 
Wilson W A & Sons Cambria 

Machinery Dealers 
KIPPS & CHARLTON, Christiansburg 


I X L Machine Wks, Cambria 

Marble Workers 

Altizer D M, Cambria 

Meat Markets 

City Cash Meat Market, Christiansburg 
Creggor & Son, Radford 
Greene M F & Co, Biacksburg 
Hawley D B, Christiansburg 
Trusler Walter, Cambria 
Weaver G F, East Radford 

Medicine Manufacturers 

Montague J Kyle & Sons. Christianbsurg 


Bradley M J Mrs.. East Bradford 
Crush M W Mrs, Christiansburg 
Day Emma H Miss, Christiansburg 

Dunlap S Mrs, Christiansburg 

New York .Millinery, Had ford 
Noell A V, East Radford 
Price R H Mrs, Biacksburg 

Mills — Cum and Flour 

Bales VV E, Lafayette 
Big Spring Mill Ltd, Ellisron 
Biacksburg Milling & Supply Co, Biacksburg 
Delp E A, Layman 
Kingrea S L, Cambria 
Linkous H B Mrs, Cambria 
Milling & Supply Co, Black?bure 
Molley J L, Christiansburg 
Palmer W B, Childress 
Poff M J, Pilot 

Radford Roller Mills, East Radford 
Rhudy Geo E, Radford 
Rigby James & Son, Cambria 
Roudabnsh & Thompson, Cambria 
Shank J P, Otey 
The Childress Mills, Childress 
Thompson & Reynolds, Riner 
Wade C D, Vicar Switch 
West End Flour Mills, Radford 

Mills— Saw 

Bandy F P & Sons, Lavender 

Epperley John, Harless 

Howell L M, Radford 
^-McDonald H B, Biacksburg R F D 
! Popovieh Louis, East Radford 

Smith J S, Layman 

MiM Stone Manufacturers 

Olinger R L, Bla'cksburg R F D 
Snider R E, Biacksburg R F D 


Haloway G M, Layman 

Mineral Waters 

Carper Lithia Springs Co. Radford 

AD nes — Coal 

Biacksburg Coal Co. Biacksburg 
Eureka Coal Co. Vicar Switch 
Kipps Anthracite Foal Co, Cambria 
Lykens Hill Coal Co, Christiansburg 
Slusser, M C & Co, Biacksburg 

Brooks W F, Houchins 



Musical Instruments 

H F, Radford 

Newspapers and Editors 

Cambria Dispatch, Cambria, C A Moses edi- 

Home News. Rlacksburg, Jno B Lybrook 
editor ♦ 

Montgomery Messenger, Christiansburg, Jno 
R Eoff & Son, editor 

HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc. %S«l"^alJ^^' c ™ n 

Write us. **23 Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. 

Life Insurance Company ef Virginia **» 


piy 'hiMEnTTiTnr 

rory Proofs of Death. Total Psu 



upon receipt of Satle- 
. menta to Policyholders 
organization ()\ !.R S17. ()<>(», WO. 1)0 Is nivinO lr« 
Policyholders OVER $1,250,000.00 annually 



Had ford News, East Radford, Jno T Maggin- 

nis editor 
Record, Radford, Wise Worrell editor 

Notaries Public 

Kllett Guy F, Christiansburg 
Hagan B M, Christiansburg 
Hall W J, Christiansburg 
Tompkins D S Miss, Christiansburg 
Walters Geo W, Christiansburg 


Virginia Wholesale Nurseries, Blacksburg 

Painters — House and 

Altizer W B, Riner 
Croft E, East Radford 
Linkous Robt, Cambria 
Linkous Saml G, Blacksburg 
Lucas S K, East Radford 
Martin R E, Riner 
Walters R T, Rogers 
Wilson M G, Christiansburer 


Craft Eugene, East Radford 
Stegall A J, East Radford 



| Gardner Arthur, Blacksburg 

| Mays C W, East Radford 

I Smith H P, Christiansburg 

j Spangler W B, Christiansburg 

i Sutliff M J & Son, Radford 

j Sutliff S J & Son, Radford 

I Wright & Smith, Christiansburg 


| Williamson Produce Co, Cambria 
I ' 

Pro duce — Whol esalo 

j Surface Graham Grocery Co, Christiansburg 



j Dispatch Job Print, Cambria 

j Eybrook Jno B, Blacksburg 

I Radford News, East Radford 

! Record-Advance, Radford 

| Sower D G, Blacksburg 

I Eoff J R & Son. Christiansburg 

j Radford News Co, East Radford 


Darnell W W, East Radford 
Jewel] W H & Son, Christiansburg 
Mansrrum H L. East Radford 


i Limestone Products Corporation, Shawsville 
j Salem Quarry, ( crushed stone), Elliston 
1 Vaughan Construction Co, East Radford 

Davis E W, Elliston 
Davis L M, Elliston 

Edmundson William H, Christiansburg 
Ellett Andrew S. Christiansburg 
Elliott P B, Blacksburg 
Evans Allen D, Christiansburg 
Kuqun William B, Radford 
Henderson Wm F, Blacksburg 
Bowery G G, Riner 

Huffman F B, Blacksburg R F D No 2 
Linkous M B, Cambria 
Moses John, Ironto 
Myers C R, Shawsville 
Noblin J Alex, East Radford 
Oliver W E, Elliston 
Pack Henry B, Blacksburg 
Kanpreley Walter W, Christiansburg 
Kibble H Dewey, Blacksburg 
Rider O A, Cambria 
Hoop F Sidney, Blacksburg 
Ryder A O, Cambria 
Sibold A L, Blacksburg 
Smith .1 S. East Radford 
Smith Lucian, Layman 
Shi (waiter A M, Cambria 
Williams R F, Christiansburg 
Wilson W A, Radford 

Had ford 

Pipe Manufacturers 
Pipe Works, Radford 


, ... /"U : - > . i - - 1 

i Railroad Contractors 

'■ Vaughan J L, & Co, Shawsville 

, Williams Bros Construction Co, East Rad- 

| ford 


Real Estate Dealers 
I Atkins H L, Cambria 
j Brown J C, Cambria 
' Calaway B F, Blacksburg 
i Kendedine W J & Co, Radford 

Mitchell G W, Christiansburg 

Pierce W L, Christiansburg 

Ridinger F, Cambria 

Tompkins M H, Christiansburg 


Burton Geo M, East Radford 

Busy Bee Restaurant, East Radford 

Busy Bee, Blacksburg 

Liberty Restaurant, Christiansburg 

Marion S E, East Radford 

Marion S J Mrs. East Radford 

Mitchell Dan, Christiansburg 

Smith E L. East Radford 

Stowers W G, Blacksburg 

Wright R H, Blacksburg 

St A 1 ban's Sj 

natorlum, Radford 

Ld U W' 


Offers HOME SITES as well as MAM 



Boom on Now. Come on quick— big money here for you. PopuiationrisTw 

l/U mm Most P ro £ ressi ve town of siz 
in South. Great Buildin 



Schools and Colleges 
Blacksburg. Joseph Dupuy Eggleston, 
President, John McLaren AJcBride, Pres- 
ident Emeritus (see p G3) 


Ellison Adger Smyth Jr, Biology 

Theodorick Pryor Campbell. Modern Lan- 
guages and Latin 

Lingan Strother Randolph, Mechanical Engi- 

Samuel Reynolds Pritehard, Electrical Engi- 

Richard Henry Hudnall, English 

Charles Erastus Vawter, Physics 

John Robert Parrott, Mechanic Arts and Di- 
rector of Shops 

John Edward Williams, Mathematics 

Harvey Lee Price, Horticulture 

William George Conner, Mechanic Arts 

William Henry Rasche, Mechanism and De- 
scriptive Geometry 

John Samuel Adolphus Johnson. Applied Me- 
chanics and Experimental Engineering 

Carol Montgomery Newman. Rhetoric 

James Bolton McBryde, Chemistry 

William Edward Barlow, Metallurgy- and 


Otto Cornelius Burkhart, Mining Engineer- 

Roy Jay Holden, Geology and Mineralogy 

Alfred Washington Drinkard, History and 

Robert Burns Haldane Begtj-.. Civil Engineer- 

William George Chrisman, Veterinary Science 

John Wilbur Watson. Inorganic Chemistry 

William Jay Schoene, Acting Director of the 
Virginia Experiment Station and the Ag- 
ricultural College 

William Dabney Saunders, Dairy Husbandry 
and Animal Husbandry 

Thomas Barkesdale Hutcheson, Agronomy 

Sheldon Webb Anding (First Lieutenant, U. S 
Infantry), Military Science and Tactics 
and Instructor in Mathematics 

Fred Denton Fromme, Plant Pathology and 

Claudius Lee, Electrical Engineering 

WOMEN. ,1 P McConnell pies. East Rad- 

Sewing Machines 

Singer Sewing Machine Co, East Radford 

Shingle Manufacturers 

Poff Bros, Pilot 


Duncan James L, East Radford 


Garking F, Radford 
Garkiner W H. Radford 


f Zentmyer G B, Riner 

| Tinners 

j Effinger & Robison, Blacksburg 

j Kirby J M, East Radford 

| Smith H P, Christiansburg 

Tobacco Dealers 

Atkinson G E, Harless / 

j Kenly & Co, Pilot 
j Lawrence C & Son, Riner 
j Pet t us B S, Harless 


i Cambria Mercantile Co, Cambria 

| Evans T B, Blacksburg 

| Gardner G E, Shawsviile 

i Helms T A, Blacksburg 

| Johnson & Co, Radford 

• Taylor C C, Cambria 

j Wells A W, Lafayette 

i Wells & Weaver, Lafayette 

Veneer Manufacturers 

; Radford Portsmouth Veneer Co, Radford 

' Radford Veneer Co, Radford 

Veterinary Surgeons 
i Garnard W S, Rogers 
I Knowles S J, Cambria 
j Lockhart Ashe, Christiansburg 
' Price James B, Blacksburg R F D 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Dixon W H, Christiansburg 

Fisher J B, East Radford 
| Gill G S, Christiansburg 

Gray C H, Blacksburg 
j Kohlhousen T F, East Radford 
j Lester J P, Cambria 

Walters H D, Christiansburg 

Water Companies 

| Radford Water Power Co, Radford 

Alleghany Springs — Population 30: 2 miles 
i from R R: 10 miles from C H: banking town. 
j Christiansburg — Henry C Akers, A E Bandy, 
j Chas M Bandy. F P Bandy. .7 W Bandy. D C 
I Barnett, E T Dooley. W D Ross, E D Souder. 
i E H Taylor, Maurice Taylor. M C Thomas. L E 
Willis, M E Willis 

Blacksburg — Population ^7.^: 5 miles from 
R R; S miles from C H: a banking town — J L 

j Atkins, W A Bell, A P Bennett, Alex Black. 

| Edward Black. C M Broce, D H Brown, J C 

' Brown. W R Gary, D M Cloyd, R M Cromer. 

j C A Crumpacker, John Crumpacker, J L 

! Eakin. W M Effinger, M S Qrissom, W B Gris- 
som, 1, D Hale, J T Hardwlck, C Henderson. 

■ Janus K Henderson, S Heth, S Heth .lr. J D 
Houston, W E Hubbert, C*B Johnston, Chas 

' Kabrick, John Karr, D H Keister, F C Link- 
ous H M Linkous, Houston Linkous, J C 

ZJ '•^.' 

i u \J h - U m mm %0 I • mi Ei I LE 

PHONE 891 

Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 


Farms, Orchards. Timber nrwl Coal I and», 

9 ic 

ii £i%|g 

¥-^,-i / '::-' 1 ::;:- 

. ' •- ... 

Mill Work, Lumber, Roofing, Lii 
Phone No. 1864 

er, Shingles and Laths. Building Outfitters 

Office and Mill N. South St., PFTI.RSBURG, VA. 



Linkous, Fayette McCalley, C B McDonald, 
G W Mateer, S L Murrill, James A Otey, A 
C Pack, C L Price. Chas Price. John Price, 
John Reynolds.. T B Robinson. M F Slusser, 
Frank Spickard, R P Stanger, W E Stanger, 
F D Surface, F M Swoope,Wm Tucker, C R 

Blaeksbuig R F I) — N J Alls, W R Alls, J 
S Bennett, B W Crawford, J A Crawford, J C 
Dove, B F Elliott, W W Helvey, J M Kessler, 
P W Layman, M M McDonald, C F Price, 
J B Price, Mrs S W Price, Allen Prillhart, 
D PI Shelor, J T Shepherd, J Wm Sheppard, 
J M Wells, J W Wells, O E Wells 

Blaeksburx? r F D No 1 — Joseph All, J L 

Atkins. J W Barber, A P Bennett. Jacob 
Bishop, D H Brown, James Brown, John Buck, 
S C Buck. W A Crawford, W H Creasy, Robert 
Fisher. Croswell Henderson, Eugene Hender- 
son, G C Henderson, J W Henderson. Nash 
Henderson. Benj Hollard. Geo W Hurt, H M 
Johnston. J L Johnston, John Kenler. W D 
Fee. W J Fee, James Loving". Roll Lowman, 
C W Oliver, E Perdue, G W Robinson, John 
Sarver. Mark Sarver, F A Slusser, J H Slus- 
ser. J P Slusser, W B Slusser, W R Slusser, 
C E Sumner, James W Thomas. Floyd Tur- 
uey, Benj Wooldridge 

Blaeksburg R F 1> Xo 2 — Jno C Brown. W 
It Cary, D M Play. B F Elliott. J C Elliott. 
G F Evans.. James Evans. J W Helney, J R 
I ong, K B Long, C B McDonald, Jno Xewlee, 
G C Otey, J A Otey, D B Price. H D Price, 
G S Price. J B Price, J F Price. J M Price, 
P L Price, S W Price, Z Price. C W Schaef- 
fer, L M Schaeffer. F S Smith, H P Smith. 
Wade Smith, G L Snider, R E Snider. W P 
Snider, James L Wall 

Cambria— Population 535; on X & W R R; 
1 V± miles from C H; si banking town — R L 
Arrington, Trig Eskridge, Jno Flannagan, Chas 
Gillmore, Jno T Kipp, Gordon Lester, Crock 
Lucas. J A Meyers, John Murdock Frank Rid- 
iuger, James Rigby, E H Sesler & Bro, Will 
Shelton, J B Taylor, Andy Webster 

Cambria R F 1) Xo 1— W C Elliott, G F 
Evans, James F Evans. W T Hall, L B Lester, 
H G Linkous.. H M Linkous, G F Wall, J N 
Jennelle. W F Stone, R B Tuck 

Childress — Population 1 G ; 8 miles from C 
Tf and R R; banking town, Radford— W G 
Graham, J W Hall. T S Howard, W M Lester. 
Wm Lester, C B Lucas, D K Lucas, E B Lucas, 
S J Lucas, R A Palmer. W B Palmer, S 
A Palmer, S A Scott. R T Smith. J J Trollin- 
ger, J T Walters 

Christiansburg— Population 1,568; 2 miles 
from R R; a banking town — W F Flanagan, 

A C Haley, W E Haley, Kent Hall, F M 
Linkous, J A Miller, Mrs E F Smith, J H Ste- 
phens, Tosh Stephens 

Cliristiunsburg R F I) — W M Cole, C J I Dud- 
ley, Chas Gilmore, Robt Gilmore. B F Jen- 
nings, James Kirhy, W R Knox, Wm Lane, J 
McGrady, Puller Wheeling 

Christiansburg- R F D Xo 1 — C I' Carper, 
J W T Carper, W C Charlton, Davis Barman. 
! J E Howard, J C Kinzer, P IT Kinzer, Robt 
J Montague, Will Montague, J W Shplburne, 
J J X T Simpkins, Henry Spaulding 

Chrlstiansburg R F D Xo 2 — Claude Baker. 
James F Bean, W Bean, W S Broomfield, Jo- 
seph Bryant, Walter Bryant. W M Coler, 
II E Collins, H R Collins, L D Cun- 
diff, Byrd Diekerson, C H Dudley, E 
A Dudley, G W Early, Chas Gilmore. 
Robt Gilmore, M B Gordon, J M Gn g- 
ory, J J R Hogg, S G King, James Kirby. 
W R Knox, Wm Lane, James Leonard, P P 
Lester, T W Miller, J C Parrish, R S Raines 
J D Shufflebarger, Mrs A D Simpson, Joseph 
| Smith, S J Snuffler, P W Wheeling 

East Radford — Population 6.00O; on X & 
• W R R; 12 miles from C H: a banking town — 
i J W Flanagan, Lewis Harvey. J X Kinzer. 
[ W L Peters, J Hoge Tyler, A Wall Wm Wall. 
i James Zcll " 

Elliston — Population 500: on X & W R R; 
; 13 miles from C H; banking town, Salem — 
! I P Algar, C B Barnett. S W Barnett, G W 
I Compton, Carl Epperlen, Gen Epperlen, G W 
! Grice, W D Kirkwood, O X Moomav, J X 
Xorthcross. H M Riffe, R E Stanley, W P Tay- 
lor, F B Thomas, Saml Watterson, A L Win- 
frey, C H Jewell 

Harlcss — Population 14: 4 miles from R R: 
; 6 miles from C H; banking town, Christians- 
| burg — C II Alderman, John Alderman, Thomas 
I Alderman, C W Atkinson. James Craig, James 
! E Craig, Jno Epperley, R L Epperley, John 
; II Gearheart. T S Gearheart. Thomas Gear- 
I heart, B S Pettus, H L Pettus, C T Poflf. Floyd 
I Radford, Monroe Rose, Ed Wirt. J C Wirt. 
i O B Wirt, Henry Woolwine, Jno Woolwine, 
i Luther Woolwine. Robt Woolwine 


Houchins — on the R R: 3% miles from the 
! C II; banking town, Cambria-—] C Flag?, B 

1 F Jennings. J T Proffltt 

Lafayette* — Population 50; on Virginian R 
| R; 15 miles from C 1 1 ; banking town, Shaws- 
! ville — X s Allen, W E Bales, C 1 1 Barnes, w* B 
\ Blankenship, J B Butt, P H Butt, V W Comp- 
| ton, C If Imuran. V s Duncan, W II Giles, 
E E Goodwin. J M Graham, A H Hackney, 
I j r. Hall. W G Hall, T I Heslep, s W Kinzer, 

Culpeper National Bank R g^ 

CULPEPER. VA. , ' f 






15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 


PHONE 176 






R L Lawrence, \Y A Lawrence, W B Lawrence, ! 

C R MeDaniel, j A MeDaniel, B H Martin, j 

AY D Martin, Dennis Meaeheam, Jerry Moses, j 

J W Richardson, A A Richardson, W T Rich- | 

ardson, <> T Showalter, W P Taylor, B F ! 

Thomas, J T Thomas, W M Turner, S W Wat- | 
terson. .J M Weaver, A W Wells 

Tjavendcr — Population 20; C, miles from R ! 

R; 9 miles from C H; banking- town, I 

Christiansburg — E T Atkinson, James G i 

Atkinson, Walter Atkinson, Joseph E Bones, j 

W B Booth, C W Graham, R C Lavender, j 

Reuben Robertson, Tipton Robertson, Geo j 
Trump, Owens Trump, Geo Williams 

Layman — 17 miles from R R; 27 miles from 
C H; banking- town, New Castle — Willie Cald- 
well, P>ave Creasey, G M Haloway, Chandler j 
Graham, Edna Smith, Harvie Smith, W L Sub- j 
lett, Oscar Webb 

McCoy — Population 8; on R R; 18 miles j 
from C H; banking town, Blacksburg — E H Al- j 
bert, G S Albert, H M Albert. J F 
Albert. J R Albert. Jno E Albert, A J Anders, 
H H Anders, J W Anders, Chas Cadugan, j 
S S Carper J T Cowan, G T Graves, M L Har- j 
less, Radford Harless, Lewis E Kiss, O R Lilly, j 
Eugene Long, W H Long, C A McCoy, G S Mc- j 
Coy. II H McCoy. Isaac McCoy, J C McCoy, | 
J G McCoy; J I McCoy, James Mc- 
Coy, Jno McCoy, R H Price, R R McCoy. S 
C Snider, T D McCoy, W H J McCoy, W I Mc- 
Coy, J C Minnick. H F Snider, M F Price. J j 
G Whitaker, C Willis 

Otey — Population 15; 8 miles from R R; 12 j 
miles from C H; banking town, Christians- j 
burg — G J Gearhart, F C Jewell, R E Miles, i 
W T Showalter, S D Sisson, T S Sisson 

Pilot — Population 4&; 9 miles from R R; 
7 miles from C H; banking town, Christians- 
burg — Willie Bickleheimer, J A Bishop, B H 
Bosham, J E Boshow, Ilolmer Boothe, J N 
Boothe, W C Boothe, R H Bugg, J H Chafin, 
E L Conner, Giles Correll, G R Dickerson, 
J A Dickerson, Moses Dickerson, W B Dodd. 
G G Dobbins, Chas Epperly, H II Epperly, 
L H Epperly, Noah Epperly, Wra Ep- 
perly, Sherman Flinchman, H C Gray, 
Jno Gibson, M T Hall, C M Hines, P 
Lee Kenley, Chas M King, S F Law- 
rence, O J Lester. W M Lester. Andy Martin, 
G T Martin, G W Martin, J B Martin, J P 
Martin. P H Martin, R H Martin, Chas Palmer, 
J E Payne, C B Pelter, Wilbur Palter, D C 
Powers, Frank Richards. Floyd Roop. Kyle 
Shelor, R H Shelton, G A Slusher, Ira Snuffer, 
D C Sowers, O W Sowers, W T Sowers, W A 
Sutphin, W R Suiphin, J A Turner, Jesse L 
Walton, Robert Walters, J T Wickharn, Geo 
Williamson, E A Wimner, Evans Woolwine, 
P F Wright 

Had ford— Population 4,202; on X «* W R R ■ 
12 miles from C FI; a banking town — J H Car- 
per, j n Kakin, w A Earkhart, J W Flanna- 
gan Lewis Harvey, Lewis Ingles, J N Kinzer, 
J C Peterson, D B Peterson, Jno Peterson. 
Radford Peterson, R L Shanlit,. James Zoll ,lr 

Riiicr—- Population 19 5; 6 miles from R R; 
5 miles from C II; a banking town — G J Akers. 
H C Akers, L F Akers, M T Akers. Jonas Lee 
Altizer, W H Altizer, B Barney Duncan, W L 
Carrin, T J Childress, J D Hall, R T Hail, Chas 
Jewell, J L Lawrence, J W Richardson, Har- 
vy Roop, W J Shelburne, .] D Simpkins, E A 
Smith, R T Smith, W D Smith, W H Smith. 
W T Smith, G D Surface, G T Surface, Geo Wil- 

Riner R P 1) — C T Akers, G Wesley Alti- 
zer, J M Altizer, C R Bourne, W J Epperly, 
Norwood Gibson, Jacob Jones, J D Lester, 
Clay Roop, Harvey Roop, R M Simpkins, G W 
Simmons, L W Teaney, A G Wells 

Rogers — Population 25; 5 miles from R K 
4 miles from C H; banking town, Christians- 
burg — W A Caroll, H E Collins, W H Collins. 
W P Correll, D D Hall, Geo Hudgin, A E Pal- 
mer, F A Palmer, Jno Spradlin, A P Walters. 
G A Walters, R F Walters, A P Walters, Geo 
A Walters, R C Walters, R H Willard, C E Wil- 
lis, Giles Winfrey. Wm Winfrey, W W Wirt. J 
W Wood 

Shawsvilie — Population 113; on N & W R R; 

10 miles from C H; a banking town — C A Al- 
bert, D H Barger, J Hugh Barnett, S E Bar- 
nett, J I) Belie, R T Boone, J R Crockett. 
G E Edmundson, W M Ellis, Wm M Ellis. 
G W Grice, J W Helm, M M John R B Marye, 
H M Riffe, N W Ryan, C A Taylor, J L Vaugh- 
an, G I White. Jno D White, Thos Whitworth 

Vicar Switch — Population 83; on X & W R 
R; G miles from C H; banking town, Cambria 
— Charlie Garden, E B Elliott, G S Gerald. 
H Harmon, L Harmon, C P Hombarger, Rob: 
Lewis, H W Linkous, W O Slimier, Jacob P 

Whitehoiiic — Banking town, Blaeksburg — J 
R H Cowan 

Copyright Law, Bearing on Directories 

Sec. 28— That any person who wilfully and for pro- 
fit shall Infringe any copyright secured by this act. or 
shall knowingly and wilfully aid or abet such infringe- 
ment, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and 
upon conviction thereof shall ho punished by imprison- 
ment for not exceeding one year, ^r by a fine of not leM 
than one hundred dollars, nor more than one thou^.md 
dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court. 


No city in the State can offer better 
Homes and Schools. 



•."< r 

C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 

Cor. Kent and Water S 

Always Ready and Willing to Do Your Work— Give us a Call ' ' lftr ' 



Nansemood County 


Value of real estate 

795; colored, $395,475. 

Value of personal \ 
4 74; colored, $130,151. 

Income — $20,761. 

Population, 191 (J — 26,886. 

Number voters — White. 1 
4 4 6. 

Area — Acres, 2 59,010; square 

County Seat — Suffolk. 

Xansemond, first called Upper 
formed in 16 39 
name appeared 
164 5-'6, as 

1916- -White. $2,5 
Total, $2,906,270. 
roperty — White, $9 

Total. $1,069,625. 


miles, 41' 

Norfolk, was 

from the Isle of Wight. Its 

in Acts of Assembly. March, 

Xansimum; in Acts of 1652 as 

Nanzemond. The name Upper Norfolk was 
resumed in 1657 and retained until 1661. when 
Nansemum and subsequently Xansemond was 
given it. It extends from Hampton Roads on 
the north to North Carolina line on the south. 
Norfolk county is on the east and Isle of Wight 
and Southampton on the west. The Xanse- 
mond river extends through and waters the 
middle and northern portions, and the Black- 
water and other tributaries of the Chowan 
water its southern and western parts. The 
surface is level and the lands on the rivers 
are of fine quality. A superior quality of marl 
in great abundance is found on the borders 
of the Dismal Swamp and along the rivers. 
About 65,000 acres of Dismal Swamp are in 
Xansemond county, of which a survey has 
been made with a view of draining and re- 
claiming the land. The productions are corn, 
oats, wheat, cotton and peanuts. Six lines 
of railroad traverse the county and are the 
source of much business prosperity and wealth. 
Many villages are springing up along the lines 
of the various railroads, adding to the popu- 
lation, wealth and business of the county. 
School facilities, both public and private, are 

Various and sundry manufacturing interests 
are located and doing well. Of course lumber 
is the prevailing interest. 

The town has electric lights, gas, water and 
sewerage and is an exceedingly healthy loca- 

The business part of the town is built up 
solid with brick buildings and the residences 
of Suffolk will compare favorably with any 
town in the State. 

The town is now growing faster than at any 
period of its history, and on account of its net- 
work of railroads manufacturers are constant- 
ly looking over the surroundings with a view 
of locating. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the second Monday in January, March, May. 
July and October 

Judge — James L. Mckemore, Suffolk 

Clerk — George E Bunting, Suffolk 

County Officers 
Commonwealth's Attorney— S E Everett 


Sheriff— E E Wagner, Suffolk 
Treasurer— C R Uulgham, Suffolk 
Supt of poor— Wm H Holland, Suffolk 
Supt of Schools— J B l DeJarnette, Drivers 
Commissioner of Accounts — Lee Britt Suf- 

Commissioners of Revenue — R C Norflee! 

Holland; R H Bearaon, Beamon 

J J S Branch. Suffolk; S P Whitfield, Hol- 
land; W H Savage, Whaleyville; J M Reid 
Holland; R F Holland, Holland 

M J Kilby, Churehland; N T Gray. Suffolk; 
G A Piland, Holland; J B Archer, Myrtle; 
J V Hare, Whaleyville; E B Harrell, Cypress 
Chapel; T V Arthur, Somerton; W F Daugh- 
trey, Holland; C F Pinner, Chuckatuck; E L 
Everett. Drivers; A J Rountree, Whaleyville 

Board of Health 
G T Rawles (chairman). Suffolk; Dr A T 
Shetheld, Holland; Dr C J Riddick, Suffolk; 
J>r L L Eley. Crittenden.-- 

BANK OF WHAMSYVIIil.E, Whaleyville 

Drake W D, Whaleyville 

Barrel Manufacturers 

Peninsula Barrel Factory, Bennett Creek 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Gardner G W, Whaleyville 

Holland H H„ Suffolk R F D No 4 

Holland J E, Holland 

Holland T K. Holland 

Pitts J W, Suffolk R F D No 4 

Russell J C, Whaleyville 

Smith E W. Driver 

Winner W R, Driver 

Boarding Houses 
Edwards J R, Whaleyville 
Taylor A W, Whaleyville 

Boat Builders 
Edmonds ."James, Eclipse 

Brick Manufacture] - 
Xansemond Brick & Tile Co, Reids Perry 


Baptist, Driver 
Baptist, Whaleyville % 

•Baptist, Whaleyville 
Christian, Driver 

Southern Building Material Company 

Pressed Brick (All Colors*, Common Brick, Ornamental Terra Cotta, Metal Windows and Doors, Steel I ath, 
Corner Bead Ornamental Plastering, Hollow Tile, Structural Steel, Iron, i'lasrer. Lime, Cement, Stone t 



r^!,V, r w'v mn ,)fN(; materials. AGRlcui 


FRIEND & CO., Snc. 




Christian, Eclipse 

Christian, Suffolk R F D No 4 

♦Christian, Whaleyville 

Episcopal, Driver 

Methodist, Driver 

Methodist, Magnolia 

Methodist, Suffolk R F D No 4 

Methodist, Whaleyville 

Contractors and Builders 

Griggs J E., Whaleyville 

Holland H H f Suffolk R F D No 4 

Parker W J, Whaleyville 

Pierce F M, Cartwrights Wharf 

Reidel R H, Holland 

Fzzle V K, Suffolk R F D No 4 

Cotton Giimers 

Godwin B W, Suffolk R F D No 4 
Holland-Beale Co. Holland 
Philhower Geo S, Magnolia 
Wilroy J F, Driver 


Ellis E S, Suffolk R F D No 4 
Saunders T J. Suffolk R F D No 4 


Bunkley S Q, Eclipse 
Holland Job G, Holland 
Parker P A. Whaleyville 

Fertilizer Manufacturers 
Trotman Fertilizer Co, Cartwrights Wharf 


Harden & Bro, Holland 

General Stores 

Ash W M, P^ranklin R F D 
Ashley C M, Suffolk R F D 
Aston W M, Buckhorn 
Beale Mollie E Mrs, Hobson 
Benton J E, Driver 
Benton Jno. Cartwrights Wharf 
BTDGOOD T W, Cartwrights Wharf 
Borden C C. Franklin R F D 
Brothers R E, Cypress Chapel 
Brothers & Bro. Whaleyville 
BIXKLEY S Q, Eclipse 
BX'TIiER V V, Buckhorn 
Cross-Holland Co, Holland 
Crumpler M W, Chuckatuck 
Daily M G & Son, Chuckatuck 
Doughty B H, Whaleyville 
Drake W D, Whaleyville 
Duck P Q, Franklin R F D 
Everett P L. Holland 
Godwin B W, Chuckatuck 
Golden G A. Suffolk R F D 
Goodman W W. FTolland 
Hall E D. Chuckatuck 
Haves R B, Whaleyville 
Wolland-Jones Co, Holland 

Holland R E L, i-Iolland 
Holland S \V, Holland 
Horton D W & Son, Whaleyville 
. Johnson Chas C, Chuckatuck 
Johnson F H. Franklin R F D 
Johnson J T. Hobson 
Johnson E. Crittenden 
lUTCUlX W M, Magnolia 
Knight T O, Whaleyville 
Fee Willis L, Bennett Creek 
Eewis W R Mrs, Eclipse 
Euke E F. Hobson 
Luke E A & Son. Holland 
McClenny Elisha, Buckhorn 
McClenny M H, Buckhorn 
Martin E E Mrs, Eclipse 
Martin J W, Eclipse 
Martin W T, Eclipse 
Moore R R, Eclipse 
Moore W C, Chuckatuck 
Moyer R L. Eclipse 
Pierce F M, Cartwrights Wharf 
Pinner C F. Chuckatuck 
Pitt C H, Chuckatuck 
Powell J H. Myrtle 
Powell Paul J, Myrtle 
Rabey E K, Deanes 
Saunders M S, Suffolk R F D 
Saunders S E, Franklin R F D 
Smith M W & Co, Whaleyville R F D 
TtJRXER Z, Suffolk R P D Xo 4 
Vaughan R T, Franklin R F D 
Wagner W K, Suffolk R F D No 4 
Weatherly G H & Co, Deanes 
West R A, Cartwrights Wharf 
Whitley A B, Beamon 
Wilroy A E Jr, Beamon- 
Wilson A. Hobson 
Winbourne J R, Whaleyville 


Bell J W, Magnolia 
Butler T E. Elwood 
Council j; W To. Holland 
Field E J, Whaleyville 
Gardner T E. El wood 
Hall W W. Holland 
Rabey Richard, Exit 

Hay. Grain and Feed 

Cutchin John T, Holland 
Holland Supply Co, Holland 

Duplex Hotel. Whaleyville 

Livery Stables 
Britt J H, Holland 
Edwards J I'. Whaleyville 
Gardner G W. Whaleyville 

Walters S U, Whaleyville 

Liitubei' Dealers 
Asburn Jno, Buckhorn 
.larkson )Uns r<v Whaleyville 

| • • CREATES -A New Busine.. 

directory advertising ^i^^otfESL. 

Consult HILL DIRECTORY CO- Publishers 

1915 New; 

'& && F vS* Ik 

am I 


Descriptive Catalogue Free 

RifeRam and Pump Works 

Waynesboro, Augusta County 


Joyner J JL, Suffolk R F D No 4 
Mathews T l\ Suffolk R F D No 4 
Saunders T J. Suffolk R F D No 4 
Saunders W G, Suffolk R F D No 4 

Meat Markets 

Holland Packing Co, Holland 

. Britt M D Mrs. Holland 
.Jones E L Mrs, Whaleyville 

Mills — Corn and Hour 
Da u gilt re y L J Co 4 Holland 

Mills — Saw 

Copeland J H. Suffolk R F D 
Culpeper £ Phillower, Magnolia 
Dennis & Wilson, Whaleyville 
Gephart J F Stave Co, Buckhorn 
Jackson Bros Co, Whaleyville 
Morgan J B, Holland 
Russell J C, Whaleyville 


Rogers J T, Whaleyville 

Newspapers and Editors 
Herald, Suffolk. W J Hendrick editor 

Painters — House and Sigh 

Howell Dan C, Whaleyville 
Sanderlin Geo W, Whaleyville 
I'zzle V K. Suffolk R F D No 4 


Eley L. L, Crittenden 
Holland J , G. Holland 
Jordan Wm T, Driver 
Leake Josiah, Deanes 
Parker R E. Chuckatuck 
Sheffield A T, Holland 
Vann Foy, Whaleyville 

Real Estate Agents 

Pike E W, Eclipse 

Saunders T J, Suffolk R F D No 4 

Turner Z. Suffolk R F D No 4 

Stave Manufacturers 

Gephart Stave Co, Holland 


Gardner G W. Whaleyville 
Russell J C. Whaleyville 



liuckhom— Population 80; on S A L R P- 

W, miles from C j, ; banking town, Suffolk 
~~J M Aston, W M Aston, A W Ballard T D 

Butlei J C Butler, Jno Butlor, W T Butler 
Ben, ..r Copeiand W R Copeland. K L t- 

the> A j Hold Sidney Eason. Wilson Ellis 

I emard r S p G M G ^° hnSOn ' C ° Kin *' Mi »^ 
Leonard j. r McCIenny, W B McClcnny H N 

Pierce Jack Pierce, R J Pie rce, Ryland Pie cf 

1 J Pruden, Jno A Scruggs, J D Turner, J H 

Uilhams, T P Winborne ' 

Buckhoni R p d p r 


W H Jernigan 

Caitwrights Wharf— Population 25; 2 miles 

SufSlf R T ; T 10 R mil f T fromC H; banking to^! 

Suholk— J L Bond, J W Bryant, E L Everett, 

R \t 5 L J ° neS ' J L Morriss ' F - AI p i«ce 
j K H W llhamson 

j ChuekaUicJv— Population 150; 6 miles from 

' f^t'' i 5 ~ fr ° m C H; banki "S town. Suf- 
- folk— V* M Barlett. Eiistice Carr, J Q Chap- 
; man. Jasper Cotten, W F Cotten M W 
! Crumpley. J H Dailey, M G Dailey, Win c 
| Dailey, Edwin Edwards, Edwin Edwards Jr 
; E \Y Eure, Clarence Gayle, R C Gilliam. C B 
j Godwin, Miles Godwin, G C Griffin, P J House- 
I man, Chas Marshall, W C Moore. N B Peck 
C F Pinner, Chas H Pitt, Geo E Pitt J w 
j Pitt, Percy Pitt, Leroy Pope, C J Powell C T 
Pruden, J R Rhodes, J T Rhodes J T ' Stal- 
ling^, J F Whitney, W C Whitney 

i Crittenden — Population 100; on James riv- 

I er; 15 miles from C H; banking town New- 

j port News — W W Gilliam, S A Oliver J p 

; Rives, R L Wilkinson, R M Wilkinson 

Cypress Ciiapel — Population 10; on N & S R 

I R; 10 miles from C H; banking town. Suf- 

I folk— James E Baines, J L Benton, Admiral 

i Brinkley, Elisha Brinkley. Fred Brinkley, Ja- 

j ran Brinkley, Norman Brinkley, Peter Brink- 

i ley, W H Brinkley. R E Brothers. W A Do- 

, zier. A L Harrell, E D Harrell, F W Harrell 

| G B Harrell, J B Harrell, R L Harrell, V B 

| Harrell, Taswell Kelly, Napoleon Bros, F E 

i Parker, J C Parker, Geo \v Roby, Joshua T 

i Rodgers, L A Rodders, A J Rountree, C F 

| Rountree. J T Rountree, J Sidney Skinner. 

| J R Speight, J W Sneicht, W C Speight, James 

i Stephenson, Frank Wilkins, .; A Wilkins Jo- 

i nas Wilkins. M J Wilkins 


Ueamon — Population 6; on So R R; 6 % 
miles from C PI; banking town, Suffolk — Back- 
ers Bros, R PI Beamon. J W Bryant, W T 
Davis, F C Jones, F M Pierce, C A Pond, P 
G Shea, R Williamson. A E Wilroy, A E Wil- 
roy Jr 

Deaues — Population 10; on A c P R ft; 10 
miles from H; banking town. Portsmouth 
— B F Ames, Ed Ames, J p Carney, J G 
Eberwine, I) P Hargrove, Wm Jordan, Dr J 
Leake, A T Mathews, J p Mathews, A MI1- 
teer. W R Old Jr, E K Rabey, Prank Winner 

Driver — Population 10; on a C L R R; g 
miles from C M: rmnking town, Portsmouth 

: ■% ,■:*■{ - ;;. 

■ V; € ": 

ui: : :a 




If yon do— no matter how Mnaltyom 

come maybe ->uu can lay asid< 

'o 1 on ^arn money/ f^rrte^^^^^ 

igya'unfy^^THE VIRGINIA NATIONAL B^^^l^^rsl^r^Va; 



L F Ames, J L Brinkley, K E Brinkley, W H 
Brinkley, A G Harden, H A Darden, W J 
Daughtie, E L Everett, A S Hargrove, H P 
Barrel!, W L Heffington, J W Jones, Jere 
Jones. J no W Jones, J E Jordan, J R Las- 
siter, J E Morris. C A Pond, C E Rennolds, 
E Jordan Taylor, S E Warrington, Hope 
Williamson, J F Wilroy, Cassie Wilson 

Eclipse — Population 300; situated on Chuek- 
atuek Creek; banking town, Suffolk — W D 
Kemp. S F Lee, J W Martin, E W Pike 

Elvvood — Population 10; on So R It; 16 
miles from OH; banking town, Franklin — - 
O E Beale, W L Bittle, X T Bryan, A E But- 
ler, T L Butler, J O Cutchin, James A Cuteh- 
in, W T Darden, M S Gardner, W W Gard- 
ner, T L Harrison, A J Holland, Daniel H 
Holland, J M Holland, R E Holland, Ramon 
Holland, J R Keen, *Sallie A Pontor, J M 
Read, R E Read. *Lee Thomas, C J Vaughn. 
Henry Watt, J H Watt 

Houson — Population 15; 7 miles from R R; 
14 miles from C H; banking town. Suffolk- — ■ 
T E Harrell, E F Luke. Geo E McXeal, W T 
Matthews, J E Mays, J A Milteer, R L Wil- 

Holland — Population 236; on So R R; 12 
miles from C H; a banking town — G K Atkin- 
son. Harry Babb, R E Bobb, Moses Boon, J H 
Britt, B R Butler. J M Butler. Chas E Byrd, 
J J Carter, B W Councill, J T Cutchin, J P 
Dalton, H Daughtrey, J K Daughtrey, E J 
Daughtrey, R C Daughtrey, T G Daughtrey. 
Walter Daughtrey, Wm C Daughtrey, B R 
Doughtie, Carlton Doughtie, James C Duke, 
H Eaton, Barnes Ellis, J R Ellis, W T Ellis, 
H B Everett, P L Everett, J K Fowler, J J 
Fowler, Win N Gardner, Wiley Hall, Lonnie 
W Harrell, Wilson Harrell, J A Haselett, R E 
Haselett, Ruel Hedgpeth. J E Holland, J K 
Holland, J R Holland, Dr Job G Holland. Jno 
A Holland, Jno K Holland. Jos E Holland, Jos 
G Holland, P C Holland, S Holland, S W 
Holland, Stella V Holland, W J Holland, E G 
Howell, Jetho Howell. S R B Howell. *W T 
Howell, *W W Howell, *R H Johnson, B D 
Jones, H T Jones, J E Jones, W T Jones, E 
Joyner, J E Lawrence.. I A Luke, *Alex May- 
field, *Spenoer Mayfield, L H Morgan. S A 
Morgan, W F Morgan, E K Norfleet, E J Xor- 
fleet, E S Norfleet, W Q Peele, G A Piland. J 
A Rawles, James Rawles, Jno E Rawles, 
K O Rawles, Lafayette Rawles, Root 
Rawles, Chas T Reid, T B Reid, R IT Riedel, 
D R Roberts, * Albert Scott, Rufus Scott. J W 
Smith, Henry Steinheardt, W T Taylor, C J 
Whitfield, W E Whitfield, Claud Wilkins, G T 
Winborne, Jno'T Wood. G E Worrell 

Holland R E D. — Hartley Beale, P l> <'arr. 
Ed Fowler. J A Harold, Jesse Han-ell. Joseph 

| Holland, Liini Holland, S VV Holland. M J 
I March, L M Morgan, Fulton Norfleet, Xr-' 
i Norfleet, Jno Parker, Robt Rawles. Rufus 
Scott, Henry Steinhardt 

I Holland P. V 1) Xo 2.— J. H. Hennett, Jno 

; Butler, W A Butler, I T Byrd, J C Bvrd 

1 James R Clark. C C Copeland, J H Copeland, 

i J W Copeland, Jno R Copeland, W J Cope- 

■ land, Geo T Councill, Chas Daughtrey, G W 

, Duke. J D Harcum, J H Hare, J V Hare. 

; Rural Hedgsbeth, Abram P Holland, E T 

i Holland, G M Holland, J F Llolland, J S Hol- 

I land, Ryland Holland, Shem G Llolland. T B 

| Holland, S R B Howell, J R Johnson, Robt 

| Johnson, Jno Leeder. C R Xorfieet. Chas L 

j Rawles, A H Savage. C C Skinner, F J Wright 

I W J Wright 

Magnolia — Population 2 3; on S A L R R; 

2 % miles from C H; banking town. Suffolk— 

* Jesse Askew, Saml Diggs. S J Felton, Walter 

Hueff, G S Keeler, B F Latimer, Geo S Phil- 

I hower, * Jesse Pierce 

Myrtle — Population 25; on X & W R R; S 
! miles from C H; banking town, Suffolk. — H L 
I Archer, R L Eley. H J Lowell. J JI Powell 

| Suffolk — Population 7..00S; a railroad cen- 

\ ter;; a banking town. — R M Ashburn, J C 

• Bell. S J Bradshaw. W Lr Bradshaw, G E 

i Bunting. W H Byrd, A B Cramer. J T Duku. 
R E Eley, F M Gray, J W G )-<:<;: , A S Har- 
rell, D W Henderson, X W Holland. W H 

j Llolland. Claud S Howell. W T Howell. W W 

' Howlett, Frank Hurff, Jno Johnson, Jno A 

! Johnson, E C King. E J Langston, J H Lang- 

I ston. James J Langston. W J Oliver, Miles 

\ Parker, W J Parker. Richd Peel. C C Russell. 

j W T Russell, Adolphus Saunders. J B Saun- 

! ders, T W Savage. J R Smith, R R Smith. 

; W J Smith, Irwin Truitt, Thos J Whitfield. 

! H H Williams. X R Withers. C Wrifrht. M P 

| Wright 

Suffolk R F D Xo t. — G A Babb. Charlev 
i Badger. J E Baines. X T Bradshaw, Felton 
; Brinkley, J Henry Brinkley, Jesse M Brink - 
I ley, Mrs Jno W Brinkley. James Brittain 
j David Duke. T J Ellis. J M Gal^raith, B C 
i Griffin, (' C Harrell, E R Harrell, .loel E 
\ Harrell. R S Holland. J H Jarratt, II K Par- 
i ker, Mrs W A Pearee. J S T> eel. A J Raby, 
: Joseph W Roby, E B Rawls, J T Rawls, Mill? 
' JL Rid dick , Phillips L Rodgers, R Emmati 
Rodgers, l^ !•' Rodgers, C E Rountree, Jno 
W Skeeter. E L Turner. Saml Wilkins. 

I Suffolk R V 1) \o '2. — Carr D Butler, J W 
Folk, E I. Griggs, Josiah Joyner. Darious 
King, E L Xelms, J M Nelms, B V Powell 

DC) Savage, T V Savage. C J Smith. W T 
Smith. I. J While. .Irsso Williams. Joseph 'I' 
Wiilhtms. i. \\ Williams, \[ G Williams 

recion w). 

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JVi*jtw6il OcjlIcJiiiC, RICHMOND, VIROIMA. 

Life In$ur3nc6 Lord?*! v of Virginia , s \ on , the hearty ^w^ ™a active support of the 

UUV UlOUimil/V VUllipCUIJ *,i tii^&Uta people by its promptness and fair dealing during the 

ORGANIZED 1871 FORTY-FIVE YEARS of its operation. 



Suffolk U F 1> No :*. — J W Austin, O 1* 
Baker, C W Byrci, G F Duke, W F Eley, C O 
Griggs, Caleb Griggs, O H Griggs, James E 
Harreli, W It Harrell, J F. Harris, W T Harris, 
J L Hines, F F Holland, Tlios F Holland, J P» 
Joyner, VV T Kilby, J A Milteer, J T Pearce, 
J L, Pierce, W H Pierce, 1 Piland, J W Pruden. 
J V Redd,vAY.-.J_Rid^i(^j\V E Rogers, F K 
.Smith, Jno T Smith, D L Sumner, L E White- 
head. J V Woodward 

Suffolk R F D Xo 1— A L Beale, G F Dixon. 
S W Dixon, C H Edwards, E S Ellis, T W 
Gayle, W E Goodwin. J R Holland, J W Hol- 
land. R H Joyner, Win A Fassiter, J W E 
Martin. T D Mathews, C T Minton, A C Oliver, 
S C Oliver, J A S Pearce, R S Pearce. A S 
Pruden, J G Prudent, R W Prudent, W B 
Prudent, A H Saunders, Richie Saunders, S F 
Saunders, T J Saunders, \V G Saunders, Z Tur- 
ner, O L Fnderwood, E E Wagner. R L Wag- 
ner, W K Wagner, O T Winston, J R Wrisrht. 
R A Wright, W T Wright 

Wlialeyville — Population 4 00; on A C L R R; 
12 miles from C H; a banking town. — T W 
Arthur, Edward Bains, J H Baines, B P Baker, 
F F Brink! ey, G C Brothers, Jno A Butler. 
J P Byrd, Andrew Carter, J F Carter, T W 
Collins, Joe Eason, F R Fllenor, E J Free- 
man. G W Gardner, Chammie E Harrell, A H 
Hines, ('has T Horton. D R Horton, J T Hor- 
loi), Moses F Horton. \V H Horton. W J Hor- 
ton, Willis Horton, \V T Howell. Reverdy 
Johnson. J E Joins. James M Jones, Jesse 
E Jones. T O Knight, J M Milteer, Jack Milteer 
G W Morgan, C 1, Parker, Ohas Parker, P A 
Parker. J J Rodgers, James Rogers. W J 
Rcuntree, C W Russell, G T Russell, H E Sav- 
age. J F Savage, k A Savage, W C Simpson, R 
R Smith, \V J Smith. E J Spivey, J T Umphlet, 
W L Yann. J H Vaughan, Joseph T Wilson, W 
M Worn bio 


h >■ - / 











Town Officers 

Mayor — M E Stallings 

City Attorney — W P Fipscomb 

City Clerk— G A H^rjs 

City Engineer — R H Brinkley 

Treasurer — W A King 

Commissioner of Revenue -A A Rid dlck » 

Chief of Police— W F BrinkTey * y 

Thief of Fire Department — Eugene Hurley 
Superintendent of Schools — J B F De Jar- 

Overseer of the Poor— T J Eley 
City Physician — Dr L W White 
Suffolk Board of Trade — W M Joynes pres 

Agricultural Implements 

! Folk E L & Co, 803 Washington 

Attorneys at Law 

j Ames B F Jr. Withers Bldg 

! Bi-itt Fee, 9 31 Washington 

j Corbitt J H. P O Bldg 

| Crumpler W M, 923 Washington 

Everett & Button, 94 4 Washington 

Holladay J F B, 616 Main 

Holland H L, 947 Washington 

Holland W S Jr, 9 47 Washington 

Holland & Holland, 9 30 Washington 

Kilby Bradford, 92 6 Washington 

Bee J P, Boothe Bldg 

Fewis H Stuart, Faw Bldg 

Fipscomb W P, Faw Bldg 

McPemore J F, 2 3S Bank 

Palmer Jno H. P O Bldg 

Prentis Robt R, 912 Washington 

Rawles R H Hon, 9 30 Washington 

Saunders J R, 944 Washington 

Stallings M F, Withers Bldg 


Clark Motor Co, 619 Main 
Edgerton R G & Co, 1217 Washington 
Elliott Motor Co, 523 Main 
Harris N H, 946 Washington 
Helms B A, 640 Main 


Davis Bakery. 729 Washington 
Suffolk Baking Co, 312 Saratoga 

| American Bank The, 52 4 Main 
! Farmers Bank of Nansemond The, 5 20 Main 
| \AT10\U. BAXK OF SIITOIK, Janus L 
McLemore pres, T 11 Birdsong v-prcs, A 
Woolfoitl cashr, N \V corner Washington 
and Main (see p .'?! ) 

Aseptic Barber Shop, Main * 

*Ayler Robt, 41 7 Saratoi a 

m is the Shoe Manufacturing City of the 

:1 ?' "Sl - ^ State. Good Homos. 




Virginia Printing & 



f WGI^i 

Ask Us for Prices Before Placing Your Order. Cor. Ba nk & Market Su. PETERSBURG, V\ 



*Browii Chas, 832 Washing-ton 

* .Bryant Geo, Washington 

Brunswick Shaving Parlor <fc Pressing Club, 
9 34 Washington 

*Colden Luther, S30 Washington 

Imperial Shaving Parlor The, 815 Washing- 

Red Cross Barber Shop, Washington 

*Joyner J no, 2d *,v 

Nansemond Barber Shop, 69 5% Washington 

Parker W H, 9 02 Washing-ton 

Basket Manufacturers — Wooden 

Nansemond Truck Pkg Co. 330 Washington 

Bicycle Dealers and Repairers 

Karris N H. 946 Washington 

Billiard and Pool Rooms 

King F E 4 6 04 Washington 
Leader The, 3 00 Washington 
♦Phillip's Pool Parlor, 605 Washington 
Smoker Inc The, 916 Washington 

Blacksmiths, Horseshoers and Wheelwrights 

Atkinson C J, 12 7 Cherry 
Butler J M & Sons, 615 Main 
Helms B A. 640 Mam 
Walls J S. 524 Washington 

Boarding Houses 

Baker J W, 6 03 Bank 
Burton W M, 212 Saratoga 
Cox M J Mrs, 219 North 
Stuart "House, 913 Washington 
Tomney J C Mrs, 9 01 Hall av 

Boat Repairing 

Haynes N T, Main extd nr River 

Booksellers and Stationers 

Suffolk Printing & Stationery Co, 6 06 Main 

Cross W S Co The, 614 Main 
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Wks, 815 Washington 

Carriage and Wagon Builders 

Butler J M & Sons, 611 Main 

China, Glass and Earthenware 

Folit E L Co, 919 Washington 

Cigar Makers 

Wise F T Cigar Co, 9 51 Washington 

Civil Engineers 

Brinkley R H. 4 09 Saratoga 
Nurney G W, 1029 Washington 

Cleaning and Pressing 

*Gay Jno, 419 Saratoga 
*Lee & Taylor, 602 Main 
Santo R D, 608 Main 

Virginia Cleaning & Pressing Co 3 108 Wash- 

Bowen H J & Co. 910 Washington 

; Economy Clothing House, 901 Washington 

i January & Bro, 905 Washington 

i Peoples Bargain Store, 924 Washington 

Werble M, 9 42 Washington 
; West Bros. 9 09 Washington 

; Coal and Wood 

! City Wood Yard, p] Suffolk 

| Holland & Beamon Co, S01 Washington 

: Oliver A W. 42 3 Saratoga 

I Snoop Withers Co The, SO 3 Washington 

| Suffolk Peed & Fuel Co. 4 06 Saratoga 

Commercial Associations 

I Board of Trade, 1021 Washington 

Commission Merchants 

J Holland & "Lee Co Inc. Hall av cor Morgan 

Commissioners in Chancery 

| Britt Lee. 931 Washington 

| Holland L P, 9 30 Washington 

• Kilby Bradford, 926 Washington 

Lipscomb W P, Law Bid* 

Brick Manufacturers 

Contractors and Builders* 

. I Ramsey & Wills, 612 Main 
Soroco Brick Yard, on So Ry N E part of i ,,.,-.,-„ „ .,„„ u . , . 

\Ruldick Burwell/ 110< Washington 
city --'.... 

Suffolk Clay Co. 803 Washington 

Virginia Brick Co, E end of Washington 

Tebo W S.-1-22 I Til 


Tidewater Brokerage Co Inc, S12 Washington 

Buggy Manufacturers 

Parker Mfg Co Inc, A Ci L Ry nr Washing- 

Building Material 

Allen R R, 927 Washington 

Holland & Beamon Co, SOI Washington 

Building and Loan Associations 

Nansemond Building Assn, 94 4 Washington 

Cotton G inner:) 
Whitfield Thos J, Kimberly 


Klngsboro Heights Hairy, Kin,<r.shoro Heights 
Sanitary Milk Co. 620 Main 


Campbell H W, 92 1 Washington 
Holland L C, 935 Washington 
•Ranee E L H, 627 Washington 
Robertson W E, 539 Main 
Whedbee J P, 948 Washington 
Won,) w D. 930 Washington 

mSIctukers Burke & Gregory,Inc. 

Telephone Norfolk 

808-810 Bermuda 


n r: 

Boom on Now. Come on quick- 

%/*& Most progressive town of size 

f W da m { n South. Great Building 
big money here for you. Population, 13,797 




-Backus H M, 11G Virginia 
Hubbard Tuxie Miss. 116 North 
Kussell Amy Miss, 2 33 Main 
*Smalls Mamie E, 503 Washington 

Fuller W T Dr. 6 33 Washington 
Gem Pharmacy, 52 8 Main 
Hall Drug Co, 916 Washington 
Hall Joseph P, 920 Washington 
Xansemond Drug Co, 911 Washington 
Modern Pharmacy, 918 Washington 

Dry Goods 

Ballard & Smith, 92 8 Washington 
Herman B, 92 5 Washington 
Lehman N & Co, 9 37 Washington 
*Marshall J no Jr, 60 3 Washington 
McKay Washington & Co, 531 Main 
Morris E S Mrs, 110 Main 
*X~icholson Mary, < r H3 Washington 

* Stone G W. 62 5 Washington 

Electric Eight and Power Companies 

Xorfolk & Portsmouth Traction Co, 6 22 Main 
Suffolk Gas-Electric Co, 1003 Washington 


Maeleary H M, 721 Washington 
Vail J H, 6 20 Main 

Express Companies 

Adams Express Co, 612% Main 
Southern Express Co, 1012 Washington 

Feed Dealers 

Cooper Kiddick Co, 80 3 Washington 
Shoop- Withers Co, 803 Washington 


Dixie Guano Co, 833 Washington 

FTolland & Beamon Co, 801 E Washington 

Piedmont-Mt Airy Guano Co, 604 Main 

Fish, Oysters and Game 

* Jordan C W, City Mkt 

* Phil lips Chas, 501% Washington 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 

Wool-worth F W & Co, 943 Washington 

Suffolk Fioral Gardens, Broad & S A L Ry 

Founders and Machinists 
Suffolk Iron & Brass Foundry, A C L Ry and 

Fruit and Produce 

?ross W S Co, 609 Main 

Fruit and Vegetable Packages 

Xansemond Truck Package Co, 339 Wash- 
Virginia Mfg Co, E end of Bank 

Funeral Directors and Embalmers 

Baker It W & Co, 829 Washington 
^Colored Burial Club, 317 Wcllons 
*Croeker W H <£ Co, 623 E Washington 
* Elliott. B B & Co, 122 Main 
Hill I O Co, 9 57 Washington 

Furniture Dealers 

Baker R W & Co, 829 Washington 
Hill I O & Co. 9 57 Washington 
Lassiter J M, 1007 AYashington 
Suffolk Bargain House, Washington 
Suffolk Furniture Co, 324 Saratoga 
Thompson & Co, 527 Main 

Furniture Repairers 
Hill I O & Co, 9 57 Washington 

Garage — Auto 

American Garage & Timer Co. 121 Cherry 

Gas Works 

Suffolk Gas-Electric Co, 100 3 Washington 
Virginia-Carolina Distributing Co, 10 5 Poplar 


Allmond R G, 624 Central av 
*Baker Louvenia, 230 Wellons 
Baltimore Market House, 2 31 Smith 
Barton & Wilson Inc. 511 Main 
Benton A M & Co. 423 Saratoga 
Boykins G W Mrs, E Suffolk 
*Bridgeford W M, 517 Washm-ton 

Brinkiey EC, 
Brown C H. 5: 
Bruce H E, 8 5 
Bullock W J E 

Co. 1302 \V 



410 Saratoga 


*Bynum Benj, Boston 
*Byrd Margaret, Philadelphia 
Byrum & Co 1207 Washington 
♦Chapman Repsey, Philadelphia 
Covington A B, 200 North 
*Croeker J C, Pleasant Hill 
Cross S A. E Suffolk 
*Davis Annie L, County cor Madison 
Duke C J & Son, 1039 Washington 
Gardner G A Mrs, 408% Main 
Gayle E C, S4 6 Washington 
*Gordon Octavia, Wellons cxtd 
*Gwaltney Squire, 520 Washington 
HarrcH J W, 1805 Washing-ton 
Harrell R C, 521 Main 
Harrell W C, 9 14 Washington 

* Harris Bros, 219 Pitchkettel rd 
ITines I K & Co, 101 Market 
♦Howard W 11 Mrs, Kimberly 
Howell J D. E Suffolk 

* Jones E S, Saratoga pi 
Jones L W, 1114 Washington 

* Jordan Isaac, flail av, E Suffolk 
♦Jordan Jeffrey, 3d, Jericho 
Kelley A C, 651 Washington 
*Kir.g J VV, 811 Washington « 
*Lassiter Geo. X & W av. Jericho 
Luke J D, P)l Main 

1 rt 



Engineers and Contractors 
J&& % %* Nq 9 N Sevenlh St< Richmond, Va. 

If J 


PHONE 174 



Come to Petersburg 




Marble J It, 101 Jackson 

Oliver A W. 3 56 Saratoga 

Oliver J E. City Mkt | 

* Parker M J. Boston 

♦Pleasant Hill Club No 1. Pleasant Hill 

* Powell L G. Philadelphia 
Powell R N. 103 Main 
Privott E G, 610 Washington 
Privott V V. 611 Washington 
Rainey Mollie Mrs, Hall av 
Royster G H, 400 Main 
•Southall H M. 2J8 Wellons 
Spivey W M <fe Co, 2 03 Holladay 
Underwood Morgan, Kimberly 
*Warfl! Miles, N & W av, Jericho 
•Watson Goodman, N <fc W av, Jericho 
West End Grocery Co, 14 66 Washington 
♦White K G. Boston 

Grocers — Wholesale 

Milteer W R & Bro, 815 Washington 
Nansemond Grocery Co Inc, Washington cor 

Hall av 
Saunders B L & Co Inc, 608 Washington 

Gun and Locksmiths 

Harris N H, 946 Washington , 

•Scott E A. N Jericho 

Hair Dressers 

Roberts N L Mrs, 1010 Washington 


Allen R R, 9 27 Washington 
Brinkley Felix, 827 Washington 

Brothers-Pruden Co, 9 50 Washington 
Folk E L Co Inc, 917 Washington 
Suffolk Hdwe Co, 304 Saratoga 
Thomas Hdwe Co, E Washington 

Harness and Saddlery 

American Harness Co, 819 Washington i 

Folk E L Co Inc. 917 Washington 
Nurney G W, 1019 Washington 

Hats and Caps 

West Bros, 909 Washington 

Hay, Grain and Feed i 

Cooper Riddick Co Inc. 80 3 Washington 
itOLLANTV 3b P.FAMO>rcO. Sttl Washihglfbir r 

Suffolk Feed & Fuel Co. 40 8 Saratoga 



T J. Whitfield Heights 

Hosiery Mills 

Bell Hosiery Mill The, Johnson av cor Vir- 
Carr Knitting Mills, Newport cor Eugenia 
Maxwell Hosiery Mill, £20 Washington 
Suffolk Knitting Mills, Madison cor Factory 


Lake View Hospital, Eosley cor Smith 
St Andrews Hospital, 210 Clay 


Nansemond Hotel, 1000 Washington 
Stuart House, 913 Washington 

House Furnishings 

Folk E L Co Inc, 917 Washington 

*Holman Henry, City Mkt 
*Langston M D, City Mkt 
Leary Wm W. City Mkt 
Myrick J B, City Mkt 
Nelms T W, City Mkt 
Odom J F. City Mkt 
Oliver J E, City Mkt 
Powell PI H. City Mkt 

Ice Manufacturers 

Shoop -Withers Co The, 803 Washington- 
Insurance Agents 

Hosier & Rawlcs, Washington 
Jones & Company, Pinner Bldg 
Jones & Hines, Law Bldg 
Jordan Walter, 811 Washington 
Norfleet R J & J B, Sll Washington 
4Jui[dick A Ay Municipal Bldg 
Spain J B7~"9 47 Washington 
West & Withers, 9 36 Washington 
Williams W L, 947 Washington 
Woodward & Elam. 526 Main 

Insurance Companies — Accident 

Aetna of Hartford, Conn. 316 Saratoga 

Insurance Companies — Fire 

Aachen-Munich of Germany, 9 36 Washington 
Colonial Fire Underwriters, 316 Saratoga. 
Fidelity Underwriters of N Y, 9 53 Washing- 
General Accident Fire & Fife Assurance Corp 

Ltd, 1015 Washington 
Milwaukee Mechincs of Wis. 93f> Washington 
National of Hartford. Conn, 9 26 Washington 
Newark of N J, 9 36 Washington 
Niagara of N Y, 9 36 Washington 
Orient of Hartford, Conn, 936 Washington 
Palatine of London, 9 36 Washington 
Royal Exchangee of >' Y, h 936 Washington 
Security of New Haven, Conn, 9 "6 Washing- 

Insurance Companies — Health 

Home Beneficial Assn of Va, 9 17 Washing- 
Provident Relief Assn, S33 Washington 

insurance Companies — Life. 

Metropolitan Life Ins Co, 94 7 Washington 
Pittsburgh Life & Trust Co of Pa, Pinner Bloc 

Call en mmm PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 



Sec Our Adv. la Buyers Guide 


Send sketches for free search. Ust of Invention* 
needed sent free. Established in 1 889. Indorsed b> 
both Virginia Senators. Easy payments. 




D. C. 


"Richmond Beneficial ot" Richmond, Va, 615 

Virginia Beneficial Insurance Co, 601 ^ Wash- 


Holland G S P Jr & Co, 522 Main 

l^awrence S M, 618 Main 

Lewis C L. 604 Main 

Lloyd F W, 95 3 Washington 

Jewelers and Watchmakers 

Brewer R L it Son, 946 Washington 
Holland J A. 699 Washington 
Pinner M T, 940 Washington 
Vaughan Jno S, 821 Washington 


Suffolk Steam Laundry, 6 32 Main 
Wing Charlie, 8 26 Washington 

Light and Power Companies 
Norfolk & Portsmouth Traction Co. 622 Main 

Linie Manufacturers 

McAnge Wm N, Kimberly at wharf 

lioans and Investments 

Lewis C I„ 2 51 Washington 
Lloyd-Holland & Co. 9 53 Washington 


Lumber Co, 

Broad and N 

Crocker- Brink ley 

& W Ry 
Dill-Cramer-Truitt Corp, P O Bldg 
Montgomery Lumber Co, Bank nr N & W Ry 
Xansemond Lumber Co, 8 33 Washington 
Philhower R P. Kimberly 
Virginia Mfg Co, Bank and X & W Ry 


Ferguson Mfg Co The, A C L Ry and Fac- 
Harris N H, 946 Washington 
McCleary J H, Newport nr Holladay 
Benthall Machine Co (peanut pickers), 803 

Marble and Granite Works 

Suffolk Marble Wks, 314 Washington 
Suffolk Monumental Wks, 247 Main 

Meat Markets 

Baltimore Market House, 2 31 Smith 
Brinkley fr Moody, 2 5 City Mkt 
Burwell W W, 2 08 Wellons 
Frazier W R, City Mkt 
Lenhart Chas Jr, City Mkt . 
Mitchell W P Sons, City Mkt 
Sitterson B J, City Mkt 
Stone J H, City Mkt 

Meat Packers 

Smithfield Packing Co Inc, F Suffolk nr So 

Mill Supplies 

Folk E L Co Inc, 917 Washington 

Boothe J H Mrs, 949 Washington 
Byrd Nettie Mrs, 306 Saratoga 
Daughtrey W R Mrs, 953 Washington 
Harrell Clarence Mrs, 915 Washington 
Marble Mary Miss, K Suffolk 
Odom N F Mrs, 113% Saratoga 

Mills — Com 

Virginia Mills Inc The, A C L Ry nr Madison 

Mills — Saw and Planing 

Brinkley P S Lumber Co, White Marsh rd 
Crocker-Brinkley Lumber Co, Broad and N Sr 

W Ry 
Gunn J A, 1403 Washington 
Keen J H, Hall Place extd 

Newspapers and Periodicals 

Suffolk Herald The, 912 Washington 

Virginian-Pilot (of Norfolk, Va), office 52S 


♦Crocker 'W H, 62 3 Washington 

P^verett S E, 9 46 Washington 

Holland G S P, 522 Main 

Holladay J E B, 616 Main 

Lewis C L, 6 04 Main 

Rawles R H. 9 30 Washington 

West. J E, 9 3 6 Washington 

Woodward Hersey, Farmers Bank of Xanse- 

Woolford A. 900 Washington 

Notions and Small wares 

Ballard & Smith, 92 8 Washington 
Byrd Nettie Mrs, 306 Saratoga 
♦Marshall Jno Jr, 603 Washington 
McKay- Washington Co, 531 Main 

Nurses — Trained 

♦Hunter Bettie, 30 5 St James- av 

Oliver Mary Mrs, 209 North 

Rawles Fannie Miss, Bakeview Sanatorium 

♦Reeves Julia M, 4th, Jericho 

Office Supplies 

Brothers Lewis G, 539 Main 


Standard Oil Co, nr end of Milner 


Brewer R L & Son, 9 16 Washington 
Pinner M T, 9 10 Washington 
Vaughan J s, 821 Washington 

Oyster Packers 

McAnge Wm N\ Main boy Xansemond river 
Smith Peter iV: Co, Kimberly % at wharf 
Suffolk Packing Co, County and So Ry 
Virginia ; m-- Co, nr Old Dominion wharf 

r • ^ m M Is the Largest Trunk Manufacturing 

MA'. Y^-yC^WMtS City in the South. 

« W* s <**>- Write CHAMBER OP COMMERCE. 


Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. Co, 

C.ROSS ASSETS, $l,S52,72S.19. 




Paints, Oil and Glass 
Allen R R, H27 Washington 
Brinkley Felix, 827 Washington 

Paper hangers 

Hines M R, 301 Market 
Turner A A, 208 North 

Pawn Brokers 
Suffolk Loan Office, 82 3 E Washington 


Bain Peanut Co Inc, Madison and So Ry 
King Jno Peanut Co The, Spruce and So Ry 
Lummis <_<: Co, Washington and So Ry 
Martin & Sons, N & So Ry nr Madison 
Suffolk Peanut Co The.. Hall av cor Sara- 

Pcami ts — Wholesale 

Bain Peanut Co, Madison and So Ry 

Columbian Peanut Co, 841 Hall 

Holmes & Dawson, 302 Factory 

King Jno Peanut Co, Spruce and So Ry 

Lummis & Co. Washington and So Ry 

Planters Nut & Chocolate Co.. Hall av 

Pond Bros Peanut Co Inc, So and A C. A Ry 

Suffolk Peanut Co, Hall cor Saratoga 

Peanut Picker Manufacturers 

Ferguson Mfg Co, 210 Eactory 

Peannt Storage 

Holland & Pee To Inc ; Hall av cor Morgan 
Martin & Sons, N & So Ry nr Madison 
Old Dominion Storage Co Inc. N & So Ry nr 


Caffey's Studio, 505 Main 
Harrell J E, 9 22 Washington 


* Fuller W T, 6 33 Washington 

Gibson J W & W C, 1015 Washington 
Harrell D L, 506 Main 
Morrison F J, Nu'rney Bldg 
Murray W W, 221 Saratoga 
Phillips Jno E, 1013 Washington 
Pretlow R H, 614% Main 
Rawls D L, 506 Main 
Rawls J E, 506 Main 
'-Riddick C J.. 9 23 Washington 

* Thorpe" T ~DT 6 27 Washington 
*W r arren H A, 2 35 Church 
White L W, 1013 Washington 

Pianos and Organs 

Gaskins Music House, 9 39 Washington 
Thompson & Co, 527 Main 

Plumbers and Steam utters 

MacLeary H M, 721 Washington 
Riddick W C, 212 Morgan 
Suffolk Plumbing Co. 614 Main 

Power Companies 

Virginia Ry & Power Co. 6 22 Main 

Pressing Clubs 

Brunswick Shaving Parlor & Pressing Club 
53 3 Main 

Nansemond Cleaning. Pressing & Dyeing Par- 
lor, 309 Saratoga 

Santo R D, 608 Main 

Printers — Book mid Job 

Suffolk Herald Co, 912 Washington 

Suffolk Printing & Stationery Co, 606 Main 

Produce and Emits 

Cross W S Co Inc, 609 Main 

Produce Dealers — Wholesale 

Cross W S. 806 Washington 


Suffolk Herald Co, 912 Washington 

Railroads and Transportation Companies 

Atlantic Coast Pine R R, Washington cor 

Norfolk & Southern Ry, Washington nr 

Norfolk & Western Ry Passngr Depot, N & 

W av nr Washington 
Old Dominion Steamship Co, Main at Wharf 
Southern Railway, Washington nr So Ry 
Seaboard Air Line Ry, 331 Main 
Virginian Ry The. 312 Main 

Real Estate 

Barbee Thos A, 9 49 Washington 

* Crocker W PI & Co, 62 3 Washington 

Hare E H, 811 Washington 

Holladay J E B, 616 Main 

Holland G S P Jr & Co. 5 22 Main 

Hosier J Walter, 1201 Washington 

Jordan Walter, 811 Washington 

Lawrence S M, 61 S Main 

Lewis C L, 6 04 Main 

Norfleet R J & J B, 811 Washington 

Pinner J F &■ J B, Pinner Bldg 


Alhambra The, 535 Main 
Busy Bee, 500 Washington 
♦Edwards J J, 607 Washington 
Eureka Cafe, 9 06 Washington 
Star Cafe, 699 Washington 
Williams Ernest, 822 Washington 

Folk E L Co Inc. 917 Washington 


Lakeview Sanatorium, Bosley cor Smith 

Schools and Colleges 
Kings Daughters Night School. Hill cor SAI« 

•Nansemond Industrial Institute, E Suffolk 
♦Suffolk Normal & Training School. 14 S Pine 

pate No city in the South has shown a more steady 

iHtiUlClP **<* substantia! growth, 

T H E 

AUGUST s\f\ 107 SHARP ST. 



Sewing Machines 

Singer Sewing Machine Co, 1011 Washington 

Shoe Dealers 

Ballard & Smith, 28 Washington 
*Marshall Jno Jr, G03 Washington 
Nelms-Harris Shoe Co, 908 Washington 

Shoemakers and Repairers 

Bestyette Shoe Repair Shop, 316 Saratoga 
Brown C H, 521 Washington 

* Brown General., 2d av 
Lattie J E, 1009 Washington 
*Rooney Wm, 82 S Washington 
Williams E, 854 Washington 

* Yates W M, 419 Saratoga 

Sign Painters 
Hines M R, 301 Market 

Robinson A C S, 120 Wilson 

Soft Drinks 
Brown C H, 521 Washington 
Harrison R J, £ 4 4 Washington 


Rose ("lilt" Fruit Farm, 507 Washington 
Suffolk Drug Corp, 618 Main 

Sporting Goods 

Brothers- Pruden Co, 9 50 Washington 
Folk E R Co Inc, 917 Washington 

Stables — Livery, Feed and Sale 

Brothers Chas, rear 84 Washington 
Da ugh trey & Bro, 617 Main 
Freeman J T, rear 612 Main 
Harrell W H, Market pi 
Hill S P, 326 Saratoga 
Holland R E, 1023 Washington 
Xurney G W, 102 3 Washington 
Powell R X, 10 3-10 5 Main 
Suffolk Horse Bazaar, 12 5 Cherry 
Suffolk Horse Exchange. 619 Main 


Bowen H J & Co, 910 Washington 
Santo R D, 608 Main 

Silver Dollar Tailoring Co, 915 Washington 
U S Woolen Mills Co, 9 33 Washington 
WEST BROS, 909 Washington 

Telephone and Telegraph Companies 

Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, 610% Main 
Southern Bell Telephone &■ Telegraph Co, 815- 

Western Union Telegraph Co, 82 3 Washington I 

Theatres and Places of Amusement 

Academy of Music, 519 Main 

Tinners and Metal Workers 

Folk E L Co Inc, 917-919 Washington 

Water Companies 

Portsmouth-Berkley & Norfolk Water Co. 
Boothe Bldg 

Wood Workers 

Suffolk Woodworking Corporation, Bank nr | 
N & W Ry 



Nelson County 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $2,579,- 
494; colored, $159,647. Total, $2,739,141. 

Value of personal property — White. $9,851.- 
614; colored, $77,860. Total, $9,929,474. 

Income — $1,5 67,054. 

Population, 1936 — 16.821. 

Number voters — White, 2.310; colored, 699. 

Area — Acres, 2S7,991; square miles, 476. 

County Seat — Bovingston. 

This county was established in 1S$>£ from 
Amherst. The James river skirts its north- 
eastern border, separating it from Bucking- 
ham, and the Blue Ridge mountains bound it 
on the west, dividing it from Augusta and 
Rockbridge counties. Its other border coun- 
ties are: Albemarle on the northeast, Am- 
herst on the southwest, and Appomattox di- 
rectly south. The Tye, Ruckers, Run, Rock- 
fish and other rivers, tributaries of the James, 
extend through and water the oounty. The 
Chesapeake and Ohio and Southern railways 
and Virginia Blue Ridge Railway pass; through 
the county. The lands are very productive, 
and yield fine crops of buckwheat, corn, rye, 
oats, wheat, corn, rye, oats, wheat and the 
grasses, and apples of the best quality. The 
mountain lands furnish fine pasturage, and 
horses, cattle and sheep are raised here in 
large numbers for market. The minerals are 
iron (red hemite and magnetic), copper, lead, 
manganese, asbestos, kaolin and soapstone. 
The timbers are pine, oak, hickory, walnut, 
chestnut, maple and dogwood. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the fourth Monday in January, March, May, 
July, September and November 

Judge — Bennett T Gordon, Lovingston 

Clerk — E E Kidd, Bovingston 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — S B Whitehead, 


Sheriff — W H Wheeler, Elmington 
Treasurer— J F Fitzpatrick, Bovingston 
Surveyor — Jno J Hill, Rose Mills 
Superintendent of (Poor — Jno W Taylor. 


Superintendent of Schools — IT' T Harris, 


Commissioners of Revenue — T H McGinnis, 

Rockfish; W H Parrish, Roseland 


W M Tunstall, Bovingston; M W Coleman, 
Nellys Ford; Forrest Coffey. Nash 


C A Wood, Shipman; W L Hughes, Nor- 
wood; A R Kyle, Gladstone: T M Campbeli. 

Montebello; A J Allen, Roseland; Jno F 


Has Good Schools for Boys and Girls. 
Moderate tax rate. 


.ellam Hospital, Inc, 




The Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sorts, and we want 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundreds 
of sufferers treated during the past 18 years. 



Woodson, Roektish; T M Damerson, Green- 


J T Brent, Tye River; T B M Perkins, El- 
mington: Pierce Loving, Lovingston; H C 
Jordan, Gladstone; F L Whitehead, Roseland* 
J R Fitzgerald, Nash; J D Allen, Montebello; 
E R Mays, Afton; R H Coleman, Fabers; 
Hudson Martin, Fabers; O H Fitzpatrick, 
Shelton; A L Wray, Schuyler; N L Lyon. 

Board of Health 
B Young (chairman), Shipman; Dr W M 
Tunstall, Lovingston; Dr W r D Meeks, Mas- 
sies Mills; Dr J C Everett, Nellys Ford 

Agricultural Implements 

Goodloe H J, Afton 
Hatter W H, Nash 
Horsley A C. Warminister 
NASH B AY j Nash 

Whitehead & Arrington. Arrington 

Attorneys at Law 
Brown & Brown, Arrington 
Cabell C E ; Norwood 
Carr Jno, Nash 
Fitzgerald J R, Nash 
Gordon B T, Lovingston 
Kidd E L, Lovingston 
McClain C M, Greenfield 
Martin C L ; Greenfield 
Massic J B, Roseland 
Nelson D E, Wingina 
Snyder W T, Arrington 
^Tucker L Grafton, Lovingston 
Whitehead S B, Lovingston 
Young P B, Oak Ridge 

BANK OF NELSON, Lovington 


Coffey M F, Nash 
Hatter J P, Nash 

* Jefferson C W, Massies Mill 
Norvell R W Jr, Schuyler 

* Reynolds J R, Massies Mill 
Ruse T J, Arrington 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 
Allen G T, Lovingston 
Bradshaw J J, Faber 
Coffey L R, Nash 
Currier B F 3 Schuyler 
Drumheller L S. Faber 
Falwell Jake, Nelmont 
♦Giles Stuart, Bryant 
♦Hill G E, Greenfield 
Kitcben \V E, Shipman R F D 
*Ligon Otis, Massifs Mill 
*L5gon Robt, Roseland 
"Moneymaker C E, Shipman R F D 
ProffHt T J, Nelmont 

Robinson L C, Arrington 
Sheffield R F, Adial 
Sheffield L J, Lovingston 
Sheriield Robt, Avon 
Turner E J. Wingina 
Wright S E, Myndns 

Boarding Houses 
Baber E L Mrs, Avon 
Bayrd S E Mrs.. Massies Mill 
Bolton F N, Wingina 
Bryant M J Mrs, Faber 
Goodwin C P Mrs, Nellysford 
Batter Gates, Nash 
Hause Mil Ian. Nelmont 
Hill W J Mrs, Adial 
Hughes Joseph, Warminister 
Loving J O Mrs, Lovingston 
Mays F L Mrs, Avon 
Nash K D, Nash 
Parrish H B. Massies Mill 
Pettit E D Mrs, Norwood 
Ponton N B Mrs. Nelmont 
Ponton O M Mrs, Arrington 
Slaughter J B Mrs, Nelmont R F D 
Witt S A, Schuyler 


Caffee C F. Nelmont R F D 

Hill Crest Canning Co. Afton 

Red Apple Orchard Corp, Shipman 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers 
Proffett T J & Son. Nelmont 


Baptist, Adial 
Baptist., Avon 
Baptist, Arrington 
Baptist, Bryant 
Baptist, Faber 
Baptist, Lovingston 
Baptist, Myndus 
Baptist, Nellysford 
Baptist, Nelmont 
* Baptist, Norwood 
Baptist, Nelmont R F D 
Baptist, Roseland 
Baptist, Schuyler 
Baptist, Shipman R F D 
Brethren, Love 
Catholic, Arrington 
Disciples, Love 
Episcopal, Arrington 
Episcopal, Massies Mills 
Episcopal, Norwood 
Episcopal, Schuyler 
Methodist, Arrington 
Methodist, Avon 
Methodist. Elmington 
Methodist, Faber 
Methodist, Lovingston 
Methodist, Nelmont R F D* 
Methodist, Norwood 
Mptho'"Hst. Roseland 




able price, Write Hill Directory Co., I 

is the art of producing typewritten 

letters in large quantities at: a reason- 

nc, 823 Mutual BIdg., Richmond, Va. 

Olhri Ir»f»in»*iY»f»n r>-mn«>n\Y ft? Ujyfrmio Issues thr> Mosi Approved Forms of life Insurance O 
16 lUSOrailtO tOilipany 01 V ilfmia tracts from $l.000.00 to S50.000.G0, ^.l, Premiums Pava 
ORGANIZED 1871 (Quarterly, Semi- Annually and Annually. 







Methodist, Schuyler 
Methodist, Wingina 
Presbyterian, Greentield 
Presbyterian, Lovingston 
Presbyterian, Massies Mill 
Presbyterian, Xelmont 

Contractors and Builders 

Christian Ashby C, Arlington 

Dameron E B, Adial 

Harvey G S, Myndus 

Jordan R F, Nelmont 

Kitchen W E, Shipman R F D 

Lawhorn Frank, Nash 

Luck Construction Co, Roseland 

Pugh J L. Avon 

Simpson G N. Shipman 


Farrar J W, Afton 
Farrar S T. Avon 

Rhodes S T. Afton 

Scott X C, Greenfield 

Sparrow Robt, X r elmont R F D 


Eraser J A, Lovingston 
Hylton Geo, Nelmont 
McGregor J M, Avon 
Mays R X T . Avon 


Tompkins M W, Arrington 


Coakley C R, Arrington 
Jefferson Pharmacy, Shipman 
Xelmont Pharmacy, Xelmont 

Herron C \V, Avon 
Hildebrand JJ> D, Afton 
Hubbard J F. Avon 
Hughes A F 4 Nellysford 
Hughes R L, Nellysford 
Humphreys D R, Afton 
Jamerson H C. Afton 
Kiddy J M. Afton t 

Langston C A. Afton 
Lapsley R A. Afton 
Layman S R. Afton 
McClain H H. Avon 
Martin A D, Afton 
Martin C H, Greenfield 
Miller J L. Afton 
Nolley G M. Afton 
Oilman R, Afton 
Page H T, Greenfield 
Phillip Bros, Wintergreen 
Pugh C B, Avon 
Pugh W H. Afton 
Rea C W, Afton 
Rea J E. Afton 
Rodes P L, Greenfield 
Rodes R H. Afton 
Rosser Robert, Greenfield 
Shultz C R, Afton 
Thomas J G. Afton 
Toms L W, Afton 
Wharton E T, Afton 
Wiklbore M S, Afton 
Wine S W, Afton 

Furniture Dealers 

Wheeler J YV". Elmington 


McBride I F, Arrington 

Embry J X", 




Coakley Mary Miss, Arrington 
Ponton Joe Miss, Arrington 

Fruit Growers 

Anderson W O, Afton 

Baber R F E. Afton 

BlnndelFC R, Greenfield 

Brooksville Orchard Co. Afton 

Brown B G, Afton 

Campbell J R, Wintergreen 

Coleman J R, Greenfield 

Cook R H. Afton 

Cooke E L. Afton 

Farrar J W, Afton 

Farrar S T, Avon 

Flippo S W, Afton 

Floyd C E, Afton 

Glass Bros. Avon 

Goodloe H J. Afton 

Goodloe J H. Avon 

Gray J W. Afton 

Harris P P. \nnn 

General Stores 

Akers G D. Gladstone 

Allen IT B, Roseland 

Anderson J B, Xorwood 

Anderson R K, Roseland 

Baber S. Shipman 

Banton Alex, Schuyler 

Berry & Hamersley, Xorwobd 

Bolton G E & Co, Wingina 

Bowling Bors, Arrington 

Bowling R B, Arrington R F D 

BRAGG T P, Afton 

Brock J B, Schuyler 

Bryant C E, Shipman 

Bullock A R, Lovingston 

Bugy R L. Faber 

GABE^Ii J HOY, Xelmont 

Oarrico J W, Xorwood 

COAKLEY C R, Arlington 


Coffey J M, Love 

Coffey O V. Lyro 

Couples A J. Rockfish 

Craig L & Son, Shipman % 

Dawson L C. Afton 

nawson S ^ Mrs, NMrnnnt 

'■ ■ . ■ 

The Magic City is growing and pros- 



Boom on Now 

e^JT^ Most progressive town of si~e 

f W €ku mi *' m South. Great Building 
Come on quick— big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Dawson T H, Wingina 

Dillard J T, Eovingston 

Drumheller A J. Rockfish 

Durrett Albert, Glassies Mill 

EGAN E J, Shipman R F D 

Estes M K & Co, Eovingston 

Falls W X, Bryant 

Farrar Bros, Rockfish 

Farrar G B, Arringtqn 

Farrar J J. Elmington 

Farrar S T, Avon 

Fitzpatrick J P & Son, Xelmont 

Fitzpatrick W C & Co. Arrington 

Galladay G C & Bro, Buffalo Station 

GARDNER J W, Elmington 

Gladstone Mercantile Co. Gladstone 

Galladay S M, Buffalo Station 

Go-odloe B H, Onan 

Goodloe H J. Afton 

GOODW1X J O, Xellysford 

Hall X J. Faber 

Hammersley I W & Bro, Norwood 

Harris J C, Faber 

HARVEY R Ii & CO, Bryant 

Harvey W T, Montebello 

Harvey £ Stevens. Arlington R F D 

Hatter J P. Tyro 

Hatter W H, Nash 

HEATH \Y J, Norwood 

Henderson J G. Arrington 

HENDERSON R E, Roseland 

Hudson E C, Xelmont 

Hughes T W, Brvant 

Jackson E. Faber 

Jobe W R, Gladstone 

Jones H B, Arrington 

JOHXSOX C I & SOX. Wingina 

.lones & Co, Wingina 

Kidd J L. Norwood 

Kidd T B, Xorwood 

LEA BROTHERS, Massies Mill 

Lipscomb L D, Avon 

McClain G C, Greenfield 

Mahone R A. Massies Mill 

MARTIX C H, Greenfield 

Martin Hudson, Faber 

MARTIX J O. Adial 

Martin R L. Faber 

Martin T A, Elmington 

Mays F L 'Mrs, Avon 

Mays Gordon. Avon 

Miller E X, Massies Mill 

Miller W M, Massies Mill 

Miller Win H. Massies Mill 

MOON F R cV. CO, Warminister 

Moore J D, Xelmont R F D 

Morris & Rodgers, Rockfish 

Mosby Olia Mrs, Tyro 

Nelson D E, Norwood 

Nuttycombe A A. Gladstone 

Painter & Bradley, Montebello 

Parr G H & Co. Roseland 

Parsons W P. Tyro 

Pitts C R. Schuyler 

Powell N E Mrs. Rockfish 


, , , , 

i ei 

Powers Wm M, Shipman 
PlGll C B, Avon 

Fugh W E. Afton 
Pugh W W & Son, Greenfield 
Purvis A C, Schuyler 
Quick R G. Bryant 
QTTNN W J, Xelmont R F D 
Ripley G W, Wingina 
Roberts W A, X T orwood 
Saunders R H. Shipman 
Seaman R D, Montebello 
Seay J H, Myndus 
Sheffield E J, Eovingston 
Shelton J P & Son, Faber R F D 
Simpson R E. Shipman 
Slaughter E D, Xelmont 
Smith Wallace F, Tyro 
Stevens C E & Co, Arrington 
Stevens J Alex, Eovingston 
Stinson E C, Arrington 
Stinson T I\ Wingina 
Stratton D R, Roseland 
Strickland Reed, Xelmont 
Thacker W P & Co, Freshwater 
Toms E W. Afton 
Trevillian O E. Faber 
Turner E J Mrs, Wingina 
Turner T E & Co. Gladstone 
Tye River Racket Store, Nelmont 
Virginia Soapstone Co, Schuyler 
WALKER S G & SOX, Schuyler 
WEST L A, Faber 
Wheeler W H & Son, Elmington 
While W A, Arrington 
Whitehead Bros Sz Co, Roseland 
Whitten W T, Faber 
Wiley E L & Co. Gladstone 
Williams C B, Avon 
Witt R E & Bro. Faber 
WOOD P M. Myndus 
Wright P B & Co, Myndus 
Yuille A M, Tyro 


Anderson J B, Norwood 
Brown C E, Wingina 
Clarkson & Turner, Arrington 
Evans Frank, Shipman 
Kitchen W E, Shipman 
Moses W A, Schuyler 
Pitts C R, Schuyler 
Ruse T J, Arrington 
Sheffield E J, Eovingston 
Taylor J W. Faber 
*Turner & Clarkson, Arrington 
Wood E V «fc Sisters, Shipman 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Canada W C. Nelmont 
Farrar G L, Arrington 
Hamner & Toms, Faber 

Hotels « 
Bayrd S E Mrs, Massies Mill 
Callahan & Terry, Gladstone 


PHONE 891 
Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 

Everything in REAL ESTATE 

Virginia Farms and Orchards 



Ideal Print Shop 

"Our Aim is to Please You" 


Special Attention Given Out-of-Town Orders Phone 1361-W 
229 N. Sycamore St., Mcllwaiae Bldg., 



Goodloe Mrs J R. Afton 
Loving J O Mrs, Lovingston 
Millar 'House, Nelmont 
Parris H B, Massies Mill 
Ponton O M Mrs, Arrington 
Witt J J. Schuyler 

Insurance Agents 
Bqyce H G, Myndus 

Heath W J, Norwood 
Johnson J E, Wingina 
Mawyer H D« Lovingston 
Taylor W N, Arrington 

Live Stock Dealers 
Boyce S R & Bro, Myndus 
Camden B F, Nelmont R F D 
Coleman J R. Greenfield 
Davis L J, Elmington 
Garth J W, Greenfield 
Goodloe W G, Greenfield 
Henderson J G, Shipman R F D 
Henderson R E. Roseland 
Martin C H, Greenfield 
Page H C\ Greenfield 
Page S O, Love 
Pettit J A Mrs, Roseland 
Saunders Bros, Roseland 

Livery Stables 

Canada W C, Nelmont 
Farrar G R, Arrington 
McGinnis I H Shipman 
Slaughter J M. Xelmont R F 1> 
Turner E J, Wingina 
White W A, Arrington 
Wray A U Schuyler 

Lumber Dealers 

Carter T J, Bryant 

Kidd E F. Xelmont R F D 

Johnson C I & Son. Wingina 

Lamb I E, Rove 

Rainey J D, Faber 

Meat Markets 

Miller W H, Massies Mill 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Anderson R K, Roseland 
Dodd.M H, Nellys ford 
Farmer. W X, Wingina 
Henderson J M, Love 
Horsley A G Jr. Warminister 
Meeks A M, Roseland 
Meeks L W, Massies Mill 
Piedmont Produce Co, Xelmont 
Variety Mills, Shipman R F D 
Witt S A, Schuyler 
Witt S W & J W, Xellysford 
Wood J H & Bro, Lovingston 

Mills— -Saw 

Ayres J D, Wingina 
Row^n B>-os. Xelmont 

Carter L M, Schuyler 

Galladay G C & Bro, Buffalo Station 

Garnett M L, Wingina 

Mitchell W J, Lovingston 

Petitt B E & Co, Elmington 

Raglan d S F." Wingina 

Stinson W A, Wingina 

Tyler J R. Schuyler 

Wright J W, Wingina 

Wright T .1, Wingina 

Newspapers and Editors 

Xelson County Times, Lovingston, W Scott 
Heath editor 

Painters — House and Sign 

Damot-on E B, Adial 
Hamilton R H, Schuyler 
Thaeker Geo, Arrington 


Callaway Geo C, Xorwood 
Brake J A Jr, Montebello 
Eubank W M. Shipman 
Everett John C, Xollysford 
Garth W G, Greenfield 
Glover S R, Midway Mills 
Horsley Fred M, Lovingston 
Hubbard J F. Avon 
Meeks William D, Massies Mill 
Randolph B T, Arrington 
Micklem Austin, Rockfish 
Sizer A. A, Schuyler 
Thaxton J F, Xelmont 
Tunstall W M, Lovingston 
Whitehead Hampton, Tye River 


Heath W S, Lovingston 

Quarries — Soapstone 

Asbestine Stone Co.. Xelmont 

Phoenix Soapstone Co, Arrington 
Virginia Soapstone Co, Schuyler 

Stave Manufacturers 

j Campbell M C, Bryant 

{ Cunningham H F, Shipman R F D 

! Piedmont* Stave Co, Roseland 

Telephone Companies 

j Central Telephone Co, Lovingston 
• Dickie James Telephone Co, Roseland 
Xelson County Telephone Co, Norwood 


Allen G T, Lovingston 
Pari- G PI & Co. Roseland 
Quinn & Torbett, Nelmont R F D 
Sheffield L J, Lovingston 
! Toms W C. Faber 

Veterinary Surgeons 
I Goodwin J W, Arrington 

$".' i v r ;^T:((''i ■'■3 h Yi 
Sites. Write CHAMBER OX< 

'"",;':; Has one of the largest shipyards 
; on the Atlantic and Good Business 




15 \V. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 







Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Laiuira J H, Schuyler 
Wilson W F, Shipman 


Adial — Population 24; 8 miles from R R; 
10 miles from C H; banking- town, Charlottes- 
ville — B B Dameron, Scott Dawson, J H Dun- 
can, J V Duncan, James B Duncan, O H Fitz- 
patrick, D A Harris, J T Hill, S J Hill. W J 
Hill, J O Martin, E, W Mawyer, S W Maw- 
yer. W R Mawyer, J A Pugh, C G Quick, C 
T Roberts, R F Sheffield, W G Williams, R D 
Wood, W L Wood, J L Woody, Joe L Woody, 
Jno Woody 

burg — Nelson Bryant, L J Campbell, M 
C Campbell, C S Carter, S L Carter, 
John Coffey, C L Damon, W A v Dodd, 
Woody Dodd, Wm Ewing, C E Falls, 
W N Falls, H D Fitzgerald, N D Fitz- 
gerald. J T Harvey, David Higginbotham, C J 
Hughes, J D Hughes, J P Hughes, R H 
Hughes, T W Hughes, G C Jones, J R Lowe, 
C C McGan, C T Massie, M C Massie, Jno W 
Meeks, S C Phillips. C H Plunkett, J D 
Plunkett, G W Quick, Thos Quick, M P Ram- 
sey, W R Rhodes, L P Roles, S T Roles, J 
W Thompson, Lossy Thompson, J C Turpin, 
A R Whitehead, G H Whitehead, R H White- 
head, R N Wood 

At'ton — Population 50; on C & O R R; 22 

miles from C H; banking town, Waynesboro 
— J T Anderson, H M Bowen, A M Cook, H G 
Corbett, Henry J Corbett, A C Critzer, Ches- 
terfield Critzer, J T Dawson, S M Elliton, 
Hugh J Foster, H J Goodloe, W H Goodwin. 
E G Lane, S R Layman, Reuben Lipscomb, 
Rush Lipscomb, W II MeCue, W B McGreg- 
or. Jno Mays, T E Mays, J W Miller, Fred- 
erick Pannell, W L Pugh, W S Rodes, C R 
Shultz, F P Thompson, R E Turner, Wm H 
Turner, D R Weisi^er, J M White. R D 
White, J W White 

Arlington — Population 300; on So R R; 7 
miles from C H; banking town, Lynchburg 
— B L .Adams, W A Arrington. J L Bibb Jr. 
Jack S Bibb, N H Bibb, R H Bibb, W G 
Bibb. H D Bolton, J F Bolton, S G Bowles, 
Jno T Brent, K C Brent, J T Brown. C R 
Coakley. Geo W Toffee, J R De Masters. J T 
Fitzpatrick, J P Fitzpatrick, W C Fitzpatrick, 
W P Fitzpatrick, G W Fortune, E A Gibson, 
J W Gibson, Jno W Gibson, Jno W Goodwin, 
Thos Hamlett, L J Harvey, J G Henderson, 
Jno J W Hite, A E Jones, J H Lawhorn, 
L X Lawhorne, X W Lowe, J E Mays, Jo- 
seps S Mays, Wm H Mays, *Robt Morse, R K 
Powers, A P Saunders, C H Spencer. H S 
Spencer, Howard Spencer. R P Spencer, W T 
Spencer, C E Stevens, G H Thacker, G W 
Thacker. R M Tyree, Jack A r iar, M R Viar, 
Joseph A White. E C Wood. H M Wright, 
Jno N Wright 

Arlington R F D — X H Bibb, D W Bowl- | 
ing. R B Bowling, J T Brent, J E Mays. J S ! 
Mays, L H Randolph 

Avon — Population 10; 3 miles from R R; ' 

22 miles from U 1 H; banking town, Waynes- i 

boro — Henry Critzer, J W Farrar, H Y Fos- ' 

ter, H C Goodwin, W H Goodwin, G W Lob- : 

ban, D McGregor, R X Mays, W B Mac- | 

Gregor. T H Rodes, J H Sutherland, C B j 

Williams, W C B Williams j 

Buffalo Station — Population 8; on C & O R 
K; 16 miles from C H; banking town, Lynch- 
burg— Xed Beverly, Edward Blanton, J A 
Burks. W M Cabell, J M Carter, J F Goli- 
day, S M Golladay, Edmond Hughes. Wm 
Hughes, T Jackson, Oscar La Grand, P Thorn- 
hill, Henry Turner, J D Watts 

Buford — Population 10; on C & O Ry; 16 
miles from C H; banking town, Lynchburg 
— H D Omohundro, I M Spears 

LOImingtou — Population 61; on So R R; 8 
miles from C H; banking town, Lovingston 
— -J A Ballew, L J Davis, L C Johnson, I^an- 
don Johnson and Bros, E C Kidd. 
J A Kidd, W J Kidd, Mrs Edmonia 
Powell, Col Isaac Powell. *Isaac Powell, W 
A Powell, W F Robertson, J W Saunders, 
H P Willoughby, W X Willoughby, Jno W 
Wheeler, W H Wheeler 

Faber — Population 65; on So R R; 12 mlies 
from C H; banking town, Charlottesville — 
W H Baber, J P Chapman, Homer David- 
son & Bro, L X Hamner, C H Loving, Hudson 
Martin, J E Matthews, J T Pitzer, E T Pugh, 
J W Roberts, M S Roberts, C A Thurmond. 
W H Thurmond, West & Davidson, W T 

Greenfield — Population 15; S miles from R 
R; 12 miles from C H; banking town, Char- 
lottesville — H W Brown, J R Coleman, G W 
Daineron. T M Damron, G H Farrar, S J 
Ferguson, J W Garth, J H Graves, W C Har- 
ris, H H McClain, J H McClain, J R Mc- 
Clain, C H Martin, C L Martin, W D Mays. 
J L Mitchell, H C Page, H T Page, Jno A 

Parr, W W Pugh, J T Smith, 
Philip Rodes, J V Smith 

Jno Taylor, 

Bryant — Population S; 12 miles from R R; 
miles from C TT; banking 1 town. Lvnch- 

liOve — Population 18; 11 miles from R R; 
2 5 miles from C H; banking town, Waynes- 
boro — F E Campbell, Frances Campbell, Cy- 
rus Coffey, F L Coffey, George Coffey, Henry 
Coffey, Hugh Coffey, J M C*ffey, Jno Coffey. 
Peter Coffey, Tom Coffey, Geo Demastus,*o !Vmn«tnH, F.lias Evorftt. J W Everett, 


is on the Grandest Harbor of the Atlantic, 
it grow. 



Snapp Foundry 


C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 

ziacmne »^* 

North Market St., Winchester, Va. GEO. R. THKIS, Mgr. 



T R Everett, J H Goode, J C Hewitt, F R 

Lovingston — Population 300; 4 miles from 
R R; a banking: town — S R Boyce, Thos 
Boyce, W T Bridgewater, R L Camden, Ed- 
ward Carter, W S Carter, \V A Crank, W N 
Dawson, M K Estes, C H Evans. J L For- 
tune, A J Gianniny, .1 W Gianniny, Jno Hors- 
ley, J A Johnson. J E Kidd, J O Loving-. 
Jno Profht, Jno R Rodgers. James Rogers, 
J I* Shelton, W J Showalter, H Spencer, W 
IT Stevens, E G Thacker, P P Thacker, Wil- 
lis Thompson, D M White, S B Whitehead, J 
H Wood, L H Wood. Dan Wright, Jno Wright, 
Massie Wright, 

IiOving-ston K F D Xo 2 — J E Brent. E Car- 
ter. J C Clarkson, A. W Gowan, S M Harvey, 
G R Roving. S S May, S F Stevens. E J 
Thacker, P P Thacker, J \V Wills, W C Wills 

M assies Mill — Population 225; 11 miles from 
R R; 8 miles from C H; banking town. Lov- 
ingston — J C Bent?, J W Bethel, James 
Dickie. Asa Dodd, T T Dodd, Mrs W T Mas- 
sie. Withers Massie.. Dr Wm D Meeks, G C 
Miller. R J Miller, H B Parrish. Dr E P Pear- 
son, J P Pulliam 

Montebello — Population 75; 4 miles from R 
R; 2 5 miles from C H; banking town, Buena 
Vista — F P Allen, G C Allen, H J Allen, J D 
Allen. J T Allen, L G Allen. W R Allen. C W 
Bradley, G F Bradley. H W Bradley. J A Brad- 
ley, J H Bradley.. J P Bradley, L T Bradley, 
X D Bradley, W F Bradley, W H Bradley. 
O B Bradley, O D Bradley, O H Bradley. T 
C Bradley, W B Bryant. Averill Campbell, B 
G Campbell, D C Campbell. E S Campbell, H 
H Campbell, J P Campbell, P P Campbell, 
T M Campbell, T M Campbell Jr. W A Camp- 
bell, W B Campbell, W R Campbell. A H Cof- 
fey, A C Falls, D B Fauber, H F Fauber, H 
H Fauber, H W Fauber. J T Fauber, N D 
Fauber, X W Fauber, B F Fitzgerald, C P 
Fitzgerald, D B Fitzgerald. M R Fitzgerald. 
McD Fitzgerald. Wade H Fitzgerald, F C 
Hite, A D Layton, X H Rayton, X H Rayton 
Jr. G E Madox, M H Painter, A C Ramsey, C 
P Ramsey, G C Ramsey, H L Ramsey, L G 
Ramsey. Reroy Ramsey, T V Ramsey, J C 
Robertson. E H Seaman.. J M Seaman. R D 
Seaman, W G Seaman, J C Snead. T M Snead, 
W D Snead 

rVfyndus — Population 10; miles from R R; 
5 miles from C IT; banking town, Rynchburg 
— S R Boyce & Bro. Thos Boyce. E B Darn- 
er©!*, J B Duncan, J V Duncan, C H Evans. 
O H Fitzpatriek. G W Gianning, JW Gianniny, 
B W Harris, H T Harris, Frank Huffman, H 
Huffman, P H Huffman, E W Mawyer, Ed- 
ward Mawyer, R W Mawyer, S W Mawyer, R 
A Morris. Robt Perry, C G Roberts, D B Seay. 

I, S Seay, X D Seay, Richard Spencer, F E 
Witt, Homer Wood, J H Wood, R H Wood, P 
M Wood, G P Wright, T W Wright 

XeHysfoj'd — Population 15; 12 miles from R 
R and C H; banking town, Lynchburg — J P 
Campbell, E R Coleman, M W Coleman, C P 
Goodwin, J J Goodwin, PI P I'age, A G Phil- 
lips, % D Phillips, A G Small, J W Witt 

Nolniont — Population 110; on So Ry; 10 
miles from C H; banking town, Amherst — J 
Roy Cabell, W C Canada, R C Dillard, R R 
Garner, G H Plylton, R C Hylton, Pi S Jor- 
don, B W Jones, E W Jones, S W Watts 

Xelmmit R F D — B F Camden, T B Can- 
ody, J F Carter, PJ D Kidd, J H Quinn, W E 
Saunders, J H Slaughter, T W Witt 

Norwood — Population 150; on C & O R R; 
j 2 miles from C H; banking town, I^ynchburg 
— W R Anderson, S R Bolton, C J Cabell, W 
H Carter, Jno Cunningham. Sam! Cunning- 
ham. T PI Cunningham, W J Dixon, J R Do- 
lan. Massie Fields, W C Fields, J R Gray, 
W J Heath, J R Kidd, C A Roberts, R C 
Roberts, Willie Woody 

Rockfish — Population 42; on So Ry; 10 
miles from C PI; banking town, Lynchburg 
— R T Anderson, T P Couples, H C Dameron. 
T R Daniel, L S Farrar, M L Farrar, B W 
Goolsby. F M Stewartson. G B W Stewartson, 
'I' S Stewartson, C P Thurmond. R W Wil- 
loughby, C C Woodson, E L Woodson, Jno 
T Woodson. S J Woodson, B M Wright 

Roseland — Population 75; 7% miles from R 
R; 9 miles from C H; banking town, Lynch- 
burg — R K Anderson, J R Campbell, R A 
Campbell. W A Campbell, W M Campbell, 
I' D Cox, P P Gantt & Sons, H M Giles, R 
p: Henderson. E M Higgonbotham, J W Hig- 
ginbotham, B M Plight, C P Hill, V A Hud- 
son, X PI Pludson, J A Hughes, P P Mas- 
sie, Saml E Massie. W S Massie, J PI May, 
E E Miller, Let Miller, W C Miller, Jno J 
Morris, Robt Morris, James A Pettit, J M 
Saunders. J S Saunders. J R Shelton, J A 
Stratton. Henry Via, F L Whitehead, C A 

Roseland R F R — M C Adams. J T Bethel, 
J W Bethel, J X Bryant Thos V Campbell, 
P A Coffey, Paulie Cox. X L Dickie, P R 
Hight, Chas I' Hill, T J Hudson, T E Mar- 
shall. P P Massie, W S Massie. J Hill May, 
X T Mays, E E Miller, R J Miller, Chas Mon- 
roe. W H Parrish, Jno S Saunders, P A Wood 

Schuyler — Population 300; on X & A R R; 
1G miles from C H; banking town. Lynch- 
burg — J T Bailey, P* A Ball, r* L Burton. R 
R Burton, R E Carter, J PT Curd, W E Curd. 


Published by 


Dheciory and AItq&ii&c Publishes 

VSuiu&l BuildJiJg, 



ineiTanRiuii fcsslo. printers, binders 


122-130 W. Tabb St. PETERSBURG, VA. 

See Ad. opposite General Index, page 7. 



J S Harris, Joe Kidd, E L Knight, W G Lyon, 
W T NorvelL C R Pitts, T H Tillmon, R L 
Wilbourne, R W Wilbourne 

Shipman— Population 100; on So R R; 4 
miles from C H; banking town, Amherst — 
James Boulding-, E M Brittle, O O Brittle, F 
M Browning, Geo W Cabell, W A Craig-, 
Frank Evans, Henry King, W A King, C A 
Mann, Ernest Micklen, G W Purvis, J E 
Purvis, J E Purvis Jr, 1* B Young' Jr 

Shipman II F 1) — Geo W Cabell, B Har- 
low, J G Henderson, C R Madison, H M 
Micklem, P Proffitt. H Williams Joseph Wil- 

Tye River — Population 110; on So R R; 12 

miles from C H; banking town. Amherst — 
Jno T Brent, C L Bryant, Saml Bryant, B 
F Camden, J W Canaday, J J Dillard, R C 
Dillard, T H Dillard, T M Fitzpatrick, R F 
Giles, R L. Going, Don P Halsey, W E Hen- 
derson, W L, Henderson, *Wm Henderson, 
Beverly S Hudson, Geo Hylton, B W Jones, E 
W Jones, J S Jones, W R Jones, A A Lincoln, 
J C Powell, N A Promt, T J Promt, E M 
Redd, E M Redd Jr. W C Spencer, W J Spen- 
cer, J % Strickland, E I, Turner, L E Turner, 
A E Whitesel, T W Witt 

J H 

T J 

Tyc River R F D — J A Adams, B F Cam- 
den, Conrad Campbell, J F Carter, J W Can- 
ady, T B Canady, W L Harvey, E F Kidd, 
A A Lincoln, C G Massie, J M Page, J H 
Quinn, W E Sanders, A r ero Saunders, 
Slaughter, Simon Wood, G O Wright 

Tyro — Population 35; 13 miles from R R; 
16 miles from C H; banking town, Lynchburg' 
— *Walter Carter, J M Coffey, J S Coffey, 
Tilden M Coffey, R M Hamilton, David Hig- 
ginbotham. P C Hill, G W Hughes, *Wm 
Johnson. S A Lawhorn. Zack Lawhorne, T J 
Loving. C S Magan, Bland Massie, M C Mas- 
sie, R L Massie, Nick Mays. Scott Miller, W 
C Miller, *K M Mosby, H L Parrish. Howard 
Parrish. L A Parrish, W B Parrish. J S Snead, 
Leonard Trice, E L Turpin, A M Yuiilo 

Warminisfer — Population 30; on C&OR R; 
15 miles from C H; banking town, Scottsville 
— *Henry Ball, Oscar Beasley, Mrs P B Cabell, 
J M Carroll, G E Catlett. *Willie Chambers. 
*Robt Cox, J R Cunningham, C E Dolen, 
*Charlie Farley, C R Gunter, A R Holladay, 
A C Horsley, Miss B L Horsley, J C Hughes, 
*Tom Mayo. T R Moon. Russell Moon, J E 
Moss, J G Powers, C K Proffitt, *Robt Rad- 
cliff. *T Robertson, T M Spears, Tom Taylor, 
J West. T J West, *G IV White. Edw Wil- 

Wingina — F'opulation 20; on C & O R R; 

12 miles from C H; banking town, Lynchburg 
— R B Banton, G E Bolton, S R Bolton, S L 
Branch, D M Bryant, J W Carroll, Jno A 
Carter, Jno A Carter Jr, N Cunningham, W E 
Cunningham, W O Dolan, J L Dolen, W H 
Drummond, W W Hacket, J H Harris, W H 
Hawkins, J B Horsley, Jno Horsley, Jno Hors- 
ley Jr, J E Johnson, W A Mann, C T Palmer, 
Alfred Ragland, J M Ragland, J R Ragland, 
Joe Ragland, W K Ragland, W N Ragland, G 
W Ripley, M A Ripley, T J S Robertson, C 
C Robinson, L H Scruggs, J M Stevens. J A 
Twyman, Saml Twyman, Noah Venable, R L 
Vest, G C Wharton, Joel Wilkerson, A C 
Wood, R H Wood, Nelson Woody, J AY Wright, 
Roland Wright 

Wingina R F D — A J Bondurant, Jesse 
Crews, VV C Crews, S A Lewellyn, W K Rag- 
land, T A Simmons 

Wintergreen — Population 23; 15 miles from 
R R; 10 miles from C H; banking 
town — Lovingston — *Garrett Banks, S E 
Bowen, *C L Brown, J E Bryant, J 
G Bryant, S L Davis, A T Ewing, 
Horace Ewing, Obediah Fitzgerald, G C Har- 
ris, J Singleton Plarris, J W Harris, A F 
Hughes, T J Hughes, Gilbert Marshall, J O 
Napier, J B Phillips, R N Phillips. PI J Rit- 
tenhouse, E P Thompson, J N Truslow, N C 
Truslow, Richd Truslow 








no ABimiSE if! the oiram 

"Four most progressive mer- 
clianls. lift pays them it will 
pay you. Consult us. 


irade-Murks and Copyrights secured. Patent i 
Trade-Mark matters are properly prosecuted to ins 

iY\-'i PI v -' ''■% fullest possible protection, and fees are reasona 

^ VJ Pi 4rt* to -.-'-.v? Correspondence solicited. 
*'" v * M ^- • EDWARD R. WITMAX 




Washington Loan and Trust liidg., Washington, D. C. 



New Kent County 


Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $S15,183; I 
colored, 187,141. Total, §902,324. 

Value of personal property — White, $282,- j 
857; colored $51,670. Total, $334,527. 

Income — ?4,475. j 

Population, 1916 — 4,682. 

Number voters — White, 4 80; colored, 487. \ 

Area — Acres, 12 7,251; square miles, 219. 

County Seat — New Kent. 

New Kent was formed from York in 16 5 4. 
It lies east of Richmond, adjoining the county j 
of Henrico, and between the Pamunkey and { 
Chickahominy rivers. The lands are gener- j 
ally fertile and adapted to trucking- and gen- ; 
eral farming. Marl abounds in large quanti- : 
ties. New Kent Courthouse is thirty miles 
from Richmond. It was in the church near j 
Tunstall's (St Peter's Episcopal) that George i 
Washington was married. The York river t 
railroad passes through the northern portion 
of the county and the Chesapeake and Ohio i 
railroad through the south side of the county 

for a distance of thirteen miles. 



The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
the fourth Tuesday in January, March, May, j 
July, September and November 

Judge — D Gardiner Tyler, Sturgeon Point 
Clerk — T N Harris, New Kent j 

County O dicers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — M H Barnes, j 

New Kent 

Sheriff — R C Apperson Jr, Talleysville 
Treasurer — Geo E Fisher, Quinton 
Surveyor — O M Chandler, New Kent 
Superintendent of Poor — J G Smith, New j 


Superintendent of Schools — A Cooper, Toano j 
Commissioner of Revenue — Douglas Chris- j 

tian, Providence Forge 

Constable — R C Apperson, Talleysville \ 

Agricultural Implements 
Rinns Charles, Mountcastle 

Dohso.ii J B, Tunstall 

Hawkins J S, Providence Forge 

Hastings W T. Oak 

Hogan Walker, Tunstall 

Hughes Charles, Providence Forge 

* J ones James, Oak 

* Jones Joseph, Barhamsville 
Sivex Geo, Mountcastle 
Taylor Wm, Quinton 
Walls J I,, Lanexa 

Boarding Houses 

Gill E F, Providence Forge 
Hughes C E, Providence Forge 
Martin T S Mrs, Lanexa 
Richardson J B, Providence Forge 
Walls j Wesley, Lanexa 


Baptist, Lanexa 
Baptist, Mountcastle 
Baptist, New Kent 
Baptist, Oak 
Baptist, Quinton 
Baptist, Tunstall R F D 
Episcopal, Tunstall R F D 
Methodist, Bock 
Methodist, Dash 
Methodist, Oak 
Methodist, Quinton 
Presbyterian, Mountcastle 
Union, Boulevard 

Contractors and Builders 

Bingley G W, Lanexa 
Bingley M Geo, Oak 
Dobson B T, Tunstall R F D 
Dobson S R, Tunstall R F D 
Hazelwood E B, Lanexa 
McKenney C C, Lanexa 
Olsen H, Boulevard 
Stewart R F, Lanexa 
Walls T W, Lanexa 
Woodward A R, Lanexa 


Long Chas, Providence Forge 
Mountcastle R E, Providence Forge 

Attorneys at Law 

Barnes, M H, New Kent 
Gregory R T, Tunstall 
Gregory Roger, Oak 
Harris T *N. New Kent 


Hazelwood R B, Lanexa 
*Lanley Geo M, Oak 
Martin B F, Lanexa 
*Tyler Wm, Barhamsville 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

B< j st W D, Barhamsville 
Crump H F, Oak 

General Stores 

Adams R D, Providence Forge 
Apperson R J, Tunstall 
Black A, Quinton 
Black G P, Quinton 
Bowman Wm, Oak 

Brown Louis & Co, Tunstall R F D 
Calloran Wm, Oak 
Collins W L, Boulevard . 
Couch J Wesley, Tunstall 
Fames J W Jr, Oak 
Eggleston Riohd, Oak 
Farinholt Bros, Bock * 

Farinholt Geo, Oak 

Apiurtuc&I E5 uridine. 

Richmond, V 

Mailing and Addressing 
Circulars a Specialty." 


American Bank and Trust Co. ~j 

The Rural Route Makes You Our Neigh- 
bor. Bank With Us bv Mail. 

CAPITAL, $200,000.00. 



Account Shall Have 



Farmer E W, Tun stall 
Faiintlerbf! H T & Co, Tunstall 
Fox H L. & Bros, Walkers 
Garrett B F, Barhamsville 
Harmon L B, Walkers 
Harris R L, Lanexa 
Harris T M, New Kent 
Harris T N & Bro, New Kent 
Harrison C L, Quinton 
Hastings M Z Mrs, Oak 
Hubbard R M, Lanexa 
Hughes C E, Providence Forge 
Lipscomb W K, Tunstall 
MeCann G M & Son, Walkers 
Marr F V, Tunstall 
Martin T S, Lanexa 
Martin Thos, Oak 
Patterson D S, Tunstall 
Potts J A, Oak 

POTTS & KIDDER. Barhamsville 
Richardson O P, Bock 
Richardson G P, Oak- 
Richardson J B. Oak 
RICHARDSON R E, Providence Forge 
Richardson W P, Bock 
Stewart H E 6c Co, Lanexa 
Terrell Bros, Providence Forge 
Terrell Joseph S. Providence Forge 
Timberlake I. F, Lanexa 
Timberlake L^e, Oak 
Timberlake Walter, Oak 
Timberlake & Pomfrey. New Kent 
Turner R M, Lanexa 
Vaiden & Martin. Lanexa 
Waddill W F, Tunstall 
WALLS J L. Lanexa 
Walls L A, Lanexa 
Walls R A, White House 
Williams W S, Boulevard 
Woodward F W, Oak 
Woodward G P, Oak 
Woodward Geo C. Barhamsville 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Richardson R E, Providence Forge 


Apperson N, Oak 
New Kent, New Kent 
Richardson J B, Providence Forge 
Windsor, Boulevard 

Insurance Agents 

Hubbard R M, Lanexa 

Live Stock Dealers 

Collins W L, Boulevard 
Hughes C E. Providence Forge 
Richards G F, Tunstall 
Richardson R E, Tunstall R F D 

Livery Stables 

Burnett Edward, Providence Forge 
Gill E F, Providence Forge 
Hazelwood Allr-n. Lanexa 

Martin T S, Lanexa 
Richardson J B, Oak 

Lumber Dealers 

Braaten E T, Oak 

Crute J T, Barhamsville 

Dillard W G, Tunstall R F D 

Eames J W, Oak 

Farinholt Nelson, Oak 

Farinholt W T, Bock 
| Harris T N, Oak 

j Haskins Lumber Co, Tunstall R F D 
j Haskins S J, Tunstall R F D 
i Hughes C E, Providence Forge 
| McMinn E L, Tunstall R F D 
i Mountcastle R E, Providence Forge 
j Perry James R & Co. Boulevard 
| Potts J A, Oak 
| Potts & Kidder, Barhamsville 
'■ Richardson R E. Tunstall R F D 
! Southern Pines Timber Co, Providence Forge 
| Walls J L, Lanexa 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

, Christian James, Mountcastle 

! Jones Westmore, Tunstall 

: Local Rod Club, Tunstall R F D 

Perry James A & Co. Boulevard 
| Putney Mills, Tunstall 
i Richardson P H, Bashamsville 

Vaiden & Walker, New Kent 

Mills — Saw and Planing 

Cohancy Lumber Co, Barhamsville 

Corr J M, Lanexa 

Creek J T, Barhamsville 

Crute Joseph T, Barhamsville 

Farinholt Bros, Bock 

Gray H L, Tunstall R F D 

Gray R J. Tunstall 

Harrison C L, Quinton 

Leber L L, Quinton 

Lipscomb W K, Tunstall 

Perry James A & Co, Boulevard 

Phipps F W & W J, Quinton 

Potter Kidder. Barhamsville 

Regenberg J T, Barhamsville 

Richardson R E, Tunstall R F D 

Ruark W H, Barhamsville 

Score J D, Barhamsville 

Southern Pine Timber Co, Mouneastle 


Roberts Chas, Providence Forge 


Hazelwood E P>, Lanexa 


Bailey Chas L, Quinton 
Darricott T P, Tunstall 
Fames D W. Oak- 
Johnson U H, Barhamsville 
Johnson Y H, Oak 
Parkor James R, Providence Forge 
Stephenson H T T , Toana 


riutual Building;, 

Can Furnish You 

a an 3' kiruTof . . . 

Business List 

Try Them 

Richmond, Virginia 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia OLDE s s 






Real Estate Agents 
Collins W L, Boulevard 
Sharp A H, Boulevard 


Birg-e E J Mrs, Barhamsville 
Farinholt Eouise Miss, Barhamsville 
Jones Carrie Miss, Mountcastle 
Richardson A D Miss, Barhamsville 

Binns Chas, Mountcastle 
Bipscomb W K, Tunstall 

Wood and Railroad Ties 

Eames J W, Oak 

Mountcastle R E, Providence Forge 
Richardson J B, Boulevard 
Richardson R E, Tunstall R F D 


Barhamsville— Population 23: 6 miles from 
R R; 10 miles from C H; banking Town. West 
Point — R E Apperson, I F Atkinson, T Atkin- 
son, A F Barnes.. Rev W H Barnes. J Blow, 
B Boroughs, R B Boswell, R E Bradenham, 
J W Brown. B Burruss, A Carter, E C Chap- 
in an, C H Davis, E R Davis, J A Davis, A G 
Farinholt, G B Farinholt, H C Farinholt, R 
G Glasco, E B Goddin, Geo W Goddin. C M 
Hazlewood, G W Hazlewood Jr, H J Hazle- 
wood, M L Hazlewood, S T Hazlewood, W M 
Hazlewood, W R Hazlewood, J A Hill, J W 
Hockaday, G T Hove, K T Hove.. S T Hove, A 
R Jennings, B J Kirby, G E Newkirk, Reuben 
Newkirk, Archer Pitts, A Price. E Price, A 
Randol. C P Richardson, Benj C Bobbins, 
R D Robbins, E B Timberlake.. B Tyler, Wm 
Tyree, M A Williams, F W Woodward, G C 
Woodward. Joe Woodward, R H Woodward, 
W F Woodward, W J Woodward 

Bock — Population 8; 5 miles from R R; 
11 miles from C H; banking- town. West Point 
— K T Howe, G B Robbins, R D Robbins 

Boulevard — Population 11; 1 miles from R 
R; 3 miles from C H; banking- town, West 
Point — Geo R Blankenship, Floyd Burnett, G 
A Burnett, Saml Burnett, W B Collins, H B 
Ellis, O Q Ellis, W S Greenwood, Gunn Mun- 
den, James A Perry, B A Perry, J D Spencer, 
N W Spencer, J O Thorsland, W.T Walls, C 
F D Weber, Wm H Weber, E G Wooten 

Dash — Population. 21; 9 miles from R R; 
3 miles from C H — J D Austin, G W Bing-ley, 
E P Boswell, J R Boswell, W M Clarke, C 
P Crump, H F Crump, Geo Mills, B F Sher- 
man, L A Slater 

Banexa — Population 20: on C & O R R; 
13 miles from C II; banking town, Richmond — 
W H Barnes. Jamr j s S Blanton. J TV Bowman. 

B C Graves, Allen Hazlewood, R B Hazle- 
wood, G W Hockaday, E L Hubbard, R M 
Hubbard, J M Bambeth, G W Bandrum, E Mc- 
Kenney, B F Mastin, T g Martin, W T Mar- 
tin, G J Sclater, Chas Shade, A J Stewart. F 
C Stewart, G W Stewart, W W Stewart H G 
Taylor, J R Taylor, J V Taylor, Jno Taylor, 
B F Timberlake, B N Turner, R M Turner, J 
B Walker, W W Walker, J B Walls, J R 
Walls, James W Walls, Joseph B Walls, R 
A Walls, R E Walls, W F Woodward, J C 
Bailey, W E Binns, *Wm Crump, B Haynie, 
W R Jones, Geo Mountcastle, R B Mountcas- 
tle, J E Palmer, Wm Taylor 

Xew Kent (O II) — Population 100; 6 miles 
from R R; banking- town, Richmond — Nor- 
wood Apperson, O M Chandler, R D Cook, 
Prior Crump, H T Fauntleroy, T N Harris, 
R A Hicks, J F Morgan, W A Pomfrey, S T 
Sharpley, Jno G Smith, M Sweeney, J W Tim- 
berlake, J B Vaiden, J H Williams 


Oak — Population 10; 5 miles from R R; 
; 7 miles from C H; banking- town, Richmond — 
I J D Austin, R B Boswell, Cant Brown, Jno 
| Brown, Chas B Burnett, Lawrence Burnett, T 
i E Burnett, E T Couch, I S Couch, J W 
| Couch, D W Eames, Jno W Eames, Jno W 
Eames Jr, M H Eames, J W Franks, Olaf Har- 
rison, W T Hastings, J A Hill, Wm Hill, *Chas 
Jackson, T H Jones, *G M Eongly, W F Mar- 
| tin, I W Mills, * Major Morris, *Saml Mor- 
j ris, J H Potts, F T Richards, R E Richardson, 
! *I B Saunders, J S Stratton, Jackson Taylor, 
| I G Walker. J B Walls, *J J Willis, F W Wood- 
ward, W B Woodward 

Providence Forge — Population 30; on C & O 
R R; 8 miles from C H; banking- town, Rich- 
mond. — M H Barnes, W E Binns, W T Bos- 
well, Geo Burnett, J T Burnett, J J Carden, 
Douglas Christian, J H Christian, James 
Christian. E F Gill, Eddie Gill, Wm Gill, J H 
Harding-, Geo Hicks, C E Hughes, Chas 
Hug-hes. G E Martin, R E Mountcastle, J H 
Oliver, Dr James Parker, Dr Potts, J B Rich- 
ardson. Jno Slater 

Qninton — Population 15; on So R R; 14 

{ miles from C H; banking town, Richmond. — 
I Geo Anderson, Bauritz Anderson, W A Ash- 
lin, C L Bailey, R B Bailey, Peter Bainbridg-e, 
M H Belknap, E A Bowis, P E Bowis, * James 
Christian, *Thos Christian, W P Clarke, S W 
Crump, Geo Ellyson, R A Ellyson, W T Elly- 
son, Geo E Fisher, Ira Gardner, Geo Gibson, 
S E Goodo, T B Goode, Angus Hessler, Geo 
Rollins, IT C Rollins, *J Janosor, Paul 
Kramus, Paul Kregrnas, J B Bipscomb. Geo 
W Moran, W P Morgan, W f R Ruckle, Ed 
Smithie, J P Smithie, R T Southall, Geo 
Squires, S S White. J A Williams, G W Wood, 

iatji • Ym- pi outer" 2"£r ££K 

RECTORY CO., Inc., in all their Multigraph and Addressing Work. Try us. 

E. A. ROBINSON, D. V. M. *«*■.*&■«», -a p-tb. 

2H BOLLING BROOK. Phone: Off lea. S19; Residence, 3404 


I Treat tae Various Diseases of A ll Dumb Animaii 

Tunstall — Population 30; on So R R; 9 
miles from C H; banking town, Richmond. — 
R C Apperson, R C Apperson Jr, J S Chris- 
tian, R T Coalter, J D Courtney, R F Court- 
ney, L M Bllysoft, H F Fauntleroy, J R Gray, 
L II Gray, J C Gregory, L D Jones, Oscar 
Lacy, Saral Lacy, H T Lipscomb, W K Lips- 
comb, Oscar Ludlam, W A Ludlam, A D Mc- 
Kay, R W Moore, Frank Pearson, F T Rich- 
ards, C C Tunstall, S C Tunstall, W J Wallace, 
W O Winston 

Tunstall R F 1). — E W Apperson, Horace 
Apperson, Jno B Apperson, R C Apperson, R 
C Apperson Jr, J D Batkins, *A J Brown, 
*J B Brown, *Louis Brown, * Joseph Burrell, 
*M Carter, J S Christian. J W Couch, Saml 
Coy, Willie Dayhart, L B Frayser, Wm Ford, 
*Robt Fox, Geo T Griffiths, R L Griffiths, 
Joseph Harden. Willie Harden, *Melvin Harris, 
C L Harrison, T R Harrison, R I Height, Wal- 
ker Hog-an, *D Jefferson, *R Jefferson, W L 
Johnson, L Lewis, W A Lewis, *Bill Lyons, 
*Jack Lyons, *Saml Jones MeGuire, *Edward 
Meekins. * Joseph Moody, *M Perkins, * Willie 
Poindexter, R E Richardson, J H Thompson, 
J S Tyler, *.Ino C Tyler, *Lewis Watkins, 
*Robt Watkins, C II. White J W White, *L 
Williams, * Stephen Williams, *Thos Williams, 
*W M Williams, Benj Willis, E Willis 

Walkers. — Population 10; on C & O R R; j 
12 miles from C H; banking- town, Richmond, j 
— O L Allen, Ed Braxton, R S Eggleston, Robt I 
Fox, J W Harmon, J W Johnson, G M Mc- 
Cann, Mrs W T Moran 

Whitehouse. — Population 40; on So R R; 5 
miles from C H; banking town, Richmond. — 
♦Torn Grover, Miss A Johnson, J T Martin, 
R A Patterson. R A Walls 

. \ &.A4 $ 






. ,w 










v ^ y v 4 ^ 

rfolk County 

White, $16, 
Total, $17. 


Value of real estate, 1916: 
403,453; colored, $1,114,886. 

Value of personal property: White, $6, 
319,679; colored, $269,580. Total, $6,589,25 

Income, — $462,446 

Population, 1916 — 52,744 

Number voters — White, 5,52! 

Area — Acres, 226,159; square miles, 377 

County Seat — Portsmouth 

Norfolk was formed in 16 30 from Lower 
Norfolk. It extends, as does Nansemond, 
from Hampton Roads on the north to the 
State of North Carolina on the south. Prin- 
cess Anne is on the east and Nansemond or; 
the west. Norfolk is the great trucking coun- 
ty of the State. From the record of ship- 
ments it is estimated that the value of the 
annual trucking products is between $8,- 
000,000 and $9,000,000. The soil is rich and 
moist, and especially adapted to this char- 
acter of products. Potatoes, apples, peaches, 
pears, berries and the small fruits thrive here 
as they do nowhere else in Virginia. The 
main water courses abound in fish and oysters, 
which enter largely into the article of con- 
sumption as well as of sale. The Elizabeth 
river is its principal water course, but the 
whole county is indented by boys, creeks and 
inlets. The many railroad and steamboat 
lines afford the people of this county un- 
usually fine transportation facilities. The 
southern branch of the Elizabeth river is ex- 
tended south by the Dismal Swamp and Albe- 
marle and Chesapeake canals, making the 
eastern part of North Carolina tributary to 
and opening up a convenient, safe and quick 
line of communication. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the first Monday in January, February, March, 
April, May, June, July, October, November 
and December 

Judge — C W Coleman, Portsmouth 
Clerk — Alvah H Martin, Portsmouth 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — A B Carney, 


Sheriff — L C Ferebee, South Norfolk 
Treasurer— C J Duke, Churchland 
Surveyor — J R Kirk, Portsmouth 
Coroner — Jno W Abbitt, Port Norfolk 
Superintendent of Poor — L M, Silvester, 


Superintendent of Schools — A H Foreman. 


Commissioner of Accounts — Winston Par- 

rish, Portsmouth 

Commissioners of Revenue — A C Philpotts, 

Norfolk; Chas L Gibson, Berkley R F D 



*i V, 

■ «n 

1 1 !/• 



808 - 810 BERMUDA 

Charlottesville, V 

Boom on Now. 

Most progressive town of size 
'in South. Great Building 
Come on quick---big money here for you. Population, 13,797 




W H Rodman (chairman), Portsmouth; 
C T Shumadine, Norfolk; Thos Black, South 
Norfolk; Chas Old, Portsmouth R F D; Geo 
E Wood, Fentress; M L Nichols, Hickory 


A L Stevens, Norfolk R F D; A P Harrell. 
Port Norfolk; J H Ivey, Port Norfolk; E N 
Grimes, South Norfolk; A W Chappelle, Deep 
Creek; J E Creekmore. Hickory; J D Miles, 


R T Powell, Portsmouth; C W Rocka- 
fellow, Glenwood; R S Moling-, Lafayette Resi- 
dence Park; J W Watkins, Ocean View; 
Joseph T Duke, Port Norfolk; T L Pollard. 
Port Norfolk; A C Davis, West Norfolk; T S 
Warren, Bowers Hill; Geo L Hanbury, South 
Norfolk; Leonard Stokes, Berkley R F D; J C 
Gwynn, South Norfolk; P L Poindexter, 
South Norfolk; W H Creekmur, Deep Creek; 
H E Trent, Deep Creek; W T Creekmur, 
Deep Creek; K S Gammon, Hickory; C W 
Ball, Hickory; B F Vaughan, Hickory; A 
Miller, Hickory; J C Bailey, St Brides; R J 
Lough, North West 

Board of Health 

J A Codd (chairman), Portsmouth; Dr R 
L Corbell, Port Norfolk; Dr H Drewry, Lam- 
berts Point; Dr R W Sturgis, Ocean View 

Attorneys at Law 

Davis Q C Jr, South Norfolk 
Hall Channing, Norfolk R F D 
Sherritt W C, Pinners 

Southern Tradim 

Manuf act urers 

Co, Portsmouth R F D 


Holcomb W E, Gilmerton 
*Kink James, Gilmerton 
♦Lewis Judson, Hickory 

Barrel Manufacturers 

Trotman Mfg Co, Churchland 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Brown L C, Churchland 
Davis Wm, Fentress 
Eason James, Norfolk R F D 
Gregory Lem, Hickory R F D 
Knight Geo T, Churchland 
Lawton Geo D, Churchland 
Planters Mfg Co, Portsmouth R F D 
Wilsdrt H C. Hickory 

Boarding Houses 
Gay A Mrs, West Norfolk 
♦Howell Pinky, Gilmerton 
Predmore A W Mrs, West Norfolk 
Sullivan W W Mrs. West Norfolk 

Boat Builders 

Dunn W T, West Norfolk 

Box Manufacturers 

Churchland Mfg Co, Churchland 

Case Manufacturers 

Sealed Case Co, Gilmerton 


Baptist, Fentress 
Baptist, Gilmerton 
Baptist, Hickory R F D 
Baptist, West Norfolk 
Christian, Norfolk R F D 
* Methodist, Fentress 
Methodist, Gilmerton 
Methodist, Hickory 
Methodist, Hickory R F D 
Methodist, Norfolk R F D 
Methodist, West Norfolk 

Davis & Kreger, Ocean View 

Coal and Wood 
Dudley C W, Portsmouth R F D 


Boogades P N & G, Ocean View . 
Loeb J E, Norfolk R F D 
Reshefsky Abe, Ocean View 

Contractors and Builders 

Hall M W, Norfolk R F D 

Harrell J B, Gilmerton 

Mason & Woodard, Portsmouth R F D 

Nichols L W, Norfolk R F D 

Copper Manufacturers 

Norfolk Smelting Co, West Norfolk 
Norva Cooperage Co, Wallaceton 
Virginia Smelting Co, West Norfolk 

Cotton Gins 

Powers Bros, Fentress 


Bailey L M, Portsmouth R F D 
Eggleston M L. Portsmouth R F D 
Gates T J. Norfolk R F D 
Phoenix Pharmacy, Norfolk R F D 
{ RJddick &_ Raiford Inc/ Ocean View 

South" Norfolk Drug Co, Norfolk R F D 

Thompson G A, Norfolk R F D 
Turner R R. Ocean View 

Dry Goods 

Halstead M E Mrs, Norfolk R F D 
Perkins Esther Mrs, Portsmouth R F D 
Schikevitz R & Co, Portsmouth R F D 
Tabb Bros. Norfolk R F D 
Yavner Robt S, Norfolk R F D 

Electric Companies 
Ocean View Electric Co. Ocean View 


9 North Seventh Street, r* f ¥ T w .ft T% I "ft! p 
Richmond, Va. fLU M tSlLHkX 


PHONE 176 






Parkerson J II. Ocean View 


Virginia Smelting Co, West Norfolk 

Furniture Dealers 
Brock Bros, Portsmouth R F D 
Owens % D & Co. West Norfolk 
Quidley Z, Norfolk R F D 
South Norfolk Furniture Co, Norfolk R F D 


Hall F N, Norfolk R F D 

General Stores 

Basnight E S, Wallaceton 

Berryman E F, Hickory R F D 

Blanchard A L & Co, West Norfolk 

Blum Adolph, West Norfolk 

Bramble J C, Sewalls Point 

Brothers Thos P", Fentress 

BRCCE E M, Bruce 

Byrd J J„ Portsmouth R F D 

Campbell R J, Hickory 

Charlton W E & Co, Hickory 

Cherry D M, Churchland 

Clark Geo E, Bowers Hill 

Cohen H, Buell 

Costen Geo P, Buell 

Culpepper J N. Portsmouth R F D 

Culpepper L. F <Sr Son, Hickory 

Davenport I S. Wallaceton 

Davidson D W, Norfolk R F D 

Davis A C, West Norfolk 

Dennis C G, West Norfolk 

Dennis M W Jr, West Norfolk x 

Dozier H M> Norfolk R F D 

Dwartz H, Portsmouth R F D 

Fleming J P. Portsmouth R F D 

Forbes M S. Norfolk R F D 

Galumbeck Bros, Buell 

Gay A & Co, West Norfolk 

Gray E A, Wallaceton 

Griffin H G & Bro, Churchland 

Griffin M R, West Norfolk 

Grimstead & Cady, Northwest 

Guy H U Norfolk R F D 

Hall C C, Norfolk R F D 

Hail Geo M, Norfolk R F D 

HADB J E, Norfolk R F D 

Hall J J & Bro, Norfolk R F D 

Hall E N, Hickory R F D 

Hall & Co, Norfolk R F D 

Halstead & Johnson, Portsmouth R F D 

Hpllowell Alex, Norfolk R F D 

Holmes D T, Wallaceton 

Humphries E T, Fentress 

Ives F E. Hickory 

Johnson A W, Churchland 

Johnson J M, Portsmouth 

Johnson P A, Portsmouth R F D 

Johnson R J. Gilmerton 

♦Johnson Solomon, Hickory R F D 

JOHNSON T B, Gilmerton 

Jn«*q W T Norfolk R V D 

Bane Joe, Hickory 
Eatimer Kate Mrs, Norfolk R F D 
Lawrence Jno W, Norfolk R F D 
Bee & Christian, Churchland 
Bocker Chas, Norfolk R F D 
Bovegrove J E. Gilmerton 
Bynch W Co, "Wallaceton 
McPherson N O, Gertie 
Melon C R, Portsmouth R F D 
Mercer W, Fentress 
Miller E R, Fentress 
Miller F A, Hickory 
Miller Forest. Hickory R F D 
Miller T B, Norfolk R F D 
Minor H M, Sewalls Point 
Morgan J C. Northwest 
Morse M M Mrs, Ocean View 
Norva Grocery Co, Wallaceton 
Orr P B, Norfolk R F D 
Owens Z D & Co. West Norfolk 
PARSONS T W, West Norfolk 
Pinners Point Co, Portsmouth R F D 
Powers W L fc Sons, Northwest 
VRIDDICK J J,, .Hickory 
! Roberts S: Coggeshall, Hickory 

Roper Jno L Co, Gilmerton 
! Sawyer Edward, Bruce R F D 
; Sawyer Isaac, Gilmerton 
I Sawyer Thos E, Hodges Ferry 
} Schneider Chas A. Northwest 
j Scott <fc Newbern, Northwest 
j Smith Geo L, West Norfolk 

Smith J F, Saint Brides 
j Sorey & Mansfield, Hickory 
j Spivey E, Portsmouth R F D 
I TAYLOR B E, Hodges Ferry 
Thomas A T, West Norfolk 
Thurston W C & Co, Portsmouth R F D 
Tobert N T. Portsmouth R F D 
Trotman H E. Churchland 
Trotman T E. Churchland 
Turner G A, Hickory 
Walker C W, Fentress 
Wallace Co The, Wallaceton 
Warren T S & Son, Bowers Hill 
Warren W J, Hickory 
Warren & Blow, Bowers Hill 
Waterfield C & Sons, Saint Brides 
Welch J J. Northwest 
West Jno, Hickory R F D 
Williams F F, Gertie 
Williamson C M, Norfolk R F D 
Willey C A. Portsmouth R F D 
Williamson C M, Norfolk R F D 
Wood C B, Fentress 
Wood C R, Saint Brides 
WOOD GEORGE E, Fentress 
Wood M F, Hickory 
Woodard Bros, Hickory 
Wright S M, Fentress 
Wright W B. Fentress 
Yelverton W E. Portsmouth R F D 

Ambrose H B, Norfolk RED 

Call on SYDNOR PULIP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 


See Our Adv. in Buyers Guide 

J#feh ja S*\ 



I, Architect 


Phone 320 




Bashara If, Sew alls Point 

Beamon T A, Portsmouth R F D 

Bell Thos & Co. Ocean View 

Berraan I. Norfolk R F D 

Berman L. Norfolk R F D 

Bernard M, Se walls Point 

Berson A Portsmouth R F D 

Blum A H. West Norfolk 

Bonneville E R, West Norfolk 

Bradley P R. Norfolk R F D 

Bray J G. Norfolk R F D 

Brinkley P A & Co, Portsmouth R F D 

Buchanan Jno W, Ocean View 

Butler B B, Portsmouth R F D 

Butler J L. Portsmouth R F D 

Carr J B Jr. Norfolk R F D 

Charlton Joshua A. St Brides 

Cobb W J, Willoughby Beach 

Coin R, Portsmouth R F D 

Cole H T. Portsmouth R F D 

Coppersmith Lizzie Mrs, Norfolk R F D 

Crump W P. Portsmouth R F D 

Davidson D R, Sewalls Point 

Davidson R B, Sewalls Point 

Davis H L. Willoughby Beach 

Davis S A, Sewalls Point 

Dennis W W, West Norfolk 

Doxey J J. West Norfolk 

Duffy Sarah E, Ocean View 

Durham Grocery Co, Portsmouth R F D 

Eason Bros, Norfolk R F D 

Etheridge Edward E, St Brides 

Evans W O, Ocean View 

Flax Y Mrs, Ocean View 

Friedman P, Portsmouth R F D 

Furman Louis, Norfolk R F D 

Garfinkel L. Portsmouth R F D 

Garrett J C, Norfolk R F D 

Grant W H, Buell 

Gray T B, Ocean View 

Hall K R. Norfolk R F D 

Halstead W C & E L, Ocean View 

Harden Walter, Portsmouth R F D 

Harrell Job. Portsmouth R F D 

Hoffman H. Portsmouth R F D 

Holloway C, Buell 

Hubbard J C. Portsmouth R F D 

Humphries K R. Norfolk R F D 

Humphries M D Mrs, Norfolk R F D 

Johnson Erne S Mrs, Portsmouth R F D 

Johnson H J, Portsmouth R F D 

Johnson Mary J Mrs, Portsmouth R F D 

Jones J L. Norfolk R F D 

Jones M W, Norfolk R F D 

Jones Wm L & Bro, Norfolk R F D 

Jones W H. Norfolk RED 

Kain <fc Russell, Bowers Hill 

Kell M R Mrs, Ocean View 

Kirshon Joe. Portsmouth R F D 

Kirstein H L, Ocean View 

Lane W H. Norfolk R F D 

Levine Max, Churchland 

Little Store The, Norfolk R F D 

Lavitt S. Norfolk R F D 

Lowe R W. Ocean View 

Majette P V, Portsmouth R F D 

Mervis Saml, Ocean View 

Miller H. Portsmouth R F D 

Mackay Noah N, Portsmouth R F D 

Melvin & Sutton, Portsmouth R F D 

Miller J C Co, Norfolk R F D 

Miller Louis, Portsmouth R F D 

Miller <fe Edye, Willoughby Beach 

Mizell D P. Norfolk R F D 

Money Point Grocery Co, Buell 

Morse A L Mrs, Norfolk R F D 

Ormond S A. Sewalls Point 

Osmond J H, Sewalls Point 

Payne L T, Ocean View 

Perry Bros, Portsmouth R F D 

Piland F E & Bro, Portsmouth R F D 

Port Norfolk Grocery Co, Portsmouth R F D 

Ray J H. Churchland 

Rea S. Portsmouth R F D 

Reams J H & Co, West Norfolk 

Reinhart Abram. Norfolk R F D 

Richard R H. Norfolk R F D 

Sawyer Jno L, Norfolk R F D 

Sawyer W J, Hodges Ferry 
Schnitzer B Mrs, Portsmouth R F D 

Segal Moe, Sewalls Point 

Sharp J T & Co, Portsmouth R F D 

Simpson J C. Norfolk 

Simpson T C. Norfolk R F D 

♦Smith Geo, West Norfolk 

Smith J C. Portsmouth R F D 

Snyder A. Norfolk R F D 

Solomon J, Churchland 

Steinberg Louis. Norfolk R F D 

Taylor A, Portsmouth R F D 

Taylor W P, Norfolk R F D 

Tillett W M, Hickory 

Todd J O, Norfolk R F D 

Torbett W J & Bro, Portsmouth R F D 

Trimble J A. Ocean View 

Turner Geo A. Norfolk R F D 

Turner J M, Norfolk R F D 

West Norfolk Grocery Co, West Norfolk 

West R A, Churchland 

White Geo T, Portsmouth R F D 

Williamson R W. Norfolk R F D 

Wilson S W. Norfolk R F D 

Wright Sidney M, Fentress 

Zedd Harry. Norfolk R F D 

Hardware Dealers 
White A A. Norfolk R F D 

Harness and Saddlery 

Glick C F. Fentress 

Hay, Grain and Flour 

Ambrose Co. Norfolk RED 

Baum L P. Fentress 

Sykes C C & Sons, Norfolk R F D 

• t 
Belvin Geo W, Sewalls Point 
Calvert F W, Willoughby Beach 
Campbell Jno M, Ocean Vi*w 
Creek more G E, Gilmerton 
p»rwrv V T, Portsmouth R F D 




irsinia rive & 

r m 




GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,72S.19. 





Foreman A, Ocean View- 
Gray W F« Norfolk R F D 
Jackson Giles B, Sewalls Point 
Johnson T B, Gilmerton 
Ocean View Hotel, Ocean View 
Richmond Hotel, Ocean View 
Smith J W. Ocean View 
Smith R V, Portsmouth R F D 
United Hotel Corp, Ocean View 
Virginia Bay Corp, Ocean View 
Weston J H, Portsmouth R F D 
Willoughby Hotel, Willoughby Beach 

Ice Manufacturers 

Dunkum Frank W, Ocean View 
American Box & Lumber Co, Portsmouth 

F D 
Ansel J T, Hickory 
Baird David, Wallaceton 
Hobbs L A. Portsmouth 
King C W & Son, Portsmouth R F D 
Roper D W Co & Goodwin, Norfolk R F 
Roper Jno L, Gilmerton 
South Norfolk Lumber Corp, Norfolk R F 
Woods R A Lumber Co, Buell 

Marine Railways 

Dunn Wm F, West Norfolk 

Meat Markets 

McCloud J A Jr. Norfolk R F D 


Leggett & Co, Portsmouth R F D 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Hall J K, Norfolk R F D 

Mills — Saw 

Hawks W K, Fentress 
Walker & Ansell, Fentress 
West H W, Hickory R F D 

Overall Manufacturers 

Greystone Mfg Co, Sewalls Point 

-Pa in tors 
Brockmire C J, Norfolk R F D 
Ellis J T, Portsmouth P. F O 

Graham A S, Ocean View 
Shipp & Scott, Fentress 


Abbitt Jno W, Port Norfolk 
Ash burn J E. Port Norfolk 
Ashburn W B, South Norfolk- 
Bagby Jno R, Hickory 
Bradley W B, Hodges Ferry 
Burfoot A McD, Fentress 
Burfoot A M Jr, Norfolk R F D 
Chapman I L, South Norfolk 
Corbel 1 Robt L, Port Norfolk 
Costen Isaac W, Wallaceton 
Dix Sherwood, Port Norfolk 
Ferebee L C, South Norfolk 

Phillips H W, Gilmerton 

Quarles J J, Berkley 

Rawls Edwards, Port Norfolk 

Reed James T, Churchland 

Reid J W, Ocean View 

Roper L J, Port Norfolk 

Sawyer L L, Hickory R F D No 3 

Sleet Jno C, Berkley 

Sturgis R W. Ocean View ■ 

Turner Wm D, Ocean View 

Wilson F D, South Norfolk 

Pickle Manu f actu rers 
Kidd E G Mrs, Portsmouth R F D 


Jones Wm E, Churchland 
Jordan L F, Ocean View 
Taylor G R, Ocean View 

Real Estate Agents 

D | Darst J C, West Norfolk 


D I Restaurants 

Burch J J, Portsmouth R F D 
Parks H M, Ocean View 
Vanture & Boogades, Ocean View 

Shingle Manufacturers 

Roper Jno L Co. Gilmerton 


Cohen T, Ocean View 

Stave Manufacturers 
Norva Cooperage Co, Wallaceton 

Table Manufacturers 

Air Line Mfg Co, Portsmouth R F D 

Old Dominion Table Wks, Portsmouth R F 1) 

Rosenfield H, Portsmouth R F D 


Keeter J M, Norfolk R F D 


Eason James, Norfolk R F D 
Charlton W E, Hickory 
*Taylor W F. Norfolk R F D 

Veterinary Surgeons 
Baxter L B, Hickory 

Wood Dealers 

Aid rich T H, Ocean View 
Brock C A, Portsmouth R F D 
Gatewood R W, Willougry Beach 
Jones & Temple, Portsmouth R F D 

Wooden ware Manufacturers 

Virginia Cedar Wks, West Norfolk 

Bruce — Population 15: on A C L R St: 8 

"ASK MR. BOWMAN," 618 East Main Stre 

Phone Randolph 4587 


Representing all Atlantic. Trans- Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Lines 


M**r A^J 

107 SHARP ST. 





miles from C H; banking town, Norfolk. — 
K M Bruce, W E Bruce, J W Hinton, J A 
Nichols, L Story. Jno Worster 

Chiirchland — Population 150; on A C L R R; 
6 miles from C H; banking town, Ports- 
mouth. — M W Armistead, J W Ballard, C M 
Bidgood, J P Bidgood, J W Bidgood, T A 
Bidgood, W B Carney, H L Deans, L A Deans, 
IT Duke, Conrad Eberwine, R I Evans. J T 
Griffin, T B Griffin, J D Grimes, W H Kern, 
Milton Johnson, Y S Lawrence, Mrs S A 
Mackie, Jno M Peake, W T Peake, T E 
Trotman, Jno E Wright, Jno S Wright 

Fentress — Population 90; on N & S R R; 
13 miles from C H; banking town, Ports- 
mouth.— Warren Buckhorne, C E Chewning, 
B O Fentress, C E Grandy. W E Herring, W J 
Herring, E T Humphries. W II Lockhurst, 
Cbas Shannon, S L Stewart, C L Wood, Chas 
Wood, Clayton Wood, S M Wright 

Fentress K F D Xo 1. — Brownley <fc Metty, 
Wm Curling, C H Sawyer, M E Sykes 

Gilmerton — Population 200; on X & W R 
R; S miles from C II; banking town. Ports- 
mouth. — X D Culpepper, Josiah Hollowell, W 
S Johnson 

Hickory — Population 20; on X & S R R; 
17 miles from C H; banking town. Xorfolk. — 
H E Dudley, G W Eason, C W Ethridge, L P 
Ives, L C Ivis Jr. F P Jennings, J F Jen- 
nings, W H Ownly, ' Cecil Riddick, J J 
Rlddick, J A. Roberts. Roby Brothers M 
W Sykes, C G Thorp, Rev J E White, A A 
Wilson, Geo A Wilson, H C Wilson, Earl 
Wood. Clifton Woodard, Jno Woodard 

Hickory R F I). — W C Ansell, Ham Breeden, 
B F Brickhouse, C W Briskey, V O Cassell, 
Alex Charlton, Tully Cherry, Jno J Cooper, 
C F Eason, G W Eason Jr, J B Eason, Jno 
Etheridge. H L Griffin, C P Grimes. G W 
Grimes, A J Goodman. S E Hall, P L Hal- 
stead, W H Halstead, Frank Haroll, J E 
Johnson, A O Lee, C E McCoy Jr, L C Mc- 
Coy, A Malgrenn. M L Xichols, A Old, J F 
Old, James Stewart, W A Sykes, W L Taylor, 
C W Waller, G W Waller, Geo Waller, Jno 
Waterfield, E H West, H W West Sr, L M 

Hickory R F D Xo 1. — R S Payne 

Hickory R F D Xo 2. — I E Brothers, J F 
Deal, B G Harris, X H Mathews, Jno Miller, 
Saml Payne, Geo W Powers, W C Warren, Geo 
E Wood 

Hodges Ferry — Population 10; on So R R; 6 
miles from C H; banking town, Xorfolk. — 
C P Bidgood, Geo W Bidgood, L M Coffman, 
Martin & Taylor, P E Sawyer, Jno E Wright 

Xorfolk R F D.— J L Baker, J D Camp- 
bell, H Carrington. J F Clark, W II Clark, 
J B Daugherty, J B Daugherty Jr, T Paugh- 
erty. J T Davidson, T M Dey, C Grenalds. E G 

Harrison, R A Heislip, N E Hermance, Thos 
Holland, J E Hurdle, A R Kemp, W Manning, 
W II Murden, A J Newton, W D Northern, 
A Y Paxson, I II Paxson, J W Paxson, L J 
Pritchard, P 'M Ross, Wiley Smith, R H 
Snelling, L S Stewart, A Taylor, Joseph Wal- 
lace, i: W Williams, B B Wilson, G A Wil- 
son, Jno A Wise 

Norfolk 11 F D Xo 2. — R L Bell, G B 
Bryant, J D Caraway, A J Carson, Frank 
j Cromwell, X C Cromwell, N F Davis, S J 
j Davis. P J De Baum, J Denny, J B Dey, Tom 
! Deyer. J B Ferrett Jr, J D Freitas, W B 
| Frizzell, Jake Gettle, T G Guy, E G Har- 
i rison, Geo Hewitt, D G Hirschberg, Phil 
| Hodges, G W Keller, W J Land, L McCain, 
j James Peterson, Theo Peterson, J Sanderlin, 
Jno S Sealey, Lloyd Shimedon, J B Silvia, Benj 
| E Simpson, W W Simpson, Sydney Smith, M 
i Steele. A T Taylor, A J Truitt, II W Turner, 
' B P Widgeon, J M Widgeon, J P Wise, J L 
j Woodcock 

Xorfolk R F D Xo 3. — J W Blassingham, 
j I E Bunce, Jno G De Baum, M C Eason, Mack 
. Gregory, Darden Hunter, *James Jones, T J 
; Liverman, J R Morrison, C Murden, Dozier 
i Northern, J C Unscn, C II White, * Edward 
I White, Jno M Wiley, Geo W Wilson 

Xorfolk R F I> Xo 4. — H C Doughtey, J H 
! Fentress, F Heniest 

Northwest — Population 75; on N &. S R R; 

1 2 2 miles from C H: banking town, Norfolk. — 
I W L Bal lance, W W Charlton, J P Etheridge, 
i N Hathaway, W B Nicholas. J J Powers, L 
I Powers, N B Powers, A T Rutter, J E Sil- 

! vester 

Portsmouth R F D — T J Barlow, Jno W 
' Cotton, R H Norfleet, Henry Powell 

Portsmouth It F D Xo 1 — J E Ames, L 
1 Jno Ames, M J Kilby, W R Old Jr, Will 
! Simmer, James Trotter, E L Warren, James 
| E Wright, W B Wright 

Portsmouth R F D Xo 2 — Sylvester Bond, 
J Jno Bright, J R Carley, S E Cherry, J Deal, 
i Jno Forehand, Geo I Howard, R S Parkerson, 
I F N Poyer, Arthur W Young 

Saint Brides— Population 35; on N & S R 
j R; 18 miles from C H; banking town, Ports- 
mouth. — J C Bailey, H. H Halstead, M W 
i Sykes, Caleb Waterfield 

Wallaceton — Population 30; on A & C Canal; 
j 16 miles from C H; banking town, Ports- 
| mouth — C W Jennings, W J Jennings, James 
i Stockley, B F Vaughan, Geo T Wallace Jr, R 
i W Warren 

West Norfolk — Population 300; on So R R; 
4 miles from C II ; banking town, Xorfolk. — 
1 J V Carney, Vernon Carney, Thos Eaver, T 
! P> Eaver, R T Hosier, Henry Kern, Alex 
: Love, R G Norfleet, R H Xc*rnect, M W 
I Phennis, J E Stringer, *James Terry 

The Second National Ba 



Capital $50,000.00 

Surplus and Profits §25,000,00 

4 ^.-Savings Deparimeni--4 % 

K« 1 m m IT '*" nc Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 

A i I ** «"&"& P-m-ig a Aml'n I lw»^» °^ ^"in<:trs, Tumors «nd Chronic Sores, and we want 

eiiSiro JnOSPIlaL InC* ^ry ^ n and woman ia t^ United Stat« to know 

■ / that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 

1627 WEST MAIN STREET radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundreds 

RICHMOND, - VIRGINIA of sufferers treated during the past IS years. 



Per Cent. 

1910 1916 Increase 

Population of city proper. . .. ; .. 67,452 89,612 32.9 

Community population within 8 miles of Nor- 
folk. .■••:•. I-"-'-'--" 150,000 177,623 61.5 

Communitv population within 20 miles of Nor- 
folk. . '. 225,000 340,000 50. 

City area — acres (land) 4,253 4,772 12. 

Paved streets—miles ". . . . 60 100 66. 7 

Sewers— miles 58 108 96. 1 

Car lines 193 216 8. 

Bank deposits $18,422,168 00 828,491,964 05 54.6 

Post-office receipts. . $339,611 10 8444,861 61 32. 

Attention is directed particularly to the increase in population in this city, as well 
as in the outlying territory within a radius of ten miles, which, while not incorporated 
in the city, is being developed most rapidly as attractive residential area. 

The city of Norfolk has taken on renewed life within the past fifteen years; in fact, 
the increase during that period has been approximately 100 per cent. 

The climatic conditions are most equable, there being no such extremes of tem- 
perature, either summer or winter, as are found at any Atlantic coast point north thereof. 
In fact, climatic conditions are so attractive as to permit out-of-door work practically 
the entire year. 

Norfolk is favored with most unusual transportation facilities, being served by eight 
railroads with a trackage approximating about 42.000 miles — also by twenty-seven 
steamship lines plying on Chesapeake Bay and tributary rivers as well as coastwise on 
the Atlantic and to trans-Atlantic territory. 

Norfolk is particularly favored as a manufacturing point, as supplementing the trans- 
portation facilities referred to, Norfolk is able to furnish electric power to large users at 
unusually low rates. 

Further, general living conditions. Excellent schools, churches, unequaled markets, 
all tend to make it a point where labor is easily satisfied. 

Norfolk is a cosmopolitan city of unusual character, havjng immediately adjacent 
thereto seashore resorts of greater prominence than any on the Atlantic coast between 
New Jersey resorts and Florida. 

Places of interest are numerous, and the following facts about the community are 
of interest: 


That — Norfolk- Portsmouth and Norfolk county have a population of 177,623 
(official as of July 1, 1916), with a metropolitan or shopping population of 325,000. 
That — Norfolk-Portsmouth have grown nearly 100 per cent, in fifteen years. 
That — Our climate is the most equable on the Atlantic Seaboard. 
That — Electric power can be furnished to large users at lower rates than elsewhere 
on the Atlantic Seaboard. 

That — This port ships annually more than 

16,000;000 tons of coal; 

350,000 tons of fertilizers; 

700,000,000 feet of lumber: * 

mflSwWflWY Pft W Can handle a11 your altigraph 

HILL VliiiAjlXtkXl VU», Kit. WORK and deliver it promptly. 

Write us. 823 Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. 

f"5f i p"~ r v*~~ 7 ~ r xir^iTnTrTrnwTTnTnrrnTrR'/i uP oa receipt <>* satis- 1 

Ltf8 InSUTflnCC tCI^BIMlV 01 ¥ ITSHIIH fa ctory V root * oi *>eath. Total Payments to Policyholders 
LIUV AUO&UUaMA/ VV*ttf.MMJ \>I F "6 UitU since organization OVER §17,000,000. Oft. Is paying its 




Policyholders OVER $1,250,000.00 annuallv. 




2,800,000 bags of peanuts; 

700,000 bales of cotton; 

$10,000,000 worth of oysters, crabs, fish, etc.; 

$16,000,000 worth of green goods (vegetables). 
That — Norfolk is the second greatest port of the United States. , 

That — Norfolk's water-borne commerce for 1915 totaled 49,485,560 tons, valued 
at $2,042,335,814. 

That — The harbor of Norfolk, including Hampton Roads, is the greatest harbor on 
the Atlantic coast. 

That — Norfolk has nine railroads and twenty-seven steamship lines. 
That— The navy yard here covers 273 acres, employing 4,000 men. with an annual 
pay roll of $3,000,000.00. 

That — -The navy plant also embraces 

Marine barracks with 87 acres; 

St. Julian's Magazine with 95 acres; 

U. S. Naval Hospital with 80 acres. 
That — The greatest fort in the world is to be constructed at Cape Henry; work will 
begin at once. 

That — Norfolk- Portsmouth have 

175 miles of paved streets; 

ISO miles of sewers; 

125 miles of gas mains; 

225 miles of trolley lines; 

400 acres in public parks; 

6 playgrounds; 

3 public libraries; 

19 charitable institutions; 

180 churches; 

S3 public schools with more than 525 teachers and 19,000 pupils; 

6 seaside resorts within one hour's ride; 

24 modern hotels with capacity of 6,000 people; 

16 banks; 

19 building and loan associations; 

16,000 telephones; 

Adequate fire and police protection. 

City Government 

Mayor — W R Mayo 

Treasurer — B Gray Tunstall 

Comptroller— James N Bell 

Commissioner of Revenue — Edward J Doran 

City Collector — Victor Parks 

Deputy City Collector — E P De Shazo, J B 

City Attorney — Geo Pilcher 

Commonwealth's Attorney — O L Shackle- 

Clerk of Courts — James V Trehy 

City Sergeant — Claude L Hudgins 

Collector Delinquent Personal Taxes — Richd 
T Brooke 

Board of Control— T S Purdie, chairman; 
S S Nottingham, W M Hannan, members 

City Clerk— R E Steed 

Deputy City Clerk — H Y Brock 

ClerR of Board of Control and Council 

Committees — R E Steed 

Physician to City Home — Dr S A Sutton 
City Engineer — Walter H Taylor Jr 
Consulting Engineer— W T Brooke 
City Veterinarian— J P Baldwin 
Physicians to City Poor — Dr C J Andrews, 

Dr F H Hancock, Dr J C Sleet and Dr Geo 

T Myers 

Street Inspector — Abe Moses 
Superintendent of Street Cleaning — W R 


Inspector of Buildings — R D Holland 
Plumbing Inspector — Robt L Orr 
Superintendent of Market — Wm A Ehrman- 


Superintendent of City Home — J E Parr 
Superintendent of Cemeteries — J M Brough- 


Coroner — Dr Rufus S Kight 
Custodian City Hall — A J Joiner 
City Electrician— Richd A Smith 

P :' 

t: ' VJi** ' *■.„*' 

J lu 

Offers HOME SITES as well as MANU- 


Srf% - Most progressive town of size 

iS^PB «r ««@ j n South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. Gome on quick- --big money here for you. Population, 13,797 

Wi .-' . ,-/ .- : 



Sinking- Fund Commissioners — J W Hunter, 
H M Kerr, W T Ham 

Sealer of Weights and Measures — James W 

Inspector of Licenses — S Edward Coggin 

Health Department— Dr Powhatan S 
Schenck, coramr; A P Pannill, 1st asst; Dr 
C J Andrews 2d asst; Dr F H Hancock 3d asst; 
Dr J C Sleet, 4th asst; Dr Geo T Myers 5th 

Water Department— Thos B Dornin; en- 
gineer in charge; James F Reid, chief clerk 

Sanitary and Office Assistant to the Health 
Commission and Statistician — A P Pannill 

City Bacteriologist — Dr J C Andrews 

Milk Inspector — H A Snellings 

Meat and Dairy Inspector — Louis Harmon 

Sanitary Inspectors — M J Cannon, I W 
Stakes, W H Jacques, S W Pearce, W L Arnold, 
T B Linton and F T Thomas 

Police Justice — Jno M Arnold 

High Constable — H O Nichols 

City Courts 

Corporation Court — Hon Allan R Hanckel, 
judge; James V Trehy, clerk 

Circuit Court — Hon James L McLemore, 
judge; Laurence Waring, clerk 

Court of Law and Chancery — Hon William 
B Martin, judge; James V Trehy, clerk 

Police Court — Jno M Arnold, justice 

Norfolk City Civil Court, ground floor Ar- 
mory Bldg — James U Goode, judge; Wm 
Heatherton, clerk 

Accountants — Certified Public 

Apitz Jno W, 626 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Hare Thos U, 210 Withers Bldg 
HILTON WILLIAM P, 1004 Koyster Bldg 

Rawlings, Hill & Co, 4 07 Law Bldg 
Tolleth Wm R, 1019 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Walker Robt J, 324 Board of Trade Bldg 
Whitehurst Geo L, 112 W Freemason 

Accountants— Public 

Paulin B G, 421 Board of Trade Bldg 
Taylor Wm S Jr, 1004 Royster Bldg 
Whitehead Llenry C, 411 Citizens Bank Bldg 

Adding Machines 

Adder Machine Co The, 22 5 E Plume 
Burroughs Adding Machine Co, 118 W Plume 
Dalton Adding, Listing & Calculating Co, 203 

Monticello Arcade 
Remington-Wahl Adding & Subtracting Ma- 
chines, 407 Board of Trade Bldg 
Wales Visible Adding & Listing Machines, 225 
E Plume 

Advertising Agents 

Collier Barron G Inc, 500 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Solon-Knight Co Inc, Monticello Hotel 
Virginian Advertising Service Co Inc, 121 W 

ypa^r a Svrinov. 11 3 F Plume 

Agricultural Implements 

Billups C Son & Co, 2 31 F Water 
Norfolk Farm Supply Co, 4 37 Union 
Todd Geo B, 421 Union 
White S R Sons Inc, 914 E Main 
Whitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 9 02 Cooke av 

Amusement Companies 

Arcade Amusement Corp, 22 5 E City Hall av 

Athenian Amusement Corp, 316 Granby 

Bijou Co The, 510 Dickson Bldg 

Leath Theatrical Co, 510 Dickson Bldg 

Lincoln Amusement Corp. 316 Granby 

New Orpheum Corp, 316 Granby 

Seaside Amusement Corp, 510 Dickson Bldg 

Wells Amusement Co, 510 Dickson Bldg 

Apartment Houses 

Aberdeen The, Redgate av cor Colley av 
Adrian The, 912 Colley av and 739 Westover 

Ainsworth Apts, 24 2 Ainsworth 
Albemarle Court Apts, 812 Stockley Gardens 
Allingham Apts, 110 Berkley av, B 
Amtserdam Apts, 110 E 31st 
Arlington The, 619 Botetourt 
Armistead Apts, 220 E 27th 
Aspen Apts, 419 Redgate av 
Atlanta Apts, 215 E 28th 

Beaufort Apts, 30 5 Boush and 208 College pi 
Belgrave Apts, 226 Ainsworth 
Bellevue Apts, 310 Westover av 
Bent mo re Apts, 5 24 Graydon Park 
Beverly Apts, 4 09 W 17th 
Boissevain Apts, 520 Boissevain av 
Bon Aire Apts, 324 W 3 5th 
Bonshaw Apts, 1334 Stockley Gardens 
Botetourt The, Botetourt cor Bute 
Braemar Apts, 32 3 W 2 8th 
Brandon The, 1111 Colley av 
Breslin Apts, Colonial av nr W 29th 
Brevard Apts, 42 6 Westover av 
Bryan Apts, 2 27 AV 2 8th 
Bucna The, 219 Graydon av 
Bute The. 33 2 W Bute 
Cairo The, 453 W York 
Carlton Apts, 621 W 29th 
Cherokee Apts, 1304 DeBree av 
Chowan Apts, 2 02 W 33d 
Christie Apts, 316 W 14th 
Clarendon Apts, 62 7 Olney rd 
Clifford Apts, 1311 Colonial av 
Colley Apts, Colley av cor W 37th 
Colonial Apts, Colonial av cor Redgate av 
Comfort Apts, 217 W 27th 
Danraad Apts, Colonial av cor W 28th 
De Bree Apts, 4 07 W 2 5th 
•Dresden Apts, 740 Redgate av and 906 Colley 

Drumel Apts, 349 W 12th 
Duke Apts, 308 Westover av 
Dulwich Apts, 359 W 13th 
Dun in ore Apts, 317 W Bute 
EMre&ge Apts, 30th cor Lle^vellyn av 
Elizabeth The, 12S AV Tazewell 
Elliott Ar.ts, 813 Colonial av 


& „ y m 


Office Over Farmers and Me/chants Bank, Staunton, Va. 


Farms, Orchards, Timber ;.nd Coal Lands. 


phone No. 1864 

sicS Wood Wo 


»er, Roofing, Lime, Cement, Piaster, Shingles and Laths. Building Outfitters 

Office and Ml! I N. South St., PETERSBURG, VA. 



grin Apts, 718 Redgate av 

Fverette Apts. W 27th nr Colonial av 

Everglade Apts, 42 3 Westover av 

Fleetwood Apts, 2 22 W 19th 

Franklin The, 2 35 Franklin av 

Freemason Apts, 114 E Freemason 

Frontenac Apts, 6 24 Graydon Park 

Gates Apts, 415 Redgate av 

Genesee Apts, 415 Redgate av 

Georgian Apts, 718 Raleigh av 

Glenwood The, 9 26 Olney rd 

Gates Apts, 2 09 W 34th 

Gloucester Apts, 1017 Colonial av 

Goffigon Apts, 22 E 2 6th 

Granby Apts, 2 500 Granby 

Grand The, 120 W Tazewell 

Graydon Apts, 616 Graydon Park 

Graydon Court The, S00 Graydon av 

Greenbrier The, 82 S Westover av 

Greenway Court Apts.. 1000 Westover av 

Greyloch Apts, 4 03 Westover av 

Hague Apts, 7 05 Fairfax av 

Hansford The, 810 Redgate av 

Harrison The, 805 Redgate av 

Harryetta Apts, 114 W 2 7th 

Harvard Apts, 425 W 2 7th 

Hawthorne Apts. 219 W 30th, Park PI 

Henrietta Apts.. Ill W Plume 

Hogue Apts, 14 09 Colonial av 

Holland Apts, Drummond pi cor Mowbray 

Ideal Apts, 827 Holt 
Imperial Apts, 411 E Freemason 
Iona The, 227 Westover av 
Ivanhoe Apts, 500 E Freemason 
Ivanhoe Apts, 22 3 Westover av 
Jackson The, 204 Franklin av 
Jefferson Apt?, Raleigh av cor Moran av 
Kavanaugh Apts, 132 3 Colonial av 
Kenilworth The.. 9 32 Duke 
Kilby Apts, 4 01 Raleigh av 
Killarney Apts, 72 2 Redgate av 
Kingsboro Apts, 2 34 Ainsworth 
Kirk wood The, 92 8 Duke 
Lafayette Apts, 2 20 W 39th 
Leeton The, Botetourt cor York 
* Lincoln House Apts, 819 White av 
Lithuania Apts, 5 30 Fenchurch 
Llewellyn The, 1508 Granby 
Lochinvar The, Dunmore cor W Bute 
Lorin Apts, 32 6 Bank 
Lovitt Apts. 1621 Lovitt av 
Lucerne Apts. Manteo cor Fairfax av 
Luray Apts, 40 8 W 14th 
Maaison Apts, 1015 Colonial av 
Manchester Apts, 321 W 29th 
Manteo Apts, SI 2 Manteo 
Marion Apts, 709 Redgate av 
Marlborough Apts, 249 W Freemason 
Martinique The. 143 W 11th 
Maryland Apts, 7 37 Redgate av 
Maury Apts, 1505 De Bree av 
Megahan Apts. 1125 Holt 
Melbar Apts, 209 E 2Sth 
Melville Apts, 813 Manteo 
Mcrrimac Apts, 334 Boush 

Monitor The, 1804 Granby 

Monroe Apts, 324 W 13th 

Monticello Apts, 413 Monticello av 

Moran Apts, 926 Moran av 

Mowbray Apts, Mowbray Arch cor Botetourt 

Navarre The, 1516 Granby 

Neeley Apts, 412 Granby 

Netherland The, .217 W 12th 

Northumberland Apts, 22 5 W 12th 

Norwood Apts, 42 2 Westover av 

Odessa The, 22 5 Franklin av 

Olney Court, 5 31 Olney rd 

Ormond Apts, 424 Westover av 

Oxford Apts, 1204 Colonial av 

Parisian Apts, 321 Duncan av 

Parkwood Court Apts, Granby cor W 38th 

Phedora Apts, 105 E 2 9th 

Plaza The, 200 Westover av 

Pocahontas Apts, 1309 De Bree av 

Powhatan Apts, 1313 De Bree av 

Preston Apts, 359 W 12th 

Princess Anne Apts, 907 Princess Anne av 

Rainier Apts, W 31st cor Granard av 

Raleigh Square Apts, Raleigh av cor Manteo 
j Randolph Apts. 6 30 Graydon Park 
t Redgate Apts, 70 5 Redgate av and 817 Man- 
| Regent Apts, 6 02 Colonial av 
i Ridgely Apts, 421 Westover av 
! Robinson Apts, 1101 Holt 
| Rochambeau Apts, 304 Boush 
J Royal Apts, 703 Armistead Bridge rd 

Ruth Apts, 135 W Charlotte 

St Regis The, 20 3 W Freemason and 333 

Selwyn Apts, 329 Duncan av 

Seminole Apts, 355 W 12th 

Severn Apts, 7 03 Boissevain av 

Shandon Apts, 412 Redgate av 

Sherwood Apts, 4 08 W 13th 

Shirley Apts, 712 Redgate av 

Shoreham Apts, 411 Redgate av 

Smith Apts, 80 Hardy av, B 

Stafford Apts, 511 Graydon Park 

Stanfield Apts, Greenway ct cor Westover av 

Stockley Apts, 708 Stockley Gardens 

Stratford The, 3 56 Olney rd 

Strathlea Apts, 305 Lucille av, Riverview 

Strathmore The, 22 2 Westover av 

Sunderland The, 2 09 W 12th 

Taylor The, 20 6 Westover av 

Toxaway Apts, 1009 Colonial av 

Traymore Apts, 721 Raleigh av 

Trojan Apts. 36 3 W 12th 

Turner Apts, 411 W 2Sth 

Yalan Court Apts, 1319 Colonial av 

Varon Apts, 413 Cumberland 

Vauxhall Apts, 2 56 W York 

Victor Apts, 302 Church 

Virginia The, 124 W 17th 

Vista The, 223 Graydon av 

Warwick Apts, 72 6 Redgate av 

Wayne The, Greenway Court nr Westover av 

Wellington Apts, 525 Graydon Park 
j Wentworth Apts, 32 5 W 31st * 
j West End The, 912 Matoaka 










15 YV. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 

PHONE 176 






Westlake The, 2 35 Westover av 

Westmoreland The, 201 W 12th 

Westover Apts, 628 Westover av and 1006 

Weyanoke The, 1115 Colley av and 809 Arm- 

istead Bridge rd 
Winchester Apts, 1006 Moran av 
Winfred The. 107 E 16th 
Winthrop Apts, 356 W 12th 
Woodward Apts, 352 Olney rd 
Wyoming Apts, 1315 Colonial av 
Yale Apts, 417 W 2 7th 
York The. 429 W York 


Abrames Harvey, 34 6 Monticello Arcade 
Benton & Benton, 4th fir Chamberlaine Bldg 
Browne & Tazewell, 71S Bank of Commerce 

Diehl H Robt, 4 7 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Diehl Wm Newton, 4 6 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Ferguson, Calrow & Wrenn, Royster Bldg 
Lee James W, 40 8 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Mitchell Benj F, 50 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Mitchell Rossel Edward, 6 04 Paul-Gale- 
Greenwood Bldg 
Moss Louis R, 1110 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Xeff & Thompson, 6 00 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Peebles Jno Kevan, 73 3 Law Bldg 
Porter James N W, 53 5 W 2 8th 
Simpson Herbert W, 502 Paul-Gale-Green- 

wood Bldg 
Taylor Wickham C, 401 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Wilcox F Nelson, 600 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Winn Jno D, 621 Law Bldg 

Architectural Metal Workers 

Atlantic Metal Co, 34 5 Monticello av 

Art Galleries 

Leache Irene Art Room, 34 5 W Freemason 

Art Goods 

Home Art Co, 138 Randolph 
Kay, Cullen & Burke, 319 Granby 
Novelty Art Shop. 12 W Plume 

Art Stained Glass 

National Glass Co The. 1718 Lovitt av 


Elston Millicent V Miss, 1104 Redgate av 

Haywood Millard C, 23 8 E Main 

Morrisette Chas A, 113 E Plume 

Page Chas A, 21.3 Monticello Arcade 

Peacoc-K Joseph C, 438 Graydon av 

Russell & Atschild, 4 30 E Main 

Slaymaker Elizabeth Miss. 12 8 Berkley av, B 


TJ S Asphalt Refining Co The. 521 Citizens 
Bank Bldg 

Attorneys at Law 

Abbott Frodk C, lit! Bank of Commerce Bide 

Ackiss A Johnston, 817 Bank of Commerce 

Agelasto & Miller, 502 Board of Trade Bldg 
Anderson Alfred, 914 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Arnold Jno M, 334 Monticello Arcade 
Avery Howard G, 4 33 Law Bldg 
Baecher Jno A, 608 Law Bldg 
Baird & Swink, 624 Law Bldg 
Baker & Eggleston, 419 Dickson Bldg 
Banks Benj A, 207 Board of Trade Bldg 
Barnard & Hecht, suite 400 Citizens Bank 

Barron James S, 604 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Baum Edward M, 315 E Plume 
Baum Edward M Jr. 315 E Plume 
Baxter J Garrett. 22 5 E Plume 
Betty Geo M, 218 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Bilisoly Eugene A, 210 Law Bldg 
Bosnian Geo L, 415 Law Bldg 
Bowden & Heard, 607 Bank of Commerce 

Bowen Jno H, 218 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Bragg S Burnell, 40 3 Board of Trade Bldg 
Brandt Sigmund M, 400 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Britton Herbert I, 209 Monticello Arcade 
Brockenbrough Lloyd W W, 300-A Citizens 

Bank Bldg 
Brooke H Lawrence, 4 35 Law Bldg 
Broudy J Lewis, 705 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Burroughs & Bro, 32 6 Dickson Bldg 
Burrow & Spindle, 32 5 Law Bldg 
Cabell Geo C, 6 5 Haddington Bldg 
Carney A B, 50 2 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Clarke Wm F, 620 Lav/ Bldg 
Cochran Herbert G, 913 Bank of Commerce 

Cole J Edward, 1114 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Coleman Danl, 304 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Collins Cadwallader J, 416 Law Bldg 
Cox Lucian B, 4 05 Board of Trade Bldg 
Crawford Clair E, 606 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Cruser Melvin E, 347 Monticello Arcade 
Curry R ' Granville, 1106 Bank of Commerce 

Dabney J Cabell, 2 22 Law Bldg 
Davis Chas W, 52 5 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Davis Hugh C and Hugh W, 1101 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg 
Davis Q C Jr, 14 4 E Liberty, B 
* Davis Walter L. 52 6 E Queen 
Denning Jesse M, 306 Dickson Bldg 
Denny James B, 911 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Dey Wm W, 3 30 Law Bldg 
Diggs J Eugene, 140 Bank 

Dillard Geo Mason, 504 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Dodson E Griffith. 312 Law Bldg 
Doran Chas M C, 315 E Plume 
Drury Wm R. 428 Cove 
Dudley Horace W, 504 Law Bldg 
Eason I Willoughby, 328 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Edwards Albert M, 617 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Elliott Gilmer T, 521 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Elliott Walter W, 521 Bank of Commerce 


;■■■ (,• 


CI , 1 .iC«y v J 

No city in the State can offer better 
Homes and Schools. 



C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 

Cor. Kent and Water Sts. 
Always Ready and Willing to Do Your Work — Give us a Call 

A. H. JACKSON, Mgr. 




7 22 Citizens Bank 
3 20 Law Bldg 
Judson Leo, 63 3 Law Bldg 
Kanter Harry H, 6 00 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Keeling- James M, 514 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Kellam Vernon H, 517 Bank of Commerce 

Kelsey D Arthur, 5 P O Bldg 
Kent Robt C Jr. 31 S Board of Trade Bldg 
Koteen Meyer, 314 Seaboard Bank Blag 
*Land Walter H, 424 Cove 
Lathan Archie I, 529 Law Bldg 
Lawless Joseph T, 631 Law Bldg 
Levy Maxwell L, 2 4 Va Natl Bank Bldg 
Levy & Mitchell, 714 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Loughrau James H. 4 23 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Lowenberg Harry L. 20 7 Columbia Bldg 
Lowry Harold L, 2 20 Law Bldg 
Loyall, Taylor & White, 52 3 Law Bldg 
McBain Willard P, 52 3 Board of Trade Bldg 
McCoy Harry E, 821 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
McCoy Russell A, 211 Berkley av, B 
Mcllwaine Richd Jr, 512 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Mcintosh Chas F, S32 Royster Bldg 
Mallet Robt W, 518 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Mann & Tyler, 60 8 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Marks Benj H, 434 Law Bldg 
Martin Geo G, 105 Berkley av, B 
Martin H Dinwiddie, 225 E Plume 
Martin James G, 32S Law Bldg 
Martin & Martin, 1215 Bank of Commerce 

Feldman Israel R, 42 2 Bank of Commerce 

Fentress Willis V, 624 Law Bldg 
Fitzgerald J Sydney, 5 29 Law Bldg 
Flick Cyrus, 338 Law Bldg 

Foreman <fc Bradford, 54 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Gait Hugh B G, 4 32 Law Bldg 
Grant Chas Sharp, 3 32 Law Bldg 
Grant Walter M, 412 Law Bldg 
Green Nathaniel T. 4 22 Citizens Bank Bldg I 
Groner D Lawrence, 509 Citizens Bank Bldg | 
Gwathmey G Tayloe, 7 22 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Hall Channing W, 4 35 Law Bldg 
Hank & Hank, 33 4 Law Bldg 
*Harrison James M. 43 E Queen 
Hathaway Harold G. 4 25 Law Bldg 
Heath James Elliott, 415 Law Bldg 
Hicks, Morris, Garnctt & Tunstall, 616 Citi- 
zens Bank Bldg 
Higgins Wm T. G32 Law Bldg 
Horner Chas A, 18 Cross, B 
Hosier Wm J, 606 Bank of Commerce Bldg - 
Hubard & Hubard, 14 5 Bank 
Hughes, Little & Sea well, 7 24 Law Bldg 
Hughes <£ Vandeventer, 508 Seaboard Bank i 
Bldg I 

Hume Jno H. 222 Law Bldg 
Hume Julian R, 31 S Law Bldg 
Humphreys Henry O, 405 Seaboard Bank Bldg i 
Hunter Chas G, 313 Citizens Bank Bldg 
P Anson D Tillar, 3 24 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Ingram R Palmer, 20 5 Citizens Bank Bldg j 
Jeffries. & Jeffries, 514 Bank of Commerce ! 

Jenkins <fc Jenkins, 
Johnston Richd M, 

Matthews L Preston, 12 06 Bank of Commerce 

Man pin Wm G, 712 Law Bldg 
Merrill Ernest S, 510 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Miller Roman E, 42 5 Law Bldg 
Morris Wm S Jr, 537 Law Bldg 
Myers R Baldwin, 256 Monticello Arcade 
Nicholas Hugh C, 34 7 Monticello Arcade 
Nininger J H, 6 00 Board of Trade Bldg 
Oast Jno W Jr, 7 05 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Old, Brockenbrough & Webster, 511 Law Bldg 
Old Jonathan W Jr, 7 09 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Page, Page & Page, 2 4 Virginia Natl Bank 

* Paige Richd G L, 929 E Liberty, B 
Parker Vincent L, 518 Law Bldg 
Payne Geo M, 52 3 Law Bldg 
Peatross & Savage, 517 Dickson Bldg 
Pender Howard H, 324 Law Bldg 
Pender & Way, 42 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Philpotts Alphonso C, 335 Monticello Arcade 
Pilcher Geo, 412 Law Bldg 
Prieur & Hodges, 611 Law Bldg 
Purdie Thos S, City Mkt Bldg 
Rabey Cleaton E, 910 Bank of Commerce 

Rodman Wm B, 22 3 Union Station 
Roper Albert L ; 602 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Ruffin Edmund S, 700 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Rumble & Campe, 610 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Sticks Herman A, 506 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Sams C Whittle, 30 8 E Main 
Sargeant & Sare-eant, 312 Law Bldg 
Sebrell Jno N Jr, 52 5 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Seldner Aaron B, 601 Dickson Bldg 
Shackleford Orren Lyne, 709 Citizens Bank 

Shannonhouse Wm T, 605 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Shapiro Herman M, 54 5 Church 
Shelton Thomas W, 914 Bank of Commerce 

Sherritt Homer C, 607 Board of Trade Bldg 
Shultice Robt W. 612 Law Bldg 
Sibert Walter, 3 01 Law Bldg 
Simmons Bruce, 5 3 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Simpson Wm, 42 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Smith Antonio J. 609 Law Bldg 
Smith Edwin J, 820 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Smith J Sydney, 308 E Main 
Snellings Shirley T, 300 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Starke, Venable & Starke, 42 5 Law Bldg 
Starkey Wm H, 431 Law Bldg 
Stephenson Percy C, 311 Monticello Arcade 
*Stith Robt C, 403 E Queen 
Synon Thos H 15 Talbot Bids: 
Talbot Minton W. 14 Talbot Bldg 
Taylor Tazewell. 5 09 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Taylor Walton R L, 617 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Terry Wm W, 331 Law Bldg 
Thorp Robt T, 413 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Thorp Roland, 413 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Tilton Jno G, 310 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Tomlin Robt W, 712 Law Bldg % 
Upton Jno, 6 3 Roanoke av 

Wal bridge Edward L, 710 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Waring Laurence, City Hall sq 






CO., Inc. 




Watters Garrett, 321 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Webb J McBryde, 321 Seaboard Bank Bldg- 
Wells E R F, 502 Citizens Bank Bldg 
White Earl W, 518 Law Bldg 
White Hubert S, 2 20 Monticello Arcade 
Willcox, Cooke & Willcox, 1015 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Willcox J Westmore, 530 Law Bldg 
WILLIAMS, TUN STALL/ & THOM, 312 Citizens 

Bank Bldg 
Willis Berry D, 306 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Willock J^mes Henry, 917 Bank of Commerce 

Wilson Robt A, 21 G Citizens Bank Bldg 
Wilson Wm W, 6 38 Law Bldg 
Wingfield & Hoag, 715 Law Bldg 
Yv r olcott, Wolcott, Lank ford & Kear, 42 5 Sea- 
board Bank Bldg 
Woodhouse Wm McK, 920 Bank of Commerce 

Woodworth Windom S, 4 30 E Main 
Wool Theo J, 503 Bank of Commerce Bldg 

Auctioneers — General 

Anderson Auction Co Inc. 320 E City Hall av 

Atlantic Auction Co, 156 Church 

Gross Morris, 50S Board of Trade Bldg and 

412 E Plume 
Norfolk Auction Co, 53 Commercial pi 
Southern Commission Corp, 314 E City Hall 


Auctioneers — Real Estate 
Baker J A <& Co, 220 Monticello Arcade 
Collins & Van Denbergh lac, 315 Dickson 

Hoggard H C & Co. 400 Dickson Bldg 
Ives Joseph R & Co. 317 E Plume 
Lewis E B & Co, 249 Monticello Arcade 
Real Estate Trust & Ins Co, 200 Dickson 

Stephenson & Taylor, 311 Monticello Arcade 
Whitehurst C N & Co. 22 5 E Plume 
Woodard <& Joynes Inc, 215 Monticello Arcade 

Hare Thos U. 210 Withers Bldg 
Hilton Wm P, 1004 Royster Bldg 
Paulin B G. Board of Trade Bldg 
Rawlings, Hill Co, 407 Law Bldg 
Tolleth Wm R. 1019 Bank of Commerce Bldg* 
Walker Robt J, 324 Board of Trade Bldg 

Automobile Body Builders 

Auto Sheet Metal Wks, 715 Granby 

Automobile Repairers 

Allen Saml H. 116 W Main 
Auto Sheet Metal Wks, 715 Granby 
Automobile Exchange & Repair Co, 145 Church 
Morse Chas O, 607 Cove 
Norfolk Motor Car Shop, 100 E High 
Ogle Auto & Repair Corp, 1008 Granby 
Reliance Electric Co, 131 W City Hall av 
Smith & Edwards, rear 718 Granby 
Southern Auto Repair Shop, rear 631 Bote- 

Automobile Sheet Metal Workers 

Auto Sheet Metal Wks, 715 Granby 

Automobiles Supplies 

Bear Tire Co. 776 Granby 

Chemi Co Inc. 438 Granby 

Cut Price Tire Co. 4 32 Granby 

Grover Wm H. 611 Cove 

Motorist Supply Co, 616 Granby 

Virginia Auto Supply Station, 62 5 Botetourt 

Automobile Tires 

Atlantic Tire & Rubber Co, 508 Granby 
Double Mileage Tire Co, 114 W Charlotte 
Ford Vulcanizing Co Inc, 510 Granby 
Goodrich B F Co The, 221 E Water 
Joynes Tire Co, 52 7 Granby cor York 
Norfolk Tire & Vulcanizing Co, 112 W Char- 
Old Dominion Tire Co, 445 Granby 

Automobile Tops 
Acme Auto Top Co. 519 Granby 

Automobile Trucks 
Lippard-Stewart Motor Trucks, 616 Granby cor 

Beale & Sykes Motor Co, 614 Granby 
Bell Motor Co, 737 Granby 
Chalmers Motor Cars, 616 Granby cor Queen 
City Garage, Granby cor W 10th 
Coburn Motor Car Co Inc, Granby bet Char- 
lotte & Bute 
Colonial Garage, Colonial av nr 24th 
Dixie Motor Car Co Inc, 515 Granby 
Glennan & Smith Motor Co Inc, 616 Granby 
Hughes C B & Co Inc, 7 86 Granby 
Johnson H H Co Inc, 5 21 Granby 
Lintz Wm F, 37 Haddington Bldg and 614 

Luttrell Co The, 4 31 Monticello av 
Monticello Auto Car Service Co, Monticello | 

Motor Sales & Service Co Inc, 719 Granby 
Myers E L Sons Inc. 115 W 2 5th 
Overland Motor Co, 72 3 Granby 
Paige Motor Cars, 616 Granby cor Queen 
Pittman Jno H. 26th and De Bree av 
Rayfield Richd T, 226 Fenchurch 
Roethke Bros, Monticello av cor 10th 
Scripps Booth Motor Cars, 616 Granby 
Standard Motor Co Inc, 52 3 Granby 
Stutz Motor Cars, 616 Granby cor Queen 
Tigho Motor Service Co Inc The, 1012 Grant 
Twin State Motor Co, 721 Granby 
Waterman Automobile Co Inc, 52 3 Granby 
Wells Motor Sales Co, 125 Brooke av 
Wrenn Motor Car Co Inc, 410 Union 
Wright C E & Co Inc, 426 Monticello av 
Young Chas L. 735 Granby 

Automobiles for Hire 

Elliott Geo H, 115 E Cfcy Hall av 
Monticello Auto Car Service Co, MonticeH 

■ectory Advertising 

Consult HILL DIRECTORY CO- Publishers 

CREATES— A New Bu 8 inet» 
REVIVES— A Dull BusineM* 
ENLARGES— An Old Busin*** 

1915 New Model Hyd. Ram f| 

Descripiive Catalogue Free 


.-life Ram and Pump Works 

See Pa£e 39.) * Waynesboro, Augusta County - 




Norfolk Auto Service Co Inc, 247 W Bute 

Awning, Tent and Flag Manufacturers 

Hog-shire. Hudgins & Co Inc, 133 W Main 


Norfolk Badge Store, 5 22 Church 
*Sper.cer Jacob B, 925 Church 

Bagging and Ties 

American Bag Co, 37 Randolph 
Collins-Plass-Thayer Co, 2 06 So Produce Co 

Davis Geo H Jr, 20 5 So Produce Co Bldg 
Dixie Mfg Co Inc, 700 Front 
Imperial Bagging Co, 918 Bank oi Commerce 

Norfolk Bagging Co, 615 Dickson Bias: 
Southern Bagging Co, 12 7 Boush 
Virginia Bag Co, 2 7 Roanoke av 

Bags. Burlap and Cotton 

Riegel Sack Co, 711 Royster Bldg 

Bakers — Pie 

Connecticut Pie Co Inc, 22 Madison 
Gornio Pie Co, 514 Cumberland 

Bakers and Confectioners 

Adams Baking Co Inc, 206 Fenchurch 
Baltimore Bakery Inc, 4 02 Church 
Borris Jno. 4 52 Granby 
Brenner Max, 431 Church 
Cohen Joseph, 644 Church 
Davis Bakery Inc, 274 Market pi 
Diggs Chas H Inc, 321 Granby 
Gardner's Bakery, 219 Cumberland 
Johnson Chas H, 213 Chestnut, B 
Kotaridos A & P, rear 439 Church 
Merchants Bakery Inc, Railroad nr High- 
land av 
Peoples Bakery, 17 Berkley av, B 
Quality Bakery, 2701 Church 
Saks Benj, 4 30 Church 
Wergley's, 119 W. Charlotte 

Baking Powder Manufacturers 

Virginia Product Co, 218 Cumberland 

Bankers and Brokers 

Brandt Henry & Son. 214 E Plume 

Moss & Moss Bankers, 411 Board of Trade 

Mottu & Co, 110 W Plume 


American Banking & Ins Co Inc, 210 E Plume 

* Brown Savings & Banking Co Inc, 526 E 

Church St Bank, 400 Church 

109 E Main, Tench F Tilghman pres, 
W Leigh Williams v-pres, Norman Bell 
Jr cashr, Davis YV Jordan asst cashr («oo 
back cover and p 2R% ) 

Home Savings & Trust Co Inc, 319 E Plume 
Marine Bank of Norfolk, Va, The, 314 E 

Mercantile Bank Inc, 300 E Plume 
Merchants & Planters Bank, 108 Berkley av, 


E Main (see front stencil and p 2) 
Norfolk Bank For Savings and Trusts The, 

240 E Main 
Norfolk National Bank The, 242 E Main 

av, B, and 50 Commercial pi 
Seaboard National Bank of Norfolk The, 109 

W Main 
Virginia Bank & Trust Co, 101 Granby 
Virginia National Bank The, 101 Granby 

Banks — Savings 

* Brown Savings & Banking Co Inc, 526 E 

Merchants & Mechanics Savings Bank, 127 

Mutual Savings & Loan Co Inc, 3 Monticello 

Norfolk Bank For Savings and Trusts The, 

240 E Main 
Norfolk Savings & Loan Corp, 201 E Plume 
Savings Bank of Norfolk, 215 Granby 
Universal Savings Corp, 322 Law Bldg 


Acropolis Barber Shop, 108 Church 

* Adams Wilkins," 6 37 E Queen 
Adams Wm E, 1112 E Liberty, B 
All Nite Barber Shop, 321 E Main 
American Barber Shop, 216 E Plume 
Anast Jno, 114 Talbot 

* Anderson Robt H, 1204 E Liberty, B 
Antiseptic Barber Shop, 615 E Main 
Arcade Barber Shop, 205 E City Hall av 
Archer Robt E, 5 32 Park av 

Atlantic Hotel Barber Shop, 109 Granby 
*Bank Street Barber Shop, 141 Bank 
Bay City Barber Shop, 1011 E Main 
*Boone Jno H, 540 E Queen . 
♦Bradford Thos, 6S2 Church 
♦Bright Junius, 64 5 Nicholson 

* Brown Thos, 122 Church 

* Browne Chas T, 425 Church 
Central Barber Shop, 211 E Plume 
♦Cherry & Crumpier, 110 Chestnut, B 
City Barber Shop, 405 Granby 

City Hall Avenue Barber Shop, 309 E City 

Hall av 
City Market Barber Shop, 216 Wolfe 

* Clark Thromon, 1204 Granby 
♦Clayton Geo E, 131 E Queen 
Coleman Addie, 40 Church 
Commerce Barber Shop, 105 Atlantic 
Corbett Andrew, 515 E 18th 
Cuckoo Barber Shop, 44 4 Church 
Cuticura Barber Shop, 105 Bank 
De Waters Carmela Mrs, 709 «E Main 
Dobra Antonio, 311 Chestnut, B 
*Dozier Arthur <"\ 203 Berkley av, B 

v - • ; *:, 



Do You Earn Honey? 

If yon do — no matter how small your in- 
come may be — you can lay aside money. 
It isn't the size of your income that 
counts — it's the size of your Savings 

^"couJif^^fTHE VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK, of Petersburg, Ya. 

t ; 

r • 




♦Puke Geo R, 308 Brewer 

♦Dunn Wm M, 1044 Church 

Federal Barber Shop, 118 Atlantic 

♦Ferebee Benj F, 42 5 Nicholson 

*Fitts James W, 129 2 Chapel 

Forbes Chas H, 307 E Plume 

Futrell Henry P, Cottage rcl nr Boulevard, 

Lafayette Annex 
Ghent Barber Shop, Colley av nr Olney rd 
Godfrey Geo T, 228 Brewer 
Granby Barber Shop, 130 Granby 
Grubbs Jno B, 301 E Liberty, B 
*Hirdy James E, 90S Church 
*Harrell & Johnson, 912 Church 

* Harris Saml T, 744 Calvert 
♦Harvey Pleasant, 244 Kent 
Henderson James M, 608 E ISth 
♦Hill Wm F, 317 E Main 
♦Hodges Clingman, 164 Church 
*Hog"gard Joseph L, 9 39 E Liberty, B 
♦Holloway Merritt, 441 E Queen 
*Holloway Oscar. 4 5 Jackson 
♦Holloway Parson. 5 50 Church 

* Holmes Kichd H, 2 35 E Queen 

Hotel Fairfax Barber Shop, 121 W City Hall 
av , 

Hotel Xeddo Barber Shop, 114 E Plume 

Hotel Southland Barber Shop, 105 W Free- 

Imperial Barber Shop, 212 E Plume 

* Jackson J Henry, 36 4 E Plume 

* Jackson Jno, 6 62 Church 

* Jackson Wm, 6 34 E Queen 

* Jar vis Jno A.. 1105 Church 

* Jones Benj F, 411 I nion 

Jones Josiah T, 2 07, 421 and 609 E Main 

Koch Casimir, 8 2 Roanoke av 

♦Langley Danl, 4 32 E Queen 

♦Lee Geo, 426 Nicholson 

Lee Park Shaving Parlor, 813 Duke 

♦Levister Omega, 812 Church 

♦Little Wonder Shaving Parlor, 910 Church 

Lorraine Hotel Barber Shop, Granby cor Taze- 

Marman Edgar. 309 E Main 

Mid City Barber Shop, 604 Botetourt 

*Mitchell Cling. 617 Nicholson 

♦Mitchell Jno H, 315 Wolfe 

♦Mitchell Sherman, 615 Nicholson 

Monticello Hotel Barber Shop, 116 E City 
Hall av 

♦Moore Hanson. 406 E Queen 

♦Moore Willis.. 800 Church 

♦Mooring Bunch, 5 31 Park av 

♦Morris Wm H, 1202% E Liberty, B 

Morse Napoleon B, 204 Brewer 

♦Moseley Geo, 1534 Church 

♦Moss Richd B, 60 3 Queen 

New Victoria Hotel Barber Shop, New Vic- 
toria Hotel 

New York Barber Shop. 712 E Freemason 

New York Shaving Parlor, 1013 Brambleton 

Nuzzo Pasquale, 19 Berkley av, B 

♦Patterson W Frank. 14 53 W 44th 

Penello Bros, 11 Berkley av, B 

♦Perry Jno W, 74 8 Cumberland 
Phelps Isaiah W, 17 08 Brambleton av 
<Ri4di.ck_ Clinton/ 9 28 E Liberty, B 
*Robertson~~Walter, 12 59 Chapel 
* Robertson & Trueblood, 920 E Liberty, B 
Royal Shaving Parlor The. 9 00 E Queen 
I Sakakiny Michael, 702 E Queen 
! Sandler Julius S, 3S04 Bowdens Ferry rd 
| *Satterfield Aaron C, 1002 Church 
j ♦Savage Isaac, SO 3 Cove 
Scelzi Jno. 7 34 E Main 
I Scott Alfred F. 564 Front 
Selman Fay J, 610 Wolfe 
Silverman Harry. 105 TV Charlotte 
♦Singleton Clayton, 132 Talbot 
Slotar Morris M, 4 34 Church 
♦Small James, 702 E Water 
j ♦Smith Albert D. 7 30 Church 
i * Stevenson Wash, 9 40 Church 
| Strong Saml, 1214 E Liberty, B 
j Tazewell Barber Shop, 124 W Tazewell 
| Terminal Barber Shop. 306 E Plume 
I *Thomas Wm, 175 3 Church 
j ♦Tyler Wm H, 108 W Plume 
! Tyson J Frank, 14 57 W 38th 
j V S Barber Shop, 226 Church 
! Virginia Barber Shop, 3 20 Granby 
! * Weaver Wm H, 302 Monticello av 
j * Welch Benj J ; 1110 E Liberty, B 
j * White Front Barber Shop, 1111 E Liberty, B 
j * White Louis S. 3 06 Church 
| ♦Wilkins Jno T. 724 Church 
! ♦Williams Raymond, 505" Colley av 
♦Yancey Wm H. 9 04 Church 

Barbers Supplies 

Bannier Richd Co Inc, 9 6 Commercial pi 
Co-Operative Barber Supply Co Inc, 15 Essex 

Norfolk Barber Supply Co, 133 Atlantic 
Norfolk Guarantee Barber Supplv Co, 615 E 


Barrel Manufacturers and Dealers 

Askew J E & Bro, 12 39 Calvert 
Ferguson J Fenton, 64 Loyall's la 
White Barrel & Basket Co Inc, 730 Mason av 

Bed Manufacturers 

Norfolk Bed Mfg Co, 1215 E Main 


Moloney Belting Co, 412 E Water 

Bicycle Dealers and Repairers 

I Farrell Benj F, 1212 Granby 
I Frizzell Arthur J, 507 Park av 
! Frizzell Henry H, 13 01 E Liberty, B 
• Goodrich Anderson, 110 W Charlotte 
! Haverford Cycle Co, 4 30 Granby 
I Irwin Bros, 808 E Main 
Meredith Jacquelin M, 30 4 E City Hall av 
Morse James P, 82 4 E Queen 
Moulton Emmons C, 4 07 Granby 
Nugent A Jr. 52 5 Granby 
Pitt man Jno H. 2515 De Bree av 


liil u-'Ls yy it" 

Can handle all your advertising 
matter and save you money. 

Mutual l*uiUtin«:, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia 




Has won the hearty approval and active support of the 
people by its promptness and fair dealing during the 
FORTY-FIVE YEARS of its operation. 




Vanderberry James H, rear 223 E Plume 
While Leroy F. 118 TV Charlotte 
♦Williams Caesar, 1009 Chicazola 

Bill Posters 
Consolvo <£.- Cheshire, 814 E Main 
Dixie Poster Advertising Co Inc, 827 Craw- 

Billiard Parlors 

•All Star Pool Parlor. 1010 Chapel 
•Bush Joseph, 11 Liberty extd, B 
Cartwright James E, 7 08 Cove 
•Chappell Thos F, 3 7 Campbell's whf 
•Coreno Pocket Billiard Parlor, 824 Church 
DaviJson Pocket Billiard Parlor, 368 E Queen 
•Hamilton Bunny H, 640 E Queen 
Harper Jno E, 716 E Queen 

* Jackson Geo, 1800 Church 
•Jap Pool Parlor, 840 Church 
•Johnson Lewis, 1506 W 44th 
•Jones David TV Jr, 7 39 Church 
Landgraff's Pool Parlor, S20 E Main 
Lorraine Hotel Billiard & Pool Parlor, Granby 

cor Tazewell 

* Magnolia Billiard Parlor, 731 Church 
Monticello Hotel, 108 E City Hall av 
Pickwick Club Billiard Parlor, 113 E Main 
Prince James E, 152 6 Church 

♦Princess Anne Pool Parlor. 1110 Church 

Queen Billiard Parlor, 712 E Queen 

^.Ridick Chas 4 j554 E Queen 

Rottenberg" Israel, 7 08 E Water 

St Elmo Billiard Parlor, 113 E City Hall av 

•Shepherd Walter, 2 01 E Queen 

Siegel Alex, 8 22 Highland av 

Tony Max, 761 Church 

Tuxedo The, 2 30 E Plume 

Virginia Billiard Parlor, 116 E Plume 

Williams Floyd P, 415 Chestnut, B 

Mudd Flora Mrs, 


314 E Plume 

Blacksmiths Supplies 

Taylor & Wilson Co Inc, 22 3 W Main 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Allen & Gildersleeve, 516 E Plume 
Barkley James & Co Inc, 621 Cove, 322 Mon- 
ticello av and 545 Chapel 
Benthall Jno A, 104 Park av 
Bray Wm P, 1189 Park av 
Brown Geo A. 425 Nivison 
Etheridge Jno S, 9 Chestnut, B 
Games Wm T, 2417 Church 
Godfrey W T & Co. 606 Union 
•Hammonds Alfred, 13 07 E Liberty, B 
Hundley Enos L, 3917 Bowdens Ferry rd 
Jackson Malachi C, 413 Wolfe 
♦McKnight Saml, 332 Monticello av 
Pebworth Richd A, 54 8 Front 
Robertson Laban H, 1019 Park av 
Sargeant Fredk J, Granby nr High 
Scultatus Wm J, 601 Union 
Si^nsAn Robt, 4117 Bowdens Ferry rd 

Stebbins J W & Son, 1207 and 1223 Calvert 
•Thomas Joseph, 706 Highland av 
Veckio Frank L, 706 Landing 
•Williams Fredk, 603 E Libertv, B 
•Wright Geo H, 1227 Chapel .. 

Blank Book Manufacturers 
BURKE & GREGORY IXC, 808-810 Bermuda 
(sec left bottom lines) 

Blow Pipe Manufacturers 

King F E & Co. 119 W 2 5th 

Blue Prints 

Arcade Blue Print Co, 346 Monticello Arcade 
Morrie Co, 113 E Plume 

Boarding Houses 

Alexander Elizabeth V Miss, 301 Boush 
Baptist Lena Mrs, 4 38 Boush 
Barbee Emma W T Mrs, 24 5 E 41st, River- 
Barring-ton House, 901 E Main 
Bell Annie E Mrs, 310 Boush 
Bell Emma S Mrs, 316 E Freemason 
Bland Ida A Mrs. 717 E Liberty, B 
Bright Susan A Mrs, 315 Bank 
Burton Sarah J Mrs, 736 Olney rd 
Butt Cornelia F Mrs, 415 E Freemason 
Eyrura Emma C Mrs, 435 Bank 
Callan Lena Mrs, 329 Duke 
•Cannon Wm M, 6 22 E Queen 
Caristmou Diamanti G, 108 Fenchurch 
Carstarphen Jennie M Mrs. 207 E Charlotte 
Cayna Frank, 54 Church 
•Central House, 50 5 Cumberland 
Clark Lucy Mrs, 317 Bank 
Crockett Georgia L Mrs, 120 E ISth 
Deaton Anna V Mrs, 52 8 Warren Crescent 
Dozier Amanda W Mrs, 308 Chapel 
Ferebee Stella Mrs, 332 Duke 
Foley Erne Miss, 55 9 Church* 
Forbes Maude E Miss, 226 W Bute 
Forman Jennie Mrs, 25 3 W Bute 
Garrett. Ida Mrs, 124 College pi 
Giama Ambrose, 14 6 Fenchurch 
Gilliam Katie Mrs, 265 Boush 
Harlow Lorena E Mrs, 513 Chestnut, B 
Hutchings Luther Mrs, 214 W York 
Jones Anna L Mrs, 22 7 W Bute 
Jones Lavinia C Mrs, 316 Boush 
Kostopolos Vasilios, 121 Fenchurch 
Land Margaret G Miss, 314 Fairfax av 
Lawford Jane C Mrs, US Main, B 
McClenny Maggie Mrs, 600 E Freemason 
McCormick Dawson Mrs, 217 W Freemason 
Mason Nellie Miss, 4 22 Boush 
Maynard Clara Mrs, 22 3 W York 
Moore Mattie E Miss, Beaufort Apts 
Morton Ella Mis, 214 W Tazewell 
Xorfleet C B Mrs, 321 Olney rd 
Powell Iza P Mrs. 214 W T Bute 
•Reed Mahala, 705 Bermuda 
Robinson Mary Mrs, 2 51 W Cute 
Roughton Bessie Mrs, 600 «3oush 
Shaw Mollie G M^s, 335 Bute 

P • 


r- "«■> " ^««^i«-i * s tne Sil ° 8 Manufacturing City of the 

t State. Good Homes. 

Virginia Printing & Manufacturing- Co** Inc. 

Ask Us for Prices Before Placing Your Order. Cor. Bank & Market Sts. PETERSBURG, VA. 



Skempes Alex, 110 Fenchurch 
Spicer Addie H Miss, 2 54 Boush 
Tyree Jennie C Mrs, 20 3 E Freemason 
Vergakis Michael, 103 Fenchurch 
Watson Nellie S Mrs, 3 22 College pi 
Weaver Joseph B, 201 W Bute 
Whitehurst Elen Mrs, 10 4 8 Brambleton av 
Winder House, 4 53 Brewer 


Duvall Geo W & Co Inc. 9 00 Water 

Bonding: Companies 

Fidelity & Deposit Co of Maryland, 302 Citizens 
Bank Bldg 

Bonds and Mortgages 
Bond-Mortgage-Securities Co Inc, 333 Law 

BVKKE & GREGORY IXC, 808-810 Bermuda 
(see left bottom lines) 

Booksellers and Stationers 

Atlantic Book Stores, 149 Atlantic and 113 

Chestnut, B 
Freeman Wm, 304 E Main 
Norfolk Stationery Co Inc. 2 2G Granby 
Nusbaum Book & Art Co, 221 Granby 
Scott's Book Store, 318 F City Hall av 
Segel Nathan, 709 E Charlotte 
Shaffer's Book & Stationery Store, 107 Granby I 


Coca-Cola Bottling Wks, 254 Duke 
Consolidated Bottling Wks Inc, 617 E Char- i 

Gin Gera Bottling Co Inc, 85 2 Granby 
Norfolk Lemon-Kola Corp, 2536 Church 
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co, 137 Fenchurch 

Bowling Alleys 

Roane's Bowling Alleys, 317% Granby 

Box Manufacturers 
Mayo Henry Box Co, ft Pearl, B 

Brass Founders 

Eagle Iron Wks, 806 E Water 
Gyro Metal Wks, Scott nr Granby 

Brick Dealers 

Batchelder & Collins. 128 W Main 

Bayne C M & Co, Llewellyn av cor N &■ W 

Face E W & Son. 100 3 Olney rd 

Gamage Jno O, 17 Commerce 

Southern Building Material Co, 235 Monti- 
cello Arcade 

Brick Manufacturers 

Eureka Brick Co Inc, 501 Bank of Com- | 

merce Bldg 
Face E W & Son. 100 3 Olney rd 
Nansemond River Brick & Tile Co, 128 W 


Bridge Builders 
Murray W D & Co Inc, 208 Citizens Bank 

Brokers — Cot ton 

Eure Z V & Co. 622 Front 
Randolph E & C, 7 00 Front 

Brokers — Custom House 

Leitch Jno D, 506 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Stone W M & Co, 82 4 Royster Bldg 
Tredwell Wm B, 301 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Wigg E J Rudgard, 308 Seaboard Bank Bldg 

Brokers — Freight 

Humphreys Arthur C, 708 , Law Bldg 

Brokers— -Merch andise 

Bennett-Hvoslef & Co, 402 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Blackwell Calvin S Jr, 30S So Produce Co Bldg 
Booker Marshall A, 20 2 So Produce Co Bldg 
Brooks E F, 518 Board of Trade Bldg 
Browne C Goodwin, 32 4 Lav/ Bldg 
Carroll Thos A & Co, 219 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Gofer Vernon L, 712 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Council J R & Co Inc, 103 Lynnhaven 
Davis H C Jr & Co, 2 20 Citizens Bank Bldg 
DeJarnette J W & Co Inc, Fayette cor Lynn- 
Dickinson S T Co Inc, 218 Mercantile Brokers 

Ham W T & Co Inc, 30 5 So Produce Co Bldg 
Hodges E B & Co, 719 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Hogshire. Hudgins & Co Inc, 133 W Main 
Holloway R D & Co. 321 W Tazewell 
Johnson Robt Co, 4 3 Martin's la 
Jones Wm P, 321 Law Bldg 
Kilby L Clay, 404 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Kramer Adolph E, 316 Mercantile Brokers 

Langley Henry A, 303 So Produce Co Bldg 
LeGrand & Burton, 400 Board of Trade Bldg 
Leigh J W & Co, 717 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Luke Wm J, 2 09 So Produce Co Bldg 
Martin R L & Co, 301 Mercantile Brokers Bldg 
Meech W R & Co Inc, 22 5 W Tazewell 
Obendorfer W P & Son, 7 8 Roanoke av 
Page Sidney G, 219 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Parker L C & Co, 211 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Reid Edward W, 307 So Produce Co Bldg 
Rig-gins Andrew W, 222 Monticello Arcade 
Savage Kemp E, 721 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Seaboard Brokerage Co Inc, 312 Mercantile 

Brokers Bldg 
Stallings & Co, 2 02 So Produce Co Bldg 
Sebrell R A & Co, 304 Mercantile Brokers 

Southgate T S & Co Inc, ft W Tazewell 
Stallings & Co, 202 So Produce Co Bldg 
.Syer Chas & Co, 500 So Produce Co Bldg 
Taylor Harry, 3 20 Mercantile Brokers Bldg 
Taylor L Selden, 311 Monticello Arcade 
Thrcodcraft Frank L, 622 Board of Trade Bldg 
Treakle Bros, 6 6 Roanoke av 
Underwriters Corp. 410 Dicftson Bldg 
Wjuldill C C r Q Inc, 12 Commerce 


I 0/0' 



Telephone Norfolk 

808-810 Bermuda 

.■""-.'■ '■■■■ 


m ?*, t^ 

?* i7 

Most progressive town of size 
-J in South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. Corne on quick— -big money here for you. Population, 13,797 

• ■III !■■" "» ' '"' I ■" ■■■■"■'■«i» 1111111111 m .i.iii.i ..iii. ii I II I Hi "~~ nl " "" 



Willcox Junius R, 419 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Wilson H T & Co. 201 So Produce Co Bldg 

Brokers — Ship 

Curtis R & Co, 39 Campbells whf 
jlasler Bros Inc, 526 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Phillips Geo F & Co, 15 Campbell's whf 
Reynolds J M & Co, 2 34 E Water 
Toler Isaac C, 309 So Produce Co Bldg 

Brokers — -Stock and Bond 

Cobb Bros & Co, 22 3 E Plume 
Mottu & Co, 110 W Plume 
Wood J Leon & Co, 115 E Plume 

Broom Manufacturers 

Model Broom Wks, 916 Maltby av 

Brushes — Paint 

Old Dominion Paint & Varnish Co Inc. 2 Mon- 
ticello Arcade 

Builders Material 

Atlantic Metal Co, 34 5 Monticello Arcade 
Bayne C M & Co, Llewellyn av cor N & W 

Building Supplies Corp, 112 Brooke av and 

111 W Tazewell 
Consolidated Building- Material Co Inc, 356 

Monticello Arcade and N & W Ry tracks 

bet DeBree and Colonial av 
Denby-Ford-Wilbur Co Inc, W 24th cor De- 
Bree av 
Dixie Lime & Cement Corp, N & W Ry cor 

Friebus Gustav S, 113 E Plume 
Gamage Jno O, 17 Commerce 
Grinnan Jno C, 305 Monticello Arcade 
Nash C A & Son Inc, 112 Atlantic 

237 Monticello Arcade (see light bottom 

lines and adv below) 
Trussed Concrete Steel Co, 404 Dickson Bldg I 
Virginia Builders Supply Co, 2 29 E Main 
White Grover L, 34 Withers Bldg 

Building and Loan Associations 

Atlantic Permanent Building & Loan Assn, 

211 Berkley av, B 
Berkley Permanent Building & Loan Assn, 

107 Berkley av, B 
Chesapeake Building Assn, 110 Berkley av, B 
Definite Contract Building & Loan Assn, of 

Norfolk, Va, 302 E Plume 
Equitable Building Assn, of Norfolk, Va, 400 

Dickson Bldg 

Southern Building Material Co. 

Arcade Building NORFOLK, VA. 


Pressed Brick ''all colors!. Common Building Brick, 
Architectural Terra Cotta, Metal Windows and Doors. 
Metal Laths, Ccrner Bead, iron. Steel. Tile and Building 
Materials of everv kind. San»nle«s :>.->'i prices otVre«uest. 

Heptasophian Building & Loan Assn, SO 5 K 

Mutual Building Assn of Norfolk, 121 W Taze- 
Norfolk Classified Building Assn, 305 E Plume 
♦Seaside Building & Loan Assn, 600 E Bute 
Tidewater Building & Loan Assn, 12 3 Bank 
Twin City Permanent Building Assn, 112 W 

Uptown Investment Corp The, 516 Church 

Buoys — Spars and Masts 

Jordan Bros Lumber Co, messanine floor Bank 
of Commerce Bldg 

Bureau — Sale and Exchange 

Norfolk Sale & Exchange Bureau, suite 421 
Board of Trade Bldg 

Burial Vaults 

Addenbrook's J U Sons Inc, 307 Monticello 

State Mfg Co Inc, W 2 3d cor DeBree av 

Business Colleges 
W City Hall av (see right bottom lines and 
P 5G) 

Practical Shorthand & Typewriting School, 113 
E Plume 

Butchers and Meat Markets 

Aframe Robt, 4 51 Fenchurch 

Albert Wolfe, 718 E Charlotte 

Baker Bros, 322 Granby 

Clark Win H. 2 City Mkt 

Consumers Market, 2 70 Market pi 

PJastwood R M & Co, 10 City Mkt 

Etheridge Robt, 517 E Queen 

Fitchett Wm J, Ballentine Arcade 

Freedman Philip, 919 E Liberty, B 

Goodson Wm L, 12^ City Mkt 

Kenison Louis, 508 Church 

Lee & Sutton, City Mkt 

Lowe & Lovitt, 15 City Mkt 

National Market, 260 Market pi 

New York Meat Market, 82 5 Church 

Norfolk Kosher Meat Market, 509 Church 

Norfolk Meat Co, Ballentine Arcade 

Peoples Market, 2 64 Market pi 

Sears Raphael J, Ballentine Arcade 

Shapiro Saral, 612 Wolfe ; 

Shipp Bros, 742 Church 

Smith Thos N. Ballentine Arcade 

Snyder Thos F. 200 Wolfe 

Soroko Bros, 440 Church 

Soroko Jacob, 706 E Liberty, B 

Soroko Morris, 4 20 Church 

Tarrall Marshall, 20 City Mkt 

Virginia Meat Co, 29 City Mkt 

Wasserman Louis & Sons Inc, 1 City Mkt 

Wasserman . Saml, 7 City Mkt 

Wasserman Saml L, 9 City Mkt 

White Paul, City Mkt 

AVhitehurst James E, City Mkt 


Ballentine Ar^nile 


n I Mi U Kn fti „,crs and Contractors f jjj . _ ; J 

Kn£ineer3 and Contractors 
No. 9 N. Seventh St. Richmond, Va. 


PHONE 176 





Butter, Cheese and Eggs 
Brambleton Butter Co, 52 5 Park av 
Breslauer, Tuchmann Co, 2 City Mkt 
Economy Butter Store, City Mkt 
Norfolk Butter Co, 13 City Mkt 
O'Dea Butter Co, 4 8 City Mkt 

Butter — Wholesale 

Belote H L & Co, 20 Commerce 
"Better Butter," Southgate Terminal, W Taze- 
Fox River Butter Co, 7 7 Roanoke av 
Friedman Mfg Co, 20 Commerce 
Hobbs F H & Co, 62 Roanoke av 
Morgan J B Co Inc. 77 Roanoke av 
Scott & Co Inc, 60 Roanoke av 
Southern Distributing- Co Inc, Southgate Ter- 
minal, W Tazewell 

Cabinet Makers 
Curdts Louis T, 92 3 Llewellyn av 

Parrish Wm M, 124 W Bute 
Scullion Patk, 116 W Bute 
Stargardt Adolph, 1112 E Liberty, B 

Cake and Cracker Manufacturers 

National Biscuit Co, 1213 E Main 

Canal Companies 

Bake Drummond Canal & Water Co, 619 Sea- 
board Bank Bldg 

Candy Manufacturers 
Ayers Saml T, 111 W Charlotte 
Bosman & Loliman, Granby cor 2 3d 
Commings Co The, 223 Bank 
Red, White and Blue Candy Mfg Co, 1043 

Canned Goods • 

Bibby, McNeil & Libby, 204 W Water 
Southgate Packing Co, ft W Tazewell 

Card Writing and General Advertising 

Window Service Co, 346 Monticello av 

Carpenters and Builders ' 

Atkinson Building Co, 239 Monticello Arcade 

Atkinson W Joe, 3 56 Monticello Arcade 

Barclay Jno E, 21st and Colonial av 

Brothers Chas L, 144 W Queen 

Brown Jno Y. 611 E Plume 

♦Cannon Joseph S, 640 Bank 

Dear Wm E. 112 W 10 th 

Fitch C C. 353 Monticello Arcade 

Garrett Augustus H, Comfort Apts 

Glen wood Building Corp, 32 5 Seaboard Bank 

Hicks Edward D, 422 Hill 
Holmes M H & Son, 121 Arcade la 
Lindgren Carl A, Granby cor 9th 
McCloud Logan, Colley av cor Sandy's av 
Moore Melvin J, 141 Talbot 
Northcott Jno A, 82 2 Windsor av 
Roane Richd W, 218 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Roberts Isaac C, 202 Gravdon av 

Stubbs James W. 918 Camp av 
Tyree Walter E, 9 20 Bermuda 
♦Wheeler Burley, 1419 Chapel 

Carpets, Rugs, etc 

Carpenter D Co Inc, Granby cor Tazewell 
Crockin PI Inc, 54 5 Church 
Loughran Co Inc The, 336 Church 

Carriage and Wagon Makers 

Borum J W Son & Co. 406 Church 

Morgan Seth, 517 Cove 

Thomas Elmer P, 10 00 Brambleton av 

Wrenn A & Son Inc, 414 Union 

Wright C E & Co Inc, 426 Monticello av 


Window Service Co, 346 Monticello av 

Cash Registers 

National Cash Register Co, 111 Wolfe 


Diggs Chas H Inc. 321 Granby 

Fussell Ice Cream Co Inc, 137 W Charlotte 

Cattle Dealers 

Young Nathan A Co, Maple av extd, B 

Cedar Boat Lumber and Buoys 

Jordan Bros Lumber Co, messanine floor BanI 
of Commerce Bids: 


Denby, Ford, Wilbur Co Inc, W 24th cor De- 
Bree av 

Cement Construction 

Carroll Tile & Cement Co, 2 39 Monticello 
Arcade and 76 7 National la 

Chemical Manufacturers 

Atlantic Chemical Corp The, 11th floor Roy- 

ster Bldg 
Hunter Mfg Co Inc, 1180 Calvert 
Kanona Co Inc. 310 Law Bldg 
National Utilization Co The, 1003 Royster 

Bld f T 


Norfolk Testing Laboratory, 300 Paul-Caie- 

Greenwood Bldg 
Thomas Edwin O, 80 3 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 


China, Glass and Earthenware 

Martin J W & Co. 7 2 Commercial pi 
Schwan Max Inc, 205 Granby 


Ellis Walter E, 22 Withers Bldg 

Matthews David, 318 Bank of Commerce Bldg 

Sapt-s A^nos E Mrs, 20 5 Columbia Bldg 




PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 



See Our Adv. In Duyera Guide 



^^a . p^w 



Send sketches for free search. List of Inventions, 
needed sent free. Established in 18K9. ltadocsed by 
both Virginia Senators. Easy payments. 






Hybee & Bybee. 2 51 Monticello Arcade 

Cigar Manufacturers 

Addison Harry L, 213 E Plume 

Cooke Frank H, 246 Market pi 

rowan Fletcher S & Son, 3 6 Clifton, B 

Dodenhoff Fredk W, 206 E Main 

Edwards Jno T, 820 E 28th, Villa Hts 

Hyslop W T & Co, 2 21 E Main and 143 Bank 

Moritz Siegfried. 22 5 E Plume 

Stevens Frank S, 309 W 2 7th 

White Ernest L, 7 Clifton, B 

Cigars and Tobacco 

Atlantic Hotel Cigar & News Stand, 111 Gran- 

Beskin Cigar Co, 213 E City Hall av 
Bondurant & Moss, 218 E Plume and Holland 

Bonney's Cigar Store, 107 E City Hall av 
Carter Cecil McL, lobby Royster Bldg 
Cathey's Cigar Store, 100 Church 
Commercial Cigar Store, 42 7 E Main 
Davison Cigar Co Inc, 619 E Main 
Davison Mitchell, 112 Granby 
Gresham Thos E, lobby Bank of Commerce 

Hotel Fairfax Cigar Stand, 117 W City Hall av 
Hotel Norfolk Cigar Stand, 323 Granby 
Hotel Southland Cigar Stand, 343 Granby 
Howell James C, 103 W Main 
Lorraine Hotel Cigar Stand, Granby cor Taze- 
Miller Louis, 603 Church 

New Victoria Hotel Cigar Stand, 519 E Main 
Norfolk Cigar & Tobacco Co, 340 Monticello 

Pagoulatos Thos, 101 Church 
Riportella Antonio, 115 Bank 
Hodgers Joseph A, 12 5 Chestnut, B 
Smith Oscar, lobby Dickson Bldg 
United Cigar Stores Co, 140 Granby and 2 56 E 

Virginia Cigar Store, 56 8 Church 
West Claude & Co, 311 E Main 
White Cigar Store, 4 03 E Main and 238 E 

Wilkinson & Williams, lobby Seaboard Bank 


Cigars and Tobacco — Wholesale 

Beale E F & Sons Inc. 5 8 Commercial pi 

Golden A J Cigar Co, 308 Mercantile Brokers 

Old Dominion Tobacco Co Inc, 124 W Main 
Cleaning and Pressing 

*Alpine Artistic French Dyeing & Steam 
Cleaning Parlor, 521 E Queen 

•Athletic Cleaning & Pressing Shop, 605 Ap- 
pomattox, B 

'Atlantic Pressing Co, 1413 Granby 

Barrett's. 618 Botetourt 

'Bass James, 4 30 E Charlotte 

Lower Lee S, 3 37 Colley av 

•Bnd*res Mark. 302 Cumberland 

*Britt Geo, 1018 % E Main 

Brooklyn Cleaning & Tailoring Co, 3010 

♦Brown Weldon, 301 Nicholson 
♦Burncy Henry, 531 E Queen 
♦Butler's Sanitary Pressing Club, 246 Bank 
♦Central Pressing Club, 4 51 E Bute 
City Cleaning & Pressing Co, 1007 Bramble- 
ton av 
Cohen Harry, 916 E Liberty, B 
*Collins Weston, 4305 Parker av 
*Cooke Abraham, 112 E Freemason 
Creekmore Bush H, 111 College pi 
Crider Jno O, 121 W Charlotte 
♦Crowell Walter, 7 21 Highland av 
Crystal Laundry, 224-232 Church 
DeBree Pressing Club, 326 W 20th \ 

Derring Robt L, 1517 Brambleton av 
Deuell Clarence M, 641 Woodis av 
Eclipse Cleaning and Dyeing Co Inc, 717 and 
32 5 Granby 

* El lis Jno. 208 E Queen 

♦Enterprise Cleaning & Pressing Works, 633 

Ever Ready Cleaners & Tailors, 2 57 Boush 
♦Excelsior Cleaning Club, 5 Liberty extd, B 
♦Fentress Thos W, 1303 Church 
Fisher Chas, 338 Boush 
♦Fitts Wm, 205 Chestnut, B 
Floyd Augustus S, 143 W Charlotte 
♦Floyd James A, 7 55 Monticello av 
♦Gatling & Davis, 504 Nicholson 
Ghent Sutitorium Cleaning Co, 811 Duke 
♦Griffin Wm, 1502 AV 44th 
Harmon Lewis, 710 E Charlotte 

* Harris Melvin C, 15 32 Church 
♦Hicks Edward, 42 02 Parker av 
♦Highter Julius A, 839 Henry 

♦Llolland Henry W R. 826 Princess Anne av 
Howard's French Dry Cleaning Co, 818 E 

Hyslop Henry J, 3723 Bowdens Ferry rd 

* Jackson Chas E, 182 6 Church 
♦Jacobs Edward H, 86 8 Goff 
♦James Hamilton, 1044 Church 
♦Langley Emmett, 122 E Queen 
Lascara Nathaniel F I, 1805 Church 
♦Leonard Chas H. 829 St Paul 
McCourt Jno L, 311 Hamilton av 
Manhattan Cleaning & Dyeing Co, 722 Granby 
♦Model Cleaning & Pressing Club, 713 Cum- 

Mohawk Pressing Club, 1138 Chapel 

Moran Cleaning & Pressing Co, 1209 Moran 

♦Mullen Edward, 869 Henry 
♦Neely Bailey, 518 Brewer 
♦New York (Cleaning & Pressing Club, 525 

E Queen 
Norfolk Cleaning & Pressing Club, 431 E 

Norfolk, Dyeing, Cleaning & Repairing Co, 116 

Old Dominion Cleaning & Dyeing Co, 723 E 

•Paris Cleaners & Dyers. 7 50 Duke 

: m 


Is the Largest Trunk 
City in the South. 


Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. C 

GROSS ASSKTS, $1,852,728.19. 




. g 



Parisian Steam Laundry & Dye Works, 1239- 
1243 Church 

Park. Place Cleaning & Pressing- Co, 313 W 
33rd, Park Place 

♦Park Place Pressing- Club, 3109 Church 

Payne Thos O. Colley av nr Olney rd 

♦Peoples Cleaning & Pressing Club, 800 Berk- 
ley av, B 

~Pope Jno, 610 E Queen 

Postal Cleaning & Pressing Club, 209 Wal- 
nut, B 

*Pugh Benj, 139 E Wilson av 

*Reid Wilson M, 710 Avenue C 

Reservoir Cleaning & Pressing Club The, 703 
Reservoir av 

Roberts Panl. 60 2 E Plume 

♦Rosebud Cleaning & Pressing Parlor, 1112 

Samuels Saml, 231 W Eute 

ganderlin Cecil D. 16 IS Brambleton av 

S.irtorium The, 529 Park av 

♦Scott Spencer P. G24 Cumberland 

.Seventh Ward Cleaning & Pressing Co, 10S 
W 27th 

♦Sharp & Lewis, 622 Nicholson 

*Smith Harry L, 1655 Church 

♦Smith Wm V. .40 2 Liberty 

♦Southall Wm A, 210 Main, B 

Spot The, Cleaning & Pressing, 409 Wolfe 

Strand The, 716 Holt 

Sun Cleaning & Pressing Club, 112 E 12th 

♦Tango Cleaning & Pressing Club The, 906 
E Queen 

♦Turner Wm M, 7S6 Goff 

Virginia Dyeing & Cleaning Co. 106 E 12th 

Walker Jno T,, 2 08 Mowbray Arch 

♦Washinrton Cephas, 11 Nebraska 

Willey Heber D, 606 E 18th 

Williams Geo, 11 S Talbot 

Wills Geo H. 615 Cove 

♦Woodward Edward A, 535 Nicholson 


Aks Saml, 537 Church 

Albert Gerson, 714 Church 

Arco The, 426 E Main, 156 and 218 Granby 

Aydelotte, Rotholz Co Inc, 426 E Main, 156 

and 218 Granby 
Bercovitz Nettie Mrs, 529 Church 
Bluestein Fazarus.. 44 5 Church 
Brenner Israel L, 433 Church ■':"' 

Uress Abraham, 72 and 86 Church 
Bress Hyman, 2 4 Church 
Bress Joseph, 8 00 Church 
Brown Bonis, 79 Church 
Burk & ''Co. 216 E Main 
Carr, Mears 6c Peebles Inc, 14 5 Granby 
Cohen Henry, 41 Church 
Cohen Nathan, 6 25 Church 
Cramer Hannah "Mrs. r»2S E Liberty, B 
Drewrey Louis & Co, 4 07 E Main 
Dunston & Silverwood, 4 38 E Main 
Farley Wm T. 7 8 Commercial pi 
Frost Morris, 71.8 E Main 
Frost Peter., 8 5 and 9 2 Church 
(ttws^f. ti v - w<; ft*, **j».*n 

Goldstein Moses, 22 Church 

Green burg Bros, 439 Church 

Grinstead Leonard M, 105 Granby 

Hofheimer Harry, 44 6 E Main 

Hub The, 106-110 E Main 

Kanter Ralph, 111 Church 

Kermon Sam, 52 Church 

Kruger Jacob, 30 Church 

Mann Bros Inc, 214 E Main 

Men's Quality Shop, 2 27 Granby 

Myers-Trachtman Co Inc. 415 Church 

New York Clothing House, 510 E Main 

Queen Street Bargain Store, 64 3 E Queen 

Robbins Isaac, 413-415 E Main 

Rosenberg Max, 9 2 Commercial pi 

Sake Store The. 2 30 E Main 

Scholnick Bernhardt. G2 Commercial pi 

Schugan Theresa M Mrs, 59 5 Church 

Shapira Marx. 117 Church 

Shulman Co Inc, 2 00 Granby 

Snyder Bros, 421 Church 

Snyder Saml, 9 31 Church 

Spot The Inc, 401-405 Church 

Stern Bros, 4 04 E Main 

Stern Myer. 601 E Main 

Sutton Morris, 71 Church 

Tisch Morris, 716 Church 

Toobert Edward, 734 Church 

Tuttle, Bonney & Urq.uhart Inc, 260 Granby 

Union Clothing Co, 310 E Main 

♦White K Alfred, h 9 38 y 2 E Liberty, B 

Clothing — Wholesale 

Frank S & Son. 242 W Tazewell 


Borough Club The, 630 Botetourt 

Chesapeake Club, 309 Monticello Arcade 

Eagles Home, 14 8 Church 

Elks Home. 114 College pi 

Ghent Club, Olney rd nr Dundaff 

Hampton Roads Yachting Assn, office 321 

Dickson Bldg 
Norfolk Ad Club, 2 47 Monticello Arcade 
Norfolk Boat Club, ft W Freemason 
Norfolk Rotary Club, 24 7 Monticello Arcade 
Roanoke Social Club, Calvert nr Park av 
Virginia Club, 105 W Plume 
Westover Tennis Club, office 419 Dickson Bid? 
♦Wood Cadets Military Club, 7 37 Monticello 


Coal Dealers — Wholesale 
Johns Bros Inc. 615 Woodis av and 105 W | 

Norfolk Coal £r Ice Co Inc, 54 5 Front 

Coal for Cargo and Bunker Use 

Hassler Bros Inc, f5 26 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Virginia Coaling Corp, 30 8 Seaboard Ban 

Coal Miners and Shippers 
American Coal Exporting Co, 610 Board of : 

Trade Bldg * 

American Coal & Coke Co, 63 Board of Trade 


n No citv m the South has shown a more stead} 

■a» and substantial growth. 

AUGUST f%r\ 107 SHARP ST. 




Atwater W C & Co Inc. 105 W Main 
Baker-Whiteley Coal Co, 210 Citizens Bank 

Berwind-White Coal Mining- Co, 210 Citizens 

Bank Bldg 
Blake C G Co The, 1018 Royster Bldg 
Burton S P & Co, 602 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Castner, Curran &. Bullitt Inc. 4 02 Citizens 

Bank Bldg 
Chesapeake & Ohio Coal & Coke Co, 307 

Board of Trade Bldg- 
Clinchfield Coal Corp, 718 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Crozer-Pocahontas Co, 6 02 Citizens Bank 

Flat Top Fuel Co. 300 Royster Bldg 
Glen Alum Fuel Co, 1011 Bank of Commerce 

Gulf Smokeless Coal Co, 217 Royster Bldg I 
Hartwell If N & Son Inc. 610 Board of Trade | 

Bldg 1 

Hartwell, Fester & Glitter Inc, 610 Board of 

Trade Bldg 
Houston Coal Co, 2 02 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
.IBB Coal Co, 61.1 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Jewett, Bigelow & Brooks, 611 Citizens Bank 

Johns Bros Inc, agt Wm C Atwater & Co 

514 Woodis av and 105 W Main 
Lea J Tatnall & Co, 202 Seaboard Bank Bldg | 
Matoaka Coal Corp, 306 Seaboard. Bank Bldg | 
New England Coal & Coke Co, 611-615 Citi- 
zens Bank Bldg 
New River Coal Co, 704 Bank of Commerce J 

New York & Philadelphia Coal & Coke Co, 

20S Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Norfolk & Chesapeake Coal Co, 404 Seaboard 

Bank Bldg 
Northern Coal Co, 2 17-2 IS Royster Bldg 
Pocahontas Coal, 117 W Main 
Pocahontas Coal Sales Co, 1011 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Pocahontas Fuel Co, 117 W Main 

515-517 Board of Trade Bldg 
Smokeless Fuel Co, 610 Board of Trade Bldg 
Taylor Geo W & Co Inc, 21 Haddington Bldg 
Virginia Black Mountain Coal Co, 519 Sea- 

board Bank Bldg 
Virginia Iron, Coal & Coke Co, 509 Dickson 

War Eagle Coal Co, 306 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
West Virginia C^al Co, 718 Citizens Bank Bldg 
West Virginia Pocahontas Coal Sales Corp, 

20 8 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Wittenberg Coal Co, 208 Seaboard Bank Bldg 

Coal and Wood Dealers 

♦Battle James, 713 Smith 

City Coal, Wood & Ice Co Inc, 94 8 May av 

*Collivts .lames, 829 Cove 

Dashiell Fuel Co, ft Chestnut, B 

•Davis Clayton.. 4 29 Nicholson 

Donovan Wm & Co, 9 07 Cove 

Prey Geo H, Craig cor Barton, B 

Griffin Bros Inc Church and N & W Ry 

Guy O W Co Inc, Colonial av nr N & W Ry 
Hill James H Co Inc, 313-352 Reservoir av 
Hurdle Henry W, 10 53 W 40th 
Johns Bros Inc, 514 Woodis av and 105 W 

* Johnson Jodie, 516 Brewer 
Jones A S, 28 Elm pi, B 

* Jones Jno L, 923 Monticello av 
National Wood Yard, 1211 Highland av 

and 128 Atlantic, cor E Plume, S B Har- 
rcll pics, ,i T Lynch v-pres, F S Sager sec- 
Ireas (see back cover and p 67) 
Norfolk Fuel Co Inc, Colley av & N & W Ry 
Nottingham & AVrenn Co The, 511 Front 
Odessky Chas H, 127 Fenchurch 
"Pearl Benj, 127 Fenchurch 
•Pollard James E, 307 Parrish 
*Riddick Jeremiah H, 50 7 E Bute 
Sallinger W S & Co, Omohundro av cor N & 

W Ry 
♦Stephens Danl S, 704 National la 
Stewart Coal Co Inc, W 34th cor Killam av 

and Clay av cor Railroad av 
Taylor Geo W & Co Inc. 21 Haddington Bldg 
Tomlinson Thos F, W 44th cor Colley av 
White C B & Bro Inc, Brambleton av and N 

& W Ry 
White Fuel Co, Craig cor Buchanan, B 

* Wilson Edward. 611 E Charlotte 

Cold Storage 

Anheuser-Busch Ice Plant & Cold Storage, 
Brooke av cor Boush 

Commonwealth Storage & Ice Co Inc, 13 Fos- 
ter's la 

Cold Storage Builders 
Mattox Joseph M, 9 61 Reservoir av 

Collar Pad Manufacturers 

Norfolk Collar Pad Co, 77 8 v Pulaski 

Collecting Agencies 

Barclay L B Jr & Co, 301 Law Bldg 
Bonded Collection & Mercantile Corp, 606 

Seaboard Bank Bldg 
General Mercantile Agency, 621 Board of 

Trade Bldg 
Southeastern Mercantile Agency, 430 E Main 
Standard Creditors Service, 306 Dickson Bldg 
White W James, 529 Law Bldg 

Commission Merchants and Produce Dealers 

Addison Bros, 19 Roanoke av 

Alexander, Jones Co, 16 Roanoke av 

Allan n Wm E, 27 Commerce 

Baydush Fruit & Produce Co, 24 Brewer 

Bethel 1 W I) & Co, 6 Roanoke av 

Brooks & Brownley, 71 Roanoke av 

Brown Hugh A. 20 Roanoke av 

Pardon & Rives, 3-5 Roanoke av 

Dixon R II & Co, 1 2 Roanoke av 

Fa rant & Smith, 35 Roanoke \v 

Fentress H M & Co, 64 Roanoke av 

Ferguson Ernest T, 59 Church 

Has Good Schools for Boys and Girls. 
Moderate tax rate. 


ellam Hospital, Inc. 




The Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we wane 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife. X-ray, 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundred* 
of sufferers treated during the pa»t 18 years. 



Godwin Edward P, 301 E Water 

Grandy Bros Inc, 6 8 Roanoke av 

Griswold Jno B, 244 Market pi 

Halstead Percy J), 6 3 Church 

Hinton Fruit «.<: Produce Co, 69 Roanoke av 

Hubbard <S^ Co, 11 Roanoke av 

Hudgins W Edward, 70 Church 

Jarvis & Fentress, 32 Roanoke av 

Jennings & Easterby, 7 6 Roanoke av 

Johnson A E & Co. 2 3 Roanoke av 

Kennedy Saml J, 34 Roanoke av 

Kruger Robt D, 7 58 Duke 

Lambert L "Washington, 4 5 Church 

McKimmey Bros & Co, 3 3 Roanoke av 

Masengill & Hough Inc, 24 Roanoke av 

Norfolk Produce Co, 708 E Queen 

Norfolk Truckers Exchange Inc, 60 Church 

Nye S T & Co, 11 Roanoke av 

Nye Walter D, 302 E Water 

Odell Bros, IS Roanoke av 

Odom R O & Co, 10 Roanoke av 

Parker S A D & Co, S Roanoke av 

Paxson Paschal W, 50 Church 

Phillips & Co, 1 5 Commerce 

Pollard, Band & Co Tnc, 20 4 So Produce Co 

Porter & Stephenson, 7 3 Roanoke av 
Roane C A <£- Co, 2 2 Roanoke av 
Robertson Chas R, 2 5 Roanoke av 
Rountree-Holland & Co, 2 8 Roanoke av 
Shafer W B Inc, 7 7 Church 
Slade & Co, 4 4 Roanoke av 
Southern Fruit & Produce Co, 64 Roanoke 

Stephens S Fatio. 3 6 Roanoke av 
Sullivan Chas H, 6 3 Church 
Valentine Frank, 67 Roanoke av 
Walker Jno L, 6 5 Roanoke av 
White Thos C, 21 Roanoke av 
Whitehurst & Lambert, City Mkt 
Whitehurst & Newton, 55 Church 
Winborne & Co, 508 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Winder Lloyd J, 81 Church 
Winn C E & Co, 300 E Water 
Wright Wm J, 58 Church 

Commissioners in Chancery 

Coleman Danl, 304 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Jenkins Jno B, 722 Citizens Bank Bldg- 
Loyall Wm H Thompson, 52 3 Law Bldg 
Mcllwaine Richd Jr, 512 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Mann James, 60S Seaboard Bank Bldg 
PhTegar David S, 5 32 Law Bldg 
Ruflin Edmund S, 700 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Sherritt Homer C, 607 Board of Trade Bldg 
Shultice Robt W, 612 Law Bldg 
Simmons Bruce, 5 3 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Waring Laurence, City Hall sq 
Wells E R F, 50 2 Citizens Bank Bldg 

Commissioners of Accounts 

Hubard Tazewell Taylor, 145 Bank 
Waring Laurence. City Hall sq 

Commissioners of Affidavits 

Parker Vincent L, 518 Law Bldg 

Commissioners of Deeds 

Parkinson Stewart B, 618 Royster Bldg 
Shannonhouse Wm T, 605 Seaboard Bank 

Concrete Work — Reinforced 

Addenbrook's J U Sons Inc, 307 Monticello 

Confectioners — Wholesale 

Adams Geo V, 113 Fenchurch 
Broudy Morris & Son, 7 32 Mariner 
Diggs Chas H Inc, 321 Granby 
Doyle-Gilliam Co Inc, 106 Randolph 
Harris. Woodson, Barbee Co Inc, 12 9 W Main 
Jaffe Bros, 802 E Main 

Confectioners and Fruit Dealers 

Abraham Benj, 72 7 Church 
Adams Alex D, 1107 Church 
Allie Joseph, 1111 Church 

* Archer Romulus C, 7 86 Goff 
Arhakos <£ Gretes, ft Commercial pi 
Bedran Nicholas, 410 Granby 
♦Boston Candy Kitchen, 36 9 E Queen 
Camella Nick, 6 51 Church 

Christos Geo, 719 Church 
*Ciase James, 12 31 Chapel 
Cohen Isaac L, 6 29 E Queen 
Commings Co, 164 Granby 
Commings Peter, 4 36 E Main 
Corcio Joseph, 802 Church 
DeBona Teresa Mrs, 718 E Queen 
Diggs Chas H Inc, 321 Granby 
Doumar Bros, 110 E Tazewell 
Econom Christopher A, 2 59 Granby 
Friedman Louis, 832 Church 
Gumpel Robt E, 501 Park av 
Habib James, 34 6 Granby 
Hayes Stephen, 901 Church 

Higbee Lelie H Mrs, Fairmount Park Sta- 
Howard's Inc, 200 E Main 
Huylers, 211 Granby 

Karangelan Geo, Wolfe cor Monticello av 
King Wm H, 832 Granby and 101 E High 
Krauss Gustave, 114 W Tazewell 
Lazzari Theresa Mrs, 305 E Main 
Lev Akeva. 4 46 Church 
Levy Abraham, 4 28 Church 
Lompros Louis, 1201 E Main 
Ludwig Bros, 403% Granby 
*McCree Wm, 1041 Church 
♦Manning & Bibbins, 230 Liberty 
Manopoulas Nicholas, 1102 E Liberty, >B 
Milad Amouth, 9 53 Church 

* Mohawk Ice Cream Parlor, 110 6 Church 
Saks David, 923 Church 

Sfcstos & Markos, 20 5 E Plume 

*Spratley Richd, 212% Mahone av, B • 

Tatem Bros, 5 34 Park av 

Tucker Marion, 728 E Main 

Turner Thos B, 762 Duke 

*Vaughan Rosa, 1630 Church < 

Victoria Confectionery, 32^ Granby 

Walker Robt P, 1100 Brambleton av i 

Washington Martha Candy Store, 337 G ranby 

is the art of producing typewritten 

j I C4ip?i«I WWUI M% letters in large quantities at a reason- 
Write Hill. Directory Co., Inc., 823 Mutual Bldg., Richmo nd, Va. 

able price, 

X '£~ I«-~. , M «.— w^. iP^^,.^^^T» «,i Ulwsvnx,..* Issues the Most Appro, "d Forms of Life Insurance Con- 

Life Insurance loniDanv 01 Virsiiiia tracts from $i,ooo.»&tos5o,oeo.oo, with premium p ay aw« 

M?rA\M7i-n is-M Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually. 




Contractors — Brick 

Agostini Edwin, 207 E 2 6 th 

Chapman Edgar E, 4 5 Chamberlaine Bldg 

Ford Edward C, 113% W 16th 

Graham Joseph G. 113 W 13th 

Gray Robt E, 123 W 12th 

Contractors— Concrete 

Mattox Joseph M, 9 61 Reservoir av 
Sands Ulysses S, 826 Granby 

Contractors — General * 

Atkinson Building- Co, 239 Monticello Arcade-. 
Atkinson W Joe, 3 56 Monticello Arcade - 
Baker & Brinkley, 220 Dickson Bldg 
Bank & Banks, 2 07 Board of Trade Bldg 
Barclay John E, 21st and Colonial av — ' 
Brent Construction Co Inc, 6 02 Board of 

Trade Bldg 
Brown Simeon D, 335 Monticello Arcade 
Carhart Chas W, 4 43 E Plume 
Coster August, 617 Law Bldg 
Cox Guy F, 4 4 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Dozier Tully W. 120 7 W 44th 
East & Hobbs. 614 Law Bldg 
Fitch C C. 353 Monticello Arcade *•*■ 
Forbes Edward M, 140S Granby 
Gregory Walter T, 501 Law Bldg 
Griffin Bros, 339 Monticello Arcade 
Johnson A M ft Co, 204 Monticello Arcade 
Johnson Jesse, 6 IS Law Bldg 
McCormick Contracting Co, 1206 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg 
McGuire Frank J, 501 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Mattox Joseph M, 961 Reservoir av 
Mercer Wm H, 701 Law Bldg 
Murray W D ft Co Inc, 20 8 Citizens Bank 

Myers Edward L, 317 Monticello av 
National Contracting Corp of Norfolk Va, 

1114-1116 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Pierce Jno H, 50 5 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Plummer Charles H. 315 Monticello Arcade 
Price Rudolph M, 514 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Richardson E E. 340 Withers Bldg 
Richardson R R & Co Inc, 407 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Richardson West, 312 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Sanford & Brooks Co. 619 Seaboard Bank 

Saunders Jno W, 312 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Bldg S 

Saunders Wm H, 344 Monticello Arcade 
Sawyer W F & J T, Omohundro av cor N & 

W Ry 
Seay Bros.. Colonial av nr 2 4th 
Tunstall Whitmell 'P, 1020 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Turpin James A, 12 4 Atlantic 
Virginia ft North Carolina Construction Co, 

4 02 Board of Trade Bldg 
Williams S G ft Co, 516 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Williams Thos E, 609 E Plume 
Williamson Saml B, 501 Law Bldg 
Wilpon B V. 509 E Plume 

Contractors — Hauling * 

Barber Chas E. Olney rd nr Granby 
Dalby, Nottingham Co Inc. Monticello av cor 

Irwin's Transfer Co, 12 Nebraska 
Johnson Jeptha W, 7 01 Law Bldg 
Parrish Branch A, Monticello av cor E 13th 
Petty H E & Son, May av nr Corprew av 
Seeley Augustus S, 324 Monticello Arcade 
Walters Theo 0, 619 Law Bldg 

Contractors — Heat ing 

Kemp A W Inc. 135 Brooke av 

Contractors — Marble, Tile and Cenient 

Carroll Tile & Cement Co. 2 39 Monticello Ar- 
cade and 76 7 National la 

Contractors — Paving 

Harcum Oren L, 2 35 Monticello Arcade 

Lawson Louis L, 315 E Plume 

Ruth Perry W & Co Inc, 721 Law Bldg 

Contractors— Plastering 

Breeden Edward L, 1415 Omonhundro av 
Folliard Eugene, 501 Law Bldg 

Contractors — Railroad 

Gwathmey Edward T, 62 7 Seaboard Bank 

Contractors— Sewage Disposal 

Virginia & North Carolina Construction Co, 
4 02 Board of Trade Bldg 

Contractors — Stone 

Consolvo ft Overmyer, W 21st nr Colley av 
McCarthy Michael J, 108 W Bute 

Contractors — Submarine 

Cashin Michael T, 2 6 Rowland's whf 


Chowan Cooeprage Co, 612 Citizens Bank* 


American Brazing Co, 4 30 E Water 
Burroughs R A ft Co, 1006 E Water 
Hall's L A Son. 42 8 E Water 

Corset Specialists 

Christy & McClary, 34 8 Granby 
La Warren Corset Shop, 3 32 Granby 

Cotton Exporters 

Bassett Cotton Co Inc. 706 Front 
Hogan Geo ft Co, 6 22 Front 
Reid & Company, 704 Front 
Rodgers & Co. 700 Front 

Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants 

Baldwin, Prince & Co Inc, W 44th cor Colley 

av, branch Church nr N & W Ry 
Grandy C W & Sons Inc, 7 0*6 Front 
Frr-r-n c< T-, ft Co, 622 Front 

. -k^ y U^iM \ . 

The Magic City is growing and pros- 


Charlottesville, Va.--^ , s« p u r r*SLrL n l Snt 

Boom on Now. Gome on quick---big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



'Harris S W & Co, 110 3d, Atlantic City 
Holmes & Dawson, 62 2 Front 
Jenkins Jno S & Co. 7 00 Front 
Jones Son & Co Inc, G22 Front 
Latham J F Co's Agency, 622 Front 
McFadden Geo H & Bros, 110 3d, Atlantic 

Martin & Sons Inc, 618 Front 
Perry J W Co Inc, 700 Front 
Rountree W D Co Inc, 622 Front 
Savage Son & Co, 700 Front 
Vaughan & Barnes Inc, 704 Front 

Cotton Weighers 

Fartone Hugh F, 1 10 3d, Atlantic City 
Newstead Wm M, 62 2 Front 
Oldfield Chas B, 110 3d, Atlantic City 

Court Reporters 

Phlegar & Tilghman, 5 32 Law Bldg 
Hush Root H, 3 40 Monticello Arcade 

Creosoring "Works 

Atlantic Creosoting & Wood Preserving 
Works, 1201-12 02 Bank of Commerce, 

Xorfolk Creosoting Co, 701 Citizens Bank Bldg 


Blue Ribbon Dairy. 2 2d nr DeBree av 
Butternut Dairy, 132 9 W 4 5th 
Cloverdale Dairy Inc, 1502 Brown av 
Fox Hall Farm Dairy, 110 College pi and 

Princess Anne Tpk, Vox Hall Station 
Larchmont Dairy, Weir pi nr Larchmont 

Crescent, Larchmont 
Maple Grove Dairy, Broad Creek Tpk cor 

Chesapeake av, E Brambleton 
Millner Dairy Co Inc, Olney rd cor Voss 
Norfolk' Laboratory, 613 Dunmore 
Petherbridge Chas O, Maple av extd. B 
Star Farm Dairy, Princess Anne Tpk 

Dancing Academies 

Berkley Dancing Hall, 5 7 Clifton, B 
Long's Dancing School, 206 E Main 
♦Norfolk Auditorium, 7 31 Church 
Plume St Dance Hall, 218 E Plume 
Preston Caperton Miss, 421 Boush 
Preston School of Dancing, 617 Botetourt 
Vaiden's Dancing School, 1301 Brambleton 

Decorators — Interior 

Anderson John A, 2 00 Bank 
Huffman Bros, 114 W Freemason 

Demurrage Bureaus 

Va & W Ya Demurrage Bureau, 335 Monti- 
cello Arcade 

Dental LalK>ratories 

Norfolk Dental Laboratorv, 5S Haddington 

Ray Dental Laboratory, 25 4 Pranby 
Southern Dental Laboratory. 3f>.<? F Main 


Alexander David J. Allyn Bldg 

Aronheim Adolph, 5th fir New Monroe Bldg 

Barrett Randell M, 314 Bank of Commerce 

Bonney H Ellsworth. 50 Haddington Bldg 
♦Brown Robt J, 526 E Queen 
Burkholder Marshall O, 134 Granby 
Chandler Webster M, 512 Taylor Bldg 
*Coppage Saml F, 6 54 Church 
Costenbader Jno H, 611 Taylor Bldg 
Crafford Carter, 32 Haddington Bldg 
DeVany Chas L, 611 Taylor Bldg 
Ewald Wm H, 50 5 Taylor Bldg 
Freeman Wallace W, 136 Granby 
Gifford Chester B, 60 5 Taylor Bldg 
Guy Louis E, 320 Withers Bldg 
Hamilton Wm H, 126 Granby 
Jackson James G, 314 Bank of Commerce 


* Jefferson Wesley W, 514 E Queen 
Kibler Richd D, 40S E Main 
Lawler Emmett J, 609 Taylor Bldg 
Lee M R Page, 605 Taylor Bldg 
Lester B Allen, 509 Taylor Bldg 
Levin David, 4 30 E Main 

Leine Harry H, 4 2 Haddington Bldg 

*Lovette Wm T, 324 E Queen 

Manning Jno W r . 1214 Bank of Commerce 

Marsteller Ambler A. 308 E Main 
Miller Walter E, 411 Taylor Bldg 
New York Dental Rooms. 210 E Main 
Pearson Wm H, 604 Taylor Bldg 
Proctor James A, 213 Berkley av, B 
Reed Jno F, 216 Dickson Bldg 
Salzman Dental Parlors, 128 Granby 
Simmons Richd F. 4 07 Taylor Bldg 
Somers Royal T, 612 Taylor Bldg 

* Strong Geo C, 836 Church 
Trumbo Grover C. 509 Taylor Bldg 
Walker J Lewis, 50 5 Taylor Bldg 
Walker Rowland H, 605 Taylor Bldg 
Webster Edgar S, 211 Taylor Bldg 
Webster Harold B, 211 Taylor Bldg 
White Elbert S, 3 36 Granby 

Wills Irving H. 618 New Monroe Bldg 

Dentists' Materials 

Johnston Dental Co Inc, 101 W Main 

Department Stores 

Altschul Benj', 317-319 Church 

Miller, Rhoads & Swartz Inc, 418 E Main and 

407-419 F Plume 
Morris Harry Inc, 337 Church 
Snyder Louis, 151 Church 
Watt. Rettew «fc Clay Inc., 100 E Main 

Detective Agencies 

Heppel's Detective Agency, 2 7 Chamberlaine 

West's Detective Agency. 24 Withers Bldg 

Dictating Machines 

Rdison Dictating Machine Co. 217 E Main 




1 i 

m i: 4 

■%&. B rffe* '-u^ £ ; n-v~-- rem f^m 

PHONE 891 
Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank. Staunton, Ya. 

Everything in REAL ESTATE 

Virginia I arms and Orchards 



Ideal Print Shop 

"Our Aim is to Please You" 


Special Attention Given Out- of-Town Orders Phone 1361-W 
229 N. Sycamore St., Mcllwame Bldg., 




Bob A J Sanitary Spray Co, 4 9 Nebraska 
Sawyer Sanitary Co, 416 E Water 
Southern Sanitary Co. 153 Bank 

Dog Furnishings 

Kennel Equipment Co, 22 5 E Plume 

Dog Remedies 

Ross Medicine Co. 22 5 E Plume 

Drain Tile Manufacturers 

Nansemond Paver Brick & Tile Co, 12 8 W 

Dredging Contractors 

Coastwise Dredging- Co, 1001 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
305 Monticello Arcade 

Norfolk Dredging Co, 303 E Water 


* Archer Louise R, 10 IS Norfolk, Lindenwood 
Avant Mary Mrs, 7 30 Boush 

* Banks Cora, 714 St Paul 

Barbera Itala Miss, 2 7 00 Leo, Villa Hts 

Barco Susie Mis?, 327 TV 12th 

Bashaw Lucy J Miss. 1815 Brambleton av 

Beazley A Louise Miss, 7 07 Cook av 

*Becton Cora, 600 Whitehall av, B 

Bender Harriet II Mrs, Strathmore Apts 

Bocrie Susie L Mrs, 24 3 Franklin av 

Caplan Lilly Miss, 914 Holt 

*Carter Sarah, 1219 Wide 

*Chambliss Blanche, 1622 Church 

Coles Julia A Mrs, S12 Bermuda 

Copley Mabel Mrs.. 826 Maltby av 

Creekmore Minnie V Miss, 360 Withers Bldg 

Daily Carrie Mrs, 1111 Virginia 

Davis Katherine Mrs. 209 E Freemason 

*Dawley Cornelia, 711 Wide 

Delson Fannie Mrs, 307 Columbia Bldg 

Dunston Eliza Mrs, 818 Duke 

Dullant Hattie V Mrs. 717 Boush 

Enright Katherine Miss, 329 W 36th 

*Epps Fannie, 445 Scott 

*Evans Louise, 112 6 Land 

*Faulk Ella R, 94S Princess Anne av 

Fletcher Martha B Miss. 513 Hermon av 

Fox E Virginia Mrs, 24 6 W 2 9th 

Gayle Lelie H Mrs, s3S Olney rd 

Gold Sophie Miss. 32 9 W 2 7th 

Granbery Annie E Miss, 8 52 Duke 

Hansen Anna Mrs, 2 31 W Bute 

Heath Flossie Mrs, 604 E Freemason 

*Hinton Lulu, 214 Mahone av, B 

Hodges Fannie Miss, 90S Holt 

Hodges Sarah L Mrs, 1416 W 40th 

*Holmes Lula. 309 Mahone av, B 

Humphreys Martha A Mrs. 1022 Church 

*Isbell Ada E, 516 Bank 

* Jones Julia, 166 5 Hunter 
-Jones Sadie, 300 E Bute 
Kavanaugh Christian Miss, 328 


'Th Momio M 

328 W 

W 12 th 

12 th 

*Kenny Agnes, 420 Stafford, B 

*Lane Minnie G, 1326 Wide 

Leake Mattie M Mrs, 8 34 Camp av 

Longwell Helen Mrs, 1808 Brambleton av 

McKinney Ladora Miss, 92 5 Mariner 

*Mallory Emma, 411 Lodge 

Melzer Anne Miss, 1606 Llewellyn av 

*Mitchell Cordelia, 1138 Landing 

*Moore Margaret, 1307 Outten 

Morris Lydia Miss, 310 Park av 

Mundy Mattie B Mrs, 204 Dartmouth 

Murfee Alice M Mrs, 304 Olney rd 

* Overton Fannie, 613 Princess Anne av 
Parker Julia V Miss, 825 Duke 

Pitt Vivian Miss, 309 Duncan av 

*Pugh Maria, 1336 Outten 

Reid Nora C Mrs, Lafayette boul nr 4th, 

Fairmount Park 
Rowe Daisy D Mrs, 1513 Granby 
Ruffin Fannie Miss, 908 Holt 
Saunders Bessie Miss, 809 Duke 
*Sawyer Annie, 915 Middlesex, B 
Sayers Mary E Miss, 614 Woodis av 
Seitz Lizzie Mrs, 211 W 13th 
Semple Mary E Miss, 107 Fort 
Spratt Mary F Mrs. 1806 Monticello av 
Stafford Mary E Miss, 14 3 Chapel 

* Steward Mary T, 831 Smith 

Turk E Helen Miss, 2 08 E Freemason 
Turner Cora S Miss, 32 8 W 17th 
*Vaughan Alice, 14 54 W 4 4th 
Whitaker Mary J Mrs, 2 06 E Bute 
White Jossie Mrs, 809 Holt 
Womble Rosa Mrs, 318 Main, B 
Wright Sallie E Mrs, 1251 4Sth 
Wynne Annie Mrs, 41 Pladdington Bldg 


Arlington's Pharmacy, 224 Church 

*Bass Southall, 609 E Queen 

Bilisoly P Clifton, 1400 Church 

Burrow, Martin & Co Inc. 414 E Main, 241 

Church and 607 Botetourt 
Burton Danl W, 8 50 Monticello av 
Cannon I) C & Son, 22 8 E Bute 
Cootes Pharmacy, 214 Granby 
Crosby Andrew P, 1016 Brambleton av 

* Davenport's Pharmacy, 12 31 Princess Anne 

East Main Pharmacy, 911 E Main 
Ghent Pharmacy, 7 39 Olney rd 
Green's Diamond Drug Co, 1109 Church 
Green's Pharmacy, 700 Woodis av 
Heistand's Pharmacy, 400 Colle/ av 
High School Pharmacy, W 15th cor Moran av 
Ingram Wm F, 70 3 Church 
Law Building Pharmacy, 14 3 Granby 
Le<^ Park Pharmacy, 348 W 12th 
McCurdey's Pharmacy, 1000 Church 
Ma.cNichol's Drug Store, 1087 W 4Sth 
Martin's Pharmacy, 218 E Main 
Monticello Pharmacy, IIS E City Hall av 
Moore Thoa G, 7-1* E Liberty B 
Moore W Perry, AV Bute cor Boush 
Moore's Pharmacy. 3 7 33 Bow. leu's Ferry rd 

h\ ■ EC: ; ! .ia 


\i ifeSSS W ~d ' 

Has one of the largest shipyards 
on the Atlantic and Good Business 



15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 

PHONE 176 











Moran Pharmacy, 1002 Moran av 

Nelligar's Pharmacy, 4 53 Church 

Owl Drug Co, 112-114 Church 

Park Place Pharmacy. 401 W 34th cor De- 

Bree av 
People's Pharmacy, 2 5 Berkley av, B 
Preston's Pharmacy, 718 E Liberty. B 
Progressive Drug- Co, 1103 E Liberty, B 
Robinson Gordon C, 733 Church 
Royal's Pharmacy, 169 Church 
Ruden's Drug Store, 3 30 E Freemason 
Saul's Pharmacy, Bank cor Wolfe 
Shannon & Florence, 614 E Main 
Slaymaker Pharmacy Co, 2 Berkley av, B 
Smothers Drug Store, 14 54 W 3Sth 
Snellings Wm E, 64 3 Church and 320 5 Gran- 

Spencer Wm B, 39 Liberty extd, So Norfolk 
Sterling's Pharmacy, 100 5 Church 
Stern's Pharmacy, 901 Princess Anne av 
Strole Drug Co, 451 Granby 
Strole's Drug Store, 63S Cumberland 
Suburban Pharmacy, W 35th cor Granard 
Taggett Leonora B Mrs, 1118 E Liberty, B 
Taylor's Pharmacy, 53 5 Park av 
Thompson B J & Co, 2 23 Berkley av, B 
T HOTTER J NO M F. 401 Granby 
Truitt's Pharmacy, 301 Granby 
Twelfth Street Pharmacy, 12 00 Granby 
Virginia Pharmacy, 113 6 Church 
Walker's Pharmacy. 501 Clay av 
* Watts Wm J, 700 Cumberland 
Weisel's Pharmacy. 700 Church 
Williams-Donnel Drug Co Inc, 86 Commer- 
cial pi 
Williams Pharmacy, 17 57 Church 
Wood Bros Pharmacy, 1401 Brambleton av 

Druggists — AYholesale 

Burrow, Martin & Co Inc.. 414 E Main 
Williams-Donnel Drug Co, 86 Commercial pi 
Williams. Martin & Gray Inc, 121 AV Main 

Druggists' Sundries — Wholesale 

Donnel C Philip, 219 Bank 

Dry Goods and Notions 

Aaron Isaac. 918 E Liberty, B 

Abramson I Victor, 606 Church 

Altschul Louis B, 7 09 Church 

Ames, Brownley & Hornthal Inc, 224 Granby 

Bruraer Louis, 577 Church 

Burton's Department Store, 511 Park av 

Caplan I & Son, 135 Church 

Carr, Mears & Peebles Inc, 145 Granby 

Cohen Benj, 910 E Liberty, B 

Cohen Louis L, 315 Church 

Crouse Harry, 70 8 E Liberty, B 

Frieden Abraham, 901 Church 

Galum'beck Robt M, 1037-1039 Church 

Gaften Ethel Mrs, 6 23 Church 

Goldberg Geo, 52 3 Wolfe 

Goldstein Joseph, 561 Church 

Goodman Benj. 700 k E Liberty, B 

Hare Alice R Mrs. 918 Church 

Hyman Rachel L Mrs, 417 Church 

Kalish Wm, 56 5 Church 

Leibstain David, 201 Chestnut, B 

Leader The, 613 Church 

Liebman Joseph, 800 E Liberty, B 

Lipson Saml, 8 01 Church 

Merr Solomon B, 743 Church 

Miller Geo, 4 00 E Liberty, B 


E Main and 407-419 E Plume 
Orleans Nathan, 1200 E Liberty, B 
Park Place Department Store, 2716 Granby 
*Pittman Kate, 84 8 Church 
Polen Henry, 944 E Liberty, B 
Porter Bernadette Mrs, 200 Colley av - 
Raymond Wm, 757 Church 
Reichenthal Nathan, 4 300 Myers av 
Richter Sol, 617 Church 

Richter's Department Store, 301-303 Church 
Rosenfeld Saml, 321 Church 

Russell, Etheridge & Pritchard. 4 34 B Main 
Salsbury Jno & Bro, 60 8 and 9 36 E Liberty, B 
Salsbury Simon, 710 E Liberty, B 
Silver Isaac, 4 09 Church 
Silverman Harry, 9 04 E Liberty, B 
Simcoe Walter T, 50 S E Main 
Smith Peter & Co, 416 E Main 
Smith 6c Welton Inc, 2 32 Granby 
Snyder Saml, 441 Church 
Sugar Saml J, 13 08 E Liberty, B 
Watt, Rettew & Clay Inc, 100 E Main 
Weisberg David. 5 89 Church 
Wright Paul N. 14 7 Church 
Zacks Benj, 912 E Liberty, B 

Dry Goods — Wholesale 

Frieden Bros & Co, 806 E Main 
Hirschler E & M Co Inc, 2 32 W Tazewell 
Twyman Joseph T, 4 51 Church 
Whichard Bros Co Inc, 108-110 Randolph 

Dust Collectors 

King F E Co. 119-123 W 25th 

Dyers and Scourers 

Compere & Son, 210 Church 

Eclipse Cleaning & Dyeing Co Inc, 717 and 

32 5 Granby 
Parisian Steam Laundry & Dye Works, 1239- 

1243 Church 

Electric Light Companies 

Norfolk Railway & Light Co, 200 E Plume 
Virginia Railway & Power Co, 200 E Plume 
and 114 Berkley av. B 

Electric Welding 

Siemund-Wenzel Electric Co, 311 So Produce 
Co BIdg 

Virginia Electric Welding Co Inc, 9 00 E Wa- 

Electrical Contractors 
Batte Saml r, 148 Bank 

U.Tf'K'.-M-l W<n A Co Tnr\ fiO Com rnorce 


is on the Grandest Harbor of tlm Atlantic. Watch 

■ . " •"-' *' " ? it -row. 


C. L. Robinson Ice and Cold Storage Corporation 

C. L. Robinson, Pres. 

S5 Tons of Ice a Day. 175,000 Barrels Cold Storage Capacity 

W. R. Hillyard, Sec. 



Engineers — Consulti ng 

Tunstall Whitmell P, 1020-1021 Bank of Com- 
raerce Bldg 

Gas & Electric Supply Co Inc, 111 E Plume 
Gurkin Jno A Electrical Co, 312 E City Hall 

Hitt & Brown, 121 College pi 
Kern's Electric Co, 10 8 W Freemason 
Meeks-Reid Electric Co lnc, 411 Granby 
Parg-oe Thos J, 121 Brooke av 
Saunders Arthur, 5 29 Cove 

Electrical Machinery 

Atlantic Electric Co Inc, 42 8 Granby 

Belote James L, 810 Bank of Commerce Bldg I 

Reay W M & Co, 112-114 W Plume and 519 % ! 

Walter Frederick W, 334 Monticello av 

Electrical Supplies 

General Electric Co, 514 Yarmouth 
Kinetic Electric Co Inc. 113 W 2 5th 
Woodhouse Electric Co Inc, Bank cor "Wil- 

*Coley Joseph, 7 26 Church 
*Sherrili Jno H. 914 Wide 
Western Electric Co, 10 Monticello Arcade 

Electro Platers 

Norfolk Electro Plating Co, 112 Boush 
Royal Silver Mfg Co, 2 2d nr Colonial av 


Briggs Helen Mrs, 701 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Elevator Construction 

Walter Frederick W, 334 Monticello av 

Elevator Manufacturers 

Dorr Geo W. 118 W City Hall av 
Otis Elevator Co, 5 31 Cove 

Elevators — Grain 

,Cofer J H & Co Inc. E end Main 
N & W Ry Co Grain Elevator, E end Main 
Reid D P & Bro Inc. E end Main 

Engineers — Civil 

Baldwin Jno M, 118 Brooke av 

Benson Jno F, 118 Brooke av 

Freeman Arthur C, 32 5 Monticello Arcade 

Griffith Wm F R, 2 50 Withers Bldg 

Gwathrney Wm W, 627 Seaboard Bank Bldg 

Johnson Karl C, 501 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Massey G Hubbard, 105 Berkley av, B 
Nash- Jones Co, 72 0-721 Law Bldg 
Whitehurst Llewellyn, 7 02 Law Bldg 

Engineers — Concrete 

Wilcox F Nelson, 600-602 Paul-Gale-Green- 
wood Bldg 

Engi necrs— Mechanical 

Burrow Walter B, 322 Bank of Commerce 

Engines — Gasoline 

Bridgeport Engine Co, 110 Boush 
Gas Engine & Boat Corp, ft 1st Atlantic City 
Lassell-Sterling Co Inc (branch), 135 W City 
Hall av 

Engravers — General 

Grubb Wm A, 108 E Charlotte 

Virginia Engraving Co, 311 E City Hall av 

Exchange and Sale Bureaus 

Norfolk Sale & Exchange Bureau, suite 421 
Board of Trade Bldg 


Builders Exchange, 219 Monticello Arcade 
Norfolk Real Estate & Stock Exchange, 214 

Monticello Arcade 
Norfolk & Portsmouth Cotton Exchange, 7 00 

Southern Produce Co Inc, Commercial pi cor 


Expanded Metal Reinforcement 

Denby-Ford- Wilbur Co Inc, W 24th cor De 
Bree av 

Exporters — Hardwood 

Blake PYank W, 303 Citizens Bank Bldg 

Express Companies 

Adams Express Co, 11 G W City Hall av and 

Union Station 
Southern Express Co. 51-53 Commerce, 515 

Front, Union Station and 1 Berkley av, B 
Wells, Fargo & Co Express, 122 W Tazewell 

and 103 Berkley av, B 

Express — Local and Baggage 

*AlIen Wiley A, 9 Jackson av, Douglas Park 
Bolton Edward D, 7 7 Roanoke av 

* Brooks Thos H, 833 Washington av 
City Express Co, E Water ft Nebraska 
*Coston Lucius, 8 77 Lexington 
Coston Wm H, 6 Simpson's la, B 
*Davis Robt. 1009 Dunbar 

* Eaton Geo, 900 Berkley av, B 
*Eggleston Chas, 14 Godfrey av 
*Eure James, 97 5 Denhart 
Gentes A H, 57 Walnut, B 
*Hall Alex, 915 Goff 

* Harrison Benj, 13 5 6 Bolton 
*Hill Henry M, 964 Denhart 
*Hudson James A, 9 Lee, Douglas Park 
*Hughes Wilbur, 714 Southampton av 
Irwin's Transfer Co, 12 Nebraska 

* Johnson Allen, 892 Washington av 

* Johnson Frank M, 861 Lexington 
*McRae Philip F, 879 Lexington 
*Mayberry Walter, 918 Goff 

* Mercer James H, 9 77 Washington av 
♦Robinson Augustus. 722 Avenue A 
♦Simmons David, 9 57 Rugby, I*indenwood 

* White Augustus J, 1649 Church 
*Wilkins Wm. 74 Avenue A 


fl I 1 1 Jl II ft n ' Published by 


Directory and Almanac Publlsheis 

Mutual Building, '- RICHMOND. VIRGINIA- 






122-130 W. Tabb St. PETERSBURG, VA. 

See Ad. opposite General Index, page 7. 


♦Wimberly Granville, 600 GofL 
* Young' Chas C, 7 30 Avenue A 

Eye Specialists 

Mil Ian Charles l)r, 9 41 Church 

Eyesight Specialists 

Beerman H G Optical Co, 522 E Main 
Jackson F D Dr, 2 29 Granby 
Masrow J E Dr, 40 5 Dickson Bldg 

Farm Lands 
Brandon Stock Farm Inc. 50 7 Law Bldg 
Hoggard H C & Co, 4 00 Dickson Bldg 
Ives Joseph R & Co, 317 E Plume 
Howry & Smith Inc. 220 Law Bldg 
Nusbaum S L & Co, 6 00 Citizens Bank Bldg 

Ferry Companies 

Norfolk County Ferries, ft Commercial pi, ft 

Chestnut B, and ft Pearl B 
Norfolk & Berkley Ferry Co, ft E Main 

Fertilizer Manufacturers and Dealers 

American Fertilizing Co, 621 Dickson Bldg 

Arps Geo L & Co, 700 Front 

Baugh & Sons Co, 300 Seaboard Bank Bldg 

Berkley Chemical Co, GO I Dickson Bldg 

Carolina Fnion Fertilizer Co, 124 Atlantic 

Cobb Woodson C, 124 Atlantic 

Columbia Guano Co, 11th floor Royster Bldg 

DeJarnette Robt E, 4 30 Seaboard Bank Bldg 

Farmers Guano Co, 307 Law Bldg 

Florida Phosphate Mining Corp, 11th floor 

Royster Bldg 
Griffith & Boyd Co, 927 E Water 
Hampton Guano Co, 604 Dickson Bldg: 
Imperial Co, 620 Dickson Bldg 
James River Marl Fertilizer Co, 507 Board 

of Trade Bldg 
Jones & Co Inc. 513 Front 
Martin Fertilizer Co, 1117 Bank of Commerce 

Nitrate Agencies Co, 704 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Norfolk Fertilizing Co, 62 Dickson Bldgr 
Pocomoke Guano Co, 604 Dickson Bldg 
Priddy Chas W & Co Inc, 615 Dickson Bids 
Robertson Fertilizer Co, 124 Atlantic 
Royster F S Guano Co, 11th floor Royster 

San Jose Chemical & Fertilizer Co, St Julian 

av and N & W Ry 
Swift Fertilizers, 32 4-3 2 6 Monticello Arcade 
Tidewater Guano Co, 12 4 Atlantic 
Upshur R L Guano Co, 307 Law Bldg 

Dickson Bids, Home Office 11-13 S 12tli 

Riclnnond, Ya (see p S5 and adv below) 

Virginia - Carolina Chemical Company 


Largest Manufacturers of Fertilizers 
in the World 

Offices: Southern Produce Co.'s Bldg., Commercial Place 

Norfolk Factory: Pinner's. Point, Va. 

Division Manager Assistant Division Manager 

Young J R Fertilizer Co Inc, 618 Bank of 
Commerce Bldg 

Fibre Manufacturers 

Virginia Fibre Co, Eastern Branch Elizabeth 
River nr N & W Ry 

Fire Brick 
Denby- Ford- Wilbur Co Inc, W 2 4th cor De 

Fire Proof Building Material 

Atlantic Metal Co, 34 5 Monticello Arcade 

Fish, Oysters and Game 

Ballance Clifford O, 9 City Mkt 
*Bates Joseph, 6 57 Princess Anne av 
*BrinkIey Richd, 36 5 Queen 
Buchanan Jno W & Son Inc, City Mkt 
Cook James W, City Mkt 
*Dixon Jno, City Mkt 
Dyer Robt L, 2-4 Roanoke av 
Easter Fish Co, 2-4 Roanoke av 
Feuerstein & Co Inc, 417-421 Nivison and 
Gardner Arthur C, 4 City Mkt 
Granby Fish Market, 84 7 Granby 
•Harris Emanuel. 804 Goff 

♦Hewitt Thos, 711 Calvert and Ballentine Ar- 
Holland James T, 8 City Mkt 

* Johnson Edward D, 114 6 May av 
Lambert James E, Market pi nr Wolfe 
Macklen Jno, 1130 Chapel 

Nelson Chas N, Ballentine Arcade 
Nelson & Perry, 11 City Mkt 
Onley J Warren, 8 Berkley av, B 
Parkerson J H, City Mkt 

* Peyton 6c Parsons, 841 Wide 
Russell James E, 1061 Church 
Silverman Abraham, 6-7 City Mkt 
♦Sparrow Augustus L, 260 Kent 
Stevens Wm M, 12-13-14-15 City Mkt 
Taylor Robt L, 94 5 E Liberty, B 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 

Kanter Israel, 64 7 and 839 Church 
Kresge S S Co, 2 34 E Main 
McCrory J G Co, 2 24 E Main 
Thomas Chas W, 6 06 Church 
Woolworth F W & Co, 112 E Main and 557 

Flags, Spars and Masts 

Jordan Bros, mezzanine floor Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 


Art Floral Corp, City Mkt 

Bliek Florist, 233 Granby 

Burch Ephraim J, 72 4 Fremont 

East End Floral Co, 22 4 Church 

George Inc, 108 College pi 

Ghent Floral Co The, 621 Bojtetourt 

Grandy The Florist, 269 Granby 

Herrgen Fredk W, 714 E 2 6th, Villa Hts 


Four most progressive mep- 
chants. Hit pays litem it will 
paj' you. Consult us. 


r :' 

' -,,i t\ vri &?m 0Bfr 

-,. Bi 1 1 

Trade- Marks and Copyrights secured. Patent and 
Trade-Mark matters are properly prosecuted to insure 
fullest possible protection, and fees are reasonable. 
Correspondence solicited. 

Washington Loan and Trust Bldg., Washington, D. C. 



Holmes Elenora Mrs, City Mkt 

Hubert Bulb Co, City Mkt 

Lawson Zachariah I, 12 69 W 2 6th 

Newton Alton R, 318 Granby 

Newton Wm J, 303 Granby 

Sceley Jno S & Sons, Cottage rd nr Tanner's I 

Seeley Lawrence M, City Mkt 
Turpin Walter M, City Mkt 

Hour Manufacturers 

Lyon & Greenleaf, 22 5 W Tazewell 

Flour — Wholesale 

Ballard & Ballard Co Inc, 217 W Tazewell 
"Jefferson Flour," Southgate Terminal 2 61-263 j 

W Tazewell 
Lyon & Greenleaf, 22 5 W Tazewell 
Southern Distributing Co Inc, Southgate Ter- ! 

minal 2 61-263 W Tazewell 

Forwarding: Agents 
Wigg E J Rudgard, SOS Seaboard Bank Bldg 

Fruit — Retail 
Annarino Joseph, City Mkt 
Bonnelli Frank, 9 32 Church 
Cento Dominick, 22 Chapel 
Cracker-Bluford Corp, 1-9 City Mkt 
Davis Andrew, Brewer nr City Hall av 
Doukas & Bonos, ft Commercial pi 
Rsposito Gesualdo, 4 29 Church 
Gattuso Carmelo, 503 Church 
Gentel Dpniinie, 220 Brewer 
Grannatos Christ, Market pi nr Tazewell 
Kotaridis Wm, Market pi nr Tazewell 
Lambert Ryland AV, City Mkt 
Lambrakos Nicholas, 2 35 Church 
Nick Michael, 6 34 Wolfe 
Olympia Fruit Co, 301 Wolfe 
Paul Joseph, 621 E Plume 
Quartucci Jno, 599 Church 
Kiddichv. Joseph,,' 800 Church 
Sansone A Philip, City Mkt 
Sansone Fruit Co, 410 E Main 
Sansone & Amato, 22 9 E City Hall av 
Spicuzza Thos, City Mkt 
Tompokov Max, 515 Church 

Fruit — Wholesale 

Pruit Supply Co, 2 36 E Water 

Leach Fruit & Produce Co, 129 Monticello 

Ppton L J & Co Inc, 61 Roanoke av 
Williams Bros, 3S Roanoke av 

Fruit Growers 

Coulee Corp The, 815 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Wenas Corp, 815 Bank of Commerce Bldg 

Fruit and Vegetable Packages 
Farmers Mfg Co, (xen office 210-210 Bank of 
Commerce Bldg, branch 807 Union, fac- 
tory Landing cor Calvert 

Funeral Directors and Embalmers 

* Baker & King, 102 7 Chapel 
•Brown J A & Co, 1031 Church 
Cox E Lee. 4 00 Berkley av, B 
*Edwards James E, 34 4 E Queen 
Harrison Mutual Burial Assn, 22 5 E Plume 
•Jackson Plamilton, 1003 Berkley av, B 

* Jones D W & Co, 9 22 Wide 

* Jones James N & Son, 715 Cumberland 
*Lathen, Lowry & Gay, 801 Cumberland cor 

Oliver Harry D, 610 E Freemason 
•Pendleton Louis S, 809 E Liberty, B 
Smith Henry C, 306 Bank 
Snellings & Hollomon, 1511 Brambleton av 
Warren Paul B, 322 E Freemason branch 41st 

and Myers av 
Williams James R, 20 8 Chestnut, B 
•Wilson James E, 1308 Church 

* Wilson & Elliott, 411 E Queen 

Furnished Rooms 
Anderson Ole J, 327 Cumberland 
Ayers Margaret M Mrs, 716 and 72 E Main 
Barksdale Victoria Mrs, 110 5 E Main 
Beane Mary Mrs, 1741 Elmwood av 
Bellevue House, 1104 E Main 
Bixby House, 7 31 E Main 
*Boyd Annie, 835 Fremont 
Brazenor Jane Mrs, 3 24 Duke 
Brown Geo, 9 22 E Main 
California House, 2 9 Madison 
Central House, 118 Church 
Chappell Hattie Mrs, 312 Duke 
•Charlotte Lulu, 511 Cumberland 
Chesson Rufus O. 52 4 E Main 
College Inn, 113 College pi 
"Collins Emma, 874 Princess Anne av 
Compere Margaret E Mrs, 210 Church 
Cook Catherine J Miss, 503 E Freemason 
Cozy Inn, 4 33 E Main 

DeHart Margaret E Mrs, 125 W Charlotte 
*Delaware House, 581 Church 
Dixie House, 1101 E Main 
Donovan Mary T Mrs, 312 Chapel 
Dwyer Alice Mrs, 805 E Main 
Eccleston Lillie B Mrs, 9 02 E Main 
Edwards Elizabeth L Mrs, 261 Bank 
Fernandez Ramon, 47 Church 
Franklin Tidy F Mrs, 2 57 Boush 
Granby Inn, 6 05 E Main 
Griffin Ida B Mrs, 261 Boush 
Grubb Annie Mrs, 305 Bank 
Gyorfi Mary Mrs, 123 College pi 
Harding Bridget Mrs, 916 Virginia 
Hartken Josie H Mrs, 1000 E Main 
Hearon Eva R Mrs, 910 E Main 
•Hill Mamie, 818 Princess Anne av 
Hobos Jeannette F Mrs, 20 8 E Freemason 
Hoffert Lillian Mrs. 82 6 E Main 
Holland Betty Mrs, 42 2 Granby 
Hubbard Dora Mrs, 1012 Bermuda 
Hunt Belle Mrs, 1107 E Main 
Johnson House, 1003 E Main * 
'Knight Mary, 613 E Charlotte 

iilii Pilt* 

ftffipu Pq Mailing and Addressing 

Mutual Building, 

UJUi v* 
RichmoncU Virgin!**. 

Circulars a Specialty.' 

America] B; kai ITrusi C >•; 

CAPITAL, $200,000.00. 


The Rural Route Makes You Our Neigh- 
bor. Bank With Us by Mail. 

our Account .Shall Have Individual 



Litchfield Eva F Mrs, 201 E Freemason 

McKenney Dora A Mrs, 209 E Freemason 

McKinley Delia Mrs, 9 31 E Main 

Mackie Harriet F Mrs, 923 Holt 

Miller Beulah Mrs, 215 Bank 

Miller Hilah Mrs, 613 E Plume 

Montgomery House, 916 E Main 

Motzno May L Mrs, 26 8 W Bute 

New York House, 9 23 E Main 

North Carolina House, 924 E Main 

Old Dominion House, 1012-1014 E Main 

Overton House. 24 3 Bank 

Parker David R, 804 E Main 

Parker Grace Mrs, 916 Bermuda 

Paylor Carrie L Mrs, 1007 E Main 

Phillips Mary Mrs, 1031 E Main 

Reliance House, 928 E Main 

Richmond House. 810 E Main 

Royal Rooming- House. 306 E City Hall av 

Santos Daisy Mrs, 102 3 E Main 

* Sears Alice, 52 6 Bank 

Bhelton Mary A Miss, 212 W Tazewell 

Sirnos Antonio, ST Church 

•Smith Fannie, 1300 Church 

Snider Margaret K Mrs, 136 Granby 

♦Spaith Hester, 603 E Charlotte 

Spencer Harry, 117 Fenchurch 

Star House, 510 E Main 

Stewart Sophie Mrs, S2 3 Bermuda 

Tabb Moss W Mrs, 429 Bank 

Thompson Laura J Mrs, 30 5 Chestnut, B 

•Upshur Elizabeth, 1304 Church 

Wallace Fredk TV, 10 50 Bermuda 

Waugaman Frances B Mrs, 2 30 \V Bute 

White's Ledging House, 2 62 Market pi 

Whitman Ruth Mrs, 727 E Main 

Winstead Marguerite Mrs, 436 Brewer 

Wolters Annie Mrs, 413 Bank 

Furniture — Antique 

Colonial Antique Co, 10 8 W Charlotte 
Ferlazzo & Cicero, 117 Brooke av and 110 

E Freemason 
Shapiro Antique Shops Inc. 104-106 TV Char- 

Furniture Dealers 

Arcade Furniture Co, SO 3 E Queen 

Avero Chas C, 917-919 Church 

Baker & Sadler, 304 Church 

Business Equipment Corp, office 248 W Taze- 
well, plant Port Norfolk 

Carpenter D Company Inc., Granby cor Taze- 

Charles Joseph A, 7 33 Church 

Crockin H Inc. 54 5-549 Church 

Davis James T & Son, 32 2 Church 

Denney Saml O, 64 3 Chapel 

Dixie Furniture Co, 658 Church 

Duke & Co. 9 36 Church 

Edwards & Holland, 513 Church 

Enterprise Furniture Co, 1009 Church 

Forrest Furniture Co Inc. 701 E Main 

Frank Louis.. 20 8 Brewer 

Goodman I Harry, 4 32 E Liberty, B 

Halstead Wm J, 326 Church 
Harrison H A & Co, 316 Chestnut, B 
Haskell & Crockin Co Inc, 614 Church 
Haynes Llewellyn D, 80 8 Church 
Holler Bros Inc, 6 50 Church 

* Jordan Turner, 719 Smith 
Kegebein Chas T, 62 6 Church 
Baffler Donat, 517 Church 

Legum Abraham M, 9 05 E Liberty, B 
Leg-urn Jacob W, 1218 E Liberty, B 
Legum Louis, 940 E Liberty, B 
Levy Phillip & Co, 336 Granby and 9 51 

Lewis Kaplan, 835 Church 
Loughran Co The, 3 36 Church 
Lough ran Jno B Jr, 512 E Main 
Mayes & Jenkins. 660 Church 
Meyers & Tabakin, 348 Church 
Norfolk Furniture Mfg Corp, 701 E Main 

* Overton Matthew, 19 Liberty extd, B 
Paul Louis, 34 3 E Liberty, B 
Peoples Furniture Store. 130 Church 
Powell Chas H, 1021 Church 

Riley James J, 2 02 Church 

Sehaplro Harry C, 544 Church 

•Southern Furniture Repair Co, 321 Wash- 

Specialty Furnishing Co, 1014 Church 

Star Furniture Co, 8 07 Church 

Sugerman Herman, 521 Church 

Taylor Chas A, 80 4 Church 

Virginia Auction Co, 332 Church 

Weenstein Joseph R, 13 24 Halstead rd, B 

Whitehurst Furniture Co, 514 E Main 
515 E Plume 

Willis-Smith-Crall Co Inc, 300 Granby 

Yaffey Moses, 917-919 E Main 

Furniture Packing; and Storing" 

Harrison Chas E, 415 Monticello av 


Boush Street Garage, 607 Boush 
Central Garage Inc, 725 Granby 
City Garage, Granby cor W 10th 
Greer F Lee. 416 Cove 
Gregory Mack C, 114 W Queen 
Hall Street Garage, Hall nr Yarmouth 
Ogle Auto & Repair Corp, 1008 Granby 
Tidewater Garage, 127 W Tazewell 
Twelfth Street Garage, 111 E 12th 
Fnion Garage Co, 72 Granby 
Virginia Garage, 137 TV Queers 
Wasserman Pauline Mrs, 303 Bank 

Gas Engines 

Craig Bros, ft Levitt av 

Gas Light Companies 

City Gas Co of Norfolk, 2 00 E Plume and 
114 Berkley av, B 

Gas Ranges 

Gas & Electric Supply Co Inc, 111 E Plume 


Can Furnish You 

rSutual Building, Richmond, Virginia 

Business List 

t any kind of 

Try Them 


Life Insurance Company of Virginia ° fcDE fo„ 


L A R G F. S T S T R O N G E S T 





Gas and Electric Fixtures 

Standard -Gurley Light Co, 159 Bank 

Gear Cutters 

Eagrle Iron Works, 806 E Water 

Genera? Stores 

Abbitt & Phillips, 3 8 22 Bowdens Ferry rd 
Adler Morris, 611 W Liberty, B 
Darden J M Co, 201 Berkley av, B 
Drewanz & Donegan, 3 82 4 Powhatan av 
Godfrey Henry C, 44 OS Myers av 
Hampton Roads Supply Co, N <fc W Ry Coal 

Piers. Lamberts Point 
Hozier Leon. 18 34 W 3 8th 
Lipkin Marcus, 2 00 Church 
Morewitz Bros, 1S3S W 3Sth 
Norfolk Salvage Co. 907 E Main 
Parker Saml, 3 901 Bowdens Ferry rd 
Rubin Mendel, C10 Union 
Soilie Bros, 18 44 W 3Sth 


Building Supplier, Corporation, 112 Brooke av 

and 111 W Tazewell 
Nash C A & Son Inc, 112 Atlantic 
Norfolk Glass Co The. 5 64 Church 
Pittsburg- Plate Glass Co, 123 Bank 

Golf Course Rollers 

V.-hitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 902 Cooke av 

Gra pi la phones 
Columbia Co Inc (Causey & Carey), 311 Gran- 

Gravel and Santl 

Cape Fear Gravel Co Inc The, 501 Paul-Gale- 
Greenwood Bldg 

Johns Bros Inc. 514 Woodis av and 105 W 

Virginia Sand & Gravel Corp, 4 34 W York 

Grey Iron Castings 

Whitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 902 Cooke av 


Rudiger Henry. 218 E Plume 

Groceries — Imported and Domestic 

Caleva Bros, 800 E Main 


Acres Leroy B, 1700 Brambleton av 

Adams Naooleon. 54 3 Nicholson 

Adelstan Saml B, 1101 Chapel 

Alley Chas, 300 Cumberland 

Ambash Jacob. 711 Lincoln No 1 

American & Italian Grocery, 1009 E Main 

Andrews Edward J, 14 00 W 27th- 

Ansell Agnes C Mrs, Brambleton av cor 3d. 

Ansell H B & Bro. 3d cor Holly av, Riverside 
Arnal Minnie K Mrs, 110.8 E 26th, Villa Tits 
Arn-onff TTv^-iau, 2000 Brnmbleton av 

AronolT Morris, 109 5 Calvert 
Aronov Mendel, 74 6 Marshall av 
Ashlin Edward S, 239 W Bute 
August Elias, 62 2 Church 
Avers J no E, 600 W 2 7 th 
Babb Sidney E, 29 00 Church 
Baker H P & Co. 926 Duke 
Baker Ralph M, 4 314 Colley av 
Baldwin Chas L, 529 W 29th 
Balisok Harris, 733 Henry 
Balisok Isaac A, S35 E Queen 
Balisok Julius, 7 33 Henry 
Banks Israel.. 1039 Chapel 
Banks Nathan, 8 32 Goff 
Barnes Jesse L, 140 S DcBree av 
Bass Reuben, Cary av cor Starke 
Batleman Hyman, 1134 Brambleton av 
Beck Morris, 37 E Bute 
Bell Dewitt C, 920 E Queen 
*Bell Sarah, 13 32 Chapel 
Bender Abram, 1254 Brambleton av 
Berent Max, 1500 W 44th 
Berger Louis, 1312 Halstead rd, B 
Berlin Michael, 314 E Liberty, B 
Perm an Louis, 90 St Paul 
Berman Philip, 417 Nicholson 
Berman Saml, 901 Craig, B 
Berman Yetta Mrs, 1003 Wood 
Bernstein Jennie Mrs. 621 E Queen 
Berryman Fannie Mrs, 6 46 Princess Anne av 
Block Benj, 72 5 Calvert 
*Bonner Henry, 1067 Calvert 
Bonner Jno E, 214 Wolfe 
Bonney J E & Co, 5 33 Park av 
Bonvaser Yetta Mrs, 1113 Church 
Boogades Forchas Co, 7 36 E Main 
Booke Nathan, 1120 Landing- 
Boos Benj, 876 Chapel 
*Booth Grocery Co, 1499 Chapel 
Braunstein Nathan, 31 Liberty extd, B 
Breeden Richardson L, 152 2 Brambleton av 
Bridges Thos Jr, 418 Colley av 
Brinn Geo C # 8 57 Cumberland 
*Britt Chas, 16 03 Church 
Brodie Benj, 13-17 Liberty extd, B 
Brownstein Abraham, 901 Cumberland 
Brownstein Bertha Mrs, 1126 E Main 
Brud Abraham, 9 00 Princess Anne av 
Burfoot Ambrose W, 1622 W 37th 
Burford Chas L, 38 3 8 Bowdens Ferry rd 
Burton's Grocery, 515 Park av 
Butler Hattie L Mrs, 112 5 Park av 
Butler Jacob, 321 Fenchurch 
Caleva Bros, 800 E Main 
Callis Walter J, 7 53 Johnson av 
Calvert Grocery & Liquor Co Inc, 1200 Cal- 
Capehart Grocery Co, 1702 Granby 
Co plan Max, Myers av cor W 4 5th 
Caplah Ray Mrs, 1117 Berkley av 
Car'iok E & Sons, 800 Fremont 
Cartwright Wm E, 6 l ; Church 
'-^aysnn Nannie, 1503 W 43d 
Chanel Nathan. 348 E Bute * 
ChMlr-o Movor. 9J6 E Liberty. B 


T%WH£kW*^^ That is the motto 
v of the HILL DI- 


RECTORY CO., Inc., in all their Multigraph and Addressing Work. Try us. 


P A PflPWQON flVM Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist 

/ I T ttL- 17 ! n: f fcll TV ,L L~.L 

214 BOLLINGBROOK. Phone: Office, 319; Residence, 3404 

I Treat the Various Diseases of All Dumb Animals 



Chory Dane W, 1309 E Liberty, B 

*Clanton Saml L, 713 Craig, B 

Clark Louis J, 1047 W 41th 

Codd B N & Bro, 516 Nicholson 

Codd Benj N, 401 E Bute 

Codd Morris, 600 Princess Anne av extd 

Codd Myer, 87 8 Princess Anne av 

Cohen Grocery Co, 24 8 Market pi 

Cohen Harry, 9 07 E Liberty, B 

Cohen Jacob, 820 Cove 

Cohen Joseph G, 1237 Church 

Cohen Lewis, S15 Highland av 

Cohen Louis, 314 Lee, B 

Cohen Louis D, 800 Granby 

Cohen Max, 536 E Queen 

Cohen Meyer, 201 E Bute 

Conen Morris L, 1100 Park av 

Cohen Rebecca Mrs, 914 E Liberty, B 

Cohen Taylor, 1301 Calvert 

*Coleman Lelia, 14 2 5 Proescher 

Coleman Max, 198 Cumberland 

Colodne Herman, 1000 Chicazola 

Colodne Max, 8 00 Highland av 

Colonial Grocery Co. 1 11 S Moran av 

Comess Hyman, 6 00 Chapel 

Condren Jno J, 120 W High 

Cooper Benj, 13 Oberndorfer rd, B 

Coplan Saml, 300 E Queen 

Coppersmith Alphonzo, 1114 E Liberty, B 

Corenblum Hyman, 725 St Paul 

Craft D Chas, 9 76 Cambridge 

*Cypress Chas S, 1614 O'Keefe 

Davidson James E, 32 6 W 2 9th 

Davidson Joseph, 501 E Bute 

Davis Laourice C, 911 Cecelia av 

*Day Thos. 839 Wide 

Deal Chas O. 116 W Freemason 

Deane Solomon, 216 Maple av, B 

DeBusk Isaac W, 1500 W 38th 

Decker Jennie Mrs, 9 24 E Liberty, B 

♦Denny Harry, 800 Avenue B 

Dick W H & Co. 2 26 Brewer 

*Dozier Alonzo, 1118 Church 

Dudley & Leary, 53 5-537 Fort 

Duffee & Batten, 2 58 Market pi 

Duncan Ezekiel T, 3 30 E Liberty. B 

Edmonds Maurice L, 311 Wolfe 

* Edwards James A, 521 Nicholson 

•Edwards Lewis W, 2 3 34 Barre, Lindenwood 

Eggleston & Son, 50 3 Park av 

Eisenberg Joseph, 10 51 Bottimore 

Elliott K E & Co. 169 Bank 

Ellis Co The, 9 09 Colley av 

Engel Max, 64 3 Princess Anne av 

Entelis Davis, 64 5 Bank 

Ewell Heber E, 322 Park av 

*Ezp11 Benj J, S40 Wide 

♦Faison Junius, 2401 West av, Lindenwood 

Faverman Alex K, 900 Bermuda 

Faverman Mendel, 933 Bermuda 

Faverman Morris, 1320 Brambleton av 

Faverman Rosa Mrs, 1919 Brambleton av 

Feldman EUis, 1500 Dungce 

Feldman Macfc, 1301 Church 

FpWipan Mnrv'p 5 1 2 Nicholson 

Feldman Moses, 917 Washington av 

Felix Chas, 641 Cumberland 

♦Felton Joseph L, 132 7 Bolton 

*Felton Lemuel, 86 4 Fremont 

*Ferebee Willis S, 914 Bynum 

Fine Frank, 1001 E Main 

Fine Morris. 1113 E Liberty, B 

Fisher Louis, 9 49 Princess Anne av and 615 

Fivel Julius. 614 E Queen 

Fivel Nathan, 8 00 Holt 

Flanagan Henry W, Llewellyn av cor 14th 

Flax Bernard N, 619 Nicholson 

Fleder Louis, 118 W Main 

Fleishman Morris, 1021 E Main 

Flom Z, 300 Liberty 

♦Foreman Geo W, 1520 O'Keefe 

Fort Moses, Cottage rd nr Tanner's Creek 

Friedenberg Morris, 81 S Olney rd 

Friedman Saml, 86 5 Landing 

Furtell Bros, Cottage rd nr Boulevard, Lafa- 
yette Annex 

Galandias J & Co, 813 E Main 

Gallup Oscar B, 129 6 Chapel 

Galumbeck Jacob W, 1000 Falkland 

Garfield Jacob, DeBree av cor 3 2d 

GelTen Solomon, 904-906 Monticello av 

Ghent Grocery, 807 Duke 

Ghent Market, 62 7 Botetourt 

Gibson Frank B, Myers av cor W 4 0th 

Glasser Jack, 1301 Brambleton av 

Glazer Robt, 10 58 Park av 

Gold Aaron, 9 00 Wood 

Goldberg Benj, 800 Princess Anne av and 
4 37 Walke 

Goldberg Joseph, 7 52 St Paul 

Goldberg Max, 2 02 Wolfe 

Goldman Benj, 824 E Water and 400 Rielly 

Goldstein -Aaron, 8 37 Chapel 

Goldstein Dave, E Charlotte cor Monticello 

Goldsticker Rosa Mrs, 313 Appomattox, B 

Goodman Hyman H, 421 Chapel 

Goodman Isidore B, 1801 Highland av 

Goodman J B & Son, 312 Colley av 

Goodson Chas A, 1001 Church 

Gordon Jacob, 701 Monticello av 

Cordon Morris, 84 8 Calvert 

Gordan Robt, 1120 Chapel 

Greenburg Louis, 1406 Church 

Gregory Jno D, 74 4 Windsor av 

♦Griffin David W. 766 St Paul 

Grodgen Morris, 4 50 Rcilly 

Grook Thos B, Broad Creek Tpk cor Haynes 
av E Brambleton 

Guerrant & Co. 122 W 15th 

Guy Herbert P & Co, 1201 Princess Anne av 

Hackner Louis, 13 00 Halstead rd, B 

*Hairston Wm, 14 53 W 4 5th 

Halpern Jacob, 1110 Mariner 

Halstead Bros. 301 Berkley av, B 

Hamburg Oscar, 39 2 4 Bowdens Ferry rd and 
14 57 W 4 4th ♦ 

Han bury Wm A, 100 E Queen 

Harmon Jno W, 601 E Charlotte 





a tirc:p7 ? inc. ™ - »£By™ A 

":-. w :f 

wcL 1 


Most progressive town of size 
in South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. C ome on quick—big money here for you. Population, 13,797 


Harrell Jesse E, 10 56 Brambleton av 

Harris J J Grocery Co, Inc, 7 54 Duke 

Hart Wm (estate of), 154 Chapel 

Haskell Simon, 70 J Southampton av 

Heckner Jacob, 765 Smith 

Heller Hyman, 844 Cooke av 

Hillman Bailey Mrs, 318 Chapel 

Hinckley Co, 12 3 W 14th 

Hodges James H, 7 35 Cumberland 

Hodges Lewis L s 834 Monticello av 

Hollander Morris, 801 Princess Anne av 

Holswig Hannah Mrs, 521 E Queen 

Hong on Tay Co, 725 E Main 

Horner Eon is, 846 Avenue A 

Horton Newton S, 100-162 Church 

Hosier .Lewis W, 80S E Eiberty, B 

Humphreys Clarence E, 1811 Brambleton av 

HuitVitz! Benj, 1539 Church 

Hurwitz Joseph, 087 Goff 

Hurwitz Matthew, 14 69 Princess Anne av 

Hurwitz P Bennie, 1223 Church 

Jaeobson Frank, 110 8 E Eiberty, B 

Jacobson Harry, 52 S Wolfe 

James Amelia Mrs, 1367 Chanel 

Jarvis Riehd M, 1801 Brambleton av 

John Shekry, 205 Avon 

♦Johnson Arthur T, 4 321 Parker av 

•Johnson Nicholas, 2S7 Godfrey av 

♦Jones Wm W, 4 315 Parker av 

Juren Louis, 200 E Queen 

Kabachnick Harris. 300 Nicholson 

Kamenetzky Abraham. 722 Culpeper, B 

Ranter Saml, 1201 Brambleton av 

Karp Nathan, 7 50 Brewer 

Kaufman Isaac L, 1360 Chapel 

Kaufman Morris, 12 28 Chapel 

Kellam Thorough good H, 912 Windsor av 

Kelley 8c Parker, 272 Market pi 

Kern Meyer, 414 Nicholson 

Kesser Joseph, 834 Smith 

Kidd Chas J. 1000 Park av 

Kiigore Alvah, Ocean View av, Fairmount 

Kiigore & Pitt Inc, 301 W 31st 
♦King Geo W, 770 Washington av 
King' Grocery Co. W 17th cor Moran av 
Kipper Jno T R, 316 W r Liberty, B 
Kirsner Simon, 613 Nicholson 
Kofisky Michael, 800 Cumberland 
Kolodney Wm, 275 Nicholson 
Kootner Hyman, 9 30 Smith 
Kramer Tillie R Mrs. 1209 Church 
Kremer Saml, 104 8 Princess Anne av 
Kroskin Israel, 701 Chapel 
Kruger Abraham B, 9 02 Middlesex, B 
Kruger Joseph D, 134 W Queen 
Krukin Maurice, 901 Monticello av 
Kurtz Floyd L, 2101 Brambleton av 
Lane Roland A, 609 Nicholson 
Langley Arthur L, 117 Pearl, B, and 300 W 

Liberty, B 
Lapetina Bernard, 9 01 E Queen 
Lascara Rosa Mrs. 169 S Church 
Lavitt Peter, 501 E Queen 
Loarv Bros 3^02 Bowdens '-Vrry rd 

Lehmann Theo R, 700 E Liberty, B 

Leibowitz Herman, 9 06 Cleveland av 

Leibowitz Israel, 14 8 Fenchurch 

Leiderman Aaron, 555 E Queen 

Leiderman Frank, 1000 Virginia 

Lesueur L Berry, 917 Duke 

Leventhal Philip, 850 Fremont 

Levin Louis, 1342 Wide 

Levine Louis, 129 5 Bolton 

Levine Mary Mrs, 1001 Chapel 

Levinson Isaac, 815 Cumberland 

Levinson Joseph II, 4 202 Bowdens Ferry rd 

Levinson Saml, 4 308 Parker av 

Levitin Saml, 1009 Carrollton 

Leviton Nathan, 834 Pulaski 

Lex Jacob, 7 77 Johnson av 

Liebman Jetzel, 504 Church 

Liebman Joseph, 1059 Brambleton av and 34 5 

Liberty, B 
Lilley Elber, 647 Church 
*Linnett Saml, 5 06 Culpeper, B 
Lippman Abraham, 4 02 7 Bowdens Ferry rd 
Lipschitz Harry, 107 8 Princess Anne av 
Lipschitz Philip, 12 00 Highland av 
Littman Wm. 14S W Queen 
* Loach Geo, 14 32 Chapel 
Longman Saml, 800 Chapel 
Lubschutz Edward B, 136 Chapel 
Lubschutz Isaac, 1318 Highland av 
Lubschutz Joseph, 1129 Highland av 
Lufty Chas, Brewer cor E Charlotte 
Lutfe M 8c Son, 342 E Bute 
Lutin Morris, 74 3 Roswell av 
McConville Wm P, 20 9 Berkley av, B 
*McGill James, 76 2 Avenue A 
McKimmey, Morrisette &. Co, 535 Colley av 
McKown Jno. 1 Pearl, B 
McPherson Miles W, 120S E Liberty, B 
Machen Grocery Co. 100 W 2 7th 
Malbon 8c Turner, 59 7 Church 
Malhinson Morris, 231 Avon 
*Mapp Mittie, 507 Culpeper, B 
Margolius Morris, 715 Union 
Maria Jno. 1617 Omohundro av 
Meads Grocery Co. 1700 Granby 
Mendelsohn Isaac, 501 Chapel 
Mendelsohn Joseph, 7 32 Henry 
Mercer Dennis S, 5-7 Berkley av, B 
Mercer Jno W, 200 Chestnut, B 
Merrill Clarence A, 5 06 Princess Anne av 
Miller Edward R, 15 Berkley av, B 
Miller Hyman, 2 02 E Bute 
Miller James, 1026 Chicazola 
Miller Marks S, 57 2 Front 
Miller 8c Whitehurst, 222 Brewer 
Mirman Morris, 801 Monticello av 
Mitchell & Clark, 834 Duke 
Mondr.y Moses, 801 Chapel 
Moore Geo R, 4 70 3 Myers av 
Moran Avenue Grocery Co Inc, 326 Graydon 
Morecock Clarence H, 307 Clay av 
Morgan & Co, 828 E Main 

Morrisetto E M Grocery Co, 1701 Brown av 
Morrisette Tully F. 852 Maltfty av 
Murray Bros. 6 38 Wood is av 

fG and 

M^k iiLiLi H 


K. II* fcbUl 

PHONE 176 

15 Wi 

ctatp rn 

31/ilEi i»ll* 


Come to Petersburg 




Myers David, 125 Fenchurch 

Myers Saml, 124 8 Highland av 

Nahass Anthony, 105 5 Church 

Nash Chas E, 127 W Charlotte 

Nathan David, 1040 Goff 

Xeal Daniel H, 1102 Church 

Neeb Fredolin, 501 Fenchurch 

Nesson Jacob, 871 Princess Anne av 

•*Nimmo Joshua A, 809 \<> E Liberty, B 

*Nixon Margaret, 9 33 Winter 

*Northenstraw Flarry H, Obendorfer rd nr 

Malione av, B 
Odessky Chas H, 126 Fenchurch 
Old Dominion Grocery Co, G3S W 31st 
Olson Eric, 102 6 Highland av 
Ossen Rachel Mrs, 144 S Church 
Owens James W, 3d cor Holly av, Riverside 
Panella Antonio, 16 S 5 Church 
Park Grocery Co, 3016 Granby 
Payne Walter R, 1511 Church 
Payne Wm E, 416 Colley av 
Pell Mary E Mrs, 1300 Berkley av, B 
PENDER D GROCERY CO, 310-312 Granby, 

112-118 Wolfe and G17 Colley av 
Petefish Walter P, 1508 Moran av 
*Pettis Maggie, 120S Armistead Bridge rd 
Pioneer Groecry Co, 9 Berkley av, B 
Pliner Joseph, 132 W Main 
Polinger Abraham, 505 Wolfe 
Porter Ray Mrs, 2 38 E Queen 
Queen Grocery Co, 804 E Queen 
Quong Wo Yuen & Co, 72 2 E Queen 
Rafalsky Harry, 1300 Chanel 
Rafalsky Solomon, 1299 Chapel 
Ramey Grocery Co, 9 16 Chapel and 766 Mon- 

ticello av 
Rheinhart Abraham, 436 Church and 401 

Craig. B 
Richter Harry. 82 2 Monticello av 
V*Riddick Saml,! 137 2 Chapel 
Riverview Grocery, 4016 Granby 
Roberts 3L P & Co Tnc, 6 3 Commercial pi 
Rosenbaum Abe, 518 Scott 
Rosenbaum Ida Mrs, 1110 E Main 
Rosenberg Chas, 9 05 Berkley av, B 
Rosenberg Saml, 74 9 Cumberland 
Rosenhouse Abraham, 2 44 Scott 
Rottenberg Morris. 700 E Water 
Rowe Saml E. 817 E Queen 
Ruben Harry, 84 3 Granby 
Ruben Max, 1300 Corprew av 
Rubenstein Morris, 73 5 Princess Anne av 
Rubin Lewis, 816 Highland av 
Ruden David, 32 4 E Freemason 
*Ryalls Benj P, 801 Avenue B 
Sadler Jno B, Ocean View av nr Cromwell 

rd. Fairmount Park 
St John James, 1241 Princess Anne av 
Salsberg Alex, 17 2 8 Church 
Salsbury Isad«re, 70 6 E Liberty, B 
Samuels Harris, 786 Monticello av 
Sanders Michael, 819 Camp av 
Santos Rosa Mrs, 5 50 E Bute 
Saunders Isaac, 835 Monticello av 
Saimders J R & Son, 4121 Bowdens Ferry rd 

Saunders Joseph L, 610 Monticello av 

Saunders Louis, 301 E Bute 

Savage Louis, 231 W York 

Sawyer & Adams, 143 Colley av 

Seal co Joseph A, 601 W 30th 

Schachman Max, 521 Cove 

Schlain Louis, 300 Kent 

Schneer Bernard, 6 28 Front 

Schneer Meyer, 156 Colley av 

Schrieber Nathan, 635 Chapel 

*Scott Jennie, 813 Mahone av, B 

Segal Harry, 1000 Highland av and 1500 

Seligman Saml, 24 4 Arlington pi 

Seigman & Savage Co, 4 50 Church 

Shames David, 1224 Calvert 

Shandler Abe, 72 S Cumberland 

Shapiro Max, 4 00 E Bute 

Shellhouse Jno P, 18 30 W 38th 

Shenko David, 134 9 Outten 

Sherman Lewis I, Lafayette Boul cor Cot 
tage av, Lafayette Annex 
; Shipp Vernon O, 1000 Chapel 
j Shipwitz Nathan, 50 5 Nicholson 
I Shumandine James H, 501 Colley av 

Silverman Joseph, HTfre Granby 
, *Simmons Chas F, 900 Chapel 
, Sivils W Taylor, 12 3 Chestnut, B 

*Skinner Edward, 1301 Princess Anne av 

Smith Edward T, 4 501 Myers av 

♦Smith Jacob, 1011 Bottimore 

Smith Oscar, 7 70 Monticello av 

*Sommerville Sherman T, 127 St Julian av 

Soroko Bros, 2 39 E Queen 

Spector Joseph, 2 36 Fenchurch 

*Spellman Wm H, 12 00 Park av 

Spry Rufus K, 930 E Liberty, B 

Sprago Joseph, 84 Princess Anne av 

Stam Saml, 4 51 Fenchurch 

Stanton J T & Son, 50 9 Park av 
i Star Grocery Co, 32 3 W 13th 
I Steer Solomon, 500 Chapel 
j Stein Saml, 3 5 Church 
j Steinback Reuben, 4 37 E Queen 
I Steingold Harris, 609 Brewer 
| Stern Leopold L, 943 E Main 

Straus Sarah Mrs, 4216 Bowdens Ferry rd 

Stutson Moses J, 500 W Liberty, B 

Suburban Grocery, Colley av cor W 34th 

Sutton Aaron, 3 20 Nicholson 

Sutton Isaac, 1600 Church 

Swain Geo D, 32 8 Church 

Swartz Abraham I, 1300 Wide 

Swersky Jesse, 474 Princess Anne av extd 

Tabet Ellis F. 626 Hull 

Tabet Grocery Co, 913 Reservoir av 

Tabris Jacob, 257 Kent 

Tagliavia Antonio. 90S^ E Main 

Tai Yune & Co, 7 30 E Main 

Tarkenton Dallas M, 610 Accomac, B 

Taylor Armand H, Killam av nr W 38th 

Taylor Jno M Jr, 14 50 W 39th 

Tegg Geo J, 1401 W 2*th 

Tennis Wm L. 1701 Church 

Terry Maurice, 4 800 Myers av 

aflonSYDNOR PUMP AND WELL CO., lac, Richmond, Va. 


See Our Adv. in Buyers Guide 


/f^k jFA fK 



;hools and banks a 

Phone 320 






Thomas Joseph, 614 I,ee, B 

Tolley Wm T, 1406 Bond 

Trafton J G & Co, 52 2 Poole 

♦Turner Saml, Hanson av nr St Julian av 

Twentieth St Grocery Co, 324 W 20th 

Twenty-sixth Street Grocery, Church cor 2 6th 

Twiddy Tully A, 1053 Church 

Twine Ephraim A, 57 Clifton, B 

Twine Rufus B, 1201 E Liberty, B 

Tnderwood Lance L, 301 W 2 5th 

Vita Giovanni, 169 3 Church 

Walker Wm E, 320 E Liberty, B 

Walsh Wm H, 716 K Liberty, B 

Ward Albert C, 2 82 Market pi 

Warren Mary E Mrs, 407 Reservoir av 

Wax Manuel, 7 26 Calvert 

Weiner Saml, 601 Denby 

Weisman Aaron, 6 38 Nicholson 

Weiss Louis, 200 W 12th 

Weiss Simeon, 1900 Highland av 

West Ephraim C, 14 5 Chapel 

Whiman Ezra. Nelson cor Carroll, B 

White Nicholas T, 120 W r Charlotte 

White T Lloyd. 318 Wolfe 

•White Wm H, 800 Monticello av 

Whitehurst Joseph L, York cor Botetourt 

Wicks Henry I, 313 Chestnut, B 

Williams Thos L, 1012 Brambleton av 

Williamson T L & Bro, Ballentine Arcade 

Wilson Henry C, 831 Wood 

Winslow Chas W, 800 Avenue C 

Wiseman Benj, 715 Smith 

Wood A J & Co. 110 Bank 

♦Woodley Chas L, 2 534 Hale, Lindenwood 

Zalkend Louis, 1538 Church 

Zedd Joseph, 301 Walker av. B 

Zedd Saml, 3 3 Liberty extd, B 

Zipler Celia Mrs, 422 Church 

Zittrain Louis, 44 7 Bank 

Zoby Geo, 1032 W 4 2d 

Grocers — Wholesale 

Barrett G & R Inc, 22 5 E Water 

Brinkley A. Sc Co, Southgrate Terminal, W end 

Caleva Bros, 800 E Main 

Cohen Marcus Co, 2 04 E Water 

Cowper Co The, 118 W Water 

Dilworth W J & Co Inc, W Tazewell nr Duke 

Fentress Jno & Co. 2 00 E Water 

Four Co Inc The, 6 04 Union 

Frieden Mendel, 534 Church 

Kelly & Borum Inc, W Tazewell nr Duke 

Lewis-Hubbard-Slack Co The, W Tazewell nr 

Pedin J W & Co, 419 E Water 

Roberts L P & Co Inc, 6 3 Commercial pi 

Serpell-Winner- Jordan Inc, 124 E Water 

Southern Distributing- Co Inc, Southgate Ter- 
minal, W Tazewell 

Voight R P Co Inc The. 112 E Water 

Woodard E L & Co. 219 E Water 

Gun and Locksmiths 

Hart Geo B, 221 E Plume 
Martin Ed <SL- Tiro. 131 Bank 

Hair Goods and Hair Dressers 

Davis Harriet A Mrs, 305 Bank of Commerce 

♦Graiit Annie, 1514 Outten \ 

Ideal Hairdressing Parlor, 118 Granby 

*Law Grace, 408 E Queen 

Magnusson Emma Miss, 310 Withers Bldg 

*Nixon David G, 502 E Queen 

Reliable Hair Store, 137 Atlantic 

*Riddick & Roman i, 1023 Church 

*Romanii Rena B, 516 B Queen 

Smith Kathryn E Miss, 9 07 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 

*Unthank Delia B, 542 Church 

Welfare Annie Mrs, 35 Haddington Bldg 

Ha rd \va re — Wl i ol csa I e 

Watters & Martin Inc, 4 07 Union 

Harness and Saddlery 

Butt & Wall, 404 Union 

City Harness & Supply Co, 42S Union 

Hat and Cap Manufacturers 

* Enterprise Hat Cleaning Wks, 1006 Church 
Meath The Hatter, 9 Monticello Arcade 
Reed Horace A, 325 Church 
Virginia Hat Co, 4 33 Granby 

Hats, Caps and Furs 
Budd's Hat Store, 142 Granby 
Carr, Mears & Peebles Inc, 145 Granby 
Hampton Roads Hat Co, 132 Granby 
King's Hat Store, 501 E Main 
Lichenstein Louis, 417 Granby 
Norfolk Hat Co, 633 Church 
Simmons Walter J Co Inc, 4 33 E Main and 

307 Granby 
Strawhand T L & Co, 423 E Main and 652 

Swartz Hat Co, 2 46 E Main 
Tuttle, Bonney & Urquhart Inc, 260 Granby 

Hauling Heavy 

Parrish Branch A. 610 W 36th 

Hay, Grain and Feed Healers 

City Hay & Grain Co, 8 02 E Water 
Cofer J H & Co Lie, 604 Citizens Bank Bids- 
Colonial Cereal Co, Brambleton av nr N & W 

Cuthrell Jno Co Inc, 1313 E Liberty. B 
Fanney Joseph B, 32 Brewer 
Green Hay and Grain Co, 100 Park av 
Gwaltney J M & Co, 423 Union 
Jacocks Jonathan H, 216 Main, B 
Long Geo W, 400 Board of Trade Bldg 
Miller Walter M, 210 Wolfo 
Osterhout, Green & Co, 1217 E Main 
Reid D P & Bro Inc, 506 Church 
Sawyer J G & Co, 416 E Water 
Scott S D & Co, 317 Monticello av, 811 E 
Queen, 1220 Brambleton av % and W Taze- 
well nr Duke 
Simmons Chas F, 7 30 E Queen 





GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,728.19. 






Stell Bernard C, 306 So Produce Co Bldg 
Sykes C C & Sons.. 7 03 Chapel 
West James R, 102 9 Church 
Wilson-Drummond-Biddle Corp, 4 31 Union 
♦Wilson G B & Bro, 944 Church 

Heating — Hot Air 

Bohn Roofing- & Cornice Co, 129 W Plume 
Howard Jno T Co, 10 7 W Freemason 

Heat in? — Hot Water 

Guy E L, 60G Botetourt , 

Kemp A W Inc., 135 Brooke av 
Lawler J J <fc Co, 214 Bank 
Lyons Geo H, 4 22 Monticello av 

Heating — Warm Air 

Bonney Obie L, X & W Ry nr Omohundro av 

Hides and Tallow 
Norfolk Hide & Metal Co Inc., 42 3 E Water 

and 416 Nivison 
Norfolk Tallow Co.. 603 Union 
Virginia Hide & Fur Co, 603 Union 


Burton Richd E, 3S Nebraska 
Parr & Fizer, 63 5 Nicholson ' 
Saleeby Jesse K, 106 3 Church 
Standard Horseshoeing Co, 4 9 Church 
Walker Levi L>, 101 1st, Atlantic City 

Hose Reels 

Whitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 902 Cooke av 

Hosiery and Underwear Manufacturers 

Norfolk Hosiery & Underwear Mills Co, 232 
YV Tazewell 


King's Daughters' The, 420 Duke 
Lawford Hospital, 11 Hardy av, B 
Leigh Sarah Hospital The, Mowbray Arch 

ror Pembroke av 
Norfolk Protestant Hospital, Raleigh av cor 

Colley av 
St Christopher's, 2 20 W Freemason 
St Vincent's Hospital, Wood cor Church 
Tidewater Hospital. 1452 W 42d 

Hotel Supplies 

Billups C Elmo, 2 27 Monticello av 
Neddo Cabinet Corp, 108 E Plume 


Algon iiiin Hotel, 309 Granby 
Atlantic Hotel. Ill Granby 
Bambali's Hotel, 214 Brewer 
Central House, 313 F Main 
Hague Hotel, 17 55 Church 

Hotel Fairfax, W City Hall av cor Randolph 
Hotel Kismet & Turkish Baths Inc. 142 At- 
■ "■■ lantic 

Hotel Neddo, 108 F Plume 
Uo+ e i Norfolk, R23 Granby 


ASK .:. 

Phone Randolph 4587 

Hotel Princess, 118 W Tazewell 

*Hotel Savoy, SI 9 Church 

Hotel Southland, 3 39 Granby 

Hotel United States, 2 34 E Plume 

Linden Hotel, 110 Church 

Lorraine Hotel The, 24 7 Granby 

Mitchell's Hotel, 2 20 E Plume 

Monticello Hotel, E City Hall av cor Granby 

*Mt Vernon Hotel, 6 31 E Main 

New Gladstone Hotel, 815 E Main 

New Victoria Hotel, 519 E Main 

New Virginia Hotel, 820 E Main 

*Palmer House, 606 E Charlotte 

Stag Hotel, 321 E Main 

Union Hotel & Restaurant, 2 32 Brewer 

House Furnishings 

Yavner Julius, SOS E Liberty, B 

House Movers 

Perry Virginius B, 115 E Charlotte 


Assed Frank, City Mkt 

* Banks Harry, City Mkt 
Bocrie Joseph L, City Mkt 

* Brown Danl H, City Mkt 

*Cartwright Clenny, 490 Princess Anne av extd 

Cartvvright Frank L, Market pi nr Tazewell 

Cogsdale Seth E, City Mkt 

*Corprew Geo, Ballentine Arcade 

*Crocker James E. Ballentine Arcade 

*Deane Mildred, City Mkt 

Deming Fortius, City Mkt, 

*Diggs Chas, 2415 Hale, Lmdenwood 

Dozier A A, City Mkt 

Dozier James A, 3 City Mkt 

Dozier Joseph G, City Mkt 

Dozier W Scott, City Mkt 

Fish J J & Son. City Mkt 

*Fitchett Valenia, City Mkt 

Griffin Tho.s, Market pi nr Tazewell 

*Harris Robt A, Market pi hr Tazewell 

*Hinton Jno W, City Mkt 

Hosier Win J Jr, Market pi nr Tazewell 

*Joyner Patsie, City Mkt 

* Knight Simon, City Mkt 
Lambert Wm F, City Mkt 
*Land Russell, 129 6 Bolton 

Land Walter S, Market pi nr Tazewell 
Lee D Jefferson, City Mkt 
Lee Leonard M, 2 30 Brewer 
Moatz Carl H, City Mkt 

* Morris Richd, Ballentine Arcade 
Murden Walter S, City Mkt 

f Murphy Emmett, 924 Smith 

Murphy Wm E, Market pi nr Tazewell 

*Nimmo Miles, City Mkt 

Petree James E. City Mkt 

*Quinby Marshall, 12S6 Chapel 

Rappold Chas F, Market pi nr Tazewell 

Rawles Wm J. City Mkt 

* Scott Jno, City Mkt * 
♦Smith Abraham, 921 Goff 
Smith & Pobbs, City Mkt 






^ Representing all Atlantic, Tranr.-At'tantic and Pacific Steamship Line" 

TLJir AUGUST r*f\ ^07 SHARP ST. 




•Summervillc James H, 31 City Mkt 

Sydney S Wilkins, City Mkt 

Sykes Caleb F, City Mkt 

♦Turner Arthur, 4 3 City Mkt 

♦Walters Adeline, City Mkt 

Watson Henry A, City Mkt 

* White Lottie, City Mkt 

♦Wiggins Isaac, Cary cor Maltby ay extd 

*Woodhouse James, Ballentine Arcade 

Worsham Richd H, Market pi nr Tazewell 

•Wyatt Thos, 137 9 Bolton 

Hydro Sanitariums 

•Norfolk Hydro Sanitarium, 719 Washington 

Ice Cream Manufacturers 

Diggs Chas H Inc. 321 Granby 

Fussell Ice Cream Co Inc. 137 W Charlotte 

Holly Farm Dairy & Ice Cream Co, Mason av 

nr Brambleton 
Irving Ice Cream Co Inc, 1C00 Brambleton 

av ' 

Montauk Co The, 4 30 Boush 
•Morris James, 340 E Queen 
*Reid Dempsey, 1340 Church 

Ice Dealers and Manufacturers 

Anheuser-Busch Ice Plant & Cold Storage, 
Brooke av cor Boush 

Arctic Ice Co Inc. 110 AV Plume 

Berkley Ice Wks, 106 Pearl, B 

City Coal, Wood & Ice Co Inc. 94 3 May av 

Dennis Bros, -It'll Bowdens Ferry rd 

Feuerstein Ice Co Inc, 417 Nivison 

•Fields Oliver, 64 Chapel 

Frizell Roland L, 1006 Park av 

Ghent Ice Co. 915 Duke 

Kennebec Ice Co, 21 Haddington BIdg and 
Spring cor May av 

and 128 Atlantic cor E Plume, S B Har- 
rell pies, J T Lynch v-pres, F S Sager sec- 
treas (see back cover and p 67) 

Norfolk Fuel Co Inc, Colley av and N & W 


Norfolk Warehouse Corp, 704 Front 

Petty Walter J. 9 23 Sheldon av 

Sallinger W S & Co, Omohundro av cor N 

& W Ry 
Taylor Geo W & Co Inc.. 21 Haddington Bldg 
•Uzzle James, 113S Wide 

Insurance Agents — General 

Baldwin Bros, 116 Brooke av 

Beasley Fred L, 22 5 E Plume 

Benson W S Realty & Ins Corp, 316 Law 

Broh Danl R, 4 06 Dickson Bldg 
Brooke Warner L, 317 Board of Trade Bldg 
Burroughs & Jeffries, 514 Bank of Commerce 

Burwell-Carr Co Inc, 211 Monticello Arcade 
Child rev & Metts, 3 2 Chamberlaine Bldg 

Cobb Woodson C, 124 Atlantic 
Coleman Bros, 336 Monticello Arcade 
Collins & Van Denbergh Inc-, 316 Dickson 

Commonwealth Ins & Realty Co Inc, 401 Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Cook Jno P, 124 Atlantic 

Crockett E P & Co Inc, 310 Dickson Bldg 
Davie Bros, 2 5 Berkley av, B 
Dey Geo W &; Sons, 226 E Plume 
Ferrell C H & Co, 106 W Plume 
Finley Lowery D, 302 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Fuqua & Hall, 149 Bank 
Goo d ridge, Dobie & Bell, 227 E Plume 
Hoggard H C & Co. 4 00 Dickson Bldg 
Humphreys D & Son Inc, 70S Law Bldg 
Jacobs & Co. 3 24 Board of Trade Bldg 
Johnson E B Co Inc, 2 02 Monticello Arcade 
Johnston Turner M & Co, 216 Monticello Ar- 
Justice, Stephenson & Taylor, 311 Monticello 

Leterman J J & Co, 302 Columbia Bldg 
Lyons. Saml W Jr & Co, 110 Berkley av, B 
McLean & Egerton, 321 Dickson Bldg 
Norwegian Underwriters. 404 Citizens Bank 

Page & Co, 2 4 Va National Bank Bldg 
Real Estate Trust & Ins Co Inc. 2 00 Dickson 

Seaboard Ins Agency, 227 E Plume 
Stephenson & Taylor, 311 Monticello Arcade 
Thomson. Etheredge & Co, 12 8 Atlantic 
Tidewater Insurance Co Inc, 321 Dickson Bldg 
Tilley Geo T, 107 Berkley av, B 
Trice W H H & Co Inc. 400 E Plume 
Walke & Son, 203 Royster Bldg 
White J Hunter, 1007 Royster Bldg 
White Lewis A & Co, 704 Bank of Commerce 

Whitehurst C N & Co, 22 5 E Plume 
Willis Co Inc The, 52 2 Board of Trade Bldg 
Woodard & Joynes Inc, 215 Monticello Arcade 
Woodside Jno M, 1012 Bank of Commerce 

Zimmerman Geo P, 113 E Plume 

Insurance Agents — Life 

Ames Milton B, 808 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Aunspaugh R C & Fredk, 30 Va National 

Bank Bldg 
Burton-Martin Co, 22 5 E Plume 
Cooke Elbert R, 30 5 Dickson Bldg 
Creekmore Thos J, 60 3 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Dobie Richd L, 605 Dickson Bldg 
Dodson Wm P, 412 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Dougherty Wm 13, So Produce Co Bldg 
Crubb Wm N. 10S E Charlotte 
Hill Geo B, 309 Dickson Bldg 
Lloyd Howard, 804 Paul-Gale-Greenwood Bldg 
Richardson Raymond R, 611 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Roberts Mills, 235 Monticello Arcade 
Smith & Pollard, SOS Monticello Arcade 


, A$l*t 

• 1 


Surplus and Profits 



4% -Savings Department-49^ 

Kellam Hospital^ Inc. 




The Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we want 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids over VO per cent, of the many hundred* 
of Guffcrers treated during the past 18 years. 



Smither T Jenner, 4 08 Bank of Commerce ) 
Bldg ; 

Ward W F. 2 Monticello Arcade 

Insurance Brokers 

Finley Lowery D, 302 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Johnson E B Co Inc, 202 Monticello Arcade j 

Insurance Companies — Accident 
Aetna Accident & Liability of Hartford, 404 ! 

Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y, 1012 Bank j 

of Commerce Bldg 
Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y, 2 03 Roysrer j 

Bids and 32 3 Dickson Bldg 
Fidelity & Deposit Co of Md, 302 Citizens Bank I 

Bldg and 14 9 Bank 
General Accident, Fire & Life Assurance Corp j 
Ltd of Perth.. Scotland, 2 02 Monticello 
Arcade and 108 E Charlotte 
Maryland Casualty of Balto, 311 Monticello ; 

Metropolitan Casualty of N Y, 12S Atlantic 
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp of London, ! 

Eng, 211 Monticello Arcade 
Royal Indemnity of N Y, 323 Dickson Bldg [ 
Travelers of Hartford, Conn, 203 Royster Bldg i 

and 124 Atlantic 
U S Casualty of N Y, 514 Bank of Commerce J 

TT S Fidelity & Guaranty of Balto, Md, 128 
Atlantic j 

Insurance Companies — Automobile 
Aetna Accident & Liability of Hartford, 40 4 . 

Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Boston of Boston, Mass, 32 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Fidelity & Casualty of N Y, 32 3 Dickson Bldg j 

and 31 Haddington Bldg 
Fidelity & Deposit Co of Md, 302 Citizens 

Bank Bldg and 215 Monticello Arcade 
Globe Indemnity of N Y, 226 E Plume 
Hartford Fire of Hartford. Conn, 404 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg 
Insurance Co of State of Pa. 3 02 Citizens Bank 

"Maryland Casualty of Balto, 311 Monticello 

"Maryland Motor Car Ins Co of Baltimore, Md, 

116 Brooke av 
New Amsterdam Casualty, 324 Board of Trade 

Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp of London, 

Eng, 211 Monticello Arcade 
Pennsylvania Fire of Phila, Pa, 20 3 Royster 

Royal Indemnity of N Y, 32 3 Dickson Bldg 
Travelers of Hartford, Conn, 20 3 Royster Bldg 
U S Casualty of X Y, 514 Bank of Commerce 

U S Fidelity & Casualty of Balto, Md, 32 
Chamberlaine Bldg 

Insurance Companies — Bonding 

Aetna Accident & Liability of Hartford, 404 
Bank of Commerce Bldg 

Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y, 1012 Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Fidelity & Casualty of N Y, 32 3 Dickson Bldg, 

204 Royster Bldg and 31 Haddington Bldg- 
Fidelity & Deposit Co of Md, 302 Citizens 

Bank Bldg and 215 Monticello Arcade 
Globe Indemnity of N Y, 22 6 E Plume 
Maryland Casualty of Balto, 311 Monticello 

National Surety Co of N Y, 514 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg 
New Amsterdam Casualty, 324 Board of Trade 

Ocean Accident & Guarantee Co of London, 

Eng, 211 Monticello Arcade 
Royal Indemnity of N Y, 323 Dickson Bldg 
F S Fidelity & Casualty of Balto, Md, 32 

Chamberlaine Bldg 

Insurance Companies — Fire 

Aachen & Munich of Germany, 1007 Royster 

Bldg and 3 32 Dickson Bldg 
Aetna of Hartford, Conn, 226 E Plume 

Agricultural of Watertown of N Y, 32 3 Dick- 
son Bldg 

American Central of St Louis. Mo, 12 8 At- 

American Eagle of N Y, 32 Chamberlaine 

American of Newark, N J, 40 4 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 

Atlas Assurance Co Ltd of London, Eng, 110 
Berkley av, B 

British-American Assurance Co of Toronto, 
Canada, 2 02 Monticello Arcade 

Camden Fire Ins Assn of Camden, N J, 1007 
Royster Bldg 

Citizens of St Louis, Mo, 22 7 E Plume 

City of New York. 1206 Bank of Commerce 
Bldg and 225 E Plume 

Colonial Fire Underwriters of Hartford, Conn, 
211 Monticello Arcade 

Commercial Union Assurance Ltd of London. 
Eng. 20 3 Royster Bldg 

Commercial Union of N Y, 215 Monticello 
Area de 

Commonwealth of N Y, 31 Haddington Bldg- 

Connecticut of Hartford, 226 E Plume 

Continental of New York, 310 Dickson Bldg- 

County of Phila, 514 Bank of Commerce Bldg 

Dixie of Greensboro, N C, 100 5 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 

Equitable Fire & Marine of Providence, R I, 
316 Law Bldg 

Equitable of Charleston, S C, 202 Monticello 

Fidelity Phenix of N Y. 32 Chamberlaine Bldg- 

Fire Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y 1012 Bank 
of Commerce Bldg 

Fire Assn of Phila, Pa, 226 E Plume 

Firemen's Fund of San Francisco, 227 E 

General Accident Fire & Lif£ Assurance Corp 
Ltd of Perth, Scotland, 202 Monticello 



Write us. 

I Can handle all your MULTIGRAPH 

MIL. WORK and deliver it promptly. 

823 Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia as 


VI' I Claims pai<! ? .i«i j:'s H » i'^1. i upon receipt of Satis- 
ory Proofs of Death. Total Payments to Policyholders 
ce orsjaniintiori OVER $17,000, 000. flO- Is paying its 
Policyholders OVER $1,250,000.00 annually. 




General of Paris, France, 4 00 Dickson Bldg 
Georgia Home of Columbus, Ga, 216 Monti- 
cello Arcade 
German Alliance of N Y, 128 Atlantic 
German-American of N T, 227 E Plume 
Glens Falls of N Y, 216 Monticello Arcade 
Globe <fc Rutgers of N Y, 708 Paw Bldg 
Granite State of Portsmouth, N H, 4 00 Dick- 

son Bldg 
Hamburg-Bremen of Germany, 311 Monticello 

Hanover of New York, 22 6 E Plume 
Hartford of Hartford, Conn, 104 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg and 400 E Plume 
Home of N Y, 227 E Plume and 124 Atlantic 
Imperial of New York, 310 Dickson Bldg 
Ins Co of North America of Phila. 4 04 Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Ins Co State of Pennsylvania, 2 02 Monticello 

Liverpool & London & Globe of London, Eng. 

2 26 E Plume 
London & Lancashire of London, Eng, 22 6 E 

Mutual Assurance Society of Va. 2 03 Royster 

Mutual Fire Ins Assn.. 2 40 Monticello Arcade 
National of Hartford, Conn, 12 8 Atlantic 
Nationale of Paris, France. 7 08 Law Bldg 
New Brunswick of N J, 149 Bank 
New Hampshire of Manchester, N H, 203 Roy- 
ster Bldg 
New York Underwriters Agency, 404 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg- 
Newark of N J. -2 2 7 E Plume 
Niagara of New York, 32 3 Dickson Bldg 
North British & Mercantile of London & Edin- 
burgh. 32 Chamberlaine Bldg 
North Carolina Home of Raleigh, 215 Monti- 
cello Arcade 
Northern Assurance Ltd of London, Eng, 203 

Royster Bldg 
Norwich Union of London, Eng, 2 26 E Plume 
Orient of Hartford, Conn, 211 Monticello Ar- 
Palatine Ins Co Ltd of London, Eng, 211 Mon- 
ticello Arcade 
Pennsylvania of Phila, Pa, 20 3 Royster Bldg 
Peoples National of Phila. Pa, 400 Dickson 

Petersburg Savings & Ins Co of Petersburg, 

Va, 20 3 Royster Bldg 
Philadelphia Underwriters of Phila, 100 5 

Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Phoenix Assurance Ltd of London, Eng, 203 

Royster Bldg 
Phoenix, of Hartford, Conn, 128 Atlantic 
Providence- Washington Ins Co, 1012 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg 
Providence-Washington of R I, 1007 Royster 

Queen of America, 226 E Plume 
Rocbester-Germnn Underwriters of Rochester, 
n! Y. mi Monticello Arcade 

Royal Exchange Assurance of London, Eng, 
12 8 Atlantic and 32 3 Dickson Bldg 

St Paul Fire & Marine, 227 E Plume 

Scottish Union S National of Edinburgh. Scot- 
land, 311 Monticello Arcade 

Security of New Haven, Conn, 32 4 Board of 
Trade Bldg and 1007 Royster Bldg 

Springfield Fire & Marine of Mass, 226 E 
I* 1 time 

Sun Ins Office of London, Eng, 32 Chamber- 
laine Bldg 

Tidewater Ins Co Inc, 321 Dickson Bldg 

U S Fire of N Y, 22 5 E Plume 

Va Fire & Marine of Richmond, 32 Chamber- 
laine Bldg 

Westchester of N Y, 22 7 E Plume 

Western Assurance of Toronto, Canada, 324 
Board of Trade Bldg 

Williamsburg City of N Y, 211 Monticello 

Yorkshire of England, 302 Citizens Bank Bldg 

Insurance Companies — Health 

Aetna Accident & Liability of Hartford, 404 

Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Continental Casualty Co of Chicago, 111, 201 

Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y, 1012 Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y, 20 3 Royster 

Fidelity <£ Deposit Co of Md. 302 Citizens 

Bank Bldg 
Metropolitan Casualty of N Y, 12S Atlantic 
New Amsterdam Casualty, 324 Board of Trade 

Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp of London, 

Eng, 211 Monticello Arcade 
Travelers of Hartford, Conn, 2 03 Royster Bldg 
U S Casualty of N Y, 514 Bank of Commerce 


Insurance Companies — Life 

Aetna of Hartford, 408 Bank of Commerce 

Atlantic Life Ins Co of Richmond, Va, 605 

Dickson Bldg 
Continental of Washington, DC, 6 34 Law Bldg 

and 1 Berkley a v. B 
Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U S, 

614 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corp 

Ltd of Perth, Scotland, 202 Monticello 

Life Ins Co of Virginia, 305 Dickson Bldg 

and 413 Chestnut, B 
Life Ins Co of Va (ordinary dept), 421 Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Masonic Mutual Life Assn, 324 Dickson Bldg 
Massachusetts Mutual of Springfield, 309 Dick- 
son Bldg 
Metropolitan Life Ins Co of N Y, 624 Royster 

Bldg % 

Mutual Benefit Life Tns Co of Newark, N J. 

vn ° rcirj?; r<* Cor^.tnerce Bldg 

n n 

Offers HOME SITES as well as MANU- 


Charlottesville, Va-— ta south 

Boom on Now. Come on quick- --big money- here for you. 

Most progressive town of size 
B in 

Great Building 
Population, 13,797 



Mutual Life Ins Co ©f N Y The, 412 Sea- 
board Bank Bldg 

National Ins Co of Ya Inc. 2d floor Bank of 
Commerce Bldg and 917 E Liberty, B 

National of Montpelier, Vt, The, 1213 Bank 
of Commerce Bldg 

New England Mutual of Boston, 514 Bank of 
Commerce Bldg 

New York Life Ins Co, 800 Royster Bldg 

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co of Milwau- 
kee, Wis, 30 Ya National Bank Bldg 

Pacific Mutual of Cal, 2 Monticello Arcade 

Pan-American Life Ins Co of New Orleans, 
La, 804 Paul-Gale-Greenwood Bldg 

Penn Mutual Life Ins Co of Phila The, So 
Produce Co Bldg and 308 Monticello Ar- 

Philadelphia of Pa, 22 5 E Plume 

Phoenix Mutual Life Ins Co, 3 36 Monticello 

Pittsburg Life & Trust Co, 6 03 Paul-Gale- 
Greenwood Bldg and 1206 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 

Provident Life & Accident of Chattanooga, 
Tenn, 235 Monticello Arcade 

Provident Life & Trust Co of Phila. Pa, 321 
Dickson Bldg 

Prudential of America, 210 Board of Trade 

Security of Chicago, 111, 315 Board of Trade 

Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada, 522 Board 
of Trade Bldg 

Travelers of Hartford, Conn, 730 Royster Bldg 
and 12 4 Atlantic 

Union Central of Cincinnati, 212 Seaboard 
Bank Bldg 


Bellamy & Hough Inc, 2 01 E Plume 
Collins & Van Denbergh Inc, 316 Dickson Bldg 
Consolidated Investment Co, 708 Law Bldg 
Cornick A W <fc Co Inc, 319 Dickson Bldg 
Farant Investment Corp, 309 Monticello Ar- 
Hunt W Lloyd, 414 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Ives Joseph R & Co, 317 E Plume 
Jeffries & Co Inc, 514 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Marshall Jno F Jr, 1005 Bank of Commerce 

Marx Moses, 4 09 Dickson Bldg 
May Edward, 1010 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Meyer & Whitehill, 707 Bank of Commerce 

Mowry & Smith Inc, 2 20 Law Bldg 
Nova Corp, 316 Dickson Bldg 
Smith H Garrett, 319 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Wheeler Algar M, 319 Monticello Arcade 
Woodward S A & Co, 2 24 Monticello Arcade 
Worrell Realty Corp, 209 Monticello Arcade 

Iron Founders 

Atlantic Iron Wks, 4 27 Nivison 
Berkley Machine Wks, ft Mulberry. B 

Do^nhiip £■ Ma^r'en, Mnv av nr On 1 vert 

Duvall Geo W & Co Inc, 9 00 \Yater 

Eagle Iron Wks, 80 6 E Water 

Elizabeth Iron Wks, 3 100 E Water 

Norfolk Iron Wks, 9 00 E Water 

Norfolk Iron & Wire Wks Inc, 136 Evelyn 

Norfolk Structural Steel Co, 404 Nivison, wks 

2 2 Elm^ B 
Old Dominion Iron Wks, 300 Pearl, B 
Southern Metal & Foundry Wks, 919 Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Virginia Iron Wks, 1012 E Water 

Iron and Steel Manufacturers 

Eagleston- Parke Co Inc, Granville av nr 

Brambleton av 
Hobbs Geo E, 507 Board of Trade Bldg 


Balla Co The, 442 E Main 

Bennett's Jacob Jewelry Store, 212 E Main 

Buchanan D & Son Inc, 2 39 Granby 

Fiickinger Jewelry Co, 2 20 Granby 

Gale-Ford Co Inc, 22 9 Granby 

Grecnwood's Inc, 14 

Harris Jewelry Co, 

J a k e m an Edw a. r d F 
Lowenstein Jewelry 

merce Bldg 

Spertner Edward, 121 Church 




k of 







50 5 




CO IXC, 157 

•Jewelers — Ma nuf a ctuii rig 

Picken & Delinger, 209 E Plume 
Salomonsky Benj F, 310 Columbia Bldg 
Schomaker & Co, 102 Bank and 203 E Plume 

Junk Dealers 

Block X & Co, 404 Nivison and 36 State, B 
I Cashin Michael T, 26 Rowland's whf 
| Cashin Thos M, 600 E Water 
j Fivel Allie, W York nr bridge 
! Frost Sam!. 848 Highland av 
j * Hopkins James, 518 Princess Anne av extd 
j Paper Stock Corp, 414 E Plume 
[ Plant Levi, 301. Suffolk and 853 Pulaski 

Russell James W, 1219 Chapel 

Justices of the Peace 

Agey Davis M, 426 Cove 
| Dalton Andrew J, 429 Williams 
! Edwards Walter A, 410 Cove 

Holland James T, 6 24 E Queen 
| Keeling James J, 22 1 Board of Trade Bldg 
| Nottingham Fredk B, 428 Cove 
j Nugent Thelby, 6 24 E Queen 

Pitt Jno O, 502 Cove 

Poindexter Parke L, 37 Berlin Block, Liberty 
extd, So Norfolk 

Jute Manufacturers 

j Atlantic Jute Mills Inc, Monticello av nr 2 3d 

E ' 


PHONE 891 
Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staun 

ton, Vu. 


Farms, Orchards, Timber and Coal Lands, 



% ^^%^m 

m a &*<&# 

Phone No. 1864 

>ofin£, Lime, Cement. Piaster, Shindies and Laths. Building Outfitters 

Office and Mill N. South St., PETERSBURG, VA. 



Kitchen Vcntillators 

Virginia Kitchen Ventilating- Corp, N & W 
Ry nr Omohundro av 

Ladies' Garments 
Bernice Garment Co Inc, 3 34 Granby 
Fashion Shop, 5 20 E Main 
Granby Dress Shop, 2 63 Granby 
Kitchen St Green Inc, 2 58 Granby 
Koerner Isadora, 569 Church 
Leep Louis, 3 33 Church 
Mar-Hof Co Inc. 42 6 Granby 
New York Sample Store, 4 52 E Main 
Polis Mfg Co, 7 55 Church 
Richter David H, 14 3 Church 
Snyder's Inc, 52 8 E Main and 244 Granby 
Southern Skirt Co, 137 Church 
Star Manufacturing- Co, 244 Duke 
Steel S W & Co. 315 Granby 
Wellman A & AV S, 519 Wolfe 

Ladies' Tailors 
Morris Arther, 111 W Plume 
Ro-en Joseph E, 300 Withers Bldg 
Schob: Joseph, TOG AV Freemason 

Land and Improvement Companies 

Abbey Land Co, 106 AV Plume 

Alexander Realty Corp. 620 Seaboard Bank 

American Boulevard Corp: 100 5 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
American Contracting Co. 207 Columbia Bldg 
Atlantic Improvement Co. 207 Columbia Bldg; 
Aunspaugh Corp, 3 A'a National Bank Bldg 
Bay Shore Park Corp, 708 Paul -Gale-Green- 
wood Bldg 
Belt Line Industrial Land Co, 303 Monticello 

Boush Creek Land Corp, 7 00 Citizens Bank 

Cape Henry Syndicate, 710 Bank of Commerce 

Center Place Corp, 600 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Chesapeake Cottage Co Inc, 1009 Royster Bldg 
Chesapeake Land & Improvement Co, 4 00 

Dickson Bldg 
Chesapeake Place Co, 123 Bank 
Chesterfield Development Corp, 303 Monticello 

Chesterfield Syndicate Corp, 410 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Colonial Building Corp, 20 Va National Bank 

Colonial Park Land Co, 201 E Plume 
Colonial Place Corp, 228 Monticello Arcade 
Columbia Holding Corp, 227 Monticello Arcade 
Commercial Trust & Construction Co s 207 Co- 
lumbia Bldg 
Commonwealth Realty Co, 207 Columbia Bldg 
Delpen Corp The, 116 Brooke av 
Duhvich Place Co, 123 Bank 
Dunmore Place Co, 700 Citizens Bank Bldg 
East Drambleton Home Club, 32 5 Seaboard 
Bank Bldg 

East-Coleman Corp, 708 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

East Fairmount Corp, 349 Monticello Arcade 
East Huntersville Co Inc, 20 A T a National Bank 

Edge water Development Corp, 215 Monticello 

Elizabeth Park & Land Co, 229 E Main 
Exposition Realty Corp, 207 Columbia Bldg 
Fairmount Construction Co, 347 Monticello 

Fidelity Land & Investment Corp, 921 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg 
Flatiron Square Locality Corp, 116 Brooke av 
Ghent Co The, 110 W Plume 
Glenwood Annex Corp, 32 5 Seaboard Bank 

den wood Park Corp, 32 5 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Goodlee Realty Corp, 207 Columbia Bldg 
Good low Corp, 2 07 Granby 

Granby Boulevard Realty Corp, 2 01 E Plume 
Granby Realty Investing Corp, 2 20 Lav,' Bldg- 
Greater Ghent Realty Corp, 2 01 E Plume 
Greenwood Place Corp, 514 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Hampton Court Corp, 4 and 215 Monticello 

Hardy Development Corp, 201 E Plume 
Hardy Homestead Corp, 201 E Plume 
Higgins Land Corp, 22 Law Bldg 
Highland Park Syndicate, 808 Royster Bldg 
Highlands of Norfolk Corp, 319 Dickson Bldg 
Holding Corp The, 12 3 Bank 
Holland Realty Corp, 110 AV Plume 
Homesite Realty Corp, 1205 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Howard Assn, 7 00 Citizens Bank Bldg" 
Independent Land Co Inc, 708 Paul-Gale- 
Greenwood Bldg 
Ingleside Corp, 255 Monticello Arcade 
Jackson Place Corp, 309 Monticello Arcade 
Lafayette Residence Park Co, 2 55 Monticello 

Lamberts Point Investment Co, 808 Royster 

Larehmont Investment Co Inc, 201 E Plume 
Larehmont Modern Building Corp, 201 E 

Larehmont Realty Corp, 2 01 E Plume 
Lindenwood Corp. 20 A r a National Bank Bldg 
Loch haven Corp, 100 5 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Logan Park Home Corp, 34 8 Monticello av 
Lynnhaven Beach & Park Co, 10 2 2 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg 
Madison Land Co Inc, 70S Paul-Gale-Green- 
wood Bldg 
Masi Realty Corp, 106 W Plume 
Money Point Land Corp, 303 Monticello Ar- 
Monticello Building Corp, 201 E Plume 
Monticello Realty Co, Monticello Hotel 
Morse' Realty Corp, 1205 Bank of Commerce 

New Edgewater Corp, 401 Citizens Bank Bldg 
and 215 Monticello Arcade 




1 p^ij-vf- Resources Over 
i ^miu $300,000.00 


15 W. Tabb St.. Petersburg, Va. 

PHONE 176 

a McD. POPE 










New Virginia Beach Corp, 1005 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Norfolk Co The, 110 W Plume 
Norfolk-Hampton Roads Co, 20 7 Columbia 

Norfolk-Rolleston Co, 255 Monticello Arcade 
Norfolk Trust <fc Realty Corp, 317 E Plume 
North Granby Realty Corp, 30 Va National 

Bank Bidg 
Ocean Park Corp, 201 E Plume 
Ocean View Boulevard Corp, 600 Citizens Bank 

Ocean View Cottage Co, 600 Citizens Bank 

Ocean View <fc Willoughby Investment Co, 123 

Old Dominion Realty Corp, 2 24 Monticello 

Old Dominion Realty Corp, 215 Monticello 

Olney Place Corp, 600 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Pine Beach Hotel Corp, 20 7 Columbia Bidg: 
Pocahontas Land Corp, 7 00 Citizens Bank Bidg 
Portsmouth Co The, 110 W Plume 
Realty Development Corp, 6 00 Seaboard Bank 

Rivershore Corp, 2 07 Columbia Bidg 
Riverside Drive Corp, 201 E Plume 
Roanoke Ghent Realty Co Inc, 201 E Plume 
Rosen bo rough Beach Corp, 207 Columbia Bidg 
Seaside Realty Corp, 33 5 Monticello Arcade 
Shea Realty Corp, 30 3 Monticello Arcade 
Southern Branch Drawbridge Co, 123 Bank 
Suburban Real Estate Improvement Corp, 220 

Law Bidg 
Terminal Heights Corp, 32 5 Seaboard Bank 

Tidewater Land Co, 303 Monticello Arcade 
Tidewater Land Corp, 708 Paul-Gale-Green- 
wood Bldg 
Tidewater Townsite Corp, 22 Bank of Com- 
merce Bidg 
Titus Town Corp, 609 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Twentieth Century Development Corp, 1205 

Bank of Commerce Bldg 
United Owners Realty Corp, 106 W Plume 
Virginia Beach Co, 317 E Plume 
Virginia Beach Development Co, 22 3 Monti- 
cello Arcade 
Virginia Beach Park Corp, 817 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Virginia Residence Corp, 255 Monticello Ar- 
Washington Park Improvement Corp, 20 Va 

National Bank Bldg 
West Ghent Boulevard Co Inc, 220 Lav/ Bldg 

a. id 204 Monticello Arcade 
West Highland Park Corp, 201 E Plume 
Willoughbv Place Inc, 207 Monticello Arcade 
Willoughby Realty Corp, 123 Bank 
Winona Realty C% 315 Monticello Arcade 
Wyoming Land Co, 50] I'nion Station 

Landscape Gardeners 

I m bach Frank J, 1312 4Sth 
Johnston Clernmer A, 1024 W 42d 

Laths and Shingles 

Bayne C M <fc Co, Llewellyn av cor N & W 

Denby-Ford-Wilbur Co Inc, W 24th cor De- 

Bree av 


Crystal Laundry, 224 Church 
Manhattan Laundry, 6 08 Granby 
Norfolk Steam Laundry, 814 E Main 
Parisian Steam Laundry & Dye Wks, 1239 

Royal Steam Laundry Co Inc, 7 80 Granby 
♦Southern Star Laundry, 1049 Church 
Swiss Family Laundry Inc, 771 National la 
Troy & Monticello Laundry, 32 4 and 82 8 

White Star Laundry, 301 Chestnut, B 

Laundries — Chinese 

Charles Sling, 243 AV Bute 

Charlie Lee, 21 Berkley av, B 

Chin Sing, 206 Bank 

Frank Jung, 1210 E Liberty, B 

Frank Jung, 130 Fenchurch 

Goon H J, 544 E Queen 

Henry Chin, 913 Duke 

Hong Sing, 719 E Main 

Hong Sing, 100 5 E Main 

Hop Lee, S01 Duke 

Hop Wah, 7 99 Monticello av 

Huen James, 130 Talbot 

Jung Hong, 846 Church 

Jung Sing, 603 Cumberland 

Jung Wong, 120 College pi 

Lee Lung, 1506 Church 

Quong Lee, 6 9 Church 

Sam Sing, 717 Church 

Sam Sing Lee, 152 Brambleton av 

Sang Wo, 210 Colley av 

Sing Charlie, 1021 Brambleton av 

Sing Kee, 746 Chapel 

Sing Lee, 1601 Brambleton av 

Sam Lee, 339 W 12th 

Tom Wing, 30 3 Brewer 

Willie Chin, 705 Holt 

Wing Lee, 441 Granby 

Wong Jung, 38 00 Bowdens Ferry rd 

Ying Lee, 94 2 E Liberty, B 

Tout Sing, 302 E City Hall av 

Lawn Rollers 

Whitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 9 02 Cooke av 

Leather Belting Manufacturers 

Moloney Belting Co, 412 E Water 

Leather and Shoe Findings 

Goldman .Jacob, 532 Church * 
Hibbs Geo B, 163 Bank 
Lns<?n.rn Vincenzo. 94 5 Church 

CI si! e 1! No city in 

hariottesviiie h< s^ 

the State can offer better 

Snapp Foundry & Machine Sho 

C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 

North Market St., Winchester, Va. 

CEO. R. THEIS, M&r. 



Letter Writing 

Colonial Ad-Letter Writing Co, 213 Monticello 

Norfolk Letter Writing- Co, 24 8 Monticello 

Arcade j 

Christian Science Heading Loom, 426 Dickson | 

Norfolk Public Library, 345 W Freemason, 

Van Wyck branch 15th nr DeBree av 
Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar Assn Library, 601 

Law Bldg 

Lime, Plaster and Cement 

Andrews T C & Co Inc. 1 Campbell's whf and , 

ft Mulberry, B 
Batch elder & Collins, 12 8 W Main 
Bayne C M <£ Co, Llewellyn av cor N & W 


Denby-Ford- Wilbur Co Inc, W 2 4th cor De- 
Bree av 

Dixie Lime & Cement Corp, N & W Ry cor 

Damage Jno O. 17 Commerce 

Keeli«g-Easter Co, Groners whf 

Southern Building Material Co, 235 Monti- 
cello Arcade 

Linen Store 

Dozier Sandusky, 26 5 Granby 

Linen and Wash Clothing Mfrs 

Carr. Mears & Peebles Inc. 14 5 Granby 

Linotype Composition 

Martin Benj F, 203 E Plume 

Livery. Sale and Boarding Stables 

Benthall Jno A.. 1046 Park av 

Boulevard Stables, Granby cor 10th 

Boyce Wilford P, 810 Union 

Gilchrist W T & Co, 410 Church 

Harris & Davis, 129 W High 

Imperial Livery & Boarding Stables, 511 Cove 

Lindsay E Parke. 520 Cove 

Lowton Chas W, Princess Anne av cor Park 

av i 

Norfolk Cab & Carriage Co, 800 Union 
Norfolk Horse Exchange, 7 09 Union 
Norfolk Livery & Boarding Stables. 511 Cove 
Palace Stables, 740 Granby 
Seaboard Stables, 6 Lanvale 
Virginia Horse & Mule. Corp, 800 Union 
Williams E Lee, 310 Brewer 
Williams Jno T, 15 Nebraska 
Williams Owen L, Rugby nr Hale, Lindenwood 

Loan Offices 

American Loan Co, 129 Granby 

Atlantic Guarantee Co, 29 Liberty extd, B 

Atlantic Security Co, 704 Church 

Bell & Co, 1 Liberty extd, B 

Clark & Co, 92 3 Church 

Empire Banking Co, 311 E Plume 

jt ,.,.■•<. p. Cn fin< Church 

Herbert Guarantee Co, 1007 Church 
Huntersville Investment Co, 1612 O'Keefe 
Jefferson Loan Society Inc, 126 Atlantic 
Mutual Loan & Investment Co, 2 05 Withers 

Norfolk Building & Loan Co Inc, 402 Main 
Norfolk Investment Co, 313 E Plume 
White & Co, 21 Liberty extd, B 

Loans and Investments 

Commonwealth Ins & Realty Co Inc, 404 Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Fidelity Corp of America, 62 4 Citizens Bank 

Harris Investment Corp, 70 5 Church 
Industrial Savings & Loan Co, 221 Berkley av, 

[ves Joseph R & Co, 317 E Plume 
Mortgage Security Corp of America, suite 400 

Citizens Bank Bldg 
-Norfolk Aid & Investment Corp, 6 00 E Bute 
Real Estate Trust & Ins Co Inc. 200 Dickson 

White Lewis A & Co, 704 Bank of Commerce 

Whitehurst C N & Co, 225 E Plume 
Woodward S A & Co, 2 24 Monticello Arcade 

Lumber Dealers and Manufacturers 

■ American Pile & Lumber Co, 304 So Produce 
Co Bldg 
Atlantic Lumber Co Inc, 330 Law Bldg 
Baker-Minter Lumber Co Inc, 612 Citizens 

Bank Bldg 
Banks C H & Co, 716 Citizens Bank Bldg 
\ Bay Lumber Co Inc, 1209 Bank of Commerce 
Baylor C M & Co, 1209 Brambleton av 
; Beale Wilson, 501 E Plume 
j Blassingham M T & Co, 222 Citizens Bank 
! Bldg 

i Boice Lumber Co Inc, N & W Ry Yards nr 

Coal Pier, Lamberts Point 
; Brenda Lumber Co Inc, 200 4th, Riverside 
Briggs G S & Co Inc, 714 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Butt G W & Co Inc, 1209 Bank of Commerce 
I Cake Chas W, N & W Ry cor Llewellyn av 
; Consolidated Building Material Co Inc. 356 
Monticello Arcade and N & W Ry tracks 
bet DeBree and Colonial av 
Crockett Lumber & Pile Co, 15 Campbell's whf 
| Deep River Lumber Corp, 416 Citizens Bank 

I Drawbridge Chas L, 738 Law Bldg 
I Elizabeth River Lumber Co Inc, 903 Bank of 

Commerce Bldg 
! Etheridge J E Lumber Co Inc, 1225 Bramble- 
ton av 
' Fosburgh Lumber Co, Walnut cor Cummer's 

la, B 
j Foster Jesse C, 503 Citizens Bank Bldg 
| Johnson Chas R, 309 Dickson JRldg 
j Johnson Greenleaf Lumber Co Inc, Belt Line 
opp Navy Yard, B 

Southern lilding Material Company 

Pressed Brick (All Colors), Common Brick, Ornamental Terra Cotta, Metal Windows and Doors, Steel Lath, 

Corner Read, Ornamental Plastering, Hollow Tile, Structural Steel, Iron, Piaster, Lime, Cement, Stone, &»-. 
Offices: 2Sh~m ARCADE BU1LDJNG PHONE 4819 






FRIERS 8i CO., Inc. 




Jordan Bros Lumber Co, mezzanine floor Bank 
of Commerce Bldg 

Karapf Albert R, 225 E Plume 

Kinston Carolina R R & Lumber Co, 206 Union 

Kinston Mfg Co, 507 Law Bldg 

Livermon Geo W, 610 Citizens Bank Bldg 

Lynnhaven Lumber Co, 806 Royster Bldg 

McCullough Timber Corp, 401 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 

McKann, M & Co Inc, 7 IS Citizens Bank Bldg 

Metzger & Mathews Inc, West end Southamp- 
ton av 

Moore Bros 2 3d cor Llewellyn av 

Murray Lumber Co, 713 Bank of Commerce 

Norfolk-Carolina Timber Corp, N & W Ry nr 

North Carolina Pine Association The, 120 3 
Bank of Commerce Bldg 

Nottingham & Wrenn Co The, 511 Front 

Perry OH, 32 5 Monticello Arcade 

Powell C S Lumber Co Inc, 1119 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 

Raper D W & Son, Wilson rd and N S R R, 
So Norfolk 

Richmond Cedar Works, 418 Law Bldg 

Rickards Everingham, 617 Board of Trade 

Roanoke Railroad &. Lumber Co, 518-524 Ci- 
tizens Bank Bldg 

Roper John L Lumber Co, 214-229 and 4111 
Union Station 

Rowland Lumber Co, Sll Bank of Commerce 

Sawyer W F & J T, Omohundro av cor N & W 


Sawyer- Walker Lumber Co Inc, W 24th cor 

Seaboard Box & Lumber Co, So End Main, B 
Surry Lumber Co Inc, Belt Line, R R opp Navy 

Yd, So Norfolk 
Trant Jno H Jr, 718 Law Bldg 
Trexler Lumber Co, 713 Bank of Commerce 

- Bldg 
Truitt J W & Co, 36 Va Natl Bank Bldg 
Tschumy W A & Co, 6th fir Citizens Bank Bldg 
Tunis Lumber Co, So End Main, B 
Tyler Harry G, 72 3 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Urquhart Bros, 215 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Watkins E A & Bros, Princess Anne av and ! 

N & W Ry 
Way J P Lumber Co, 906 R oyster Bldg 
White Lumber Co Inc, 2401 Church 
Williams & Johnson Inc, 522 Seaboard Bank } 

Wilson Wood & Lumber Co, ft Main, B 
Lumber Inspectors 
Baibour Jno W, 3 03 E Water 
Harris Hugh J, 34 5 W 13th 
Morris Donald F, 713 Bank of Commerce Bldg j 

Lunch Rooms 
Chamber of Commerce Lunch Club, 13th fir j 
Bank of Commerce Bldq- 

Diggs Chas H Inc, 321 Granby 
Young Women's Christian Assn Lunch Room 
136 W Bute 

Machinery — Second Hand 

Cashin Michael T, 26 Rowland's whf 

Machinery Specialties 

Ogle Auto & Repair Corp, 1008 Granby 

Machinery and Mill Supplies 

j Berlin Machine Works, 355 Monticello Arcade 
| Cory H & Co, 29 Campbell's whf 
j Empire Machinery & Supply Co, 36-38 Com- 
j mercial pi 

j General Utilities Co, 714 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Hobbs Lewter F, 205 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
i Jordan Bros, mezzanine floor Bank of Com- 
i merce Bldg 

| King W Judson, 518 Board of Trade Bldg 
! Moloney Belting Co, 412 E Water 
| Porter & Moore Co, 421 E Water and 414 
Ni vision 

Southern Supply Co, 417 E Water 
; Taylor-Parker Co Inc, 3 08 E Water 
'■ Tidewater Supply Co, 430 E Water 
I Walke Henry Co The, 4 27 E Water 
I Westbrook Jno D, 409 E Water 
j Whaley W M & Co Inc, 51 Commercial pi 

Machinery and Smokestack Installers 

I Parrish Branch A, 610 W 3 6th 


Atlantic Iron Works, 427 Nivision 

Cook Fredk B, 33 4 Monticello av 

Dorr Geo W, US W City Hall av 

Duvall Geo W & Co Inc, 900 Water 

Eagle Iron Works, 816 E Water 

Marine Iron Works, W side Eastern Branch 

Elizabeth River and N & W Ry 
Norfolk Iron Works, 9 00 E Water 
Twin City Iron Works, 425 E Water 


Moore Veta Mrs, 112 W Tazewell 

Mantels. Tiles and Grates 

Marshall W W & Co Inc, 44 2 Granby 
Nash C A & Son Inc, 112-116 Atlantic 

Manufacturer's Agents 

Armistead-Rogers Co Inc, 450 So Produce Co 

Barr Herman H, 1212 Bank of Commerce 

Booker Norman C, 712 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Burruss N Charter, 518 Board of Trade Bldg 
Davis R D & Co, 204 Mercantile Brokers Bldg 
Goldman David L, 1212 Bank of Commerce 

Bldg * 

Leaman Walter & Co, 24 Monticello Arcade 
McLean Chas A, 412 Citizens Bank Bldg 


^rectory iiciverasmg 

Consult HILL DIRECTORY CO- Publishers 

CREATES— A New Euaine.s 
REVIVES—A Dull Business* 
ENLARGES— An Old Bu*m«« 



Mitchell & Meredith, 319 Bank of Commerce 

Phillips J Howard, 248 Bank 
Richter Geo M, 4 22 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Southern Building Material Co, 2 35-237 Mon- 

ticello Arcade 
Specialty Mfg Sales Corp, 410 Dickson Bldg 
Specialty Salesman's Co, 2 25 E Plume 
Stewart Milton A, 612 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Taylor-Chalmers Co, 217 Bank 
Trimver & Jones, 1111 Bank of Commerce 

Williams T L, 712 Bank of Commerce 


Norfolk Manure Co Inc, 

14-326 Monticello 

3Iarb*e Works 

Couper Marble Works, 26 4 Bank 
Ennis Monument AYks, 220 Church 
Norfolk Marble Works, 1233 Church 
Norfolk Marble & Granite Works, 236 Bank 
O'Rourke Marble Works, 220 Church 
Walker & Benzie, 12th cor Monticello av 

Marine Railways 

Colonna Marine Ry Corp, Maple av extd opp 

Stock yards, B 
Core Wm T, 526 Woodis av 
Craig Bros, ft Lovitt av 

Norfolk Marine Ry Co Inc, ft W Liberty, B 
Old Dominion Marine Ry Inc, Mulberry nr 

Pearl, B 
Taylor's Marine Ry Corp, ft Brown av 
Thomas W E & Co, ft Mulberry, B 

Markets— Public 

Ballentine Arcade, 668 Church 
City Market, bounded by Wolfe, Monticelo av, 
Market pi and E City Hall av 

Mattress Makers 

Norfolk Mattress Co Inc Inc, Granby cor 23d 
Threadcraft E Clayton, 15 00 Brown av 

Meats — Wholesale 

Armour & Co.. 22 6 E Water 

Banks Bros Packing Co, Chapel and N & W 

Bell J S Jr & Co, 80 5 E Queen 
Cudahy Packing Co, 107 W Water 
Kingan & Co Ltd, 212 E Water 
Moiris & Co, 132 E Water 
Norfolk Meat Co, 1101 Church 
Wilson & Co, 210 Mercantile Brokers Bldg 
Swift & Co, 124 W Water 

Medicines— Patent and Proprietary 

Anti-Choleric Stock Remedy Corp, 4 27 Mon- 
ticello av 
Bennett Medince Co, 1048 Anderson 
Newman J F & Sons Co, 4 00 Colley av 
*Pritchard .Tno H, 1226 Church 

i Ross Medicine Co, 225 E Plume 

j White P E Medicine Co, 6 01 E Plume 

Men's Furnishings 

I Arco The, 156 Granby 

| Berman's, 227 Granby 

I Burk & Co, 216 E Main 

| Carr, Mears & Peebles Inc, 145 Granby 

! Dixon's Inc, 122 Granby 

! Dunston & Silverwood, 4 38 E Main 

I Friedman David, 6 07 Church 

| Hatch & Koolage, 213 Granby 

; Hub The, 106-110 E Main 

1 Jacobson Louis, 3 Liberty, B 

! Levy Lewis, 61S E Main 

| Mann Bros Inc, 214 E Main 

: Northern & Evans Inc, 121 Granby 

i Portner David, 65 3 Church 

Rankin James, 9 24 Church 

! Robbins Isaac, 413-415 E Main 

| Saks Store The, 23 E Main 

I Shuman Co Inc, 200 Granby 

i Swink Chas H, 145 Church 

Tuttle, Bonney & Urquhart Inc, 26 Granby 

Mercantile Agencies 

j Bonded Collection & Mercantile Corp, 606 

Seaboard Bank Bldg 
I Bradstreet Co The, 202 Citizens Bank Bldg 
j Dun R G & Co, 2 04 Ledger-Dispatch Bldg 

Merchant Tailors 

! Bonney & Gilbert, 109 E Plume 
I Brownstein & Ackiss, 203 E Plume 
| Carr, Mears & Peebles Inc, 14 5 Granby 
! Dee & Ess Inc, 112 E City Hall av 
! Dozier James W, 200 Royster Bldg 
j Gladstone Tailoring Co, 811 E Main 
| Hughes J N & Co, 551 Church 

• Hutchins Ed H, 103 Atlantic 

| Jones J B Co Inc, 729 E Main 

j Maynard W N Inc, 112 E Plume 

j Rudolph & Wallace Inc, 222 E Main 

| Tuttle, Bonney & Urquhart Inc, 260 Granby 

Metal Windows and Doors 

j Atlantic Metal Co, 34 5 Monticello Arcade 

• Southern Building Material Co, 235 Monticel- 

lo Arcade 


*Carrington Mary, 812 Bonnot 
*Hoffler Sophie, 1810 O'Keefe 
* White Lena, 805 E Liberty, B 

Milk and Cream 

Fussell Ice Cream Co Inc, 137 W Charlotte 


Askew & Ironmonger, 6 Monticello Arcade 
Deans & Miller, 244 E Mam 
GillerTair. Margaret Miss, 267 Granby 
Loeb H & C Misses, 614 E Liberty, B 
New lork Store, 331 Church 
P« ;'ri!!!' & Bonney, 328 Granby 



ft #| 

x-rr >. 




! : -.-> f^s*; 

4*e& If you do — no matter how small your in-. 
(if come may bo — you can fay aside money. 
m Jt isn't the size of your income that 
counts — it's the size of your Savings 

an c a o c u coun?at 00o - pen !THE VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK, of Petersburg, Va. 



Posner Henry Miss, 225 Withers Bldg 

Samler David, SOS Granby 

Schreier's, 20 9 Granby 

Silver Joseph, 5 IS E Main and 261 Granby 

Spencer Annie L Mrs, 419 Granby 

Sutton Blanche Mrs, 230 Granby 

Mills — Com and Flour 

Davis Milling Co, 1197 E Water 

Gwaltney J M & Co, E Water cor Hutchins' 

Stock F W & Sons, 31 Haddington Bldg 

Mills — Knitting: 

Chesapeake Knitting Mills, Louisa cor Hali- 
fax, B 

Elizabeth Knitting Mills, 140 Perry, So Nor- 

Norfolk Knitting Mills Corp, 207-238 Colley av 

Norfolk Yarn Mills, office 255 Monticello Ar- 

Mills — Saw and Planing- 

Baylor C M & Co, 1209-1223 Brambleton av 

Collins Geo L, 1061 AV 39th 

Consolidated Building Material Co Inc. 3 56 
Monticello Arcade and N & W Ry Tracks 
bet DeBroe and Colonial avs 

Etheridge J E Lumber Co Inc. 122 5 Bram- 
bleton av 

Mineral Waters 

Broad Rock Water Co, 2 46 Duke 

Coppahaunk Mineral Springs Co, 34 8 Mon- 
ticello av 

Mirror Manufacturers 

Norfolk Mirror Factory, 321 Brewer 

Monotype Composition 
Owen Geo M, 416 E Plume 

Monuments and Tombstones 

Lawson & Newton. 1101-1107 Monticello av 


Indian Mortorcyle Agency. 110-112 W 

Irwin Bros., 8 08 E Main 


Mianus Motor Works. 215 W Main 

Moving Pictures, Films and Supplier 

Virginia Film & Motion Picture Supply Co, 
316 Granby 

Mule Dealers 

Maxwell & Crouch Mule Co, 6 00-604 Union 

Miiltigraph Letters 

Norfolk Letter Writing Co, 248 Monticello Ar- 

Norfolk Multigraph Sales Co, So Produce Co 

Music — Sheet 

Columbia Co Inc, 311 Granby 

Music Teachers 

Barham Teresa E Miss, 15 28 Moran av 
Beasley Ethel P Miss, 1722 Brown av 
Best Charlotte M Miss, 4 47 Granby 
*Bonney Isaac H, 717 Avenue A 
Branch Sadie P Miss, 114 E 28th 
Brickhouse Cornelius P Miss, Killarney Apts 
Butcher Jno H, 22 2 E 4 2d, Riverview 
*Carter C Harry, 6 31 Cumberland 
Cropsey Louise Miss, 317 Park av 
Dalby Rose W Mrs, 319 Dunmore 
S D'Anna School of Music, 12 Pelham pi 
| Dittrich Chas M, 418 Park av 
: Dixon Lucille Miss, 73 5 Gray don Park 
I Ewell Conservatory of Music, 520 Colonial 

| Faber Emily L Mrs, 355 Ward av 
■ Faber Thos L, 219 Granby 
I Farmer Alice H Miss, 309 AV 30th 
j Flick Alice A Mrs, 2 31 Granby 
; Garrett A Ploward, 231 Granby 
j Garrett Laura G Miss.. 27 Pendleton, B 
j Gerow Eva L Miss. 1213 Omohundro av 
j Gilliam Opal F Miss, 310 W 27th 
j Gotthlif Clara A Miss, 3217 Omohundro av 
j Hennelly Mary G Miss, 9 01 Virginia 
| Italian School of Musical Art, 714 Olney rd 
I Jones Margaret. S G Mrs, 610 Maltby av 

Kent Harold, 4 48 Granby 
, Lee Fiank. 2 3 (J Duke 
! Lncascio Saml, 916 Wood 
I Measell Lottie I Miss, 211 W 16%th 
| Miller Bessie Miss, 229 Chapel 
j Millner Erma E Mips, Princess Anne tpk 
Nunnelee Celesta T Mrs, Cottage rd nr Boule- 
vard, Lafayette Annex 
Nutt Neva L Miss, 3 Pelham pi 
j Rock Ruby Miss, 417 W 3 4th 
i Salzberg Maxim, 443 Fenchurch 
Sanderlin Ruth L Miss. 72 3 Reservoir av 
Savage Mary L Miss, 1714 Claiborne av 
Schwinck Levi H, 702 W 36th 
Seneca Annie M Miss, S13 Windsor av 
Shapiro Esther F Miss, (vocal) 153 Granby 
Silance Edith V Miss, 231 Granby 
Siviter Katherine P Miss. 1 OS W 32d 
Small MaUie I Miss, 3 34 Olney rd 
Tatem Margaret E Miss, 2 7 Pendleton, B 
Taylor Edwin O. 21? Rppv<-s av 
Thompson L Nora Miss, 263 W Bute 
Towe Mary A Miss, 4 37 Graydon av 
| Towns Anna K Mrs. 20 5 Maple av, B 
j Turner Arline Miss. 415 Olney rd 

Vanderherchen F Henry, 555 Ferguson av 
j Ward Monnie L Miss, 121 W 17th 
! West Mamie E Miss, 20 Pine. B 
| Whitehead Grace G Miss, 2 23 W 28th 
! Williams Hazel Mrs, 170S Willoughby av 
j * 

Musical Instruments 
: Moulton Emmons C, 407 Granby 

g f * i 1 g* * . 

iBili Pilyyl 

Can handle ai! your advertising 
matter and save you money. 

Mutunl FtuiltUriflr. RIGt-fJVlOlVO. VIRGINIA. 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia ^S^^^^i^M^si' 

ORGANIZED 1871 FORTY- FIVE YEARS of its operation. 

port of the 
during the 







Buchanan John W Dr, 505 Dickson Bldg 

Xows Dealers 

Hartley Joseph, 23 7 E Main 

Interstate News Co Inc. Monticello Hotel 
Nowitzky News Co, 717 E Main 
Owens Wm T, lobby Citizens Bank Bldg 

Parker Railway News Co, Ferry House ft 
Commercial pi 

Tenth Ward News Stand, tow w 43d 

Trippie's, 449 Granby 

l T nion News Co, Union Station 

Newspapers and Periodicals 

Free Lanee, 213 Monticello Arcade 
♦Journal & Guide, (weekly) 620 E Queen 
IiEBOER-DISPATCH THT:. Ledger-Dispatch 

Bldsr 1B> E PIbtiic and 103 Berkley av, B 
Leslie-Judge Co, 422 Board of Trade Bldg 
Norfolk Journal of Commerce, W Tazewell 

bet Granby and Boush 
Princess Anne Times, 213 E Main 
Southern Kennel, 22 5 E Plume 
Tidewater Times., (weekly) 155 Bank 
Virginia Unionist. 315 Monticello av 
Virginia-Pilot and the Norfolk Landmark, 

Tazewell bet Granby and P.oush and 1 

Berk lev av. B 

Notaries Public 
Abbott Fred C, 1114 Barak pf Commerce Bldg 
Aokiss A Johnston. SI 7 Bank of Commrece 

Agelasto Peter A, 5 02 Board of Trade Bldg 
Avery Howard G, 4 33 Taw Bldg 
Baecher Jno A, 60S Taw Bldg 
Baker Elizabeth A Miss, 600 Paul-Gale- 
Greenwood Bldg 
Baldwin Robt F, 116 Brooke av 
Baldwin Wm B. 116 Brooke av 
Balisok 1 A, S35 E Queen 
Bamberger Amelia Miss, 6 26 Citizens Bank 

Barbrey Elizabeth M Miss, 6 24 Citizens Bank 

Barbrey Mary E Miss, 416 Lav/ Bldg 
Barclay Lewis B Jr, 301 Law Bldg 
Barnard W Frank, 400 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Batchelder Benj F, 20S Dickson Bldg 
Battley Joseph F, 145 Bank 
Baum Edward M, 315 E Plume 
Baum Edward M Jr, 315 E Plump 
Baxter Mary F Miss, 70S Law Bldg 
Bell W Hunter, 227 E Plume 
Betty Geo M. 21.8 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Black Willard B, 207 Columbia Bldg 
Bland Carrie S Miss, 8 32 Royster Bldg 
Bowden Henry, 6 07 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Bradford Russell L, 5 5 Chamberiaine Bldg 
Bradshaw Anna M Miss, 419 Williams 
Bragg S Burnell, 40 3 Board of Trade Bldg 
Brandt Henry, 214 E Plume 
Brandt Jospph. 214 E Plume 

Brandt Sigmund M, 4 00 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Brockenbrough Edward, 511 Law Bldg 
Bunting Louis H, 412 Board of Trade Bldg 
Burroughs Jno J.. 326 Dickson Bldg 
Burruss Albert E, 138 Atlantic 
Butcher Wm R, 123 Bank 
Carroll Chas B, 612 E Freemason 
Clarke Wm F, 6 20 Law Bldg 
Cohoon Richard S, National Bank of Com- 
Cole J Edward, 1114 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Coleman Danl, 304 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Collins Paul T, 316 Dickson Bldg 
Cooper Donna F Miss, 1206 Bank of Commerce 

Copeland Minnie C Miss, 7 24 Law Bldg 
Councill Birdie P Miss, 504 Citizens Bank 

Cox Lucian B, 4 05 Board of Trade Bldg 
Crawford Clair E, 609 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Creekmore Oliver M, 116 Brook av 
* Cromwell J Henry, 506 E Queen 
Currie Janie M Miss, 519 Dickson Bldg 
Dabney J Cabell.. 222 Law Bldg 
Davis Dolamatcr, 6 24 Law Bldg 
Denny James B.. 911 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Dey James B Jr, 24 2 E Main 
Dey Wm W, 3 30 Law Bldg 
Dodson E Griffith, 312 Law Bldg 
Doran Chas M C, 315 E Plume 
Dowding Grace L Miss, 511 Law Bldg 
Edwards Bertha M Miss, 330 Law Bldg 
Ec-gleston Aubrey L, 240 E Main 
Eggleston Jr..- W, 419 Dickson Bldg 
Elliott Walter W, 521 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Enos W H F, 300 E Plume 
Feild Mary B Miss, 3 25 Law Bldg 
Fentress Willis V, 624 Law Bldg 
Ferebee M Cason. National Bank of Commerce 
Finley Lowery D.. 3 02 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Flick Cyrus P, 338 Law Bldg 
Forrest Richd L, 1008 Royster Bldg 
Franklin Maud S Mrs. 3 25 Seaboard Bank 
Freeney Martin D, 302 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Frost Elsie M Miss. 600 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Gait Hugh B G, 43 2 Law Bldg 
Gary Wm H, 2 53 Monticello Arcade 
Gay Zenas A, Natl Bank of Commerce 
Gilkeson W Trvin, Corporation Court Clerk's 

Godwin W Ashby, 24 2 E Main 
Goffigon May me M B Mrs. 715 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Goodwyn E Ashton, 319 Dickson Bldg 
Grant Chas S, 3 32 Law Bldg 
Graves Chas M Jr, 50 Commercial pi 
Grubb J Gilbert, 723 Granby 
Grubb Wm N, 108 E Charlotte 
Hank Josiah D Jr. 334 Law Bldg 
Harrell Thos L, 320 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Hayes Carrine L Mrs, 202 Monticello Arcade 
Hendrv Cora L Miss, 300 Citizens Bank Bldg 
| Hensbaw Ellie R Miss. 70£ Citizens Bank 
i Bldg 


r^-»^. * s the Shoe Manufacturing City of the 
X State. Good Homes. 




Virginia Printing ik Manufacturing ۩, 

Ask Us for Prices Before Placing Your Order. Cor. Bank & Market Sts. PETERSBURG, VA. 



Hicks R Randolph, 616 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Hoag Irvin P Jr, 715 Law Bldg 
Hodges Clarence E, 611 Law Bldg 
Hoggard Horatio C Jr, 4 00 Dickson Bldg 
Howe Estelle C Mrs, 139 Bank 
Hubard J Leighton, 145 Bank 
Hubard Tazewell Taylor, 145 Bank 
Hurt Katherine M Mrs, 523 Law Bldg 
FA n son D Tillar, 32 6 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Ives Joseph R, 317 E Plume 

Jakeman Albert S J, 1210 Bank of Commerce 
Jeffries Jno L Jr, 514 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Jenkins Jno B, 72 2 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Jones Alleene C Miss, 1015 Bank of Commerce 

Jones C Lycurgus, 128 Atlantic 
Jones Mary B Miss, 312 Law Bldg 
Jordan Wallace Pell, mezzanine floor Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Joynes Earl R, 215 Monticello Arcade 
Judson Leo, 63 3 Law Bldg 
Kara Lillie V Miss.. 612 Law Bldg 
♦Kemp Wm J, 3 5S E Queen 
Kent Robt C Jr. 318 Board of Trade Bldg 
Killam Frank E, 810 Royster Bldg 
Knapp Julia V Miss. 715 Law Bldg 
Koteen Meyer, 314 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Land J Walter, 4 04 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
♦Land Walter H, 424 Cove 
Lathan Archie I, 529 Law Bldg 
Lawler Mary A Miss, 531 Law Bldg 
Lawless Kathleen Miss, 531 Law Bldg 
Levy Moe, 714-717 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Lewis Eugene B, 250 Monticello Arcade 
Loughran James H, 4 23 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Love Andrew, 2 5 5 Monticello Arcade 
Lowder E May Miss, 914 Bank of Commerce 

Lowry Harold L, 220 Law Bldg 
Lum Cora Lee Miss, 302 E Plume 
Lyons Saml W Jr, 110 Berkley av, B 
McCoy Harry E ; 821 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
McDermott Dennis J, 138 Atlantic 
McGann Edward, W Jr, 22 5 E Plume 
McGann Saml W, 127 Bank 
McLean Herbert O, 321 Dickson Bldg 
McMillan Lena Miss, 4 2 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Markel Saml A, 1210 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Marks Benj H, 434 Law Bldg 
Martin Alvah H Jr, 1215 Bank of Commerce 

Martin H Dinwiddle, 2 25 E Plume 
Martin H G, 319 E Plume 
Martin James G Jr, 1215 Bank of Commerce 

Mauck Susie I Miss. 425 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Mays Florence S Miss, 5 23 Law Bldg 
Mernll Ernest S, 510 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Miller Frank C. 502 Board of Trade Bldg 
Miller Roman E, 42 5 Law Bldg 
Mulvey Margaret G Miss. 42 5 Law Bldg 
Myers R Baldwin, 2 50 Monticello Arcade 
Newman Ida F Miss, 205 Monticello Arcade 
Newton Wm B, Citizens Bank 
Nicholas Hugh C, ::i7 Monticello Arcade 

Nininger J H, 600 Board of Trade Bldg 
Nusbaum Sydney L, 600 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Old Jonathan W Jr, 709 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Old Wm W Jr, 511 Law Bldg 
| Owen Charles E, 608 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
j Page Edward A, 236 Monticello Arcade 
| Page Ivor A, 24 Va Natl Bank Bldg 
j Page Ivor A Jr, 24 Va Natl Bank Bldg 
I Parker Vincent L, 518 Law Bldg 
I Parkinson Stewart B, 618 Royster Bldg 
I Pender Haward H, 32 4 Law Bldg 
I Philpotts Alphonso C, 335 Monticello Arcade 
j Phlegar David S, 532 Law Bldg 
j Poindexter Virginia D Miss, 14 Talbot Bldg 
Polen Joseph, 1122 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Pollard Wm A, 22 3 Monticello Arcade 
Poulson Holder N, 1016 Royster Bldg 
Prieur Wm L Jr, 611 Law Bldg 
Rabey Cleaton E, 910 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Ramsay Lillian V Miss, Law Bldg 
Raum H Jane Miss, 601 Bank of Commerce 

Renn Mattie S Miss. 1104 Bank of Commerce 

Roberts Lucy B Miss, Corporation Court 

Clerk's office 
♦Robinson Chas H, 813 Avenue A 
Romer Evalyn S Miss, 1211 Bank of Commerce 

Rush Robt H 340 Monticello Arcade 
Russ Blanche H Mrs, 712 Law Bldg 
Russell Kathryn L Mrs, 6 01 Dickson Bldg 
Sacks Herman A, 506 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Sams r Whittle. 308 E Main 
Sargeant Wm H Jr. 312 Law Bldg 
Sawyer J Gregory. 416 E Water 
Sears Cora E Miss, 3 20 Dickson Bldg 
Seawell Leon T, 724 Law Bldg 
Seeley Margaret S Mrs, 1251 W 27th 
Seeley Walter W, 1249 W 27th 
Seldner Aaron B, 601 Dickson Bldg 
Shannonhouse Wm. T, 605 Seaboard Bank 

Shapiro Herman M, 545 Church 
Shelton Thos W, 914 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Sherritt Homer C, 607 Board of Trade Bldg 
Shortt Elva G Miss, 310 Monticello Arcade 
Simpson Wm, 4 20 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Smith Antonio J, 609 Law Bldg 
Smith Edwin J, 8 20 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Smith J Sydney, 308 E Main 
Smith Willie Lee Miss, Chamberlaine Bldg 
Snellings Shirley T, 300 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Spindle Richd B Jr, 3 25 Law Bldg 
Stanton Richd H, 1112 Brambleton av 
Stephenson A Gordon, 311 Monticello Arcade 
Tate Robt O, 34 7 Monticello Arcade 
Taylor R Cornelius, 314 E Main 
Terry Wm W, 331 Law Bldg 
Thomas Edward T, 1505 Claiborne av 
Thorp Roland, 413-417 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Tilghman Fred C, 5 32 Law Bldg 
Tillitt S Edward, 123 W Main 
Townscnd F Beebe, Seaboard*Natl Bank 
Trice Harry H, 400 E Plume 



Telephone Norfolk 

808-810 Bermuda 


VilCii WlliU5¥^^ ? WCig H!im in South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. Come on quick— big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Tvviford Pearle H Miss, 508 Seaboard Bank 

Tyler S Heth. 60S Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Upton John, 63 Roanoke av 
Yolke Matilda E Miss, 4 00 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Walker Andrew G, 220 Law Bldg 
Walker Wra B, 316 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Watson Wm B, 14 3 Talbot 
Way Luther B, 4 2 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Webb J McBryde, 321 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
White Earl W, 518-519 Law Bldg 
White Lewis A, 7 04 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Whitehurst Ella M Miss, 525 Seaboard Bank 

Wigg E J Rudgard, 308 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Wigg Virginia R Miss, 329 Law Bldg 
Willcox Thos H Jr, 1015 Bank of Commerce 

Williams B Frank, 3 04 Dickson Bldg 
Williams Harry A, 4 04 Dickson Bldg 
Willis Berry D, 3 06 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Willcock James H, 917 Bank of Commerce 

Wilson Robt A, 216 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Wilson Wm W, 6 38 Law Bldg 
Woodward Sheiton N, 612 Bank of Commerce 

Woodhouse Kate P Miss, 419 Dickson Bldg 
Woodhouse Wm McK, 9 20 Bank of Commerce 

Woodside Jno M, 1012 Bank of Commerce 

Yoder Wayland W, W end Southampton av 
Young Henry C, 32 Chamberlaine Bldg 

Notary Seals 

Grubb Wm A, 108 Charlotte 

Notions! — Wholesale 

Garfield Co Inc The, 213 E W r ater 
Saks J & Co Inc, 61 Commercial pi 
Winston Notion Co Inc, 304 E "Water 


Naval Store The, 303 Chestnut, B 

Ocean View Jewelry & Novelty Co, 9 33 Church 

' Nurseries 

Norfolk Nursey Co, Crafton cor W 37th 


Albertoli Adelaide Miss, 701 Raleigh av 
Alexander Nancy B Miss, 4 21 Olney rd 
Allison Eulah W Mrs, 122 8 W 26th 
♦Alston Elizabeth, 1500 W 42d 
Benton Clarissa Miss, 34 5 Duke 
Bigler Ruth Miss, 705 Westover av 
Boyd Cornelia S Miss, 812 Raleigh av 
Brickhouse Carrie Miss, Killarney Apts 
*Britt Henrietta, 914 Denhart 
Brooke Mary B Miss, 3 52 W 12th 
* Brooks Adele, 615 Fox la 
Burns M Rebecca Miss, 1517 Granby 
Burwell Annie L Miss, 509 Westover av 
Cannon Carrie Miss :\4* War<i av 

Cannon Theresa Miss, 354 W York 

Carless Annie I Mrs, Duke Apts 

Cofer Minnie H Mrs, 812 Windsor av 

Collins Elizabeth V Miss, 2714 5th, Lafayette 

Copeland Florine Miss, 216 W 17th 
Cosby Annie B Miss, 812 Raleigh av 
Cosby Cordelia B Miss, 812 Raleigh av 
Covert Ruby M Miss, 211 Franklin av 
Crisp Annie R Miss, 303 Maple av, B 
Curran Josephine Miss, 311 Olney rd 
Curry Georgia Mrs, 601 Landing 
Curry Nellie Miss, 421 Olney rd 
Deaton Daisy J Miss, 611 Raleigh av 
DeVany Lottie C Mrs, 430 W 30th 
Douglas Lucille V Miss, 3 21 W 12th 
Downs Mary E Miss, 422 E Freemason 
Doyle Ida F Miss, 4 25 Warren Crescent 
Dunnett Julia A Miss, Georgian Apts 
Fentress Agnes B Miss, 801 Colonial av 
Fisher Katherine Miss, 4 017 Columbus av, 

Fraser Pattie T Miss, 221 W 19th 
Friedlin Blanche I Miss, Warwick Apts 
Gardner Lucy N Miss, 509 Westover av 
Grenadier Lottie Miss, 7 28 Maury pi 
Hamilton Theresa Miss, 2 47 W York 
Harrell Mollie Miss, 1713 Llewellyn av 
Harris Virginia L Miss, 215 W 3 0th 
Hendren Annie M Mrs, 210 Maple av, B 
*IIodges Ellen, 517 Cumberland 
Hodges Sallie B Miss, 315 Hermon av 
I-Iollemann Mary Miss. 610 Westover av 
Iwine Mollie C Mrs, 619 Olney rd 
Jordan Florence V Mrs, 412 E Freemason 
Kinney Alice Miss, Dulwich Apts 
Kinnier EJthel H Mrs, 370 Hamilton av 
Kluge-1 Ella Miss, 5203 Colley av 
Lee Ruth Miss, 4 22 E Charlotte 
Lewis Sadie Miss, 4 25 Warren Crescent 
Lynch Virginia Miss, 518 Westover av 
McConica Frances Miss, 204 E 28th 
Malloy Margaret Miss, 512 Pembroke av 
Mee Helen Mrs, 332 W 12th 
♦Mitchell Jennie, 517 Cumberland 
Moore Albert, 209 W T York 
Moore Lottie Miss, 209 W York 
* Moore Sarah F, 1446 W 44th 
Moriarty Josephine Miss, 311 Olney rd 
Morrison Leola C Miss, 720 Yarmouth 
Moss Pauline Miss, Lucerne Apts 
Mozingo Maud Miss, 4 25 Warren Crescent 
O'Hara Annie E Mrs, 202 Arlington pi 
Page Frances M Miss, 312 W 20th 
Parker Minnie B Miss, 4 27 Olney rd 
Ransone Ada Miss, 12 25 Boissevain av 
Ritzinger Fredk C, 615 Stockley Gardens 
Roberts Rider P Miss, 610 Westover av 
Scott Robt Lee Mrs, Killarney Apts 
Simpson Clara. J Miss, 261 E 39th, Riverview 
Smith Blanch E Mrs, 424 E Charlotte 
Spencer Mary F Miss, 212 W Bute 
Stancill Florence P Miss, 7 Hough av, B 
Story Ora P. Miss, 215 W 3 0th * 
Tavlor Herbert .1, 1512 Llewellvn av 

R.C.BEVERLEY I l£C0,hc. 

Engineers and Contractors 
No. 9 N. Seventh St, Richmond, Va. 


PHONE 176 



Come to Petersburg 



Trucks Nannie Miss. 60 2 Graydon Park 
Uhler Annie Miss, 200 Berkley av, B 
Waldron Mary B Mrs, 421 Olney rd 
Walker Annie Miss, Severn Apts 
Webb Blanche F Miss, Georgian Apts 
White Beulah Miss, 4 21 Olney rd 
Williams Agnes Miss, Dulwich Apts 
Williams Hallett Miss, 263 W Bute 
♦Williams Mahala. 1286 [Chicazola 
Yonge Kebecca N Miss, 40 9 28th 

Oculists and Auiiiists 

Driver Wilson E, 205 Tazewell Bldg 
Firey Lewis B, 113 E Plume 
Land Everett A, 307 Taylor Bldg 
Myers & Kennon. 201 Taylor Bldg- 
Via Gary E, 412 Taylor Bldg 
Williams Reading L, 405 Taylor Bldg 
Wilson Albert E, 280 Withers Bldg 
Woodward Jno F, 503 Taylor Bldg 

Office Furniture 

Office Appliance Co, 806 Royster Bldg 

Office Supplies 
Vesey H B Co The, 131 W Main 

Oil Dealers 

Callum J R Co. Granby cor Olney rd 
Economy Oil Corp. 109 E Charlotte 
Havoline Oil Co, 513 Front 
Home Safety Oil Delivery, end Park av 
Indian Refining Co Tnc, 513 Front 
National Oil Co, Henry and X & W Ry 
Norfolk Oil Station, 1207 Moran av 
Prudential Oil Co, Henry cor N & W Ry 
Standard Oil Co of New Jersey. 521 Dickson 

Texas Co The, 9 24 Royster Bldg 
Twiford RE & Co, 220 Olney rd and 129 3d, 

Atlantic City 


Abram Myer, 402 E Main 

Beerman H G Opiical Co, 522 E Main 

Bennett's Jacob Jewelry Store, 212 E Main 

Galeski S Optical Co The. 237 Granby 

HALL G L OPTICAL CO LXC, 114-146 Granby 

Humphrey F Levi Dr. 560 Church 

Marcus Geo. 116 Granby 

Masrow J E Dr. 4 5-405 V 2 Dickson Bldg 

Walker Zenas F, 39 Liberty extd, So Norfolk 


Beerman H G Optical Co, 522 E Main 
Jackson F D Dr, 229 Granby 
Masrow J E Dr, 405-405 V> Dickson Bldg 
Week Augustus, 157 Granby 

Organ Builders 

Hodson H E & Son, 118 Boush 

Oriental Goods 

Seergv Bros, 25 5 Granbv 

BRIGHT SAMVIL II, 801-804 Royster Bldg 

McCoy Lawrence C, 308 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Richardson Martyn L, 507 Paul-Gale-Green- 
wood Bldg- 

Oyster Packers and Growers 

Armstrong J D Co The, ft Pearl, B 
Bensten W S & Co, 1st nr Front, Atlantic 

Bozman G A & Co, 131 W City Hall av 
Chase W L & Co Tnc, 513 Front 
Clarke Edward R, W end York 
Crossby W J & Co, 531 Front 

Higgins R R Co, Groner's whf 
Hitchings E A & Co, 538 Front 
Hopkins Oyster Co, 533 Front 
Miles J H & Co, Groner's whf 
Norfolk Oyster Co, Boush nr City Hall av 
Southern Fish & Oyster Co Inc, 511 Front 
White J T &• Co Inc. Groner's whf 

Oysters and Clams 

Browne Ernest W, 113 Wolfe 
*Carrington Saml C, 1515 Brambleto.i av 
Carroll Wm H, 18 00 Brambleton av 
Cavender Mitchell H, 6S6 May av 
*Conway Eugene, 106 E 17th 
*Conway Saml, 205 College pi 

| * Fields Arthur, 533 Chapel 

i *Johnson Robt, 325 Wolfe 

! Lambert Jno, 640 Maysville av 
Lawrence Jno R, 221 Monticello av 
*Love Wm E, 916 E Queen 
Simpson Robt, 4115 Bowden's Ferry rd 
Stone Geo W, 1302 Brambleton av 

| Twiford Wm H, 150 6 Claiborne av 

j * Walker Jno, 3 2d nr DeBree av 

Paint Manufacturers 

Jenkins Paint. & Oil Co, 3 Commercial pi 
Mathews Bros Inc, West end Southampton av 

Painters — House and Sign 

*Banks Geo F, 7 34 Cumberland 
Camp Jno W, 225 E Main 
Haw Edward E, 419 E Main 
Hudgins Howard S, 229 E Plume 
Johnson W A Co Tnc, 514 Chestnut, B 
Jordan J H &. Co, 523 Ccve 
O'Keefe Sign Co, 213 E Main 
Powell Henry J, 121 Talbot 
Richardson Hubert L, 519 Cove 
Smith Chas A. 613 Riverview av 
Tutwiler Wesley C, 145 Talbot 
Winslow Wm A, 24 8 Bank 

Paints, Oils and Glass 

Denby-Ford- Wilbur Co Inc. W 24th cor De- 
Bree av 
Jenkins Paint & Oil Co, 30 Commercial pi 
Old Dominion Paint & Varnish Co Inc, I Monti- 
cello Arcade * 
Sherwin & Williams Co, 2 Monticello Arcade 
V7v>SfA TJnrrl-w-arp Co Inc, 24 5 Main 

Call oa SYD.IUR PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 


Sec Our Adv. In Buyers Guide 

fW% J& B HP W^ PkB 

1 & u& Ma M8&& M >H 


Send sketches for f*f»e search. List of Inventions 
needed sunt free. Established in 1889. Indorsed by 
both Virginia Senators. Easy payment*. 


393 7th St., WASHINGTON, D. C. 



Williams-Donnel Drug Co Itic, 86 Commercial 


Pants Manufacturers 

Klee's Joseph Sons, 201 Kelly 

Paper Box Manufacturers 

Seaboard Paper Box Co Inc, 10 22 E Main 
j Virginia Paper Box Co Inc The, Granby cor 

Paper — Retail 

Hampton Roads Paper Co Inc, 235 E Main 
Old Dominion Paper Co, 75 Commercial pi and 
101 W Main 

Paper — Wholesale 

Andrews R P Paper Co Inc, 115 E Brooke av 
Corrugated Paper Co Inc The. 22d cor Gran- 
Hampton Roads Paper Co Inc, 23 5 E Main 
Old Dominion Paper Co, 7 5 Commercial pi 
and 101 W Main 

Pa peril a ngers 

Alexander, Cramme & Stanton, 4 37 Granby 

Anderson John A, 200 Bank 

Banks & Goodson, 33G Monticello av 

Bell Isaac T, 308 E City Hall a^ 

Brown Willard E, 2 20 Bank 

Carter Walter I, 126 W Bute 

Franklin Jno A. 268 W York 

Henkel James R, 7 49 Boush 

Jackson & Hernandez, 2 35 W Bute 

Tatum B C & Co, 4 0L» Monticello av 

Umstadter M & Co, 104 W Charlotte 

Patent Attorneys 

Burrow Walter B, 32 2 Bank of 



SWIFT & CO, 393 7th St. Washington. D C 
(see right top lines and p 45) 

WTTMAX EDWARD R, »02 F N W, Washing- 
ton, D C (see right top lines and p 45) 

Patents and Trade Marks 
BANGS J EDWARD. 635 F X W, Washington 

D C (see p 1(5) 
WITMAX EDWARD R. 002 F X W. Washing- 
ton, D C (see right top lines and p 45) 

Pattern and Model Makers 

Addenrook's J U Sons Inc, 307 Monticello Ar- 
Cox /no T, 814 E Water 


Cohen & Spigel. 625 Church 

Glasser Moses A, 94 8 E Liberty, B 

Glasser Robt B, S21 Church 

Harfield's Loan & Pawn Shop, 701 Church 

Jacobs F & Bro; 6 03 Main and 707 Church 

Levine's Loan OiTice Inc.. 431 E Main 

Levy Moses. 1104 E Liberty. B 

Lilienfeld Bernard, 313 Granby and 621 E 

Nicholson Barney, 111 E City Hall av and 133 

Nicholson Edward, 115 Church 
Peoples Loan Office, 641 Church 
Salsbury Louis S, 804 E Liberty, B ? 

I Salsbury Robt, S34 E Liberty, B 

Peanut Dealers 

1 American Peanut Corp, 601-609 E Water and 
600-608 Nivision 
Atlantic Peanut Co, 24 Nebraska 
j Columbian Peanut Co, 701-703 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
| Pope J A & Co, 25 Campbell's whf 
i United States Peanut Co, 2 4 Nebraska 

I 311 Granby 

; Diamond Paint Shop Inc, 326 Granby 

| Dictaphone The, 20S Monticello Arcade 

Fergusson-Lilienfeld-Lightfoot Corp, 110 E 

Phonographic Supplies 
HALL G L OPTICAL CO IXC, 141-146 Gran- 

Photogra pliers 

Adams Edward W, 6 Berkley av, B 
j Atlantic Photo Studio, 23 E Main 
I Bougadis James, 20 7 E City Hall av 
; Crawford Studio, 62 7 Chueh 
j Electric Studio, 159 Church 
| Faber J H & Son, 219 Granby 
j Freeman Wm, 3 06 E Main 
j Granby Art Studio, 120 Granby 
j Hilton Studio, 4 32 E Main 
! Mann Harry C, 402 E Main 
j Taylor's Studio, 3 2G Granby 
| White's Studio, 50 6 E Main 


j Adams Walter J, 601 Colonial av 

j Andrews Chas G, 60 3 W 36th 

I Andrews Chas J, 511 Taylor Bldg 

| Baird T Edwin, 1500 Brambleton av 

! Baker Benjamin May, 209 Dickson Bldg 

j Baker Harvie S, 604 Taylor Bldg 

i *Barber Philip L, 423 E Queen 

j Baxter Enoch W, 21 S E 28th 

j Berkley Greenville R, 209 Dickson Bldg 

i Berlin Lewis, 420 E Freemason 

j Berman Benj I, 203 W Freemason 

j Boice Harry W, 312 Taylor Bldg 

} * Bo wens G Jarvis, 526 E Queen 

j Bright Samvil H, 801-804 Royster Bldg 

j Brown Israel, 518 New Monroe Bldg 

j Brown Saml E, 5 21 New Monroe Bldg 

[ Browne Rhoderic W. 319 W 30th 

| Burgos Richd TJ, 512 Taylor Bld«- 

' Burke Antonio A, 615 New Monroe Bldg 

i * Burke Elihu D g3 6 CbuHi 


Is the Largest Trunk Manufacturing 
City in the South. 


Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. Co, 

GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,728.19. 





*Byrd David W, 517 Cumb-erland 
Byrd G Bentley, 10 9 College pi 

Carey It Starke, Versailles av cor Boulevard 
Lafayette Res Park 

Chirm Geo E. 5 20 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Collier Henry L, 211 Taylor Bldg 
♦Collins Chas R S, 94 2 Church 
Cowper Clarence W, 20 3 Tazewell Bldg 
Culpepper James H, 109 College pi 
Daugherty Jno W, 4 02 Board of Trade Bldg 

Donohoe S Roszel, 316 Dickson Bldg 
Dough Chas W, 511 Taylor Bldg and 1452 W 

Doyle M P, 207 Taylor Bldg 

* Drake Wilbur A, 602 E Bute 
Drewry Herbert R, 511 Taylor Bldg 

Driver Wilson E, (eye, ear, nose and throat) 

205-212 Tazewell Bldg 
Dupuy H Rolfe, 4 30 E Main 
Evans Wm, 313 E Freemason 
Feild Edward E, 512 Taylor Bldg 
Fields Alpheus, 605 New Monroe Bldg 
Firey Lewis B, 113 K Plume 
Foster Littleberry S, 212 Taylor Bldg 

* Francis G Hamilton, 92 9 E Liberty, B 
Friedman Louis, 6 1 S E Freemason 
Furcorn Wm A, 410 Taylor Bldg 
Gallup Lynn J, 216 W 26th 

Gates Franklin P, 605 New Monroe Bldg 
*Gay Cavossa V, 94 3 Church 
*Givens Tno T, 1108 Church 
Glasser Robt D, 573 Church 

Grandy Chas R, 414 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Graves Stanley H. 120 W Freemason 
Gwathmey Lomax, 2 20 W Freemason 
Hammond Sam! W 1230 W 38th 
Hancock Frank H, 511 Taylor Bldg 
Hargrave Edward T, 311 Taylor Bldg 
Harrell C Lydon, 311 Taylor Bldg 
Harris William L, 303 Taylor Bldg 
Harrison Harry, 10 9 College pi 
Hart Jeremiah A, 4 20 Park av 
Hirschler D Lee, 4 21 Dickson Bldg 
Hogue R C, 510 New Monroe Bldg 
Hunter Edmund D, 612 E Main 
Hunter James W Jr, 2 21 Dickson Bldg 
Jackson Jno P, 352 W Bute 
Jenkins Robt L, 30 8 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Jones R Paul, 20 3 Tazewell Bldg 
Katzoff Manuel, 451 Church 
Kellam Claude D, 6 15 New Monroe Bldg 
Kight Rufus S, 311 Taylor Bldg 
Land Everett A, 307 Taylor Bldg 
Lankford Burnley, 63 8 New Monroe Bldg 
Lankford Livius, 6 39 New Monroe Bldg 
*Laycock James Z, 35 E Queen 
Leigh Southgate, 109 College pi 
Love Jno M, 6 25 New Monroe Bldg 
Lynch Junius F, 29 Withers Bldg 
McCormick J Jett, 201 Dickson Bldg 
McCoy Lawrence C, 308-311 Paul-Gale-Green- 
wood Bldg 
McCurdy Neil A, 1000 Church 
McDowell Wm P, 4 07 Taylor Bide 

MacDonald Claude D J, 412 Taylor Bldg 

MacKimmie Chas R, 24 4 Church 
*Mapp Wm R, 317 Walker av, B 

* Mathews Robt J, 4 28 E Queen 
Mendleshon Ludwig, 606 E Main 
Meredith Wm B, 72 9 Park av 
Miller J Judd, 4 03 Taylor Bldg 
♦Mills James E, 34 9 E Bute 
Moncure Philip St L, 4 03 Taylor Bldg 

*Moore Saml I, 602 E Bute 

* Morris Philip J, 621 Bank 

Moss Wm H, 4 00 Paul-Gale-Greenwood. Bldg 
Myers & Kennon, 201-20 3 Taylor Bldg 
Newcomb Wm B, 2 20 W Freemason 
Newman Myron A, 612 Taylor Bldg 
Old Levi, 30 3 Taylor Bldg 
*Paey Lyman A, 10 36 Church 
Parker Gerald C, 618 New Monroe Bldg 
Payne Robt L, 3 05 Tazewell Bldg 
Payne Robt L Jr, 3 05 Tazewell Bldg 
Perkins Robt S, 3 28 W York 
Rawls Julian L, 4 Berkley av 
Renn Geo A, 51 Haddington Bldg 
Richardson Martyn L, 507-509 Paul-Gale- 
Greenwood Bldg 
j^Riddick James Gy 243 Church 
1 Rittenour Avery 'A, 64 7 New Monroe Bldg 
J Robinson Jno A, 206 W Freemason 
; Roche Jno A, 206 W Freemason 
j Roche Mary E, 538 New Monroe Bldg 
i Roystcr Lawrence T, 2 07 Taylor Bldg 
! Ruffin, Gwathmey & Newcomb, 220 W Free- 
j Ruffin Kirkland, 2 20 W Freemason 
Ruggieri Rosario C, 315 E Plume 
Saunders Albin M, 311 Taylor Bldg 
Saunders Charles A, 307 Taylor Bldg 
Schenck Powhatan S, 13 6 Granby 
Sebrell J Emmett, 220 E Main 
Seelinger Harry R, 20 8 Taylor Bldg 
Shepherd Lemuel C, 412 E Freemason and 803 

Colonial av 
Shipp Jno B, 510 New Monroe Bldg 
Sleet Jno C, 12 5 Main, B 
Smart Frank P, 3 80 AVithcrs Bldg 
Smith Carroll C, 305 Tazewell Bldg 
Smith W Tilden, 4 07 Taylor Bldg 
Speight James R, 212 E Freemason 
Spilman Robt S, 637 New Monroe Bldg 
I Starke Edward D, 210 Taylor Bldg 
j Strole Wm A, 308 Taylor Bldg 
: * Strong Andrew J, 612 Cumberland 
! Stroud Jno D, 4 208 Colonial av 
I Sutton Stark A, 510 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
I Sylvester Willis W, 512 Taylor Bldg 
| Taliaferro Edward C S, 618 New Monroe Bldg 
! * Trigg Frank It, 52 6 E Queen 
I Vance Chas R, 6 08 Taylor Bldg 
I Via Cary E, 412 Taylor Bldg 
! Wall Harry, 512 Dickson Bldg 
' Whitehead Robt C, 419 Bank of Commerce 

j Whitehead Robt E, 403 Taylor Bldg 
| Willcox Claiborne, h 25 6 W Freemason 
i Williams Reading L, 405 Tavlor Bldg 


No city in the South has shown a more steady 
A and substantial. growth. 







AUGUST fafs 107 SHARP ST. 





Williamson Thos V, 411 Taylor Bldg 
Wilson Albert E, 280 Withers Bldg 
Wilson Franklin D, 13 Chesapeake av, So Nor- 
Wilson Nicholas G, 414 Bank of Commerce 

Winston Jno W, 330 3 Colonial av 
Wolfe Rowland D, 6 0S Taylor Bldg 
Woodward Jno F, 503 Taylor Bldg 

Piano Tuners 

O'Hara Wm F, 202 Arlington pi 

Pianos and Organs 

Burk-Hume Piano Co Inc, 271 Granby 

Menzel Piano Co, 44 Granby 

Stieff Chas M, 231 Granby 

Virginia Piano Co Inc, 33 5 Granby 

Pile Dealers 

Conwell & Co, 5 23 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Nichols Bros Inc, 905-906 Bank of Commerce 

Norfolk Foundation & Pile Co, 516 Seaboard 

Bank Bldg 
Retinoids J A & Bro, 719 Paw Bldg 


Virginia Pilot Assn, 201 Board of Trade Bldg 

Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters 

Benton & Lancaster, 22 7 Bank 
Blankenship & Holbrook, 222 Olney rd 
Breed love Willard W, 34 4 Monticello Arcade 
Butler Jno J, 415 Monticello av 
Carey Thos J, 113 W Charlotte 
Craft David T, 132 Corprew av 
Doran Jno P, 6 40 Bank 
Enright Dennis A, 418 Cove 
Fairer A W & Bro, 316 Wolfe 
Finestone Saml F, 317 Fenchurch 
Graham & Firer, 225 Bank 
Guy Elias L, 606 Botetourt 
Hare Chas M, 2 20 Bank 
Harris Chas G, 20 4 Bank 
Heller Philip H, 615 Church 
Hopkins Stonewall J, 14 7 Bank 
Huffman Bros, 114 W Freemason 
Huffman & Grant, 815 E Queen 
Kemp A W Inc, 13 5 Brook av 
Kuhn Ollie E, 40 5 Chestnut, B 
Lawler J J & Co, 214 Bank 
Leigh Beni A, 1415 W 27th 
Lyons Geo H, 422 Monticello av 
McCoy -James E Jr Inc, 138 Bank 
McLaughlin Frank R, 316 Brewer 
Madden James J, 128 W Plume 
Mahone C D & Son, 426 Church 
Meginley & Fruitt, 1211 E Liberty, B 
Murphy Wm H, 9 04 Queen 
Norfolk Plumbing- Co, 3 38 Monticello av 
O'Connor Stephen J, 6 07 E Plume 
Parker Jno N, 610 E 18th 
Simpson Chas A, 813 E Queen 
Thornton Walter N, 231 Bank 
Tumbleson & Branch, 4 27 E Plume 

j Vandegrift & Co Inc, 13 3 W Charlotte 
j West Bros, 107 Chestnut, B 

West Richd A, 105 Chestnut, B 
j Williams Plartwell L, 3 44 Monticello Arcade 
| Williams M Augustus, 260 Bank 

Wilson & Co, 710 Boush 

PlumtKM's Supplies 

Lum's Hardware & Plumbing Supply Co, 517 

Park av 
Seaboard Supply Co Inc, 201 E Water 
Virginia-Carolina Supply Co, 52 Commerce 

Pole Dealers, Flags and Masts 

Jordan Bros Lumber Co, mezzanine floor Bank 
of Commerce Bldg 

Poster Advertising 

j Dixie Poster Advertising Co Inc, 827 Craw- 
ford (Portsmouth) 

Potato Growers 
I American Potato Crop, 40 9 So Produce Co 
| Bldg 

Poultry Dealers 

; Chappell Thos I, 21-22 City Mkt 

j Dalby James S, City Mkt 

I Land" S J & Son, 17-19 City Mkt 

! Netherland Addie Mrs, City Mkt 

' Princess Anne Market, City Mkt 

• Starkey Thos, 2S-32 City Mkt 

Printers — Book and Job 

Atlantic Coast Printing Corp, 315 Monticello av 
i Barron W T & Co, 414 E Plume 
I Beaver Press Inc, 7 5 Roanoke av 
! BURKE & GREGORY INC, 808-810 Bermuda 

(see left bottom lines) 
\ Burroughs Augustus L, 7 Monticello Arcade 
! Cherry J W & Son, 58 Commerce 
j Chesapeake Printing Co, 203 E Plume 
j Cheshire C T & Co, 241 E Main 
j Donaldson-Ackiss Printing Co Inc, 22 3 W 

j Dunn C Eugene, 6 Berkley av, B 
| Ellis V Paul, 800-802 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

j Fiske W A Inc, 106 High 
' Fuda & Harden, 42 3 E Plume 
| Garnett Horace J, 14 3 Talbot 
! Gillmore Printing Co, 213 E Main 
i Graves Eugene L Inc, 24 8 W Tazewell 
: Grubb Wm A, 108 E Charlotte 
! *Guide Publishing Co Inc, 620 E Queen 

Ledger-Dispatch Corp, 119 E Plume 
\ Magee Printing Co, 411 Monticello av 
. Minter-Moore Printing Co, 307 Brewer 
: *New Century Printing & Publishing Co, 500 
E Queen 

Old Pom Paper Co, 7 5 Commercial pi 
j Ow^-n Geo M, 416 E Plume 

Rid dick Arthur H K- Co, 4 ft Fayette 
! Tidewater Machine Type Corp, 414 E Plume 
: Vesey H B Co The. 131 W Main 


& £ 

T Has Good Schools for Boys and Girls. 
Moderate lax rate. 


Kellam Hospital, Inc. 




The Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we wan. 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundred* 
of sufferers treated during the past IS years. 



Virginia Specialty Co, 315 E Plume 

Virginian & Pilot Publishing- Co, Tazewell bet 

Granby and Boush 
Vogue Printing Co, 311 E City Hall av 
Wilkinson Press Inc The, 13 Roanoke av 


* Guide Publishing Co Inc, 6 20 E Queen 
Rawlett Andrew B, 155 Bank 
Southern Kennel Publishing Co, 225 E Plume 

Railroad, Steamboat and Mill Supplies 

Cardoza J B ■ N & Co Inc, 2 05 Citizen Bank 

Railway Steel Spring Co, 901 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 

Southern Supply Co, 417 E Water 

White E V & Co, 32 Commercial pi 

Railroad Ticket Offices 

Atlantic Coast Line R R Co., 22 3 Granby 
Baltimore Steam Packet Co, 113 Granby 
Baltimore & Ohio R R Co, 113 Granby 
Chesapeake & Ohio Ry, 107 E Plume 
New York.. Philadelphia & Norfolk R R, ft 

Brooke av and 107 E Plume 
Norfolk Southern R R Co, 113 Granby, electric 

div 209 E City Hall av 
Norfolk & Western Ry Co, 223 Granby 
Seaboard Air Line, 107 W Main 
Soutnern Railway Co, 210 Granby 
Union Ticket Office, 107 W Main 
Virginian Ry The, 107 W Main 

Railroad Ties 

Virginia-Carolina Tie & Wood Co Inc. 730-732 | 
Law Bldg 

Railroad and Transportation Lines 

Atlantic Coast Line R R Co, Matthews cor 

Atlantic Coast Terminal Co, 200 E Plume 
Atlantic & Carolina R R Co, 811 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Atlantic & Danville Ry Co, 708 Law Bldg 
Baltimore & Ohio R R Co, 200 Seaboard Bank 

Carolina R R Co, 206 Union Station 
Chesapeake & Ohio Ry Co, ft Brooke av 
Dismal Swamp R R Co.. 4 23 Law Bldg 
East Tennessee, Va & Ga Air Line Transpor- 
tation Co, end W Water 
Kanawha Dispatch Fast Freight Line, ft 

Brooke av 
Kinston Carolina R R & Lumber Co. 206 Union 

Maryland. Virginia & Delaware R R Co. ft 

Brooke av 

R R, ft Brooke av 
Norfolk Citv & Suburban Rv Co, 3 09 Dickson 

Norfolk Southern R R Co, 2d, 3d and 4th floors 

Union Station 
Norfolk Terminal Ry Co, 128 Union Station 
Norfolk fr Western Rv Co, Union Station 

Northampton & Hertford Ry Co, 221 Berkley 
av, B 

Piedmont Air Line, ft Jackson 

Pullman Co The, 213-215 Law Bldg 

offices Royster Bldg. whf W end Main (see 
pages 50 and 51) 

Southern Ry Co, ft Jackson 

Virginia, Tennessee & Georgia Air Line- 
Transportation Co, 90 5 E Water 

VIRGINIAN RAILWAY THE, 5th, 6th and 7th 
floors Union Station (see p 51) 


Goodyear Raincoat Co, 248 E Main 
Tuttle, Bonney & Urquhart Inc, 260 Granby cot- 
Wash ington 

Real Estate Agents and Dealers 

Adden brook Realty Co, 307 Monticello Arcade 
Alexander Realty Corp, 6 20 Seaboard Bank 

* American- Sales Corp. 358 E Queen 
American Suburban Corp. 3 7 Chamberlaine 

Amory & Co, 200 Board of Trade Bldg 
Appleby Scott B Jr, 518 Bank of Commerce 

Appleby Wm H, 807 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Arcadian Realty Corp, 316 Granby 
Armistead & Borum, 31 Haddington Bldg 
Atlantic Corporation, 319 Dickson Bldg 
Baker J A & Co. 220 Monticello Arcade 
Baldwin Bros, 116 Brooke av 
Baldwin. Stribling & Co Inc, 4 S01 Myers av 
Ballentine Realty Corp, 349 Monticello Ar- 
Barclay Eugene B, 80 6 Royster Bldg 
Barkas Philip, 1009 Royster Bldg 
Baxter O F & Co. 22 5 E Plume 
Bedford Corp. 8 08 Royster Bldg 
Bellamy & Hough Inc, 2 01 E Plume 
Bensten W S Realty & Ins Corp, 316 Law Bldg 
Borum Charles Jr, 2 05 Monticello Arcade 
Britt Luther R, 1022 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Brooks-Rowe Inc, 24 3 Monticello Arcade 
*Bro\vn E C Inc, 600 E Bute 
Burruss Albert E, 13S Atlantic 
Burton-Martin Co, 225 E Plume 
Citizens Security Co Inc, 600 Citizens Bank 

Clifford Realty Corp, 268 Bank 
Collins & Van Denbergh Inc, 316 Dickson Bldg 
Commonwealth Ins & Realty Co Inc, 4 01 

Bank of Commerce Bldg- 
Cook Willard R & Co Inc, 20 to 22 Va Natl 

Bonk Bldg 
Courtney Realty Corporation, 20 Dickson Bldg 
Cousins Wm P, 221 Monticello Arcade 
Crawford Arthur S. 609 Paul-Gale-Green- 
wood Bldg 
Daughtry Wm T. 319 Monticello Arcade 
Embury Holoway P, 726 E Queen 
Empire Realty & Mortgage Co of Nashville 

Tenn. 504 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
KMnh;.h!o Ponitv Corn. 330 Law Bldg 

able price. 

is the art of producing typewritten 
letters in large quantities at a reason- 
Write Hill Directory Co., Inc., 823 Mutual Bldg., Richmond, Va. 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia 


Issues the Most Appro "i For-tis of Life Insurance Con- 
tracts from $1,000.00 to $50,000.00, with Premiums Payable 
Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually. 




Farant Wm B, 35 3 Monticello Arcade 
Fentress, Fisher & Co, 22 5 E Main 
Ferrell C H & Co. 106 W Plume 
Fitch C C, 35 3 Monticello Arcade 
Forrest R L & Co, 1008 Royster Bldg 
Fulford G F & Co, 2 4 6 Monticello Arcade 
Fuqua & McCoy, 149 Bank 
Garrett W K & Sons, 23 2 Monticello Arcade 
Gary W H & Co, 253 Monticello Arcade 
Goodridge H B, 1003 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Gordan & Hume, 1005 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Granby Place Corp, 600 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Granby Street Improvement Co, 6 00 Seaboard 

Bank Bldg 
Granby Street Real Estate Corp, 220 Law 

Granby-Tazewell Realty Co Inc. 116 Brooke av 
Hall W Leon & Co Inc, 1205 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Hanbury Robt F, 1009 Royster Bldg 
Hardee Henry M, 70 5 Church 
Flatch Chas W, 315 E Plume 
Hathaway Andrew C, 2 3 9 Monticello Arcade 
Hofheimer W H & Co Tnc, 22 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 
Hoggard H C & Co, 4 00 Dickson Bldg 
Hoggard T J & Co, 139 Bank 
Holland J Peter, 4 Monticello Arcade 
Indian River Park & Improvement Co, 319 

Dickson Bldg 
Ives Eugene, 317 E Plume 
Ives Joseph R & Co, 317 E Plume 
Jeffries & Co Inc, 514 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Johnston Turner M & Co, 216 Monticello Ar- 
Jones Alex M, 306 Columbia Bldg 
Keister Z K & Co, 12 5 Berkley av, B 
Killam F M & Co Inc, 8 08 Royster Bldg 
Lafayette Annex Corp, 521 Seaboard Bank 

Laird Horace C, 401 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Lake, Wright Realty Corp, 315 Monticello Ar- 
Land Bennett & Co, 3 23 Monticello Arcade 
Lelcht Jacob, 315 Monticello Arcade 
Leicht Real Estate Co Inc, 315 Monticello Ar- 
Lewis E B & Co, 24 9 Monticello Arcade 
Lowenberg Corp, 207 Columbia Bldg 
McDermot Dennis J, 138 Atlantic 
McGonigal Saml L, 2 2S Monticello Arcade 
Marshall & Crow Inc, 213 Citizens Bldg 
Mason W J & Co. 310 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Matthews W S & F D, 51 Chamberlaine Bldg 
Meredith H Clarkson, 319 Bank of Commerce 

Morris 'oseph, 209 Board of Trade Bldg 
Mowry Realty Corp, 2 20 Law Bldg 
Mowry & Smith Inc, 22 Law Bldg 
Nusbaum S L & Co, 600 Citizen.; Bank Bldg 
Ocean View Annex Co Inc.. 315 Monticello 

Old Dominion Realty Corp, 1 Monticello Ar- 

f) : i 

ai* n nr: 

H If W 


Owners Realty Corp, 7 07 Bank of Commerce 

Page E A & Co, 23 6 Monticello Arcade 
Page II L & Co Inc, 123 Bank 
Page & Taylor, 303 Monticello Arcade 
Pannill Samuel W, 1107 Bank of Commerce 

Parker & Hume, 202 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Petei'sburg Homestead Corp, 316 Dickson Bldg 
Pfeifer Hannah Mrs, 615 Church 
Pollard-Seaton Co, 223 Monticello Arcade 
Raleigh Heights Residence Corp, 221 Berkley 

av, B 
Real Estate Trust & Ins Co Inc, 200 Dickson 

Richardson Francis, 161 Bank 
River Front Realty Corp, 316 Dickson Bldg 
Robertson Ware W, 221 Berkley av, B 
Royal Realty Corp, 215 Monticello Arcade 
Savage E C & Co, 217 Berkley av, B 
Seeley W W & Co, 124 9 W 27th 
Shea Realty Corp, 221 Berkley av, B 
Sheldon Luther, 128 Atlantic 
Silvester Willis W, 2 Chestnut, B 
Sims Chas E, 922 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Southall W D & Co, 710 Bank of Commerce 

Stephenson & Taylor, 311 Monticello Arcade 
Stone J D & So Inc. 320 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Swain A C & Co, 312-314 Paul-Gale-Green- 
wood Bldg 
Synon Thos H, 15 Talbot Bldg 
♦Tanner J T & Co Inc, 7 20 Church 
Terry Wm H, 204 Monticello Arcade 
Thomson, Etheredge & Co, 128 Atlantic 
Townsend Chas E, 2 29 E Main 
Trice W HH&Co Inc, 4 00 E Plume 
Truitt Realty Co, 215 Berkley av, B 
Wallace Joseph A, 211 Berkley av, B 
Ward Realty Co, 315 Board of Trade Bldg 
Webb Guy, 502 Dickson Bldg 
Webber Wm. S, Monticello Arcade 
Westover Co, 9 02 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Whichard Realty Corp, 108 Randolph 
White Lewis A & Co, 704 Bank of Commerce 

White M D & Co, 708 Paul-Gale.Greenwood 

Whitehurst C N & Co, 225 E Plume 
Wilkinson Geo F & Co, 309 Monticello Arcade 
Williams H A & Co, 500 Dickson Bldg 
Willis Co Inc The, 522 Board of Trade Bldg 
Willoughby Development Corp, 221 Berkley 

av, B 
Woodard & Joynes Inc, 215 Monticello Arcade 
Woodward S A & Co, 224 Monticello Arcade 
Worrell Realty Corporation, 209 Monticello Ar- 
Zirkle E K & Co, 3 25 Seaboard Bank Bldg 

Real Estate Brokers 

Seawell Harry A, 33 5 Monticello Arcade 
Williams & Lewis, 30 4 Dickson Bkdg 

Referees in Bankruptcy 

Thorn Rnbi T 41.1-117 Citizens Bank Bldg 

The Magic City is growing and pros- 



Most progressive town of size 
in South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. Come on quick—big money here for you. Population, 13,797 

Hu 1 



Rental Agents 
Baxter O F & Co, 225 E Plume 


Abramson Harry, 211-213 W Main 
Alexander Jno, 110 6 E Liberty, B 
American Restaurant, 16 Berkley av, B 
American Restaurant, 126-128 Church 
Andrews S E & Co, 1122 E Main 
Angel us & Zoutis, 214 Avon 
Arcade Quick Lunch, 233 E City Hall av 
Billups Chas W, 207 E Plume 
Boston Cafe, 711 E Main 
Brock's Cafe, 214 Monticello av 
Brown Harrison, 27 Campbell's whf 
Busy Bee Restaurant, 28 Church 
Cage Harry M.. 102 3d, Atlantic City 
Capehart Restaurant Co, 4 24 E 18th 
Capital City Lunch Room, 115 E Main 
Charleston Place Cafe, 516 Wolfe 
Charlie John, 600 Nicholson 
Chicago Restaurant, 616 E Main 
Childs Restaurant, 119-121 Granby 
Chop Suey Cafe, 834 Church 
Chuen Sing, 110 Talbot 
Coster Nick, 220 Avon 
Crumpler Crawford F, 513 E 18th 
Culpepper & Case, S00 E Queen 
DeLay James E, „31 Campbell's whf 
Diggs Chas H Tnc, 3 21 Granby 
Dimetree Geo, 619 'Wolfe 
Ehrenworth Sarah Mrs, 6 20 E Freemason 
Elite Cafe, 72 Roanoke av 
Frisco Lunch Room. 63 S E Queen 
Gavalus Jno, 1107 E Liberty, B 
George Arthur. 210 Avon 
George Thos E, 22 8 Avon 
Ginn Lee H, 44 8 E Queen 
Gordon Co Inc, 105 Church 
Granby Cafe, 3 33 Granby 
Hampton Alfred M, 2 56 Market pi 
Heissan Jno, 73 6 Lincoln No 1 
Hickford's Restaurant, 257 Granby and 113 

Higashia Tokko, 5 27 E Queen 
I X L Restaurant, 166 Church 
Italian-American Restaurant. 24 4 Bank ' 
John Augustus, 2 50 Market pi 
Johnson Mack, 239 E Main 
Johnson Margaret Mrs, The Rochambeau 
Joseph <&- Zabarea, 202 Avon 
Jubera Michael P, 60S E Plume and 604 E 

Kamegawa S, 73 5 Church 
Kimura Sakio, 8 20 Church 
King Charlie, 9 27 Church 
Kotoredes Harry, 224 Brewer 
Linn's Restaurant, 117 E City Hall av 
I Ive & Let Live Restaurant, 2 54 Market pi 
MacRonald Lunch Co Inc, 131 Granby, 227-321 

and 515 E Main and 218 Wolfe 
Mavromatis & Tzatazalis, 417 W r olfe 
Mechelatos Manthos, 120 Church 
Montgomery Jno F, 566 Front 
Murray's Crown Dairy Lunch Room, ft Com- 

mprcini pi 

New Gladstone Cafe, 817 E Main 

New Presto Restaurant, 610 E Main 

Norfolk Restaurant, 714 E Main 

Norfolk & Western Lunch Room, 1233 E Main 

Olympia Cafe, 1110 E Liberty, B 

Peoples Cafe, 411 Chestnut, B 

Pett Mike, 225 Avon 

Phoenix Cafe, 403 Granby 

Presto Restaurant, 104 Bank 

Reid Robt L, 734 E Queen 

Relos Frank, 641 E Queen 

Roma Restaurant, 106 Bank 

Royal Hotel & Restaurant, 1115 E Main 

Sam Lee, 831 Church 

Santos Jno, 601 E Queen 

Savoy The, 417 E Main 

Sherrick Julius, 2 03 Walnut, B 

Sons of Italy Restaurant. 222 Bank 
South Africa Cafe, 26 Church 
Stanatis Vincent, 828 Cove 
Tassos Geo, 63 8 E Queen 
Tazewell Cafe, 116 E Tazewell 
Terminal Cafe, 203-205 W Main 

Terminal Restaurant. 1203 E Main 
United States Hotel, 2 36 E Plume 
Vakos Harry, 525 Wolfe 
Walls Edwin, 4 22-424 E 18th 
Wiley Heber D, 6 00 E 18th 
Wong Sam, 54 2 E Queen 
Zerhares Theocarty, 206 Avon 
Zucker Rudolph, 34 4 Church 

Roofers — General 

i Bonney Obie L, N & W Ry nr Omohundro av 

1 Cementile Roofing Corporation, 19th cor Mon- 

| Edwards Roofing & Heating Co, rear 310 Wolfe 

i Godwin J W & Co, office 507 34th, shop 2515 
DeBree av 

I Harwell Robt A, 124 W Plume 

| LeSueur Slate Co Inc The. W 24th nr Colonial 

! Lightfoot Roof Repairing Co, 2 54 Bank 

| Norfolk Roofing & Plumbing Co, 3904 Bow- 
dens Ferry rd 

i Odend'Hal-Monks Corp, 23d nr Church (on N 
& W Ry) 

; Spann & Hill, 718 Granby 

; Thomas Thos W, 138 Atlantic 

Roofers — Gravel 

i Bohn Roofing & Cornice Co.. 129-131 W Plume 
i Odend'Hal-Monks Corp, 23d nr Church (on 
N & W Ry) 


Roofers — Metal 

I Atlantic Metal Co, 345 Monticello Arcade 
! Bohn Roofing & Cornice Co, 129-131 W Plume 
| Harwell Robt A, 124 W Plume 
I Odend'Hal-Monks Corp, 23d nr Church (on 
N & W Ry) 

Roofing Material 
| Southern Building Material Co, 235-237 Mon- 
ti col] o Arcade 


Everything m REAL ESTATE 

PHONE 891 
Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 

Virginia Farms and Orchards 



Ideal Print Shop 

'Our Aim is to Please You" 


Special Attention Given Out-of-Town Orders Phone 1361-W 
229 N. Sycamore St., McIIwaine Bldg., 



Roofing and Wall Board 

Nash C A & Son Inc, 112 Atlantic 

Rope Dealers 

Wall Rope Works, 202 E Water 

Rubber Goods 

Goodrich B F Co Inc, 221 E Water 
Montague Rubber Co, 300 Wolfe 

Rubber Stamps 

Grubb Wm A, 108 E Charlotte 
Tidewater Stencil Works, 50 Church 
Turner S B & Son Inc, 13 Campbell's whf 
Vesey H B Co The, 131 W Main 


Carnegie Geo A & Co, 217 E Main 
Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co, 101 W Main 
York Safe & Lock Co, 6 6 Roanoke av 

Sail Makers 

Hogshire, Hudgins & Co Inc. 133 W Main 

Sale and Exchange Bureau 

Norfol?. Sale & Exchange Bureau, suite 421 
Board of Trade Bldg 

Sand Dealers 

Bayne C M & Co, Llewellyn av cor N & W Ry 
Johns Bros Inc, 514 Woodis av and 105 W 

Jones J C Sand Co. E 11th cor Monticello av 
Virginia Sand & Gravel Corp, 43 4 W York 

Sash, Doors and Blinds ^ 

Consolidated Building Material Co Inc, 336 

Monticello Arcade and N & W Ry tracks 

bet DeBree and Colonial avs 

Nash C A & Son Inc, 112 Atlantic 

Sawyer W F & J T, Omohundro av cor N & 

W Ry 

Schools and Colleges 

Baptist Mission School, 9 27 Bermunda 

Baxter Bessie Mrs Shorthand School, 216 Col- 
lege pi 

Berkley Kindergarten, 3 05 Berkley av. B 

W City Hall av (see right bottom lines 
and p 56) 

* Grace Church High School, 8 47 Cumberland 

International Correspondence Schools of 
Scranton Pa, Monticello Arcade 

Leache-Wood Seminary, 4 07 Fairfax av 

Marnix Cora Miss, 707 Duke 

Norfolk Hebrew Grammar School, 709 F Char- 

*Norfolk Mission College, Princess Anne av 
nr Chapel 

Norfolk Preparatory School for Boys, 9 Ar- 
lington Apts 

Powell's Annie D Miss, Preparatory School, 3 54 
Olney rd 

Practical Shorthand &. Typewriting School, 113 
E Plume 

♦Presbyterian Mission School, 919 Cleveland 
St George's School, 413 Boissevain av 
*St Joseph's Catholic School, 215 E Queen 
St Mary's Female Academy, Chapel cor Ma- 
St Mary's Male Academy, 1000 Holt 
St Paul's Parish House Kindergarten, 201-233 

Southern Shorthand & Business University, 

109 Atlantic 
Watson's Mail Order School of Ad Writing, 
143 Talbot 

Y M C A Law School, Y M C A Bldg 

Y M C A Night School, Y M C A Bldg 


Tait Geo & Sons Inc, 55 Commercial pi 
Warren D W Co Inc, 88 Commercial pi 
Williams Seed Co, 6 9 Commercial pi 

Sewer Pipe 

Denby-Ford-Wilbur Co Inc, W 24th cor De- 
Bree av 

Gamage John O, 17 Commerce 


Sewerage and Water Works Systems 
McGuire Frank J, 501 Paul-Gale-Greenwood 

Sewing Machines 

Singer Sewing Machine Co, 269 Granby and 
106 Church 

Shingles and Laths 

Denby-Ford Wilbur Co Inc, W 24th cor De- 
Bree av 
Nottingham & Wrenn Co The, 511 Front 

Ship Builders 

Smith F O Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co Inc, 
4 98 Argyle av 

Ship Chandlers 

Bramble & Scrivener, Jackson cor Kelly 
Calvera Bros, 800 E Main 
Hogshire, Hudgins & Co Inc, 133 W Main 
Hudgins R W & Son, 2 37 E Water 
Hurst T C & Son, 9 Roanoke av 
International Ship Supply Co, 510 Law Bldg 
Johnson A B Co, 134 W Main 
Mcllorney Noah, 4 07 E Water 
Marine Supply Co, 54 3 Front 
Winslow D A & Co, 81 Roanoke av 

Shipping Agents 

United States Shipping Co, 824 Royster Bldg 


Shirt Manufacturers 

Mears & Peebles Inc, 145 Granby 

Shoe Dealers 

Ash Shoe Co, 1027 Church 
Burt Shoe Co Inc, 4 48 E Main * 
Carr, Mears & Peebles Inc, 14 5 Granby 
Coates Robt W, 124 Granby 

B ■ 1 


■■h ^ 

•; , r . ,-> 

Has one of the largest shipyards 
on the Atlantic and Good business 



15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 

PHONE 176 







Cut Rate Shoe Store, 1015 Church 
Economy Shoe Store, 601 Church 
Factory Shoe Co, 60 2 E Main 
Fleming- Shoe Co, 4 4 9 Church 
Gornto Robt E, 312 E Main 
Hanover Shoe The, 125 Granby 
Hofheimer Bros Co, 44 4 E Main 
Hofheimer Inc, 201 Granby 
Jones Joseph F Shoe Co Inc, 139 Church 
Kinney G R & Co. 7 3 Commercial pi 
Lagiglia Anthony, 102 Church and 52 4 E Main 
Land James E, 107 Church 

Lowcnberg D Boot & Shoe Co The, 24 8 Granby 
Madden Michael J, 571 Church 
Miller, Rhoades & Swartz Inc. 418-422 E Main 

and 407-419 E Plume 
Newark Shoe Store, 152 Granhv 
Quality Boot Shop The, 13S Granby 
Randolph Harry P, 4 37 Church 
Regal Shoe Store, 123 Granby 
Slocumb Wm R K, 447 Church 
Standard Shoe Store, 237 Church 
Star Shoe Store, 127 Church 
Step-Around Shoe Store, 219 E Plume 
Telling-Caps Shoe Co, Inc, 20 4 E Main 
Thomas S J & Co Inc, 228 Granby 
Wagner Shoe Co, 119 Church 
Walk Over Shoe Co Inc, 141 Granby 

Shoe Dealers — Wholesale 
Pincus Max & Co. 123 W Main 


Adler Harry, 414 E Water 
Albano Antonio, 1517 Brambleton av 
♦Anderson Benj. 1328 Ch;>- 
Balligian Hipet M, 3014 Granby 
*Billups Kenneth G, 1208 V 2 E Liberty, B 
Brell Joseph, 7 04 Highland av 
♦Brown Robt F, 1519 O'Keefe 
*Bro\vnrigg Alex A, 641 Nicholson 
*Brownrigg Jno H, 839 4th 
♦Broyles Thos T, 1353 Fulton 
Calabrese Tony, 4 42 Brewer 
Chesler Hyraan, 805 Church 
Chesler Nathan, 640 Church 
Cohen Victor. 5 36 Chapel 
Colasanti Joseph, 606 Bank 
Colella Frank, 1318 Church 
Conte Modestino, 25 9 Boush 
Contrada James, 227 Chestnut. B 
Contrada Pasquale, 8 37 Church 
Corleto Joseph L, 7 38 E Main 
*Corprew Jno J, 7 22 Church 
Corshello Mino, 809 E Main 
Davis Thos, 1411 Granby 
DeCosi Yincenzo, 1401 Church 
Demma August, 13 3 Brooke av 
Diamante Dominico, 905 E Queen 
Eddy Geo, 109 W Freemason 
Electric Shoe Repairing Co, 12 Monticello Ar- 
*Fitzgerald Junius V, 1501 W 38th 
Fox Harris, 92 2 E Liberty, B 
Fox ,!;vob, 35 Lih-rtv oxtd, B 

Fox Morris, 1202 E Liberty, B 

Fox Saml 604 E Liberty, B 

Foy Lee, 60 2 Cumberland 

Garrison Andrew J, 507 Colley av 

♦Gatewood Washington, 805 Monticello av 

Ghent Electric Shoe Repairing Co, 602 Bote- 

Gilden Arthur O, 1136 Brambleton av 

* Goodman Jasper, 701 Burruss 

Granata & Grillo, 163 Bank 

Grego Antonio, 18 5 Brambleton av 

Gurrieri Antonio, Onley rd cor North 

•Harrison Wm H, 524 Church 

Havens James H, 60 7 K Queen 

*Herbert Jno F, 222 E Queen 

*Holly Robt, 1307 Church 

Hudgins Jno T, 310 E Plume 

♦Hunter Preston H, 752 Duke 

*Hutcherson Jno W, 1004 Church 

Jackson Waverly L, 530 Park av 

*Jones Geo, 301 E Queen 

Kesler Saml, 42 2 Church 

•King Benj, 6 20 Cumberland 

*King David P, 7 06 Granby 

Kirch Louis, 556 Church 

Kirchenbaum Jacob, 591 Church 

Kramf Benj, 3S29 Bowdens Ferry rd and 442 

Framf Morris L, 9 03 Church 

Kuzboski Jno, 116 W Charlotte 

Lamastra Nicholas, Llewellyn av nr 26th 
♦Lang-ley DanI, 432 E Queen 

Lee Jno R, 826 Monticello ay 

Leonard Joseph, 924 Duke 

Levine Aaron, 636 Church 

Lograsso Frank, 201 Chapel 

Luongo Augustus, 205 Walnut, B 

♦Mayo Benj, 446 Chapel 

Mayo James W, 104 W High 

Mayo Theo N", 413 Park av 

Miller Louis, 37 Church 

Modern 'Electrical Shoe Repairing Co, 161 

Morabito Clements, 714 Cumberland 

♦Noel Andrew, 1207 Princess Anne av 

Norfolk Shoe Repairing Co, 104 College pi 

Panella Guisseppe, 1681 Church 

Penella Frank, 5 38 E Queen 

Penello Joseph M, 169 9 Church 

Petock Saml, 70 4 E Liberty, B 

Powers Joseph H, 12 50 W 39th 

Rapid Shoe Repairing Co, 2 23 Monticello av 

Rapport Morris, 500 Church 

♦Reid Jacob E, 4 08 Brunswick, B 

Ricardo Frank, 12 Berkley av, B 

Royal Electric Shoe Repairing Co, 612 Clay 

Sandler Harry, 736 Church 

Sepps Moss, 10 28 Church 

Serra Mauro, 1205 Moran av 

Shellato Isaac, 217 E Plume 

Sigal Frank, 850 Church 

*Sims L, 1051 Church * 

Sloven Abraham. 303 Cumberland 

♦Spady Joseph, 410 Nicholson 



is on the Grandest Harbor of the Atlantic. Watch 
it grow. 



C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 



Cor. Kent and Water Sts. 
Always Ready and Willing to Do Your Work— Give us a Call 




Stein Morris M, 308 Colley av 
Swartz Abraham, 581 Church 

♦Tazewell Selwyn D, 104 5 Church 
♦Thompson Anderson. 2 04 E Queen 

♦Thompson Jesse C. 708% E Liberty, B 
United Shoe Repairing Corp, 115 Atlantic 
Virginia Electric Shoe Repairing- Co, 617 E 

Washington Shoe Repairing Co, 317 Wolfe 
Weinberg Hyman, 314 Church 
♦Weldon Peter, 12SS Chapel 
*\Vilkins Wm H, 5 08 E Queen 
Williams Ralph, 549 Chapel 
♦Wilmore Amos, 43 5 Liberty 
Wlodinger Nathan, 82 9 Church 

Shoe Polishers 

* Anderson Benj, 3G3 E Queen 
Andrulidakos Peter, 231 E City Hall av 

* Fere-bee Oscar, 406 Nicholson 
Futinos Jno, ft Commercial pi 
Granby Shoe Shine Parlor.. 114 Granby 

* Harris Jno R, 9 39 Church 
*Hedgepeth Levi, 810 E Liberty, B 
*Hunt Harvey, 40 5 E Queen 
*Johnson Wm, 506 E Queen 

* Jones J Richd, 935% Church 
Kaoudakis Geo, 307 E Main 
Kompoconciki Nicholas, 107 Atlantic 

* Lambert Wm M, 6 0S E Queen 

New York Shoe Shine Parlor, 103 Church 
*Newsom Carey, 209 E City Hall av 
Norfolk Hat Cleaning Co, 162 Granby 
Norfolk Shoe Shining Parlor, 251 E Main 
*Pettis James. 4118 Bovvdens Ferry rd 
Proimos Manuel. 259 Granby 
♦Rouse Chas, 4 30 Nicholson 
Virginia Shoe Shine Parlor. 317 Granby 
*Watkins Robt, Union Station 

* White Wm, 8 59 Monticello av 

* Williams Benj F, 615 E Queen 
*Wilson Cornelius C, 508 Nicholson 

Shooting Galleries 

Getchell Elmer E, 216 Avon 
Gretes Jno, ft Commercial pi 
Rhodes Norman, 208 Avon 

Show Cards 

Curdts' Edward M, 124 Atlantic 

Schmoele Will, 23 E Main 

Thomas Baker, 305 Columbia Bldg 

Virginia Show Card & Display Service, 4 30 E 

Window Service Co, 346 Monticello av 

Show Cases 

Harris, Woodson, Barbee Co Inc. 129-131 W 

Silk Manufacturers 

Ashley Spinning Co, S 17-8 21 Craig, B 

Norfolk Silk Mills Inc, Killam av cor W 39th | 

Silver Manufacturers 

Royal Silver Mfg Co, 2 2d nr Colonial av 

Skating Kinks 

Palace Skating Rink, 114 W Main 

Shirt Manufacturers 

Norton J H Co Inc, 1301 E Liberty, B 

Soda Fountains 

Harris, Woodson, Barber Co Inc, 129 W Main 

Soda Fountain Supplies 

Doyle-Gilliam Co Inc, 106 Randolph 
Gin Gera Co Inc The, 8 52 Granby 

Soft Drinks 
♦Branch Junius, 213 Nicholson 
*Brooks James, 706 Brewer 
Cal-y-Cine Co Inc The, 625 Wolfe 
*Conyers Albert B, 763 Church 
Normondie Co, 411 Williams 
•Obey Robt G, 315 Suffolk 

Sporting- Goods 

Dashiell Geo V & Son," 411 Union 
O'Neill-Barry Co Inc, 211 E Main 

Stamping and Art Needle Work 

Embroidery Shop The, 2 00 Withers Bldg 

Stat ion ers 

Andrews R P Paper Co Inc of Va, 115 Brooke 

Nusabaum Book & Art Co, 219 Granby 

Reid's Chas Sons Inc, 519 Citizens Bank Bldg 
Stave & Timber Corp The, 819 Bank of Com- 
merce Bldg 

Steamboat Repairing 

Duvall Geo W & Co Inc, 9 00 Water 

Steamship Agents 

Baltimore Steam Packet Co (Old Bay Line 
west end of Main, ticket offices 113 Gran- 
by and 107 W Main 
Barber & Co Inc, 30 8 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Brandt Henry & Son, 214 E Plume 
Furness, Withy & Co Ltd, 7 08 Law Bldg 
Hasler Bros Inc , 5 26 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Leitch Jno D D, 5 06 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Old Dominion Steamship Co, 701 E Water 

Steamship Companies 

Allan Line, 214 E Plume 

American-Hawaiian S S Co, 214 E Plume 

American Line, 214 E Plume 

Anchor Line, 21 4 E Plume 

Atlantic Transport, 214 E Plume 

Austro- American, 214 E Plume 

Baltimore Steam Packet Co (Old Bay Line), 
west end of Main, ticket offices 113 Gran- 
by and 107 W Main 

Barber Sz Co Inc, 308 Seaboard Bank Bldg 

Bennett's North Carolina Line,*1009 E Water 
Booth Steamship Line, 214 E Plume 

Published by 



Directory and Almanac Publish ej s 

Mutual Building. - - RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, 

TheFrankfkPress Co. STAT, S™f SS™ 3 ' 


122-130 W.Tabb St. PETERSBURG, VA. 

See Ad. opposite General Index, page 7. 



Canadian-Northern S S Line, 214 E Plume 
Canadian-Pacific S S Line, 214 E Plume 
Chesapeake Steamship Line, 210 Granby ft 

Jackson, ticket office 113 Granby 
Clyde Steamship Co, 1009-1011 E Water 
Clyde's Coastwise & West India Lines, 1009- 

1011 E Water 
Cunard Line, 214 E Plume 
Donaldson Line, 214 E Plume 
Fabre Steamship Line, 214 E Plume 
French Line, 214 E Plume 
Hamburg-American, 214 E Plume 
Inter-American, 526 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Lamport <fe Holt S S Line, 214 E Plume 
LaPlata S S Co, SOS Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Leyland Line, 214 E Plume 
Mallory Steamship Line.. 214 E Plume 
Matson Navigation Co, 214 E Plume 
Merchants & Miners Transportation Co, West 

end Main 
Munson Steamship Line, 4 05 Citizens Bank 

National S N Co Ltd of Greece, 214 E Plume 
New York & Cuba Mail S S Co, 214 E Plume 
New York & Oriental S S Co, 80S Seaboard 

Bank Bldg 
Norfolk & Washington D C Steamboat Co, 
front ft Colley av, ticket office 30 5 Gran- 
North German Lloyd, 214 E Plume 
Oceanic Steamship Co, 214 E Plume 
Old Bay Line, west end of Main 
Old Dominion Steamship Co, 701 E Water 
Panama R R & S S Co, 214 E Plume 
Peoples Navigation Co, 925 E Water 
Pocahontas Navigation Co Inc, 117 W Main 
Quebec Steamship Co, 214 E Plume 
Red Cross Line, 214 E Plume 
Red D Line, 214 E Plume 

Royal Mail Steam Packet Co, 214 E Plume 
Red Star Line, 214 E Plume 
RussianAmerican Line, 214 E Plume 
Scandinavian-American, 214 E Plume 
Societe Generale De Transports, Maritimes 

Vopucr, 50G Seaboard Bank Bldg 
United Fruit Co's Line, 214 E Plume 
Virginia Line for Liverpool & London, 70S Law 

Virginia Navigation Co, 701 E Water 
Ward Line, 214 E Plume 
West India Steamship Co, 4 04 Citizens Bank 

AVhite Star Line, 214 E Plume 

Steel Door Manufactnrers 

Wilson J G Corp, S end Jefferson, So Norfolk 

Steel Letter Manufacturers 

Crescent Steel Letter Works, 209 E 25th 

Step Ladders 

Whitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 9 02 Cooke av 


Anderson Geo J, 50 1 Se-t board Rank Bldg 

Cacace Vincent, Argyle av nr Claiborne av 
Hasler Bros Inc, 52 6 Seaboard Bank Bid* 
Hastings Bros, 628 Seaboard Bank Bldg 
Tredwell William, 301 Citizens Bank Bldg 

Stock Foods 

Anti-Choleric Stock Remedy Corp, 427 Monti- 
cello av 

Stock Yards 
Union Stock Yards, Maple av extd, B 


Commonwealth Storage & Ice Co Inc, 13 Fos. 

ter's la 
Darden Alfred E, 14 00 Corprew av 
Hillard Point Corporation, 626 Dickson Bldg 
Security Storage & Safe Deposit Co Inc, Front 
cor 1st 
I Southern Storage Warehouse Co Inc, S25 Gran- 

Storage Batteries 
I Edison Storage Batterv Lighting Co, 145 

j Reliance Electric Co, 131 W City Hall av 

Storage Warehouses 

! Burton's Point Wharf & Warehouse Corp, Bur- 
tons Point Va 

Store and Ollice Fixtures 

! Brodsky Simon, 614-61S Wolfe 
i Elliott & Co, 767-769 National la 
1 Elmendorf & Co, 217 W Main 
j Harris, Woodson, Barbee Co Inc, 129-131 W 

Myers Edward L, 317-319 Monticello av 

Smith L C & Bros Typewriter, 207 Monticello 
Arcade > 

Thomason & Co, 217 W Main 

♦Wright Jno, 433 E Queen 

Stove and Heater Work 

Harwell Robt A, 12 4 W Plume 
Odend-Hal-Monks Corp, 2 3d nr Church (on 
N & W Ry) 

Stoves and Tinware 

Fowler & Morton, 300 Bank 
Fulford Wm R, 201 E Plume 

Street Railways 

Norfolk Railway & Light Co, 200 E Plume 
Norfolk & So R R Electrical Division, 207- 

209 E City Hall av 
Norfolk & Ocean View Railway Co, 200 E 

Virginia Railway & Power Co, 200 E Plume, 

sub station 5 26 Cove 

Structural Steel and Iron 

Norfolk Structural Steel Co, 22 Elm pi, B and 

10 Clark's row, B 
Richmond Structural Steel Co Inc, 607 Law 

Southern Building Material* Co, 2 3 5-237 Mon- 
ticello Arcade 



"lfom* most progressive mer- 
chants. Mil pays them It will 
pay you. Consult us. 


6. "4 ; ' : 


- L 



Trade-Marks and Copyrights secured. Patent and 
Trade-Mark matters are properly prosecuted to Insure 
fullest possible protection, and fees are reasonable. 
Correspondence solicited. 

Washington Loan and Trust Kldg., Washington, D. C. 



Submarine Apparatus 

Williamson Submarine Corp, 419 Board of 
Trade Bldg 

Superintendents of Construction 
Abrames Harvey, 346 Monticello Arcade 
Brent Construction Co Inc, 602 Board of Trade 

Surety- Bonds 

Title Guaranty & Surety Co, 
Gale-Greenwood Bldg 

609-611 Paul- 


Aks Michael, 440 Church 

Albano Michael, 203 E City Hall av 

Albano Rocco L, 5 Monticello Arcade 

Belkov Alex, 710 Holt 

Bernstein Max, 70 2 E Main 

Beskin Saml, 57 5 Church 

Boerner & Kirby, 106 College pi 

Bonncy & Gilbert, 109 E Plume 

Brownstein & Ackiss, 203 E Plume 

Cart, Mears & Peebles Inc, 145 Granby 

'Carter Chas S & Co, 62S E Queen 

Chapman 6c Co, 217 Granby 

Cohen Chas, 1011 Church 

Cohen Morris, 8 26 Church 

Cordell Kobt A. G56 Church 

1 Craig- Jno W, 626 Cumberland 

Herring & Co, Sll Church 

Diamondstein & Segal, 7 02 E Main 

Diekey-Epperson & Co, 6 00 E Queen 
Distillator .Joseph, 607 E Main 
Dozier James W, 2QO-202 Royster Bldg and 

143 Bank 
Dunstoaa & Silverwood, 43 8 E Main 
Facchini Michael, 4 35 Granby 
Fischer Anthony J, 10 6 W Freemason 
Fisher Chas, 10 5 W Freemason 
"Fleming Stanley, 616 E Charlotte 
Goetz Andrew, 203 E Plume 
Golden Eagle Tailoring Co, 24 3 E Main 
Gordon cc Co, 240 Church 
Crimes Bros, 616 E Liberty, B 
Kerzog Baldwin, 4 29 Bank 
Horn* in Marcellus, 4 26 Granby 
Hughes J N & Co, 5 51 Church 
iiutchins Ed H, 103 Atlantic 
Mamestown Cleaning & Tailoring Co, 311 

Jones Chas C, 117 E Plume 
Jones J B Co Inc, 729 E Main 
Joseph Frank, 400 Chestnut, B 
Jurin Saml, 214 Church 
Kahn Blanche Mrs, 20 5 E Freemason 
Kaufman Michael D, 304 Columbia Bldg 
Kessler Morris, 4 39 Granby 
Klaben Louis, 407% Granby 
Koppel Tailoring Co, 10 5 W Main 
f-ibbos Chas, 722 E Queen 
Margiotta Donato, 613 E Main 
Marino Panfilo, 312 E Plume 
Maynard W N Inc, 112 E Plume 
Tillman Meyer, 107 Fenchurch 

Mitchell Hugo, 315 Bank 
Mollen Harry, 41 S E Charlotte 
Motor Tailoring Co, 110 W Bute 
*Nelson Thos C, 925 Church 
Norfolk Hat & Tailoring Co, 63 3 Church 
Norfolk Tailoring Co, 7 25 Church 
Pappas James J, 812 E Main 
Powell Isadore, 112 Bank 
Pringle Geo D, 215 E Plume 

* Ricks Camillus, 60 5 Bank 

Roberts Bros, 409 Granby and 1116 E Liberty, 

Rosenberg Abraham, 66*2 Church 
Rossano Rocco, 430 E Main 
Rudolphi & Wallace Inc, 222 E Main 
Salomonsky & Co, 15 3 Granby 
Sandler Saml, 423 Chapel 
Schwartz Hyman, 3 01 Columbia Bldg 

* Sheridan Jno H, 415 Wolfe 
Shulman Saml A, 430 E Main 
Simon Nathan, 105 W Charlotte 
Snyder & Co, 4 29 Granby 

Southern Tailoring Store, 311 Church 

Spertner Edward, 121 Church 

*Spruell & Elliott, 3 40 E Bute 

Standard Tailoring Co, 13 02 E Liberty, B 

Stein Abraham, 4 30 E Main 

Tisch Moses, 2 3 Berkley av, B 

Tutchmann Caleb M, 3 08 E Main 

U S Woolen Mills Co, 20 3-205 E Main 

Vitzky Isaac, 406 Chapel 

Wagenheim Max, 119 Talbot 

Weisel Simon H, 201 E City Hall av 

♦White Oak Tailoring Co, 1018 Church 

Winer Sam 142 5 E Main 

I Wolfe Isaac, 1020 Wood 

j * Woodward Wm H, 841 Monticello av 

Tailoi-s Trimmings 

i Liebman Louis, 605 E Pluine 

Talking Machines 

i Causey & Carey, 311 Granby 


j Wilson James, 510 Cove 

Tea and Coffee Stores 

! Grand Union Tea Co, 4 50 Granby 

j Great Atlantic <fc Pacific Tea Co The, 456 

Granby and City Mkt 
j Kenney C D Co, 67 Commercial pi, 3 01 Brewer 

and 672 Church 
! Robin? Joel T, 14-16-18 City Mkt 

Tea, Coffee and Spice — Wholesale 
Autocrat Distributing Co, 7 7 Roanoke av 
Gill J G Co Inc, 29 Roanoke av 
Private Estate Coffee, 1022 Bank of Commerce 

Telegraph Companies 

Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, 229 E Main, 1 
Berkley av, B, 7 00 Front* and Monti- 
cello Hot el 

bailing and Addressing 

iVSwtusal Building, 

,u*ars a Specially. 

RiGKmortil, Virginia. 

A© 1 I 111 - fi The Rural Route Makes You Our Neigh- 

mencanBankari IrustCo. ^iSff^SL 

CAPITAL, S200.000.00. 





Western Union Tel Co, 113 W Main, 622 Front, 
232 E Water, Union Station and Monti- 
cello Hotel 

Telephone Companies 

Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co of Va 
The, 406 E Plume and 208 Walnut, B 

Telephone Poles 

Jordan Bros Lumber Co, mezzanine floor Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
West J W Casper, 501 Bank of Commerce 


Tent, Awning and Flag Manufacturers 

Hogshire, Hudglns & Co Tnc The, 133 W Main 

Theatres and Places of Amusement 

Academy of Music, 2 06 E Main 

American Theatre, (moving- pictures) 316 

Arcade Theatre, (moving' pictures) 225 E City 

. Hall av 
Bonita The, (moving- pictures) 412 E Main 
Colonial Theatre, 116 W Tazewell 
Columbia, (moving pictures-) 604 E Main 
Crosman Thearte, (moving pictures- 3 30 | 

Dixie Theatre. 1123 E Liberty, B 
Ghent Theatre, 611 Colley av 
Granby Theatre, 4 23 Granby 
♦Manhattan Theatre. 623 E Queen 
*Palace Theatre, (moving pictures) 830 I 

Rex Theatre, 205 Berkley av, B 
*Star Theatre, 813 Church 
Strand Theatre The, 3 27 Granby 
West Roland M, 105 Chestnut, B 
Wells Theatre. 108 E Tazewell 
Wonderland The, 151 Granby 

Tile and Cement 

Carroll Tile & Cement Co. 23 9 Monticello Ar- I 
cade and 767 National la 

Timber Lands 

Hoggard H C & Co, 4 00 Dickson Bldg 
Ives Joseph R & Co, 317 E Plume 

Tin and Sheet Iron Workers 

Atlantic Metal Co, 345 Monticello Arcade 
Belote James W.. 15 04 Claiborne av 
Bonney Obie L, N & W Ry nr Omohundro av ; 
Dyer Augustus C, 5 05 Park av 
Flora Walter H,, 1015 Brambleton av 
Gallaher Wm A, 641 Landing 
Harwell Root A: 124 W Plume 
Haskett Joseph C, 209 Chestnut, B 
Meginley Wm C, 913 E Liberty. B 
Muller Wm B, rear 141 Talbot 
Norfolk Sheet Metal Works, 108 Boush 
Odend'Hal-Monks Corp, 23d nr Church (on j 
N & W Ry) | 

Shapiro Saml, 53 5 Church 
Shepherd W J & Co Inc.. 708 Church 
Watson Geo E, 312 Wolfe 

Title Guarantee Companies 

Guaranty Title & Trust Corp, 222 Law BkU- 

Title Guaranty & Surety Co, 609 Paul-Green- 
wood Bldg 

Tobacco Stemmers 

American Cigar Co, Norfolk Stemmery Prin- 
cess Anne av and N & W Ry 

Tool Dressers 

Hall Shirley A, Granby cor E 11th. 

Towel Supplies 

Norfolk Coat & Towel Supply Co, 1119 E 

Virginia Towel Supply Co, 814 E Main 

Schwan Max Inc, 


!0 5 Granby 

Trading Stamps 

Sperry & Hutchinson Co The, 117 College pi 

Transfer Companies 

City & Suburban Transfer Co.. W Plume cor 

*Eagle Transfer & Express Co, 410 .Union 
Harrison Transfer Co, 113 E Plume 
Irwin's Transfer Co, 12 Nebraska 
Norfolk <fc Portsmouth Transfer Co, 3 07 W 

"Union Transfer. 412 Cove 
Withy-Etheridge Baggage Transfer Co, Inc, 

115 City Hall av 

Trucks — Cotton 

Whitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 9 02 Cooke av 

TSrucks — Lumber 

Whitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 9 02 Cooke av 

Trucks — -Railroad 

Whitehurst R W Mfg Corp, 9 02 Cooke av 

Trunks, Traveling Bags, etc 

Carr, Mears & Peebles Inc, 145 Granby 
Metropolitan Trunk & Bag Factory, 44 2 E 

Norfolk Trunk Factory Inc, 149 Granby 
Tuttle, Bonney & Urquhart Inc, 260 Granby 

cor Washington 

Trust Companies 

Fidelity Savings & Trust Co Inc, 116 W Plum? 
Norfolk Bank for Savings <fc Trust The. 24 
E Main 

Tug Boats and Towing 

Clark Joseph M & Co.. ft Roanoke av 
Gring Chas, 1208 Bank of Commerce Bldg 
Hancock Wm H, 15 Campbell's whf 
Hudson Transportation Co, 80 Roanoke av 
Lake Drummond Towing Co, 610 Seaboard 
Bank Bldg 


flutua! Building, 

Can Furnish You 

Business list 

Try Them 

Richmond, Virginia 

life Insurance Company of Virginia OLDE |J u 






Lamberts Point Tow Boat Co Inc, N & W Ry 

Coal Piers 
Marshall Towing Co, 9 Campbell's whf 
Southern Transportation Co, 1022 Royster 


Turkish Baths 

Hotel Kismet & Turkish Baths Inc, 142 Atlan- 
Streen Saml, 713 E Charlotte 

Twenty-five Cent Stores 

Grant W T & Co, 252 Granby 

Typewriters and Supplies 

Norfolk Typewriter Exchange & Supply Co, 

217 E Main 
Remington Typewriter Co, 407-410 Board of 

Trade Bldg 
Royal Typewriter Co Inc, 219 Board of Trade 

Smith L C & Bros Typewriter, 207 Monticello 

Typewriter & Supplies Co, 225 E Plume 
Underwood Typewriter Co, 204 E Plume 

Umbrella Manufacturers 

Regal Umbrella Co Inc, 149 Granby 

Barkley James & Co Inc, 521 Cove, 224 Mon- 
ticello av and 577 Chapel 
Black Wrn G, 507 E Plume 
Gilchrist Wm T, 410 Church 
Holmes Herbert N, 210 Wolfe 
Rhodes Christian K, 605 Union 


*Munson Rubber Co, 7 78 Granby 

Wall Paper 

Anderson Jno A, 200 Bank 

Consolvo, Hose & Oliver, 608 Botetourt 

Evans I & Co, 30 4 Bank 

Umstadter M & Co, 104 W Charlotte 

Wall Plaster 

Bvnby-Ford-Wilbur Co Inc. W 24th cor De- 


Baltimore Through Frt Warehouse, ft W Wa- 

I Cobb Woodson C, 4 Commerce 

j Philadelphia Through Frt Warehouse, E end 

J Southgate Terminal Warehouse, W Tazewell nr 

! Upton L J & Co, 1025 E Water 

Undertakers' Supplies 

Terwiiliger Hunter L, 1602-1606 Brambleton 


Underwriters Inspection Bureau, 7 24 Rovster 

Uniforms (White «£: Khaki) and Equipment 
Carr, Mears Sc Peebles Inc, 14 5 Granby 

United States Commissioners 

Grant Chas Sharp, 3 32 Law Bldg 
Stephenson Percy S, 311 Monticello Arcade 


♦Elias Jno W, 526 Church 
Hamilton Saml F, 2 02 Bank / 
Machen Richd F, 34 2 Monticello av 
Madison Bros, 24 3 W York 
♦Skinner Willis F, 1239 Chapel 
*Tidewater Upholstering Co, 143 W Queen 

Vacuum Cleaners 

King F F Co, 119-123 W 25th 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Balla M Jewelry Co, 44 2 E Main 

Bartley Abraham, 237 Church 

Bennett's Jewelry Store Inc, 154 Granby 

Driesell F & Son, 10 4 Church 

Frank & Flaunt, 109 Church 

Harding Emmett H, 5 03 E Main 

Hendrick Joseph T, 815 Lincoln No 1 

Hoist Frank J, 9 41 Church 

Hoy Leonard L, 30 5 Church 

Kagey Jacob S, 413 Chestnut, B 

Kahn Bernard, 116 Granby 

Klavans Jacques, 121 W Tazewell 

Miller & Cooper, 123 W Charlotte 

*Pegram Wm II, 1105 E Liberty, B 

Powell Fletcher, 422 Chestnut, B 

Rauch Jewelry Co, 20 2 E Main 

♦Stephenson Jewelry Co, 915 Church 

♦Stephenson Mark J, 827 Church 

Taitz Hyman, 5 25 Church 

Taitz Israel, 4 29 Church 

♦Wilson Simon A, 1134 Church 

Wright Edward IT, 26 Chamberlaine Bldg 

Water Proofing 

American Chemical & Mfg Co Inc. 617 Monti- 
Veneers cello av 
Norfolk Veneer Co Inc.. N & W Ry nr Granby Denby-Ford-Wilbur Co Inc, W 24th cor De- 
Powhatan Basket & Veneer Co, 307 So Pro- i Bree av 

duce Co Bldg 
Virginia Wood Products Co, N S R R Ches- I Water Supply Companies 

terfield Hts ! Norfolk County Water Co, 8 Monticello Ar- 

Veterinary Surgeons \ Portsmouth, Berkley and Suffolk Water Co, 

Baldwin J Plummer, 28 8 Granby I Cnestajit, B 

M 7f That is the motto 
of the HILL DI- 

"Saissirv Y@ur Customer 

RECTORY CO.. Inc., in all their Multigraph arid Addressing Work. Try us. 


214 BOLLI] 

IM^AN Hi ¥ I YeterinarvSur?eon and Dentist 

.UMllutdlj 1/* ? • JUL i !f . : v,;.- ' , , - .;■:,- r 

ro ok. Ffaoae: off ice, 319; Residence, J404 I Treat die Various Diseases of Ail Dumb Animals 

Weather Strips 

American Metal Weather Strip Co, 319 Bank 

of Commerce Bldg 
Lindgren Carl A, Granby cor 9th 
Southern Metal Weather Strip Corp, 233 W 


Wharf Facilities 

Burton's Point Wharf & Warehouse Corp, Bur- 
tons Point, Va 
Groner's Wharf, West end Southampton av 
Hilliard Point Corporation, 26 Dickson Bldg 
Johns Bros Inc, 514 Woodis av and 10 5 W 

Seaboard Wharf & Warehouse Co, 7 0S Law 

Window Cleaners 

American Window Cleaning Co, 44 3 Granby 
O K Window & Office Cleaning Co, 4 26 E 

Window Screens 

Lindgren Carl A, Granby cor 9th 

Wood — Ca rvers 

Winning Wm F, 114 W Bute 

Wood Dealers 

Dixon Geo W, Virginian Ry nr Halstead, Bal- 

lentine pi 
Griffin Bros Inc, Church and N & W Ry 
Guy O W Co Inc, Colonial av nr N & W Ry 
Johns Bros Inc. 514 Woodis av, Atlantic City 

and 10 5 W Main 
Jones A S, 28 Elain pi, B 

and 128 Atlantic cor E Plume, S B Har- 
rell pres, J T Lynch v-pres, F S Sager sec- 

treas (see back cover and p 67) 
Norfolk Fuel Co Inc. Colley av and N & W Ry 
Nottingham & Wrenn Co The, 511 Front 
Sallinger W S & Co, Omohundro av cor N & 

W Ry 
Stewart Coal Co Inc, Clay av cor Railroad av 

and W 3 4th cor Killiam av 
Taylor Geo W & Co Inc, 21 Haddington Bldg 
White C B & Bro Inc, Brambleton av and N 

& W Ry 
Woodward Harry D, Chase and N & W Ry 

Wrecking, Steamers and Barges 

Merritt & Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Co, 
23 5 Ledger-Dispatch Bldg and ft South- 
ampton av 


Fleischmann Co The, 4 23 E Freemason 


Population, 1916 39,651 

Value of real estate 812,450,463.85 

Value of personal property S2, 543, 629. 75 

State tax on personal property, intangible, 10c on the $100. 
State tax on real estate, 10c on the Si 00. 

Assessments on public utilities by State corporation commission Si, 563,317. 63 

Capitation tax. white 7,296 

Capitation tax, colored 1 ,356 

Number voters, white 4,864 

Number voters, colored 904 

Portsmouth, the county seat of Norfolk county, is situated on the west bank of the 
Elizabeth River nine miles from Hampton Roads, with a channel depth of thirty-five 
feet at low water to the Atlantic ocean; in the heart of the famous trucking section oi 
Tidewater, Virginia, and being on the mainland side of the great harbor of Norfolk- 
Portsmouth, not cut off by any large body of water, is the principal land outlet for the 
immense traffic which reaches this section for foreign and coastwise distribution to the 
principal markets of the world. The three larger trunk lines of the South, i. e.. Southern 
Railway, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, and the Seaboard Air Line Railway, have their 
terminals in the city proper or in the suburbs. 

The manufacturing advantages of the city are the greatest in this section, which fact 
is being recognized rapidly by the establishment <> r such industnt's a^ cotton seed oil 

um SMe & wi y, lie. «• • «gg*8» 



4 % r " 

'jvHhAC&mfillA If a M Most P ro &ressive town of size 
Wi^HlieS¥iiie ? Voia^^o South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. Come on quick—big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



refining mill, hosiery and underwear factories, fertilizer works, veneer plants, wood- 
working establishments, furniture, paper, cotton seed meal, soap and many other of the 
staple products. 

The largest government navy yard, covering over 350 acres of land, with three large 
dry docks, and another to be built which Congress has just authorized at a cost of $3,- 
000,000.00 together with 85,000,000.00 of other improvements found necessary for the 
building of battleships and destroyers. Over 4,000 wage-earners are constantly em- 
ployed in this great workshop. The city has fifty large industries, employing approxi- 
mately 9,000 wage-earners; thirty miles of electric railways; five miles or more of deep 
water front; the normal outlet of a large section of the South's most productive country; 
over $9,000,000.00 invested in manufacturing plants; connected by eight large railway 
systems and fifteen steamship lines; the garden truck spot of the world; banking institu- 
tions with surplus exceeding the capital many times; a commodious harbor with thirty- 
five feet of water at low tide to the ocean, and the largest government shipbuilding plant 
in the United States. 


(Municipal Building, 404-408 Court St.- 

Mayor — Dr F S Hope 
City Clerk — L P Slater 
Treasurer — Henry L Hudgins 
City Auditor — L C Brinson 
City Collector — F C Hanrahan 
Commissioner of Revenue — John C Nie- 
lli eyer 

City Attorney — John ,W Happer 
Street Inspector — J H Fleming 
Clerk of Market — Edward N Grant 
Physician to Almshouse — Dr Vernon Brooks 
Keeper of Cemeteries — D W Ballentine 
Commonwealth's Attorney — Robt B Albert- 

Physician to the Poor — Dr Hugh Parrish 
Sanitary Inspector — David W Murden 
Inspector of Plumbing — J W Mathews 
Sergeant — R E Glover 
Deputy Sergeant — Morris Rudd 
City Engineer — Jos F Weaver Jr 
High Constable — W L Walker 
City Bacteriologist — Dr Joseph Grice 


City Circuit Court — Judge, B D White; 
Clerk, E Thompson; Deputy Clerks, F L 
Hudgins; Miss A W Robinson 

Hustings Court — Judge, Kenneth A Bain; j 
Clerk, E Thompson ; Deputy Clerks, F L Hudg- j 
ins; Miss A W Robinson 

County Circuit Court — Judge, C W Cole- I 
man; Clerk, Alvah H Martin; Deputy Clerk, I 
W H Lyons 

County Justices of the Peace — C W Rock- | 

afeller, F A Waterman, R S Moling, Geo L j 

'Hanbury, J C Quinn, W H Creekmur, C W ! 

Sail, W T Creekmur, T L Pollard, R J Dough, j 

- T S Warren, Leonard Stokes, II E Trent. P | 

L Poindexter, K S Galraoi-i, !> F Vaughan Jo- 

seph T Duke, R T Powell, A Miller, J C Bailey, 
Q C Davis 

Board of Health 
W II Culpepper, President; D W Murden, 
Secretary; E W Maupin, Jr, W H Culpepper, 
James P Harrell, J F Benson, J R Knight, T 
D Roper, W H Tonkin, Dr. Vernon Brooks, 
Health Ofhcer; D W Murden, Sanitary Inspec- 

Accou Jit ants 
Parrish Joseph A D, 409 SAL Ry passgr sta- 

Apartment Houses 

Argyle Apts, 412 North 

Arlington Apts, 125 N Halton 
Chelsea Apts, 305 North 
Colonial Apts, 208 Middle 
Court Apts, 814 Court 
Courtland Apts, 310 Court 
Crawford Apts, 319 Crawford 
Edinburgh Apts, 58 Court 
Gloucester Apts, 107 Middle 
Hampton Apts, 5 28 Hampton pi 
Hopkins Apts, 806 Court 
Lee Robt Apts, 9 39 B 
Macon Apts, 30 9 North 
Rudwall Apts, 20G Middle 
Savoy Apts, 1014 Court 
Sheldon Apts, 33 Dinwiddie 
Waverly Apts, 24 Court 

Westmoreland Apts, 200 Mt Vernon av, Port 


Cassell Chas M, 4 34 High 
Major Chas M, Commercial Bldg 

Albertson Robt C, Law Bldg * 
Bagby Riehd It, 6 Old Kirn Bldg 



'i r k 

8 JL 

UK it it 

9 North Seventh Street 
Richmond, Va. 

CO., Inc. HEATING sec! 



PHONE 176 



Come to Petersburg 



Bang-el A A, 1 Old Kirn Bldg 

Barclay R Clifford Jr, 2 015 Rosenbaum Bldg 

Brinkley Harry A, 314 New Kirn Bldg 

Cassell Norman, 3 Law Bldg 

Coleman Chas W, IS Old Kirn Bldg 

Crocker Frank L, 1 Law Bldg 

Davis Richd J, 20 6 Commercial Bldg 

Eastwood Wm T, 20 5 Commercial Bldg 

Happer J no W, 203 Rosenbaum Bldg 

♦Hill Junius H, 1218 High 

Jackson Harry S, 345 Chautauqua av, Port 

Parker & Oast, 13 Law Bldg 
Parrish Winston, 4 Law Bldg 
Porter Jno W H, 20S Rosenbaum Bldg 
*Reid Wm M, 7 Tidewater Bldg 
Staples Foster F V, 1 Old Kirn Bldg 
Triplett Roderick, 310 New Kirn Bldg 
Watts & Hatton, 2 01 Commercial Bldg 


Daughtridge Wm O, 90 8 High 
McGalliard Joseph A, 625 High 
Mitchell Agency Inc, 705 High 

Automobile Supplies 
Lindsay E P & Co, 518 Middle 

Parker Winiield S, lu05 Prentis av 
Portsmouth Automobile. Supply Co. 62 3 High 

Bagging; and Ties 

Norfolk Bagging Co, Water cor Queen 
Priddy C W & Co Inc.. Water cor Queen 


Cartwright Bakery, 219 S Effingham 
Collector Joseph L, 229 County 
Home Bakery The, 836 Glasgow 


Bank of Portsmouth, 234 High 

Bank of Tidewater Inc, 225 High 

First National Bank of Portsmouth ,306 High 

Merchants & Farmers Bank, 217 High 

* Mutual Savings Bank Inc, 222 S Green 

* Edwards Jno, 1144 County 
Facenda Nick A, 512% 1st 

*Fagan Wesley L, 23 2 County 
Flynn Stephen, 539 South 
*Gatling Jno, 110 4th av 
Giannelli Antonio, 206 High 
Gleason Wm C, 515 S Effingham 
*Green Joshua, 511 Godwin 
•♦Griffin Walter, 2531 County 

* Hatcher Walter, 412 Crawford 

Hotel Monroe Barber Shop, 415 Court 
♦Hunt Jno T, 224 County 
Ideal Barber Shop, 337 High 
Imperial Barber Shop, 603 4th 
*Jones Jno, 1338 High 
Jones Saml, 2 03 6th av 
Lassiter Jno T, 314 County 
*Macklin Boiling, 911 S Chestnut 

* Manning Chas, 8 24 S Chestnut 

Martin Wm E, 649 Mt Vernon av, Port Nor- 
Miano Joseph, 504 V 2 1st 
♦Mills Andrew, 802 S Chestnut 
♦Mills Richd, 921 7th 
Model Barber Shop The, 603 High 
*Moye Wm H, 417 4th 

* Owens James, 9 05 S Chestnut 
Palace Barber Shop, 625 Crawford 
♦Peebles Wm H, 813% County 
*Purdy Chas, 1302 County 

*Ray Wm R, 1045 Queen 
Sanitary Barber Shop, 117 High 

Savoy Barber Simp. 4 414 1st 

■Smith Janus A, 83 4 County 
♦Taylor Arthur L, 817 High 
Tuthill ChasL, 515 Middle 
♦Vaughan Henry J, 8 39% South 
Virginia Barber Shop, 5 07 Crawford 
♦Walke Forrest, 217 S Green 
♦Webb Julius S, 821 S Chestnut 
♦Westmoreland Jno, 2202 S Chestnut 
♦White Jno T, 412 S Green 

♦Wiggins Elijah, 80 6 High 

♦Williams Anthony, 700% S Chestnut 

♦Yancey Wm F, 805 High 

Ba rbers 

♦Andrews A J & Sons, 1515 S Chestnut 
♦Arrington Willis, 914 County 
♦Bailey Thos, 82 4 High 
♦Battle Chas T, 14 03 County 
♦Billups Walter, 2823 High 
Bishop Thos H, 410 6th av 
♦FJoone James N, 231 County 
Callaway Stewart, 401 Mt Vernon av, Port Nor- 
Central Barber Shop, 20 5 and 617 High 
♦Choate James H, 702 London 
♦Clemmons Henry C, 9 29 Glasgow 
♦Connor Richd W, 301 4th 
♦Crocker Henry, 110S County 
♦Davis Wm, 220 County 
Douglas Walter E, 111 Mt Vernon av 
♦Driver Geo W, 908 Glasgow 
Eaele Bnrber Shop. 518 1st 


I Churchland Mfg Co, 18 Old Kirn Bldg 

| Planters Mfg Co, 7th <fe Maryland av, Port 

j Portsmouth Barrel Co, ft Bart 

Bicycles — Dealers and Repairers 

j Boyce Ell wood L, 2 501 Glasgow 
i Harrell Luther M, 604 High 
! Morris Jesse T, 608 Crawford 

Bill Posters 

Dixie Poster Advertising Co Inc, 

27 Crawford 

Billiard Parlors 

♦Bailey & Walker, 814 High 
i ♦Braxton James H, 902 S Qhestnut 
j Central Pool Parlor, 605 High 
i *Dauerhtry Sandy D, 611 Godwin 

Call onSYDNOR PU^? AND WELL CO. Inc., Richmond, Va, 


See Our Adv. \n Buyers Guide 



Phone 320 




DcGaribody Claude W, 104 7 County 

♦Manning James E, 801 High 

Mikado Billiard & Bowling Parlor, 317 High 

Portsmouth Pool & Billiard Parlor, 203% High 

Rochester Billiard Parlor, 301 High 

Tuxedo Pool Parlors, 119 High 

Blacksmith and Wheelwrights 

* Johnson Jno C, 26 3 4 Glasgow 
♦Johnson Rout D, 9 25 South 
Parker Jno D, 221 County 
♦Wimbish Isham, 1528 County 

Boarding Houses 

Arlington The, 213 High 

Cragin Annie A Mrs, 9 08 Court 

Crawford Cordelia Mrs, S14 4th 

Crawford House, 201 Queen 

Grimes Laura V Miss, 5 29 County 

Hodsden Thos D, 515 Dinwiddie 

Knight Nannie Mrs, 721 South 

Lee Bertha Mrs, 3 08 South 

Lotsey Annie M Mrs, 621 Harrison 

McCata Ella Mrs, 504 S Effingham 

McCoy Laura Mrs, 423 South 

McPherson Lizzie Mrs, 9 00 Washington 

Moore Ada L Mrs, 21 S Glasgow 

Nolan Margaret Mrs, 70 Court 

Porter Dull G Mrs, 1051 B 

Quillin Adelaide C Mrs, S09 Dinwiddie 

Smith Jennie O Mrs, 4 21 Columbia 

Walton Virginia F Mrs, 2U09 County 

Weekly Luther Mrs, 711 Court 

Boat Builders 

Wildley Murton R, 30 6 Hamilton av, Port Nor- 


Fiske William A, 106 High 
Whitson & Shepherd, 117 High 

Bottlers — Soft Drinks 

City Bottling Works, S Chestnut cor Lincoln 
Lime Cola Sales Agency, 611 Edwards 
Portsmouth Bottling Works, 611 Edwards 

Bowling Alleys 

Universal Bowling & Amusement Corp, 229 

Box Ma mif actu rers 

Am Box & Lumber Co, Broad cor 7th, Port 

Camp Mfg Co, 811 Crawford 
Parker Paper Box Manufactory, High cor 9th 


Box Shooks 
Berkley Box & Lumber Co Inc The, County 

and Belt Line Crossing 

Builders Material 

Debnam Geo R, 1015 Queen 

Port Norfolk Supply Co, Broad at A C L Ry, 
Port Norfolk 

j Portsmouth Contractors 
cor Belt Line 

Supply Corp, High 

Building and Loan Associations 

j Elizabeth Bldg & Loan Assn, 510 Middle 
j Home Permanent Building Assn of Ports- 
mouth, 309 High 
j National Bldg & Loan Assn, 438 High 
I Portsmouth & Norfolk County Bldg & Loan 

Assn, 430 High 
I Seaboard Bldg & Loan Assn Inc The, 635 High 
j *Tidewater Bldg Assn, 8 Tidewater Bldg 

Butchers and Meat Markets 

| Codd L Hall, 222 South 
Codd & Co Inc, 18 Seaboard Mkt 
Cnsmond James R, 303 South 
Dunn Edward C, 901 County 
Friedman & Bates, 813 County 
Highsmith Wm B, 1 New Central Mkt 
Markman Saml, 210 County 
Norfolk County Stock Farm Co, 218 South 
*Riddick Joseph F, 23 3 County 
Robertson 'Augustus M, 2 New Central Mkt 
Robertson Jno B & Son, 216 South 
Sanitary Meat Market, 300 County 
Scher Jacob, 615 High 

Butter Dishes — Wooden 

Southern Wood Products Co Inc, High nr Belt 

Candy Ma mi fact u vers 

Brittingham Bros Inc, 416 S Effingham 
Montgomery Chas L, 305 South 

Carpenters and Builders 

Jones W M, 160 6 Ward Terrace Circle 
Stroud Walter H, 309 N Armstrong 
Walters J James, 1417 A 
Wilkins Edward B, 1029 B 

Carriage and Wagon Builders 

Dunning Lemuel W, 229 South, 
Lindsay Co The, 1029 South 
Parker Win field S, 1123 South ' 
Sullivan D, 600 Middle 

Cigar Manufacturers 

O'Brien Wm J, 509 1st 
Owens Chas, 518 Crawford 

Cigars and Tobacco 
Brown Jno J, 305 High 
Facenda Antonio, 514 1st 
Orpheum Cigar & News Store, 324 High 
Union Cigar Co, 20 9 High 
Walters Anna G Mrs, 118 1st 
Wise Cigar Co, 106 High 

Cleaning and Pressing* 

♦Andrews Mark L, 1519 S Chestnut 
"Ballard Thos, 400 Pearl 
*Ballentine Wm H, 516 S Green 
•Buffalo Cleaning & Pressing Club, 120 S 




irsiriia Fire & 

GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,728.19. 







♦Columbia Cleaning: & Pressing Works, 701 

•Eagle Pressing Club, 909 S Chestnut 

Eclipse Cleaning & Dyeing Co Inc, 2 06 High 

♦Hall Jno, 1336 Queen 

♦Hodsden Jno, 535 Highland av 

Howard Walker D, 6* 00% High 

♦Ideal Cleaning & Pressing Club, 1128 County 

Ideal Cleaning & Pressing Works, 1201 Court 

♦Jarvis Jno J, 36 8 Maryland av, Port Nor- 

♦Johnson Wm, 2 533 County 

♦Jordan Arthur, 702 London 

Metropolitan Pressing Club, 3 20 County 

♦Mosby Geo, 807 High 

♦Nicholson Walter Jr, 103S Mt Vernon av, 
Port Norfolk 

Park View Dry Cleaning Co, 302 S Chestnut 

*Smitn Edward, 934 County 

♦Smith Edward R, 3 02 S Green 

♦Smith Ezra T, 2 20 4 S Chestnut 

Smith Herbert L, 16 3 3 Queen 

Smith Williamson F, 5 21% Middle 

♦gpivey Wm B. 2S10 High 

* White House Tailoring Shop, 811 County 

♦Wimbish Geo W, 20 5 6th av 

Zappitelli Antonio. 413 Crawford 

Clothes Lookers 
Pierce Jno Q, 507 1st 


Berlin d Harry, 606 Crawford j 

Bord Harry, 6 06 Crawford 
Bord Saml, 6 3 8 High 
Breslauer <& Anthony, 114 High 
Caplan I & Son, 6 32 High 
Friedman Kyman. 1019 County 
Gold Sarnl, 724 Crawford 
Kirkstein Fannie Mrs. 508 Crawford 
Laderberg Win. 5 20 Crawford 
Land Sarah B Mrs.. 7 04 Crawford 
Mervis Saml M. 2 28 County 
Rapoport Rosa Mrs, 5 24 Crawford 
Sch warts Jno, 906 County 
Solomon Morris, 410 1st 
Stonefield B Max, 612 Crawford 
Thomas Eliza J Mrs.. 2 301 S Chestnut 


Catholic Club, 404 Middle 

Elks Home, 329 North 

Fourth Ward Social & Athletic Club. 505 4th 

Park View Athletic Assn.. 4 26 Webster av 

Portsmouth Athletic Club, 215 2d 

Portsmouth Boat Club, Swimming Point 

Coal and Wood 

Beazley & Blanford, High cor Pine and 2350 

Brown Cyrus, 321 S Green 

Burford Robt M, 10 20 Godwin 

Groemvoll Wood Co Inc. 1701 S Chestnut 

Kitch Wood & Coal Co, ft N Cooke 

Jones Benson, 7th & Hamilton av, Port Nor- 

Mattox Junius A, 813 Randolph 

Maupin Wm G, 213 Queen 

Oast Saml P, 312 Clifford 

Plummer Hiram F, 1414 County 

Portsmouth Coal & Ice Co Inc, High cor Arm- 

Prentis Place Fuel Co Inc, Randolph cor S 

Price Edward, 639 Harrison 

* Rogers Eugene G, 2118 Pine 

Wilkins Henry B, 1213 Washington 

Commission Merchants and Produce Dealers 

Beaton J W & Son, 207 County 

Griffin Jno T Truck Corp, 18 Old Kirn Bldg 

Higginbotham Ella Mrs.. 214 South 

Moss Morris J, 212 South 

Nichols & White, 80 3 Crawford 

Southern Produce Co, 18 Old Kirn Bldg 

Wainwright Clifton F, 239 County 

Commissioners in Chancery 

Brinkley Harry A, 314 New Kirn Bldg 
Davis Richd J, 206 Commercial Bldg 
Happer Jno W, 203 Rosenbaum Bldg 
Parrish Winston, 4 Law Bldg 
Staples Foster F V, 1 Old Kirn Bldg 

Commissioners of Accounts 

Brinkley Harry A, 314 Kirn Bldg 
Parrish Winston, 4 Law Bldg 

Commissioners of Affidavits 

Cassell Norman, 3 Law Bldg 

Confectioners and Fruit Dealers 

Alexander James, 104 High 
Boroody Lawrence, 332 High 
Cohen Fannie Mrs. 706 High 
Colasanti Cosimo, 801 County 
Depierro Dominic, 510 1st 
Facenda Thos, 522 1st 
Fantone's, 30 High 
Gardner Henry A, 613 Middle 
Kirsch Saml, 800 South 
Licastro Gaetano, 804 Crawford 
Lyons James J, 424 1st 
Merson J Chas, 3 00 1st 
Montague A, 710 5th 
Nelson Thos, 1114 Court 
Portsmouth Candy Kitchen, 20 8 High 
Rollins D C & Bro, 1206 Court 
Russo F & Co, 5 06 Crawford 
Russo Guiseppe, 610 High 
Silverman Morris, 700 S Chestnut 
Skoufas James D, 612 S Effingham 
Snyder Esther Mrs, 626 High 
Spicuzza Thos, 706 Crawford 
United Shop, 7 22 High 

Con feci f oners — Wh olesa 1 e 

Globe Wholesale Confectionery, 810 County 

Kas-s &■ Lee Co, 609 Crawford 


Phono Randolph £5« 

m i," 6i8 

Representing all Avian tic, Trsti 

ts- Allan tic 


and Pacific Steamship I in<-s 

I n el 



107 SHARP 






Cont ractors — Brick 

Manrahan James E, 4 08 Glasgow 
\\ r ard Geo R, 304 South 

Contra ctors — Concrete 

* Murphy Christopher C, 1312 High 

Contractors — General 
Moody Caleb M, 614 London 

Contractors Hauling 

*Long Benj, 1507 London 

Contractors and Builders 

Heise Edward C, 2027 S Effiingham 


Dixie Dairy, West Haven 

Meadow Brook Dairy, West Haven 

West Park View Dairy, West Haven 


♦Anderson Wm B, 312 S Green 
Byrd Oscar F, 2 22 High 
Haller Wm H, 20 7 High 
*McGriff Jno L, 1-4 Tidewater Bldg 
Stores Wm A, 1-2 Merchants & Farmers Bank 

Department Stores 

Frielding Co Inc The, 733-739 High 


*Barrington Mary E, 2410 Pine 

Bryant Lillie V Mrs, 7 20 Mt Vernon av, Port 

Denizet Rene Mrs, 311 High 
*Fisher Annie E, 1506 High 
*Newbie Pearl, 124 5 Glasgow 

* Smith Mary E, 2215 Elm av 
*Taylor Mamie, 730 Godwin 
♦Taylor Mattie G, 94 9 South 
Williams Mollie Mrs, 5 00 High 


Bailey Lucien M, 35 5 Broad, Port Norfolk 

*Bass Eugene J, 22 3 S Green 

Booth J W & Bro, 419 4th 

Carr Jerome P, 612 Court 

Clark Walter D, N Cooke cor A 

Dews Drug Store, 601 High 

Fourth Ward Pharmacy, 4 30 4th 

Gayle Nathaniel G, 314 High 

Gleason Wm C Jr, 20 4 6th av 

Hanger S T Drug Co Inc, 118 High 

Hodges Drug Co.. 7 30 High 

Hodges W K & Co, 836 South 

Hodges Walter K, 134 2 County 

Hurdle's Pharmacy, 201 S Ef fm-ham 

Kirn Korner Drug Co, 341 High 
Langhorne W S & Son, 800 Crawford 
Market Pharmacy, 83 9 High 
Naval Pharmacy, 601 4th 
Owens E W & Son, 7 0S S Chestnut 
Port Norfolk Pharmacy, 301 Broad, Port Nor- 

Seventh Ward Pharmacy, 1829 Elm av 
Trant's Monroe Pharmacy, 38 8 High 
Wilkins Edgar P, 412 6th av 

Dry Goods and Notions 

| Adams Jno E (Estate) 70 2 High 
I Badger Hugh, 134 High 
Cook Nora B Mrs, 32 2 1st 
Friedlin • Co Inc The, 733 High 
i Greenberg Davis, 1341 High 
I Jacobson Isaac, 8 00 4th 
[ Devenstein Isador, 62 2 High 
: McAlpine J E & Sunday, 214 6th av 
I Miller Louis, 801 6th 
| Moskowitz Israel, 624 High 
| Phillips, Adams & Co Inc, 30 2 High 
! Smith Benj F, 1901 Elm av 
I Surprise Store, 714 High 
: Weisman Thos, 1341 County 
j' Winder Eva Miss, 206 6th av 

Electrical Contractors 

Doughty L C & Co, 411 Crawford 
Pollard Harry C, 411 Water 


Portsmouth Business Men's Assn, 
mercial Bldg 

500 Corn- 

Express Companies 

; Adams Express Co., 400 Water 

j Southern Express Co. 4 00 Water 
I Wells, Fargo & Co Express, 207 Hi 


Ferries and Perry Companies 

Chesapeake Ferry Co, Water cor High 
Ferris Co The, Water cor High 

Fish, Game and Oysters 

*Barnes Emma, 2 3 Seaboard Mkt 
Culpepper David. 18 00 Glasgow 
Culpepper G Thos, 2503 Glasgow 

* Davis Wm H, 217 Columbia 

* Fisher James H, 1115 Mt Vernon 
Godfrey Cornelius H, 130 Maple av, Port Nor- 

Hodges Wm G ; 810 S Chestnut 
•Lynch Peter. 30-32 Seaboard Mkt 
*Miller Albert, 209 County 
v^Rlgbdick., Jessej 28 4 Glasgow 
Rowe J Severn, 1324 County 

* Sawyer Jno C, 619 Godwin 
Seeds Wm H, 416 Henry 
Wainwright-Ayers-Carroll Co, ft N Cooke. 53 

New Central Mkt, and 29-31 Seaboard Mkt 

* Wilson Alex, 5 2-54 New Central Mkt 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 
Heller Albert, 726 High 
Wool worth F W Co. 216 High 

Florists % 
Cotton W P Floral Co The, 3 2: 
Jackson Mary L, 316 s Green 

and 3 29 High 

national i 


Capital $50,000.00 

Surplus and Profits .$25,000,00 

Kellam Hospital, Inc. 





The Kellam Hospital is without parallel la the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we want 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundred* 
of sufferers treated during the past 18 years. 



Funeral Directors and EnibaLmers 

♦Fellow Craft Burial Co, 12 04 County 
♦Fisher Jno T & Bro, 312 E Effingham 
Flynn 8c O'Connor, 816 Court 
♦Grogan Wm M, 316 S Green 
♦Jackson Hamilton, 701 High 
♦Sampson Antonio, 100 8 County 
Snellings Joseph E, 608 S Green 
Specht & Cox, 217 4th 

Furnished Koonis 

Bower Florence Mrs, 127 Randolph 
Briggs Willie M Mrs, 423 Lincoln 
Brogan Mary J Mrs, 317 Lincoln 
Cohen Yetta Mrs, 209 2d 
Englehardt Bertha Mrs, 208 Lincoln 
Halpin Rosenia Mrs, 107 Henry 
Hay Loamie Mrs, 4 26 Fayette 
Jackson Edith Mrs, 306 1st 
List Annie Mrs, 632 Jefferson 
McCulley M Cora Mrs, 326 Lincoln 
McDonough Margaret Miss, 120 Henry 
O'Brien Julia Mrs, 222 Henry 
Parker James A, 801 Middle 
Philhower Leora F Mrs, 320 % Lincoln 
Rothlander Alice Mrs, 5 29 Lincoln 
Sanderson Maggie Mrs, 3 24 Lincoln 
Van Zant Nellie Mrs, 416 2d 
Young Annie M Mrs, 332 Harrison 

Furniture Dealers 

Bain Edward C, 710 Middle 

Channel Luther C. 12 20 County 

Coles Chas H, 72 3 County 

Crawford J S Co Inc, 221 High 

Crockin M M Co Inc, 215 High 

Curling Geo W, 1044 South 

Davis Jno B, 80 4 County 

Dorf Abraham, 1201 County 

Empire Cash & Credit House, 1126 County 

Fair Supply Co, 712 High 

Farragut Hugh A, 113 6 High 

Feinson Saml, 820 County 

Goodman Asral H, 6 01 S Green 

Lasting S & Bro, 7 25 High 

Morris Louis J, 600 S Effingham 

New & Second Hand Furniture Co, 302 County 

Nichols, Cochrane & Co, 911 South 

Reshefsky Bonnie, 808 County 

Shuman Harry, 15 41 High 

Steinman Max & Co Inc, 6 29 High 

Weiss Chas S, 826 County 

Gas Companies 

Portsmouth Gas Co, 512 High 

Gas and Electric Fixtures 
Hawks-Maupin Co The, 715 Crawford 

General Merchandise 

Bangel Harris, 7 06 S Chestnut 
Cook Benj E, 324 1st 

Port Norfolk Supply Co, Broad at A C L Ry, 
Port Norfolk 


Adams C Emmett, 4 9 Dinwiddie 

Alcorn Wm A, 4 00 Harrison 

Alexander Herbert L, 9 00 Dinwiddie 

Amelson Barnet, 8 24 Godwin 

♦Andrews Julia, 1521 S Chestnut 

Ansell Luther, 501 4th 

Ashe Thos W, New Central Mkt 

Atkins Elizabeth Mrs, 2915 S Chestnut 

Baker Julius S, 1147 London 

♦Ballard Simon L, 617 Highland av 

Balsom Frank, 2100 S Effingham 

Barney Max, 635 Jefferson 

♦Barrett Frank, 15 4 3 Queen 

Bassett & Co, 162 8 S Effingham 

Behrman Abraham, 100 S Green 

Belote J H & Son, 210 South 

Berman Saml, 1100 Queen 

Berson Michael, 23 28 Elm av 

♦Best Jordan, 708 Caledonia 

Blanchard Geo N, 711 Middle 

Bolinger Adam L, 8 04 N Cooke 

Bonney Saml, 2418 S Effingham 

Boulds J J & Son, 1111 Duke 

Bowden R Lee, 2112 S Green 

Bramble Richd C, 830 Chestnut and 900 South 

Brothers Jno F, 16 00 S Effingham 

Bulloch R A Co Inc. 2200 S Chestnut 

Cain M & M, 600 County 

Cannon Mary A Mrs, 29 29 High 

Caplan Harry R, 225 1st av 

Caplan Hyman, 806 County 

Caplan Louis T, 2 80 Glasgow 

Caplan Saml, 1200 County 

Carlin Reuben, 600 Marshall av 

♦Carpenter Matthew, 1501 H High 

Carr, Son & Co, 12 2 S Green 

♦Cary James P, 17 Middle 

Casteen James T, 100 4 South 

Chasman Abraham, 211 County 

Cimino & Daughtry, 709 Middle 

Clark Harry, 517 Henry 

♦Clark Joseph, 6 29 Centre av- 

Coates Burt G, 2309-2311 High 

Coffy Jno R, 3121 Elm av 

Cohen Harry M, 14 44 London 

Cohen Henry J, 112 5 S Chestnut 

Coin Jacob, 1642 King 

Coin Robt, 276 9 Glasgow 

Cole Hiram T, 3 70 Maryland av, Port Norfolk 

Councill Jno C, 300 South 

♦Covington Irene, 804% Summitt av 

♦Crocker Joseph C, 1124 Florida av 

Culpepper Edwin O, 727 4th 

Culpepper Reuben A, 2114 Glasgow 

Cupp Chas C, 408 1st 

Dougherty Ella L Mrs, 500 County 

DeGaribody Claude W, 1150 County 

Dorsk Solomon, 801 South 

Dowdy Michael, 19 35 Glasgow 

Dozier Jno W, 6 52 Carroll 

Edmonds Wm T, Seaboard Mkt 

Farrell Max, 1201 S Green * 

Fcnnell Mary C Miss, 1315 Villa 

Flax Frank. 1401 S Effinsrham 

hihh UuxiAjiMixl tile, 1I1C. 

Write us. 

Can handle all your MULTIGRAPH 
WORK and deliver it promptly. 

823 Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. 

u pon receipt of STfits^" 
merits to Policyholders 
000.00. Is paying its 
ORGANIZED 1871 Policyholders OVER $1,250,600.00 annually. 


Life Insurance Company of Virginia ^IBB^i^^k 



* Foster Harry, 9 20 Parker 
Frank Joseph, 800 2d 

Freed man Fannie Miss, 6 27 6th 
Freedman Harry, 5 59 Lincoln 
Freedrrian Philip, 280 High 
Friedman Saml, 1002 Washington 
Gifter Israel, 2418 S Chestnut 
Ginsberg Morris B, 2100 S Chestnut 
Glekman Isaac, 125 S Green 
Glynn Jno J, 422-424 2d 
Gold Louis, 636 South 
Goldman Philip, 2900 Glasgow 
Goodman Harry, 226 County 
Gordon Joseph, 300 S Chestnut 
Graff man Pauline Mrs, 822% County 

* Griffin A Thos, 74 4 Centre av 
*Hale Henry, 29 00 High 
Hanbury Saml W, 30 S Green 
Hardison Chas L, 904 County 
Harrell Amos, 1101 Glasgow 
Harrell Wm B, 105 Pearl 
♦Hill Peter, 5 42 Centre av 

Hillman A Nathan, 701 Highland av 

Hillman Benj, 2000 S Chestnut 

Hillman Isaac, 5 00 A 

Hillman Louis H, Key av nr Chestnut 

Hirsch Saml, 701 Fayette 

Hodges J F & Co, 431 Queen 

Hodges Jerome A, 7 08 South 

Hoffman Herman, 200 Chautauqua av, Port 

Hoffman Isidore, 3 4 2 Highland av 
Holland Wm D, 17 00 Elm av 
Holmes Geo W. 24 24 County 
Hudgins Chas W, 10 54 A 
Hurwitz Matthew, 2 500 County 
Jacobs Fannie Mrs, 6 36 High 
Jacobson David P, 2 600 County 
Jacobson Moses, 1130 London 
Johnson Albert A, West Haven 
Johnson Christopher C, 700 Dinwiddie 
*Johnson Jno C, 2941 Glasgow 
Jones Arthur L, 901 Glasgow 
Jones James B, 802 Crawford 
Jones James O, 1819 Elm av 
*Jones Jordan, 1418 High 
Jones Reuben H. 2 00 6th av 
Jones & Halstead, 1301 S Green 
Joyce J Grocery Co. 300 Lincoln 
Joyner Jno L. 2100 Queen 
Kanter Tillie Mrs, 331 1st av 
Kaplan Joseph, 800 6th 

Kaplan M Louis, S Effingham cor Lincoln 
Karp Grocery Co, 440 Henry 
Kasakoof Dora Mrs, 6 00 S Chestnut 
Katz Irvin, 827 6th 
Katz Morris, 537 Harrison 
Katz Sarnl, 1021 Dinwiddie 
Kirsch Saml, 9 54 South 
Kirshon Joche, 3000 Glasgow 
Kirstein Harry L, 1601 High 
Klevonskey Bros. 24 05 County 
Kramer Harry, 801 8th 
Kfaraer Max. 2129 S Effingham 
Krerer Harry C, 201 Middle 

Lamb M Felix, 2100 Glasgow 

Lamb Wm R, 4 08 6th av 

Lasting Harry, l2 S Green 

Lawing Henry C. 1316 Villa 

Lawrence Bros. 19 00 Elm av 

Leavitt Sadie Mrs, 1101 S Green 

Lestinsky Sarah Mrs, 1128 S Chestnut 

Levin Benj, 800 Godwin 

Levine Saml, 744 Carroll 

Lichty Simon, 323 S Eflingham 

Liebowitz Max, 112 5 S Green 

Lilley Geo E, 14 4 3 High 

Linsky Isadore, 1050 Queen 

Lockland Hyraan, 1301 S Chestnut 

Lovegrove James E, 712 Hamilton av, Port 

Lynch Millard F, 1001 County 
Lyons Wm P. 422 1st 
*McIntyre Redmond S, 2 01 Nicholson 
McPherson Jno E. 1141 Glasgow 
Marcus Aaron M, 12 34 County 
Marcus Abraham L, 132S London 
Marshall Jno E, 325 3d 
Martin Elizabeth E Mrs, 2401 Glasgow 
Merr Benj H, 712 S Chestnut 
Mervis Benj, 2 519 Elm av 
Miller Abraham, 629 5th 
Mirvis Isaac, 62 3 4th 
Moore James E. 1161 South 
Moore Robt L, 1100 South 
Moore Wm M, 801 Richmond av 
Mugirman Nathan. 94 County 
Nelson Jno M, 7 00 Highland av 
Nichols & Hodges, 14 01 High 
Oakes Edward J, 213 Glasgow 
*Owens Victoria, 700 Middle 
Peek Jethro, 4 00 5th 

Perry Bros, 661 Mt Vernon av, Port Norfolk 
Perry Saml J. 46 5 Perry 
Pierce Abraham, 600 High 
Plummer Hiram F. 1401 County 
Fort Norfolk Grocery Co, 258 Mt Vernon av, 

Port Norfolk 
Portsmouth Grocery Co, 1144 Glasgow 
*Powell Frank, 527 Columbia 
* Proctor J Frank, 4 00 Godwin 
Rascover Leo, 112 5 S Effingham 
Reuben Isaac, 702 Carroll 
Ricks Wm M, 918 Dinwiddie 
V^Rjddick Walter E,\2 37 County 
Robin Saml O, 10 4 5 Glasgow 
Robin & Silverman, 1100 County 
Rodgers Luther E. 514 S Effingham 
Rosen Rebecca Mrs, 1310 London 
Rosenblatt Harry, 104 7 London 
Rosenblatt Morris, 1100 Columbia 
Rosenfield Isaac H. 301 1st av 
Salloway Simon, 1301 Queen 
Saltzman & Fine. 1001 S Queen 
Sanders Geo, 2 509 Glasgow 
Scber Robt. 1100 S Chestnut 
Schnitzer Bessie Mrs, 660 Mt Vernon av, Port 

Srhwetz Boris, 2701 High and 619 Phillips av 
Scott James D. 129 Court 

£i n 

-.;-■*.-, '<r 


Offers HOME SITES as well as MANU- 


Charlottesville, Va 

Boom on Now 

Most progressive town of size 

p qtmh ^in South. Great Building 

Come on quick-— big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Segalin Morris, 801 S Green 

Shapiro Solomon J, 1316 Washington 

Sheer & Green, 400 S Green 

Siegel Saml J. 152S S Green 

Silverfarb Morris, 1400 S Green 

Silverman Morris, 806 S Chestnut 

Smith Joseph C, 2d nr Chautauqua av, Port 

Spivey Edward, 401 Maryland av, Port Nor- 

Stallings Amelia Mrs, 14 29 Maple av 

Steinberg Geo, 8 00 Stonewall 

Stir em ire Thos, 102 8 4 th 

*Stith Alex A, 994 Broad, Mt Hermon 

*Sumler Edmund, 27 70 High 

*Summerell Zant, 922 London 

Sumner James H, 16 26 Glasgow 

Sykes James II. 500 N Cooke 

Tabb Edward W, 52 6 Washington 

Taylor Chas E. 6 00 S Green 

Taylor Wm C, 12 08 Prentis av 

Tetelbaum Morris, 1000 Columbia 

*Thomas Win H, 300 Godwin 

Torksey Wm J, 1500 Atlanta av 

•Union Merchandise & Club Store, 1214 Coun- 

Vaughan Thos E. 500 London 

Vaughan Wm J, 698 Hamilton av, Port Nor- 

*Webb Daisy, 6 00 Summit av 

Weiner Isaac, 2 601 Glasgow 

Weismnn Louis. 1300 County 

White Thos D, .3 00 Des Moines av 

Williams Chas H, 22 3 S Effingham 

Williams Jno W. 9 34 South 

*Woodley Henry, 7 43 Centre av 

Woodard Lena Mrs, 429 Madison 

Woodard & Sawyer, 7 02 5th av 

*Wynn Lewis E, 911 Mt Vernon av, Mt Her- 

Yaffe Harry, 1300 S Effingham 

Zimmerman Abraham. 406 1st 

Ziskind Frank, 831 8th 

Grocers — Wholesale 

Cleaton Thos L, 601 Crawford 
Jacobson Bros, 60 3 Crawford 
Parker W & J, 701 Crawford 

/ Guns and Ammunition 

Morris Jesse T, 60S, Crawford 

Hair Dressers 

♦Stepney Helen, 130 7 S Effingham 

Hardware and Cutlery 

Baras Herman, 726 Crawford 
Blanchard Willard S. 90 8 South 
Hawks-Maupin Co The, 715 Crawford 
Johnson J Edwarn", 928 S Effingham 
Koootz Louis, 6 IS High 
Myrick H H & Co, 800 County 
Neville Joseph H, 602 Crawford 
Richardson Nestor F, 614 Crawford 
Robortsnn Wm F. 7 00 Crawford 

Solomon & Sons Inc. 616 Crawford 
Solomon Saml, 716 Crawford 

Hats and Caps 

Felton Wm Q, 327 High 
Hume Richd G, 33 6 High 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Branch J H & Co, 201 South 
Sykes A M & Son. S10 Crawford 
Warren J Lloyd, 217 County 


Central Horseshoeing Co, 615 S Chestnut 
Diggs Herbert. R, 9 00 Glasgow 
Portsmouth Horseshoeing Co, 610 Middle 


Home for the Aged, 82 2 Emmett 
King's Daughters' Hospital, Leckie cor Chest- 
United States Naval Hospital, end N Green 


Hotel Lafayette, 414 Crawford 
Hotel Monroe, Court cor High 
Lewis' Stag Hotel, 100 High 

House Furnishings 

Biiisoly Julius J, 307 High 

Tee Cream Manufacturers 

i Fella Angelo, 32 Columbia 

Hanbury Co The, 7 07 S Effingham 
Herbert Calder H, 1113 Washington 
Portsmouth Coal & Ice Co Inc, High cor 

Premier Ice Cream Co Inc, 9 24 High 

Ice Manufacturers and Dealers 

Maupin Wm G, 213 Queen and 9 23 High 
Portsmouth Coal & Ice Co Inc, High cor Arm- 

Insurance Agents 
Arps A & Co. 516 Middle 
Bain Jesse C. 521 Middle 
Bain Thos A, 512 Middle 
Biiisoly F Nash, 510 Middle 
Brooks-Parker Co Inc, 313 High 
Central Insurance Agency Inc, 8 Robertson 

Emmerson Jno C. 219 High 
Parish Wm G, 5 Old Kirn Bldg 
Glazer Philip & Co, 438 High 
Home Ins Agency Inc, 309 High 
Kaufman Jeter C, 516 Middle 
Leafe J W Co, 214 New Kirn Bldg 
Leigh J Wm, 204 New Kirn Bldg 
Miller Frank H, 6 Old Kirn Bldg 
Trant-Reynolds Co Inc, 210 New Kirn Bldg 
Welton Chas R, 33 4 High 
Williams Lawrence A, 7 Robertson Bldg 

Insurance Companies — -Accident- 
FidePtv & Casualty of N Y, 309 Hig-h 

PHONE 891 

rVvi>r Fsirmnrs nncl Merrlivml 

Bank, Staunton. Va. 


Farms, Orchards, Timber And Goal Lands. 

'•i | 

I :..- ; HCi 

Mill Work, Lumber, 
Pboae No. 1864 

Roofing, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Shingles and Laths. Building Outfitters 

Office and Mill N. South St., PETERSBURG, VA. 



Fidelity & Deposit of Md, 5 Old Kirn Bldg 
Maryland Casualty Co of Balto, 206 New Kirn 

Metropolitan Casualty, 510 Middle 
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp Ltd, 516 

Travelers of Hartford, 3 34 High 

V S Fidelity <fc Guaranty of Balto, 313 High 

Insurance Companies — Bond and Surety 

American Surety Co of N Y. 510 Middle 
Fidelity & Deposit of Md, 309 High 
Maryland Casualty of Balto, 206 Kirn Bldg 

V S Fidelity & Guarantee Co of Balto, 313 


Insurance Companies — Life 

Columbia Life Ins Co. 9 Claud Bldg 
Continental Life Ins Co, 202 New Kirn Bldg 
Life Ins Co of Va, 2 Old Kirn Bldg 
Massachusetts Mutual of Springfield, 206 New 

Kirn Bldg 
Mutual Benefit of Newark, 516 Middle and 

4 3S High 
Old Dominion Life Ins Co, 1 First National 

Bank Bldg 
Provident Life & Trust Co of Phila, 5 Old 

Kirn Bldg 
Union Central of Cincinnati, Ohio. 334 High 


Consolidated Investment Co. 1st cor 
Privott W L, 20 1 Commercial Bldg 
Suburban Investment Co, 309 High 


Sherwood C S inc. 2 22 High 


! Prentis Park Corp, 214 New Kirn Bldg 

| Westhaven Annex Corp, 510 Middle 

j Westhaven Corp The, 510 Middle 

[ Whatley Co lnc, 214 New Kirn Bldg 


! City Steam Laundry, 616 Middle 

I Portsmouth Steam Laundry, 502 High 

i Sanitary Family Laundry, 302 S Chestnut 

Laundries — Chinese 

i Ching Foo, 943 Glasgow 

; Geo Wong, 426 4th 

j Hop Wall, 504% 1st 

I Jim Huen Yi 4 201 6th av 

j Sam Lee, 520 County 

; Way Chas J, 7 20 County 

Leather and Shoe Findings 

\ Mayo M Taylor. 4 04 Crawford 

Livery, Boarding and Sales Stables 
| Dunn Edward C, 9 37 South 
, Hobbs Leonard A, 5th nr Broad, Port Nor- 
\ Lindsay E Park. 60 7 Middle 
j Miller J Crawford, 30 2 King 
[ Williams O Lee, 211 South 

Loan Offices 

I Atlantic Loan Co, 704 S Chestnut 
I Goodman Louis M. 841 County 
i Flub Guarantee Co, 8 2 2 County 

Portsmouth Savings & Loan C 
Portsmouth Trust Co, 606% 
Southern Loan & Investment 
Stephen & Co, 622 V 2 High 
Virginia Loan Co, 724 South 

orp, 508 Middle 


Co, 731 County 

Junk Dealers 

Galumbeck Isaac. 99 2 South 
Woodman Jno W, 210 Columbia 

Justices of the Peace 

Deans Emmett, 330 High 

Duke Joseph T, Mt Vernon av nr High 

Holland J J, 842 County 

Parker Winfield S, 100 5 Prentis 

Pollard Thos L, Port Norfolk Junction 

Ladies' Garments 

Goodman Isaac, 316 High 
Land Fannie Mrs, 6 30 High 

Ladies' Tailors 
Fifth Avenue Ladies Tailoring, 230%- High 

Land and Improvement Companies 

Pulloch Land Corp, 510 Middle , 
Ohurehland Land Co, IS Old Kirn Bldg 
Dinwiddle Realty Corp, 334 High 
Forest Park Land Co, 309 High 
Mutual Land Corp, 3 34 High 
Piedmont Heights Co, 214 New Kirn Bldg 
Portsmouth Improvement Co, 201 Commercial 

Loans and Investments 

Industrial Loan Corp, 514 Middle 

Lumber Dealers and Manufacturers 

Harrell J P Lumber Co, 17 00 S Effingham 
Hart Jno N Lumber Co Inc, 2415 County 
| Hitch Frank Lumber Co The, ft N Coike 
; Portsmouth Lumber Corp, High cor Belt Line 
; Reed Bros & Co, 3 First Natl Bank Bldg 


| Portsmouth Machine Wks Inc, 715 Middle 
j Southern Metal & Foundry Wks, 1601 S Green 

Mantels, Tiles 

Hawks-Maupin Co The, 

and Grates 

715 Crawford 


Ogg Archibald, 

and Granite 

818 Glasgow 


Markets — City 

New Central Market, 833 High 
Seaboard Market, 824 Crawford 

Mattress Makers 

Portsmouth Mattress Co, $04% County 

Renn-Davis & Co Tn'\ Water cor King 




fl 1 


Resources Over 
. $900,000.00 




15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Vft. 

PHONB 176 






Medicines — Patent and Proprietary 

Tidewater Medicine Co Inc., 7 30 High 

Men's Furnishings 

Brittingham & Hoiborn, 214 High 
Clements & Borum, 2 32 High 
Guld Hyman, 700 High 


Bon-Ton The, 32 6 High 
Cross Irene Miss, 606 High 
Land Fannie INlrs, 6 30 High 

Edwards Belle Miss, 320 Dinwiddie 
Hanby Myrtle Miss, 320 Dinwiddie 
Lloyd Hattie L Miss, 117 Dinwiddie 
Neville Sallie M Mrs, 1411 Prentis av 
*Reeves Julia M, 914 S Green 
Sykes Laura A Mrs, 620 Clifford 
Trevillian Sydney, 308 South 
Wiley Jennie Mrs, 617 Clifford 
Wiley J no. 617 Clifford 

Office Furniture 

Business Equipment Cor», 7th & Mt Vernon 
av, Port Norfolk 

Mills— Cotton 
Parker Hosiery Mill & Dye Wks Inc. High 

cor 9th av 
Tidewater Knitting Mills The, Chestnut cor I 

Duke ! 

Music Teachers — Vocal and Instrumental 

*Cannon Alma, 306 S Effingham 
Clay Agnes M Miss, 9 30 North 
Peele Edla I Miss, 52 8 Glasgow 
Stokes Emily A Miss, 120 Dinwiddie 

Naval Tailors and Outfitters 

Cohn & Herman, 712 Crawford 
Winberg G Inc. 326 and 402 1st 

News Dealers 

Parker Railway News Co, Water cor High 

Newspapers and Periodicals 

Ledger-Dispatch, 205 High 
Portsmouth Star The, 4 05 Crawford 
* Vigil The (weekly), 812 Columbia 
Virginian-Pilot and The Norfolk Landmark, 
335 High 

Notaries Public 

Albertson Robt B, 6 Law Bldg 

Baker Alline L Miss, 4 Law Bldg 

Ballance Butler, 306 High 

Barclay R Clifford, 203 Rosenbaum Bldg 

Bilisoly F Nash, 510 Middle 

Brinkley Harry A, 314 New Kirn Bldg 

Cassell Norman, 3 Law Bldg 

Crump Robt E. 4 30 High 

Gerke Fred E, 221 High 

King "Elizabeth G Miss, 3 Old Kirn Bldg 

Leigh J W, 204 New Kirn Bldg 

Miller Frank H. 6 Old Kirn Bldg 

Oast Wm H, 13 Law Bldg 

Parrish Geo R, 217 High 

Parrish Winston, 4 Law Bldg 

Porter J Ridgeley, 2 34 High 

*Reid Wm M, 7 Tidewater Bldg 

Rutter Jno W, 1026 South 

Staples Foster F V, 1 Old Kirn B1dg 

Thomas Alice M Miss, 6 Old Kirn Bldg 

*Webb Julian S, 600 Summit av 

Nurses — Trained 

Belote Mary W Mrs, 306 N Armstrong 
Dowdy Laura C Miss, 612 Queen 

Oil— Wholesale 

National Oil Co, Belt Line nr Glasgow 
Standard Oil Co, 14 02 South 
Stroud Wm, 107^ High 

Oyster Packers 

I Fass Isaac, Water cor Columbia 

Painters — House and Sign 

i Casey Patk F, 899 Crawford 

i McClosky Frank T. 403 Crawford 

j Stores Cyrus V, 412 Glasgow 


Paints. Oils and Glass 

Hawks-Maupin Co The, 715 Crawford 
Langhorne W S & Son, 8 00 Crawford 


Lord Harry IX 732 High 
j Land Ezekiel, S00 High 
I Levitin Abe, 514 Crawford 


Stertzbach Wm, 2 08 High 


Abbitt Jno W, 331 Mt Vernon av, Port Nor- 
*Ashburn James E, 277 Glasgow 
*Barco Harry E, 2 7 79 High 
Barlow Chas H, 6 00 Court 

* Barnes Jno D. 22 3 S Green 
Bilisoly Alonzo A, 4 Court 
Brooks Vernon, 4 05 Court 

* Brown James A, 823 S Chestnut 
Carr Geo H, 301 Court 

Claud Edward H, 118 Court 

Collins Joseph D, 216 New Kirn Bldg 

Cooke Thos, S, 718 Court 

Corbell R Lyons, 4 00 Mt Vernon av, Poi 

Dix Sherwood, 312 Mt Vernon av, Port Nor 

Downey B Dorsey, 208 Commercial Bldg 
Dunford Joseph C, Hope Bldg 
♦Elliott Frank G. 223 S Green 

* France Joseph J, 803 Glasgow 
Griee Joseph, 518 Middle 
Hatton E Alex, 425 N Hafton 
HoHaday Gray G. 512 Middle 

Hope Frank S, 513 Middle 

11 n m ' No city in the State can offer betrtr 

• ; ^ : f* Homes and Schools. 

^* iW w — .^ Wrke CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. 


C. L Robinson Ice and Cold Storage Corporation 

C. L. Robinson, Pres. 

85 Tons of Ice a Day. 175,000 Barrels Cold Storage Capacity 

W. R. Hillyard, Sec. 



* Hutch ins Benj F, 1203 County 
Jarrett James T, 208 New Kirn Bldg 
McMurran Kobt L, 2 First National Bank 

Man pin Edward G. 606 Court 
Oast Saml P Jr. 2 09 Commercial Bldg 
Parrish Chas T, 210 Commercial Bldg 
Parrish Hugh F, 207 New Kirn Bldg 
Phillips Jno,C, 513 Middle 
•Reid Wm E, S4 5 Glasgow 
Robertson Robt R, 6 Robertson Bldg 
Roper Lonsdale J, 109 Broad. Port Norfolk 
Stringer Jno T\ 513 Wythe 
Tractenberg Isaac, 303 New Kirn Bldg 
Wilkins Thos H, 217 New Kirn Bldg 

Collier Leslie W, 721 Mt Vernon av, Port 

Courtland Corp The, 214 New Kirn Bldg 
Irving Bros, 821 Middle 
Kootz Louis, 616 High 
Leigh J Win, 204 New Kirn Bldg 
Miller Frank H, 6 Old Kirn Bldg 
Norfolk- Washington Syndicate, 214 New Kirn 

Person J A & Co, 20 6 New Kirn Bldg 
Rustic Chas W, 272 8 High 
Taylor W Henry, 214 New Kirn Bldg 
Todd Darius W Jr. 211 London 
Trant- Reynolds Co Inc, 210 New Kirn Bldg 
Welton Chas R, 334 High 

Plumbers. Gas and Steam Fitters 
Uennett Walter L, 517 Middle 
Dashiell Oscie, 507 South 
Garrett Jno D, 22 3 County 
Harrell James P, 919 S Effingham 
Ideal Plumbing Co, 307 County 
Jacobson Benj, 513 S Green 
Pearson Nathaniel V, 918 High 
Pi ley Patk J. 516 Crawford 
Smith Geo S. 503 4th 
West Clyde E, 1115 Washington 
White Allen P, 411 S Effingham 

Printers — Book and Job 

Fiske Wm A, 106 High 
.lacobson Printing Co, 316 County 
National Printing Co, 6 37 Hi?h 
Portsmouth Printing Co, 519 Middle 
Portsmouth Star Publishing Co, 405 Crawford 
•Somerville Printery The. 812 Columbia 
Whitson & Shepherd, 117 High 

Provisions — Wholesale 

Norman Packing Co Inc, 409 S Effingham 
Portsmouth Provision & Packing Co, 619 High 


Portsmouth Star Publishing Co, 4 05 Crawford 
* Somerville Printery The, 812 Columbia 

Railroad and Steamboat Ticket Offices 

Tnion Ticket Office, 219 High 

Railroad and Transportation Companies 

Atlantic & Danville Ry Co, 1st cor Wythe 
Chesapeake & Ohio Ry Co, 100 North 
N Y p & N R R COj foot High 

Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad, Belt 

Line R R nr Glasgow 
Seaboard Air Line Ry Co, foot High 
Southern Railway Co. foot South 

Real Estate Agents and Dealers 

Cain Jesse C, 521 Middle 
Bjlisoly F Nash. 510 Middle 
BffigjjS Frank T. 2 06 New Kirn Bldg 
Brjooks-Parker Co Inc, 313 High 
Oliiud Wm T, 8 Robertson Bldg 
Cffoide Mark P, Rosenbaum Bldg 

Real Estate Auctioneers 

Bilisoly F Nash, 510 Middle 
Miller Frank IL 6 Old Kirn Bldg 

Real Estate Brokers 

Miller Frank H, 6 Old Kirn Bldg 

Rental Agents 

Lively Chas R, 204 Commercial Bldg 


American Cafe, 416 1st 
Bensten James R, 200 9th tiv 
Boush Bluff Lunch Room, 6 22 Crawford 
Burch Joseph J, 700 Mt Vernon av, Port Nor- 
Catherine Geo, 213 County 
Central Cafe, New Central Mkt 
Ching Ling, 515 Godwin 
Felton Wm F, 107^ High 
Goldstein Jacob W, 608 Pligh 
Hing Kee, 621 S Chestnut 
Hughes Lloyd C, 312 High 
Lynnhaven Restaurant, 116 High 
Lorenzo Restaurant, 414% 1st 
Manhattan Lunch Room, 201% High 
Naval Cafe, 52 7 1st 
New Central Cafe, New Central Mkt 
Sam Lee, 843 County 
Sawyer Jno T, Seaboard Mkt 
Sing Lee, 402 S Green 

Sash, Doors and Blinds 
H AWKS-M Al PIN CO THE, 715-717 



Schools and Colleges 

*Corey Memorial Institute, 2d av cor Queen 

Harden Cora Mrs, 718 King 

*Massey Hattie B, 1011 South 

St Joseph's Academy, 600 Dinwiddie 

St Paul's Male Academy, 309 Washington 

Sykes Carrie E Mrs, 620 Clifford 

Seedmen * 

Bunting A Seed Co. 523 Middle 
Lrmehorne W S & Son. 800 Crawford 

S'outiiern Building Material Company 

fresqed Brick (All Colors), Common Brick, Ornamcnta_ 
Corner Bead, Ornaments! Flustering, Hollow Tile, Stt 
Offices; 235-2.J7 ARCADE BUILDING 

Torr.i Cotta, Metal Windows and Doors, Steel Lath, 
uctural Steel-, Iron, Plaster, Lime, Cement, .Stone, &c. 

PHONE 4819 





CO. f Sue. 




Sewing Machines 

Singer Sewing- .Machine Co, 315 High 

Shoe Dealers 

Bennett Jno M, 204 High 
Feigensohn Saml, 1017 County 
Hofheimer Bros Co, 228 High 
Ideal Shoe Store, 331 High 
Miller Vincent, S16 S Chestnut 
Pearce Americas V, 728 High 
Smith Shoe Co, 32 8 High 
Standard Shoe Store, 301 High 
Wonder Shoe Store, 71 S High 

Shoe Polishers 

*Arrington Allen, 1113 Mt Vernon av 
Theodoropoulas Wm K, 112% High 
Thomas Geo K, 32 High 


*Ash James H 522 S Green 
Boroody Saml, 3 32 High 
Brinola Domenico, 306% S Green 
*Brown James W. 1612 S Green 
Campbell Wra R. 4 55 Western Branch rd 
Caprio Joseph, 615 Middle 
Cihimbrieilo Vita, 707 S Chestnut 
Colasanti K & Co, 7 00 S Effingham 
D'Atri Gaetano, 1440 High 

De Rosa Tony, 716 Mt Vernon av, Port Nor- 
*Ely Joseph, 154 4 High 
Facenda Antonio, 62 3 5th 
Facenda Salvatore, 635 County 
Falconi Frank, 517 Crawford 
Festa Antonio, 611 Middle 
Festa Donato, 612 High 
Fiorini Frank, 508 1st 
Goodman Louis B, 512 Crawford 
Greco Vincent, 1006 S Green 
Guerrieri Antonio, 517 Fayette 
Hall Henry H, 510 S Effingham 

* Henley Root, 52 6 Godwin 
Hundley Chas A, 711% Glasgow 

* Johnson Saml R, 2 SOS High 
"Jones David, 710 Highland av 
Keller Abraham, TOSH High 
Kozak Max, 1120 County 
Eaginestra Danl, 415 4th 

*Eangston Benj, Alt Vernon av cor Glasgow 

Marchitello Foley, 818 Dinwiddie 

Morlino Vito, S44 County 

Octavio Rodrigo, 62 7 Crawford 

*Parsons Thos O, 1026 Pine 

Pichalek Max, 54 2 Harrison 

*Respass J Wm, 9 26 Palmer 

* Ricks Albert, 507 Glasgow 

* Rogers Wm, 2 53 5 County 
Rossano Victor, 52 3 1st 
Savino Frank, 9 39 Glasgow 
Seravall Eouis, 910 South 
Slovin Abo, 710 Crawford 
-Smith Devi. S01 Edwards 
Swartz Abraham, 552 Crawford 
*Thomas James, 631 Griffin 

Weisman Saml, 1306 County 
♦Westmoreland Saml, 1006 County 
* Williams Edward W. 1112 High 

Sporting Goods 

Hutchins & Talbot Inc. 2 33 High 
Morris Jesse T, 6 0S Crawford 
White Wm N, 407 Crawford 

Stationers * 

Virginia Paper & Art Co, 2 30 High 

Steamship and Steamboat Companies 

Baltimore Steam Packet Co (Old Bay Line), 

foot High 
Chesapeake S S Co, foot South 
Clyde Line, foot High 
Merchants & Marine Transportation Co, 102 

Old Dominion Steamship Co, 102 North 

Stone Contractors 

Ogg Archibald, 901 London 


Portsmouth Storage Co, 115 High 
Seaboard Wharf & Warehouse Co, 1st cor 

Stove Manufacturers 

Empire Stove Co, 1126 /County 

Street Railways 

Virginia Railway & Power Co, 102 High 

Table Manufacturers 

Air Line Mfg Co, Florida av cor 7th, Port 

Old Dominion Table Wks, Alt Vernon av cor 

7th, Port Norfolk 


*Bell Chas E, SOS High 

Boyette & Co. 720 High 

Bruce Geo A. 50 5 Crawford 

Bunting Tailoring Co, 3 30 High 

Clements W Irving, 328 1st 

Dorin Harley E 3 329 High 

Furman Raphael, 510 Crawford 

Goldblatt Fannie Mrs. 6 02 High 

Heimanson Robt, 622 High 

Hirsch Abraham, 608 V 2 Court 

Hughes Wm C. 504 S Effingham 

Landsberg Abraham, 227 County 

Levine Jacob, 705 Washington 

Mel Tailoring Co, 724 High 

Myers Anthony F, 414 Washington 

*Reid James T. 2616 Elm av 

Rosso Leonidas. 502% Middle 

Schlitz David, 516 S Effingham 

Silver Dollar Tailoring Co, 506 S Effinghan 

Silverman Solomon, 11 Claud Bldg 

Snyder Abraham, 710 High 

Talley Wm T, 51 1 Middle * 

Two Tailors The, 70S High 

Directory Advertising 

CREATES — A New Business — — - 

REVIVES— A Dull Business* , t te 
ENLARGES— An Old Bu«in«§f I 

Consult KILL DIRECTORY' CO., Publishers 

1915 New Model HyiLRam fl 

Descriptive Catalogue Free 

Rife Ram and Pump Works 

^^ nK^X^^^i^ F ^S^^^^g^W ay nes b o f o. A u g u S , a Coun, y -L - V,„,„,. 



Wakefield Jno H, 410 Crawford 
Washington Tailoring- Co Inc, 333 High 
Wright Edwin C, 512 1st 

Teas and Coffee 

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co The. 210 High 
.J a wis A B & Co, 22-1 High 
Kenny C D Co, 2 00 High 

Telegraph Companies 

Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, 105 High 
Western Union Telegraph Co, 110 High 

Telephone Companies 

Chesapeake & Potomac Tel Co of Va, 538 

Theatres and Places of Amusement 
•Efflngbam Theatre, 5 IS Effingham 
-Empire Theatre, S2 3 High 
Olympic Theatre, 319 High 
Orpheum Theatre, 324 High 
Palace Theatre. 409 Court 

Tin and Sheet Metal Workers 

Adams Wm, 310 County 

Ausley Joseph D, 517 S Effingham 

Myers Eros, 415 Wythe 

Transfer Companies 

Port Norfolk Transfer Co, 6th and Broad, 
Port Norfolk 


Cross Edward A, 5 20 Middle 
< Kitten Joseph W, 716 Middle 
Parrish Jno W 408, Crawford 
I l o - M y ro n I), 4 2 2 K i n g 
*Turner Paul. 504 County 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Codd's l)r Veterinary Hospital, 611 S Chest- 

Wall Paper Dealers and Pai>erhangers 

Cross Willis S, 612 Middle 

Wright Wall Paper Co, 305 County 


Pay Line Warehouse, High cor Water 
Seaboard Wharf & Warehouse Co Inc, 1st 
opp Wythe 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Chapman Wra, 318 High 
* Jones Stephen W, 7 03 High 
Jones Thos B. 600 Crawford 
Lewis Ernest B, 610 V-> Court 
"Price James E. 720 S Chestnut 
Rosenthal Sol, 22 5 County 

Water Companies 

Portsmouth, Berkley and Suffolk Water Co, 
501 High 

Wood Dealers 
Boyce Elwood L, 26 00 Glasgow 
''Kenney Isaiah, A cor Wirt av, Brighton 
Whitley Wm J. 1800 S Chestnut 
Wilkins Henry B, 1213 Washington 
•Williams Arthur. 1312 London 

Northampton County 

Value of real estate, 1916: White, $3,- 
201,518; colored, $406,945. Total, $3,608,463 

Value of personal property: White, $1,669,- 
702; colored, $161,694. Total, $1,831,396 
Income — $100,225 
Population, 1916 — 16,672 

Number voters — White, 2,002; colored, 1,7 30 
Area — Acres, 115,147; square miles, 174 
County Scat — Eastville 

Northampton was originally a portion of the 
county of Accomac. In 164 2 the name was 
changed from Accomac to Northampton. Af- 
terwards the name of Accomac was resumed, 
and in 166 3 the territory was divided into 
Accomac and Northampton counties, and forms 
what is familiarly known as the Eastern Shore 
of Virginia. The records of Northampton 
county are well preserved, being an unbroken 
chain from 16 32 to this date. The Atlantic 
j ocean is on the east and the Chesapeake bay 
' on the west and southern headland. Its shores 
; are indented their entire length by many 
1 rivers, bays and inlets, which contain fish 
I and oysters of superior excellence and variety, 
j in great numbers, and furnish food and occu- 
! pation to a large portion of the inhabitants. 
| The fisheries are extensive and valuable. The 
j lands are fertile, and the county contains some 
I very fine farms. Irish potatoes, sweet pota- 
; toes and corn are. the principal crops upon 
which this county depends — the principal of 
, these being Irish potatoes. The products are 
| corn, rye, fruits and vegetables, the trucking 
j quality of the land being excelled by few 
! counties of the State. Most of the trade of 
I Northampton is with Baltimore, between which 
1 city and various towns on the Eastern Shore 
S regular steamers and sailing vessels are con- 
! stantly plying. The New York, Philadelphia 
j and Norfolk Railroad Company gives the coun- 
1 ty convenient and quick transportation to the 
| principal markets of the North. The Cape 
' Charles Railroad Company, a branch of the 
j above railroad, has extended its lines from 
i Cape Charles City to the extreme lower part 
j of the county. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
I the second Monday in January, March, May, 
! July, September and November 
J Judge — James H Fletcher, Jr, Accomac 
j Clerk — Geo T Tyson, Eastville 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — Jno E Notting- 
i ham, Jr. Franktown 

Sheriff- Chas M Eankford, Franktown 
Treasurer — E V Dowries, Capeville 
Surveyor — Ceo H Badger, Franktown 
Superintendent of Poor — Geo" E Roberts, 


I L i 

s 4^», m> "v 




If you do— no matter how small your in- 
come may be- — you can lay aside money. 
It isn't the size of your income that 
counts — It's the size of your Sayings 

^cTou'JarT' ! THE VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK, of Petersburg, Va. 

' .':", : ,-" ::■'.•■;•/£ 



Superintendent of Schools — E G Tankard, 

Commissioner of Revenue — Chas H Savage, 
Cape Charles 

A B Dunton, Franktown; F B Bell, Machi- 
pongo; and H S Knight, Capeville 


I S Ennis, Wardtown; S J Ames, Machi- 
pongo, and E C Collins, Cheriton 

C B Fitchett, Franktown; J II Ashby, Ex- 
more; J P Wescott, Nassawadox; J T Badger, 
Birdsnest; J S Jarvis Maehipongo; II L Up- 
shur, Eastville; C C Road, Cheriton; W F D 
Williams, Cape Charles, and B F Toy, Cape- 

Board of Health 
Dr. G Fredk Floyd, Bridgetown; Dr G W 
Holland, Eastville; Dr C L Nottingham, Cape 

Agricultural Implements 
Doughty B V, Exmore 

Franktown Implement Co, Franktown 
Savage J W, Wardtown 
Stewart J M, Wardtown 

Attorneys at Law 

Daniel Jno T, Cape Charles^. 

Clears Otho F, Eastville 

Nottingham J C, Nassowadox 

Nottingham J E Jr, Franktown 

Nottingham Jno E, Eastville 

Nottingham Thos H, Eastville 

Richard M O, Nassowadox 

Robertson T B, Eastville 

Scott Stanley, Cape Charles and Eastville 

Tyson Geo T, Eastville 

Wilkins F Tucker, Cape Charles 

Wilkins J T, Eastville 


Eastville Automobile Co, Eastville 
Fitzhugh Automobile Co, Cape Charles 


Schaefer Joseph, Tape Charles / 

Corbin S G, Eastville Station 
Doughty Sheppie, Broadwater 
Hudson F S, Cape Charles 
Smith J Ily, Nassawadox 
Word R M, Nassawadox 

Barrel Manufacturers 

Ashby W S & Bros, Wardtown 
Bender Fredk, Cape Charles 
Bull S R, Townsend 
Chesapeake Barrel Co, Chesapeake 
Downes E V, Capeville 
Gaskins J S &. Son, Jamesville 
Jarvis K A. Eastville 
Planters Mfg Co, Cheriton 
Richards J J, Wardtown 
Stevenson R D, Chesapeake 
Tankard P W, Franktown 
Tankard & Kellam. Weirwood 


Taylor A T, Cape Charles 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Brown B L, Eastville Station 
Bull R E. Bridgetown 
Fitchett B B, Franktown 
Hancock J M, Wardtown 
Kellom F S, Townsend 
Pong E G, Eastville Station 
McCready C T, Wardtown 
McKee Geo H, Cape Charles 
Mapp Wm H, Eastville 
Mears R F. Cheriton 
Pearson Alex Stoakley, Exmore 
Scott II W, Nassawadox 
*Trehurne W W Franktown 

Boarding Houses 

Bell C C, Franktown 

Broadwater Club, Broadwater 

Dennit Marian J Mrs, Eastville Station 

Dunton G R. Nassawadox 

Hamlet W, Nassawadox 

Hopkins G D, Hardings 

Jones & Co, Nassawadox 

Mapp Odell Mrs. Cape Charles 

Nottingham Herbert Mrs, Cape Charles 

Reid E B, Franktown 

Sage J W, Wardtown 

Smith Sidney Mrs, Cape Charles 

Thornton H M Mrs, Cape Charles 

Wilson Mrs, Nassawadox 


Briekhouse Banking Co Inc. Hare Valley 
CAPE CHARLES BANK, Cape Charles and I 

Cheriton Banking Co, Cheriton and Machi- i Chandler & 

Farmers & Merchants Bank, Cape Charles 
Townsend Banking Co Inc., Townsend 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers 

James II M & Co. Nassawadox 


Ballard Co. Exmore 


Carmine I D. Cape Charles 


Baptist, Cape Charles 
Baptist. Marionville 
Baptist, Nassawadox * 

! Baptist., Townsend 

iireofory I 



Can handle all your advertising 
matter and save you money 

moMJViOrvD, vikosinia. 

f Life Insurance Company of Virginia 





Has won the hearty approval and active support of the 
people by its promptness and fair dealing during the 
FORTY-FIVE YEARS of its operation. 




Baptist, W 


utholio, C 

"ape Charles 

• ;plscopal, 

Cape Charles 




Cape Charles 

• Methodist 

, Cape Charles 

M< thodist, 






\U thodist, 

Town send 





i -r-f sl.ytcrian, Cape Charles 

Benjamin W & Sons.. Exmore 
Bernstein Louis, Cape Charles 
Brown W, Cape Charles 
Hex M II, Cheriton 
Pratt R K ; Cape Charles 
Biehardson C L, Cape Charles 

Coal and Wood 

. :. I P, Franktown 
MeGrkth Wm. Cape Charles 
VVendell Frank, Cape Charles 

Getzcll Louis, Cape Charles 
Tabb &- Jefferson, Cape Charles 

Contractors and Builders 

• ich Geo,. Wardtown 
Pawnes W D, Townsend 

■ ■ i'ii 1') A. Birdsnest 
'•• '■ M C, Cape Charles 
Grimmer Conrad. Cape Charles 
Ifamrltdn H L, Townsend 
fobnson Howard. Wardtown 
'ones K J, Xas?awadox 
Begg Chas Henry, Cane^Charles 

rdson, .T P, Franktown 
Roberts H W, Eastville 
Saunders Nehemiah, Franktown 
>:r\\h W S, Cape Crarles 
Wilson C F. Cheriton 
on J C, Cheriton 

r«hn*oT] F W, Wardtown 
rankard & Killam, Weirwood 

Cotton Gins 
■''turgis Geo B, Wardtown 
''Htris J C, Wardtown 


f lads*one J W, Cape Charles 
•Vallace W H. Nassawadox 
« Hklns J B, Cape Charles 


'M-en W B, Nassawadox 
■'• '*'"nms w D, Cape Charles 

Department Stores 

Brown Wm, Cape Charles 
Townsend W T, Cape Charles 
Spigler Joseph H, Cape Charles 
Wilson W B & Son, Cape Charles 


Ailworth R L & Co, Eastville 
Arnold A A, Nassawadox 
Ashby James E, Exmore 
Fisher T G, Cape Charles 
McMath Jno S, Cape Charles 
Scott P F, Franktown 

Dry Goosfs 
Flex T, Eastville 
Lipsitt Henry & Bro, Eastville 
Townsend W T, Cape Charles 

Electrical Supplies 

Fulsher & Bohannan, Cape Charles 

Fertilizer Dealers 

Eastern Shore Fertilizer Co, Cape Charles 
Holland C W, Eastville 

Fish and Oyster Dealers 

Bell J A, Cheriton 

Dennis Fish & Oil Co, Cape Charles 

Marian J A, Jamesville 

Milligan T J, Cape Charles 

Sterling Bros Co, Cape Charles 

Walker Fish Co, Exmore 

Fish and Oysters — Wholesale 

Bayford Oyster Co, Bayford 
Hane C C, Cape Charles 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 
McCrory J G & Co, Cape Charles 

Furniture Dealers 

Brown Wm, Cape Charles 
Jones J W, Cape Charles 


Carlin Geo, Cape Charles 
Elliott B H. Nassawadox 
Elliott B Harrison, Nassawadox 
Fitzhugh F C, Cape Charles 
Lachincotte A S, Eastville 
Terry H M, Willis Wharf 
Wilson Harvey, Cape Charles 

General Stores 

Addison A D & Son, Eastville 
Amos T & Son, Bridgetown 
Annis L J, Wardtown 
Armour Upshur B, Eastville 
Baoon J R, Haskins 
Baker E M, Exmore 
Ballard M C & Co.. Willis Wharf 
Bell & Melson, Maohipongo 
Blaxom C W & Co, Nassawadox 
Bradford A W, Eastville 



is the Shoe Manufacturing City of the 
State., Good Homes. 



Ask Us for Prices Before Placing Your Order. Cor. Bank & Market Sts. PETERSBURG, VA, 



Church J F, Franktown 

Copes W A, Capo Charles R F D 

DOUGHTY A T, Broadwater 

Dunton C C, Capeville 

Dunton & Brown, Eastville Station 

Dunton & Wilson, Birdnest 

Fitchett W C, Cape Charles R F D 

GLADSTONE W J, Had lock 

Goldbery B, Nassawadox 

Goldberg S, Nassawadox 

Hale T K, Oyster 

Hamilton E E, Townsend 

Harmon J H, Exmore 

Harmon L M, Exmore 


Hutchinson Joseph E, Jamesville 

Hutchinson & Co, Wardtown 

James IT P & Bro, Kendall Grove 

James R D & Son, Nassawadox 

Jefferson T D, Cape Charles 

Johnson & Willis. Willis Wharf 

Kellam D C, Shadyside 

Kellam H P, Machipongo 

KELTiAM J H. Eastville Station 

Kellam Saml & Son, Birdsnest 

Killman & Knight, Jonesville 

Lettieri A, Exmore 

Lewis & Robins, Exmore 

Lucas A E, Cape Charles 

Mapp J L Mrs, Bridgetown 

Melson Henry & Bro, Eastville 

Mister H W, Townsend 

MOORE J W, Chesapeake 

Nicholson Bros, Cape Charles 

Nordstrom Jno, Eastville 

Northampton Supply Co, Cape Charles 

Nottingham A J. Birdsnest 

Nottingham John W, Bayview 

Nottingham W L, Capeville 

Nottingham W U, Eastville 

Outten J E, Capeville 

Outten J S & Bro & Co, Seaview 

Peed J N Mrs, Gilden 

Roberts E W, Bridgetown 

Robert W T, Nassawadox 

Rogers J T & Son, Nassawadox 

Sacks & Co, Cheriton 

Saks & Nelson, Eastville Station 

Savage J W, Wardtown 

Savage S S, Nassawadox 

SAVAGE & CO. Weirwood 

Seigel I, Cheriton 

Smith E T, Cape Charles R F D 

Smith T D & Co, Townsend 

Smith W L, Wardtown 

Stewart J M, Jamesville 

TANKARD CO THE, Franktown 

TAYLOR C S Jr. Marlonville 

Taylor W A, Birdsnest 

Travis E W, Cape Charles R F D 

Trehurneville Mercantile Co, Birdsnest 

Upshur J H, Nassawadox 

Upshur B & Co, Nassawadox 

Upshur & Hallett, Cheriton 

WALKER I S, Bayford 

Ward James F, Exmore 

Warren A F & Son, Townsend 

Warren T J Jr, Cape Charles R F D 

Westcott James Clayton, Eastville Station 

Wilkins W J, Capeville 

Wilson M A Mrs, Marionville 

Wilson W B & Son, Cape Charles 

Winder Jno L & Co, Exmore 

Wood E T, Bayview 

WRIGHT T M, Hardings 

WYATT J G, Magotha 


Allen W H, Kendall Grove 

Amdusky A, Nassawadox 

Ames B T, Cape Charles 

Bayview Grocery Co, Bayview 

Peach C H & Co, Wardtown 

Bloxom D D, Nassawadox 

Boss W H, Bridgetown 

Bowen B T, Broadwater 

Brown W A, Eastville Station 

Bull W B, Capeville 

Cape Charles Grocery Co, Cape Charles 

Charnox & Hamilton, Townsend 

Colona & Co, Hadlock 

Colonna W H, Birdsnest 

Diverty Wm Jr, Cape Charles 

Downing F B, Franktown 

Dryden E P, Cape Charles 

Exmore Grocery Co, Exmore 

Flax H S, Eastville Station 

Floyd R S, Gilden 

Freeman Geo W, Exmore 

Hamilton C F, Cheriton 

Hamilton E E, Townsend 

Hamilton T W, Cape Charles 

Harmon Moses, Exmore 

♦Jefferson T D, Cape Charles 

Jones & Co, Nassawadox 

Kellam Grocery Co, Cape Charles 

Martin & Abrams, Exmore 

Northampton Supply Co, Cape Charles 

Pure Food Grocery Co, Nassawadox 

Reid E B, Franktown 

Saks S, Eastville Station 

Smith W L, Jamesville 

Smith & Stevens, Cape Charles 

Spady F J, Bridgetown 

Sterling C R, Cheriton 

Stiman & Blick, Cape Charles 

Warren H L, Cape Charles 

White Wm, Cape Charles 

Whitley M C, Cape Charles 

Widgen J P, Eastville Station 

Williams C E, Bayview 

Wood E J, Cheriton 

Wood J W, Cape Charles 

Hardware Dealers 

Cape Charles Hardware Co, Cape Charles 
Cape Charles Ice & Lumber Co, Cape Charles 
Huff Bro3, Cheriton % 

Northampton Lumber Co, Nassawadox 
Savage P C, Exmore 




Telephone Norfolk 

808-810 Bermuda 

Charlottesville, Va.--rL p u \rt: a rLl^ 

Boom on Now. Come on quick- --big money here for you. Population, 13,797 





Tilghman H M, Nassawadox 
Widgen J P, Eastville Station 

Harness and Saddlery 

Jones C B, Cape Charles 

Hay, Grain and Feed 
Dunton G R, Nassawadox 
Dryden E P, Cape Charles 
Savage J D. Weirwood 
Tilghman Wm E, Nassawadox 


Arlington Inn, Cape Charles 
Broughton Misses, Cape Charles 
Brown W A, Eastville Station 
Outten T L, Eastville 
Travis C A, Cape Charles 
Virginia Hotel, Cape Charles 

Ice Manufacturers 

Cape Charles Ice St Lumber Co, Cape Charles | 
Exmore Ice & Storage Co, Exmore 
Heckle & Kellogg, Cape Charles 

Insurance Agents 

Daniel & Daniel.. Cape Mharles 
Rogers W E, Nassawadox 
Smith E J Jr, Eastville Station 
Stevenson M H & Son, Cape Charles 
Wilkins F T, Cape Charles 


Cape Charles Steam Laundry, Cape Charles 
Wing Sing (Chinese), Cape Charles 

Light and Power Companies 

Exmore Light & Power Co, Exmore 

Live Stock Dealers 

Doughty A L, Broadwater 
Marsh Fred, Broadwater 
Wescoit J P, Nassawadox 

Livery Stables 

Dunton G R, Nassawadox 
Lewis W H, Exmore 
Orton A B, Cape Charles 

Lumber Dealers 
Bell T P, Machipongo 
Coulbourn Bros.. Cape Charles 
Holland N L & Son, Eastville Station 
McGrath W P, Cape Charles 
Northampton Lumber Co, Nassawadox 
Parsons Frank & Son, Capeville 
Tankard Bros & Nicholson, Wardtown 
Tankard P W. Weirwood 

Mens Furnishings 

Pratt Robert K, Cape Charles 

Ashby M B Mrs, Cape Charles 
Bernstein Bertha Mrs, Cape Charles 
Colonna Annie E Mrs. Cheriton 

Downes E V Mrs, Capeville 
Leonard L M Mrs, Eastville 
Revell Mina Miss, Nassawadox 
Richards J J Mrs, Wardtown 
Walker H R Mrs, Franktown 
W r arren A F Mrs, Townsend 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Cape Charles Mill Co, Cape Charles 
Jones & Payne, Cape Charles 
Killman J D, Wardtown 
Walker J C, Nassawadox 

Mills — Saw 

Bender Frederick, Cape Charles 

Bull S R, Townsend 

Hanby O, Chesapeake 

Jarvis Geo T, Jamesville 

Jones T W, Cheriton 

Kellam & Watson, Shadyside 

Mapp G R & Co, Machipongo 

Nottingham Richd V Jr, Eastville 

Tankard Bros & Nicholson, Wardtown 

Newspapers and Editors 

Eastern Shore Herald, Eastville, Benj T Fisher 

Northampton Times, Cape Charles, J T Daniel 



Novelty Store, Cape Charles 

Oyster Packers and Shippers 

Arnold Allen, Franktown 
Ballard *W W Co The, Exmore 
Cobb T L, Cheriton 
Doughty A L, Broadwater 
Powell & Broadwater, Oyster 
Roberts J H & Sons, Bridgewater 
Terry H M, Exmore 
Walker J C & Bros, W 7 illis Wharf 

Oyster Planters 

Doughty A L, Broadwater I 


Gunter Allen, Nassawadox 
Sapper Arthur, Cape Charles 


Dalby William L, Bridgetown 
Downing Edmund W P, Franktown 
Floyd G Fred, Bridgetown 
Gladstone C F, Exmore 
Goode J Gates, Cheriton 
Holland G W, Eastville 
Jackson J W, Machipingo 
Jacob Thomas N, Cape Charles 
Jordan T B, Cape Charles 
Kellam Burleigh C, Cape Charles 
Lynch J Mortimer, Cape Charles 
Nottingham C L, Cape Chaxtfes 
Palmer J, Cape Charles 
Palmor W, Cape Charles 



15 vVE, 

i-ii STREET 


i 3 




Reid Chas M, Exmore R P D No 1 
Sturgls W J, Nassawadox 
Sturgis Wm, Franktown 
Trower K Holland, Eastville 
Vaden Garland M, Townsend 
Walker Charles M, Eastville 


Harris Mathew, Nassawadox 
Smith Robt, Marionsv r ille 


Cape Charles Ice & Lumber Co, Cape Charles j 
Eubank Bros, Cape Charles 
Townsend Howard S, Cheriton 


Fisher B T, Eastville 

Times Publishing- Co, Cape Charles 

Turner Chas S, Nassawadox 

Produce Dealers 
Bell F B, Machipongo 
Chandler J W, Exmore 
Smith W G. Cape Charles 


Times Publishing Co, Cape Charles 

Real Estate Agents 

Cape Charles Real Estate Corp, Cape Charles 
Richard M O, Nassawadox 


Taylor J, Cape Charles 
Thompson Alfred, Cape Charles 

Schools — Priva te 

School of Holy Familv, Cape Charles 
♦Tidewater Institute, Chesapeake 


Nottingham W H, Cape Charles 

Telephone Companies 

Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co, Cape 

Telegraph Companies 

Postal Telegraph Co. Cape Charles 
Western Union, Cape Charles 

Tobacco Dealers 

Eastern Shore of Va Produce Exchange, Cape 

Fitchett B T, Cape Charles 
Milligan T J, Cape Charles 
Roberts H J, Cape Charles 
Smith W G, Cape Charles 
Williams H W & Son, Cape Charles 


Abdell J W, Eastville 
♦Gray M C, Cape Charles 

Gn'mmers Corirnd. Hanp Charlog 

Richardson I R, Nassawadox 
Richardson J P, Franktown 
♦Saunders N, Franktown 

Banks Geo, 

Veterinary Surgeons 


Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Tilghman Bros, Cape Charles 


Bayford— Population 30; 3% miles from R 
R; 10 miles from C H; banking town, Ex- 
more — D G Dunton, Geo T Turner, T T Tur- 
ner, Thos Turner, I S Walker, R N Walker, 

Bayview — Population 50; on N Y P & N 
R R; 6 miles from C H; banking town, Cape 
Charles — J B Nottingham, J W Nottingham, 
J M White 

Birdsncst — Population 50; on N Y P & N 
R R; 8 miles from C H; banking town, East- 
ville — J T Badger, J G Carpenter, W Colonna. 
J C Downing, O W Downing, J R Dunton, J S 
Dunton, Jacob Dunton, Jno P, Dunton, C E 
Godwin, Joseph T Alnpp, C D Nottingham, 
Chas Smith, C S Taylor. C A Vanness, G A 
Ward, S S Wilkins 

Bridgetown— Population 75; 3 miles from 
R R; S miles from C H; banking town, East- 
ville — AI J Bailey, Henry Bell.. J^H Bell, Her- 
man Belote AI H Belote, C S Floyd. G F Floyd. 
R S Floyd, Richard Floyd. L D Heath, K 
Henderson, D D Alapp, F B Alapp, R B Alapp, 
T F Mathews, Geo Nickerson, C E Roberts, 
J H Roberts, J H Roberts Jr, Ernest Scott, H 
W Wilkins, AA r H Wilkins, J S Wyatt 

Broadwater — Population 30; 17 miles from 
R R; 2? miles from C H; banking town, East- 
ville — Jno AI Bowen. David J Doughty, Geo W 
Doughty, Thos AI Doughty, Gus Marsh, J H 
Robins, J W Simpson 

Cape Charles — Population 1.948; on N Y 
P & N R R; 16 miles from C H; a banking 
town — Geo C Ames, W A Ames, John R Ayers, 
Fred Bender, Peter Bender, A AI Callett, John 
H Doughty. E L Dunton, R L, D Fletcher, J 
W Gladstone, C A Gibbs, E C Gibb. James Gof- 
flgan, Kemper Gofbgan, Wilbur Goffigan, J 
C Hamilton, L, J Hamilton. W Hunt, J B Jones. 
F P Nelson. Clifford Nottingham, R N Notting- 
ham, Jacob E Outten, Thos C Parramose, W L 
Scott, Curry Thomas, H AV Wescott, C F Wilk- 
ins, J B Wilkins, W E Wilkins, H Bryant Wil- 
liams, Jesse S AVilliams 

Cape Charles R F D — G C Ames, Wm Ames, 
T G Boker. E R Bailey, Howard Belote, La- 
ban Belote, G B Charuook. j C Cove, E J 
Doughty. J P Fitchett, W»C Fitchett, W T 
Fitchett, Ormand Floyd, C A Gibbs, Clifford 
CrO^srnrt. U H GofTiornn. Kerrin^-r Gofficron. N 

Call on SIB; PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Richmond, Va. 


Sna Our Adv. in Buyers Guide 



^il 3 " 1 m Z 

Send sketches for free search. List of Inventions 
needed sent free. Established In 1889. Indorsed by 
both Virginia Senators. Easy payments. 





B Goffigon, Geo W Goffigon, Arthur Hunt, E 

S Jacob, L E Jacob, Woodis Mister, F O Not- ; 

tingham, Jesse Nottingham, L S Nottingham, ! 

F E Outten, Parsons & Bros, W J Saunders, j 

J L Scott, E T Smith, Southy Spady, W S | 

Spady, G L Tankard, Clayton Wallis, Floyd j 
Willis, Geo Willis, W B Wilson, W S Wise 

Capcville — Population 50; 7 miles from R j 
R; 12 miles from C H; banking- town, Cape i 
Charles — Malcolm Blaxon, Bull & Bros, H B | 
Chammock. Geo Elliott, H W Elliott, Law- j Floyd.. Hugh Griffith! J W Griffith, Chas i 
Hun ton. H S Knight, S W Nottingham, Julius i 
Parsons, W L Saunders, Few Wall, Waller, : 
Wilkins, C S Wyatt, W E Wyatt 

C'heriton — Population 75; on N Y P & N : 
R R; 7 miles from C II ; a banking town — W j 
D Andrews, J B Charnock. T L Cobb. E C 
Collins. R A Figgs, D J G Goode, H j 
C Hafey, J L Haley, W Haley, J T | 
Hall. Larry Hamlin, A P Hauby, W 
L Hanby, T W Jones, A W Lawson, W 
J Lewis, A M Moore, T Morrow. Geo W Not- 
tingham. II F Nottingham. T J Nottingham. 
Linwood Outten, W J Outten, Geo F Parra- 
more. G W Polk, M T Poulson, O J Poulson, 
C C Read, I J Reid, W T Robbins, C A Rolle. | 
C W Rollev, R T Rooks. D R Russell, L S 
Sacks, R L Sacks. Jno T Savage, W T Savage, j 
Louis Shevis, H D Smith, Jno E Smith, T B I 
Smith. Max Sox, J T Spady. C R Sterling, Theo j 
Sterling; J W Stevenson, W S Staakley, G B i 
Taylor, Alfred Thompson, IT A Thompson. J | 
Truitt. W M Upshur, W F Watson. Otis Wid- 
geon, G W Wilkins, S J Wilkins. M S Wilson, 
M T Wilson. J B Wise, P A Wise. Saml Worn- I 

Chesapeake — Population 30; near Cobbs 

railroad station; 2 miles from C H; banking | 

town, Cheriton — James Andrews, L D Bib- ! 

bins. James Driscoll, David Lewis. H D Lewis, ) 

C F Nottingham, H F Nottingham, L L Not- j 

tingham, S F Nottingham, S T Nottingham, | 

W D Nottingham, Lea Rippon, W L Rippon, | 

R D Stevenson, Benj Thomas, H S Thomas, j 

Jno R Torbert, Joseph T Widgeon, H C Wise j 

Eastville ( C II) — Population 322; 1 mile I 

from R R; a banking town — James A Jarvis, ! 

Saml Jarvis, Edward H Nottingham, Levin W j 

Nottingham, Sidney Nottingham, Arthur Saun- j 

ders, Wm J Simkins, Robt S Trower, Henry j 
L Upshur. Wm E Waddy, Wm H Westcoat 

Eastville Station — Population 15; banking 
town, Eastville — H C Churn, J W Churn, W S 
Copes, E W Custis, M F Davis, A A Hanby, 
Thos Hinnan, Edward Holland, E F Notting- 
ham. T M Scott, Geo F Wilkins, W W Wilk- 

Exniore — Population 200; 1 mile from R R; 
IS miles from C H; a banking town — Frank 
Ab?-ams, J T Ames, James H Ashby, Jno H 
Ashbv. A R Bailev, W P Bailey, II E Benja- I 

min, F K Byrd, O L Byrd, W H Brickhouse, 
G T Chandler, J W Chandler, J B Colonna, 
L H Colonna, C B Davis, O E Dennis, B N 
Doughty, S B Doughty, Jno E Downing, M 
J Duer, E M Dunton, W L Elsey, Wm Euchel- 
berger, Geo W freeman, J R Gladen, W H 
Gladden, F O Gladden, E M Gladstone, E O 
Gladstone, J E Gladstone, R T Gladstone, 
W H Hancock, R T Harris, S C Harris, Frank 
Hornsby, J R James, C M Johnson, H C John- 
son, W E Johnson, C L Jones, *T R Joynes, 
Jno W Justis, A Letteni, C P Martin, A D 
Mapp, S S Mapp, W G Mapp, E T Mathews, 
E R Meapp, Jno L Meano. J H Nicholson, 
A S Pearson, JEW Poison, T H Poison, E L 
Robins, A J Savage, J Severn Savage, P C 
Savage, W D Savage, Geo W Senman, Phillip 
Sher, G F Smith, H D Smith, Archer Taylor, 
James E Turner, Jno E Turner, T P Twiford. 
J H Ward, H B Wescott, J L Wescott, C 
White, A L Winder, J D Winder, J Levin Win- 
der, S R Young, W S Young 

Franktown — Population 100; ty 2 miles from 
R R; 12 miles from C II ; banking town, Ex- 
more — H T Ames, Mrs Anderson. Allen Ar- 
nold, G II Badger, V W Badger, G W Brag- 
wen, J B Bailey, *W W Bailey, *H Barnes, 
C C Bell, *H J Bell, *S Bell, *J A Collins, H 
E Dennis. Dr E W P Downing, *R Downing. 
A B Dunton, J C Finney. J A Fisher, S B Fox, 
W T Fox, T H Frost, *James Giddens. E A 
Gunter, E L Gunter, E L Gunter Jr, G C 
Hamilton. A D Henderson, W G Hurtt. 
*J Hyslup. D M Kellam, J E Kel- 
lam, S E Kellam, S E D Kellam, W 
M Kellam, C M Lankford, I P Lankford, 
W S Lankford, F A Maddox, R C Mapp Jr, 
*Tom Mapp, J E Nottingham, J E Nottingham, 
Jr, J W Nottingham, J W Nottingham Jr. 
*J H Onley, G H Powell, I P Richardson, W 
T Roberts, *J A Robins, B B Robinson, E T 
Rollev, C M Sandford, *E D Savage, *J W 
Savage, *E Scarborough, *C Stevens, Dr J 
W Sturgiss, E G Tankard, J R Tankard, P 
B Tankard, P W Tankard, *A J Treherne, 
G T Turner, J D Webb, Jesse Whitehead 

Hadloek — Population 75; on R R; 15 miles 
from C H; banking town, Exmore — J T Ames, 
J W Bradford, L H Colonna, *G L Francis, 
C J Gladstone, J E Gladstone, J J Gladstone, 
Archie Taylor 

Jamesville — Population 25; 6 miles from R 
R; 14 miles from C H; banking town, Ex- 
more — C II Hargis. J P Hargis, S M James. 
J C Killman. J A Marron, Wm T Moore, W 
T Somers 

Maehipongo — Population 25; on N Y P & 
N R R; 5 miles from C II; a banking- town — 
J B Ames, J W Ames, W C Ames, James D 
Ball, F B Bell, T P Bell, S P Bradford, L T 
Carpenter, J F Doughty, Wm % B Fitzhugh, J E 
Gibb, Dr J W Jackson, S T Jacob, G T Jarvis, 
• S Jarvis, T P Jarvis A T Leatherburg, C H 

Pe m in 

r- *•* 

v..c || ™ 

Is the Largest Trunk Manufacturing 
City in the South. * 


Virginia Fire & Marine Ins. Co, 


GROSS ASSETS, $1,S52,72S.19. 





Leatheaburg, G R Mapp, G R Mapp Jr, J D 
Mathews, A D Nelson, H Nickerson, G W Not- ! 
tingham, S Y Nottingham, E Puttkamer, J ! 
H Saunders, Robt Snyder, A J Underhill, E A | 
Underhill, H E Underhill, J B Underhill, J 
M Underhill 

Marionvillc — Population 25; 2 miles from R 
R; 10 miles from C H; banking town, Ex- 
more — W F Badger, A F Bell, A T Bell, Mrs 
R J Bell, R e N Bell, W P Bell, Victor Charn- 
ack, E E Floyd, J B Floyd, L M Nottingham, 
Mrs Lee Thomas, T J Tipton, L, W Ward, R 
J Ward, A D Wilson 

Na.ssawadox — Population 100; on N Y & N 
R R; 12 miles from C H; a banking town — 
A A Arnold, G C Chandler, J C Colonna, G H 
Conner, J S Dishman, G R Dunton. J B F 
Dunton, J S Dunton, S H Dunton, L S Glad- 
stone, L W Hamlet, J W Hastings, L W Hill, 
B D Holland, C D Huntt, W M Huntt, C D 
Huntt, C T .lames, L S James, R D .lames, R 
J Jones, G R Joynes, T E Joynes, W M Joynes, 
G W Richards, M V Richards, J S Rogers, 
M D Rogers, W C Roberts. W F Roberts. J S 
Rogers, O J Ross, R H Smith, E G Tankard, 
W E Thomas, W M E Tilghman, C S Turner, 
J E Turner, J S Turner, J C Walker, J L 
Walker, J D Ward, Geo T Webb. J N West- 
cott, J P Westcott, M B Westcott, R D West- 
cott, J D Whitehead. J L Whitehead, Dr W B 
Widgen, E C Willis 

Shadyside — Population 20; 1 mile from R R; 
4 miles from C M; banking town, Eastville — 
G Y N Bell, A F Benson, C F Bradford, R C 
Jacob. Saml T Jacob, Thos R Jarvis, David C 
Kellam, D Mathews, O C Miles, L W Not- 
tingham, R B Taylor, P L. Wyatt 

Townsend — Population 25: 7 miles from R 
R; 12 miles from C H; a banking town — W 
W Dixon, W D Downes, L T Fitchett, H E 
Jones, James Latimore, T F Mister, IT T Not- 
tingham T D Smith & Co, J P Warren, C D 

Ward town — Population 40; 3 miles from 
R R; 17 miles from C H; banking town, Ex- 
more — W S Ashly, F N Bell, M M Bell. W H 
Collins, I S Ennis, C A Faas, B Hopkins. J I 
Hopkins, J D Killium, W M Mapp, Mapp & 

Wcirwood — -Population 30; on N Y P & 
R R; 9 miles from C H; banking town, Ex- 
more— I -I T Ames. Geo W Bagwell, R N Bell, 
R T Bell, B F Dunton, T F Dunton, V O Dun- 
ton. G J Fatherly, Geo F Fatherly, J B Floyd, 
Z V Gunter. A D Herndon, D M Killam. S E 
Killam, R Mapp, E F Nottingham, W H Rich- 
ardson, Geo E Roberts, B N Small, P W Tank- 
ard, W W Thomas, T J Tipton, R J Ward 

Willis Wharf — Population 25; 2 miles from 
R R; 17 miles from C II ; banking town, Ex- 
more— W E Walker, G F Willis 

Northumberland County 

Value of real estate, 1910 — White, $1,696,- 
642; colored, $232,436. Total, $1,929,078. 

Value of personal property — White, $1,- 
534,909; colored, $89,754. Total, $1,624,663. 

Income — $34,451. 

Population, 1916 — 10,777. 

Number voters — White, 1,66 3; colored, 9 35. 

Area — Acres, 118,07 8; square miles, 170. 

County Seat — Heathsville. 

Northumberland county, which was no 
doubt formed from York, is first mentioned 
in Acts of Assembly, 3 645, and represented 
that year by John Matrum. It must, there- 
fore, have been formed during or before 
L645. The county lies on the Chesapeake 
Bay, at the mouth of the Potomac river. 
Richmond. Westmoreland and Lancaster 
counties are on the west. The industries of 
the county, though principally agricultural, 
are more varied than in less favored locali- 
ties. Its bay and river eoastline of forty 
miles, besides the inland river and creeks, 
many of whom are navigable for some dis- 
tance from their mouths, offer unparalleled 
facilities for commerce, fishing, oystering and 
the shooting of geese and other aquatic birds. 
Its timber lands annually yield vast quan- 
tities of cord wood, railroad ties, ship timber. 
wharf piles, hoop poles, etc.; while the cul- 
tivated portions yield fine harvests of wheat, 
corn, oats, rye, buckwheat, sweet and Irish 
potatoes, with an abundance of garden vege- 
tables, and fruits of all kinds of the finest 
quality. The population is steadily increas- 
ing. The manufacture of oil, and a valuable 
fertilizer, commonly known as "chum," from 
the fish called alewives, though comparatively 
a new branch of industry in this section, has 
rapidly increased in value and importance 
since its introduction in 1874. Thousands of 
barrels of oil and tons of chum are annuallv 
manufactured and this fertilizer is extensively 
used by agriculturists in this and many of the 
adjoining counties, having, because ./of its 
cheapness, convenience and adaptability to 
the soil, to a great extent taken the place of 
the manipulated guanos heretofore in general 
use. The fishing and manufacturing seasons 
last from five to six months, and gives lucra- 
tive employment to from three hundred to 
four hundred^ men and from forty to fifty ves- 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the second Monday in February, April, June, 
August, October and December 

Judge — Jos W Chinn, Warsaw 

Clerk— Wm S Cralle, Heathsville 

County Offtcctrs 

Commonwealth's Attorney — Asa S Rice, 

No city in the South has shown a more steady 
and substantial growth. 


AUGUST f%r% 107 SHARP ST. 




Sheriff — S*W Headley, Callao 
Treasurer — Carroll J Rowe, Heathsville 
Sup* of Poor — T D Hogan, Heathsville 
Supt of Schools — F W Lewis, Whealton 
Comr of Revenue— R S Brent, Heathsville j 

Supervisors [ 

C A Coppedge (chairman), Lilian; Dr R E | 

Booker, Lottsburg; H W Gill, Avalon; W C ! 
Blackwell, Wicomico Church 

F T Percifull, Tipers 


A B Gavern, Lewisetta; B B Dawson, Hya- 
cinth; J D Richardson; Luttrellville; E W ! 
Eiehelberger, Heathsville; James T Beane, 
Miskimon; W D Cockrell, Tipers; T J Wil- 
liams, Reedville; T W Christopher, Wicomico 
Church ;\ Edwin Brown, Brown's Store 

Board of Healtli 

C A Coppedge (chairman). Lilian; Dr R E J 
Booker. Lottsburg; Dr S E Cockrell, Reed- 
ville; Dr J A Rice, Heathsville 

Attorneys at Law 

Cralle W S, Heathsville 
Rice A S, Heathsville 
Smith E Hugh, Heathsville 
Towles C S, Reedville 
Walker C H, Heathsville 


Megill L E. Reedville 


Bank of Northumberland, Heathsville 
PEOPLES BANK, Reedville 


Burgess Roy, Burgess Store 
Micrsch J -Henry, Reedville 
Purcell A J. Hyacinth 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Anderson W P, Heathsville 
Beachamp J P. Callao 
Burgess Robert, Burgess Store 
Butler James W, Lilian 
Dodson Edward M, Rainswood 
Dodson L W, Lottsburg 
Dodson S J, Rainswood 
Hayne B R, Burgess Store 
Jones L F. Edwardsville 
Lewis H C, Wicomico Church 
Lewis J R, Tillage 
Lewis S H, Burgess Store 
*Lewis Samuel, Burgess Store 
Mozingo W J. Reedville 
Obier A B. Lottsburg 
Parsons S E, Lewisetta 
Taft J T. Req-ina 

Boarding Houses 

Brent J I & Co, Burgess Store 


Burgess R L, Burgess Store 
Edwards & Phillips, Edwardsville 
Faflin Thos H. Coan 
Hinton &, Blundon, Reedville 
Hyacinth Packing Co, Hyacinth 
Jones W H, Hyacinth 
Lake Packing Co, Lake 
Pearson A E & Son, Lottsburg 
Pitman D II, Regina 
Russell W L & Son, Mila 


Baptist, Burgess Store 
Methodist, Reedville 
Methodist, Regina 

Contractors and Builders 

Dodson Harvey, Bui'gess Store 
Healey L W, Callao 
Lewis C E, Burgess Store 
Lewis W L, Burgess Store 


Jett T A Jr, Tibitha 
Marsh Otho J, Tibitha 


Palmer R W, Reedville 


Gardner Dr, Reedville 
Thornasson Chas H, Reedville 

Fish Oil and Guano 

Davis C E Packing Co, Reedville 
Davis Palmer Co, Ditchley 
Douglas Co The, Fleeton 
Edwards Co The, Reedville 
McNeal, Dodson Co, Reedville 
McNeal-Edwards Co, Reedville 
Morris-Fisher Co, Reedville 
Reedville Oil & Guano Co, Reedville 
Seaboard Oil & Guano Co, Reedville 

Fish and Oyster Dealers 

Crockett J T, Sunnybank 
Courtney Warren J, Mundy Point 
Davis C E, Fleeton 
Edwards & Reed Co, Reedville 
Hayne Thos W, Reedville 
McXeal-Dodson Co.. Fair Port 
Reedville Packing Corp, Reedville 

Fish and Roe Packers 
Hall W F & Co. Fleeton 

Mills Wm H & Co, Fleeton 


Garages * 

Mooro & Palmer Co Inc. Reedville 


Has Good Schools for Boys and Girls. 
Moderate tax rate. 


Kellam Hospital, Inc. 




The Kellam Hospital Is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we want 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the use of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids o%er 90 per cent, of the many hundreds 
of sufferers treated during the past 18 years. 



Gasoline Engines 
Palmer-Moore Co, Reedville 

General Stores 

Anderson & Co, Remo 

Ashburn T E, Callao 

Ashburn Tobias L, Burgess Store 

Barnes S Fletcher. Xokomis 

Barnes & Hundley, Coan 

Basye & Dawson, Coan 

BEAXE R fl, Sampsons Wharf 

Beane T S, Miskimon 

Beatley W M, Avalon 

Bevis W P, Avalon 

BLIXDOX V.* H, Burgess Store 

Blundon & Hinton, Reedville 

Bowles R L & Bro, Fleeton 

Boyer Sidney A, Heathsville 

Bramble J E, Burgess Stores 

Bra>m G W, Hyacinth 

Brent J I £ Co, Burgess Store 

Brillhart, Harding & Lewis, Fleeton 

Bryant Richd A, Heathsville 

Clark A P., Lottsburg 

Coles R E & Co, Ophelia 

Courtney <£ Xorris, Mundy Point 

Covington R L & Bro. Burgess Store 


COWART S & SOX. Cowart 

Crabb R B & Son. Hyacinth 

Cralle J B, Good Puck 

Crowd er J J & Son, Reedsvllle 

Orowther A R, Edwardsville 

Davis Edward H, Regina 

Dawson J H, Burgess Store 

Dodson P J, Burgess Store 

Punaway H X, Regina 

Edwards Jno H, Edwardsville 

Eskridsre W P, Ophelia 


Fallin C H, Village 
Fallin -Eugene & Bro, Coan 
French Jacob, Fair Port 
Garner Bros, Pewisetta 
Garner T E, Podge 
Groom C \V & M E, Bevorlyville 
Harding Richard O, Tipers 
Haynie J A Jr, Fair Port 

Pucine D, Fleeton 

M E Mrs, Fair Port 

Sz Walker. Fair Port 

& Blundon, Reedville 
A L, Blackwells 






Hogan Chas B, Heathsville 

Jett \Y W, Pynhams 

Jones W A, Rainswood 

Jones W H, Hyacinth 

Kelley «fc Bro, Byrdton 

Lewis Andrew J, Walnut Point 

Lewis Lumber Co, Rainswood 

Marsh E J, Miskimon 

Middleton A R. Village 

MTddleton Luther J, Avalon 

Morrison T J & Son. Lilian 

Muse S E & Co, Edwardsville 

Norton Bros, Rehoboth Church 

Omohundro Jno M, Pilian 

Pin Robt T, Burgess Store 

Pitman Henry H. Regina 

Pope R W, Browns Store 

Purcell G H. Rainswood 

Reed & Rice Co, Reedville 

Reynolds M E, Rainswood 

Rice J Frank. Fair Port 

Rico J G & Son, Heathsville 

Rice & Reed Co Inc, Reedville 

Rock Robt F, Mundy Point 
I Rowe Mfg & Supply Co, Blackwells 
| SANDY G M, Hyacinth 
I Sanford & Thrift, Village 
j Smith Wm A, Avalon 
; Smithe T C. Rainswood 
j Snow Julian F, Wicomico Church 
| Stephens James W G, Wicomico Church 

Swann E G. Walmsley 

Swift Harvey I. Fair Port 

Sydnor A T H, Village 

Thomas P M & Son, Lara 

Thomas W W, Browns Store 

Thrift Bros, Callao 


Tignor W H. Wicomico Church 

Walker C H. Burgess Store 

Watkins & Derilux, Lottsburg 

Williams O AT & Son. Reedville 

Winstead & Thrift, Village 

Wright Thos M, Hardings 


'Campbell J Co, Reedville 
! Crabbe R B & Son.. Mundy Point 
| Crowther J P, Reedville 
* Dodson W H, Edwardsville 
Flint W L & Co, Reedville 

Megill L E, Reedville 
I Pinckard James H. Rehoboth Church 
j Pusey Paul H Heathsville 
< Sydnor L V. Reedville 

Harness and Saddlery 

Hammock W R. Fair Port 
Hurst Hiram, Pleathsville 

! Arlington Inn, Cape Charles 

Livery & McFarland, Reedville 

Livery & Shackelford, Reedville 
i Xelms J Edward,. Heathsville 

Point Pleasant Hotel. Fair Port 

Powell House, Eastville 

Virginia Hotel, Cape Charleg 

Reedville House, Reedville 

Insurance Agents 
Blundon H G, Reedville « 
Brown R B. Browns Store 
Jett J C. Rood ville 


0^*4 ** '^M.f *» th6 art of producing typewritten 

l^^l&HB 'viH letters in large quantities at a reason- 

able price, Write Bill Directory Co., Inc., 823 Mutual Bldg., Richmond, Va. 


Life Insurance Company of Virginia «l5!^m%^ 

. ,* / «-* Quarterly, Seim-Annuaily -and Annually. 

: Con- 





Lumber Dealers 

Burgess R L, Burgess Store 
Eubank T J, Browns Store 
Hutchinson H H, Regina 
Lilian Lumber Co. Lilian 
Pitman D H, Regina 


Overton & Edwards, Reedville 

Ma line Railways 
Butler O S, Reedville 
Fleeton Boat & Engine Co, Fleeton 
Medley Lewis E & Sons, Cowart 

Meat Markets 

Crowther John P, Fleeton 


Atwell Jno R Mrs, Wicomico Church 
Heat ley Sadie C Mrs, Avalon 
Brent Annie Mrs, Burgess Stores 
Headley Kate Mrs, Village 

Mills — Cora and Flour 
Davis E J, Jiegina 
Gardy J R, Hyacinth 
Northern L B, Hyacinth 
McKenny Albert C, Hyacinth 

Mills — Saw 

Barrett E H, Tipers 

Boulcjin H W & Co, Harding's 

Burgess Robt L. Burgess Store 

Hutchinson H H, Regina 

Lewis Lunsford H, Village 

Pitman D H, Regina 

Robertson S H, Sampsons Wharf 

Self W C, Village 

Thomasson C S, Ophelia 

Northumberland Echo, Heathsville, 
Rowe editor 


Groom C W & M E, Beverlyville 

Oyster Packers and Shippers 

Cowart & Cowart, Cowart 
Lake Packing Co, Lake 
Reed Geo N. Reedville 


Hanley James, Reedville 
Parks J T 4 Reedville 


Atwell John R, Wicomico Church 

Booker Robert E, Lottsburg 

Brent A M, Heathsville 

Coekrell L E, Reedville 

Downing Samuel. Wicomico Church 

Hud nail R L, Beverlyville 

'■''• ••■ Tames A Heathsville 

M W 

Strubinsky J, Edwardsville 
Valk E Gordon. Bundick 
Weymouth Samuel E, Callao 


Mitchell C A. Reedville 

Post Marking Stamp Manufacturers 

Chambers Henry B & Bros, Lodge 


Rowe N W, Heathsville 

Real Estate Agents 
Brown R B & Co. Regina 

Tobacco Dealers 

Thomas W W, Browns Store 
j Thrift S T. Browns Store 

Tomato Packers 

Hogan Harry Packing Co, Lodge 


Butler J W & Son, Reedville 
McKenny Albert C & Co, Village 
Thrift H L & Son, Wicomico Church 


Avalon — Population 40; 2% miles from C 
H; banking town, Heathsville — T Belvis, E M 
Bray, G B Bray, G E Bray, S R Bray, A B 
j Crowther, T II Gill, J H Hall, J A Gastings, 
Alfred Jackson, L C Jones, F K Lewis, G W 
Lewis, J B Lewis, *Spriggs Montague, Pep- 
per Smith, *R M Walker, W L Welsh, J Win- 

Beveiiyville — Population 10; 14 miles from 
C H; banking town, Reedville— Beverly Rob- 

Blaekwells — Population 20; 50 miles from R 
R; 12 miles from C H; banking town, Reed- 
ville-*-W A Booth. W L Booth, J W Donlin, 
L E Headley 

Browns Store — Population 49; 5 miles 
from C H; banking town, Heathsville— D E H 
Brookes, E Brown, R B Brown, B H Craig, 
T J Eubank, L T Haynie, W D Haynie, R O 

Burgess Store — -Population 50; 9 miles to C 
H; banking town, Reedville — W F Armswor- 
thy, H C Ashburn. J M Beauchamp. Mrs Hen- 
ry Blundon, R H Blundon, W H Blundon, M 
F Burgess, F P Cooper, J R Coleman, F P 
Cooper, J H Covington, Jno If Danson, S B 
Downing, T E Downing, J W Donlin, W E 
i Flynt, Daniel France, Jno France, Frederick 
j Hale, B F Hammock, *E Warcum, Lyle- 
| ton Haynie, Luther E Hendley, L J Jett, Lu- 
ther S Jett, B F Jones, E B .Tones, Henry 

The Magic City is growing and pros- 
pering. * 

Charlottesville, v&^%S*%^l£Z 

Boom on Now. Come on quick---big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Jones, M W Jones, Thomas Jones, Hermon 
Lewis, Thomas Moore, W W Moore, A J 
Rodgers, Joseph H Sebra, Joseph W Sebra, 
R H Selby. Wm P Sydnor 

Coan — Population 35; 6 miles from C H: 
banking- town, Heathsville — Thos H Hall, J I 
S Hundley | 

' I 
Cowart — Population 10; 12 miles from C 
H; banking town, Heathsville — J H Allison, \ 
W P Basye, C A Cowart, W P Cowart, T M 
Dobyns, Robt L Downing, P D Dungan, R T 
Gillims, A E Hamilton, E K Harding, W M 
Harding, A R Headley, J G Headley, L E i 
Headley, W H Hughes, A R Pee, C H Lewis, 
A B Rhett, E J Sydnor, W H Travers, L M , 

Edwardsville — Population 10; banking ; 
toNvn, Heathsville— S Herbert Bailey, Morgan 
L Beatley, W Roland Boatiey, *Daniel B Bee, | 
* Hiram T Bee, J Luther Bradshaw, Henry F 
Y Bryant, *James R Burton, Benj D Camp- 
bell, *Jno Carter, James M Coates, Allen S 
Cordrey, *Luther Cottrell, * James Crockett, 
Arthur R Crowther, *Flem Day, Wm H Dod- 
son, H M Edwards, J no H Edwards, O B 
Edwards, Thos D Edwards, * Ellis Elmore, j 
*Wm Elmore, J Brooks Fallin, J Reamy Fall- 
in, Joseph G Fallin, Wm Fisher, Daniel S i 
France, R R France, Wm A France, *Mason | 
Harcum, Allen E Hatton, J Archie Hatton, J 
Train Hatton, E C Haynie, * Jerry Hughlett, 
*Gam Jackson, Benj A Jones, Chas H Jones. 
E Buck Jones, G Henry Jones, H Fuller 
Jones, J Edward Jones, Millard J Jones, Mor- , 
gan W Jones, Thos W Jones. * Hiram Ken- j 
ner, *Jno Kenner, Jno H Lewis, Thos W ; 
Lewis, *Wm C Lewis, Wm F Murray, *Berk- , 
ley Muse, *Eugene Muse, *Melvin Muse, ; 
Moses Muse, *Saml Muse, *Bob Noel, Wm ; 
R Phillips, *Pursey Price, Rev A Judson 
Reamy, *J J Redman, *0 Redman, Elzie ; 
Robertson, Benj R Smith, Jeter G Smith. Dr 
J Strubinsky, * Berkley Sutton, *Bob Sutton, 
James Swann, Addie J Swift, Saml L Swift, \ 
*Will Sydnor, *Thos Thomas, * Eliza Veney, ! 
*Landon Veney, *Hamond Wildy, *Levi | 
Wildy, *Lucius Wildy, *Wilmus Wildy, C | 
Ellis Williams. Louis J Wolff, *Julius Yerby, j 
*Lee Yerby, *Robt Yerby 

Fairport — Population 200; on Chesapeake 
Bay; 16 miles from C H; banking town, Reed- , 
ville — R J Alexander, J A Dodson, M L Dod- 
son, Fred Downing, C R Ford, Jacob French, j 
W R Hammock, H P Harris, Edwin L Haynie, j 
W A Haynie, II E Jones, S J Lewis, W T j 
Lewis, N L Timbe, C T Wootten 

Fleeton — Population 10; 12 miles from C H; 

banking town, Ree.dville— W T Bailey, R H i 

Bowles, W S Bowles, Q M Bussells, C S Coosa, j 

E O Coosa. C E Davis. E W Edwards. E W ! 

Edwards Jr, R E Edwards, R L Edwards, B 
F Evans, F L Harding, G R Haynie, R W 
Hudnall, G M Insley, 3 C Jett, Lewis Launy. 
Q G Lewis, G W Neal, Jno A Palmer Jr, 
Chas Pitman, J H Sanders, J T Sanders, W 
J Saunders, G W Shipley, T C Slaughter, R P 
Waller, E W Webb C H Williams 

Good Luck — Population 30; banking town, 
Kilmarnock — E J Carter, W R Luttrell 

Hardings— Near Chesapeake Bay; 12 miles 
from C H; banking town. Kilmarnock — H L 
Ball, Geo Bullis, Clara S Davies, Wm G Da- 
vies, W S Diller, A D Edmiston, J E Hard- 
ing, Jno H Harding. H A Ingram, O R Kent, 
W G Scott 

Heathsville (C II) — Population 200; on Wi- 
comico river; a banking town— R S Brent, 
W O Costen, I W Edwards, O Elmore, J T 
Haggard, T D Hogan, C C Neale, J E Nelms. 
W A Pitman, J G Rice, C J Rowe, H C 
Rowe, Mrs Estelle Smith, H A Straughn, R 
T Walker, Walter Walker, R Wilkins 

Hyacinth — Population 10; 10 miles from C 
H; banking town, Heathsville — C W Allen, 
J W Beacham, E C Beauchamp, G P Beau- 
champ. G W Brann, Lewis A Burgess, P E 
Burgess, S E Burgess, G W Butler, E B Daw- 
son, R L Dawson, J F Dixon, Mrs C H Gor- 
don. L E Headley, W S Headley, W H Jones. 
J D Xewsom, C L Oliver, B L Orem, *J W 
Pierce, A J Purcell, Dandridge Purcell, W B 
Purcell, W H Reynolds, G M Sandy, H E Self, 
*J R Thompson, Ray Vanlandingham, Mrs 
Z Vanlandingham 

Lake — Population S; 10 miles from C H; 
banking town, Heathsville— Wm J Cowart, D 
F Douglass, W J Douglass, B F Fisher, P E 
Fisher, W H Forestor, W W Forrister, An- 
drew B Headley, Holland Hughes, Frank 
Jewell, L M Jewell, M L Jewell, Martin Kent, 
M H McNeal, W A Pearson, Caleb H Price, 
Richard Price, O D Rice, Wm Rice, G G 
Robinson, S Y Sewell, J T Swann, Joseph 
Travers, V T Webb 

Lilian — Population 50; 12 miles from C H; 
banking town, Reedsville — S F Atwell, T E 
Blackwell. T E Blacwell Jr, A F Booth, J C 
Booth. James V Booth, M M Booth, Geo K 
Butler, James W Butler. IT W Butler, J D 
Carey, T L Cockrell, C A Coppedge, Chas J 
Covington, Dr T S D Covington, Wm A Davis, 
Dick Debnam, W T Edwards, C A Gill, A W 
Gills, Joseph E Hale, W E Hale, W F Hall. 
James G Harcum, Jno B Hinton, J B Hud- 
nall, R L Hudnall, J S Humphries. A E 
Jon^s, J M Omohundro, J H Robertson, Mrs 
J W Tankard, D S Truitt » 

Lodsrc — Population 2r>; 10 miles from C TT: 

m M. LC 

Office Over Farmers and .Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 

Everything in REAL ESTATE 

Virginia Farms and Orchards 


R. G. 


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229 N. Sycamore St.,* Mcilvvaine Bldg., 



banking town, Heathsville— Garrott A Dun- 
can, James R Headley, Wm II Weymouth. 
Riclid W Winstead. R E Booker, Lewis B 
Bromley, Saml W Bryant, R L Downing, T E 
Hall, Wm Harding, Elgin Headley, E B Lew- 
is M E Lewis, T E Lewis,, J B Nash, A E 
Pearson, Wm K Reade, E C Rock, L F Slaugh- 
ter, James Barrett W C Crowther, S C Hall, 
A C Harding, Sydnor Henderson, R Fuller 
Hunton, M H Jett, J W Kelley 

>Iila — Population 15; on Wicomico river; 8 
aiiles from C H; banking town, Reedsville — 
E E Coles, W O Doggett, H A Hudnall, P O 
Lewis, W L Russell, R E Snow 

Muhdy roint — Population 25; 13 miles from 
C H; banking town, Warsaw — Saml Burgess, 
C J Burton, Joseph W Dallutations, W E 
Dameron, A B King, R L Meale, Frank 
Irom, N J W Reynolds, R F Rock 

Xokomis — Population 10; 3% miles from C 
H; banking town, Heathsville — J F Barnes, L 
F Barnes, J A Booth, J R Bryant, Bennie 
Davis. R H Dawson, James Diggs, *Z T Ef- 
ford, J B Fisher, L H Fisher, C R Hall, R J 
Hughes, J R Hundley.. Wm L Hundley, Wm 
A Robertson, Julius Thompson, C H Van- 
landingham, E L Vanlandingham, E A Win- 

Ramswodd — Population 30: G miles from 
C H; banking town, Heathsville — J II Beach- 
am, Bromley Bros, S E Headley, T W Head- 
ley, w C Headley, Hendley Bros, W A Jones, 
L L Pinkard, E C Walker, H R Walker 

Reedville — Population 300; 15 miles from 
C H; a banking town — L H Ames, J J Berry, 
Morean Blackwell, Robt C Blackwell, W C 
Blackwell, PI Gordon Blundon. S O Butler, 
Wm Blundon, M J Carey. L E Cockrell, James 
W Coleman, H T Croswell, T J Croswell, B G 
<'rowther, J H Crowther, J P Crowther, W 
W Crowther, J C Davis, Alonzo Dawson, A J 
Douglas, O W Douglas, E W Edwards, Robt 
L Edwards, W T Edwards, C II Evans, J C 
Pisher, Chas L Gaskins, Thos R Gill. C F 
Haynie, C W Playnie. J A Haynie, J Henry 
Haynie, -Jno A Haynie Jr, T IT Haynie, W J 
Haynie, Chas Higgins, Chas Hilson, J B Hin- 
ton, J A Hinton, R J Hughes, Frank C Jett, 
•J C Jett, T A Jett, T Howard Jett, W B 
Jett. G W Ketchum, A. D Lewis, Grover Lew- 
is. H C Lewis, Harold Lewis, Ira J Lewis, 
Chas Lofland, G H McFarland, V McFarland* 
L H McGill, J E Marsh, W H Marsh. J Henry 
Meirsch, R B Moore, L S Morrison, W J Mo- 
zingo, Clifford Overton, D F Overton, T J 
Owens, Jno A Palmer, L X Powell, Geo X 
Reed, A F Rice, Howan T Rice, Luther Rice, 
W" A H Rice, G T Robertson, J R Shackle- 
ford, J T Shelton, X T Shelton. R D Shelton. 
L TaHaferro. W T Thomnsson. C L Towles. 

W T Towles, S Vanlandingham, Benj Walker, 
H L Whaley, C F Williams, T J Williams 

Rcgina — Population 25; 8 miles from C H; 
banking town, Reedville — JT L Beane, H L 
Beard, Bob Brent, L J Clayton, Jno Davis, 
J Y Edwards, A Hutchinson, P E Pitman, R 
G Pitman, W K Pitman, I O Tally, James 
H Tally, W W Talley 

Relioboth Church — Population 30; 3 miles 
from river; 7 miles from C H; banking town, 
Irvington — G E Crowther, G E Luttrell, G H 

Sampsons Wharf — Population 10; 9 miles 
from C H; banking town, Pleathsville — F M 
Booth, B H Craig, C R Lunsford, D F Mc- 
A.liistor, R O Moore, W R Perciful, W W Per- 
ciful, S H Robertson 

Sunnybank — Population 20: on Chesapeake 
Bay; 15 miles from C H; banking town, Reed- 
ville— R C Blackwell, W II Blackwell, A B 
Eskridge, L E Hill, C C Hammock, Blucker 
Hudnall, W M Hudnall, Hiram G Williams, 
Raymond L Williams 

Tibitlm — Population 20; on Chesapeake 
Bay; 15 miles from C H; banking town, Reed- 
ville — James Coleman, J H Crowther, A J 
Douglas, B B Haynie, F J Playnie, F" P Hay- 
nie, Jno A Haynie, E T Hughes. T A Jett, 
T A Jett Jr, C W Xeal. W W Robinson, O 
R Williams. T J Williams 

Wicomico Church — Population 45; 12 
miles from C H; banking town, Kilmarnock 
— B B Barrett, L W Barrett, W O Barrett. 
P: Blackwell, II H Blackwell, W W Black- 
well, W H Carter, T W Christopher, R A 
Clark, W O Doggett, T L Plarding, Warner 
Murat; J T Lampkin, Geo H Mothershead, C 
T Myers, W H Rowe, C R Snow, J F Snow, 
C Stegeman, PI IT Thrift, J W Whaley, W C 
Whaley. Thos ,1 Wheeler 

; 4 

' > 

R r C - .,»:;- Has one of the largest shipyards 

N^L^aa W'J r*T ^'hA B W W *2P on the Atlantic and Good Business 






15 W. Tnbb St., Petersburg, Va. 


PHONE 176 





Nottoway County 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $2,247,- 
193; colored, $33€,47S. Total, $2,583,671. 

Value of personal property — White, $1,- 
267,215; colored, $100,182. Total, $1,367,397. 

Income — $37,833. 

Population, 1916—13,462. 

Number voters — White, 1,737; colored, 1,- 

Area — Acres, 19 6,452; square miles, 306. 

County Seat — Nottoway. 

Nottoway was formed 17S8 from Amelia, 
and named from a tribe of Indians by which 
it was once inhabited. Its mother county is 
on the north, Lunenburg- and Brunswick on 
the south, Dinwicldie on the east, and Prince 
Edward on the west. The Nottoway river 
skirts its southern border, while the Little 
Nottoway, and other tributaries of the Not- 
toway, on the south, and many branches 
of the Appomattox on the north, extend into 
and water different sections. The Norfolk 
and Western and the Southern railroads in- 
tersect at Burkeville. furnishinp; facilities to 
market for the products of the county. Corn, 
oats, wheat and tobacco are the principal 
crops, the annual yield of the latter — exceed- 
ing- one" and a half million pounds. The min- 
erals are scapstone and kaolin, and the tim- 
bers are pine, oak, hickory, walnut, chestnut, 
poplar, cedar and ash. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the first Monday in March, June, September 
and December 

Judg-e — R G Southall, Amelia 

Clerk — C F Deane, Nottoway 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — H E Lee, 


Sheriff — R L Sullivan, Blackstone 

Treasurer — F L Overton^ Burkeville 

Supt of Poor— J W Du Priest 

Supt of Schools — C B Bowry, Burkeville 

Comr's of Revenue — RD Mabin, Blackstone; 

J L Vaug*han, Burkeville 

C W Breedlove, Blackstone 


W P Bostick, Burkeville; R N Williams, 
Crewe; J A Hardy, Blackstone 


F L Tinsley, Welhille; J A Walker^ Black- 
stone; W H Verser, Crewe; C PI Harper, 
Crewe; M A Bedford, Burkeville; O S Caba- 
niss, Burkeville; A. C Beville, Wellville; R 
Jr>r»f>s. BJackstor»e 

Board of Health 

Captain F F Lockett (chairman), Crew*- 
Dr K P Beville, Blackstone; Dr J H Young, 
Burkeville; Dr \V V Atkins, Blackstone 

Agricultural Implements 

Blackstone Plow Works, Blackstone 
Dillard-Crawley Hardware ' Co. Blackstone 


McDaniel J K. Blackstone 

Attorneys at Law 

Fby A C. Burkeville 

Epes T Freeman, Blackstone 

Epos & Epes, Blackstone and Nottoway 

Gravatt Moncure, Forkland 

Gravatt W M, Blackstone 

Jones \V R, Blackstone 

Lee Henry E, Crewe 

Watson PI PL Crewe 

Watson Walter A, Crewe 

Woody K L, Crewe 


Moore T L, Blackstone 

Automobile Repairers 
stone (see adv below) 


txulley & Cunningham, Crewe 
Paultis Joseph, Blackstone 
Shorter W C, Crewe 
Traylor R J, Blackstone 

Bank of Crewe, Crewe 
ville. W H Sheffield cashr 
First Natl Bank, Blackstone 


Chandler Patk, Burkeville 

Johnson Shaving Parlor, Crewe 

Munford Burt, Forkland 

Munford W B, Blackstone 

Procise Luther, Blackstone R F D No 1 

Procise M L, Blackstone 

Walker & Bryant, Crewe 

Billiard and Pool Rooms 

Bryant E E 4 Crewe 
Osborne R H, Burkeville 





m 4 


is on the Grandest Harbor of thie Atlantic. Watch 
it grow. 


C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 


North Market St., Winchester, Va. 

ae Dtiop 


GEO. R. THEIS, Mgr. 


Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

■Baker W H, Blackstone 
Bowen F A, Blackstone 
Boze W F, Crewe 
j'.oze & Bateman, Crewe 
Gilliam Giles, Blackstone 
Hopkins A J, Burkeville 
N'augie W A, Nottoway 
Shaw F E. Burkeville 
Snead Wm A.. Blackstone 
Sneed & Co, Forkland 
*Spicely & Spicely, Forkland 
*\Vebster W H, Jennings Ordinary 
Wright Bros, Burkeville 

Boarding: Houses 
Bagby D E, Blackstone R F D No 1 
Seay Geo Mrs, Blackstone 
Tug-gale Douglas Mrs, Forkland 

s Bottlers 

Brown i'v- Mason, Blackstone 
Enterprise Bottling Works, Blackstone 
Pud wig R C. Crewe 
;,l8s«.n E P, Blackstone 

Bowling Alleys 
Chapin Tl L. Blackstone 

Butchers and Meat Markets 

Bradshaw B W, Crewe 
Cliborne R T, Burkeville 
Hamilton G W, Burkeville 
.Johnson G A, Blackstone 
Mathews G A. Blackstone 


Burkeville Canning Co, Burkeville 
Cook J B. The Falls 

Carriage and Wagon Makers 

Bowen T A. Forkland 

Crowder N J, Blackstone R F D No 1 


Baptist, Blackstone 
Baptist, Crewe 
Baptist, Forkland 
Christian, Blackstone 
Christian, Forkland 
Episcopal, Blackstone 
Episcopal, Forkland 
Episcopal, Nottoway 
Methodist, Blackstone 
Methodist, Crewe 
Methodist, Forkland 
Methodist, Jennings Ordinary 
Methodist, Nottoway 
Mothodist, Wellville 
Presbyterian, Blackstone 
Presbyterian, Forkland 
Presbyterian, Nottoway 

Civil Engineers 

Peyton Wvthe M. Burkeville 

Cleaners and Pressors 

Blackstone Cleaning & Pressing Co, Black- 
* Fitzgerald C E, Crewe 
Slater The Cleaner, Crewe 


Peoples Clothing Co, Blackstone 
Wright G C, Crewe 

Colleges and Schools 
stone, Elvin S Ligon prcs (see page 64) 

Confecti oners 

Anderson & Smith, Blackstone 
Green E C« Burkeville 

Contractors and Builders 

Abbitt Bros, Crewe 

Agle O L. Crewe 

Bacon J G. Forkland 

Bolton J PI, Burkeville 

Carter H C, Forkland 

Carter Malcomb. Blackstone 

Cobb R W, Blackstone 

Cobbs Wilbor, Forkland 
! Crowder C H, Blackstone 
i Johnson James, Forkland 
j McDaniel J E, Blackstone 
I Parrish E Y, Crewe 

Powell J T, Wellville 

Wise R W„ Crewe 


I Holden & Wilson, Blackstone 
I Hurt & Parker, Blackstone 
I Irby B, Blackstone 
I Irby Jethro, Forkland 


Dodd Bros, Crewe 
Grecker E C, Forkland 
Hayden Geo E„ Crewe 
Irby J P Jr, Blackstone 
Stith Irvin, Forkland 
Tucker L E C, Blackstone 

Department Stores 

Jones-Williams Co, Blackstone 


Atkins W Y, Blackstone 
Collins Chas F. Crewe 
Crewe Pharmacy, Crewe 
Crittenden F N, Crewe 
Nottaway Drug Co, Blackstone 
Spencer Drug Co, Blackstone 
Spencer E B Drug Co, Blackstone 
Young J II, Burkeville 

Dry Goods 

Globe Department Store, Blackstone 
Jones-Williams Co, Blackstone 
Macht Harry A, Crewe 


Published by 


Directory and Alman&c Publishers 


The Franklin Press Co. 




122-130 W. Tabb St. PETERSBURG, VA. 

See Ad. opposite General Index, pa£e 7. 



Newby W E & Co, Crewe 
Seay-Bagley Co. Blackstone 
SegalolT & Greenwald, Blackstone 

Electrical Contractors 

Noel B G. Crewe 

Excelsior Manufacturers 

Southern Excelsior Works, Blackstone 

Fertilizer Dealers 
Blackstone Guano Co Inc, Blackstone 
CO INC, Blackstone 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 
Mann Jno D, Crewe 
Robison's 5, 10 and 2 5 Cent Store, Blackstone 

Biorner H 

Flour — Wholesale 

E. Burkeville 

Furniture Dealers 

Bishop's T K Estate, Blackstone 

Blanton A & Bro, Crewe 

Blanton O A. Blackstone 

Brags: Epes Furniture Co, Blackstone 

Sowers Thos J, Crewe 

Belmont Garage, Blackstone 
stone (see adv at Automobiles) 

Kendrick Garage, Blackstone 
MacTavish Motor Co. Crewe 
Robinette G V, Crewe 
Sampson A K, Burkeville 

General Stores 

Bagley, Seay & Co, Forkland 
Boiling J S, Blackstone 
Bowles W F, Wellville 
Bradshaw Co The, Burkeville 
Bradshaw G L, Blackstone 
Brydie F M, Blackstone 
Burkeville Variety Co, Burkeville 
Clay J A, Blackstone 
Graddock J A. Crewe R F D 
Crewe Variety Store, Crewe 
Dalton P D, Blackstone 
Deane E L, Nottoway 
Dressel Wm, Nottoway 
DuPuy E B, Blackstone 
ELLETT BROS, Jennings Ordinary 
Fears J E, Jennings Ordinary 
Fox Martin S, Blackstone 
Freeman Marcus L, Blackstone 
Globe Dept Store, Blackstone 
Hamilton G W, Burkeville 
Hammack J R & Son, Blackstone 
HAWEE T S & SON, Wellville 
Hawthorne J C, Wellville 
Herbert & Son, Blackstone 
Hicks James, Blackstone 
Fngre G C. [blackstone 

Jackson J O. Blackstone 

Jennings Dora L Miss, Crewe R F D 

Jones Robt E, Blackstone 

Jones- Williams Co, Blackstone 

Jones & Hazlewood, Tree 

Kinehloe Bros, Crewe 

Lockett Jenkins Co, Crewe 

Moore It B, Crewe 

MXIRDOCK A MRS, Blackstone R F D No 1 

Murdoch M M Mrs, Blackstone R F D 

Nottoway Realty & Mercantile Co, Blackstone 

Oliver S L, Burkeville 

Oliver Thos B, Crewe 

Overton S D, Burkeville 

Patterson J T, Wellville 

Hanson J P Mrs, Burkeville 

Reinhart J A. Crewe 

Robertson Geo E, Blackstone 

Robertson J S, Blackstone and Forkland 

Robertson W A, Nottoway 

Robertson & Spruill, Crewe 

Robinson H Lee, Blackstone 

Seay-Bagley Co, Blackstone 

Spain E .F, Blackstone 

Stith D M, Blackstone 

Tinglcy V E, Blackstone 

Tucker W T, Blackstone 

Upson Danl T, Blackstone 

Upson T D, Blackstone 

VAT GHAN W A, The Falls 

*Watson Lewis, Burkeville 

Wilt Bros, Blackstone 

Wright G C, Crewe 

Young J H. Crewe 


Bawii Grocery Co, Forkland 

Brown Jno M, Blackstone 

Cliborne R T, Burkeville 

Crowder M E, Blackstone 

Epes P R Cash Co, Blackstone 

Farmers' Grocery Co, Crewe 

Fitzgerald, Green & Son, Blackstone 

Fitzgerald W H, Blackstone 

Galcy & Cunningham, Crewe 

Green E C, Burkeville 

Guarantee Meat Market, Blackstone 

Harper E A, Crewe 

Jones R E, Blackstone 

Mathews J B, Blackstone 

Mathews J M, Forkland 

Moore J T. Crewe 

Moore R B, Crewe 

Osborne Grocery Co, Burkeville 

Peoples Meat Market, Blackstone 

Robertson J E, Blackstone 

Robertson & Spruill, Crewe 

Spencer R B, Blackstone 

Stith A M, Blackstone 

Watson Lewis, Burkeville 

G roecrs — Wl i ojosale 
Barrow Grocery Co, Blackstone 
Boswell Co The. Burkeville 



Your most procuress! ve mei> 
chants. II if pays lis em if will 
pay you. Consult us. 




Trade-Marks and Copyrights secured. Patent and 
Trade-Mark matters are properly prosecuted to insure 
fullest possible protection, and fees are reasonable. 
Correspondence solicited. 

Washington Loan and Trust Bldg., Washington, D. C. 




Blackstone Guano Co, Blackstone 

Farmers Co-Operative Guano Co, Blackstone 

Hardware Dealers 

Dillard -Crawley Hardware Co, Blackstone 
Hanmer H H, Burkeville 
Jennings E L, Crewe 
Lockett-Jenkins Co, Crewe 
Stokes, Williams & Co, Blackstone 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Blackstone Fuel Co, Blackstone 
DeShazor J A & Co, Blackstone 
Perkins W D, Blackstone 
Planters' Warehouse Co, Blackstone 


Blackstone Hotel, Blackstone 

Earner A J Mrs, Burkeville 

Hawthorne J L, Blackstone 

Hotel Burkeville, Burkeville 

Hotel Ripberger, Blackstone 

OLUKR THE, Crewe. W C Shorter propr 

Smith B G, Burkeville 

Tee Manufacturers 

Blackstone Ice Co, Blackstone 
Punlap J W, Blackstone 
Sherwood A R, Crewe 

Insurance Agents 
Beville R S. Crewe 
Bostick W P. Burkeville 
Brown E X, Blackstone 
Cordoza C C, Blackstone 
Hardaway J H, Blackstone 
Hurt W E, Blackstone 
NASH J W, Blackstone 
Nash W A. Forkland 
Oliver & Sowers, Crewe 

Iron Founders and Machinists 
Blackstone Plow Works, Forkland 

Lumber Dealers 

Blackstone Lumber & Box Co, Blackstom 

Cobb B E. Blackstone 

Crowe E D. Wellville 

National Box & Shook Mfg Co, Crewe 

Perkins D W, Blackstone 

Shelburne-Wilson Co The, Burkeville 


Beville Misses, Crewe 
Epes Mattie Miss, Blackstone 
Horner A L Mrs, Crewe 
Morgan Bee Mrs, Blackstone 

Mills — Corn and Flour 

Blackstone Roller Mills, Blackstone 

Burton & Guy, Crewe 

Epes Frank, The Falls 

Farmers' Milling Co, Tree 

Nelson J J. Blackstone 

Spindler G P, Blackstone * 

Mills — Saw and Planing: 

Cobb B E, Wellville 
Cornett & Riddle, Blackstone 
Craddock J C, Crewe 
Garrett W E. Blackstone 
Gutriege G, Crewe 
Henrickson Bros, Crewe 
Jones J L, Jennings Ordinary 
Parrish B Y, Crewe 
Williams R M, Crewe 

Bowen W A, Forkland 

Music Teachers 

Chappell Madeline Mrs, Crewe 
Hale Katherine Miss, Nottoway 
Jones R W Mrs, Blackstone 
Moke Mabel A Miss, Burkeville 
Robertson Grace Miss, Crewe 
Robertson W E Mrs, Crewe 
Sowers Helen Miss, Crewe 
Trosvig Ida Miss, Burkeville 

Blackstone Steam Laundry, Blackstone 
Crewe Steam Laundry, Crewe 
Page E O, Crewe 

Light and Power Companies 

Crewe Electric Light & Power Co, Crewe 

Live Stock Dealers 

Bradshaw G L, Blackstone 
Connally & Hawthorn, Forkland 
Matthews Joseph, Blackstone 

Livery Stables 

Calhoun T W & Co, Burkeville 

Chapin H L, Blackstone 

Conley Bros, Blackstone 

Connally & Overby, Blackstone R F D No 1 

Dixon W P Jr, Crewe 

Hawthorne J L, Blackstone 

Henderson J H. Blackstone 

Musical Instruments 

Martin S S. Blackstone 

Newspapers and Editors 

Barton J M, Blackstone 

Blackstone Cornier The (dem. weekly), 

Blackstone, W A Land editor 
Nottoway Record, Crewe, Jno K Ord editor 

Oil Dealers 

Standard Oil Co. Blackstone 


j Spain Thos, Blackstone 
! Wranks M, Forkland 

Photographers * 

'>o\vder Lee R, Blackstone 

Mutual reuifcJJ^e, 

Riohntorid, Virgin in 

Mailing and Addressing 
Circulars a Specially: 



CAPITAL, $200,000.00. 

i trust lo. 


The Rural Route Makes You Our Neigh- 
bor. Bank With Us by Mail. 

Your Account Shall Have Individual 




Adams J R, Blackstone 

Atkins . Wm V, Blackstone 

Davis J M, Blackstone R F D No 4 

Harris Edward B, Nottoway 

Hooks Arthur, Blackstone 

Jones J H. Blackstone 

Jones R E Jr, Burkeville 

Ramsey A, Burkeville 

Smith H C, Crewe 

Taylor W B, Burkeville 

Treakle H B, Crewe 

Tucker Chas C, Blackstone 

Warriner W R, Crewe 

Warriner Win T, Crewe 

Woolridge T J, Blackstnoe 

Young Jno H, Burkeville 

Piano Tuners 

Lease Joseph, Blackstone 

v Plumbers 

Haley W W, Crewe 
Morgan C V, Blackstone 
Thompson E B, Burkeville 


Birsch Printing Co, Blackstone 
Blackstone Courier, Blackstone 
Nottoway Record Co, Crewe 


Courier Corp. Blackstone 

Real Estate Dealers 
Denton & Bagby, Forkland 
FREDERIC KSOX R II & CO, Blackstone 

Harris & Co, Burkeville 

Stokes & Old, Forkland 

Virginia Farmers Rand Co, Blackstone 

Virginia Realty Co, Blackstone 


Anderson & Smith, Blackstone 
Blackstone Restaurant, Blackstone 
Busy Bee, Crewe 

* Collier Ashby, Forkland 
Harris Geo E, Burkeville 
Osborne R H, Burkeville 

Schools and Colleges 

Blackstone College, Blackstone 

Barker H C, Blackstone 
Brown F H, Burkeville 

* Fitzgerald II B, Crewe 
*Jones Rinwood, Burkeville 

Spoke and Rim Manufacturers 

Newman D R, Blackstone 

Wheel & Wood Bending Co, Burkeville 

Staves and Headings 
Nottoway Heading i^- Stave Co, Nottoway 


Fusak Alex, Crewe 

Telephone Companies 

Southside Virginia Telephone Co, Blackstone 


Lutton J G, Crewe 
Richardson W H ; Crewe 

Tobacco Dealers 
Bamn & Jones, Forkland 
Beech Joseph, Blackstone 
Casey & Co, Blackstone 
Chamber T E, Blackstone 
Holden T J, Blackstone 
Hurt & Powell, Forkland 
Perkins & Davi.s, Blackstone 
Tuggle Douglass, Blackstone 
Ward J J, Blackstone 
Williams F D & Co, Blackstone 

Tobacco Warehouses 

Farmers Warehouse, Blackstone 
i Planters Warehouse, Blackstone 
Perkins & Williams, Blackstone 


Draper B E & Son, Blackstone 
Oliver H H & Co, Crewe 
Overton F L, Burkeville 
Thomas & Williams, Blackstone 

Veterinary Surgeons 
Connelly R E, Forkland 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Corrie G B, Crewe 
DeShazor F B, Blackstone 
Martin J H, Blackstone 
Schrieber E L, Crewe 
Willis W L. Crewe 


Blackstone — Population 1,486; on N & W 
R R; 6 miles from C H; a banking town — 
G P Adams, A A Barbee. J W L Barbee, I 
B Barden, O C Barnes, W E Barnes, W T 
Barnes, R A Beville. G L Bradshaw, C W 
Breedlove, Geo Burks, W C Butler, M P Car- 
ter, R W Cobbs, L C Coleman, S E Coley, 
R E Connalley, R J Connalley, S W Con- 
nalley, B N Clarke, T<: H Clay, Wm H Cralle. 
J D Crawley, J S Crowder, E F Crowe, D S 
Daniel, D T Deanc, W E Drinkwater, A J & 
D D Epes, R A Epes. W G Epos, Jno T Faris, 
E E Farley, J W Farley, W D Farley, W R 
Foster, F C Gunn, L F Gunn, W T Gunn, 
R HamleU. J R Hammock, Horace S Harda- 
way, C H Hardy, R B Hardy, W M Herbert. 
S W Hundley, W N Hunnicutt, H M Hurt, I 
M Hurt, Joseph M Hurt. Saml Hurt, T R Hurt, 
B H Inge, Benj Irby. J R «Trby. Jno O Jack- 
son. A E Jones, J W Jones. R W Jones. J 

1 If 1\ I 

riutuai Building, 

Can Furnish You 
o any kind of . . . 

Business List 

Try Them 

Richmond, Virginia 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia or DF > 


•ST L A R G J. S T S T R O N G E S T 





VI Lewis, D M Low:, S INI McCutchen, 3 E Mc- 
Enry, R D Maben, E T Maddux, J W Mad- 
dux, E H May ton, T P Manson, Joseph May- 
ton, J B Morgan, W H Munford, T A Overby, 
Branch Powell, E T Procise, G M Precise, 
\V L< Procise, S J Quarles, W N Quarles, R W 
Hash, W T Rowlett, A G Scott, E R Spain, 
Thos F Spain, G P Spendler, B B Stone, R L 
Sullivan, R W Sydnor, W A Talley, A S Thom- 
as. J A Tisdale, G G Tucker, G C Tunstall, E 
H Ward, B L Watkins, W T Watkins, J B 
Wells, J G Wells, J W Wells, E A Westmore- 
land, B T White 

Blackstone R F D — G W Clark, E C Clay, 
Gordon R Davis, J M Davis, M R Davis, R 
L Davis, W C Davis, J W Drinkwater, N P 
Ferguson, *Xed Green, J A Hardy, B P Hudg- 
ins, G M Irby, J P Irby, W C Irby, Andrew 
Martin, W S Skelton, J O Walker, E R West, 

Blackstone R F D No 1— S H Callis T A | 
Crofton, W T Gregory, J A Hardy, W C Irby, I 
Katie W Lewis. J P Liby, W E Liby, D L 
Rash, A E Robertson, Geo Robertson, A S : 
Scott, J A Walker, J T Walker, W E Webb 

Blackstone R F D Xo 2— W X Ckuk, B M 

Hudgins, B P Hudgins, J P Lambert, Geo Bed- ; 

al, G B Dobson, L L Lantz 


Burkeville — Population 633: on So and X T & I 
W R R's; 10 miles from C II; a banking 
town — A B Adams, J P Agnew, J Z Borum, j 
O S Cabiness, T W Calhoon, Bernard Car- j 
ter, J P Gary, J W Cary, Alpheus Clark. W 
V Clements. C E Coleman, P V Cosby, Adam I 
Cook, W P Dixon, J B Dunavant, Jno A , 
Duncan, J R Ellett, D A Foulkes, W A Hall, | 
Adam Hardie, J E Harrison, E L Hawkins, W j 
W Hines, E W Hudgins, H W Hundley. Stan- 
ley Hurt, C M Jacobs, J E Jenkins, J R Jen- j 
kins, J Leneare, E T Miller, F C Moring, ! 
J R Moring, J W Motley, W C Moring, Geo j 
Xunnally, H R Xunnally. J E Osborne, T O j 
Sandy, T P Shelton. Paul Stafford, W B I 
Thompson, R T Tucker, J ,L Vaughan, J W j 
Walker, D G Worsham 

Burkeville K F 1> — J Z Borum, J P Carey, j 
Adam Cook, Henry Cook, J W Cory, W D j 
Dickerson, W J Dixon., W P Dixon, J Dun- i 
gans, L B Dunnivant, C L Elliott, W M El- | 
liott, J W Gibbs. Thos Hamlin, Creges Hub- j 
bard, T E Miller, Geo P Xunnally, II R Nun- 
nally, W B Thompson, Clifton Tucker 

Crewe — Population 1,802; on X & W R R; 
5 miles from C H; a banking town — O B i 
Akers. R R Alston, P H Allen, R H Belcher, 
G A Berry, J T Bland. W W Bland, A W 
Bradshaw, W T Bradshaw, W B Brown, W J j 
Burton, J A Carlin, W L Carlin. R S Chap- ' 
man. H M Colo, T J Collins, W R Crofton, ! 

I* J Crammis, W F Culliton, A S Cummings, 
T E Eubank, T J Farley, J II Fitzgerald, J H 
Foltz, J E Fowlkes, W A Frith, H T Glide- 
well, W A Glidewell, J W Harding, J W Hard- 
way, J A Harper, W W Hawkins, II L Hurt, 
L D Inze, B R Jennings, E C Jenkins, J P 
Jenkins, G L Johnson, E B Jones, J B Jones, 
L E Jones, H J P Kells, L A Kelly, S L Kel- 
ly, S Kidder, A H Klocke, C B Lane, H E 
Lee; X N Leneare, Peter Leneare, T L Lips- 
comb, A G Lutton, G McMillon, J P Mar- 
shall, W M Marshall, E J Martin, P V May, 
A L Moody, E A Moore, L M Moore, W J 
Moore, R B Moring, J L Morris, C E Morton, 
Murray & Son, Saml Xicholson, W E Aid, W 
E Oliver, W D Palmore, Parker & Son, E R 
Payne, T L Payne, W J Perkinson, C W 
Phelps, A J Pond, W A Price, G W Rich- 
ardson, J W Robertson, W E Robertson, B F 
Robinett, J A Robin ett, W R Rogers, J S 
Shanback, A J Sheffield, A C Short, H C 
Smith, C S Smithson, E L Snead, W W Saun- 
derson. W T Spence, E C Strum, R Struder, 
R M Sullivan, R II Sydnor, W P Taylor, F F 
Thornton, W B Townsend, W R Tucker, R H 
Tunstall, J II Vaughan, H J Verser, H T Yer- 
ser, W T Watkins, F E Watts. E II Webster, 
G M West, H D Wetherford, R M Williams. 
Chas Williamson, J W Williamson, E H Wil- 

Crewe R F D — L Barlow, G R Burke, T 
R Chumney, J A Craddock, G J Davis, G E 
Depriesi, J F Depriest, A P Fowlkes, T G 
Fowlkes, W J Fryberger, L H Griffin, J T 
Green, A A Hendrickson, C C Hester, J A 
Hood, F M Ingram, R B Ingram. G A Jen- 
nings, R A Jennings, Albert Lewis, 'R B Oli- 
ver, A F Rash, Edwin Stables, J X Vaughan, 
E M Williams, J E Williamson 

Forkland — Population 25; 6 miles from R R 
12 miles from C H; banking town, Black- 
stone — Littleburn Hammock, J A Hardy, Wa- 
verly Hurt.. George Irby, W B Irby, Westley 
Irby, W M Maddox, W B Powell, W L Pow- 
ell, A S Thomas, 'George Tucker, Junius 

Jennings Ordinary — Population 25; 9 miles 
from C II ; banking town, Crewe — J F An- 
derson. W F Bergman, C E Borum, W A 
Burlingame, Louis Cook, W F Culliton, Wm 
Denton, E C Ellett, J L Jones, William Keri- 
cofe, J W Mottley, J F Murray, Chas E Par- 
ker, R F Rawles, J II Shank, J M Smith, W E 
Verser, M. L Watson, R M Williams, J M 
Wool ten 

The Falls — Population 10; y, miles from 
R R and C H; banking town, Blackstone — 
R S Chumney, J B Cook, G E Dupriest, J F 
Dupriest, J R Foster & Sons, J W Foster, Q 
A Foster, E W Marshall, F O* Marshall, F Q 
M^-'!,.,!!. t R *f*.r*hn-11. J D Marshall. E E 

Satisfy ' r Customer' 

f That is the motto, 


RECTORY CO., Inc., in all their Muitigraph and Addressing Work. 


Try us. 

V A H| tn-VM VeteriaarySur^eoE and Dentist 

i {"real the Varioos Diseases of M Dumb Animals 

214 BOLUNCBROOK. Phone: Office, 319; Residence, 319* 

■ nm»iiii«— wnTiwm-TWi i in w ii— i m i in nun wi mi in n i inilimw niiiiii iimiiii i in 



Parrish, T W Robertson, W A Robertson, W 
T Robertson, J H Vaughan, W A Vaughan 

Tree — Population 30; 4 miles from R R; 10 
miles from C H; banking- town, Lawrenceville 
— Mrs B B Bailey, Mrs R B Barrow, W H 
Brim, C T Brydie, Cary Edmonds, L J Ham- 
lin, J J Hazlewood, R B Hazlewood, Waverly 
Hurt, B S Jones, J B Jones, J P Jones, *Joe 
Jones, R Edward Jones, R S Jones. W F 
Jones, AY S Jones, Chas Kenney, M L Laffoon 
AV T Lanier, S Maddox, S W Maddox, T S 
Maddux, T F Mason, Virgie Nash, AY A Nash, 
A J Noon, Giles Showalter, I R Showalter, 
Otis Snead, R L Tisdale 

Wellville — Population 25; on N & AY R R; 
9 miles from C H; banking town. Blackstone 
— S N Bell, A C Bcville, T E Bridgeforth, I J 
Clay, A J Coleman, James S Hawkes, AY L 
Hawkes, C L Jones & Bro, Eddie Lewis, J E 
s Lewis & Bro, J H Mattox, Matthew Smith, F 
L Tingley, J A Upson 

Wellville II F D — E E Dickinson, R H Dick- 
inson, A P Jones, J A. MeKissick, E B Pro- 
sise, P H Thomas, R H Tucker, J T Vaughn, 
F A Wells 

Wellville R F D No 1— I J Clay, Paul Cole- 
man, W E Drinkwater, J E Freeman, A H 
Old, Jno Patterson, Paul Smith, Peter Smith. 
E E Stone, F A Tingley, J E Vaughan, E E 
White, R T AVhite, W R White, A B Wilson 


Copyright Law, Bearing on Directories 

Sec. 23. —That any person who wilfully and for pro- 
fit shall infringe any copyright secured by this act, or 
shall knowingly and wilfully aid or abet such infringe- 
ment, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and 
upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprison- 
ment for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not less 
than one hundred dollars, nor more than one thousand 
dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court. 

Orange County 

A^alue of real estate, 1916 — White, $3,169,- 
067; colored, $250,723. Total, $3,419,790 

Value of personal property — White, $3,- 
500,453; colored, $67,100. Total, $3,567,553 

Income — $284,845 

Population, 1916—13,48 6 

Number voters — White, 1,656; colored, 731 

Area — Acres, 212,5 65 

County Seat — Orange 

Orange county was formed from Spotsyl- 
vania in 17 3 4 and derives its name from the 
color of soil. The Rapid Ann river forms it- 
northern boundary, separating it from Madison 
and Culpeper, with Louisa on the south, Spot- 
sylvania county on the east and Greene on 
the west. The lands of Orange are based on 
a sub-stratum of red clay and are well adapt- 
ed to the production of wheat, tobacco, corn 
and the artificial grasses. The raising- of cat- 
tle and sheep is extensively carried on, and 
there is abundant water power on the Rapid 
Ann and North Anna rivers. A vein of lime- 
stone passes through the county, which is 
used for agricultural and mechanical purpo- 
ses. Gold and plumbago are also found, the 
former in that part of the county adjoining 
Spotsylvania. The other minerals are iron 
(brown and red hematite magnetic), asbestos, 
marble and fire clay. The timbers are hick- 
ory, oak, walnut, chestnut and poplar. The 
Southern Railway traverses the county from 
north to south and the Potomac, Fredericks- 
burg' and Piedmont (a narrow gauge railroad) 
from Orange C H. 

1 v ;T j gfFT"* rr3r W\~~' 

The Circuit Court meets at the court house 
the fourth Monday in January, March, May. 
July, September and November 

Judge — John Rutherfoord, Richmond, Va 
Clerk — C W AYoolfolk, Orange 

County Officers 

Commonwealth Attorney — Alex T Brown- 
ing, Orange 

Sheriff— AV C Bond, Orange 
Treasurer — O B AVatson, Orange 
Surveyor — Kesee Brooking, Somerset 
Supt of Poor — AV V Bowers, Madison Run 
Coroner — Dr Lewis Plolladay, Orange 
Supt of Schools — C P Cowherd, Gordons- 

Commissioners of Revenue — V C Brooking- 
Orange; J W Dulin, Mine Run 


AY W Sanford, chairman, Madison Run; W 
I. C Buckner, Somerset; R S Ellis, Thornhill, and 
| T K Row, Mine Run 

W F Herlock, Locust Grove; W L Hughes. 
Fnionville; W N Graves, Barboursville 


k\U\kdjlz^ ; tiw/f* 720-721 <* 

BINDERS ' ^ 808 ■ 8 stIket mud 

^Fft^l«|#vHko42*#SIlA l#a «« Most P ro £ ressive town of size 
Wilar IOSlCf&¥lllt5j Wam mm jn South. Great Building 

Boom on Now. Come on quick- --big money here for you. Population, 13,797 




L A Eheart, Eheart; F B Perry, Orange; 
II B Roberts, Monrovia; W P Sanders, Nason; 
W H Bowler, Locust Grove; T W Ross, Gor- I 
donsville; N T Bartlcy, Burr Hill; Jno S Ash- 
more. Locust Grove 

Board of Health 

W W Sanford, chairman, Orange; Dr Lewis 
Holladay, Orange; Dr J T Walker, BarbourS- 
ville; Dr L D Walker, Unionville 

Agricultural Implements 

Gill Hardware Co, Gordonsville 

Gill-Willis-Hull, Orange 

Golsan & Buckner, Somerset 

Snead W T & Bro, Gordonsville 

Ware W W, Orange 

Wilhoit R E & Co, Somerset 

Williams M H & Co, Barboursville 

Attorneys at Law 

Browning & Browning, Orange 
Carter Roy W, Orange 
DeJarnette E H Jr, Orange 
Newman J B, Somerset 
Shackelford & Shackelford, Orange 


Bailey N C Co, Orange 
Fitzhugh D S, Gordonsville 

Banks and Bankers 

National Bank of Orange, Orange 


* Bowler B F, Orange 
Davis Willie, Indiantown 
Dowell L Mi Gordonsville 
Loyel George, Somerset 
Neill J A, Orange 
RACER C W, Albano 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Clark F W, Unionville 

Cook E C, Orange 

Crockett C M, Madison Run 

*Daniel W T, Thornhill 

Fish Jno, Gordonsville 

Graven, J E, Nasons 

Harrell V A, Thornhill 

Jefferson Henry, Gordonsville 

Knighton R H, Rhoadsville 

Lane. A A, Nansons 

Lindsay Herbert, Lahore 

Pugh J F, Orange R F D 

Ftambo Jacob, Orange 

Ryan Edgar, Wilderness 

Simpson H M, Tatum 

Talley James W, Rhoadesville 

Terry W J. Barboursville 

Wood E M, Somerset 

Boarding Houses 

Carpenter S A Mrs, Orange 
Estes S D, Barboursville 
Fitzhugh M S, Gordonsville 
Hutchinson Maude Miss, Orange 
Johnson E L Mrs, Orange 
Ricketts Lena Miss, Orange 
St Jonh's Hotel, Gordonsville 
Stobin C J Mrs, Orange 
Talley M Y Mrs, Unionville 
Tatum W J, Tatum 
Walters A J Mrs, Orange 

Butchers and Meat Markets 

Lohr & Hoffman, Somerset 
Mayhugh J A, Gordonsville 
Orange Meat Co, Orange 
Thompson Bros, Orange 
Utz & Taylor, Gordonsville 


Baptist, Barboursville 
Baptist, Gordonsville 
Baptist, Indiantown 
Baptist, Lahore 
Baptist, Madison Run 
Baptist, Orange 
Baptist, Rhoadesville 
*Baptist, Rhoadesville 
Baptist, Somerset 
Catholic, Gordonsville 
Christian, Gordonsville 
Christian, Lahore 
Christian, Somerset 
Christian, Unionville 
Episcopal, Barboursville 
Episcopal, Gordonsville 
Episcopal, Orange 
Episcopal, Somerset 
♦Methodist, Barboursville 
Methodist, Gordonsville 
Methodist, Locust Grove 
Methodist, Orange 
Methodist, Rhoadesville 
Methodist, Unionsville 
Methodist, Verdierville 
Presbyterian, Barboursville 
Presbyterian, Gordonsville 
Presbyterian, Orange 

Cigars and Tobacco 
Cooper E, Gordonsville 

Coal and Wood 

Murphey Albert, Gordonsville 

Commissioners in Chancery 

CarteV Roy W, Orange 


Holladay Annie Mrs, Gordonsville 
Lee John W, Orange 
Lewis Richard, Orange 

Contractors and Builders 

Allman G W & Co.. Gordonsville 

Rf f ' llflV HEATING CO., Inc. HEATING and 

9 I/. PL 1 MMAi 1 9 North Seventh Street, P ^ IJ j\| £| f f\] Q 

Richmond, Ya. 




PHONE 176 




Come to Petersburg 


Brown R E, Nasons 
Butler Bob, Madison Run 
Butler Charles, Orange 
Clark G W, Nasons 
Clark J W Jr, Rhoadesville 
Ficklan George E, Somerset 
Garton J T. Somerset 
Gooch J B, Rhoadesville 
Hall-Crawford Contracting Co, Orange 
Jennings R L, Wilderness 
Johnson Clyde W, Locust Grove 
Johnson Wister J, Locust Grove 
Leake R F, Somerset 
McGehee L L, Vulcan 
McGehee Oliver C, Vulcan 
Mead Ed, Madison Run 
Reynolds Jno W, Orange 
Rhoades R M, Rhoadesville R F D No 1 
Seay E H, Unionville 
\Sindlinger W H, Gordonsville 
West J H, Barboursville 
Wood W H, Orange 


Herndon Booton, Barboursville 
Martin James G, Unionville 


Batten R H, Albano 
Crenshaw W G Jr, Orange 
Flewellen J E <Sr Son, Barboursville 
Goss E L, Somerset 
Kite J P, Somerset 
Loving O T, Orange 
Wambersee A C, Orange 
Woodruff J J. Somerset 


Harris R Marvin, Orange 
Perry F B, Orange 
Spencer R M, Gordonsville 

Department Stores 

Plain Price Store, Gordonsville 


Garrett G A Mrs, Orange 
Paye P J Mrs, Orange 

D racists 

Grymes J R, Orange 
Hatch Thos J, Rhoadesville 
Ricketts Drug Store, Orange 
Stratton J H, Gordonsville 
Wilson Drug Store, Orange 

Dry Goods 

Bear Henry, Gordonsville 
Buckley Thomas F, Gordonsville 
Dowell W L, Gordonsville 
Levy Emil, Orange 
Marcus Samuel. Gordonsville 
May-Rudasill Co The, Orange 

Electric Light Companies 
Chftngre Tro fr Lfg'tit Co, Orange 

Sampson E A, 



Five and Ten Cent Stores 

Coleman F, Orange 
Loving W L, Orange 

Furniture Dealers 

Browning Rudasill & Chewning, Orange 
Hill M C & Co, Gordonsville 
Johnson J W, Orange 
Johnson J W Jr, Orange 
Walkers J L, Orange 


Gordonsville Motor Co, Gordonsville 
Graham W C & Co, Orange 
Orange Automobile Co, Orange 
Roberts & Waugh, Orange 

General Stores 

Ashton R L, Orange 


Bailey N C, Orange 

Bargain House, Barboursville 

Biscoe & Barnes, Mine Run 

BROCKMAX R J, Madison Run 

Buckner J S & Co, Somerset 

Carpenter C M, Barboursville 

Christian Peter C, Gordonsville 

Clark Z W, Unionville 

Colbert G Baxter, Orange 

Cox J J, Mine Run 

Daniel A M, Oransrp R F D 

David J W, Flatrun 

Dickinson M H, Mine Run 

Dowell Wm L, Gordonsville 

Eaton S O, Burr Hill 


Eheart Willis G, Eheart 

ESTES J H, Thomhill 

Estes Towles W, Danton 

Faulconer R E, Nasons 

Fondree J F, Grassland 

GniilM W B, Barboursville 

Hagerty Clarence, Orange 

Hale J M, Somerset 

Hale Lizzie T Mrs, Lahore 

HARRIS R B. Unionville 

Hicks R T, Madison Run 

Biggins Bettip W Miss, Orange R F D 

Hinkle Mrs W R, Albano 

Hughes J T, Gordonsville 

JACKSON P L. Lahore 

Johnson G 33, Orange 

Johnson Mamie E Mrs, Monrovia 

Jones Allie P> Mrs. Mine Run 

Jones & Scott, Orange 

Kube J W, Saint Just 

Lambert J A, Gordonsville 

Lnnr-aster & Co, Golddale 

LANE A A, Nasons 

Levy E, Orange 

Long J Ernest. Orange* 

Loving W L, Orange 

Lovinjr & Lovinsr. Unionville R F D 

Call on SYDNOE PUMP AND WELL CO., Inc., Rkknond, ¥a« 


R. RA< 1, Architect 

501-704 COLONIAL BANK BLDG. Phone 320 




McGehee P J, Vulcan 

Martin R G, Unionville 

Massey Oscar G, Mine Run 

Mitchell B F, Barboursville 

Montpelier Supply Co, Montpelier Station 

Moore Wm L, Daniel 

Morris F C, Roachroad 

Orange Grocery Co, Orange 

Paytes & Sullivan, Mine Run 

Piedmont Rackett Store, Orange 

Pierce W L, Orange 

Racer W L, Albano 

Rawlings P H, Orange 

Richards J T, Somerset 

fUidasin May Co, Orange 

Sargent R 6, Saint Just 

Smith F M, Saint Just 

Smith J W, Saint Just 

Somerset Con Store, Somerset 

Sparks R W, Orange 

Sparks^ & Crafton, Orange 

Swift C C, Golddale 

TATUM TV J, Tatum 

Terrell L O &■ Sons. Nasons 

THAYER FRED S. Rlioadesville 

Tinder W R, Mine Run 

TODD J T, Wilderness 

Walker M W, Somerset 

WIIiHOIT R & CO. Somerset 

Williams Bros, Barboursville 

VTOODVUiliE BROS. Indiantown 

Woodville E J, Flatrun 

Wright Wm E Mrs, Roadesville 


Acree L M, Gordonsville 

Alger W M, Orange 

Clay A, Orange 

Crawford W A, Gordonsville 

Faulker Robt E, Nasons 

Fitzhugh F C, Gordonsville 

Garrett A J, Gordonsville 

Glinn Mrs E W R. Gordonsville 

Good C E & Bro, Bernard 

Green Lewis, Barboursville 

Hall Joseph H, Gordonsville 

HenkPl R W, Albano 

Hoffman W F, Gordonsville 

Jackson James E, Somerset 

Leizear Marcellus A, Gordonsville 

Mcintosh E M, Orange 

Martin Alfred B, Gordonsville 

Michie E D, Gordonsville 

Perkins C B & Son, Gordonsville 

Preddy David E, Gordonsville 

Preddy W R, Gordonsville 

Richards J F, Somerset 

Sanner C W, Madison Run 

•Staff R W, Orange 

Staff Wm R, Orange 

Terrell Edgar, Barboursville 

Thomas W O, Gordonsville 

Thompson Bros, Orange 

Wilkins George Sr, Gordonsville 

Willis J M Jr, Orange 

Grocers — Wholesale 

Orange Grocery Co, Orange 


Brockman R J, Madison Run 
Gill C C Hardware Co, Gordonsville 
Gill-Willis-Hill Inc. Orange 
Sneed H T & Bro, Gordonsville 
Ware & Watts, Orange 

Harness and Saddlery 

Brooks T E, Orange 
Johnson J M, Locust Grove 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Bear II, Gordonsville 

Lyne H O, Orange 

Murphy A E, Gordonsville v 

Williams M H & Co, Barboursville 


Coleman Hotel, Orange 
Estes Hotel, Barboursville 
Hotel St John, Gordonsville 
Kite J P, Somerset 
Perkins R W, Gordonsville 

Insurance Agents 

Buckner & Golson, Somerset 

Cranz O H, Gordonsville 

Garrett & Samuels, Orange 

Gordonsville Insurance Agency, Gordonsville 

Linney X A, Gordonsville 

McClure R M, Gordonsville 

Marshall R F, Barboursville 

Samuels Garrett Insurance Agency, Orange 

W r arren & Macon, Orange 

Warren & Shackelford, Orange 

Wilhoit R E, Somerset 

Live Stock Dealers 
Block Louis, Gordonsville 
Brockman R J, Madison Run 
Daniel J J, Lahore 
Davenport D E, Vulcan 
Spottswood A G, Wilderness 

Livery Stahles 

Bates Bros, Orange 
Clark & Agee, Gordonsville 
Estes S D, Barboursville 
Hopkins Bros, Orange 
Hopkins R C, Orange 
Kite J P, Somerset 
Macon & Carter, Orange 
Orange Livery, Orange 
Piedmont Livery, Orange 

Lumber Dealers 

Almond T A, Locust Grove 
Brockman R J, Madison Run 
Clarke W K, Barboursville 
Grasty H E & Bro, Orange 
Hughes 33 R, Unionville 
Thompson A M, Tatum 





Virginia Fire & Marine In 

GROSS ASSETS, $1,852,728.19. 





Thompson W B & Bro, Tatum 
Watkins G M, Gordonsville 
Woodville Bros, lndiantown 
Yancey A S, Barboursville 

Downin Minnie Miss, Gordonsville 
Quisenberry & Orroek, Saint Just 

Mills — Bark 

Yancey A S, Barboursville 

Mills—Com and Flour 

Atkinson Thos, Gordonsville 
Cox Lewis F & B F, Bernard 
Daniel J J, Lahore 

Golsan, Buckner & Reedy. Liberty Mills 
Lyne H O, Orange 
Martin B G, Unionville 
Rockland Milling Co, Gordonsville 
N Rowe J K, Rhoadesville R F D No 1 
Todd J T, Wilderness 
Waugh R M & G M, Unionville 
Woodville Jno A. lndiantown 

Mills— Saw 

BKikely C E, Roadesville 
Cooper G N, Wilderness 
Davenport C E, Rhoadesville 
Deane & Haney, Barboursville 
Faulconer Y B, Mine Run 
Linder A H, Rhoadesville 
Mason A J, Golddale 
Payne R G, Rhoadesville 
Sullivan J R, Mine Run 
Thompson W B & Bro, Tatum 
Tinder A H, Rhoadesville 
Watkins G M, Gordonsville 


Backw T ell W Y, Unionville 

Music Teachers 

Woolfolk Lillie Miss, Orange R F D 

Newspapers and Fditors 

Gordonsville Gazette, Gordonsville, Mrs L D 

Thomasson editor 
Orange Observer, Orange, B G Robison editor 
Orange Review, Orange, B M Bushing editor 

Cranz O B tf Gordonsville 
McCLURE R M, Gordonsville 

Perry E R, Gordonsville 


Ashby & Martin, Unionville 
Boyer J F, Orange 
Brown J W, Nasons 
Bullock J H, Orange 
Buick Bob, Madison Run 
Carpenter Bros, Albano 
Carpenter P M, Barboursville 
Clarke G W, Nasons 

Herndon O T, Orange 

McGehee Oliver C, Vulcan 

McGehee L L, Vulcan 

Rheilander Chas & Son, Gordonsville 

Seay Curtis, Unionville 


Clowes W E, Orange 


Banks F L, Gordonsville 
Banks J W, Gordonsville 
Bishop J J, Orange R F D No 1 
Bledsoe Robert G, Locust Grove 
Cobb H B, Gordonsville 
Cooke Lee, Wilderness 
Cooper W H, Rhoadesville 
Crittenden W J, Orange 
Derby A P, Monrovia 
Derby W J, Monrovia 
Ficklin George E, Somerset 
Dixon Joseph, Rapidan 
Gordon W A, Wilderness 
Holladay Lewis, Orange 
* Jackson I A, Orange 
Moncure Charles H, Orange 
Page C C, Orange 
Scott F G Jr, Orange 
Scott Jno W, Gordonsville 
Sims T W, Eheart 
Stickley C V, Lahore 
Walker J T, Barboursville 
Walker L D, Unionville 
Walker R J, Unionville 
Weaver D F, Liberty Mills 


Apgar A A, Orange 

Bruzzelare E, Ornge 

Clarke A L, Somerset 

Clarke G W, Nasons 

Ficklin Geo E, Somerset 

Martin A L, Unionville 

Modern Plumbing & Heating Co, Orange 

Saunders E V, Orange 

Slater J E, Orange 

Poultry Dealers 

Via R O, Barboursville 


Gordon Printing Co, Gordonsville 

Produce Dealers 

Orange Produce Co, Orange 
Via R O. Barboursville 
Somerset Produce Co, Somerset 

Quarries — Soapstone 

Virginia Soapstone Co, Verdierville 

Virginia Talc & Soap Stone Co, Rhoadesville 

Real Estate 
BOONE & SMITH (W 1; Smith & Co, succes- 
sors) 107-109 4th N E. Charlottesville 
(see pajie 12«) 

"ASIC Ell. BGY. r : IAN," 618 East Main Street 

Phone Randolph 


Representing all Atlantic, Trans-AtTatitic and Pacific Steamship Lines 

I I 1 Lmh 


S 1 

AUGUST r*/^ 107 SHA 




Brings W W, Orange 
Cowherd & Welfry, Gordonsville 
Garrett & Samuels, Orange 
Samuels Joseph M, Orange 


Morris M I, Orange 
Farrotc C B, Orange 
Wharton Geo, Orange 

Shoe Dealers 

Crafton & Sparks, Orange 


Garrett J A, Orange 
Thomas H L, Gordonsville 

Stoves and Tinware 
Ware W W, Orange 

v Teachers 

Hayden Mary Miss, Gordonsville 
Jeffrees Mabel Miss. Orange 
Scott Fannie Miss, Gordonsville 
Wynne Mattie Miss.. Gordonsville 


Clark Z W, Unionville 
Harlow A J, Orange 
Harris M J, Gordonsville 
Hill M C & Co, Gordonsville 
Kite & Seeds, Barboursville 
T-oving- C H, Orange 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Willis H S, Gordonsville 
Wright C B, St Just 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Clowes A K, Gordonsville 

Faher Lewis J, Gordonsville 

Palmer F E, Orange 

Quisenberry C D, Orange 

Richards W L, Gordonsville 

Squires W M, Barboursville 

Thayer John S, Rhoadesville -♦ 

Wood and Railroad Ties 

. Clark W K, Barboursville 
Yancey & Price Tie Co, Barboursville 

Albano— Population 25; 3 miles from R R; 
12 miles from C H; banking town, Orange — 
*D H Banks, R H Batten, Cave Carpenter, 
Phil Carpenter, L H Davis, * Oscar Gordon, 
C L Henkle, *Ed Lewis, J H Lucas, *Tiny 
Palmer, C W Racer, John M Shipp, * Hiram 

Athos — Population 6; 6 miles rom R R; 10 
miles rom C H; banking town, Orange — M A 
Colvin, E P Cooper, W H Roberts, A M Shipp, 

Barboursville — Population 200; on So R R; 
11 miles from C H; banking town, Orange — 

♦Fred Arlington, C S Bledsoe, Jas W Brown, 
Jr, R W Carson, J A Cary, W K Clark, J B 
Clatterbuck, A W Crickenbarger, B F Crick- 
enbarger, Jno W Crickenbarger, Wm A Crick- 
enbarger, J H Cunningham, A L Davis, Mun- 
roe Dean, F W Donnelly, H B Douglass, J W 
Douglass, W r C Douglass, M D Douglass, Chas 
T Edwards, J W Edwards, T W Edwards, V 
C Edwards, T H Ellis, S D Estes, E G Ful- 
coner, J R Faulconer, J W Faulconer, T W 
Gardiner, P E Gibson, Jas L Gilliam, J R 
Gilliam, W B Gillum, W C Graves, G S Hamm, 
J B Hamm, J E Hamm, T E Harnmet, J B 
Harmon, J E Harmon, G S Harris. Stewart 
Harris, W H Harris, W N Haxall, Geo E 
Head, H H Head, C L Henkle, J W Holladay, 
E P Kite, Ezekiel Lamb, N G Lamb, P R Lan- 
caster, C M Lee, A R Lockart, Alex Lockhart, 
James Lucas, Wm Mansfield, R F Marshall, 
T A May, Geo A Miller, J E Miller, Edward 
Morris, B W T Munday, J O Mundy, Conway 
Newman, Durell Norford. W C Norford, A K 
Pettitt, E F Pettit. Jno F Pettitt, W S Powell, 
M C Rhodes, T M Rohr, W H Rohr, C A Seab- 
lon, A S Seeds, J L Shackelford, W A Shiflett, 
J M Shipp, John Smith, Mason Smith, G M 
Swink, A S Taylor, Mrs A W Taylor, Mrs C 
M Taylor, H A Taylor, Henry Taylor, S C 
Taylor, W L Utz, A D W r arwick, P C War- 
wick, W J Webb, J H West, M H Williams, 
T S Wood, J A Wood roof, A S Yancey, H N 
Yowell, R W Yowell 

Bernard — Population 6; 3 miles from R R; 
i 7 miles from C H; banking town, Gordonsville 
- — J L Buckman, J A Collins, J R Collins, R D 
Collins, L F Cox, W H Cox, W M Napier. S H 
Partlow, J M Payne, F A Talley, O F Train- 
ham, R R W r ebb, J L Wright, Stark Wright, 

Burr Hill — Population 10; 7 miles from R 
R; 20 miles from C H; banking town, Orange 
— N T Bertley, C H Bledsoe, Jno B Coleman, 
R Churchfieid, Davis Buck Hume. Jas W 
Hume, Edward Jenkins, H B Jenkins, J R 
Jenkins, T B Jenkins, G W Jones, Harrison 
Morris, Wm Morris, Mrs Catharine Payne, R 
G Payne, P T Spicer, Wm T Spicer, J W 
Tinsley. Chas Webb 

Daniel — Population 8; 8 miles from C & O 
j R R and C H; banking town, Orange — C P 
■ Boxley, L G Burruss, J B Daniel, J W Don- 
ner, R C Downer, R G Downer, R L Downer, 
j *Gordon Jackson, *Jake Jackson, D C Ma- 
j thews, R J Mathews, Wm Matthews, A S 
| Roberts, G W Smith, C A W r atkins, J A Wat- 
kins, *Austin White, *Jno White, *J F Willis 

Danton — Population 10; 4 miles from R R; 

13 miles from C H; banking town, Orange — 

j J B Daniel Jr, T L Estes, T % W Estes, J H 

I Graves, J B Hughson, J R Reynolds, B F 

I Thompson, W B Thompson, H G Woodville 

The Second National Bank 


iiapital $50,000.00 

Surplus and Profits §25,000,00 

4% -Savings Department-4 9^ 

Kellam Hospital, Inc. 




The Kellam Hospital is without parallel in the cure 
of Cancers, Tumors and Chronic Sores, and we *vant 
every man and woman in the United States to know 
that we have cured without the tise of the knife, X-ray, 
radium or acids over 90 per cent, of the many hundred* 
of sufferers treated during the past 18 years. 



Eheart — Population 4 0; 3 miles from R R; 

14 miles from C H; banking- town. Orange — I 

R H Batton, C W Carpenter, G W Davis Jr, S ! 

J Dickerson, A J Dickinson, Elijah Dickin- ! 

son, Stonewall Dickinson, R O Eddins, L A | 

Eheart, W II Eheart, C R Estes, \Y R Graves, | 

H Harvey, J L Harvey, A C Herndon, James ! 
W Herndo*\ P R Herndon, E B Roach, Dr T 
W Sims 

Flatnui — Population 21; 9 miles from R R; 
24 miles from C H; banking town, Orange- — 
J W Davis, A W Weedon 

Golddale — Population 20; on So R R; IS 
miles from C H; banking town, Orange — C W 
Barnes, W A Cammack. A C Chewning, E W 
Lancaster, V T Lancaster, W F Lancaster, A J 
Mason, C G Mason, G B Morris, C C Swift, R 
D Wiltshire, W A Wiltshire, W A Woolfrey, 
W T Woolfrey 

Gordonsville — Population 564; 1% miles 
from R R; 6 miles from C IT; a banking town 
— G W Allman, B F Atkins, Thos Atkins. J F 
Barbour, Mrs A E Baughan, Mrs Gertrude 
Blakey, E W Bowen, Y T Bragg. J M Braham. 
A J Carver, I X Carver, E M Clark. J H Clark. 
R H Clark, Ashby Colvin, C I' Coward, G T 
Coward, J S Coward. M D Coward. M S Cow- 
ard Jr, Wm A Crawford, E F Davenport, W D 
Doffelmeyer, L M Dowell, W W Downer, R G 
Downer, F P Estes, E D Eubanks, E F I 
J L Faber, C T Faulconer, A J Garrett, 
J C Goodloe, J C Goodloe Jr, Hugh Goodwin, 
P M Goodwin. James F Ball, C R Harper, 
J F Hartsook, J C Hendrick, E E Hopper, 
E B Hugos, O G Huges, V L Hughes, W H 
Hughes, S M Johnson, W C Jones, J M Jor- 
dan,, James Keegan, M H Keegan, N A Lin- 
ney, W M Locker, R M McClure, Geo S Mc- 
Elroy, W H Martin, R W Mason. J H Ma- 
thias, W H Martin, R \V Mason, W R Miller, 
J F Milton, Mrs, R L Morris, A Murphy. J A 
Noble, W H Noble, W W Osborne. J M Payne, 
P J Payne, C B Perkins & Son, Eli Perogory. 
Rev E R Perry, Mrs G L Potts, J H Reid, 
J P Reynolds. W E Reynolds, E E Roberts, 
J W Rogers, J C Ross, T W Ross, J F W 
Ruffin, J H Rufner, C R Russell, T G Samp- 
son, W W Scott, Wm C Scott. A L Shannon, 
J T Sindlinger, W H Sindlinger. W T Slaugh- 
ter, J L T Snead, Thos P Sonierville, J W 
Stitger, J H Stratton, M A Stratton, H Striek- 
ler. J I) Strieker, Robe E Strickler. M Y 
Swan, C S Warren, J S Watkins, L M Wat- 
kins, R G Watkins, J W West, W S Wilkinson, 
J H Wood 

Grassland — Population 26; 2 miles from R 
R; 7 miles from C H; banking town. Orange. — 
J F Fandree, J I Grasty, Jerry Lee, A L Mar- 
tin, E F Martin, Geo W Martin, J W Martin, 
M F Martin. W T Sacra, Andrew C Seay, 
[■: H Seav. H Strong 

Indiantmvii — Population 10; 8 miles from 
R R; 2 2 miles from C H; banking town, 
Orange. — It M Cook, C J Davis, T J Elam, W 
T fiefl in, J \V Herndon, L L Herndon, Floyd 
Eicks, H M Hicks, R T Jones, Taswell Min- 
nick, Andrew Morris, W A Morris, Irving 
S. Sisson, W B Sisson, C Bruce Smith, W 
T Watson, A T Weaver, H G Willis, M S 
Wood, W C Wood, E J Woodville, E S Wood- 
ville, F B Woodville, J A. Woodville, D A 
Wool prey 

I/ahore — Population 200; 4% miles from 
R R; 10 miles from C H; banking town. 
Orange. — E L Baker, L M Baker, L M Baker 
Jr, J G Bell, M C Bell, Robt S Bell, A P 
Brockman, E T Brockman, W G Brockman, 
C J Brown, L Burruss, E M Coleman, H T 
Coleman, L L Coleman, M D Coleman, W 
C Coleman, J J Daniel, P B Davis, AY J 
Decker, G F Foster, G W Eraser, W S Frazer, 
W C Graves, V.' W Green, L T Hale, B A 
Harlow, J R Hudson, A J Loyd, J H Mathews, 
G W Morton. G W Morton Jr, J R Reynolds, 
W H Reynolds, \V J Smith Jr, J B Terrill, 
Jno G Terrill. OF Terrill, C H Walker 

Lahore? II F D Xo 1 — H C Burruss, E L 
Ellis, Evan J Ellis, * Harrison Ellis, J T Ellis, 
R H Ellis, Robt S Ellis, *W Hill Ellis, Wm 
Henry Ellis, Mrs Julia Estes, O P Graves, Mrs 
T L Harrell, J R Hudson, C T Mills, Grover 
Proctor, L II Proctor, Bertelle Woolfolk 

Liberty Milts — Population' 40; 1 l 2 miles 
from R R; 6 miles from C II ; banking town, 
Orange. — W H Davis, L W Graves, Mrs M 
I' Graves, D G Long, Jno A Reedy, Jno A 
Reedy Jr. A B Verling, Dr D F Weaver 

Locust Grove — Population 30; 3 miles from 
R R; 17 miles from C H; banking town, 
Orange. — C H Adams, G L Adams, J R Adams, 
J L Almond, T A Almond, W R Almond, 
J S Ashmore, Alphonzo Apperson, Eli Apper- 
spn, Dr R G Bledsoe, H R Bowler, W H 
Bowler, W B Dempsey, M M Faulconer, W 
H Faulconer. J Thos Herndon, J M John- 
son, J W Johnson, W Johnson, J P Knighton. 
Y W Knighton. James AY Kube, C W Lee. 
D G Mason, James T Payne, F D Reynolds, 
J P Richards, Absolm Roach, Justin T San- 
ders, R H Smith, R Jackson Smith, Wm B 
Smith, J P Suder, CARL E TINDER, H E 
Tinder, Jno M Tinder, W M Tinder, W S 
Tinder, H D Webb, W A Wiltshire, J M Wool- 

Madison Run — Population 50; on So R Rr 
5 miles from C H; banking town, Orange. — 
L H Amos, I M Beadles, R J Brockman, B T 
Brown, Jessie Dobyns, E L Estes, Eddie 
Estes, C L Gibson, I M Gipson, I R Gipson, 
L C Gipson, W E Gipson, J W C Graves, 
R T Hicks, J F Milton. I J% Mundy, James I 
Mundy, W M Mundy, W W Mundy, A Mustoc. 
Geo Ringer, R L Roberts. R W Roberts. 


' • 

,ll iffiTURY CO. lac. w 

Write us. 

Can handle all your MULTIGRAPH 
ORK and deliver it promptly. 
823 Mutual Building, Richmond, Va. 

f "f \ P f V7* •"""* All Claims paid I .vi .»1 E|>1 . v TPXj upon receipt of Satis- 

Liie insurance tOHipany of Virginia •^^^i^«$$^&»tf%tffc 


Policyholders OVER SI, 250,0«>{).oo annunlh 




A PI Iloseberry, K H Roseberry, W W Sanford, 
W W Sanford Jr, Wallace Sanford, Geo C 
Sanner, R H Scott, Mrs J L White, J R 
White, J R P Woodriff 

Mine Run — Population 30; on R F & P 

R R; 17 miles from C H; banking- town, 
Orange. — Bernard Apperson, .Jno H Apper- 
son, J G Bell, A W Biscoe, R C Childress, 
W T Childress, R T Davis. W J Davis, J W 
Dnlin, E E Gardiner, C M Harris, H C Hazel- 
grove, Chancellor Herndon, R A Herndon, 
W J Hicks, W J Hicks Jr, Geo W Hudgins, 
J P Lmmlcn, O G Massey, Arthur Moore, 
Geo B Morris, T M Oaks, T K Raine, J T 
Smith, A D Stovall, E L Thompson, T T 
Tinder, T T Tinder Jr, W R Tinder, Zab 
Tinder, Jno T Tipton. Chas E Turner. H W 
Turner, W P Turner, J A Webb. .7 M Wheeler, 
B D Wiltshire, IT F Wiltshire, J A Wiltshire, 
J B Wiltshire. W B Wiltshire, W M Wilt- 
shire^ W P Wiltshire, W S Wiltshire 

Monrovia — Population 27; miles from R 
R; miles from C H; banking: town, Orange. — 

L M Baker, Mrs A T Brockman, K C Brock- 
man, J H Burruss, B G Burruss, E J Ellis, 
E B Ellis, .7 E Ellis, J T Ellis, Jno E Ellis & 
Sons, R H Ellis, R S Ellis, Wm H Ellis, T B 
Fenton, G T Foster, J D Harlon. A B John- 
son, V B King, R B Roberts, Butelle Wool- 
folk, Mrs Ella Woolfolk 

Orange R F D No 2 — J D Hamilton, Mel- 
ville R Johnson, R D Bohr, J H Mathews, . 
Geo C Sanner, Jno Taliaferro, W S Trimmer / 

Orange R F D No 3 — Joshua Bell, Abel M 
Daniel. C B Daniel, E E Daniel, J J Daniel, 
J C Faudree, W S Faudree, R E Faulconer, 
C Gravett, F M Kendall, Mrs I B Kendall, 
A C McAllister, W 13 McAllister, II B Rogers, 
R H Rogers, Eugenie Woolfolk 

Rlioadesvillo— J J opulation 12; on P F & 
P R R; 12 miles from C H; banking town, 
Orange. — J R Basket, C E Blakley, Sid Blank- 
enship, W J Bledsoe, Jno G Boston, Jacob 
Britton, Newton M JSritton, H K Carpenter, 
J W Clark Jr, Saml Coleman, J H Cooper, 
S 'Cooper, W H Cooper, B F Davenport, J W 
Faulconer, Reg Faulconer, H P Groom, Jno 
Z Groom, T J Hatch, S C Hopkins, W B 
Hughes, R H Knighton, A B Kube, F F Kube, 
J H.McCord, C G McKimm, *Geo Mcintosh, 
R Mcintosh, W J Martin, W C Newman, C E 
Rhoades, T R Rhoades, F S Thayer, M F 
Tinder, R B C Trumbo, R F Waugh, J M 
Weaver, J T Weaver, W E Wright 

Khoadesville R F I> — W S Burch, Harvey 
Chambers, Saml Coleman, J R Crummett. J 
H Golay, Eddie Herndon, B F James, S A 
McCord, Chas B Rhoades, Geo O Thompson, 
J S Tinder 

Xasons — Population 7: on P F & P R R: 

5 miles from C H; banking town, Orange. — | 

James W Brown, B A Brown, O C Brown, j 

Robt E Brown, W M Brown, Phil Brown- j 

ing, F I Brysom, C N Camper, J W Camper, I 

W H Camper, W J Camper, B W Chaplier, \ 
G W Clarke, C B Daniel. Ed Duff. R E Faul- 
coner, J Hopkins, J M Hopkins, Zeb Hopkins, 

Geo Johnson, G E Johnson & Son, Frank Jor- j 

done, N JI Jordone, B C Kube, Harry Kube, I 

A A Bane, Bester Bloyd, Bennie Martin, H J j 

Martin, Tra Martin, Philip Martin, E E Mas- ! 

sey, W P Saunders, James Seal, Jno W Seal, j 
A B Taliaferro, C M Taylor, B O Terrell, Roy 
Timmons, W P Warrick 

Orange — Population 674; on So and P F & R 
R R's; a banking town. — Dr Andrews, Mrs M 
F Bond, P S Boxley, W C Boxley, R D Brown- 
ing, W G Crenshaw Jr, Geo B Dudley, R J 
Farrar, P M Gibbs, W S Grymes, E V Hoff- 
man, A V Houseworth, W W Hume. J M 
Jacob, Frank Jordone, N H Jordone, B B 
Kean, H O Dyne, Geo T Marshall, W S Pax- 
ton, F B Perry, R W Sparks Jr, H F Tabb- 
scott. J P Taylor, J F Vanderhoff, E E Warn- 
bersee, H J Warren 

Omnge R F D — G W Tatum, W T Tucker, 
C E White 

Orange R F D No t — J S Andrews. 
Browning, J F Vanderhuff 

R D 

Ilhoadesville R F D Xo 1 — J Birch, E F 
Bledsoe, H K Carpenter, W J Chewning, 
Saml Coleman, J R Crummett, R C Duvall, 
J H Golay, J W Hume, J B Kube, S McCord, 
A B Moore, J W Quamm, W H Quamm, C B 
Rhoades. J T Rhoades, R B Rhoads, T K 
Row, T R Rowe, J T Weaver 

Roach Road — Population 5; 7 miles from. 
R R; 2 3 miles from C H; banking town, 
Orange. — R M Cook, D C Dempsey, R H 
Garrett, W T Hurlock, D W Johnson, E E 
Payne, E E Richardson, J R Sanders, C B 

St Just — Population 40;onPF&PRR; 
15 miles from C H; banking town, Orange. — 
C O Brown, B F Coleman, J B Herndon, Ma- 
son Herndon, Thad Herndon, E P Hopkins, 
J E James, R Lancaster, G E Lumsden, Timo- 
thy Powell, 15 S Quisenberry, C P Reynolds, 
G W Reynolds, J D Reynolds, W K Reynolds, 
J W Smith, Ed Thompson, F P Webb, B D 
Wiltshire, C B Wright, G W W T right, J P 

Somerset — Population 100; on So R R; 7 
miles from C H; banking town, Orange. — 
Robt II Aylor, G W Barbour, G T Bledsoe, 
J S Buckner <fr Co, Geo B Catterton, N P 
Catterton, W W Cattorton, A B Clark, J S 
Collins, E P Duncan, C C Eddin«, E O Eddins, 
R O Eddins, G E Ficklin, C H Gentry, E E 
Calmer, \". C Golsan, Luther Herring, Enoch 

F v -' 

Offers HOME SITES as well as MANU- 


^llSf*i£Vl >> f"l!&&^/iii£lfc Wjj Most progressive town of size 
VllOl lUllfU9VIIIC?y WOb""^ South. Great Building 
Boom on Now. Gome on quick— -big money here for you. Population, 13,797 




Kennedy, W II Kennedy, S P Kirkpatrick, 
J P Kite, E L Leake, Robt Loyd, Wm Mid- 
dleman, B J Modena, M M Modena, Frank 
Nalle, A J Nash, J B Newman, R M New- 
man, S P Rhoades, Geo W Roach, Wallace 
W Roberts, K W Scott, B F Selby, J W 
Slaughter, K F Sommers, J C Strickler, M 
W Walker, A J Wattles, R E Wilhoit, E M 
Wood, J Fray Yager, W N Yowell, Geo Zinn 

Tatuni — Population 20; 4 miles from R R; 
16 miles from C H; banking- town, Orange. — ■ 
J T Fletcher, J R Frank, C L Lumsden, H C 
Lumsden, L Powell, E T Simpson, R H Tatura, 
W J Taturn, A M Thompson, R E Thompson, 
W B Thompson, C J Young 

Thornliill — Population 75; 9 miles from R 
R; 12 miles from C R; banking town, Orange. 
— W G Crenshaw, E L Ellis, J T Ellis. Wm 
Henry Ellis, Robt S Ellis, Mrs Julia Estes, I 
C P Graven, R E Graves. A L Green, D 3 
Jeffries, V B King, E R Simms, Bertelle Wool- I 
folk, Mrs Ella D Woolfolk 

Trael/lue — Population 

miles from R 

R; 11 miles from C H; banking town. Rapi- 
dan. — J L Davis, J R Johnson 

Unioirville — Population 60; on P F & P R 
R; 8 miles from C H; banking town. Orange. — i 
Franklin Bales, J Boston, H C Burruss, F L j 
Carpenter, H L Childress, J A Childress, P I 
W Clark, J P Clark. J W Clark, T W Clark, 
L L> Coleman, E A Cocper. H E Crockett, 
A M Daniel, James Duncan, J H Evers, J R 
Gouldman, R O Halsey, R B Harris, R C 
Harris, R S Harris, Tlios E Harris, D P 
Hughes, Marshall James, T O James, Geo 
W Lee, Wm H Lee, T C McAlister, Jno Mc- 
Clarris, Phillip Martin, C W Moore. Edgar 
Moore, H C Newton, T S Newton, E R Perry, 
A T Priest, Chas Sacra, L M Sacra, M Sacra, 
Will Sacra, H J Smith, R D Stewart. T A 
Stewart, J H Swain, Jno Swain, Jno S Swain, 
G T Tinder, A J Walker, Waugh Bros, Can' 
E Waugh, G M Waugh, J G Wright 

Union ville R F D — Jno Blakely, Chas Clark, 
J M Gardner, J L Hicks. J M Jacobs. Geo 
Mastin, W L Miller, G W Pannill, Jno W 
Richards, J P Walters, B Weaver, J T Weaver 

Vulcan — Population 4G; 4% miles from R 
R; 14 miles from C H; banking town. Orange. 
— R H Bond, Isaac Davenport, J E Davenport, 
C M Gooch, J B Gooch, W E Gooch, Wm 
Hatfield, Morton Lancaster, T C McAlister, 
A J McGehee, Geo C McGehee, W G McGehee, 
G P Richards, H E Tinder, J O Wyatt. C J 

Wilderness — Population 17; 6 miles from 
R R; 35 miles from C H; banking town, Fred- 
ericksburg. — S F Adams, W D Brame, J D 
Dempsey, R T Dodson, W P Farmer. R L 
Jennings, E C Johnson, F H Johnson, James 
F Jones, W C Kuper, Mrs D L Payne, Louis N 
Sanders, A D Spotswood, J T Todd. H E 

Page County 

Value of real estate, 1916 — White, $2,271,- 
075; colored, ?44,270. Total, $2,315,345. 

Value of personal property — White, $1,- 
295,454; colored, $9,891. Total, $1,305,345, 

Income — $10,259. 

Population, 1916 — 14,147. 

Number voters — White, 2,726; colored, 208. 

Area — Acres, 184,6 36; square miles, 296. 

County Seat — Luray. 

Page was formed in 1831 from Shenan- 
doah and Rockingham. It is midway in the 
rich and beautiful valley of the Shenandoah, 
with the Blue Ridge for its eastern and the 
Massanutton mountains its western bounda- 
ries. It is bounded on the north by War- 
ren; south by Rockingham; east by Rappa- 
hannock and Madison; and west by Rocking- 
ham and Shenandoah. The south fork of the 
Shenandoah river flows through and plenti- 
fully waters the county. The Norfolk and 
Western railroad extends through the entire 
length of the county from north to south, 
and is doing much to develop its vast re- 
sources. The soil is alluvial limestone, and 
yields good crops of corn, oats, wheat and 
the grasses. Horses, cattle and sheep are 
extensively raised. Iron ore of fair quality, in 
abundant quantity, is found in nearly every 
part of the county, and several furnaces and 
foundries are in operation. Some copper of 
rich quality is found in the lower end of the 
county, and limestone and marble in various 
sections. A superior quality of manganese is 
found in the northern section of the county, 
and is being shipped to Northern furnaces. 


The Circuit Court meets at the Courthouse 
the third Monday in February, April, June, 
August, October and December 

Judge — T N Haas, Harrisonburg 

Clerk — F W Weaver, Luray 

County Officers 

Commonwealth's Attorney — Wm F Keyser, 


Sheriff — N T Sedwick, Luray 
Treasurer — Fred T Amiss, Luray 
Coroner — Dr Virgil Hammer, Luray 
Supt of Poor — Wm H Rogers, Stanley R 

F D No 2 

Supt of Schools— Jno H Booton, Luray 
Comr of Revenue — F S Kibler, Stanley 


L M Frank (chairman), Luray; Geo W 
Strole, Stanley; L V Kite, Stanley; D C 
Buracher, Luray 


B B West, Stanlev 

PHONE 801 
Office Over Farmers and Merchants Bank, Staunton, Va. 


Farnid, Orchards, Timber and Coal Lands, 

West End Wood Working Co., Inc. 

Mill Work, Lumber, Roofing, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Shingles and Laths. Building Outfitters 
Phone No. 1864 Office and Mill N. South St., PETERSBURG, VA. 




H C Bickers, Shenandoah; P H Propes, 
Shenandoah; R 1) Dovel, Stanley; C T Holtz- 
man, Luray; Oscar Hammer, Luray; H J 
Good, Rileyville; J H Cave, Stanley R F D; 
W A Rickard, Luray; J A Hammer, Luray 

Board of Health 

L M Frank (chairman), Stanley; Dr W L 
Hudson, Luray; W A Koontz, Grove Hill; 
Dr J B Brumback, Luray 

Agricultural Implements 

Grove Frank G. Luray 
Hershberger Bros, Luray 
Hudson H V & Son, Luray 
Huffman S M, Grove Hill 
Koontz J L & H L, Marksville 
Lucas C J, Luray R F D No 2 
Rosser Wm M, Luray 
Viands C E, Stanley 

Art Needle Work 

Xerkel M Z, Luray ' 

Attorneys at Law 

Cave J H, Stanley R F D No 2 
Keyser W F. Luray 
Leedy & Berry, Luray 
Martin J B, Luray 
Parks R S, Luray 
WALTON & BRO, Luray 
Weaver F W, Luray 


Wood & Hammer, Luray 


Meekley Wm, Shenandoah 
Yogt Geo J. Luray 

Bank of Shenandoah, Shenandoah 
First Natl Bank, Luray 


*Fry Jno, Luray 
Hackley B F, Stanley 
Hitt Jno, Stanley R F D 
Offenbacker J G, Stanley 
Oyre J F, Shenandoah 
♦Parks C G. Luray 
Singers C E, Luray 
* Slater Jno H, Luray 

Barrel Manufacturers 

Bailey A G & Bro, Luray 
Borden B F & Co Ltd, Overall 
Young James A, Rileyville 


Shuler W H, Stanley 


Young N J. Luray R F D 

Bicycle Dealers and Repairers 

Hammond J B, Shenandoah 

Billiard and Pool Parlors 

Lucas J S, Shenandoah 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Alger Early, Marksville 

Buracker C O, Luray 

Campbell E P„ Luray R F D No 2 

Cave G H, Stanley R F D 

Comer Joseph W, Luray 

Comer W C, Luray 

Cullers E C, Rileyville 

Ellis Thos. Luray R F D No 2 

Fox Thos F Jr, Luray R F D No 2 

Goode Gilbert, Stanley 

Heiston Jno J, Kimball 

Honsder E T. Stanley R F D 

Kemp T, Luray 

Kibler H L, Stanley 

Kitt O L. Grovehill 

Lamb Luther, Sehnandoah 

Lillard D P, Luray 

Manor Chas E. Stanley 

Miller H W, Stanley 

Mover L J, Luray 

Phillips C J, Stanley RED 

Phillips James T, Stanley 

Phillips John W, Stanley R F D 

Saum J E, Shenandoah 

Shomo Saml, Stanley R F D 

Short J W, Stanley R F D 

Short John, Stanley RED 

Short R E. Luray R F D 

♦Twyman Foley, Luray 

Boarding" Houses 

Buford Hotel, Luray 
Chapman J N, Luray 
Chapman Jno, Luray 
Foltz R P. Stanley 
Grim H H. Stanley 
Kite L Y, Stanley 
Long Ella Mrs, Luray 
Long W M, Luray 
McDaniel Joseph, Shenandoah 
Shenk Minnie B Mrs, Stanley 
Slusher Jennie Mrs, Luray 
Strole M E Mrs. Stanley 


Cristo Cola Bottling Co, Front Royal 

Builders' Supplies 

Bailey Bros, Luray 
Heiston Miller Co, Luray 

Butter, Eggs, Etc 
Stanley Produce T'o, Stanley 

• Butchers and Meat Markets 

j Collins R F, Front Royal 

Cuipeper National Bank "jjjjjgr 


,-:-.;■'.'■'.":.■':■■. ;.::;■ ;;::v '::■::■?. 



15 W. Tabb St., Petersburg, Va. 

PHONE 176 






Huffman J W, Luray 
Koontz D C. Shenandoah 
Miller Joseph S, Luray 
Stacker R 13. Shenandoah 

Coomer Amos, Shenandoah R F D No 1 
Evans J G. Luray 
Hawksbill Canning- Co, Luray 
Hockman J P. Shenandoah 
Luray Canning- Co, Luray 
McMullen W N« Shenandoah 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers 

Moyer P W & Son, Luray 

Caverns of Luray, Luray 

Chair Manufacturers 

Richards John & Son, Luray 


Baptist, Luray 
Baptist, Stanley 
Baptist, Stanley R F D 
Brethren, Luray 
Christian, Luray R F D 
Christian, Stanley R F P 
Episcopal, Luray 
Lutheran^ Luray 
Lutheran, Luray R F D 
Methodist. Stanley 
Unite J Brethren, Grpvehill 

Cigar Manufacturers 

Crim James A, Luray 


Grove Bros & Carey, Luray 
Shandelson Rosa Mrs, Luray 

Coal and Wood 

Grove F G, Luray 
Hershberger Bros, Luray 
Hockman J P, Shenandoah 
Long W S, Shenandoah 
Luces James A, Shenandoah 

Commissioners of Accounts 

Parks R S. Luray 

Bailey Bros, Luray 
Bailey J O Co. Luary 
Campbell Jno, Stanley 
Cave \Y I. Luray R F D No 4 
Pinter C W, Luray R F D No 2 
Flirin A E. J^uray 
Foltz A J, Stanley 
Foltz J W, Stanley 
Foltz Jno P. Stanley 
Foltz Wm J, Stanley 
Griffith D H, Luray R F D No 2 
[ • Heiston-Miller Co, Luray 
I Hoak D N. Luray R F D 
j Keyser Jno B, Stanley R F D 
; Louderback E & Bro, Shenandoah 
I Louderback Geo W, Stanley 
j Lucas Hubert F, Luray 
; Mauck J H. Luray R F D 
I Miller S B, Luray R F D No 2 
; Miller W H, Stanley 
| Minis Speake & Co, Luray 
Painter Jno. Stanley R F D 
Racer Jno D, Luray R F D No 2 
Racer Joseph, Luray R F D No 2 
Rothgeb' E L, Luray 
Somers W H, Luray R F D 
Sours Thos W, Luray R F D No 2 
Wolfersberger J H, Marksville 


Good Joseph, Stanley 
Knight J W, Stanley R F D 
Young James A, Rileyville 


Printz Oscar L. Luray 


Rankin H L, Luray 
Spitler J L. Lura?' 

Department Store* 
Globe The, Lura * 


Hutchinson J A Mrs, Stanley 
Keyser Mattie Miss, Stanley 
Rogers G N Mrs, Stanley 
Rothgeb Vera Miss, Luray 
Smith Gabriel Miss, Luray 
Wolfersberger J H Mrs, Stanley 

Commissioners in Chancery 
Holtzman C T, Luray 
Keyser Wm F. Luray 
Martin J B, Luray 


Long S E. Shenandoah 
Lucas J S. Shenandoah 
Short O L, Luray 
Sing-linger A J, Shenandoah 

Contractors and Builders 
Aleshire Isaac T, Stanley 


Grove & McKay, T_,uray 
Hudson E Y & Co, Shenandoah 
McKmi A W & Son, Luray 

Dry Goods 

Batman Benj F, Luray 
Shandelson R, Luray 
Bear Solomon, Shenandoah 

Corbin W A, Luray 


No city in the State can offer better 
Homes and Schools. 




C. L. ROBINSON, Prop. 

Cor. Kent and Water Sts. 
Always Ready and Willing to Do \our Work — Give us a Call 

A. Ii. JACKSON, Mgr. 



Fertilizer Dealers 

Hockman J P, Shenandoah 

Hudson H V ce Son, Luray 

Kite H J. Shenandoah 

Roser Wm M t Luray 

Strickler G J & Co, Shenandoah 

Fisli and Oysters 

Huffman J W, Luray 

I?i\e and Ten Cent Stores 

Boude A Poe & Co, Stanley 

Flour Manufacturers 

Page Milling- Co, Luray 

Fruit Packers and Shippers 

Hockman Jacob P, Shenandoah 
Mauck & Miller, Stanley 

N Furniture Dealers 

Foote & Co, Stanley 
Pool Bros, Stanley 
Printz Robt L, Luray 
Roller Co The, Luray 


Huntsberry & Black, Luray 

Laurance Garage. Luray 

Shuler H T, Stanley 

Stanley Garage & Machine Shop, Stanley 

White Garage. Shenandoah 

General Stores 

Barbee Randolph. Luray 
Bailey S F, Stanley 
Bartman Benj F, Luray 
Beahm R R, Kimball 
Bear S, Shenandoah 
Broy A J & Bro, Brand 
Bonde A P <fe Co, Stanley 
Chapman G T, Luray 
Comer Amos, Shenandoah 
Crim Golclsworth M C D, Luray 
Davis W B & Son. Shenandoah 
Pisbro A J, Shenandoah 
Donovan Geo, Stanley R F D 
Dunlap W H & Co, Stanley 
Foltz Bros, Stanley 
Foster <fc Bros, Shenandoah 
Good Ernest, Fikton R F D 
Graves W M & Co, Stanley 
Griffith & Son, Shenandoah 
Griffith H H & Son, Kimball 
Grove &- Bro, Luray 
Hilliard J A. Grovehill 
Billiards G B, Stanley 
Hitt M M & Bro, Luray 
HOCKMAN A B, Ilileyville 
Huffman Jno W, Rileyville 
Huffman S M, Grovehill 
*Jackson Andrew, Luray 
.7i:XKIXS B F, Luray R F D 
.1EXKDIS C B, Stanley R F D 
jptt s t^ atvc;. gfanley R F D 

S outlier ii 

U u i i ei i 

Judy F P, Stanley 
JIDI) W L, Luray 

Judd & Bradley, Luray 

Kern J K, Stanley R F D 

Kern J \V, Stanley 

Keyser Chas P, Compton 

KJ3YSER S L, Luray R F D No 3 

Keyser T M, Stanley 

Kibler B N. Luray R F D 

KIBL1XGFR DAVID S, Stanley R F D Xo 2 

Koontz & Koontz, Stanley 

Lewin & Cupp, Bayard 

Long Jno F, Luray R F D 

Louderbaek & Co, Stanley R F D 

Lucas Chas J, Luray R F D No 2 
■ Lucas J F <& Son, Luray 
j Mason J Y Co The, Luray 
j Mathews Jno K, Overall 
j Mayes Bros, Kimball 
i Mayes F L, Stanley 
| Miller Wm T, Shenandoah 
! Nunn V L, Luray 
| Painter T H, Stanley 
j PETTY HERBERT, Grovehill 
i Price J D, Luray 
i Printz Robt L, Luray 
| Rhodes W L, Luray 

Linker A L, Overall 
J Roudabush H E, Shenandoah 

Sanders F A, Luray 
; Seekford M K, Rileyville 
j Shandelson R. Luray 
! Shryock & Mauck, Stanley 
j Sigler Bros, Luray 
j Sigler Chester C, Luray 

Strickler G J & Co, Shenandoah 

Sullivan W J, Shenandoah 

Trescott & Hess, Shenandoah 

Wood A J, Rileyville 

Wood Hugh, Rileyville 

* Grocers 

Bowman J C, Luray 

Burgess Laura C Mrs, Luray 

Chapman G T & Son, Luray 

Disbro A J. Shenandoah 

Donovan G W, Stanley R F D No 

Foltz & Co, Stanley 

Good Ernest, Fikton R F D 

Keyser T M, Stanley 

Kite Henry J, Shenandoah 

McCoy J W, Stanley 

Mayes F L, Stanley 

Miller Joseph S, Luray 

Painter Harry C .Stanley 

Painter T H, Stanley 

Printz R L, Luray 

Reed J FT, Luray 

Roberts J A, Stanley 

Smelser J B, Stanley 

Sullivan W J, Shenandoah 

G roeers — Wholesale 
Luray Supply Co Ine, Lin ay 

s Mi erla 


Pressed Brick (Alt Colors), Common Brick, Orn 
Corner Bead, Ornamental Plastering, Hollow ' 
Offices: 235-237 ARCADE BUILDING 


omental Terra Cotta, Metal Windows and Doors, Stet'i Lath, 
file, Structural Steel, Jron, Plaster, Lime, Cement, Stone, v^^:. 


SAND AND GRAVEL JB£» & c &iS&. ,,. 



Hardware Dealers 

Berry F W, Luray 
Bowman J C, Luray 
Cullers Edward C, Rileyville 
Hudson II V & Son. Luray 
Luray Supply Co, Luray 
Poole Bros, Stanley 

Harness and Saddlery 
Beaver Robt L, Luray 
Painter J E, Stanley RED 
Taylor J J. Shenandoah 
Woodward C B, Luray 
Yowell A J. Luray 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Grove Frank G, Luray 

Hirshberger Bros, Luray 

Jenkins C B, Stanley R F D 

Shryock & Mauck Co, Stanley 

Viand C E, Stanley 


Eagle Hotel, Shenandoah 
Grim Hotel, Stanley 
Hotel Laurence, Luray 
Mansion Inn, Luray 
Milnes Hotel, Shenandoah 
Minis H B, Luray 
Powell D C. Shenandoah 

Tee Cream 

Huddle W S. Shenandoah 

Ice Manufacturers 

Arctic Ice Co. Shenandoah 
Long' W S, Shenandoah 
Luray Ice Co, Luray 

Insurance Agents 

Berrey T J Ins Ag-cy, Luray 
Bickers H C, Shenandoah 
Foote & Louderback, Stanley 
Holtzman & Price, Luray 
Louderback C C, Stanley 
Price J S Insurance Agency, Luray 
Smith Norman B, Luray 
Strickler Owen, Shenandoah 

Iron Founders 

Alleghany Ore & Iron Co, Shenandoah 
Shenandoah Foundry & Machine Co, Shenan- 
Shuler H T. Stanley 
Spitter Thos, Luray R F D No 4 

Justices of the Peace 
Rickard W A. Luray R F D 


Luray Laundry, Luray 
Troy Laundry, Shenandoah 

Light and Power Companies 
Shenandoah River Light & Power Corpora- 
tion, Luray 

Live Stock Dealers 

Eoltz R P, Stanley 

Grove & Spitler, Luray 

Jett W D, Stanley R F D 

Price C D. Stanley R F D 

Shenk R B, Luray 

Spitler D N, Luray R F D No 2 

Livery Stables 

Bohannon W D, Luray 
Brubaker J L, Luray 
Brubaker Lee, Luray 
Griffith's Livery, Luray 
Kibler F S, Stanley 
Minis & Emerson, Luray 
Orye J F, Shenandoah 
Orye L F, Shenandoah 
Smith Elmer F, Luray 
Spitler B O, Stanley 
Viands C E, Stanley 

Lumber Dealers 

Alger E W, Stanley 
Bailey Bros, Luray 
Bailey J O Co, Luray 
Frazier Jacob. Luray R F D 
Hanson Solon, Stanley R F D 
Hardwood Lumber Co, Stanley 
Heiston J J, Kimball 
Heiston Miller Co, Luray 
Kite G L, Grovehill 
Koontz C G, Marksville 
Koontz J L. Marksville 
Landram Chas S. Luray 
Lucas E L, Luray R F D No 2 
Lucas Martin, Strole 
Nauman James M, Stanley 
Painter Peter, Stanley 
Woodward West, Kimball 

Lumber Brokers 

Zerkle L F, Luray 



Grove F G. Luray 

Lucas C J. Luray R F D No 2 

Machinery Dealers 

Kibler Jno P. Luray 
Manor C E, Stanley 

Marble Works 

Bradley J Saml, Luray 
Haines Geo W, Luray 

Men's Furnishings 

Bear S, Shenandoah 
Mason C G. Luray 
Mason J Y Co. Luray 


Bear S Mrs, Shenandoah % 
Long S E Mrs, Shenandoah 
Walker LeMa Laws Mrs, Luray 

Directory Advertising 

CREATES— A New Bu*ine« 
REVIVES- A DuJl Bu»ine»» 
ENLARGES— An Old Busing 

Consult HILL DIMECTO&Y CO- Publishers 

1915 New Modsl Hyd. i p # r ^ escriP ^ e 7pZl lre w i 

BROOK OR FLOWING WELLS.? (See Page 39.) "^J /€> Waynesboro, Augusta County - - - Virginia 



Mills — Com and Flour 
Brown W L, Luray K F D No 2 
Hi-umback E T, Luray R F D 
P.rumbaok F C & Son. Luray 
Foils P C. Stanley R F D 
Gochenour I H. Rileyville 
Good H J, Rileyville 
Grove J C. Laray R F D No 4 
Henderson Geo, Marksville 
Kaufman H. Luray 
Keyser Jno R, Stanley 
Page Milling- Co Inc, Luray 
Roudabush J C. Grovehill 
Roudabush M A & Sons, Shenandoah 
Stanley Milling- Co, Stanley 
Verbena Milling- Co, Shenandoah and Ver- 
Virginia Milling Co, Shenandoah 
Willow Grove Milling Co, Luray 
Wolfersberger R E, Stanley R F D 


Mills — Saw and Planing' 

Alger E W. Stanley 

Bailey Bros, Luray 

Brumback E T. Luray R F D No 4 

Buracker C O. Kimball 

Heiston Miller Co, Luray 

Jobe B M, Luray 

Kite Isaac, Strole 

Koontz J L, Marksville 

Lucas E L. Luray R F D No 2 

McMuller W N. Shenandoah 

Pendergast Lester, Stanley 

Printz M O, Luray R F D No 2 

Roudabush M A & Son, Grovehill 

Shenandoah Planing Mill Co, Shenandoah 

Sour J D, Luray R F D 


Hutchinson Harry, Stanley 
Hutchinson Jno A, Marksville 
Miller W H, Luray R F D 


Blue Ridge Mines, Rileyville 
Bonanza Iron Co. Rileyville 
Crescent Mines, Stanley 
Page Ochre Corp, Stanley 

Music and Musiftil Merchandise 

Hammond J B, Shenandoah 
Judd W F. Luray 
Holler Co The. Luray 
Yates Wm S, Luray 

Music Teachers 
Boude A P. Marksville 
Boude Ida Mrs, Stanley 
Burroeker J M Mrs, Marksville 
Hudson Mabel M Miss, Luray 
•Tones Mary Miss, Luray 
Koontz Edith Miss, Luray 
Purdham.Graee Miss, Stanley 
Walker Edna Miss, Luray 
Waiter Jno S Luray 

B F D No 2 

Newspapers and Editors 
♦Colored Churchman, Shenandoah, Rev Jno 

II Reed editor 
Page News and Courier, Luray, O A Aylor 

editor and publisher 

Notaries Public 

Berrey E C, Luray 

Bickers H C, Shenandoah 

Foote C B, Stanley 
I Graves Thomas J, Stanley 
j Lauck W C, Luray 
; Louderbach CC, Stanley 
! McKim D C, Luray 
J Price J S, Luray 


! Bolen Albert, Kimball 

Oclire Grinders 

Virginia Ochre Corporation, Stanley 

O rcha r d G rowers 

j Luray Orchard Co. Luray 


j Hutchinson I A. Stanley 

; Keyser J W, Stanley 

j Keyser Jno, Stanley R F D 

: Lauderback M J, Stanley R F D 

' Phillips J O, Shenandoah 

Printz D B <fc Son, Luray 

Rinaco Oscar, Stanley R F D 
i Rothgeb E L, Luray 

Wolfersberger L H, Stanley R F D No 2 

I . 


Frensley Max S, Luray 

Rhodes Wallace, Luray 

Taylor Theo J. Stanley R F D No 2 

Wright S K, Luray 


Brumback E G. Luray 

Brumback J B, Luray R F D No 1 

Finter Herbert R, Stanley R F D No 2 

Hammer Loring, Luray 

Hammer Virgil, Luray 

Hudson Wm L. Luray 

Koontz F P, Stanley R F D No 1 

Koontz W A. Grovehill 

Long Geo II. Luray 

Long Jno F. Luray R F D No 4 

Ronp Jno M, Shenandoah 

Shuler Benj C, Shenandoah 


Campbell Bros, Luray 
Campbell J Wm. Luray 
Li Hard D P. Luray 
Stover F E. Luray 

Poult ry 
Bradford H G. Luray % 

Nichols Albert, Luray 
Sliaek C L, Luray 


(W1 MTI1A I P51II 1 f .i ftjy* D.*, 


_ .. .. — . 



Do You Earn Hfcuey? 

If you do— no matter how small your in- 
come may be — you can lay aside money. 
It isn't the size of your Income thai 
counts — it's the size of your Savings 

^ c ac u coun?a? 0o r n !THE VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK, of Petersburg, Va. 




Bradford H G. Luray 

Lauck W C, Luray 

Page News & Courier, Luray 

Produce Dealers 

Luray Produce Co, Luray 
Stanley Prodiice Co, Stanley 


Bradford Henry G, Luray 


Kite G L Grovehill 

Real Estate Dealers 

Berrey & Willis, Luray 
Hotzman & Price, Luray 
Printz R C, Stanley 



Casino Cafe, Luray 

Clooneys Restaurant, Luray 

Dean J W, Shenandoah 

Evans J G, Luray 

Grove B R, Luray 

Grove Earl G, Luray 

Jackson J W & Son, Luray 

Mover J J, Luray 

Plecker Bros & Clooney, Shenandoah 

Yogi Geo, Luray 

* Williams Chas, Luray 


Dosh Jno, Luray 
Good R J, Stanley 
Keyser Geo W, Stanley 
Smeltzer T F. Shenandoah 
Taylor J J, Shenandoah 

Sporting Goods 

Hammond J B, Shenandoah 

Stave Manufacturers 

Koontz C G, Marksville 

Tan Bark 

Broyles R C, Lurai- R F D 
Deford Co The, Stlnley 
Shuler W H, Stanley 


Cave Isaac H, Stanley 

Coleman Mattie Miss, Shenandoah 

Huffman J W, Luray R F D 

Huffnor Mary L, Stanley 

Kibler ,lno S, Luray R F D Xo 

Koontz Fdith B, Marksville 

Louclerback F Miss. Shenandoah 

Peterfish C E, Stanley 

Prince Raymond, Stanley 

Somers Bessie, Luray R F D 

Stevens Mamie Miss. Shenandoah 


McKims Opera House, Luray 
Star Opera House, Shenandoah 


Alshire Frank, Stanley 
Campbell J M, Luray 
Hoch G S B, Shenandoah 
* Jackson James, Stanley 


Bradley B E Mrs, Luray 
Bradley I C, Luray 
Petefish Wm V, Stanley 
Phillips James T, Stanley 
Phillips Jno W, Stanley R F D 

Veterinary Surgeons 

Spitler Lloyd K, Luray 

Watchmakers and Jewelers 

Cubbage A G, Stanley 
Kauffman D L, Luray 
Saum A J, Shenandoah 
Strickler Luther R, Luray 

Wood and Railroad Ties 

Bailey Bros, Luray 

Kite G L, Elkton * 

Koontz J L & H L, Marksville 

Manuel L M, Overall 


Brand — On N & AY R R; 7 miles from C H; 
banking town Luray — A J Broy, A Jones, E 
R Painter, R R Painter. E R Prergrade 

Compton — On N & W R R; 7 miles from C 
H; banking town Luray — M V Alger. J C Cole, 
C M Keyser 

Grovesville — Population 35; on N & W R 
R; 17 miles from C H; banking town Luray — 
J A Barton, James Barton, Arthur Frazier, A 
L Kite, D C Kite, G M Kite, W H Kite 

Kimball — Population 75; on N & W Ry; •< 
miles from C II; banking town Luray — O At- 
wood, D Baker, A Bolen, Mrs Chas Cam- 
eron, J M Cliser. J W Foley, E Fox, P G Fox. 
H M Fristoe, J Fristoe, P Griffith, J J Heiston. 
R N Heiston, T A J Judd, T M Kemp, J P 
Kibler, Mrs L C Kibler, W H Kibler, Geo C 
Mays, D B Riekard, E I, Packard, I A Rickard, 
L M Rickard, J A Shenk, D Stomback. Jno W 
Strickler, J II Weatherholt 

Luray (C LI) — Population 1,218; on N & W 
R R; a banking town — J A Beach. I T Brad- 
ley, Lee Brubaker, S Brubaker, J C Burner, W 
B Campbell.. Pan! Cave. X H Clark. Joseph 
Clem, Mrs Jno W Fox. R f Griffith. J J Grif- 
fith, J G Grove. J P Grove, Jno C Grove, J A 
Hammer, Chas Horshberger, Mrs Danl Her- 


■ ■ 


Can handle all your advertising 

tjiJL .matter and save you money 


)-v^^rmtf^fr •nsr, «*• 

Life Insurance Company of Virginia 




Has won the hearty approval and active support of the 
people by its promptness and fair dealing during the 
FORTY-FIVE YEARS of its operation. 




shberger, Chas Hite, Mrs H V Hudson, J 
Frank Huffman, James Huffman, G T Long, 
Dr Jno F Long-, P P Long, S L Miller, T A 
Moyer,- W T Moyer, Albert Nichols Oscar 
Printz, Silas Rosser, Jno Rothgeb, Mrs J B 
Seibert, J B Shenk, S B Shenk, Abe Shirley, 
Joseph N Spitler, John A Strickler, Joseph. 
Strickler, Thos Williams, E Y Yates, M W 
Yates, A J Yowell, Jno II Zirkle 

Luray R F D — J W Black, R C Broyles, B T 
Brumback, Lee Burner, J A Foltz, D N Hook, 
C B Miller, S H Modesitt, James F Printz, TV 
S Richard, W C Saunders, J TV Shaker, Chas S 

Luray R F D Xo 1 — Nick Abbott, Nick 
Baker, T D Baker, TV C Baker. T H Barham, 
Benton Beahm. S L Bell, J M Black. G TV 
Bowers, J W Broaddus. F C Brumback, C G 
Bumgardner, H TV Bumgardner, J R Bum- 

J C Br 

C Brubaker, J W Brubaker. S P A Bru- 
baker, D C Buracker, J L Buracker. H C 
Cameron, A TV Campbell. Richd Campbell, D 
W Cave, J H Cave. W B Cubbage, T 1, Cullers, 
G D Dadisman. A B C Dofflemoyer, W IT 
Fox, I L Good, Herbert Hamner, Oscar Ham- 
mer, T C Keiston, Jno T Hoak, A J Hue- 
man, C M Jobe, G T Kemp. H L Kemp, F T 
Keyser, D A Kibler, J P Kibler. J S Kibler, 
P D Kibler. T O Kibler. G T Long, P P 
Long. J F Lucas. C J Mauck, J H Mauck. 
TV L Mauck, TV T Mauck, F K Miller, J M 
Miller, W M Miller, Mrs F C Montgomery, 
M L Moyer. D L Printz, Oscar M Printz. J M 
Ponn. A T Rickard, F V Packard, J C Rick- 
ard, TV B Rickard. J W Riley, J D Rucner, 
J TV Ruffner, B B Sedgwick. A FT Shenk, 
T) TV Shenk. II C Shenk, J B Shenk, J F 
Shenk, S B Shenk. J D Slusher, J TV Stover, 
T> H Strickler. Walter Viands, F L Yates, 
D R Zirkle, J S Zirkle, Joseph Zirkle 

Luray R F D Xo 2 — Paul Baker, A W 
Beahm, J TV Beaver, D C Blosser. I T Bradley, 
J Edward Bradley, Jno I> Bradley. D B 
Broyles, G E Brubaker, J K Burner, Geo E 
Byv/aters. A J Comer, I S Comer, J P Ellis, 
T M Ellis, Cullen Finter, Ambrose Fox, D 
P Fox, H C Fox, H F Fox, H I Fox, Jno 
TV Fox, S H Fox. T F Fox, D H Griffith, 
F I Griffith, J B Griffith, W Frank Griffith, 
TV T Griffith, Saml Heist an, D H Hershberger, 
F M HeFshber^er, J E Hersberger. Chas B 
Hite, J M Hite. J S Huffman, C I" Judd, TV 
Lee Judd, A L Miller, 1) E Miller, D W Mil- 
ler, J B Miller. Saml L Millar. S Luther 
Miller, T A Trover, TV T Moyer, Musselman 
Bros, I N Varner, J A Varner, J C Varner, 
J II Varner. TV M Varner, Albert Nichols, 
G TV Price, T J Price. A P Printz, C H Printz, 
Isaiah Printz, James F Printz, Mrs Emanuel 
Shaffer, D H Smith. J F Somers, N R Somers, 
J S Sours-, Jno TV Sours, Noah Sours, Peter 
Sours, Selome Sours, Chas N Spitler, Mrs E 
Stirewalt, Jno A Strickler, Joseph H Striek- 
er. Chas Tutwiler. J T Wilt 



liiuay R F D Xo 3 — B F Aleshire, J W 
Aleshire, R T Atwood, .7 TV Black, I N Bowers, 
J R Broyles, R C Broyles, Joseph A Bru- 
baker, L L Brubaker, J L Burner, A M Cave, 
J TV Cave, H M Coffman, W A Dadisman, 
J K Lean, P S Dovel, T W Dovel, C C Epard, 
II 1) Epard, J K Epard, Saml Epard, P Flem- 
ing, J Ashby Foltz, F L Foster, J E Foster, 
Rev J M Foster, J 1) Frazier, Lester L Gander, 
M V Gander, TV D Gander, J B Gouchenour, 
J L Grubbs, Henry Higgs, A M Hite. D S 
Hite, E L Hite, Hubert S Hite, W C Hite, C 
S Huffman, J B Jenkins, I N Jenkins, W H 
Keyser, Geo TV Knight, C W Lillard, S T Lil- 
ian!, TV H Lionberger, M V Louderback, TV 
H Mayes, D F Miller, S Hilt Modesitt, W 
A Modesitt, C TV Painter, Hubert L Painter, 
L H Painter, Reuben Painter, M L Printz., I 
X Rogers, C C Rothgeb. Mrs Noah E Roth- 
geb, J W Shaffer, W H Sours. Jacob Spitler, 
W M Strickler, J L Y'owell 

Luray R F I) Xo 4 — O P Aleshire, J P 
j Beaver, A J Berry, L L Biedles, TV I Cave, 
| N H Clarke, C B Dyche, J W Echard, Mrs 
I G TV Fox, L M Frank, Danl Gochenour, I 
N Gochenour, J B Gochenour, J M Gochenour, 
J C Grove, J P Grove, D N Hoak. I B Hoak. 
S R Hoak, E L Houser, H V Houser, J A 
Half man, J S Huffman, J TV Huffman, TV D 
Huffman, C L Jones, F L Koontz, J E Koontz, 
II H Laughton, Mrs S A Lionberger, TV J 
Long, C B Miller, R H Miller, T E Miller, 
C M Modesitt, W S Modesitt, Benj Nicholson, 
D II Parlett, D S Printz. Mrs .7 D Printz, 
J F Printz, E F Richards, TV S Richards, W C 
Saunders, A J Smith, A. C Somers, A L Som- 
ers. J E Somers, R T Somers, F M Sours, 
IT F Sours, J A Sours, Paul J Sours, S W 
Sours, David Spitler, Ernest Spitler, J F Spit- 
ler, J N Spitler. S H Spitler, Thos Spitler, 
J TV Stover, Mrs R Varner, W H Woodward, 
E Y Yates 

Luray R F D Xo 5 — H F Aleshire, J B Ale- 
shire, Geo R Bauseman, J O Bauseman, J C 
Bowers, Chas A Bradley, Jno R Brubaker, 
TV T Brubaker. J D Burner, TV E Burner, 
j B Callan, I N Coffman, E L Dofflemeyer, J B 
| Good, TV T Hinton, Mrs TV T Jobe, J W 
! Kaufman, P M Kauffman, R E L Kendrick, 
! G C Long, J TV Long, P P Long, Wm M 
j Lou?, TV Z MoNealy, James E Mauck, M V 
| Moyer, C E Ramey, G TV Rothgeb, R F 
j Rothgeb, Mrs J B Ruffner, Jacob W Ruffner, 
; Jno T Shirley, Z M Shirley, P N Shuler, M 
TV Strickler. R T Strickler, T C Strickler, TV A 
I Williams 

Overall — Population 20; on N & TV R R; 
12 miles from C II ; banking town, Front 
Royal. — Isaac Alger, Frank Burner. II I Bur- 
i ner. Jackson Burner, Ed Campbell. IT J Camp- 
i bell, Herman Campbell, Joseph Cullers, C E 
j Pristoe, Jno Gatewoed, R F Hartley, Oswald 
I 'Centner, J C Kibler, Ft C Kibler. Clarendon 
f Mathews, J J Miller, L A Miller, Robt Thorn- 

the Shoe Manufacturing City of the 
ace. Good Homes. 

..-.-. ... • +».w»™ 

[ ' " 

Virginia Printing & Manufacturing Co., Sue. 

Ask Us for Prices Before Placing Your Order. Cor. Bank & Market Sts. PETERSBURG, VA. 



ton, Henry Tucker, J E Walter, G M Yates, 
H M Yates 

Rileyville — Population 50; on N & W R R; 
7 miles from C PI; banking town, Front Royal. 
— D S Abbott, A J Beahm, R T Brumback, 
James Burrell, E W Chatterbuck, R Finnell, 
V S Finnell, L P Good, E L Hill, Wm Hill, 
A B Hockman, J B F Huffman, J M Huffman, 
P J Kaui'fman, T J Kaufmann, P J Keyser, 
J M Miller, Wm Morris, P Roberts, J H 
Seakford, J T Sours, J W Yaug-han, J W Web- 
ster, B N Wood 

Shenandoah — Population 1,431; on N & W 
R R; IS miles from C H; a banking- town. — 
M A Ashby, Dayton Carrier, G Comer, I Comer, 
P Corner, H M Davis, C A Dovel, Arthur 
Frazier, W W Frazier, M Good. G M Haras- 
berger, J S Harnsberger, P H Karnes, F Kite, ! 
I F Kite, Grover C Kite, H J Kite, L Kite, | 
C E Koontz, W R Milton, J Nipple, R M j 
Propes, B S Rinaca, James Rinaca, Phillip I 
Rinaca. T Rinaca, Mrs B Shuler, 1 ghuler, ; 
H J Singlinger, 3 Sing-linger, F P Strole, j 
J L Strole, H H Taylor 

Shenandoah R F D No 1 — A J Comer, Jacob 

Corner, Saml Comer, W J Comer, S B Davis, , 

A B Dovel, B J Dovel, Homer Foltz, James | 

Hilliards, W E Hilliards, I N Kite, Mart Lucas, 

Richd Lucas, Wm McAlister, Geo Smith 

Stanley — Population 2 IS; a banking town. — i 
Ashby Alger. J P Beaver, L L Biedler, M L j 
Biedler, W A Brubaker, E T Brumback, T j 
L Brumback, Joseph Campbell, Wesley Camp- j 
bell, W E Coffman, A J Cubbage, Earley j 
Cubbage, H J Cubbage, Henry L Cubbage, j 
J M Cubbage, Jacob Cubbage, James H Cub- 
bage, Jno Cubbage, Philip D Cubbage, J R 
Deane, Geo W Donovan, C L Dovel, J Marion 
Dovel, R D Dovel, Homer Foltz, Jno W Foltz, 
Ellie Good, Jacob R Good, T P Graves, H H 
Grim, O House! en, David Judy, O B Judy, 
P E Judy, Reuben Judy, J H Kibler, J W 
Kibler, E L Kiblinger, J F Kibiinger, J E 
Kite, L V Kite, S E Kite, C G Koontz, D 
Koontz, F L Koonth, G W Koontz, H L 
Koontz, J E Koontz, J W Koontz, Jno L 
Koontz, I N Long, I N Long" Jr, R N Long, 
R W.Long, C C LoucT^frack-rFTX Lou~<T erT53 m , 
Jno %P Louderback, M V Louderback, S H 
Spitler, Wise McCoy, H M Mayes, L F Mayes, 
Jacob F Miller, A M Mitchell, J S Nauman, 
Albert W Painter, Jno M Painter, Peter Pain- 
ter, Mrs Mattie Price, O M Rodgers, C A 
Shuler, Geo T Shuler, Isaac Shuler, Jno W 
Shuler, G W Strole, Lewis Turner 

Stanley R F I) — E W Alger, E J Brown, 
J W Cameron, G H Cave, J H Cave, C L Dovel, 
H R Pinter, C E Huffman, D L Huffman, 
David Huffman, L A Huffman, W L Huffman, j 
J B Jenkins, W A Jenkins, Wm Jenkins, Leo j 
Jett, Berryman Keyser, C T Keyser,, Mrs j 
S H Keyser, James W Kibler, D S Kiblinger, ! 

E L Kiblinger, Joseph Kiblinger, Fred Koontz, 
Grover Koontz, Mrs L Koontz, N J Lauder- 
back, J P Lauderback, J W Martin, Wm Mar- 
tin, Jacob Miller, McComas Mitchell, Ambrose 
Myers. F VV Naumann, J S Naumann, C D 
Owens, C J Phillips, C D Price, Ambrose 
Rheinhart, J W Seakford, A J Shuler, J W 

t^> : S^S^2^^1^!^S2>S^III'St^^lI^S^S^;^^ 



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Telephone Norfolk 



- • -■ ■ - ■ ~-~»-» »mj8Wj»fy»"" , ' ^'j f 





Boom on Now. Come on quick— big money here for you. Population, 13,797 



Patrick County 

Value of real estate, 1916, white, $1,525,- 
-<H; colored, $30,420. Total, $1,556,121. 

Value of personal property, white, $843,114; 
colored, $20,247. Total, $863,361. 

Income, $1,031. 

Population, 3916, 17,195. 

Number voters, white, 2,135; colored, 272. 

Area — Acres, 315,727; square miles, 496. 

County seat — Stuart. 

Patrick was formed from Henry in 1791, 
and is the only county in the State that has 
extended the honor of its name to any of its 
sub-divisions. It lies on the eastern slope 
of the Blue Ridge mountains, which separate 
it from Carroll and Floyd counties. Franklin 
county is on the north and Henry on the east, 
while the State of North Carolina forms its 
southern boundary. Its natural scenery is ro- 
mantic and wild. The Dan, Smith and Mayo 
rivets take their rise in this county, and. ex- 
tending through its every part, plentifully 
water and furnish it with abundant power 
for the operating of mills and iron and ma- 
chine works. The Danville and Western and 
Mt Airy and Eastern railroads furnish con- 
venient transportation to market for the 
manufactures and products. The face of the 
country is broken, much of the western part 
being mountainous and unimproved, but the 
"Meadows of Dan" section and that portion 
south of the Bull mountains are reniarl 
rich and productive and well adapted to the 
growth of tobacco, corn, buckwheat and the 
grasses. Fine cattle, horses and sheep are 
raised, and the orchard, dairy and garden pro- 
ducts are varied and valuable. Patrick is one 
of the best fruit growing counties in this 
State, and many thousand barrels are annually 
shipped to the Northern markets. The in- 
creased facilities of transportation will give 
to the industries of the people such impetus 
as they never enjoyed before. The ores found 
in the county are iron (magnetic), lead, zinc, 
copper and silver. Granite and sandstone are 
also quarried to some extent. The rocks of 
the county are gneiss, talco-chloritic slate 
and micaceous slates. There are numerous 
dilks of quartzite and parphoritic granite, and 
among them the far- famed "fairy stones." 
There are several sulphur springs, which have 
a local reputation. The timbers, in which the 
county abounds, are oak, pine, locust and wal- 

The Circuit Court meets at the court-house 
tirst Monday in March, June, September and 

Judge — E J Harvey, Stuart 
Clerk—.! S Taylor, Stuart 

County Officers 
Commonwealth's Attorney — -R E Wool wine, 

Sheriff— -J W Staples, Stuart 

Treasurer — H M Moir, Stuart 

Surveyor — J H Dillon, Woolwine 

Coroner— L C Dickerson, Stuart 

Superintendent of Poor — W T Fulcher, Stu- 

Superintendent of Schools — J F Reynolds, 

Commissioners of Revenue — L I Gilbert, 
Stuart; C O Hanby, Stuart; W R Pilson, Buf- 
falo Ridge 


J B Conner, Buffalo Ridge; J H Tudor, Critz; 
R A Arrington, Claudville 


S H West, Stuart; B P Phillips, Stuart; 
W C Eight, Stuart; W R Powell, Claudville; 
J F Morrison, Stuart; J A Cockram, Wool- 


J T Smith, Stuart; W R Gunter, Stuart; 
R M Wood, Shul'f; W R Burge, Claudville; 
J D Weatherman, Carters Mill; Thos S Terry, 
Mayberry; S J Pilson, Stuart; Wm M Under- 
wood, Woolwine; F H Helm, Meadows of 

Board of Health 

J B Conner (chairman), Buffalo Ridge; Dr 
R S Martin, Stuart; Dr W C Akers, Stuart; Dr 
A C Lancaster, Fayerclale 

Agricultural Implements 
Scales G C, The Hollow 

Attorneys at Law 

Harvey E J, Stuart 
Hooker H L, Stuart 
Hooker J M, Stuart 
Stedman Beirne, Stuart 
Taylor J S, Stuart 
Thompson & Burton, Stuart 
Woolwine & Eester, Stuart 
Woolwine R E, Stuart 


Patrick County Motor Co Inc, Stuart 


Bank of Stuart, Stuart 
Patrick County Bank, Stuart 


Helms A E, Stuart 
Hosh C B, Hartville 
*Houchins J I, Woolwine 
Moore Chas E, Stuart 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights 

Alderman Edward, Meadows of Dan 

Bowman R M, Ararat 

Brown J H, Critz 

Childress R W, Ararat 

Collins W F, The Hollow 

Foley S G, Stuart g * 

Gunnel 1 .1 E, Ararat R F D 

Hancock T W, Dodson 






Engineers and Contractors 



"• w; "' i 5jjjF- 


PHONE 176 





Handy S G, Stuart 
Lyon W S, Stuart 
Mabrey E V, Meadows of Dan 
Pendleton A V, Elamsville 
Roberson Walter, Elamsville 
Turner W L, Hartville 
Weaver W G, Woolwine 
Weddle Jerry, Mayberry 
Wright T S, Dodson 

Boarding- Houses 

Brown M L, Critz 

Critz J T, Critz 

DeHart C D Mrs, 

Hooker W C Mrs, Elamsville 

Spangler H M Mrs 


Burgart & Plaster, Snuff 


Agee J T, Elamsville 
Dillon A P, Woolwine 
Elgin W A, Elamsville 
Lackey W E, Elamsville 
Marshall W C, Gladesboro 
Smith E, Meadows of Dan 
Webb A T, Meadows of Dan 
Whitlow Will, Woolwine 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers 

Pendleton A V, Elamsville 

Baptist, Claudville R F D 
Baptist, Critz 
Baptist, Dodson 
Baptist, Mayberry 
Baptist, Meadows of Dan 
Baptist, Stuart 
Baptist, The Hollow 
Brethren, Elamsville 
Methodist, Ararat R F D 
Methodist, Carters Mills 
Methodist, Elamsville 
Methodist, Meadows of Dan 
Methodist, The Hollow 
Methodist, Woolwine 
Missionary Baptist, Stuart 
Presbyterian, Carters Mills 


^mith E C & Co, Stuart 

Contractors and Builders 

Hendricks Abe, The Hollow 
McCormick W C, Mayberry 
Martin Peter, Dodson 
Pcdigo D T, Woolwine 
Wright Taylor, Dodson 


Blaekard J D Stave & Cooperage Co, Stuart 
Bowman D C, Mayberry 
Cooper G M, Critz 


Cox J H, Meadows of Pan 

Cox D W, Meadows of Dan 
Ross G W, Elamsville 


Kent S D, Stuart 
Marshall J W, Stuart 


Conner R J, Stuart 
Martin & Conner, Stuart 

Dry Goods 

Smith Bros, Stuart 

Five and Ten Cent Stores 

Stuart Five & Ten Cent Store, Stuart 
Wimbish Georgie Mrs, Stuart 


Cleveland Orchard & Nursery Co, Ararat 

Furniture Dealers 

Beach Hardware & Supply Co, Stuart 

General Stores 
Agee G C &z Bro & Harris, Meadows of Dan 
Akers L M, Buffalo Ridge 
Alderman P A, Meadows of Dan 
Anderson C F, Claudville 
Anderson W G, Claudville 
Ashby W L, Stuart 
ATKINS W G, Woolwine 
Avers Anderson, Ararat R F D 
Ayers J W, Stuart 
Banks I T, Mayberry 
Bateman W L, Kibler 
Beasley G R, Stuart 
Belton J H, Stuart 
I Belton W A, Ararat 

BMZARD R A, Mt Airy, N C 

Blizzard J D & Son, Carters Mills 

BOXDl'RAXT J H, The Hollow 

Bowling Bros, Buffalo Ridge 

Bowman E O & Son, Mayberry 

Boyd D T, Vesta 

Boyd J A, Stuart 

Boyd J A & Cc, Meadows of Dan 

Boyd Supply Co, Mayberry 

Brown G T, Critz 

Brown J H, Critz 

Clark Bros, -Stuart 

Clement R A, Carters Mills 

Cockran L G, Vesta 

Coekran W A, Vesta 

Collins R E, Sbuff 

Cox & Roberson, Dodson 

Creaby J H, Claudville 

Deatherage J P. Stuart 

ReHART C D, Meadows of Dan 

DeHart H L & Bro, Woolwine R 1 

Dunkley S F, Stuart 

Elgin T I, Fayerdale 

Epperson N B & Son. Kibler 

Fulcher T G, Shuff 

Gates F M, Ararat * 

G YTEWOOD J E, Do fork R F D 

Hail J R. Peters Creek 

all en S7DN0R IP AND 


WELL CO.? Inc., Richmond; Va« 


-.■ tiy m wi n,. -. 

, f?\ 

,\ •'* 

m ■ 




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Handy A E, Stuart 

Hardware Dealers 

Handy W L, Clandville 

Beach Hardware & Supply Co, Stuart 

Harbour G T, Shun: 


Harbour J D, Stuart 

Harness and Saddlery 

}1 at cher W H & Co, Stuart 

Nowlin A S, Stuart 

Iliatt & Boyd, Ararat 

HOOKER W C, Elamsville 

Hay, Grain and Feed 

Hopkins J D, Stuart 

Cox & Koberson, Dodson 

Hutchins J E, Peters Creek 


Jefferson C E, Elamsville 

Joyce cc Shelton, Shuff 

King- J H, Ararat 

King" J T, Peters Creek 

Knight L. A, Critz 

Laurel Fork Simply Co, Mayberry 

Lewis Rosy B <t Son, Stella 

Marshall Arnold. Ararat R F D 

MARSHALL J IT. Mayberry 

Marshall M H, Mayberry 

Marshall <fc Smith, Ararat 

Martin B F, Critz 

Martin W F, Stuart 

Meadows of Dan Mercantile Co. Meadows of 

f Dan 
Mooreheld <Sc Grbgan, Critz 
Moron E P, Woolwine 
Newman H L, Stuart 
Padgett P D, Peters Creek 
Puckett Kelsey, Spencer R F 
Fugh Eliza A Mrs, Woolwine 
Rakes L J, Stuart 
Rhodes D F, Stella 
Robertson P H & G H, Elamsvil 
Robertson & Hensley. Kibler 
Rorer S A, Stuart 
Shelton C, Stella 
Sheppard R C, Stuart 
Simmons & Fulcher, Stuart 
Slate Nathan, Clandville 
Smart M F & Bro, Stuart 
SMITH D G, Ararat R F I) 
Smith I G, Ararat 
Smith R L, Ararat 
Smith S P, Elamsville 
Spencer Alex, Stuart 
Tatura W E, Nettleridge 
Thomas D L, Dodson 
Turner A J Mrs <Sc Son, Dodson 
Via J F, Stella 
Via W King, Critz 
Vipperman P E, Clandville 
Weatherman J J), Carters Mills 
Wimbjih H L, Stuart 
WUKTHT J J, Dodson 


Clement R A, Ararat 

Foster J E Grocery Co, Stella 

Neal C E, Stuart 

Newman Z T, Stuart 

Stuart Milling & Grocery Co, Stuart 

Wimbish J H, Stuart 

G racers- — Wholesale 

Moir & Co, Stuart 

Stuart Mill & Grocery Co. Stuart 


Aehby Hotel, Stuart 
Ayers Hotel, Stuart 
Hotel Perkins, Stuart 
Morrison R W, Shuff 
Ponton C D, Stuart 

Insurance Agents 
Smith D G, Ararat 

lave Stock Dealers 

Atkins W G, Woolwine 
DeHart I C & Co, Hartville 
Lee R E, Elamsville 
Via J B, Critz 
Via W King, Critz 

Livery Stables 

Mays & Turner, Stuart 
Perkins J F, Stuart 

Lumber Dealers 

Beach Hardware Co, Stuart 
Blue Ridge Stave Co, Elamsville 
Cooper G M, Critz 
DeHART I C & CO, Hartville 

Hatcher W H & Co, Stuart 
Hooker W C, Elamsville 
Pendleton J T & Son, Elamsville 
Scales A M & Co, Stuart 
Smith D G, Ararat R F D 
Weaver W G, Woolwine 

Machinery Dealers 

Clark W H (agt), Stuart